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BTS as the Mafia + How He Met You

|||Anon asked: I really liked your mafia monsta x post and was wondering if you could do something similar for got7 and bts?|||

Got7   Monsta X   Shinee

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

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  • Was a CEO of a large company when he decided to make some more money and started getting involved in shady business
  • One of the most chill leaders in the industry
  • But his easygoing personality is also one of his scariest traits as he doesn’t give a shit about killing and never thinks twice
  • That’s what gets him in trouble most of the time as he somehow always end up killing the wrong person
  • He’s so good at his job that no one even suspects that this CEO is also a mafia boss

You were the president of a rival company and had beef with him since before he even started his gang. He always wanted to persuade you to sell your company to him but you were too stubborn, so he thought that now he has a lot of skillful members maybe he could threaten you. One day he barged into your office.

“What the heck? Do you even know what knocking means?”

“Just shut up and listen to me. I’m going to give you one last chance to sell me your company and well if you don’t comply things will become ugly.”

“Kim fucking Namjoon, did you just threaten me?” you asked him pulling your gun out from under the table. “Because if you did, I swear to god…”

He didn’t plan for this turn of events and as much as he was surprised he couldn’t keep his laughter in.

“Woah, woah, Y/N. We have been friends for a long time now, haven’t we? Maybe I should have taken a different approach. How about you and me start this over by getting to know each other better?”

Park Jimin

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  • Can sweet talk people to do anything
  • That’s why he’s the best at making new allies and ties, bribing officials
  • Everyone tends to trust him quickly and he uses this for his advantage 
  • Doesn’t like getting his hands dirty and would rather talk his way out if possible
  • But when it’s not, that’s still okay with him as he can handle various kinds of weapons just as well as his tongue

You caught wind of the fact that your boss is helping the mafia in exchange for many and wanted to report him. Unfortunately Jimin got to you first. He was leaning against your car waiting for you. Before you had time to react he got your car keys and pushed you inside securing you in your seat.

“So a little bird told me that you were about to make a very stupid decision.” he told you taking out his knife and tracing the lines of your collarbone.

“I prefer not to make a mess so how about we make a deal as well?”

“I don’t need your filthy money.”

“Oh how brave! I guess I should offer you something else instead then.” he said starting the car and taking off with you in it.

Kim Taehyung

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  • A lot of people think he’s too clumsy for this job as he tends to screw up before he even starts
  • But if it’s his lucky day he’s the 2nd most deadly man in the gang
  • His specialty - explosives
  • He likes to make a big entrance and for it to be really grand he makes all of the bomb and stuff himself
  • Enjoys the view of severed limbs spattering around, this feeling helps him realize just how amazing he his at what he does and how fascinating, strong and big his explosions are

He wanted to blow you up so bad but when you despite the short amount of time managed to catch and throw back one of his grenades he decided to have you no matter what.

“Hey, that’s not very nice!! I could have gotten hurt.” he shouted.

“Are you being serious right now?” 

“I always am. You see I got you right where I wanted to. Look around.” you looked down and saw that somehow you managed to get into his mine field.

“I like you and wouldn’t rather press this button so you have two choices, either I watch you go boom or you come with me.” he smirked.

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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  • Was the vice president of the company, so is now stuck with almost the same amount of work
  • He takes care of the companies legal stuff and makes sure the gangs illegal one doesn’t catch anyones’ attention
  • He’s so done with this job and would rather go on some missions to blow off some steam
  • But he’s only taken on them when it’s really necessary or when there’s not enough people
  • And that’s a shame as he’s crazy good with guns, especially long range ones, as he has been practicing every day

You made a contract with their company but somehow a they lost a hefty amount of money. Knowing that this was not a simple coincidence he decided to have a meeting with you.

“I think we have to discuss some things.” he stated.

“What do you want? I don’t have your money.”

“I never even said anything about money.” he smirked and then you understood that you told him too much before it even began. Hoseok stood up and went to your chair. He took your chin in his hands made you look at him.

“You know all of this shit makes me really tired and irritated and I wouldn’t want to take out my frustrations on you, so you better give me back all the money till evening or we will have to have a few more meetings just like this.”

Suga/Min Yoongi

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  • He’s an assassin but doesn’t like calling his job that and would rather say that he takes care of business
  • Sharp, precise, quick, silent, deadly
  • Can’t think straight when he’s tired and even managed to miss some targets (only to get them later) when he feel asleep waiting for them
  • Practices with Hoseok every single day but only because he’s the one who’s asking
  • Sometimes likes to go “hunting” at nights and you should pray that you never meet him on days like that

You searched for him because you knew he would be the only one to take your request. He looked at you from the bottom up.

“Aren’t you too young to be asking things like that?”

“Am not!”

“You sure? You’re really short.” he laughed.

“I didn’t come here to be made fun of. So will you do it? Will you kill my father?” you asked. This time he looked at you with serious eyes.

“Okay but you can keep the change.” he said handing you back all the money you gave him. You quickly turned around to catch him just before he disappeared into the darkness.


“Because you asked me nicely and also because I hope to see you again someday.” [x]

Jin/Kim Seokjin

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  • He doesn’t have a particular job in the group as he’s mostly here to make sure that the members don’t make too much trouble for themselves and other gangs
  • Knew Namjoon since high school and was asked to come help
  • The gang would most likely fall apart without him as their chill leader tends to forget his duties more often than not
  • He’s a skilled medic and that’s a very big advantage for the gang as they don’t have to go through the hassle of explaining what happened in the hospitals
  • As much as he can save you from the verge of death, medical equipment in his hands can also turn into very dangerous tools as he can kill you slowly and painfully with the poisons he makes

You were part of the gang and trained under him to treat the injured.

“I see you’re getting pretty good at this.”

“That’s because you’re the one teaching me.”

“How about I show you one more of my tricks.” he said taking you over to the medical cabinet and taking all kind of drugs out.

“Oh, I know what you’re trying to do but I’m already more than experienced in making poison.” you smirked.

“Is that so? Maybe we should start some private lessons so you could teach me your way.”

Jeon Jungkook

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  • Smug and sassy 24/7
  • Everyone who meets him for the first time want to punch him in the face
  • And a lot of people try to do that but he has great, quick reflexes and easily evades them
  • Started from simple piracy but now can literally hack into anything but usually brags about it too soon and gets caught
  • That’s how he got recruited, he was about to go to jail when Namjoon noticed his talent and bailed him out

You two had a bit of a show down in cyber space and so after that he decided to track you down. He found you in a coffee shop on the other side of town. He walked in and sat down opposite you.

“And who might you be?” you looked up from your computer screen. He caught your gaze and smirked.


“Jungkook?!” you almost spat your drink. “How did you find me? I hid my location.”

“Did you really think that silly protection of yours could stop me? But I’m not here for that. I’m here for you.” 

A/N: Ahh I finally did it!! 😃 Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😊


by: @rosie-berber and @herpinkminkness

rating: explicit (for sexy times). also, be warned, lots of fluff.

read the whole darn thing on ao3

“Hola!” the friendly voice called from an adjoining room, hidden from view. “I’ll be right with you!”

