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When Loki opened his eyes everything hurt. His body felt sore as if he had hit a mountain. 

“Finally. I thought you dead.” Loki frowned at you when you suddenly leaned forward and placed your hand on his forehead, humming approvingly. “No fever. That’s good.”

Loki pushed your hand away and hissed: “Tell me who you are and where I am.”

“Uh, a little bit demanding, aren’t you?” You laughed and tsked, pointing with your index finger at him. “I’m [Y/N], dummy,  and you’re not going to fool me. Not again. This is not funny anymore.”

“Fool you? Don’t you know who I am?”

Rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms. “Yes, you’re Loki. My husband and King of Jotunheim, brother and right hand of Thor, King of Asgard. Blah Blah Blah.” 

Immediately Loki sat up, ignoring the pain, and stared at you. “King? Husband? This is not real. I do not belong here.” He looked around. The room was warm and cozy but looked more like a room carved into a cave. 

“What? What are you talking about?” You tried to push him carefully down but he didn’t even move a centimeter. “Love, you hurt yourself. I don’t know who attacked you but who ever did that was very powerful. You’re still weak, you need rest before you can find them.” 

For a second Loki contemplated what might have happened to him. There had been a fight against the sorcerer Doctor Strange before the man had thrown him through a portal. He cursed silently. He had thought the sorcerer had thrown him through it to send him somewhere far away, but that was not the case.

“Listen to me carefully. I am Loki, but I am not your husband and certainly not King of Jotunheim. I’m from a different universe.” 

“Oh…okay…Who send you then?” You asked confused and stepped back, not sure if the man was like your husband, or a different man. 

“Doctor Strange.”

“Strange, your friend from Midgard? This is unfortunate, Loki, because Stephen is dead. For over a decade now.” 

“What?” He didn’t look sad or shocked but verry pissed. 

“He’s dead.” You said and sighed, thinking about a solution.. “But I think I can get you your- my husbands books. He has a huge collection and the kids would love to help us to find the right spell.”

Loki blinked. “Kids? You have children.”

“Yes, we have a bunch of them. Six boys and god bless, I hope the next one is a girl. ” You gave him a smile, but it vanished as soon as you noticed his pained expression. “Don’t you have children?”

“No, I have not.”

“Well, maybe one day you’ll have some.” You said, the soft smile still on your lips. “Come, we should find a way to bring you home.”

The Types as People I know

ISFJ: Sweet up front but man they can be so sensitive holy moly.

INFJ: Super passive about your choices unless they really care about you. Then doggedly soliloquizes whenever they have wisdom you need to hear.

INFP: Super passive aggressive but also super sweet and is like a dog with a bone if they want to figure something out.

ISFP: Smart and sweet and loves to help.

ENFJ: A ray of sunshine with weird hobbies and will randomly tell you her thoughts when she passes in the hallway.

ESFJ: Patriarch of the family, his his stuff together but doesn’t have a lot of substance.

ENFP: Charms everyone - hates everyone. Says yes to everything - wants to say no to everything. Lies a lot, kinda dead inside. Nobody knows it but INTJ.

ESFP: SO FUN OMG LET’S GO I’M IN FOR EVERY PARTY YAY! *Later complains that they’re carsick so they have to sit in the front, or they’re tired so they’re going to leave early, or complains to the waiter about their pasta having gluten like wtf*

ESTJ: “I’m going to have to let you go.”
Person: “What? But I have three kids and my husband doesn’t work-”
ESTJ: “I know Jesse. It pains me to do it but you really need to think about them more when you come in 3 minutes late to work every week. It sets a precedent.”

ENTJ: Plans the entire business trip for 7 coworkers, down to their hotel rooms, who is having dinner with which vendor, what time they should leave their rooms to go to dinner, what type of transportation they should use, how long that transportation should take, etc. Schedules a 1 hour meeting to go over all of it a few days before and quizzes everyone after.

ENTP: *Falls in love* “Oh my god, Jessica’s the one, she’s going to save me from myself wow this is amazing.”
*Two weeks later*
“Yeah I met this girl Emily and she’s soon hot dude and we kissed last night”
Person: “What about Jessica?”
ENTP: “Oh, yeah, we’re still dating. I don’t know dude I’m kinda over her.”

ESTP: *Walks in late, smiles at team* “Hey guys! *sits down like they’re not 40 minutes late* I mean the ease with which they comport themselves holy hell
Starts first day at new school. Walks up to the lunch table with the coolest looking kids and sits down. “Hey losers. I bet you can’t beat me at xyz”

ISTP: Says nothing most of the time. Has crazy hobbies.

INTP: Doesn’t. Stop. Talking. Ok but seriously they’re so smart that it backfires. They talk themselves into these spirally holes and end up in lala land believing things that are completely untrue and knowing they’re right (they’re not)

ISTJ: So much eye rolling. Has no time for INTP’s ramblings and imaginary ideas. Offends INTP EVERY DAY. Loves you really hard but without ever saying it, kinda emotionally stunted

INTJ: Frustrated every time they have to start spending time with someone new because that person will have to spend a lot of time asking “Wait are you serious?” or “What do you mean?” or “Was that sarcastic?” or “Oh sorry did I offend you?” or “OMG why are you being rude?” and INTJ will have to explain that their casual sarcasm needs acclimating and no there’s usually no ill-intent and no they’re not offended and no they don’t mean to be rude omg this is tiring.

