we should have done more pictures

I couldn’t help myself. Sorry it’s not perfect, I’ve done it during break at work and I don’t have tablet of my beloved software (manga studio) here.

And I’m annoyed by those pillows again. Why? Because they again making money out Sormik after treating them so bad in anime. If they doing things like that, at least they could give us some kind of ova or anime reboot with plot from game… Then they can make money out sormik and other characters as much as they want… But with things like this… Ughh.

Let’s look at this precious picture and imagine that anime doesn’t exists.

I’m away from home until Tuesday , I don’t have much MB on my phone internet left so I’m not sure if I manage to read reviews of last episode of anime… I just pray for it to not cause more harm to Zestiria story and characters.

Really, we should make petition for anime remake. It won’t get us anywhere but maybe we should show Namco that we aren’t happy with what they done to story and characters.


Summary: Y/N and Peter have been best friends since childhood, but when they enter middle school, Y/N joins the popular crowd and leaves Peter behind.

AN: this may become a series lol

Peter Parker x Reader

Send in prompts from this list! // Masterlist

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I ran as fast as I could and hid behind a tree. I peeked from the side to see if he was following me and saw no one. He was right behind me. I thought. I faced back and waited for Peter to call out for me. I went to peek behind me again. Nothing. I turned back and -


“Ah!” I let out a high pitched scream. Peter Parker was hanging upside down from a low branch and laughing his brains out. “Peter! That wasn’t funny!” I crossed my arms.

Peter swung down from the tree. “Oh, come on Y/N. You have to admit that was pretty funny.” He gave me a grin, showing off the loss of his two front teeth.

“For you.” I said, still pouting. I turned around and walked away from Peter. 

“Hey! Y/N! Wait!” Peter yelled out. I stopped and waited for him to catch up. He stood in front of me. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” He looked down at his shoes.

“Okay!” He looked up and I gave him an equally toothless grin. “Let’s go play another game! I’m thinking…tag! TAG YOU’RE IT!” I tapped his shoulder and ran off, laughing. 

“I’m gonna get ya Y/N!” 

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still star-crossed has been cancelled :(

Sadly, it was to be expected. ABC hates this show, for reasons I still can’t understand, and the only reason it even aired in the first place is because Shonda forced them to and they don’t want to say no to her. Had they given it a proper change (and a proper promo team and budget!) it would have done better and fall back on its feet. But they wanted it cancelled from the start, and the long breaks between episodes are proof enough of them trying not to attract an audience to have reasons for cancellation, even without taking into consideration the poorly-structured poorly-edited pilot that led to bad critiques. And, well, we also all know why it wasn’t more popular with the general audience.

The only solace in all of this is that, based on behind the scenes pictures and footage, the plot is moving forward fast enough that it should give us the proper ending and resolution for the show (and they have time to edit appropriately to leave out any cliffhanger if needed). So we can all pretend that it was meant to be a miniseries all along. Not ideal, but at least better than just cancelling it right away and leaving us hanging.

Today is the day

So the day has arrived in which @uselesslegs and I will start our weekend of daddy and little girl time..

It’s been four months since we’ve actually done anything alone together, or spent more than a few hours together.

If you’ve been our followers since the beginning you know this a big step for both of us. When we broke up, we didn’t ever take into consideration that we’d actually be having this opportunity again. We are and have been taking things very slow ( well for the most part ).. Being friends first is something we probably should have done last summer when this whole thing started.. but we’re both in different mind sets.

So wish us lots of fun, and luck!

Pictures to come!!!

😀💗 June 21st is Selfie Day! 💗😀

Although some people decry selfies and the younger generation’s “obsession” with them, having an image of yourself to document what you look like is nothing new—while historically people would spend hours sitting having their portraits done, now anyone can take a picture of themself with just the snap of a camera! And while we should all remember that we are much more than just our physical appearance it’s also important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with liking the way you look and that loving yourself, physically and emotionally, can be an incredibly positive experience and for many people taking selfies can be an amazing tool to help them along the path of self love!

Today, celebrate Selfie Day by taking a selfie or two! Remember that all bodies are good bodies and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder—everyone is beautiful to someone else and we should all strive to feel beautiful to ourselves!

Life is Fluff: Everyday Heroes

Art by iminchains

Chasefield Fluff in the AU where Max turns in her photo.

“Now, I know this isn’t how any of you wanted to win or participate in this contest. You may feel that an opportunity was taken from you among the struggles our campus has undergone this week. But I just want to thank each and every one of you for participating in the Everyday Heroes contest, for representing yourselves as well as Blackwell Academy. It is with great pride that I see how you have continued your academic pursuits while supporting one another through turmoil. As the principal of this school, I would like to say that you are all every day heroes, and you all show a potential that fills me with pride for this school and its students.”