“Thank you,” Castiel answered, walking up to the simple wooden counter, centerstage in the otherwise barren room. The hotel lobby lacks extravagance, sure, but the walls were painted a cheerful yellow, the color of the little faces in texts he sometimes received from Sam. A few pamphlets in Spanish sat in cubbies along on the wall, each promising a unique and beautiful experience of Costa Rica. But there was no pamphlet for the experience he’d planned.

“Thank you for waiting.” The voice belonged to a woman of effortless beauty, who had come sweeping out of the side room. She was dressed simply, her brown fuzzy hair pulled neatly into a poof of a braid, her dark eyes highlighted only by her long lashes. She let out a long breath as she flashed him a kind grin, before continuing. “How can I help you?”

“We need a room. Errr, a cabin.” Castiel struggled with remembering the right term - his Spanish was rusty. “For three nights. Do you have anything?”

“We?” The prod was good-natured, accompanied by a quirked eyebrow at his lack of company as she retrieved a dusty log book from under the counter. Yes, it seems they were quite off the beaten path. Perfect. Just what Dean needs.

“My, uh, companion is outside,” Castiel clarified and she nodded, taking a few minutes to detail the cabins she had available. He selected the furthermost one, lining the outside of the small area that comprised all the cabins, and facing the active volcano. It had been nearly dusk as they’d arrived at the offbeat site, and they could see trace amounts of smoke from it pressed against the orange sky. He’d left Dean outside to watch it. Just before passing the threshold to the lobby, Castiel turned to observe him, silently standing and watching it plume. Such a rare gift, to watch Dean taking a moment to just … be.

He found Dean in the same position in the barren area designated as a parking lot, eyes fixed towards the sky. Cas quietly moved towards him, juggling keys and a handful of pamphlets. The kind woman had insisted he take some, explaining that zip-lining and the sky bridges were some of the most beautiful in the world. They’d get to it - they had time. Now it was much more critical that they practice the near-unheard-of art of doing nothing.

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Imagine: Being Natasha’s best friend and liking Steve

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You were a private assassin also, you happened to have trained with the one and only Black Widow who also ended up being your best friend. You were there after the red room, after she joined the avengers and you’ll probably always be there and vice versa. Being an assassin meant your love life was extremely complicated and Natasha knew that so the day that she asked you to help out with the Avengers also happened to be the day she tried to hook you up with one of the hottest ones, Captain America, or as he asked you to just call him ‘Steve.’

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I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple days. This is me laying low. But this post and all the lovely comments was brought to my attention this morning and I sort of feel the need to defend myself. From shippers. and yes I’m going to be bitter. I think I’m allowed that. 

There’s a couple things I take issue with because, you see, I was in many of your shoes not even a week ago. Pretty innocently shipping with very little to no threats from antis. Antis being mad made me happy because, for the most part, their anger was empty bullshit. It made me want to ship harder. However. What myself, Jess and Lauren have received is not empty, angry anti bullshit. My last name, Lauren’s last name and my place of work were dropped into my inbox by some anonymous person with the CLEAR message that if we continued to ship the way we do, my job was going to be threatened. That is not an empty threat. Realistically, do I think my boss would care that I ship? No. Does it stop me from being absolutely terrified that this random anonymous psycho now knows my last name? Hell fucking no. The minute you know someone’s name, you know their address, their phone number, their family members names, all thanks to google. Lauren has a child with one on the way. She has a family, a life, all of which are now threatened. And why? Because she ships. I don’t wish our last couple days on anyone and certainly I don’t wish it on any other shippers but you know what? I do wonder if any of you would be doing a happy dance that antis are mad if your privacy was suddenly under attack. I also wonder if you’d be as annoyed as I am that other shippers, who I thought had our backs, were now partying and shipping even harder because the antis are mad. I don’t think you’d be super happy if the tables were turned. Their anger is now threatening real people. Lauren, Jess and I are not just blogs. 

So while all of you are so happy that the antis are mad, we are terrified. We’re scared to ship again. I’m scared to take my blog off private. I’m really paranoid. I made a separate locked twitter account so I can ship in peace without the fear of being quite literally stalked and harassed. But quite frankly shipping is the last thing I’m worried about. In my mind, this has nothing to do with “the ship.” This goes way beyond the ship. 

Are there things the three of us, as shippers, could have done differently? Maybe. Depends on who you talk to. Sam doesn’t seem to mind us tweeting him all the time. None of you seemed to mind that we were so active when he was faving our shippery tweets. Personally? I have no regrets on how I ship. I’m not afraid to speak my mind because, for the last 3 years or so, I didn’t think there was going to be any serious consequence. Which is how all of you are living your lives on this ship. Without consequence. Some part of me is really happy for you. I’m glad you can all ship without consequence, without nasty threats being dropped into your inbox (and that’s how it SHOULD be. But it’s not so here we are.) It’s really easy to “ignore” when the threats are not personal. 

The other part of me though is really sad. I’m sad, I’m frustrated as hell, I’m annoyed, I’m angry and I’m resentful. Partly because I can’t ship the way you guys get to and I miss it. I want to be able to. But also because, somehow through no fault of our own, Lauren, Jess and I have big red targets on our backs. Everything we do is screen capped and analyzed and ridiculed. Everything. Don’t believe me? Go take a gander at some of the more well known “anti” blogs. Just yesterday I was having my name smeared all over one of them for something I had no part in or knowledge of. And before this happened, I was able to laugh at it because it was just so ridiculous but suddenly none of it seems super funny to me. So while all of you get to ship and enjoy and have fun, we have to make a choice. We have to make a choice about whether or not we even want to continue with our blogs. Whether or not this ship, which used to be a happy place for all of us, is worth continued threats, continued harassment, continued bullying, continued screen capping etc. Potentially more doxxing. Spoiler alert: it’s 100% not worth that. Because if we decide to leave, antis are not going away. They’ll just choose new targets. 

I’m not looking for pity with this post so please don’t try it. But I am looking for a bit of understanding, a little less “stay strong” and “just ignore and keep shipping” and a LOT less “YAY ANTIS ARE MAD TIME TO PARTYYY!!!!”

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Hi! I'm looking for fics like "Give Me All Your Leftovers" (the Bellamy/Lexa friendship gardening one) where the story is mostly fluff and emphasizes the friendship between a pair that's not bellarke, but ends with bellarke? Like a very clarke/raven (or another character) or bellamy/Murphy (or another character) friendship-centric fic where the plot is bellarke (if that makes sense)?

in future, please make your requests more specific! it’s much easier to find, say, “princess mechanic brotp fics” than “friendship-centered bellarke fics”; as you can see from the list below, the latter is a really wide net to cast.

Bellamy & Lexa (brollexa tag)

Bellamy & Raven (new: braven brotp tag)

Bellamy & Miller (millamy brotp tag)

Bellamy & Murphy (new: murphamy brotp tag)

Clarke & Wells (new: clarke & wells brotp tag)

Clarke & Raven (new: princess mechanic brotp tag)

Clarke & Raven & Octavia: clarktaven brotp tag

Clarke & Murphy: clarphy brotp tag

(all of the above have been added to the tags page!)

