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Concept: king is secretly a girl and and risk finds out after their 7th trip to the vet (don't ask) and they consider renaming her Queen Fluffkins

“King is pregnant,” Neil said. He was holding an obscenely obese, pregnant, cat like King was a petulant toddler.

“I thought the cat was just fat,” Andrew said, not bothering looking up from his book.

“I mean, should we rename King,, Queen?” Neil asked hesitantly,

Kevin, who was hungover in the beanbag sprawled out in a way that made his limbs look much longer than they had any right to be, slurred, “There’s only room for one queen here, and I’m that bitch.”


“I’m not fucking around. I have a tattoo. It’s permanent. She’s my favorite cat. She’s my king don’t take this away form me.”

“Okay, Queenie Landgraab, we’ll follow your orders,” Andrew said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Distracting Neil long enough to allow a very pregnant King to make her escape.

What will trans women do with feminism?

The trans activists say they don’t want feminism to focus on women’s reproductive rights or women’s healthcare.

They say they don’t want to women to protest and fight oppression with signs about vaginas or uteri or periods, in fact they say we should not talk about such things at all, but if we must talk about our own bodies, then we should rename our anatomy in relation to trans women (i.e. males with girl feels) with phrases like “front hole.”

They say lesbians aren’t allowed to be attracted to females only because female homosexuality is now transphobic, while male homoseluality is fine.

They say women should never, ever have a place that men aren’t allowed to go as long as the man says the right words to be allowed in like “I feel like a woman on the inside.”

They say that all the violence and exploitation women suffer at the hands of men is not worth addressing because trans women suffer some of the same problems, but anything they can’t experience like forced pregnancy or forced sterilization is a transphobic topic because it excludes them.

They say the fact that transitioning as a process reinforces gender roles is fine because gender is more important than anything, even though the feelings of womanhood can be fleeting.

The legal changes made to include trans women make it harder for women to prove discrimination and earn institutional fairness.

They make it harder to fight things like the pay gap and equal opportunities for women because men who have benefitted from the bias towards males in the workplace are declaring themselves female and then people include their numbers in the count of successful women, like the Wachowskis, ignoring that the entire Wachowski career as men would have been impossible for a woman to gain approval, funding, and similar acclaim for.

So including trans women means losing the tools to fight for equality, losing the right to talk about our female body-specific oppression, losing the freedom to talk openly about our female bodies, losing the right to protect ourselves from male violence, losing the space alone to heal and recenter after dealing with men, losing the right to be honest about our biological attraction to only females and pretend to be open to sex with males, and losing the right to celebrate the inspiring accomplishments of women without including males, and we lose the right to define very ourselves and our own movement.

If feminism is no longer for those things then it serves no purpose. So far, most trans women use feminism to fight for trans issues only, and to fight against women and feminists. If that’s the point all along, then your goal really is to make a trans movement, in which case, you can and should do that separate from feminism.

But maybe with all the name calling, violent rhetoric, witch hunting, and woman silencing I missed the point, so I ask again:

What will trans women do with feminism once it no longer belongs to females?

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Hey I hope its cool to ask. There is a moth named after the g//psy slur and I was wondering how people refer to that. (also, what if we rename them Rromani moth)

They should not under any circumstances be referred to as Rromani. They are called g*psy moths because they are an invasive and destructive species (wow, check out that racist bullshit right there). 

The species is called Lymantria dispar dispar, and can be referred to as such. It can also be abbreviated as L. dispar, or  L. d. dispar.

[Part 1] Used // Jungkook x Reader (Mission!AU)

Part 1 | Part 2 |

Genre: Mission!AU (is that a thing?), romance, action, fluff

Word count: 6,1K

Summary: You find yourself unable to sleep one night and a peculiar sound makes you leave the comfort of your bed to go check it out, only to discover that someone is in your apartment. The events following have your emotions in turmoil and at the blink of an eye your life is switched upside down. You loose one thing, but gain another, will it be for the better or worse?

Warnings: Violence and weapons

A/N: Hey guys! ^^ This is my first fanfic on tumblr and I’m excited about this story! I’ve been inspired by many great bts fanfics out there and finally decided to release one my own. It’s gonna be a series because I really can’t write short haha. Idk if people should actually start of with a one-shot, but oh well. I’ve written a few stories before, but never published them, so leave your comments and feel very free to message me or ask me telling me what you think! I’d love to hear your opinion and possible theories for how the plot will develop~ Enjoy~~ 

It was late at night. Tranquil strokes from the full moon laid themselves over the silk bed sheets as occasional cars could be heard in the distance. The window was open and soft, chilly breezes would make their way in from time to time; hints of the warm sun earlier that day, distant and foreign. You lay there listening to the rustling of the leaves that could almost touch your windowsill as you were situated on one of the higher floors of your building.