Principal Wells was not many extraordinary things. He was not a great administrator. He had not been a great husband in either of his two marriages. He was not a particularly great man. But he was quite a decent speaker, for though the class of eight photography students knew this was a pre-designed speech for the school and city newspaper, many of them did stand up straighter to hear his acceptance and appreciation, his eyes bouncing around to settle on each and every one of them for a brief moment, never letting them wander onto Juliet’s camera or the journalist on the other side of the room from her.

“But now, I think it’s time to announce the winner of this contest. I hope we can all accept this personal victory as a communal one as we send the winner to San Francisco this Friday.” Principal Wells took an additional moment to look at everyone briefly one last time. “The winner of the Everydays Heroes Contest for Blackwell Academy is Maxine Caulfield. Congratulations, Max.”

Max’s eyes widened in shock, and the applause began before she even had the chance to take a step forward. On the other side of the arc of students was Victoria, and Max saw her lips purse into a fine line as she followed Daniel and Kate’s lead and began to clap. Then, she stumbled forward, removing her hands from the pockets of her hoodie, and found Principal Wells’s hand outstretched. She fit her tiny hand in his for a brief moment, and he guided her to turn towards the cameras to smile for a moment as they shook. 
Michelle Grant took a few steps forward, and offered Max a rectangular frame wrapped in loose brown gift paper, which she gingerly accepted. She peeled off the paper, taking sure to dispose of it by handing it over to Wells, who dropped it onto Jefferson’s former desk before the two both held the frame, revealing the print of Max’s photo to everyone.

More camera flashes, and more applause. And Principal Wells was speaking more, something about Max, or the contest, or something, but now it was Max’s eyes that flickered around the room, watching everyone’s expressions.
Kate practically cheering.
Hayden just sort of grinning, clearly not very invested.
Taylor clapping loudly, then quieter when she realized Victoria probably wouldn’t want her to be too excited.
Stella clapping regularly, and being one of the first to cut off.
Alyssa smiling like she rarely smiled the whole while.
Victoria’s lips slowly curling into a bit of a smirk the longer the clap continued, but clapping as long as anyone but Kate.
Juliet pausing from taking shots to give Max a thumbs up.
Daniel clapping slow, as if he were uninterested, but still smiling supportively the whole time.

Principal Wells was done speaking, and handing off Max’s photo print entirely to her. “Thank you so much, Principal Wells,” she said, and bowed a little, not wanting to hold the photo with just a single hand, and held it out to be clearly viewed a moment longer before stepping back into the crowd of her peers.

In the minutes that followed, virtually everyone in the room stopped by to talk to Max individually - not so much about her photo, but about going to San Francisco. Yes, I was am so excited! No, really, I thought you were going to win, I loved your piece Taylor - and fellow tardy assignment doers, right? Oh lord, Kate, no, I couldn’t do any of this without you, you’re an actual hero.

But there was one person who stood near the corner of the desk closest to the door, leaning on it and watching this little procession while talking to Wells, or Juliet, or whoever was close, shooting Max direct looks and smirks when she could. Victoria, of course. They weren’t threatening, exactly, but they made Max a little uneasy. At least … well, they made her nervous. But she was too flushed with victory to let it get to her.
When Victoria finally turned to leave, alone even, that made Max especially nervous, and she broke away from her friends with a, “I’ll be right back, I just wanna talk to Victoria for a sec.”

She saw Victoria several steps down the empty hallway, and hurried after her, calling, “Hey, Victoria, wait.”
Victoria turned aroundfolding her arms over her chest, face already stuck in its smirk. “Oh, hey there Max,” she said with no hint of actual surprise. “Congratulations on your win, though I’ll still contest that it has more to do with your whole involvement in taking down a serial killer than your photography, but I suppose if you hadn’t, I might have won and been going to California with a serial killer, so I guess I’m all right with you getting this one.”

Max just chuckled, aware of this rumor, though pretty sure there was no substance to it. “I don’t think they were influenced by school rumors - at least, I hope not. I just, um. I wanted to see how you were doing. I know this could have been a big break for you, and we both know you really deserve one.”

Now Victoria’s hands fell to her hips instead. “Oh, well, how considerate of you, Max Caulfield. But my work will be in a gallery without school sponsorship soon enough, don’t you worry about that. In fact, I need to go check on a possible deal via e-mail, if you’ll excuse me,” she replied, turning to stride away.

