we should have lost this game

One day at the Level 5 headquarters
  • Level 5 employee: Sir, we have a bunch of puzzles about time and clocks left over from the previous two Layton games. Should I just scrap them?
  • Level 5 president: Hmm. Have we revealed the tragic backstory for Layton's top hat yet?
  • Level 5 employee: No, sir, we haven't.
  • Level 5 president: Well, I've got a great idea for a new Layton game.

DIABOLIK LOVERS LOST EDEN - Play Movie [ Sakamaki Reiji Edition ]


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assorted ENFJ traits
  • having a very strong sense of “we should do this because everyone would enjoy it” that is conflicted when it sees someone being very individual and independent because what if people don’t agree with them??
  • loving performing analysis because it’s all a very fun game to you, something that you jump at the chance to do
  • overanalyzing  -.-’’
  • using Se to calm down your overactive Ni (ex. getting too lost in a negative hypothetical or brooding too much on a single train of thought and it’s freaking you out – forcing yourself to focus on the present and the clearly relevant facts of what is and what isn’t to get yourself out of your own head)
  • not being very logical.  … at all.  
  • really enjoying spending time organizing your personal space, especially if it’s directly related to your work or mind (organizing bookmark bars, email folders, sorting documents into relevant categories such as date or subject)
  • subconsciously and consciously being very people attentive.  it doesn’t matter how much you try to stop paying attention or how much you try to stop noticing the people around you – a large part of your thought patterns are invested in observing, analyzing, and understanding the people around you.
  • internal questions like, “how are they perceiving this?”  “what are they thinking about right now?  “what bothers them?”  “what did they think of what happened earlier?”  “how do they feel right now?” “what are they interested in?”  “what do they enjoy?”  “am i bothering them?”  “am i annoying?” “are they interested in me?”  “is what i’m saying interesting to them?” “if i switch the topic from x to y, will that be more intriguing to them?”  “are they quiet, bored, uncomfortable?”  “what do i have to be, act like, or say, to make them interested in me?” “what kind of person do they enjoy?”  “are they better off in my company or someone else’s?”  “are they enjoying themselves right now?”  “would changing my personality in x way make them happier?”  
NHL 2016 Playoff Team Titles

The Anaheim “We can’t win in Game 7” Ducks

The Chicago “Will win the cup next year” Blackhawks

The Dallas “I’ll make the 1A-1B goalie system work” Stars

The Detroit “We should actually trade for players” Red Wings

The Florida “Its not just Tampa anymore” Panthers

The Los Angeles “The Kings lost? Let’s go to the beach” Kings

The Minnesota “At least we still have Dubnyk” Wild

The Nashville “Let’s never lose game 7 again” Predators

The Philadelphia “How did we get here” Flyers

The New York “Good God were slow now” Rangers

The New York “We really hate the Barclays Center” Islanders

The Pittsburgh “We’re back baby” Penguins

The St. Louis “We want all of Canada to love only this team” Blues

The San Jose “All we did is Change the captains last name, and we win” Sharks

The Tampa Bay “We never hated you Drouin” Lightning

The Washington “Activate panic button, or not activate panic button” Capitals

Reason why Iris is called the daemon slayer because she’s a beast in any arcade game, and Gladio watches her slay the competition as random boys try to beat her. You know those boys would be like ‘why don’t you play with us, we’ll wipe that grin off your face’ and Iris is like ‘sure, if you wanna lose THAT badly. Hold my coin purse, Gladdy.’

1 hour later.

Gladio: So how many did you take down again?

Iris: Don’t know, I lost count.

Gladio: Should’ve gone easy on them.

Iris: Nuh uh. You taught me to never go easy on those dudes.

Gladio: Truth

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As you know, I lost the data for my Hesokuri Wars game. Now, I don't have the gacha of the supporting characters (Totoko, Iyami, etc.) for past events (Vampire AU, Sports Day Au, etc.). Will I get them when I get the gacha of the Matsuno brothers of that specific event?

Those characters are unlocked when you face them in battle!! So whenever we get another comeback event you should be able to unlock them easy peasy!!