Sanvers ft. Supercorp ft. Kryptonite bomb



Kara and Sanvers are at an alien crime scene or something, Alex leaves the building to call it in or whatever. Kara finds a bomb just in time to shield Maggie from the blast, its made of kryptonite. Maggie comforts hurt Kara while Alex tries to find a way to get them out. Maybe Kara confesses how alone she’s felt lately. And a Danvers sisters ending

“Danvers,” Maggie chuckles into the phone, “wanna see my crime scene?”

Alex can hear the smile in Maggie’s voice and she’s about to reply, about to return her lovingly mocking tone, about to remind her of how similar this is to the first time they met, but there’s a gust of wind and suddenly Kara’s standing by her side.

“You’re not going alone, Alex. This is Cadmus.”

Alex sighs but nods. Kara’s posture relaxes slightly, but she stays in what Alex calls her “Supergirl Stance” – hands on hips, head held high, jaw set. She’s ready to fight and Alex knows it.

“On my way, Sawyer.”

Within minutes, Alex is pulling up outside Catco, the DEO vehicle’s engine growling softly, cutting through the eerie silence of the sleeping city.

“Finally, Agent Danvers – I could have found this Luthor woman myself if your girlfriend would let me into my own building.” Cat Grant’s voice startles Alex as she steps out of the car and she almost smiles at the woman’s attitude.

“Agent?” Alex questions, looking pointedly at Kara, her eyebrows raised.

“Oh, please. I know who Kiera really is. Now, chop chop! We have a criminal to find,” Cat says impatiently, clapping her hands together.

“I didn’t… I… uh,” Kara stutters, reaching to adjust her glasses, only to realise they aren’t there.

“Well then, Miss Grant – let’s get you out of here. Agent Danvers and I can clean up your office. We’ll find Lillian Luthor, don’t you worry,” Maggie says, pulling on her overly large police jacket and sidling up to them.

“Yes. That. Umm, I should… I should get up there,” Kara says to the floor, glancing nervously at Cat before taking off.

“Your crime scene, huh?” Alex smirks as Maggie tilts her head to the side, grinning.
“Something you gotta say, Agent Danvers?”

Alex shakes her head.

“Let’s go,” Alex mutters, eyes darting towards the building’s slightly singed doorway.

“There must be something else. Lillian wouldn’t launch an attack like this without a backup plan,” Alex sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose as she feels a headache coming on.

“Look, you get the paperwork back to J’onn and I’ll meet you back at the DEO once I finish the clean-up, okay, babe?” Maggie asks.

Alex nods silently, gratefully, accepting Maggie’s embrace. She goes to hug Kara before she leaves.

“You okay?” Alex murmurs into her shoulder, “you look pale.”

“Fine,” Kara says, squeezing Alex’s shoulders.

Alex nods and reluctantly turns to leave, locking eyes with Maggie for a second.

“I love you, Maggie.”

“You too, Danvers,” Maggie winks and follows Kara into Cat’s office.

“Supergirl, we might as well go home. There’s nothing to see here.”

“Probably,” Kara sighs in frustration. “I just feel like I’m missing something.”

“Missing what?” Maggie asks, leaning on one of the desks.

“I’m not sure. It’s not like Lillian to target humans with no alien casualties. It doesn’t make sense.”

“No, it doesn’t,” agrees Maggie, “look, maybe we should get some sleep and come back in the morning.”

Kara pauses, running her fingers through her hair.

“You’re right. Come on.”

Kara is just about to close the door behind them when she hears it.


She pauses, eyebrows furrowed, muscles tensing.


“Little Danvers?”




Kara’s eyes raise slowly towards the ceiling, her heart pounding.


The soft green glow must be almost invisible to humans, but Supergirl’s X-Ray vision comes in all too handy for seeing through walls.





“Get down.”

The detective looks confused for half a second before the full force of Kara’s superspeed knocks her against the ground, strong arms pinning her wrists against the carpet.

Maggie barely has time to gasp before the whole building explodes with a flash of green light.  Her head slams against the wall as Kara shields Maggie’s body with her own and her vision goes black.

When Maggie regains consciousness, her head is throbbing and something about her vision is slightly off. She does a quick check to make sure she hasn’t injured anything vital, and comes out clear.

“Kara?” she croaks, trying to sit up, ignoring the spasms of pain shooting through her body.

Maggie’s fingers brush over a layer of green dust and her eyes widen in realisation.


There’s a pause and Maggie crouches, her ears straining. There’s too much debris too see more than a few feet in front of her and the ceiling seems to have collapsed, leaving her trapped in a small space under what’s left of a wooden beam.


“Thank God! Kara, where are you?” Maggie shouts, managing to fight the dizziness enough to climb onto her knees.


Kara’s voice is weak and breathless, like there’s a weight on her chest. Maggie crawls over to her, eyes sweeping over her.

“I’m okay,” Kara chokes, her jaw clenched in pain.

“No, you’re not,” Maggie mutters, brushing kryptonite off Kara’s trembling body. “I’ve got you,” she whispers, stroking Kara’s forehead as she helps her sit up, leaning against the wall.

Kara’s chest is heaving, her breathing too shallow and too quick.

“Breathe, Little Danvers. We’re gonna get out of here.”

Kara nods weakly, forcing back the bile creeping up her throat.

“Earpiece…” Kara sighs, “Alex.”

Winn’s communication device. Right.

Maggie unhooks it from Kara’s ear and flicks it on. Kara winces at the contact and a flash of green illuminates her skin. She groans softly, pain shooting through her body.


“Winn, it’s me. There’s been an explosion. Get Alex, now!”

Maggie winces at the sudden crash she hears in her ear, and Alex’s voice comes through the speaker.

“Maggie? Are you okay? Is Kara there?”

The detective grimaces, glancing at Kara, whose eyes are half-shut.

“I’m here,” Kara say, her voice strained.

“The bomb was made of kryptonite. It’s… it’s everywhere, Alex,” Maggie says, trying to disguise the fear in her voice.

Alex draws in breath quickly, and mutters something to J’onn under her breath. An engine starts and Maggie hears the unmistakeable sound of Alex’s favourite gun sliding into her thigh holster.

“J’onn will be there any second now. I’m on my way.”

‘Alex,” Kara moans softly, her face contorted in pain, breath coming in short gasps.

“Kara, you can fight this. The world needs Supergirl and I need my sister!”

“’Kay,” Kara whispers, smiling weakly when Maggie takes her hand.

“Maggie, take me off speaker.”

“Alex, what do I do?”

“Ideally, I’d need to know the chemical makeup of the element… Just keep her talking. Kryptonite to her is like carbon monoxide poisoning for humans – she can’t be exposed to this concentration for long.”

The engine revs loudly in Maggie’s ears.

“How long does she have?”