Max made a quick step, reaching up to grab Victoria’s shoulder a little, not sure how to properly communicate what she was doing, but it was enough to get Victoria to turn around, really confused and a little unnerved.
“I really like you,” Max blurted out.
Victoria blinked. Many, many times, her head shaking minutely as she tried to process what she’d just heard. So she tried to clarify aloud, “Um, what?”
Max froze, realizing how fucked she was. So she just went with it all the way. “I. Uh. I think your photography captures an artistic rendering of yourself through its symbolic self-projection. I look at your subjects and I think they are beautiful, not just because they are, but because you captured them in a way that reflects your own beauty and vulnerability. You are strong and smart and really goddamn funny, even when you’re kind of being mean. And when you’re not being mean, or just playing at being nice, I think you are wondrous, and I really like you.”

Victoria took a long, quiet moment to process, to collect herself, just to find words. But when they came out, they were almost scripted, or rehearsed in some way. “When I look at your photos, I know, though maybe half of them actually feature you, that they’re largely meditations on adolescence, and chaos, and all sorts of pretentious bullshit you pretend you don’t subscribe to. But you capture them as if they are not the focus at all, like you’re ironically pointing out one’s vanity and self-centeredness amidst something so confusing and powerful, like you are the fool, or the vanity, but you’re actually the wise man. And I think that is unique. I think you have a gift. And I admire you. And I’m so glad that you choose yourself as a subject, because I think you’re beautiful, and I like that you give me an excuse to look at you and get to know you all at the same time, because if I looked at you half as much as I’ve looked at your photos, you’d know how I felt about you.”

Max was crimson by this point, so confused on how to express anything more that she began to go further and further off script. Not just her verbal script, but her total script for behavior. She offered out her hand, palm upward, and looked up at Victoria’s lips for a moment before nervously looking away from even that closeness.
She was amazed when Victoria’s hand settled over hers, her wide, warm fingers over Max’s wrist.
“So, do you want to tell me how you feel now?”
Victoria nodded, the word small between her lips, “Yeah.”
And she took that step still between them, and bringing a hand behind Max’s neck, and pressed her lips to Max’s. Max’s hand turned so her own fingers could lace with Victoria’s, and she stood on her toes to make kissing Victoria easier, her other hand reaching up into Victoria’s hair.

So, understandably, Max was a little stunned when Victoria pushed her back a little, taking a moment to understand that this was playful. But Victoria was grinning. “I feel like I really fucking like you, Max Caulfield, and like you should find some showy way to ask me out again so I can make out with you some more.”

Victoria turned and started down the hall.
Max sputtered, “I could turn back time, kiss you right in front of Jefferson, take a picture of it, and turn THAT in for the contest.”
Victoria actually laughed out loud as she went. “Now that would have been cool. Call me when everyone’s done praising you, and we can talk more about how much you like me.”
Max cupped her hands together to form a megaphone: “MY BODY IS READY!”
Victoria just kept laughing.


Welcome to part 5 of my ddlg 101 series on basic rules.

In part 1 we covered the princess journal. In part 2 we covered every day rules to make your relationship successful. In part 3 we covered punishments… And in part 4 we covered the very nice and always appreciated rewards.

With this fifth and final installment of our ddlg 101 series on basic rules, we will focus on something geared more toward the lost little who does not have a daddy. That’s not to say that a taken little can’t use this chart, by all means it can be incorporated… but this chart will give structure to those who are lost and in need of direction.

The purpose of the progress chart is to give you the ability to work on yourself, your hang ups, and the things that you struggle with in a structured way that you can actually accomplish.

By nature a lost little commonly cannot give herself rules, because she has trouble enforcing them and then punishing herself. It is just simply not within her nature to take such a dominant role that a daddy normally would have.

This progress chart acts as a method in order to help her to develop and stay on track.

Things to consider when creating your chart:

Ask yourself what is it that you struggle with the most? It could be anything from personal hygiene to getting your chores done to eating correctly to exercise and beyond. Start by making a list of all of the things that you feel that need work in your life and then prioritize them from the need that is most to the need that is least.

From there you should choose the ones that are most important and I recommend that you go with no more than 5 as a feasible first effort.

Once you have your list you are ready to create your chart so let’s get started.

As you can see in picture number one we have drawn a simple box. This is the frame for our chart.

In picture two we now add columns. 7 small columns for the day of the week, and one larger column where we will write in the things that we need to work on. We have also gone ahead and made the line for the days of the week and written them in.

In picture 3, we now have made our columns horizontally for the tasks or chores or issues that we need to work on. At the bottom we have also written in rewards with the line, and at the top we have given our charter name. To the right of our name we have labeled are chart for the week that we are using it for.

The basic concept that we will work from is a points system. Every chore or task or what have you will be worth a certain amount of points, and if we reach our points goal for the end of the week we can have the reward that we have written into the line on that Sunday.

In our example we have five things to work on. There are seven days in which we can work on these five things which gives us a total of 35 chances to get them accomplished.