You had been so tired the whole day feeling as though you could fall asleep at any moment, but now that the moment came to finally rest your limbs and mind, you found yourself wide awake. Your hand was making small circles in the light silk over you as you tried to calm yourself down, and you could hear your antique wall clock strike one time indicating that it was already 1 am.

You let out a sigh figuring you may as well check your charging phone for any notifications. You really weren’t the slightest tired, but you hoped that with some swipes down one of your apps you would get bored and eventually fall asleep, at least that’s what you told yourself. The reality of what the bright light, even with the brightness to its minimum, would do to you is a different story, which you chose to ignore. But it didn’t even take longer than for your phone to read your fingerprint that you suddenly heard an abnormal, and particularly loud click come from down the hall that leads to the combined kitchen and living room area. You had stopped just before you were about to slide your finger over the app. The sound making your heart jump slightly for not recognizing it as one of the many sounds that came from your large apartment. Therefore you decided to keep still, long enough for your phone screen to go black again, but as the seconds ticked by the sound did not come back and you slid down from your slightly upright position to lay on your fluffy mattress again.

However, since your mind was already alert it didn’t take much of you to notice another, slightly vaguer click, but still of the same fashion as the earlier one. It could have been all just a coincidence. You didn’t ignore the fact that a building would have many sounds intact, and probably a handful or more you had yet to hear despite the many years you had lived in your apartment. You also took note that it could have been the wind from outside, although the likelihood of it would be minor as there was hardly any at all. But at least you tried not jumping to the conclusion that a burglar was possibly trying to break their way into your home. Then again the fact that it was a new sound and that you weren’t tired enough to let it pass, gave you no other choice then to go check it out.

You slipped into your fluffy bunny slippers and threw a pastel pink silk robe loosely around your figure as you shuffled your way to your door. But you stopped midway.


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Fairy Tail villains in a nutshell
  • Eisenwald: Let's murder all the guild masters. Just for the lulz, y'know?
  • Phantom Lord: We should rename ourselves "the We Hate Fairy Tail club" and get it over with. We'll have to do it eventually.
  • Jellal & Trinity Raven: Y'all need Zeref
  • Laxus: I wanna be the very best, like no-one ever waaas!
  • Thunder God Tribe: We're your biggest fans
  • Oracion Seis: Let's turn everyone evil just for the hell of it
  • Daphne: *Has an unhealthy obsession with dragons*
  • Every villain in Edolas: We got the magiiic in us
  • Grimoire Heart: This is our dark wizard now
  • Zeref: I'm dying and I'm taking the rest of the you with me
  • Acnologia: One second I'm a dragon, suddenly I'm a human
  • Church of Zentopia: Idk, we're just doing what we're told
  • Neo Oracion Seis: Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of us.
  • Raven Tail: What is even our purpose in this anime?
  • Future Rogue: *Angsting over dead cat* *Kills best friend because of dead cat* *Tries to kill everyone because of dead cat*
  • Every villain in the movie: I guess you could say we're... stoned.
  • Eclipse Celestial Spirits: FREEEEEEDOOOM!
  • Sylph Labrinth: Give us shiny things
  • Tartaros: Because you know we're all about that Face, 'bout that Face, no magic!
  • Avatar: Notice us Zeref-senpai
  • Spriggan 12: #ProtectZerefX792

Meet the Oltura Region’s new Fire-type starters!

And thanks to the lovely @madamecat for their wonderful submission! These feudal fluffers are going to accompanying trainers far and wide now! And as part of the contest, they get to create a shiny palette for a starter Pokemon of their choice! They can do it for their own line, of course, but if they wish to wait for the others, that is also allowed!

Now, onto the question! As we can see, madamecat has given us names for all three stages! Should we keep them, or should we rename them as a community?

low chaos Corvo is renamed Lord Protector
  • Captain Curnow: I don't think we should be focusing on Corvo. That guy's brain is a bag full of rats. You can smell crazy on him.
  • Empress Emily: Have care how you speak! Corvo is beyond reason, but he is nobility once more and he is my father!
  • Callista: He ate eighty tins of whale meat in two days.
  • Empress Emily: He's adopted.
1D and 5SOS Groupchats

Series of dumb gay crack fics by dumb boys, where Harry is always neck deep in a hole, Louis want’s to have a part in this, Zayn is such a nice god, Liam can’t believe this is his real life, Niall is the captain of his ships, Ashton is moving in, Calum is leaving the band, Luke is the baby-penguin, and Mikey is the very rare punkrock dragon. Also everyone hate Luke’s band. 