- Mod Jyushi

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I wonder who did a take down on your DMCA violation post 2 weeks ago when you stole Taylor Swifts content & posted it illegally for people to view freely without paying for it. I've receipts that I did it being I'm authorized to report such claims. [We've] been collecting a lot of receipts on you & your group of DMCA violators. Play your childish games without committing DMCA theft. Art should be respected with payment. "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser"--Socrates

911 can i have police please suspect goes by @felinenut 

Victoria‘yelling’ WHAT DO YOU MEAN I LOST ?!

Max- Well, I chose Rock, and you chose Scissors. It’s the rules of the game Victoria….

‘snaps fingers’ 

Max- Taylor, Courtney , drag that 3D printer to my room please 

Taylor - Ok Maxine ! We’ll be right outside when you’re done  ^^

Victoria - ‘holds head’ I lost my 3D printer, I lost my minions, I even have to let Caulfield give me fashion advice for tomorrow 

Max- Excuse me ! You should think me for that last one…..

Victoria - Whatever, you can’t win again

Max- Ok, if you win this round, you get all your stuff back, and I’ll be your 3rd minion

Victoria - and if you SOMEHOW win, I’ll go to the Vortex Halloween dance cosplaying that terrible movie you love

Max‘beaming’ I’ll be Aki Ross, and you’ll be Jane Proudfoot ! It’s my OTP =D

‘epic battle music starts’ 

Max- OK Victoria, you know the rules…..

Victoria‘smirks’ on the count of 3





  • Victoria - Scissors 
  • Max - Rock

Victoria - I lost…… ’collapses’ My social life is over……I’m basically a hipster now…..

‘Chloe busts into the room’ 

Chloe - Holy shit Max ! We should have cheated Vicky with time travel a hella long time ago !

Victoria -  ‘dangerous sounding’ Wait a second…you used your ‘death stare as Victoria crawls toward Max’

‘Max rewinds’

Victoria - I lost…...’collapses’ My social life is over……I’m basically a hipster now….. 

‘Max picks up a shoe’

‘Chloe busts into the room’

Chloe - Holy shit Max !

“Max tosses shoe at Chloe’s face’ 

Max - Shh

Chloe ‘look of realization’ Ahhhhhh ‘winks’ Gotcha

FFXV Voice Actors gameplay livestream Highlights


This is so hilarious and adorable, and soooo funny to watch. And the fact that they are THE VOICES of the characters just makes it 500% better. I feel so happy that they get so much joy and fun out of playing this game they helped make. They are as much of a fan of the game as we are, and seeing them enjoy it and have so much fun with it makes me really really happy.

Personally I lost it with their reactions to “a new Recipe”, and the photographs. And Adam Croasdell (Ignis´ voice) reading Oric´s Chronicle just made me freak out and melt at the same time.

Disclaimer: This is not my video, it´s from youtube, and if you want more info about it you should visit it and read the description.

(I know this is from the 1st of February, but I just saw it and I had to make this)

A little thoughts about Sonic Forces gameplay.

Does it really matter? I mean, I saw some people who complain about Wisps coming back and the ‘’problems’’ with the boost gameplay coming back. But is it really that important on this moment?
The boost gameplay is the reason why games like Sonic Colors and Generations have such high scores on reviews, it worked and I see why because we finally have a gameplay style that serves as an evolution to the one we had in Adventure (think about it for a moment, replace the Spindash with the Boost, add the Stomp and some other tricks and it makes sense) while giving us an example of just how fast Sonic can really be so in all fairness, it is stupid to complain of it’s return. If some of you want some changes then you should wait to see what the game has in store since I myself noticed that Lost World’s dash pannels are returning which perhaps may be a reason to think some elements of that game will be included with the boost formula (Besides, in the trailer the speed was nerfed so perhaps this is not too far-fetched)
Sorry if this is random but I really think we shouldn’t worry if SEGA is using the gameplay styles that worked while adding a new one, since at the end of the day it will be fun, for now we should focus on how this game will handle it’s plot and the other characters (Regardless of who writes it, because the premise of Eggman finally conquering the world can’t be simply handled with Post-2010 writing or 06-ShtH era writing)

Ticklish (ft. Suho)

(Note- I wrote this in a different POV today. I thought I’d switch it up.)

