we should totes do this again

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can you tell us the story of how you and your girlfriend got together? like, every little thing! thats adorable!

I mean we met at a con like 8 mnths ago where i did a rwby shoot with some of her friends, and was like this person is nice. Met her briefly a couple of times at other cons, but never really got to properly chat.

Then she randomly posted a Blake picture on FB like 3 mnths ago, and i just commented something like “we should totes do a bee shoot.”

And that’s when we properly started talking and i was like fuck, is she flirting is she not flirting for the whole month before it, to the point where i was such a nervous chicken on the day of the shoot ahahah, we did the shoot (which was uber gay) and got some drinks after and then the next day i asked her out, which ended up being to go see Beauty and the Beast. Again. What trash we are.

And we’ve basically been a thing since then. What a good meme.

The party was winding down, Mercedes was passed out? in the corner, Mandy had left and Becky and Tj looked ready to go. Penny gathered her baked goods and left the unopened bottles of wine corking the ice wine and putting in her tote bag

“Great party Brie, think I’m going to head home. I left the unopened bottles for you, enjoy them compliments of KYD Incarnate wineries. We should do this again soon”


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Hey Kaito do you follow any undertale content creaters? If so can you recommend someone?

Yeah, of course I can recommend you some great comics <3

First of all, even though you probably know about these, I would recommend Aftertale, by @loverofpiggies! Such a great story!! I’m so sad is so close to its finale <3 She also has a non-undertale related comic, Gloomverse, that is also REALLY cool!! Too bad it’s on hiatus :C

Another one that I think it’s about to end is Dogs of Future past, by the great @lynxgriffin. The amount of details and… well, just EVERYTHING, makes this story really enjoyable!! 10/10 would read again!!

But if you want new comics, you can just go to @zombie-frisk! Zombietale, a cute zombie story where no one has to really die ;D ;D ;D Drawings, plot and coloring are so cute that I crave them pages every week!

Another great choice: @caretaker-au, amazing Chara story that will probably be as close as canon as possible and that will fill me with joy because ADULT CHARA WITH A BEARD. …. Wait, the beard might not be a real canon thing… uh… go read!!

And yeah, I can’t think of any other blogs right now? Hmmmmmmmmmm

Yes, quick shoutouts to:

@askassriel for amazing drawings and just general content 

@ask-drunk-chara for amazing comic, stay strong, hawker!

@renrink for the great Reapertale AU, kudos <3

@oennpellmell for an AMAZING new story, THE LAST RESET, that you should totes check out, art and effort put here is amazing. 

@qin-ying because she’s amazing 

@blinddetermination, because I’m in love with those drawings and that pixel art, I’m in love <3

@bente36, because best senpai please notice me

@majoratale if you’re a huge zelda fan like me, please visit

and of course my good ol sis Lixi with her blog @beforehefell!! Because we all love Gaster <3

Wowie, this many blog spam… I might not do this again next year xD

"Creatures like us"

I was looking at some of things Flowey says when you beat Asgore repeatedly on the same save file, and I found some interesting stuff that corroborates your Chara analysis and might help with your future Asriel/Flowey analysis, since it sheds some light on how Flowey views himself and others.

When you beat Asgore the 2nd time, Flowey says this:

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

And when you beat Asgore for the fifth time, he’ll say this:

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

I think this pretty much confirms that the reason Flowey “recognized” Chara isn’t because he saw Frisk’s actions in the genocide run and thought “this person’s a violent, abusive jerk? That sounds like the Chara I know and love!”

The dialogue above will appear even during an (incomplete) pacifist run, yet Flowey will still remark how Frisk is “just like me,” despite Frisk going out of their way to not harm a single soul. I think it’s evident that Flowey isn’t projecting his sadism and violent tendencies onto Frisk here, or at least not primarily.

In Flowey’s own summation, a person who’s “just like” him is someone who’s bored and detached from those around them, either as a result of soullessness or save abuse (or a combination of both). In other words killing is just a potential symptom of those two things, but it is not the cause. This is backed up by Flowey’s story in New Home, where he points out that he initially tried to use his powers for good in spite of his own soullessness. Speaking of which…

External image

It’s important to remember that this line comes after Flowey mentions that killing has “grown tiring” for him, and immediately after that he says “You understand, Chara. I’ve done everything this world has to offer,” implying that he thinks Chara feels the same way and has gone through a similar experience with their soullessness and save-scumming. Think of the implications of that–Chara, who hated humanity and who gave up their life to kill six humans, eventually grew bored of killing, at least in Flowey’s estimation. Apparently violence and nastiness weren’t high on their priorities list, according to Flowey.

The main takeaway from the “creatures like us” line isn’t how violent or abusive Flowey and Chara are (or were), but rather how unique the two of them are from everybody else because of how detached they’ve become. Flowey’s obviously not saying “we should totes kill each other right now because we sure do love violence, don’t we?”

The reason Flowey “recognizes” Chara so early in the genocide run wasn’t because of the slaughter itself, but rather how methodical and illogical it was. From Flowey’s perspective, the boredom resulting from soullessness was the only explanation for it, and there’s only one other person he knew who could be in that same situation. Again, he recognized this behavior as the symptom of Chara’s current condition, not the cause (i.e. Chara wasn’t like that from the beginning).