Reason // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: could I have a jungkook scenario where him and her are best friends and she’s always pointing at girls like “what about her she’s cute” or when a waitress flirts with him she’s like “hey go for it she’s into you” and jungkook is just not interested and shoves it off and he doesn’t really know why he just doesn’t find any of her suggestions attractive until one day when they’re walking in the park or wherever and she trips and lands on her face or eating something and it spills down her shirt and she’s not fazed about it at all and he’s just sweetly laughing at her clumsiness and that’s when he realizes that the reason he never thought those girls fit his standards was because they weren’t her.

words: 1616

category: fluff

author note: every time i write abt kookie i think of him as a boyfriend which is funny bc im not rlly romantically attracted to jungkook?? enjoy!

- destinee

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Jeon 04 / Jeon Jungkook (fuckboy, smut)

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 🐰Previous chapters:  chapter 01  •  chapter 02  •  chapter 03  •  chapter 05     chapter 06  •  chapter 07

waking up the next morning was a problem. your head hurt and it felt like someone was hitting you as hard as they could until you would go numb. your throat felt dry and you needed some water asap. but the moment you tried getting up a hand pushed you back down on their chest. 

“mmm stay” he murmured and you realized who it was , jeon of course. you looked up at him, to see his brown eyes closed shut and his lips pressed into a small smile. he looked stunning with the light shining on his beautiful skin. 

‘‘oh fuck…did we do it?’‘ you stammered but he only nodded away and you sighed in relief. 

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Arranged Love Pt.2 | Jungkook

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: Whatever happened to true love? To fairytale romance? Where was that magical spark, those lingering kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the fireworks in your heart? Where was the romance and the honesty in a forced love, in a forced marriage between you and Jungkook?

Word Count: 3,243

Genre: Fluff/angst

A/N: I’m very excited to get this series going tbh and I’m also very excited to see a lot of you actually like this!! Thank you for taking the time to read my stuff ❤️

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I will never ever forget this. To this day, one of my favorite experiences at Summer Camp for four year olds;

So last year, one of the little boys wanted to wear a Princess Dress. I helped him put it on, told him he looked stunning and watched him run off towards his friends.

And then the inevitable happened.

Three of the other little boys immediately began to tease him.

“You’re a boy. You can’t be a princess.”

“Princesses are for girls. You’re not a girl.”

“You have to be something else. That’s silly. You can’t be silly like that.”

I was going to step forward to intervene, to spew out some big life lesson and blow these children’s minds with the hope that my words would ring true with them for all of time and they’d finally understand and accept this child for who he was and who he wanted to be.

I never even had to.

One of the little girls in the class stepped between them and grabbed the boys hand. “You can be a princess,” she said. “Because I’m a knight.” And then she grabbed the knights outfit that apparently her friends had scorned her for as well and put it on and danced around. “Now you have to let me save you because I’ve always wanted to be a knight!” 

And the two of them went to go play Princess, and she saved him a total of three times before other children began to play as well, and soon we had a full on fairy tale in my classroom with the star being this little Princess who happened to also be a boy. 

And that is why I love my job.

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In today's episode, Moon considered "bringing Star back to Mewni" and River commented on "the school". And the Starcrushed synopsis says there will be "Diaz 'end-of-the-school-year party." That photo showing the girls consoling Star and the mirror in the background should be soon after her mother says it's time for her to return to Mewni. And it was also the first time we saw the question "that one day Star will have to leave" be addressed at the show.

There’s also a rather suspiciously sad-looking royal!Star in the Season 2B poster. I don’t like (but I also do) where this is going.

COMFORTING - PT 2 of Hurting

Everyone watched as the girl shifted into a white wolf and disappeared into the woods. Edward was pissed at Jacob for kissing Bella and for not chasing after the poor girl that he calls his imprint. Jacob tried to contact her through their minds but couldn’t reach. A howl reached his ears causing him to curse mentally. He took off and warned the other members about his imprintee in the woods. As he continued to run, the feeling about her continued to decrease. Almost like she was out of reach and he couldn’t get a good grip on her. Edward was right beside Jacob with a dark scowl. The scent of leeches beside Edward burned in Jacob’s nose. When they reached the area, there was a sign of her once here. The feeling was gone. The feeling of someone holding you down on Earth was gone. Millions of thoughts raced through his mind while the pack surrounded him. Only one thought stuck out like a sore thumb. What happened to the bond?

Her eyes fluttered open painfully. She wished to never endure that pain ever again. She jolted up when she realized that she was in unfamiliar room. Her mind buzzed as she tried to think about where she was. In fact, she couldn’t really remember anything. She stood up and noticed the burning sensation in her throat. The thirst for something. That something was not water. Her eyes danced across the room looking for something that will explain what is going on.

“Looking for something?” A sinful voice asked from behind her. She turned in a reflexive manner. “What’s wrong, my dear hybrid?”

“Why the hell are you calling me hybrid? I’m a wolf.” She snapped. She bared her teeth to him and growled.

“My, those look like fangs to me.” The male smirked. “Don’t you think so, sister?”

“Those indeed look like fangs of a vampire to me.” The girl next to him stated. The fresh, new hybrid stared at them in disbelief. She couldn’t believe what they were saying. Her memories soon came flashing through her mind. Everything from the day she was born to the day she was bitten. Bitten by none other than the male before her.

“What the hell do you want from me?” She hissed. The male smirked and stepped closer to the female. Her heartbeats quickened as she heard it in her ears.

“My, my. You have the blood of a wolf but the thirst of a vampire.” He mocked. Her hand went straight to her throat that was burning. “Shall we feed her, sister?”

“We should.” The girl stated. She took a step back from the siblings but they were quicker. A tight grip held her down from running.

“You need to eat.” The male hissed. She growled at the contact but followed orders. They dragged her to a huge room that had three thrones. Red eyes and one pair of golden eyes landed on her. A lone human stood in the corner shaking. Sweat streamed down her forehead profusely. Sympathy filled the hybrid’s heart but her throat burned at the sight.