“I don’t know,” Alex whispers, her voice broken, and in those three words, Maggie hears years of pain, years of guilt, years of weight-of-the-world responsibility, and years of believing she was never being good enough to protect her little sister.

Maggie swallows.

“She’ll be okay, Alex. You’ll figure this out.”

Alex’s voice is cut off midway through her reply by a loud crash.

“Maggie?” she calls, chest tightening in fear. “Dammit! Vasquez we need to get there, now!”

“What was that?” Kara gasps, eyes searching Maggie’s face.

“I think some more of the rubble collapsed.”

“Cat’s going to kill me. You know, if the kryptonite doesn’t first.”

Maggie bites her lip.

“Neither of those things are going to kill you, Little Danvers. You’re not allowed to die, okay? If you try and die on me, I’ll-”

“What? Arrest me?” Kara chuckles, wincing.


“Maggie, you need to get out of here first. It isn’t safe.”

“Hey, I’m not leaving you, Kara. You’re my family. Family doesn’t leave.”

“Really?” Kara squeaks, her eyes welling up with tears.

“Really. What’s wrong?”


“You’re too much like your sister, you know.”


“So what’s up?”

“It’s not… a big deal. Don’t worry about it, Maggie.”

Maggie sighs and purses her lips, but doesn’t pry.

“When we make it out of here, you have to talk to Alex about… whatever this is.”

“Whatever,” Kara tries to smile but ends up grimacing instead. Maggie feels her body flood with adrenaline when Kara’s eyes close.

“Kara?” Maggie calls, shaking her shoulder. “Kara, wake up!”

There’s no response. Maggie’s breath quickens. Her fingers search for Kara’s pulse and her eyes search for the steady movement of her chest. She’s alive. Just.

“Come on, Alex,” she whispers in the dark. There’s no reply, so she leans back against the wall and tries to stay calm.

Maggie must have passed out at some point because the next time she opens her eyes, she’s on a bed in the DEO’s med bay and Alex is holding her hand.

“Maggie! You’re awake!”

“Where’s Kara?” she gasps, sitting upright and ripping the oxygen mask off her face.

“Woah, slow down there. She’s next door under a yellow sun lamp.”

“You should be with her – I’m fine,” Maggie protests, swinging her legs over the side of the bed and wincing when her head throbs in response.

“Actually, you have a concussion. And I was just with her. I’ve been alternating between you two.”

“Dammit,” Maggie sighs, “I’m not getting away with this at the precinct, am I?”

“A concussion? No. Absolutely not.”

Maggie watches as Alex’s gaze falls on the door for a moment.



“Go be with your sister.”

Alex smiles and kisses her gently. She pauses in the doorway, looking guilty.

“Alex, get in that room and be with your sister or I’m going to steal a flash grenade from the armoury.”

Alex grins and rolls her eyes, and as the door closes, she’s sure she hears Maggie mutter ‘nerd’ under her breath.

“Hey,” Kara chirps when Alex sits next to her bed – way too alert for someone who was technically in a coma half an hour ago.

“How are you feeling?” Alex asks, kissing her sister’s hair softly.

“Like I almost got exploded by a kryptonite bomb,” Kara raises her eyebrows – something Alex is sure she’s picked up from Lena.

“So, you gonna tell me what’s been bothering you lately?”

“Ugh. Sorry Alex but I may have to heat vision your girlfriend.”

“Excuse me?” Alex splutters.

“Maggie didn’t say anything?” Kara asks as Alex looks at her, completely bewildered.

“No, I just know my little sister.”



“It was the crinkle, wasn’t it?”

“Shut up.”

They smile at each other for a moment before Kara goes back to fiddling with the dial on the sun lamp.

“I don’t know, Alex,” she sighs, “lately I’ve felt kind of… alone.”

“Is this about Mon El?”

“No! No. Absolutely not. I felt more alone and more lost when he was here than ever. It’s just that everyone seems to be happy… in a relationship.”

“What about James?”

Kara sighs and bites her lip.

“I know, but-”

“What about Lena?” Alex asks carefully, a wry smile playing on her lips.

“Lena?” Kara squeaks, eyes wide. “Why would you - I don’t – Lena?”

“You know, you’re pretty easy to read.”

“Pffft. No I’m not,” Kara protests, cheeks flushed as she refuses to meet Alex’s eyes.


There’s a knock on the door.

“Ma’ams?” Agent Vasquez calls from the doorway.

“Come in,” Kara says.

“I have a deliver of pizza, potstickers and… roses for you.”

“Who from?” Kara splutters.

“Oh, I know exactly where this is going,” Alex grins, leaning back in her chair.

“Lena Luthor.”

“Common newbie, get out of the dick and join us” Jeremy x Reader

Pairing: Jeremy Dooley X Reader

Words: 1515

Warnings: Swearing, dick joke, idk

Don’t really know what this one is honestly, not keen on the ending but I didn’t know how to finish it, hope you enjoy anyway!

You were the newbie of the AH offices, and with being the newbie came all the teasing. Yes, you were amazing at your job, you were great at socialising, but you were new, young and a girl.

Geoff sat on the couch, phone up to his face, an almost angered but concentrated face.

“Never knew a girl would actually be good with doing anything with computers.” Michael laughed from across the room where he sat at his desk. You were currently fixing Geoff’s computer. He had got a bit too angry while playing 7 Days to Die and smashed one too many buttons on his keyboard, making almost all his files delete completely. Nothing was in the trash bin folder, nor could Ryan find any of them.

“You wife works here too, remember” you replied. Still clicking away at the computer, slowly getting back the files from deep within the computers systems.

“Yeah, and she’s dumb as fuck” he laughed before picking up his controller to set up Minecraft.

Soon the rest of the crew walked it, mumbling good mornings and an array of nicknames like ‘short ass’, ‘geek’ and 'pipsqueak’. Jeremy greeted you with your name, which always made you blush. You mumbled a quick “morning” back while you focused still on the computer. Your little crush on Jeremy grew once you started working for AH, you had been a fan before and had a small crush the little Boston man. Now you got to know him, you grew to really fancy him, obviously you made no attempt to make a move on him.

“Finally done” you sighed, looking back at Geoff who was now sat behind you on his phone. He looked up and smiled, standing up and walking towards you. He patted your back, “thanks kiddo”

“Literally no idea how you did that” Ryan said, still annoyed that he couldn’t fix it.

“I learned computer science more recently than you Ryan, some things have changed” you replied, “right anything else you idiots need fixing before I go back to editing?”

“Can you sit and hold the server for us, it always crashes if one of us holds it and tries to play.” Jack said,

“You want me to sit here for an hour while you play with blocks, when I should be working?”


“Sweet” you took a seat at the end of the row of computers, usually Lindsay’s desk but since she was out of the office it was a spare seat.

You logged onto your account and opened Achievement city for the rest of the guys to play. You put your character into Geoff’s house so it was out of the way and you wouldn’t be seen while they recorded. Thankfully, you could have your editing set-up up as well as mine craft so you could at least work.