You’ve pointed out that Chara clearly had a soul at one point (otherwise the Asriel fusion would’ve been impossible), and Chara more than likely didn’t abuse the save function when they were alive (given the weight they place on “consequences” and their refusal to undo their own mistakes). I think it’s also evident that Chara didn’t go around slaughtering monsters in life, nor did they use them and throw them away like broken toys without caring (otherwise I doubt monsters and their history books would’ve remembered Chara so fondly). Conversely, Flowey did do all of these things, but only after he became soulless–if such a stark reversal happened to Asriel, then it’d be no stretch for him to assume that the same thing happened to Chara after they lost their soul.

Flowey does not identify with Chara because of any sort of hatred, abusiveness, or violence on their part, nor does he ever imply that they were ever like that in life. Flowey can identify with Frisk on a pacifist run despite Frisk never displaying those qualities, even before he mistakes Frisk for Chara. What Flowey, a soulless Chara, and a save-abusing Frisk all have in common is boredom and an increasing detachment from the world around them, not a mean streak or a tendency towards violence.

If a relentless, knife-wielding killer was the only thing Flowey was looking for then I can think of at least one other person he could’ve latched onto

External image

But Flowey’s attitude toward people with souls is pretty apparent

External image
  • Mei Mei: HUEHUEHUE
  • Errrrik: XD
  • Sherry-Berry: LOL
  • Mei Mei: no
  • Mei Mei: I SUCK
  • Mei Mei: anjel headshot you not me
  • Mei Mei: LOL
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: OMFG
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: i was like mea thats impressive
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: LOL
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: can we switch teams after
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: ?
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: XD
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: i was tryna kill royce
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: its come to that
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: omfg
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: royce
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: stay still and let me
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: chop your head off
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: D;
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: u kept hiding
  • Sherry-Berry: IM ALL ALONE OMG
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: come out and fight like a man
  • ♠ ηоэιιээ ♠: LOL
  • Sherry-Berry: FUQ BEING A MAN
How I read LP's AfterEllen interview

“I’m an actress therefore I act whatever story I’m given. Lol, it’s kinda my job see?”

“I get that some people feel deeply offended by my show but I’m not willing to jeopardize a job I feel very lucky to have as a woman of color cast as the three-dimensional main villain turned hero in a primetime show.Trying real hard not to be controversial and not let anybody know how I truly feel about those very real, harmful issues here.”

“I see you SQ shippers but there’s really nothing I feel I can do for you since between trying to convince TPTB not to destroy my character’s relationship with her son, which is central in her story and not make my character regress horribly to her two-dimensional evil queen persona…I kinda of have my hands full here.”

“Did I mention that I totally have some gay friends? Because I do. and I’m totally not mentioning that because it’s the best I can do when I can’t exactly admit my show is problematic without getting harasssed on twitter by angry stans and jeopardise my relationships with some of my co-workers and colleagues. Still doing my best to give the blandest possible responses as to not get any backlash from fans.”

“Of course I see/feel the tension between Emma and Regina. I’m not fucking blind. Yes we totally played it that way but I’m not allowed to tell you THAT. Basically, Emma and Regina should be together if we follow canon and they totally have UST but I’m not allowed to say that either so I’ll just say, yes, OF COURSE, they are a family, after all they do share a son, which could totes not be a metaphor for lesbianism, and true, unconditional love that transcends the needs of the flesh.”

“I really hope they don’t make my character evil again because of a dude.”

“But like REALLY.”

“GAY. GAY. GAY. GAY. GAY. yeah, that part was totally gay, I know. Gay, gay, gay, gay. More gay.”

“I really really hope they don’t make my character evil again because of some dude though.”

Uploading them as a photoset is not properly working but hey gurls hey, here’s my version with commentary!

Remember how Chizu always goes to her porch whenever she’s depressed or needs to think about stuff:? HELLO, GUESS WHERE THEY ARE

Special attention to her acting like an idiot over there because she wasn’t really expecting this. Aw, baby. 

Followed by something, something, something, happy birthday something something, I totes support you going away and leaving me behind forever.

Well, I’d probably be more supportive if it wasn’t for a thing or two.

Yeah, actually, fuck this, I’m not supportive at all. P.S.: Chizu looks super hot crying here. You go, Chizuru, bishoujo, you’re so vogue.

You know what, I’m going back to blaiming YOU for my sadness, like I usually do this. We had a promise and everything! Se? Important flashback pannel and all that. Surely, I was telling you I wanted to be your sister and marry your brother BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE HINTS!

lol, nope, sorry again. I’m totally rooting for you and your career and all these tears are like, unrelated to everything else. Haha, it won’t damage me at all to see you go. Oops, was I punching you? (This is the craziest I’ve seen someone look while crying and I read SnK, guys)

Chizuru, it’s been 88 chapters, maybe I should ask if you like me back now. This manga has to end at some point. (Also, notice how this is a parallel to many other scenes where Chizu touches him and then backs off and he pulls her in again like on Valentine’s Day and Christmas). 

Chizuru is saying “Sukidayo, baka!” which is further proof that these two are actually shounen characters living in the wrong series.

HE KISSES HER AND HIS BASEBALL CAP FALLS OFF HIS HEAD! SYMBOLISM! FORESHADOWING! Nope, just corny shoujo. Who cares, they’re embracing!


Anyway, for high quality images, you can check the link alanahanada sent me and then make sure to build her a golden statue in your town because she’s a gift to this universe.

Here’s the link.