Originally posted by wugalaxy

 Playing video games with Suho had always been interesting. After work Suho had promised he’d buy the newest MarioKart game for our date night. Since Suho is always busy with schedules we had a promise together to have a date night once every two weeks. Tonight Suho had decided we should stay in to relax and eat Chinese takeout.

A half an hour later from when Suho gets out of schedules he arrived with MarioKart and food. 

“BABE, I’M HOME.” Suho yelled from the bottom of the steps, “I got you some soup.”
After we finished our meal, the game of MarioKart began.  
“HAH, LOSER.” I jumped up and down excitedly. I won, yes!
“Oh, come on I let you win.” Suho stated being confident, “Round two, this time let’s make a bet. If I win you clear the table and wash up.”
“I lost. I can’t believe I lost.” Suho frowned.
“That’s just the way it is.” I put my hands above my head attempting to make a ‘cool’ pose, “I win. You have to do the dishes.”
sighed and started to clear the table. He put the dishes in the sink, wiped off their table and put a selection of movies on the table. Planning to watch movies the rest of the night. Once everything was clean, Suho put on his favorite drama.
“Wow, he’s so handsome.” I started to coo over Kim Bum making Suho jealous. 

“Hey!” Suho shouted, “Stop doing like that while I’m here.”
I decided to tease him more, “Look at his pretty eyes.”
“My eyes are the same color as his. See?” Suho widened his eyes trying to get me to look at him
“Maybe. I don’t know Suho, he looks really good in this drama.”
Suddenly Suho pushed me to the ground and put his leg over my own. He put his hands to the side and started to tickle me.
AH, SUHO STOP IT!” I rolled giggling on the floor, holding my hands to my stomach. “Why me? Tickle someone else instead!” Suho gripped my sides and squeezed them gently before he started tickling me again. “Say ‘Suho you’re the most handsome man in the world’.”
“Suho, you’re the most handsome man in the world!” Suho pulled his hands away from me then I let out a sigh of relief. Suho looked at me with a smile, “I win.”
“Whatever.” I looked away and pouted, “I had my fingers crossed anyway.”
“Mmm, did you?”
“Yes.” I looked down at the floor not wanting him to see my face.
“I think your lying babe.” Suho kissed my neck, teasing me.
I let out a giggle, then turned to him “Damn it Suho, why do you always win in the end?!”
“Because I’m good at everything.”

-admin s

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alba is so childish, he's been so so bad since the last season and yet he has the dear to talk ffs because of him we lost a lot of important games. he should know that one of the biggest reasons why we play 343 is beacuse of him. Pique Raki Vidal have been dopped out from the squad list but they didn't say anything they kept fighting and working hard to come back stronger but this idiot didn't play a couple of games and started complaining.

I wouldn’t blame any loss on him, that is unfair. We are playing this formation because no one was playing well tbh. Our midfield was a mess and Lucho did the right thing to try and bring more stability in that position. Alba hasn’t been doing his job properly for a long time now, if you want the coach to give you trust (as he put it) then you gotta do your job dude. For years he had no competition, he played every game. Now he has a bit of competition he goes around and tells the media about the lack of trust? You are playing for Barca, you should have some damn competition. 

Okay I think there’s something I should make crystal clear:


DGS is a spinoff game, while SoJ is the part of the main series! Do you think Capcom will understand what you have in mind if you refuse to buy the next game for that kind of childlish reason?! They will just think people lost interest in the series as a whole, and we will be able to kiss DGS’s localisation on goodbye and never see it again. SoJ is already getting some negative backlash in the Amazon ratings due to the ending. I am fully spoiled with the game, and all I can say is… please, please guys. Buy the game and play it, and then do whatever you want. You can tell others it’s horrible, you can keep complaining that you’d rather DGS was localised first, but don’t just jump into wild conclusions and decide not to support the Ace Attorney series anymore. 

I have no idea who thought it was a good idea, but I hope people who read it take my advice and think before they damage the series’ reputation. 