They had been playing for around half an hour, completing tasks around the AH world. Suddenly Gavin and Jeremy started to laugh, well Gavin started to squeal and make bird-like noises. Jeremy looked over at you quickly, catching your eye, before he looked back at his screen and tried to contain his laughter.

“Jeremyyy” Gavin squeaked while laughing still,

“What have you done lil J?” Jack chuckled,

“You cheeky bastard” Michael cackled, his laugh getting louder the more he looked at his screen. In turn, they all started to laugh as, you presumed, they all went to look at what Jeremy had done in the game.

You sighed, now interested in what they were looking at. You hoped that when you moved in the game you wouldn’t crash the whole thing. As you got back to Minecraft you screen was black, apart from your hot bar.

“What the fuck” you asked, panicked that you had crashed the game.

Everyone burst out laughing, you made your character look around and you saw a small area of light as you looked up. Jeremy’s and Gavin’s game names shown above you.

“What have you guys done?”

“Come look at my screen, it’s brilliant” Geoff roared before continuing to laugh. You got up off your seat and walked over. Your mouth opened and you laughed as you saw a giant pink penis inside Geoff’s house. As you looked closer you saw your in-game name hidden behind the structure. Geoff moved his character to get to the top and peered down past a piece of glass into the shaft.

“Look there’s you!” Jeremy hollered, “little Y/N”

A chorus of laughter sounded, even you joined in a little.

“I was supposed to go unseen!” You cried sarcastically, you were trying to hide your character, not to get in the way of the video but now you were the video.

“Isn’t it weird Geoff, when you were y/n’s age she was still in there” Gavin stated. You looked over a Geoff and saw his face go red. “Alright I get it, I’m old!”

“I like the fact that Geoff now has a giant dick in his house” Jack noted, making everyone laugh again.

You went back to your desk to finish your editing, but when you got there, there was a part of the structure missing and enough for your character to get out. You saw Jeremy’s character come around the corner, holding the same colour block as the rest of the structure.

“Common newbie, get out the dick and join us” Jeremy said seriously, before cracking up as to what he said.

“And other sentences you didn’t think you’d hear today” Jack mumbled making Geoff wheeze with laughter.

The rest of the let’s play you helped Gavin make TNT to blow up Achievement city, just like multiple times before this video. Thankfully, before any damage had been done, you had saved the world so that Gavin’s damages wouldn’t be permanent. The rest of the crew were out of the centre of the city so you both got to work.

Gavin was placing them randomly but you started targeting the houses, you started with Michael’s, Gavin’s and as much as Geoff’s as you could. You couldn’t be bothered to go all the way down and back up from Ryan’s so you just placed some around the edge. Jeremy’s house was last, you left Jack’s house as you felt bad doing it to him. You placed it everywhere, even finding his secret basement and planting a few there.

“So, should we rap up this video?” Jack said, obviously getting bored of whatever task he was up to.

“Sure, let’s all head back to 'chieve city to finish” Geoff replied, flying over.

You and Gavin shared a look in real life across the screens, Jeremy picked up the look too and instantly became worried. They all were back and started panicking.

“What the fuck?!” Ryan pelted, trying to destroy the TNT but accidently set it off. You saw his going off so set off the one in each of the houses.

“Y/N no!” Michael yelled as he ran towards his house. It was too late as everything was blown to smithereens. You laughed manically as you saw their annoyed faces in real life.

“My poor house” Jeremy whined, “I trusted you, y/n!” He faked cried, which made you laugh harder.

Quickly as he could, he grabbed a Dimond sword and ran at your character, killing you almost instantly. You made some dying noises and let out a pained “I’ll be back” before you quit the game, making everyone else be dropped too.

They all finished their captures and headed off for lunch. Placing your headphones back on you continued to finish your editing, since you hadn’t actually done that much while through that whole recording. You clicked and typed away before getting startled by Jeremy as he stood up from the desk next to you, you thought he had gone for lunch with the others. He started speaking to you, you pulled down your headphones quickly,

“Sorry, say that again” You chuckled,

“You coming to grab lunch? Heard it’s your favourite today” Jeremy smiled, pointing with his thumb towards the door.

Your heart fluttered and cheeks blushed, “You know my favourite food?”

“Well, erm, you’ve mention how much you love it multiple times, it’s kinda just stuck in my mind I guess.” He stuttered the beginning before calming his words.

“Cute” Your grin widened, “But I’m good thanks, not hungry”

“Oh common, come join me”

You blushed again, you really needed to finish this load of editing so you could start the next. But Jeremy’s offer seemed so tempting.

“Alright, you twisted my leg” You laughed before throwing your jacket over your shoulders. Jeremy smiled as he used his hand to guide you out, you walked next to each other towards the buffet. Arms lightly brushing every so often and creating sparks inside you. Maybe he was just being a gentleman, maybe he just wanted to make sure you ate, maybe the energetic sparks you got from him and the blush that rose to his cheeks meant nothing at all. But maybe, just maybe, there was something else there.

i7 Police: TRIGGER Part

Episode 1

Read other Event Stories here.

Ten: Thank you for gathering here today, Eagle Eye. Dragon Claw.

Gaku: I told you not to call me that. It’s a little embarrassing. I’ll just call you “Heaven’s Brain” too, then. (1)

Gaku: Hey, Commander. Why don’t you say something? You hate these names too, right?

Ryuunosuke: Not really, I’m fine with any name.

Ten: As quiet as usual, aren’t you, Commander? Do you hate that I’ve taken command that much?

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one of my biggest worries is that ignorant allies will see too much content from shitstain exclusionists and go something like “well this is what lesbians are saying, we should listen to them and invalidate trans women” or some other bullshit just because of the kind of content that makes its way to them. That’s why I feel no-platforming is so goddamn important. If people in positions of privilege see that it’s “cool” to discriminate against other groups within the minority they can’t get away with discriminating against, they’ll refocus their hatred on those targets with glee.


I know lots of people are upset about TOG7 coming out in the fall, but we also have to realize Sarah is a human being. She has a life and people that she loves and cares about. She has her own health issues, her father had a heart attack recently, and in the acknowledgments of HOF she said her grandmother died. Life isn’t perfect for anyone, even a best selling author. She works so so so hard by putting out two huge novels a year and even with everything going on in her life, she didn’t want to disappoint us. We’re still getting a book in the spring and I think we should all just be grateful that Sarah and her family is okay. I personally am hoping for nothing but the best for Sarah and her family and will continue sending her love. (This isn’t targeted to anyone in particular, I just have a feeling some fans will be upset)

Nohrian Festival: Leo and Takumi Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Wow, three people requested this one. As expected, the little brothers are super popular. I personally love them because of their original Japanese voice actors (Leo: Mamoru Miyano / Takumi: Yuuki Kaji) and I was so looking forward to listening to them… and then the localization cheated me out of it. 

Their conversation is a bit stiff, so I’m guessing they were making room for just in case if you didn’t get their A Support moment already. Both little brothers are little shits and cutie-pies simultaneously, which is probably why they came in first place (Leo) and third place (Takumi) in the popularity polls. Other popularity polls also have Takumi in first place and Leo in second or third. 