That means that if we made each item worth 10 points and we completed every single item every day, we would end up with 350 points at the end of the week. Therefore, it would be feasible to set our goal at 300 points. Not because we are planning on missing any of the opportunities, but because things always seem to come up and sometimes we can simply not prevent them from impeding our progress.

I also recommend that you make a “future rewards list” so that you have a reward to easily choose from when beginning a new week.

for couples using this progress chart who are in a long distance relationship, daddy can offer bonus points for picture proof of each task completed. The bonus points should be set at a low level though and the stipulations on pictures should be discussed ahead of time.

In picture number four you can see that I have used smiley faces to mark the accomplishments. You can really use anything that you like from stickers to drawing to whatever it is that you desire. Also in your margins and borders you can decorate as you please to personalize your chart to yourself.

If you feel that you need an extra column at the bottom to track your daily points, or an extra column at the end for points total then add that in when creating your chart.

The model that I have created here for you is just a very generic frame for you to work off of as a reference when creating your own chart.

I would also recommend that if you work in an office, or have access to a copier of some sort that you make your chart empty and then copy it for the weeks keeping in mind that there are 52 weeks in a year. Of course you can always create this chart on your computer but doing it yourself is a more personalized way of being creative and will be much more fun.

Keep your chart somewhere where you have access to it and can see it visibly. Either on the back of your bedroom door, in a binder, or in a book that you keep with you all the time.. (your princess journal maybe)… The basic point is for this chart to keep you motivated on working on yourself… And once you feel that you have overcome whatever the issue is that you’ve listed you can replace it with a brand new issue from your original list and begin working on that.

This chart can also be used for littles who have daddys, in very creative ways. And it gives daddy the opportunity to keep his little motivated with tasks and such throughout the week… and is overall handy to the relationship.

This is the conclusion of our series on ddlg basic rules and I hope that all five parts have not only been beneficial to you but that you have enjoyed them as well.

It is my absolute passion to improve your lives and see you be successful in your relationships.

As always please be sure to reblog this if you feel that it would help someone, and my ask, submit, and fan mail are always open.

Live Life Golden Part 7

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2575

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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Why saying there are new movies for Peter Parker (and that’s why we should have Miles) is stupid.

In recent months and years ever since the announcement of Peter Parker being the new Spider-Man of the MCU there has been shittons of backlash against the decision. A lot of this has stemmed from Miles Morales supporters who feel he should have been the Spider-Man of the MCU.

Whilst there is a lot to say about that (and I have) today I want to counter a fairly frequent point I‘ve seen more than once from that camp. That point being that Peter should not be used as the MCU Spider-Man because ‘we’ve seen his story’ or ‘there is nothing new to be done with him’ or something to those effects.

This is a boneheaded argument to make because it is essentially saying that a comic book series which has existed for over 50 years publishing sometimes multiple comics every month across that time period can apparently only generate FIVE major motion pictures…two of which recycled material from the first three.

To show you how idiotic that argument is let me off the top of my head throw out THREE different ideas for high school Peter Parker Spider-Man movies which contain things which we’ve honestly never seen before with the character on film.

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Figuring out your theriotype

You’re probably reading this for one of two reasons.
1) You would like to find more ways of figuring out your theriotype.
2) You’re new to this otherkin/therian business and wanna know what the hypes about. Probably not the right post, but welcome!

Whatever reason you’re here- old therian or new- here is a handy guide for figuring out your theriotype.
(DISCLAIMER: I know there have been posts like this in the past, however, more strategies and ideas couldn’t hurt! ^_^)

Step 1: Figure out why you think you’re a therian

it’s incredibly important that you narrow down your therianthropy and separate it from your human side. What makes you different? It’s not just wishful thinking. Make sure you’re not taking human features and interpreting them as animal ones. This is a common mistake. Traits such as liking the company of others do not mean you’re a wolf therian, neither does loving running and being good at it make you a cheetah therian. Similarly, loving a particular animal (i.e mice) to the point where you feel such a connection to the animal you’ve adopted some of their mannerisms does not make you a therian. This is called ‘animal-heartedness’ or ‘kith’
The point is, therianthropy is something you are born with. It has been said countless times and I’ll say it again.

Therianthropy is identifying as an animal, not identifying with one

More therian-like behaviours and tell-tale signs would be a preference to walk on all fours, memories of thinking you were an animal when you were younger, species dysphoria*, instinctively making animal noises such as purring, growling, hissing, howling etc., weird food cravings (such as grass), as well as all types of shifting. These are more therian-like things to do.

If it helps, write down three lists. Completely animal characteristics, characteristics that could be human or animal and completely human characteristics. Then use the list to help with the next steps. If you think you have more than one theriotype then try and sort the 'animal characteristics’ list into

*Feelings of not being born in the right body and general dissatisfaction with your physical appearance.