“Why, my darling. You should eat something.” A man stood up in front of everyone with a deranged smile. Her eyes landed on the human shaking their head. “Is there anything specific you want?”

“The human.” Her voice came out strained from the burn in her throat. The man grinned even bigger than before and signaled the human forward. The being was lifted off as she cried out in sadness.

“Go ahead, you need to fill up on your energy to fight the ones who betrayed you.” The man clasped his hands together. Her thirst became stronger as the human came closer. The human continued to cry while she watched every movement. The rushing blood through the veins caused her ear to twitch. She flashed forward and sank her teeth into the human’s neck regretfully. After all the blood was drained, she dropped the corpse carelessly feeling refreshed. “Now, let’s train you so you’re stronger than the ones who hurt you.”

They arrived to the clearing that was covered in snow. Her eyes noticed the male that she once called her imprint. She mustered back a snarl of disgust and stared at him. His chocolate brown eyes stared back into her red/brown eyes. Her instinct of her inner wolf started to show as she growled a bit. Her eyes glanced at the pack that she once called a family. Brown eyes came into contact with hers. A sudden feeling washed over her body as she noticed what was happening. She didn’t think it could happen. She didn’t think she could imprint all over again along with finding her mate. How could this be? How could she have found someone new? Her hands clenched into fists from the sudden action. She knew the boy that she imprinted on. She knew the boy that was her mate. He knew very well who she was. He knew very well that she was his imprint. They both cursed at the same time surprising them both. He did no harm to her. Why would she waste energy on the one that she was supposed to love. Voices filled her mind. The voices fell into sync as she realized that it was her old pack calling her name.

‘You need to come home.’ Sam shouted.

‘Yeah, come back.’

‘Don’t do it for just us but do it for Seth.’

She blocked out the voices and waited for something to happen. Alice stood in front of Aro and went on explaining. The hybrid didn’t really care about anything else but her new imprint. It seems that everything happened while she continued to stare at her imprint. The Volturi seemed to walk away. She didn’t follow after the vampire group. She stood and stared at something that was apparently special to her. She continued standing while staring at her imprint.

The hurt that she felt was consumed by comfort.

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I’m so sorry. I want to die in a hole for doing this. I’m just not a motivational person. And, I’m a procrastinator. I am actually going to cry. I hope that this makes you all feel better.

Valentine’s Day Special II: BTS when you didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at first, but then regret it afterwards

First of all: I managed to write 2 reactions, one for tonight (Friday) and one for tomorrow (Saturday), so please look forward to them my lovelies :* I made the first one Valentine’s Day themed because I didn’t manage to cover it last week~

Secondly: For this reaction, I just ignored that in Korea, girls give gifts to boys on Valentine’s day, and then boys give gifts to girls on White Day so it’s even. 

Thirdly: This reaction is my life omg I would totally be like “Hey boyfriend, we don’t really need to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s just a commercial holiday blah blah” and then be super salty afterwards because other girls got flowers and chocolate and I lowkey also like flowers and chocolate :D

And most importantly: All gifs belong to their rightful creators = owners (see urls right under the gifs as always :*). Please support each other and BTS well! Al eonni loves you and AL EONNI ALSO LOVES HOSEOK SO PLEASE SPAM HIM WITH BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY MESSAGES SO MY BABY FEELS LOVED AND APPRECIATED ON HIS SPECIAL DAY <333

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Jin: [Sees you all sulky because you kind of wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day after all but now it’s too late]

Jin: [Sneaks out to the arcade to win a plushie for you and surprise you with this “belated Valentine’s Day gift”~]

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You: [Pouty because you’re angry at yourself that you didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but now you wish you had]

Yoongi: [Disappears for ten minutes, then returns with a heart-shaped balloon] 

You: “Yoongi what? How did you get this?”

Yoongi: “[Insert gif] I bought this long before you sad you didn’t want to celebrate~ Oppa knows what you like, alright? So don’t fret anymore~”

You: [Go “awwww” for the next hundred years]

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J-Hope: feat. Yoongi as you

You: [Sitting around grumpily because you would’ve liked to celebrate Valentine’s Day after all]

Hoseok: [Insert gif: Spontaneously takes you out for a romantic walk to lighten your mood~~]

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Rap Monster:

You: [Hugging him because you’re sad that you didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day after all]

Namjoon: “[Insert gif] C’mon~ [strokes your back] We can have Valentine’s Day every day, whenever you want, baby~ What do you want to do? We’ll have a belated Valentine’s Day this afternoon~”

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Jimin: feat. Hobi as you

You: “Jimin … I thought about it and … can we celebrate Valentine’s Day next year? Looking back at it now, I’m kind of sad we didn’t this year …”

Jimin: “Of course~ Should we celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day as well? It hasn’t even been a week?”

You: “Is that … would that be okay?”

Jimin: [Insert gif: super excited and happy] Of course that’s okay! Awww, _______, I’ll give you a perfect belated Valentine’s Day, just wait! I’ll make you feel like a princess~”

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You: [Sad because you saw Hoseok’s grilfriend’s posts about how nicely they celebrated Valentine’s Day]

Taehyung: “Don’t be sad~ [insert gif] The best always comes last, okay? I’ll take you out for dinner tonight~ And I’ll feed you from my chopsticks~ And kiss you more~ And bring you flowers~”

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Jungkook: [searches the whole flat for candy as soon as he notices that you’re sad about not having celebrated Valentine’s Day and feeds you cookies as soon as he has found some]

Jungkook: “Open your mouth, nuna~ [insert gif: “good girl~”] Just imagine it’s Valentine’s Day today, okay?~ What should we do afterwards, huh? Just tell me and we’ll do it~” 

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Relax with me (Wonho Smut)

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Request: No

WC: 1,015

POV: First person

Rating: M

I had been stressed for weeks, with finals and with working part time. The only time I ever got to rest completely was when I got home around 12 and fell right asleep. Always being woken up by my boyfriend of 2 and a half years when he came home late around anywhere from 1-4 AM depending on the time he had left the previous day. If he ever got home early he would be asleep before me and no matter what we would only talk in the morning when we woke up and left almost immediately to go to work. 