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Birthday Kisses and Toasters

Sam/Steve/Bucky birthday fic. 

this is the sfw version. The ns/fw version is on ao3

Steve Rogers wakes up on July 4 to a cold bed. 

The alarm of finding himself alone sends a cold shock to his bones. Immediately his heart is pounding and he’s scanning the room. 

However, the room seems tidy and normal. The bed is still dented and sheets twisted where Sam and Bucky had been laying on either side of Steve. 

Steve’s heart rate slows and he hears a distant bang and a “What the shit, Barnes!” followed by some giggling. 

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The Price of a Name 14

And back to Anakin and his friends.

I would like to thank @deadcatwithaflamethrower for the epic Re-Entry Series, which introduced me to the canon concept of the Jabiim/Rattatak events, which inspired this part of my story.  I wouldn’t have made it this far without knowing that this was a thing that actually happened.

Part OneThirteen, Fifteen


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No Comparison

Natasha ropes you into your first intel-retrieval and destruction mission. Things don’t go as planned, but you kick ass anyway.

Warnings: none except some seriously pretentious flirting by your target and Bucky’s threats to knock him out?

Word count: 2,978

‘Okay,’ you quipped, pulling the memory stick out of the computer, ‘the virus that’ll shut down their systems is on here, Natasha will just have to plug it in and let it run its course.’

‘Nice work, kid,’ Tony said, seeming genuinely impressed. ‘How long this take you to develop?’

You shrugged. ‘A few hours? It would’ve taken shorter but I had to make sure I didn’t destroy your systems.’

‘I appreciate that.’

‘Is it done?’ Natasha asked, letting the door of the lab close smoothly behind her. 

‘All set,’ you smirked, seeing her dressed to the nines, completely relishing in the fact that you got to stay in the compound in your sweats while Natasha staggered around in pencil heels with grimy strangers, including your target. 

The team wasn’t planning on any fights, so this was simply a get in and get out to shut down an up and coming weapon dealer’s empire by disabling all communications and destroying all data (not before saving a copy for yourselves - all information was useful in some way). Natasha, the stealthy dark horse she was, was to go, distract the target long enough to get his room key and infect his laptop with the virus you had created. While wearing high heels.

‘You should come,’ Natasha said, almost making you drop the memory stick.

‘What?’ you said stupidly. 

Natasha shrugged. ‘We still have time for you to get dressed. It’ll be fun.’

‘Fun?’ You blinked. ‘You want me to come on a mission that’s literally just putting a memory stick into a slot? What if I mess it up?’

You were a lab tech and although you knew how to handle a gun for when necessary, you weren’t much use in missions.

‘You said it yourself, it’s a simple infiltration - barely that. Besides, you need to get out of here, it’s stuffy.’

You snorted and stifled your smirk. ‘What would I even do?’

‘I’ll get the key card and pass it to you. This thing is your baby, you should have the honour of crumbling your first black market.’

It did sound appealing. Sure, your talents and appeals resided in creation, but … toppling a criminal empire in stealth mode? 

‘Cap and Barnes’ll be watching our backs the entire time in case something goes wrong,’ Nat added with a knowing smirk.

The woman read people all her life, of course she knew about your crush on Bucky. Yet you acted as if it didn’t phase you because there was no way in hell you were going to admit it out loud. 

‘You had me at crumbling my first black market.’

Your wardrobe being completely devoid of anything suitable for a black tie event, you were now dressed in a short black dress from Nat’s wardrobe, with full lace sleeves, black tights (because you didn’t care if showing your legs would help up appearances, it was cold) and black heels. You quickly swiped on some dark eye shadow, eye pencil, and some lipstick and within fifteen minutes, you and Nat were in the back seat of a rental car (Tony’s were too flashy and easily recognisable) with Steve in the driver’s seat and Bucky in the passenger’s. One driver, one sniper. 

It was so annoying because they both looked so comfortable in their clothes; Bucky was literally carrying an assault rifle (loaded with heavy tranquilisers because the mission didn’t require any kills) with a bullet proof vest over his sweater. Steve’s shield was by his feet and he himself was dressed in sweats. You were pretty sure Bucky hadn’t bothered to put on shoes. It wasn’t that either of them weren’t taking your safety seriously, it was that they were equipped enough and there weren’t any threats in their area. Aside from a single security guard, you wouldn’t have any trouble.

‘Try not to break anything,’ Steve called as you and Natasha left the car looking so effortlessly unambiguous. 

‘Bring us back some hors d’oeurves,’ Bucky added. 

The image of Bucky dressed in his sweater with an assault rifle, a bullet proof vest, and a tray of canapes made you grin wickedly. 

Natasha smirked at you. ‘What are you smiling about?’ But you were pretty sure that she had hazarded a guess.

You both found your way into a large events’ hall of the hotel on the second floor, floor-to-ceiling windows with stone balconies overlooking a three-acre garden bursting with exotic flowers. The lights were dim, a slight dark red tinge mixed with a golden glow from the central chandelier. Tall tables were dotted around, waiters swerved with practiced elegance within the crowd carrying trays over their shoulders. A jazz quartet was playing soft background music.

‘Do we even know what this is for? Who are these people?’ you murmured, as you passed a woman in a floor length golden-coloured gown, making your way to the bar.

Cap?’ Natasha said into her comm.

Stark knew but I may have forgotten,’ you heard in your ear. 

‘America’s golden boy forgot to do his homework,’ you teased, hearing Bucky laugh at Steve’s expense. 

I at least know that there isn’t anyone with some sort of title; everyone here just has enough money to come to these things for fun.’

Natasha chuckled at your comment. ‘Target acquired,’ she said suddenly, no change in her eased tone of voice. She swiped a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. ‘I’m going in.’

You ordered a virgin cocktail, figuring you should keep a clear head and waited for Natasha’s all-clear. 

You calmly looked up, observing the scene behind you through the bar’s mirror and knitted your eyebrows. The target, Tobias Kane, had completely blanked Natasha’s attempts at conversation - and he was walking right towards the bar. Right towards you.

‘Shit,’ you hissed. ‘Guys, I think he’s on to us.’

What makes you say that? Buck, get ready.’

I got eyes on him.’

‘He’s spotted me,’ you said, pretending to take a sip of your drink. The memory stick, hidden in a concealed pocket in the lining of your dress, suddenly increased in weight by about three tonnes. The target was getting closer. 

There was no response for a moment. And then -

Okay, so get the key card,’ Natasha said.


‘I pity the man whom you abandoned to sit alone.’

Oh shit, was your first thought. This was not how you planned your evening to go.

You made eye contact with your target in the mirror. ‘I pitied myself for wasting my company with him,’ you replied.

Okay … where did that come from? 

‘Unfortunate,’ Kane tutted. ‘You deserve a better impression.’

You turned in your seat to face him. ‘Just an impression?’

You risked to look him up and down; no wallet poking out from his pockets, no lone card anywhere. How were you supposed to search this guy, strip him?

You nearly shuddered at the thought.