So, to sum up:


As annoyed as I am by Ichigo’s Dad Haircut™, there’s probably no one more annoyed by it than his inner hollow. Like seriously–

“What the fuck, King?! How could you do this to yourself? To us!

“Hey now, it’s not so bad. Plus, I figured with Kazui being born and all, I should, you know, look the part of a dad.” 

“Not so bad? Look at me! You may have lost all sense of dignity but shit, how the hell am I supposed to show up to fights looking like this? Intimidate people when we look like a middle-aged surburban father of two? I’ll be a laughingstock!”

“Look, you’re exagg–”

“Next thing you know, I’ll be working a nine to five, showin’ up to the soccer game matches, filing for life insurance…dear god, I look like a candidate for life insurance, just kill me now.” 


Hello Lovelies!!

I am in some desperate need of cash! 

If you have any questions, or are interested in commissioning me, should send me an email at mollykflood@gmail.com

Please do not message me through tumblr, asks are sometimes lost and I don’t want to loose your ask! Below the cut are further details and info about the various types of commissions I’m offering.

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Thank goodness for Westbrook defeating the Spurs 👍🏼👍🏼!! Now they can't steal our title of being #1 in Western Conference. If Russ can beat them on his own, Splash bros and Draymond should be able to easily crush them. Also, Cavs just lost 3 back-to-back games 😁😁😄 We aren't that bad guys! We still have hope and things are starting to look good already 😊


Long and lazy Saturday. Time for bed and positive things in a list type format…

- lay in bed til 12 and did nothing. It was a good rest and i needed it. Had a good 8 hours of sleep too.
- watch the rugby, Scotland won and England lost which was great, unfortunately France won though, so Scotland ended up 3rd in the table. What a match we played Vs Italy!
- went to the shops and got supplies for the flat and put petrol in the car. Should hopefully be able to survive for a week on what i have.
- got back and came across my pile of bathbombs while cleaning a bit. Will be using one of those tomorrow methinks!
- sat on the computer for the rest of the day chatting with mates and playing a few different games with TV on in the background
- i need this lazy weekend and tomorrow will be more of the same i think, don’t want to do much unless i absolutely have to
- Amanda was telling me that a friend had contacted her as he’s worried about how I’m doing, i love my friends and they look out for me so much, I’m very very lucky

Now curled in a wee ball under my covers and i will fall asleep soon.

Why you should vote for Anatosaurus as the new Saurian playable: A short essay by Meg

Look, we already have two herbivores that are built for defense: Triceratops and Pachycephalosaurus. And it’s true, typical gameplay tends to enjoy fighting and combat. That’s something people like to do. 

But consider this: Herding 

Anatosaurus required the family group structure to survive. If you lost the herd, you were seriously fucked. It’s not typical gameplay or even thought process for gamers to try and stick with a group and cooperate. Keeping up with the herd as a young one (or if you get injured), making sure to keep your younglings and all the younglings and the infirm with the herd - or else you lose herd strength and are more vulnerable 

The need for communication - both through color and through sounds - becomes more important when you’re an Anatosaurus. Perhaps the game could incorporate a language system of some sort, obviously a simple one, that the player would have to master. Using the herd to intimidate, say, a pair of Dakotaraptor, rather than trying to face one head on, by using communication to get the whole herd to honk and display at the predators and fear them - but you have to know the right communication structure to do it, or else the whole herd will panic, break up, and you’ll be vulnerable 

I see this as being especially difficult for certain people during Multiplayer mode - and imagine forming up a huge herd with all of your pals! (*cough* ADAD herd *cough*)

I feel like there are a lot of different game play dynamics that you wouldn’t have with Triceratops - which can fend for itself if necessary - or Pachycephalosaurus - which is a small, fast runner, with self defense, so it also wouldn’t need the group structure as much - that would be interesting, as opposed to a slow-moving, solitary defense tank like Ankylosaurus, which adds very little that isn’t already present in Triceratops and Pachycephalosaurus play without being ridiculously, annoyingly slow. 

Anyways, that’s my thought. 

Back the Saurian Kickstarter here so we can have Multiplayer and all meet up in the world of Saurian! 

And here is the Saurian tumblr! @saurian-game