Step 2: Narrow it down

So you’re a therian for sure, you’ve got your handy list and you’re sitting on the internet wondering what to do next. Well, we are going to start by taking a closer look at your shifts. Not all therians shift, some (contherians) maintain a constant human-animal mentality. So do not be alarmed if you have never experienced a shift, it’s a common occurrence and very normal- you can use the same techniques to figure out your theriotype.
Phantom shifts are very useful for figuring out your theriotype, but for the minute we won’t go deep- what you’re trying to find out is a genus or a family- obviously if you feel feathers, you’re a bird of some sort. In the same way, if you feel a prehensile tail, it would be worth looking into some monkey species, whereas a tail that could only be controlled from the base would probably direct towards other animals (e.g horse).

Think about specifics, the length and density of fur or feather or scale coverage. Do you have wings? Are they coming out of your shoulder blades or a part of your arm? What about paw size, retractable claws, how long is your snout?

M-shifts are just as important. How do you move- on all fours, with grace and ease or with little hops and jumps? What noises do you make- hisses, growls, nickers, howls, whinnies? Or maybe you’re silent and stealthy? What feelings do you get- fear perhaps? Aggression? Or nothing at all… Everything is a clue. Most people will already have a decent idea of what their theriotype is, but that’s no reason to be lazy.
You’d be surprised by what just observing yourself can do.
Keep your list handy and keep adding to it. The more the better!
Try and get down to generic species such as 'canine’, 'ungulate’, 'feline’, 'bird of prey’, 'parasite’.
We’ll get onto species later.
For some of you, that’s it. You are what is called a 'cladotherian’ (As a cladotherian, you encompass all “insert genus here” and you need to go no further on your journey- well done! Congratulations! We send you all the way down to the last step.

(A brief note before Step 3)
Dear all canine therians.
Do not assume you are wolf.,
A still questioning wolf therian.

Step 3: Get to the nitty gritty

So now we are at the most challenging step. The step that almost everyone gets stuck on.
The process is similar to step 2, but even more detailed. It should be simpler now that you know vaguely where to look but do not underestimate it

Here is when your instincts come into play. Many therians have described seeing a picture of an animal and instantly feeling as if 'yes, this is it, this is who I am’. If you are one of those, that’s wonderful, but don’t instantly cast it as your theriotype. Look into the animal, its behaviour, its social life and just the animals general habits. if it feels so much like you that it appears they have written it for you then go to the next step and congratulations!

For the rest of you, you may not be so lucky. If no animal 'pops’ then do not despair, you can still find your theriotype! The key is research, research, research.
Say it with me:


You can not do enough research, theriotype finding is a long and tedious process and you may find yourself looking at the mating habits of the Vietnamese stick insect, but I promise you that once you have looked at all the factors, all the behaviour and social structure and eating and every little thing about all the animals that could possibly be a candidate, you will find your theriotype and it will all be worth it.
Or you will think you have, which brings me onto…

Step 4: You are never finished

After all that, you now have your theriotype, right?
Never stop researching. You may have found that perfect animal for you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop- you never know. I myself am always looking for more suitable theriotypes and am in the midst of investigating hyenas at this very moment ^_^
Basically, repeat step 3 until your arms fall off. If you have found your theriotype you will have no reason to change it to any other animal you’ve researched and if you thought you had but were wrong… well aren’t you glad you looked?

Now go forth, therians and be yourselves!

I hope this helped a few people…
IDK hehe

Please tell me what you thought- could anything could be edited? Did I get anything wrong or did anything offend anyone?
Also, leave your tips for other therians on how you discovered your theriotype (I’ll be putting them in as an extra section Smile)

From Beck: My advice…don’t look so hard. It WILL come to you. Trust me :) It always does. When you know…you’ll know!~ I say take a break from searching, then try and go back to it when you have a fresh clear slate in your mind to do so.
And my advice for when you DO go back to searching..
First, try and narrow down specific attributes. Like…some bats eat fruit some bats eat insects, some live off blood, etc. What do you feel you yourself would live off as a bat? How big do you feel you should be? Smaller like a lot of desert bats? Or maybe bigger like a flying fox! (one of my personal favorites). Once that is done you should have an easier time narrowing your options :3
Secondly, try not to look for what “fits” so to speak. Look more at what you feel is right. That’s the main key in a soul search I have found.
And lastly, don’t stress!~ It will all work out. Try out different things. Fail, and fail again because…its okay! ^.^ Nobody expects you to get it right the first time or second time. The third time fourth time…etc. You have an infinite number of tries ;) No rush and no worry.