Today was some how different, it was Wonho’s only off day and I would be getting home early. This morning he had been telling me he would pick up dinner and fix some things up so that way we could both finally relax, and for once together as well. I walked through the door around 1 and he was laying on the couch, the house was clean and for once since we’ve moved into the same place, our coffee table was clean. 

I smiled as I walked over and I sat down and he put his head in my lap. I smiled as I brushed my hands through his hair and smoothed some of it back so I could see his forehead. I smiled as he reached up to cup my cheek and he slowly moved his thumb from where it had been to meet his hand again. I nuzzled into his hand slightly and I smile wider. He smiled up at me before sitting up and looking at me. 

“Around 2:30, come up stairs…” He stopped to think of something. “…and relax with me.” He said softly as he stood and changed his gaze from the clock to me. I nod and I smile at him. I stayed on the couch, every few minutes seeing him walk down the stares slowly and then walk up stairs quickly. 

At 2:30 he walked down stairs and slowly outstretched his hand. I smiled and as I stood he put his hand on the small of my back and he lead me upstairs. I opened the bedroom door and walked me into our bathroom. Just enough candles to light the places where it might be dark in the room where lit. 

He had fixed a bath, just enough water for both of us to fit with out it spilling over, a thick layer of bubbles with rose petals sprinkled across them. Soft music playing from his phone. He smiled and he pulled me close with both hands on my waist. He kissed my neck softly as he unbuttoned my white work shirt. I slowly leaned my head back as I helped him strip me of my clothes. He went down to a knee and he unzipped my skirt slowly and as he slowly slid it down he would kiss the newly exposed skin. 

As he stood back up he kissed from my hips, to my chest and to my lips. He slowly stripped me of the remaining clothing and helped me into the back slowly. I moved over because of course I expected him to join. He stripped a lot quicker than I had and he slid in slowly and pulled me close as he kissed my head. I could tell that he still wasn’t relaxing fully. 

I turned around to straddle his lap and I cupped his cheek and when he leaned into my hand I began to kiss his neck. Kissing over the tender spots from a few days before. His breathing got heavy and he put his hand on my hip. I smiled and I kissed and he slowly pulled away and let out a small whimper as he looked at me, and I just nodded. He picked me up and slowly slid me down onto him. 

I moaned as he started kissing my neck, keeping both hands on my hips and helping me bounce. The sound of water splashing slightly out of the bath tub, his small groans and occasional sighs, my moans, and the music from his phone were all mixing. In short it sounded like. Pure. Heaven. 

He looked up at me as he leaned back against the bathtub as his head rolled back and was now against the small pillow I keep there for when I take baths. His eyes half closed and his both open. Water drops rolling down from his collarbone to his chest. One of my hands was placed on his chest while the other was on his shoulder. Trying to keep my eyes open to see the sight before me was the hardest thing. 

He licked his lips and then he started breathing even harder, almost more like panting. He picked me up and walked me to the bed, even though being completely soaked he put me down and hovered over me. 

“B-baby the beds gonna get soaked.” I said softly as I could already feel the sheets getting wet from my back. “From the water, or from you.” He said softly and he smirked. He started thrusting again and I bucked my hips up as my back arched off the bed causing my chest to touch his. He lifted my leg from the bed and put it around his waist. As he started thrusting even deeper I  moaned loudly, almost screaming. 

I looked up at him as his thrusts started becoming less steady. “I-I’m…” I said softly and he just nodded before kissing me, he pulled away and kissed down my neck. “Go ahead baby girl.” He whispered softly as he started on a new mark. 

I moaned his name loudly as I released and he kissed the new mark as he released and after riding out our highs he moved to lay beside me. I smiled as he kissed my shoulder softly and smiled. 

“Maybe we should have more days like this.” He said softly. I smiled wide and I kissed his cheek as we soon both fell asleep. Both together, both finally relaxed. 

Sealed With A Kiss

The School For Good and Evil

Word Count: 3264

Read on FFN or AO3

Tedros understood that the battle between Sophie and Agatha was significant. He understood that this wasn’t his story and that it was theirs instead. He could accept that Agatha had struggled between what was Good and what felt right. He had felt a similar struggle, and at the end had been able to choose something that felt both right and Good: Agatha.

He hadn’t been joking with her when he said that physical cues were helpful. They had certainly had a history of miscommunication and he admitted that most of it was his fault. Still, though, she chose to stay with him and care for him. She chose to love him, and Tedros had never felt so thankful to have another human being’s affection in his whole life. The new struggle was articulation, non-verbal or otherwise, and this struggle was one that Tedros felt particularly in the weeks leading up to his princess’ birthday. 

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A/N: Hello there! Sorry if I’m not active anymore. School has been busy and I’m still adjusting with my University life. But here’s a imagine for all of you (not requested!). I will  start writing the remaining requests and I promise to post it as soon as i finish it. And also, I will update Kid In love series soon! This is not edited so sorry if there are a lot of typos or any errors. Also REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!

It’s been 3 years since I last saw him. Funny thing is that we’ve never been together, but I feel like I just had my break-up with my first boyfriend. I love him but I guess being honest with him is a bad idea. Today, for the first time again I’ll be seeing him at Ian’s birthday party. A few months ago he started liking my Instagram photos which is shocking to me. We follow each other but he never liked even a single photo that I posted. But these last few months he’s been liking my Instagram photos. But I don’t want to assume anything, we all change. Maybe he just really like my photography I don’t want to assume anything more.