‘To begin with,’ Kane leaned against the bar counter, holding your gaze. He was young for a weapons dealer, maybe thirty, and his eyes were dark and strangely hypnotic. 

‘And what about after?’

‘After?’ Kane’s mouth upped into an even-more-so hypnotic smirk. ‘If you would grant me the pleasure of further attention?’

You then realised that no one had been speaking through your comm. Worried that something had happened, that this really was the target discovering your your plot, you focused on your peripheral vision and saw that Natasha was still mingling, successfully looking like she was supposed to be here. You realised they were only staying quiet to benefit your concentration. You couldn’t mess this up

‘If,’ you agreed. ‘Then what?’

Kane leaned closer to you and you noticed, with annoyance, that he smelled really good. Of course a notorious thirty-year old weapons emperor would smell good.

‘Then I would tell you that even the stars in the sky cannot rival your eyes,’ his voice was barely a whisper. 

This was really not how you expected your evening to go.

‘Any man could tell me,’ you said smoothly. 

Yeah, if they had terrible taste in women, you thought.

‘Then I would show you how you deserve to be worshiped in any and every way you wish.’

‘How forward of you.’ The words just came out and you’d thought you had screwed everything up but to your surprise, Kane simply chuckled. 

‘I’ll take you at whatever pace you wish, my love.’

Okay, who does this jackass think he is?’ You you practically hear Bucky’s scowl through your ear piece.

‘Perhaps you would care to share a drink with me?’ Kane reached around you and plucked a bottle of wine sitting in an ice bucket from behind the bar counter.

You quirked an eyebrow. ‘Something tells me you could pay instead.’

Kane’s smile was seductively playful. ‘Some women are impressed by talents, not money.’

‘You seem to know an awful lot about what some women want.’

‘Some women like that too.’

‘And myself?’ you asked. ‘Unless you’re insinuating that I’m comparable to other women?’

Kane shook his head, cupping your jaw with one hand and bringing your faces closer together; your fundamental disgust with the man kept you from losing your confidence or blushing.

‘My love, the very gods that put this earth together can’t compare.’

Bucky was near relentless. ‘You want me to knock him out? I’ll knock him out, just say the word.’

As he leaned in to kiss you, you raised your hand and rested your fingertips on his lips. 

‘Unlike some women,’ you began silkily, ‘I think I am deserving of your attention behind closed doors.’

‘Of course you are.’ Kane took your hand with surprising gentleness and helped you to your feet. ‘I think the view from the top floor will be satisfactory.’

‘I’m not satisfied by views, I’m satisfied by actions.’

Okay kiddo, calm down, you told yourself.

I’ll take out the guard,’ Natasha muttered.

Kane’s arm went around your lower back; its placement wasn’t too sleazy but any contact with the guy was way out of your comfort zone. Still, you kept your wits and allowed him to lead you to the elevator and his hotel suite.

Steve and I are on the roof of the building next door,’ Bucky murmured. ‘Waiting for your mark.’

As Kane stepped in front of you to open the door, you slipped a fake nickel out from your black clutch; inserted in its side was a pin soaked in a powerful sedative. Tony had gotten the idea after watching Bridge of Spies (although you tried to tell him that those things were actually real because, surprise, the film was based on the very much real Cold War). You kept it in the palm of your hand, enclosing your fist around it loosely. 

I have eyes,’ Bucky said as soon as you stepped inside. Straight across from the door were french doors overlooking the city but you couldn’t see Bucky or Steve anywhere; you didn’t let it bother you - as long as they could see you, you would be fine.

You walked to the doors and surveyed the area, thinking about your next move. In the reflection, you observed the room behind you, scanning the expanse and then focusing on a briefcase tucked away under the bedside table. You then noticed Kane approaching with two half-filled wine glasses and accepted the one he offered you.

You wanted to bury yourself under the carpet and hide for ten years due to the intensity of his gaze, but you matched his eyes as you clinked your glasses together.

‘Do you often get views like this?’ you asked, turning to watch the city. 

‘Would you believe me if I said I didn’t?’ His voice was soft, close to a whisper, but charged with something else. ‘You know,’ he carried on; without breaking eye contact, he placed his glass on the table next to him and rested both hands on your waist, ‘I’ve been to many places, seen so many beautiful things but -’ he raised one hand, thumb gently toying with your bottom lip – none of them quite compare to you.’

My finger is literally on the trigger,’ Bucky growled. 

You were practically breathing the same air; he slid his thumb away from your lip and cupped your jaw, drawing you closer.

It was now or never. You wound your arms around his neck and as he leaned in to kiss you, you plunged the tranquiliser straight into his neck. Immediately, Kane slumped forward, all his weight leaning on you as his knees buckled, like a rag doll. You heaved him off you and dragged him onto the bed to make it look less suspicious. The sedative was designed for the Hulk and even though it wasn’t quite strong enough for him, it was definitely more than enough to knock out the average human being for approximately five hours. You swiped out a pair of black gloves from your clutch and slipped them on.

‘Nat, what’s your status?’ 

Guard’s unconscious and locked in a closet,’ she replied. 

‘Kane’s out, I’m getting the files now,’ you said as you overrided the security on his laptop and slotted the first memory stick. ‘You guys get out of here, get the car around the back, I’ll be another few minutes.’

Without a hitch, you had your intel and had ridden Kane’s laptop with your Swiss army knife of a virus. You slid his laptop back in place and picked up your wine glass, poured its contents into Kane’s and rinsed it out in the sink. You dried it and placed it back on the rack in the kitchenette. You left inconspicuously, scampering down the corridor to the emergency exit and clambering down the fire escape, heels in hand. 

‘Nice job,’ Nat acknowledged as you climbed in the backseat, Steve driving off before you even sat down.

‘Thanks,’ you breathed, stripping off the black gloves. ‘God, it’s freezing.’

‘Fancy people don’t wear coats,’ replied Natasha, making you chuckle. 

‘Here,’ Bucky prompted, tossing his hoodie gently to you having taken off the bullet-proof vest. 

‘Why thank you,’ you smirked with an overly fancy voice, and then made a face. ‘Okay, are all weapon heir to the thrones that sleazy?’ you asked rhetorically, making the others laugh. ‘Seriously, I’m bleaching my skin and burning this dress the second we get home.’

‘Hey, it’s worth it,’ Nat said. ‘You think quick on your feet, that was impressive.’

Bucky nodded, looking at you through the rear view mirror. ‘You did good,’ he said. 

‘I didn’t get you your hors d’ouerves,’ you teased. 

Bucky chuckled. ‘We’ll get real food.’

When you reached the compound, it was nearing two o’clock in the morning and everyone was asleep, or at least, in their own rooms; you had your heels on again and had stuffed your hands in the pockets of Bucky’s hoodie, relishing in its warmth. Steve and Natasha  stayed behind in the kitchen, reheating leftovers, while you walked back to your room to change. 

‘Hey!’ Bucky called to you.

You looked over your shoulder watching him sprint towards you. ‘Hey.’

‘How does it feel single-handedly destroying a black market empire?’ he grinned.