it’s been less than a year since I made this blog and I honestly never thought this would happen let alone have it happen so quickly. I don’t even think me writing out this little post could accurately express how I feel. like guys, 15,000 people..that’s like a mini stadium, a tiny country, the number of calories I eat in a day :’)

no okay but seriously, though I had been following bangtan for a while I never really thought about making a blog about them. but with the pressures of school I really needed an escape from it all and tumblr was this quiet place for me. a place I could come to and just forget about all the pressure and stress while I thirsted after namjoon and yoongi. and with the encouragement of those around me I decided to make this blog. even though I had run two other fandom blogs before this one, I never thought a fandom could be this welcoming. I felt right at home, memeing since day one 

through these past few months I have made some amazing friends I would have never had the chance to meet if it weren’t for this little bangtan blog. I trust and lean on a lot of them to help me through hard times as well as sharing some of the brightest parts of my life. many wouldn’t and could understand that even though we have met online only a few months ago, I feel I have known them for so much longer. meeting people in a shared fandom is honestly an incredibly special thing because you tend to meet people with similar interests, personalities and terrible humour making it so easy to connect with them and bond over things you might not normally be able to with others  

I’d really like to thank all of you who follow me and put up with my thirsty ass always crying, writing long posts about all the boys, having long and interesting discussions with me about all kinds of subjects, sending me lots of love and support if you see I’m going through a hard time, liking and reblogging everything I make no matter how shitty, talking to me and generally being interested in who I am???, coming to me for life advice, tagging me in all namjoon and yoongi posts, sending me random posts you think I’d enjoy, drawing fanart  and most importantly shipping the one true cannon ship #sabjoon 2k17. you guys all mean so much to me and it genuinely hurts to be away from you all whether it be because of school of or those time I travel I always feel like I can rely on you to make me smile no matter the situation

okay this is long enough and bless you if you read it all below you’ll find 99% bangtan 1% multifandom blogs, all a+ would recommend quality

your local sugamon hoe~

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Roadtrip To The Shire

“Look who I’m with!” Joe swings the vlogging camera around the car to show Zoe and myself.

“Helllooo!” Zoe grins at the camera before looking back at the road, and I give a little wave from the back of the car.

“The three of us are heading back to the shire for a few days. Y/N and I decided to join Zoe in the car for the drive, so she wouldn’t get lonely.” My boyfriend explains, while I lean forward to wrap my arms around his seat.

“You just didn’t want to take the train.” His sister laughs, and Joe lifts one hand to link his fingers with mine.

“That’s only partially true.”

“Stop lying to your viewers, babe.” I tell him.

“This is why I should have taken the train…going to get ganged up on by these two!” Joe pouts.

“Oh shush, you’ll be fine.” Zoe tells him, turning up the radio.

“I love this song!” I tell her, starting to sing along. It doesn’t take long before Zoe joins in, and Joe sets up the camera to record us before he starts to dance in his seat, singing off key purposely.

It makes the rest of the car ride fly by, and we all end up laughing to almost the point of tears.

“Oh, look! Our old house. Hello old house!” Zoe waves as we drive by the old Sugg home.

I always loved coming back to Zoe and Joe’s hometown, they were so much more relaxed in the countryside, and I knew they missed seeing their dad.

“Thatched roof!” Joe points out excitedly, turning in his seat briefly to look at me. “Look, Y/N! Thatched roof’s!”

“I can see them, Joe.” I laugh as he turns back around, pointing at the different roof’s we pass.

Daddy Sugg is waiting for us outside of the house when we pull up.

“Hello, you three.” He greets, pulling each of us into a hug. “Good drive?”

“Made much more enjoyable with these two.” I tell him, leaning into Joe’s embrace.

“Except when you both teased me.” He pouted. “I’ve been outnumbered for too long, dad. Us men need to stay together.”

“Come on in then, just about to make some lunch.” Daddy Sugg waves us in, catching up with his children.

The week flies by, and before we know it, we’re all saying our goodbyes and piling back up into the car.

“You have enough room back there, love?” Joe asks, looking at me slightly concerned. Zoe and him and loaded up the back with stuff they had grabbed from their nan’s house, not leaving me much room.

“I’ll be fine.” I smile at him as Zoe drives down the road. I lean forward, resting my head on the back of Joe’s seat. He turns his head to place a kiss on my cheek, smiling softly at me.

“Did you have fun?” He asks me quietly, linking our hands together.

“Yeah, I loved walking around your old school. Everything was so tiny.”

“It was weird walking through, things have changed…but also not really.” Joe shook his head, laughing softly.

“I don’t think much will change there.” Zoe chimes in, smiling over at us.

“Probably not.” I agree.

Joe pulls out his phone, opening up snapchat to take a small video of us driving on the road.

“Any new filters?” I inquire, pulling the phone out of his hand.

“By all means, help yourself.” Joe rolls his eyes while Zoe laughs. I ignore him and pull up the filters, holding the phone out so Joe and I are both in the screen.