‘What should I wear?’ I asked my best friend, Maine.

‘Uh, I don’t know!’ Maine comments while she’s busy scrolling up and down on her phone.

‘What ya lookin’ at?’ I asked.

‘Fan comments.’ She said. She’s still focuse on her phone.

‘What?’ I asked and slightly laughing. ‘You have fans? Since when?’ I jokingly asked her.

‘Stop it. Shawn’s been liking your Instagram photos and he’s fans are going crazy about you two! Ya know, people thought you guys were dating.’ She said. ‘Wait, did you guys really dated?’ She asked.

‘Nah. We never dated. I guess confessing to him my feelings is not a good idea!’ I said and I continued looking for a nice dress to wear at Ian’s birthday.

‘But when he started avoiding you, you look like you just broke up with him.’ She said.

‘I guess I was just really into him that time.’ I said.

‘What about now?’ She asked and I paused for a minute. I don’t know what to say, I still do have feelings for Shawn but everything’s clear to me now that he doesn’t have feelings for me.

‘Not anymore. I don’t want to push myself to someone who doesn’t love or like me.’ I said. ‘You know what, let’s just go to Pull and Bear. I want a new top to pair with this one!’ I said as I raised my denim skirt.

‘You’re the queen of changing the topics!’ She jokingly said and I winked at her.

We drove to Pull and Bear blasting some Dua Lipa since we’re so obsessed with her. It’s crazy to think that tomorrow I’ll be reuniting with Shawn and seeing Shawn’s fans comments on my Instagram photos makes me nervous without any reasons. I’ve been seeing comments like, ‘OHMYGOSH Y/N IS ALIVE.’ ‘WAIT ARE THEY BACK TOGETHER?’ ‘OHMYGOSH Y/N AND SHAWN JSANHUIHEUWHEU’ ‘MY Y/N AND SHAWN HEART IS SO ALIVE U GUYSNABDBHIBDHW’ everytime I post a photo and Shawn likes.

Maine and I walked inside Pull and Bear and the first person we saw was Aaliyah with Karen. I got so nervous because its been 3 years since I last saw them. I don’t know if I should go out or what but I’m already here and what’s the point of running out if I’m reuniting with Shawn tomorrow. Aaliyah and I met gazed and I smiled and that’s when she realize it was really me. She run into me and Karen followed.

‘OH GOSH Y/N!’ Aaliyah said excitedly and hugged me so tight. I miss this girl. She’s all grown up now, I’m sure Shawn is getting crazy of how big Aaliyah now is and I’m sure he’s a crazy brother when it comes to Aaliyah’s suitors.

‘I miss you!’ I said and hugged Aaliyah back. When Aaliyah and I pulled away I hugged Karen and she hugged me back.

‘How have you been?’ Karen asked. ‘We missed you, it’s been like what? 3 years?’ She said and smiled at me.

‘I’m fine. How are you? Aaliyah, oh gosh you’re all grown up now!’ I said as I look at Aaliyah who’s smiling so widely and Karen who’s also smiling so widely.

‘He missed you.’ Karen said. I stopped for a moment. But I just smiled at her, because right now to be honest I don’t know what to feel.

‘I missed him too.’ I said.

‘I hope you and Shawn will be okay. You guys will make a cute couple, you know?’ Karen said seriously. That’s when Maine popped in thankfully.

‘Oh, hey Liyah. Hi Karen!’ Maine said with her joyful voice.

‘Hi, Maine. I missed you!’ Aaliyah said and hugged Maine.

‘Me too! We should do our usual girls night soon ya know!’ Maine suggested.

‘OH GOSH, YES!’ Aaliyah said excitedly.

‘That’s sound so much fun, am I invited as well?’ Karen asked and we all laughed. ‘Hey, I’m a millennial as well.’ Karen added.

‘Of course, you’re very welcome!’ said. ‘Oh, we gotta get going we still have some errands to do!’ I said. Before we left we hugged each other tight and we exchange numbers to stay in touch with each other. It was amazing to see them again. Aaliyah became the little sister I never had and Karen became my second mother.


This is the day, the day that I will see Shawn. I was pretty nervous but I keep on telling myself that I’m going there because it’s Ian’s birthday. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m there to celebrate my friend’s birthday and enjoy with my friends and aquintances. I put some light make up and wore the pinkish kind of floral crop top that I bought at Pull and Bear and paired with my denim skirt and my favorite white shoes. Maine and I went straight to Ian’s place and when we arrived the first person I saw was him. I feel like everything and everyone stopped at that moment. But thankfully Geoff was there to greet us.

‘How are you kid?’ Geoff asked.

‘Great, how are you oldie?’ I asked.

‘You’ll get there, Y/N!’ Geoff joked and told us where Ian is.

I saw Ian with Matt, Meg, Leah, Rayah, Lyall, and the person I want to avoice, Shawn. But I still walk into their place with Maine beside me.

‘OH GOSH! Look who finally showed up and give time to her friends!’ Ian joked. He hugged me as I greeted him happy birthday.

‘Shut up, Ian!’ I said jokingly.

Maine hugged everyone and I did as well. But when Shawn was standing there I don’t know if I should hug him but I did hug him.

‘Hi.’ He said as I pulled away with our hug.

‘Hello.’ I said.

Everyone felt what I felt. Awkward. That’s why Lyall decided to break the awkwardness with telling a corny joke. I went at the not crowded part since I’m not the life of a prty kind of girl. I just want to sit there and look at the people, enjoy the music, enjoy the laugh that I hear, enjoy every moment.

‘Hi again’ Shawn just popped in.

‘Hello again.’ I said.

