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you and me (the lucky ones this time) - oneshot

Summary: In which Jughead and Betty are just as in love as young adults as they were when they were teens. (bughead, fluff)

author’s note: I was listening to Lana Del Rey’s American and an hour later I had written this baby. Fair warning, it’s incredibly fluffy and cliche. enjoy xo!

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anonymous asked:

Hey Kaito do you follow any undertale content creaters? If so can you recommend someone?

Yeah, of course I can recommend you some great comics <3

First of all, even though you probably know about these, I would recommend Aftertale, by @loverofpiggies! Such a great story!! I’m so sad is so close to its finale <3 She also has a non-undertale related comic, Gloomverse, that is also REALLY cool!! Too bad it’s on hiatus :C

Another one that I think it’s about to end is Dogs of Future past, by the great @lynxgriffin. The amount of details and… well, just EVERYTHING, makes this story really enjoyable!! 10/10 would read again!!

But if you want new comics, you can just go to @zombie-frisk! Zombietale, a cute zombie story where no one has to really die ;D ;D ;D Drawings, plot and coloring are so cute that I crave them pages every week!

Another great choice: @caretaker-au, amazing Chara story that will probably be as close as canon as possible and that will fill me with joy because ADULT CHARA WITH A BEARD. …. Wait, the beard might not be a real canon thing… uh… go read!!

And yeah, I can’t think of any other blogs right now? Hmmmmmmmmmm

Yes, quick shoutouts to:

@askassriel for amazing drawings and just general content 

@ask-drunk-chara for amazing comic, stay strong, hawker!

@renrink for the great Reapertale AU, kudos <3

@oennpellmell for an AMAZING new story, THE LAST RESET, that you should totes check out, art and effort put here is amazing. 

@qin-ying because she’s amazing 

@blinddetermination, because I’m in love with those drawings and that pixel art, I’m in love <3

@bente36, because best senpai please notice me

@majoratale if you’re a huge zelda fan like me, please visit

and of course my good ol sis Lixi with her blog @beforehefell!! Because we all love Gaster <3

Wowie, this many blog spam… I might not do this again next year xD

I Noticed

Alright, I’ve started on the little Captain Swan drabbles for the prompts some of y’all sent in for my Christmas “I Love You” thing. This one is based on prompt #89: I noticed as requested by the lovely @sammmtacular. Don’t worry, y’all have six more coming. Enjoy you guys. If you like it drop a review on ff.net or in the tags (I love reading your reactions when you tag and don’t be surprised if I respond).

It’s the cat caught eating the canary look on his face that gives him away.

Also, she knows what day it is and she knows her mother…and how hard it is to say no to her mother. Especially when you’re a pirate who just so happens to be madly in love. With her, not her mother.

“So, a quiet dinner at Granny’s, huh?” she asks, resting her head against Killian’s shoulder.

He hums his agreement.

“However did you talk my mother into that?”

He flashes his most charming grin. “I believe your instructions were quite clear, Swan. She wants to make you happy.”

Emma laughs. “Yes, well, she and I occasionally have different ideas of what will make me happy.”

“Don’t I know it,” Killian mutters.

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Let’s Get It On-Video message from masao-san:

masao-san said they first met eunhae in autumn 2013 when he came to watch ss5 osaka but he didn’t know them well that time, only hi5 with  donghae and talked a lil with hyuk. the impression he had for hyuk was that he’s handsome even without doing anything or moving kkkk.

masao-san said he remember both of them saying they’re scared standing on top of the ball (probably during 1st tour starting?) then masao said when he went to Seoul for ss6 eunhae greeted and talked to him and donghae even texted him through line and their communication was the best before they started 2nd japan tour.

masao said he already knew eunhae for about 2 years and they’re like his friend, dongsaeng, and even like his kids and he had so much fun . 

masao said now he totally know the reason why both eunhae are loved by the fans.   

masao to D&E:you’ll be on hiatus for a bit, but let’s do another tour ! where should we do next ? D&E see you again ! I’ll wait for you ! (c)