Real life of Leeum Payno the Bratwurst

Nando’s boy: maybe i could try to sneak into the ventilation shaft

Leeum Payno the Bratwurst: and somehow, i am sitting in the bathroom with full on anxiety and headphones over my ears so i don’t have to listen to my one of my bandmates

Leeum Payno the Bratwurst: moaning ‚yeah daddy‘

Nando’s boy: omg why can’t i have your room

Dick, dick, dickity dicking dick.

Michael the Punk-Cock Clifford: um, guys? I kinda think we’re in need for a new bassist, the our one‘s just passed over me and he’s packing his stuff into his suitcase.

Luke: tell him to leave his dick here, the rest of him can leave whenever he pleases.

Michael the Punk-Cock Clifford: Yeah, i told him so.

Ash: And?

Michael the Punk-Cock Clifford: He packed himself into the suitcase too, and zipped himself in.

Daily life of One Direction

ZaynMalik has left the conversation. 

The cause of death of Osama bin Laden

Luke: Wait. we‘re talking about dicks…

Ash: … and Mikeys not here.

Cal-cum: Should we call the police?

Luke: exorcist?

Ash: strippers?

Renaming 5 Seconds of summer to Gay-Punk-gay-Rock-gay

Ash: I pretty sure he’d enjoy that „getting down on my knees infront of Jack Barakat” thing.

Luke: tru. He Mentioned that when we were in the studio

Cal: wait what

Ash: that u cute

Cal: …?

Luke: that u hot

Cal: …?!

Mikey: that he’d love to spread your legs for his massive dick and fuck you bareback like the bitch you are

Raping Liam for the sake of the Ziam Ship’s restoration on the second place of Niall’s top5 OTPs list.


Cal: im leavign this group AND this tour AnD IM MOVING OUT OF THIS HOUSEHOLD

Louis: love, Niall didn’t  „walk in on us“. He was purposely creeping.

Ash: im movin in with 1d boys

Liam: he is obsessed. 


Louis: ash, zayn, or niall?

Liam: yes.

When scary bottoms are arguing about bottoms, try not to wake the dragon from his temporary death - you will cause yourself a Zayn in the ass.


Harry: youve just seen his dick

Luke: everyone has seen his dick

Ash: yup

Ash: we call it familliary the boomerang

Luke: it’s basically a member of our band

Ash: the truth is, we like it way more than we like calum himself

Luke: we just need it to learn to play the bass

Rock out with your cock out, unless fisting isn’t really your thing and your bff claims he’s got better ass than your sub and is ready to prove y'all.

Harry: I said, Louis can fuck himself.

Cal: Like… you are aking my side, or… wath?

Zayn: no, he means literally.

Harry: Louis can, as of has the ability, to literally fuck… himself.

Zayn: were not allowed to talk about it.

Harry: it stresses Liam.

Mikey: literally guys like i don’t understand how does this even work in your heads?

Extremely rare pepe picts are the right start of your sexting only in the case you don’t have a daddy kink and your bottom doesn’t like Vegemite.

Mikey: also i am punkrock i do whatever i want so fuck you

Calum: i already told ash, i rather not, im saving my virginity for someone special

Luke: Louis‘ dick was in your ass calum nothing about you is virginal


Claiming you are more punkrock than the very rare bisexual punkrock dragon with the ability to temporary die, might have an unexpected effect on your bedsheets preference.


Ash: Harry would you mind to calm your husband down or should i go grab some popcorn and niall and stop by your room

Louis: you are the cutest potato, lukey-pumpkin ^.^

Liam: no please no h my god no

Harry: im getting handcuffs, could you bring lube? We ran off…

Your Band Sucks, or That One Time Our Conversation Wasn’t About Dicks But Serious Band Stuff Like Balls.

Cal: Mikey just came running into my room

Luke: wtf Ash made him run?!


Cal: no im pretty sure mikey ran from the stupid drummers corpse before the cops show up.

Luke: so we are without a drummer and a lead guitar?

Cal: finally we can join all time low