‘You look gorgeous tonight.’ He said and looking straight into my eyes but I looked away immediately.

‘Thank you. So are you.’ I said. ‘Congratulations on tour!’ I said.

‘Thank you.’ He said. ‘What about you? You continued interior designing?’ he asked.

‘I did!’ I said. ‘Can you believe it? I followed my instincts and not my parents?’ I said and laughed. Back then Shawn would always tell me how I always tend to my parents, to him, to Maine, and to other people. That’s one of the reasons that he told me why me and him would not work out.

He just smiled and looked at me again. I feel like I’m going to melt with how he looked at me but I pretent like I don’t care.

‘I’m proud of you.’ He said. And that’s when I looked at him.

‘Thank you.’ I said and smiled.

‘I have always been so proud of you, Y/N. Maybe back then I was just so scared to lose you.’ He said with his eyes full of sincerity. But I tend not to say anything but just listen to what he wanted to say. ‘I have always been in love with you. Even before you knew you’re in love with me. But I was just so scared because I care about you too much that I don’t want to lose you.’ He said.

My world stops with everything that he’s confessing right now.

‘And I thought back then that if we remained friends things will be more better, that it will work out. I remember when you told me that you love me, my heart was so happy but my mind kept on telling me not to, because I can’t give you everything. All those things that I told you that day was a lie. I love you before, I love you now and I will love you in the future.’

‘Shawn-‘ I said but he interrupted me.

‘It’s okay, Y/N. I understand I hurt you and what I did was an asshole move and I know that-‘ I cut him off with a kiss that I’ve been wanting to do since earlier.

It was the sweetest kiss. Both of us don’t want to pull away. We don’t care what these people would say, but tonight, it was magical. It was like a dream. But I’m glad it wasn’t a dream, I’m glad that this is my reality now.

Things will change and we all should better prepare for it.

The case is going on and we’ll have to wait until Wednesday. This is quite serious. The boys have been silent since then… I’m worried about all the repercussions this could have on all of them. I’m still mad at him and I can’t understand how this entire situation could happen. Still, it happened.
I pray for the girl to feel better soon.
I pray for him to get things straight with her and with himself, also. This is going to be a rough road, for everyone involved.
Thank you all for the kind messages the other day, you guys are lovely.

Hello My Darling

Steggy week 2017: Day 1- Agent Carter timeline 

Happy Steggy week! Here’s a cute little fic I wrote, loosely inspired by that heartbreaking scene on the Brooklyn Bridge in the season 1 finale of Agent Carter but with a much happier premise!

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One evening in May, Peggy stood on the Brooklyn Bridge, waiting for her special someone to arrive. As she waited, she leaned against the railing. A content sigh then escaped her lips as she shifted some of her weight off her heels, letting her sore feet rest from a long day at work.

What a day it had been. Her latest case was closed with the capture of perpetrators. Something she had managed to accomplish rather quickly with the help of Mr. Jarvis and Howard.

After looking out at the water below her for a few minutes, a smile appeared on her face as she sensed someone behind her. Peggy didn’t even have to turn around to know it was him. She just knew.

Her suspicion was then confirmed a moment later when he spoke. “Hi Peggy.”

As she spun around, she was met with the sight of Steve Rogers, still in uniform, standing a little ways away from her.

“Hello, my darling,” Peggy greeted.

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Being the Ragnarsson’s sister and being pregnant.

 How could this have happened? What did I do wrong? Currently, you were sitting on the docks, 5 months pregnant. Your husband left you after you told him you were pregnant. What an ass. You couldn’t believe that he had been your first, and now you were pregnant with his child. You sat dangling your feet. “What have we told you about sitting near the water.” Hearing Ivar’s voice made you look up at him. He was standing at the beginning of the docks with Hvitserk. You rolled your eyes and chuckled softly. “I know, I know. I was just thinking.” Hvitserk took a seat on your left while Ivar took his place on your right. “What were you thinking about Y/N?” Hviserk asked, not looking at you. “I was thinking about Herold.” Both boys looked at you. They knew that Herold was the one that got you pregnant and then abandoned you. “ Why would you be thinking about him?” Ivar questioned confused. You shrugged. “I don’t know. I mean, he IS the father of my child.” Ivar and Hvitserk looked at each other before looking at you. “That doesn’t mean he’s entitled to anything.” Ivar was clenching his jaw. All of your brothers hated Herold, but Ivar, Ivar hated him the most. “You know that if he ever tries to come near you or our niece, we will kill him.” Ivar just hummed in agreement. “How are you so sure you’ll have a niece? You could have a nephew.” Only courageous, strong and worthy Vikings deserved sons. Not that you were not any of those things, but Herold didn’t deserve a son. “Trust us, we know.” They both replied. 

~~~~~~~~~~ 4 months later~~~~~~

You sat near the waters thinking. The brothers had told you to stay away from water now more than ever. You were out of the way so they couldn’t see you. You could give birth any day. If it was a boy you wanted to name it Ragnar, after your father. If it was a girl, Freya. You jumped when you saw all 5 of your brothers. You couldn’t hide your face. You knew they would scold you. You looked up and met Bjorn’s eyes. “I’m in trouble aren’t I?” All 5 of the guys looked at you seriously. “Hmm, let’s see, our sister wanders off without telling anyone where she is. Our sister who also happens to be 9 months pregnant and know that the baby could come any day.” He tapped his chin. “Yes. Yes, you are.” The voice came from Ubbe. You rolled your eyes. Sigurd was the next to speak up. “Now, Y/N you can either walk back with us or you can try to argue and one of us could carry you back.” You knew that if you hadn’t been pregnant you could out run them. You sighed and started to walk back. You didn’t realize you had walked so far from home. While walking you hadn’t even noticed the water that ran between your legs. Your water had broken. Ivar noticed it first. He immediately began to panic. At first, no one knew why he was all of a sudden scared. Then it hit you. Ubbe picked you up and sprinted towards your home. Bjorn went to fetch the healer. She confirmed that you were almost ready to start bringing your child into the world. After hours your screams and cries could be heard all around the village. All the brothers gathered in the eating area along with Aslaug. They were all worried, you were their sister after all. Late at night, you had finally given birth. Bjorn, Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd, and Ivar had all fallen asleep on the floor of the dining hall. Ivar woke up first. He nudged Ubbed awake and before Ubbe could speak Ivar mouthed listen. Ubbe jumped up excited and he got Bjorn, Sigurd, and Hvitserk up. They all practically ran to where you were. The healer came out and upon seeing the guys, greeted them. “She is tired, but you can go in and see her.” They all smiled. One by one they all entered your home. You were holding your child in your arms. Ivar and Hvitserk were the first to look at the new member of the Lothbrok clan. Ivar laughed before looking at Hvitserk. “A girl.” Hvitserk looked from Ivar to you. “Just like we said.” You rolled your eyes. That night all you could hear were the arguments over who got to hold your daughter. You chuckled before breaking up the argument. “As her mother, I think I should.” As soon as you said it Aslaug walked in. “Maybe her grandmother should.” You shook your head in agreement. Aslaug took the small child from Sigurd, who pouted. “have you come up with a name for her?” “Freya.” After that, you drifted to sleep. 