“What the hell is that?” He laughs at the screen as our faces distort, I snap the picture quickly before showing Zoe, who glances at it before also laughing.

We pass the time on the drive back by alternating between exploring new snapchat filters and doing more carpool karaoke to older songs.

It doesn’t take long before we pull up in the driveway of the Zalfie household, where Joe and I would be spending the night before heading back to London tomorrow.

“Finally,” Joe groans stepping out of the car. “I am so done with long car drives.”

“At least you weren’t stuffed into the back.” I grimace, stretching my arms over my head.

“You should have said something, I would have switched with you.” He frowns, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close.

“It’s fine, I survived.” I smile at him, lowering my arms around his neck. “Plus you wouldn’t have been able to dance if you were sat in the back.”

“Hm, very true.” Joe nods half seriously, before leaning down to kiss me. “Thanks for coming back with us.”

“Any time. It’s fine going back to the shire.” I tell him.

“Keep her, Joe!” Zoe calls out from the front door. “You won’t find many girls who say that!”

We both laugh as we follow her into the house.


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“I honestly have no idea what I’m even looking at anymore.”

“I know. The words have all run together and the pictures don’t even seem to be of anything in particular. I think we should call it a night.”

“We have to get this all done before five if we want to make it to print for the evening edition.”

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1x02- Earth Skills

Okay, here we go! Already onto episode 2 on my journey. For an explanation on said journey you may go here. And here is the obligatory “There will be spoilers- if you haven’t watched all of season 4 you should probably turn back now..BUT COME BACK WHEN YOU’RE DONE! You don’t have to leave forever!”wow that was a long way of saying- hey there are spoilers :-)

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Mini Editing Tip Nr 302 (not really):

You got some nice manipulation going on, with some lovely coloring and maybe even effects, but some parts of the footage are like super duper pixely???

I got ze solution, my dear potatoes!! ;D 

  1. I will use stunning Esmeralda as an example: If you look closely, you can see that her skin is very pixelated, and this will be really obvious when you hit play. 
  2. To fix it you first need to add a “Smart blur”. This will make things blurry, but compared “Gaussian Blur” it does not blend out the edges. Change the settings until you are satisfied! You can even add as many as you want, but remember that AE might run slower then.
  3. Now duplicate the layer and put the new one on top. This one should not have a blur effect on it. Instead you add a “Color Key” and remove the skin color (or whatever area you are trying to fix). If there are shadows, then use more “Color Keys”. Be careful with the settings here! If you pull on them too much then the lineart will vanish, and we need those. (Picture number 3 shows what that layer should look like)
  4. Done! Now the skin is silky smooth! :D

PROGRAM USED: After Effects CC

More tutorial things: HERE

The Bright Red Dinosaur  (DINO)

Type: Fluff

Request: may I request a dino fluff where the guys don’t know you’ve been dating for 6 months and when dino came back from a date he’s been really smiley and the guys are like ??? So when dino takes off his jacket and goes to help a member with something, a photo booth picture of you guys fall out and a member sees and basically there’s a pic of you guys kissing and the members are yelling and kinda like ‘ONG DINO I DIDN KBOW U AND Y/N WERE DATING WHAT IS THIS?!’ Fluff please :333

Summary: Note to self deeper pockets

Chan smiled happily as he made his way into the dorm where the others were “well you were out late” Joshua says looking away from the tv noticing him. “You know just hung out with my friends from school” Chan says calmly as he goes to take off his jacket. “Well be careful you have school in the morning you can’t be staying out too late now” Minghao playfully scolds. He rolls his eyes Chan pulled his jacket off not noticing the contents spill from his pocket. 

“Well well well what do we have here?” Mingyu asks picking it up, Chan turns to see what he had and his eyes widened in fear. “Give that back” he says as Mingyu looks at it and gasps raising the picture up into the air. “GUYS CHAN’S GOTTA GIRLFRIEND!” Mingyu yells “what?” Seungkwan yells as the others gather around him. 

He passed the picture over Wonwoo “oh she’s really pretty Chan how old is she?” Wonwoo teases as Chan sinks to the floor in embarrassment. “Do you think she’s his background on his phone as well?” Seokmin teases. “Chan is this the girl I see you walk with in the morning?” Hansol teases “oh they walk to school together?” Jihoon teased as he was handed the picture “it looks like they do much much more than that” Jeonghan says looking over his shoulder. “Do we have to have a talk mister?” Seungcheol teased.

“All we’ve done is kiss” Chan says looking up with a bright red face “nothing more?” Junhui asks “we’ve only been dating 6 months”  Chan continues. “We should leave him alone” Seungcheol says as he hands him the picture back. “So Dino when do we get to meet her?” Jeonghan asks with a smile.