~~~~ A few days later~~~~

Aslaug, Bjorn, Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd, Ivar, You, and Freya all sat in the dining hall eating. Sigurd wanted to hold Freya, and of course so did Ivar. They always had a rivalry but it seemed to deepen when it came to your child. Sigurd picked up Freya before Ivar could. In response, Ivar tripped Sigurd. For a second everyone stopped as the baby flew into the air. Your breath caught in your throat as she fell into Ivar’s arms. He held her tightly and Aslaug chuckled awkwardly. For the next hour, everyone sat there as Ivar played with Freya. It truly made you happy to see your family so peaceful for once. 

Author’s Note: Hi! Lol, so this is my second imagine and I think it went well! Should I do a part two where Herold comes back?? Let me know! Thank you!

A Warrior’s Life

SixTITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Seventy-Six

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature

Loki, Maebh and their fellow Asgardians rode as far and as fast as they could. The horses were exhausted and they knew that if they continued with their pace any longer, the animals would collapse, so they slowed and walked them for a change.

“How can we be certain we are going in the right direction?” Maebh questioned as they made their way down into a valley.

“There are many aspects for which there are very few to match you, princess, but navigation is my greatest attribute. We are following those stars,” The man, Ivan, Fandral’s now brother-in-law, pointed to the sky, “they will get us to our most Northerly port here, and from there we can secure passage home.”

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I’ll Love You Forever (Part 7) - Dick Grayson x Reader

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Words: 936

“Oh, you’ve brought more!” You say with a slightly pained laugh as Bruce walks in Mary’s hospital room bearing the fifth balloon bouquet this week. Bruce passes the giant cluster of balloons to Dick, and your husband takes them to the half of the room that is filled with balloons and giant stuffed animals and sets them beside a particularly fluffy lion.

“Of course! Anything to make my little bird smile!” Bruce swoops over to where Mary is sitting in her bed to shower her in tickles and kisses, causing her bright laughter to fill the dull room. “You’re going to have all kinds of animal friends to play with when you get home, aren’t you Little Bird?”

“Yeah! Will you play with me Grandpa? We can have a tea party!” Mary’s face lights up at the idea of a play date with Bruce.

“What if I make a deal with you, Mary? I will have a tea party with you as soon as you feel better.” Bruce chuckles and gives her a playful poke in the side. “Do you think we can do that?”

“Uh-huh!” Mary nods aggressively. “I can do that because the doctor is gonna make me all better today!”

You smile at your daughter’s enthusiasm and positive attitude, happy that she isn’t afraid of what’s to come. You wish you had her bravery. Inside your emotions are a mess, and it feels like any small occurrence could send you into an emotional wreck.

Today is the day that could change everything. It’s the day of Mary’s surgery.

Though the doctors are confident that everything will go well and that Mary will make a full recovery, but you aren’t so sure. There’s a dark cloud in the back of your mind that keeps raining doubt. But as her mother it’s your job to be worried, right?

When you look into Dick’s eyes you see his fear as well. But you’ve been trying to put on a positive front for your family. For Mary. You try to follow the words of encouragement from Jason’s wife.

Have hope.

Have faith.

And looking at how happy your little girl is as she sits on a hospital bed surrounded by a plethora of stuffed animals and balloons, giggling as her grandpa and father take turns tickling her, you almost feel like she has a chance.


You can’t seem to sit still.

It’s been hours since they took Mary pack to start the procedure, and every second that passes feels like a day. You brought several things to pass the time, but your mind just won’t focus on them. It keeps wandering to what ifs.

What if they can’t do anything?

What if it comes back?

What if the operation doesn’t help at all?

What if she doesn’t even make it through the operation?

What if—

Dick squeezes your knee and pulls you back to the waiting room. You turn your head to look at him, and he laces his fingers with yours and kisses your cheek before talking softly in your ear.

“I’m worried, too, Y/N.” He squeezes your hand and you lean into him. “But she’ll be fine. She’s in good hands.”

You don’t say anything but nod in response and rest your head against his shoulder. If only time would pass faster. This waiting is killing you slowly.

“Mr. and Mrs. Grayson?” the receptionist calls from her desk, and you stand up instantly, almost bumping Dick’s nose in the process. When the receptionist meets your and Dick’s eyes, she smiles and gestures to the side door. “The doctor is almost ready to see you.”

You and Dick scramble to gather your things and make it through the door the receptionist pointed out. When you walk through the door and are greeted with yet another waiting room—this one is smaller and private—you feel like the hospital is just trying to suffocate you with suspense.

Dick sits down in one of the five chairs and pulls your hand to get you to sit next to him. You comply, and, though it feels like hours, only a few minutes pass before the knob on the other door in the room turns.

The doctor walks in the room with a grim expression, and your heart immediately sinks while your blood runs cold. He sits in a chair across from you and Dick, and the exhaustion in his eyes is painfully apparent. He opens his mouth to speak, and you cling to Dick’s arm and prepare for the worst.

This is it.

It’s over.

It has to be.

“Mary will be fine.” Your entire body feel like jelly and you lean against Dick as tears of relief threaten to spill over.

“Of course we can’t know for sure immediately.” The doctor leans back in his chair as he continues. “But she did exceptionally well in surgery, and in most cases like hers a full recovery is expected without any further treatment. We will want to keep her here for a couple of days, though, just to make sure she doesn’t have any adverse response to the anesthesia or medication.”

“When can we see her?” Dick asks, barely managing to hide the emotion in his voice.

“She should be waking up any time now.” The doctor stands up and walks toward the door. He shoots you both a weak smile. “You have a very strong and brave little girl. She should be around for many years to come.”

The weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.

Mary is okay.

And soon you will be, too.

Flame Trees

For Arbor Day in the lovely US of A. Flame trees are actually native to Australia but whatevs - this is my drabble. Also this is named after an awesome Australian song, the Sarah Blasko version is great.

“Oh the flame trees will blind the weary driver. And there’s nothing else could set fire to this town. There’s no change, there’s no pace, Everything within it’s place. Just makes it harder to believe that she won’t be around.”

Klaus insisted he would never set foot back in Mystic Falls after graduation and he’d been successful so far. After completing both his law degree and MBA at Harvard he’d been on track to do just that until his father had to go and die. Mikael Mikaelson always was a selfish bastard. He’d contemplated not returning for the funeral but Elijah had decided they suddenly needed to play happy families even though they all felt the same way about their father.

Mikael was a vindictive bully who made it his main aim in life to terrorise his four children even more so after their mother passed away when Klaus was only eight. He remembered the day of her funeral still so vividly.

17 years earlier…

Mikael had told him to stop blubbering like a baby and act like a real man. He’d escaped as soon as possible making his way along their long, winding driveway and down the street not sure where he was going but determined to put as much space between himself and that house full of bad memories.

Klaus loosened his tie and pulled it off roughly likening it to a tight noose around his neck but Mikael insisted he wore it because it was all about appearances after all. The Mikaelsons were one of the richest families in Mystic Falls and as such had a reputation to maintain. If only they knew what went on behind closed doors. Klaus looked up realising that he’d been so lost in his thoughts he’d wandered into the woods.

He found himself distracted by a particularly bright tree with an abundance of brilliant, scarlet flowers. Unlike most trees that stood tall, its branches drooped over, creating an umbrella effect. If there was anything Klaus wanted it was to hide and he found himself standing beneath it taking deep breaths to calm himself. He grabbed onto one of the lower branches and lifted himself up so he was sitting in the tree. It was the most at peace he’d felt all day.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He looked down curiously at the familiar, curly haired blonde with blazing, blue eyes.

“I thought that was obvious,” he growled. Klaus really wasn’t in the mood and Caroline Forbes was the kind of company he didn’t need especially on today of all days.

“You’re sitting in my tree,” she insisted, her hands now on her hips.

“You don’t own it,” he scoffed.

“Yes, I do,” she drawled, pointing to her initials engraved on the trunk.

“Just because you put your initials on it doesn’t mean it’s yours,” he argued. Klaus wasn’t one to back down from a fight especially with Caroline Forbes of all people. She was a year below him at school but he’d never spoken to her. He certainly didn’t regret that decision at all now. “Just leave me alone, I’m not in the mood today.”

“Because of your mom?” He raised his eyebrows in her direction, given how small the town was Klaus shouldn’t have been surprised.

“I don’t want to talk about her,” he murmured, trying not to descend into that blubbering baby his father had accused him of being earlier. Not to be deterred, Caroline took hold of a nearby branch and swung up into the tree beside him. “You don’t climb so badly, you know for a girl.”

“I’ve also got a pretty good right hook that could knock you out of this tree, Mikaelson,” she shot back. That was the first time he’d actually smiled in a while and Klaus remembered just how good it felt.

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Back from the Doctor

J and I are back from the doctor. Great news, I am healthy and so is the baby. Yep, just one little baby in there. I will not be having twins. The whole time I was nervous and scared. I had nothing to worry about tho. Everything is fine and J is beyond happy. The doctor offered us this blood test called Cell Free DNA Test. The test can tell us the sex of our baby now. The test can be perform as early as 7 weeks which is where I am at now. J and I of course didn’t expect to even have the option this soon. With the twins we didn’t know until I was about 18 or 19 weeks in my pregnancy. Of course J and I thought about it first. J wanted to really know of course he thinks we should do it. 

We decided to take the test…….

It’s a……………… GIRL. 

When the doctor told us, I looked at J. He was smiling so hard and crying. He had the same smile on our wedding day and when he found out about our twin boys. He gave me a big kiss and wouldn’t let me go.

We are so excited for our beautiful baby girl. We know this is not the most glamorous gender reveal but this is so us. Ya’ll know we are laidback. We share our blessings as we see fit. Ya’ll show us so much love, ya’ll basically family and we are just too excited to wait. We don’t have a baby name yet but J thinks we should call her Lil’ Mama for now.

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