Workin’ Out (Requested)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request: could you do one using the prompt “It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.” with Bucky

Warnings: None

Words: 895

A/N: I actually had two ideas for this, one of which kinda goes in a completely different direction so I’m going to post that separately in a few days… most likely tomorrow XD Hope ya like it ^_^

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I Would Die 4 U by Prince

I need to do these more often x.x. Since getting back from Korea I have been taking it easy and just focusing on work. I have yet to put up a post for that but it should be done in the next few days when I have time to clean up the photos.

These pictures were from last night as me and my roommate decided to go to Namba and have a night downtown. We tried the McDonald’s Halloween burgers and went to other shops and even the arcade! I was finally able to go to the Kinnikuman Shop which was definitely the highlight of my night. I had walked by there a few times before while it was closed but I finally had an opportunity take in all the muscle glory while it was open. It’s a neat shop full of memorabilia, some for sale and some not, but all amazing to take in - especially if you’re a fan. My roommate and I got a couple kinkeshi (or M.U.S.C.L.E. figures) each to take home with us while we were there.

Also I got about 10 more strategy guides while I was out…and Zombie Panic for the PS2! I will be updating the shop soon as some of the guides are extras

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me messages or e-mails as of late either just to say hello or inquiring about certain items in my shop and middle-manning. I’m almost a month behind on getting back to messages..I apologize to everyone for the outstandingly late responses.


cozjiasaidso said: 

Hi! I just saw a recent ask post about jealous Yeol and you said that jealous Baek is easier to spot. Can you post some just for the hell of it? :D

Anonyous said:

Hi! I liked the jealous Chanyeol post. How about some jealous Baekhyun now? ;) Thank you and I love this blog!! ♥♥

Anonymous said:

Can we see some jealous Baekhyun since we already saw jealous Chanyeol? ^ ^ thanks!

Anonymous said:

I havent seen many pictures of jealous!baekhyun yet, do you think you can show some?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, you guys asked for it! Your wish is our command!

We would say that the caption in the last gif should be changed to “barely keeps his composure”. Look at him *sigh*

Famous airport scene. Whoa, that’s some dark expression Baekhyun is wearing. He is 100% done.

External image

Idol Olympics

External image

Have a bit of Baekhyun trying to squeeze in between a talkative Chanyeol & Sehun!

We wouldn’t want that stare directed at us…

Aaand Sehun again. What is with the maknaes?

Speaking of maknaes.

External image

There should be more pictures/gifs out there of jealous Baekhyun, because it’s not like that happens rarely, and we can definitely think of a few more moments, but we don’t have it saved anywhere. Sorry ^^.

-admins SFS & MTL

How to be an ally to the disabled

1. Listen to disabled people and share our thoughts

Disability often gets over looked in discussions of civil rights and social justice blogging, so change that! Look in tags like “ableism” and “disability” and find some of our blogs to follow or even just reblog things that we want to share (many of what you’ll find are posts of horrible bigotry and I completely understand if you want to only have encouraging depictions or educational posts on your blog and I and others are trying to give you more of that. Here’s some things that I’ve written: How To: Know When To Offer Help To A Disabled Person, How To: Deal With Your Child’s Sudden Introduction To Disability, How To: Open A Door For A Disabled Person, How To: Shake A Disabled Person’s Hand)

2. Don’t use inspirational porn

A lot of people understandably think it’s complementary to call us heroes or inspirational or to post pictures of us saying “if they can do it, so can you” but these things are highly offensive. I’ve done my best to try to explain why here.

3. Speak for us

We taught that in supporting a marginalized group we should not speak over the marginalized or speak for them, which is true but it becomes a little more complicated when it comes to disability. Some disabled people literally do not have the ability to communicate in some venues so we need allies to be our surrogates (I’m using speech recognition software right now because I’m unable to type and there are many times that it’s malfunctioning or charging and I literally can’t respond when I see something offensive so I need disabled allies to always be willing to call each other out on problematic behavior)

This isn’t to say that you are allowed to speak over us or that your opinions matter more than our experiences; because we need you to speak more than other marginalized groups, we also need you to also listen more.

I understand that a lot of you worry about saying the wrong thing so I suggest that when you see something problematic look at the notes and re-blog what disabled people have said to correct it.

4. Boycott those who oppress us

Boycott DC comics with us, boycott Autism Speaks with us, refuse to patronize stores and restaurants that aren’t accessible. When we are segregated we need you to stand beside us so that those institutions have no financial support to stay alive.

5. Support good representation

No representation is perfect but do what you can in your own fandoms to keep the disabled characters visible. Use your own creativity to give them better representation or at least reblog those who do. Mainstream media may not be a safe place for disabled people but you can make sure the fandom is.