‘Well I’m not sure since I wasn’t alone,’ you shot back. 

‘Oh, sure,’ Bucky agreed. ‘I mean, if Steve hadn’t helped you make that virus and if Nat hadn’t held your hand while you riddled the laptop -’

‘Okay, okay,’ you chuckled, cheeks turning red from the attention. ‘It felt kind of awesome,’ you admitted shyly.

‘Still feel gross?’ Bucky asked playfully but there was a solidity in his eyes that showed he acknowledged your very real discomfort..

You shrugged. ‘Yeah, I thought I was gonna explode, I was cringing so much,’ you said. ‘You helped, though,’ you added, nudging him with your elbow.

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah,’ you nodded. ‘If you weren’t making those comments every now and then I think I would’ve punched him in the face.’

Bucky’s smile broadened like he had accomplished something. ‘And I how did I help that?’

‘You just kept me grounded, I guess. Reminded me that it was a mission and and that you had my back in case things went south. Plus, it completely diffused any kind of tension that guy was trying to create.’

‘That’s what I’m here for,’ he said. ‘Can’t have some sleazeball running his hands all over you like that without at least offering to sock him.’

You chuckled. ‘How eloquently put.’

‘I’m the master of eloquence, doll.’

You both had reached your room. ‘I’m gonna change and join you guys later. Maybe take an early night, I’m exhausted.’

‘Aw, doll, you sure?’Bucky almost whined.

You stopped and rested against the door, hands curling around the edge. 

‘Why, what were you planning?’

Bucky shrugged, scuffing his foot against the floor. ‘I don’t know, doll, I was kinda hoping I could tell you about how the stars don’t compare to your eyes,’ he said, feigning innocence, mimicking the words of the target.

You rolled your eyes and tried to stifle your giggles. ‘Shut up, Barnes.’

‘I just really think I could prove to you that the gods that build the universe got nothing on you.’

‘Bucky, shut up, you loser,’ you laughed.

‘Okay, but seriously,’ Bucky said, laughter dying down as he put his hands on your upper arms and looked at you intently. You didn’t take your eyes away from his, blushing under his gaze. It wasn’t the same intensity as the target’s, and you felt a comforting warmth.

Bucky held your arms and said dramatically, ‘If you ever want me to give you a satisfactory view from the top floor, you just say the word.’

‘Dammit, Barnes!’ You shoved him away and watched him bolt down the corridor, cackling childishly, with a plethora of butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

What if FAHC Meg were also adept at Parkour. I know I personally hc Gav as being a Parkour expert but like

He’s out with Ray and Jeremy on a lads minus Michael day out pissing about LS and then this tiny sprite of a woman with sea-blue hair is on the damn roof with them? And where the hell did she come from- WOW SHE’S LOVELY.

and Gavin, the Golden Boy, Mr. Suave himself, is out the fuck of his depth. Ain’t used to being the one getting charmed especially considering she has shown a grand total of 0 interest in him besides asking him to have a run with her. He turns around, Ray and Jeremy have fucked right off thanks for that lads, Gavin’s struggling to contain the Awkward™, I mean the Charmer is getting out-Charmed, someone help him, but he agrees

And they have a grand time. She matches every step, every trick he puts out, her agility is phenomenal as is her stamina, she’s leading really, she lands an impressive ass double backflip with a cheeky twist from one rooftop to another and Gavin realizes right then and there with a horrified jolt that he, the no-strings-attached, one-night-stand-only Golden Boy, is in….love. Ooo he’s gone. She’s gorgeous and talented and he’s not worthy lord.

But they part ways and Gavin, as unaffected as he acts, is quite sad to have missed her name. Until such a morning as a heist is being planned and Geoff informs his crew that he’s hired some outside help courtesy of Ryan. In walks a blue-haired siren dressed in black with wings sharp enough to kill a man (that man would be Gavin, actually, in fact, er) and Gavin is too busy choking, hopefully to death, on Red Bull to attempt the initial introductions and here we go, the entire goddamn crew gets to see Gavin crash, burn and have his smoldering remains get nuked by fucking… What is your name luv, anyway…DOLLFACE. THE SINGLE MOST FAMOUS HITWOMAN IN THE ENTIRE BUGGERING STATE NOT TO MENTION THE ENTIRE WESTERN HEMISPH- he’s, he sure can pick them can’t he, damn Dollface, the one girl so incredibly out of his league he’d have more of a chance getting to know her by grilling her right before he’s slotted down as another neutralized target of hers, Christ…

He’s a blushy, stammering mess and he could just kill Jack for that goddamn knowing smirk on her smug little face and the looks she’s shooting Geoff but Dollface and those incredibly, unfairly hypnotic whisky eyes are, oddly, all on him. And she opens those perfect lips to say “We should go running again. And then maybe some dinner. Does today after this sound good?”

if his heart has stopped, if it has, he doesn’t register it. Because Dollface just asked him to have another run. And then dinner. “Oh, and my name’s Megan. Meg for short please.” She says. DID HE ACTUALLY DIE AND BY SOME ODD FLUKE ACTUALLY END UP IN HEAVEN. IS THIS REAL LIFE. bugger all if he knows but he follows her into the heist room, onto the rooptops, over the LS skyline, into hell, wherever she goes, he follows gladly. maybe this falling in love tossery isn’t all that appallingly bad.

anonymous asked:

So some questions: Are you aiming to earn money for this game you're making or is it just for fun? That wasn't clear to me from reading through the devlog. Is it okay if I use some of your NPC sprites for a fangame of my own? Maybe if not the one's labeled "new", the ones labeled "old" only? (I'm making a game in a game-making program called Zelda Classic, which doesn't require a whole lot of coding know-how). And lastly, wishing much luck for you!

Both–it’s for fun, but yes, I’m also planning to sell it! :) I’ll be targeting itch.io and Steam from the get-go, and we’ll see from there. The FAQ should have some more info about that.

Awesome that you’re making a fan game! Zelda Classic is a pretty neat tool. For a few reasons, including how similar many of the old designs are to the new, I’d prefer my NPC art isn’t used elsewhere. My recommendation here is to practice creating your own, or find a buddy who likes to do art if that’s not your thing. I use a lot of references, but some of my favorites are the old Dragon Warrior sprites–check them out here! I’m also open to doing a commission if you’d like me to draw some for you.

I really appreciate you asking instead of just taking the old designs. Good luck on your game, and shoot me an ask if you have any questions. :)

oreocchi  asked:

super spy husbands hc that iwa-chan is slightly wary of oikawa going undercover in social event missions while iwaizumi's the lookout bc one time oikawa was a little too social and drank too much and started waving one of the gun children around. iwaizumi probably is more worried about his children ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

okay this is another CUTE hc!! ridiculously cute omg
I had a similar work which I started a looooong time ago based on Oikawa going undercover and Iwa working in the operation line so this inspired another word blab. This one ended up being a whole fic (because I don’t know how to control myself god). Thank you for this idea oreo!! ʕ ∗ •́ ڡ •̀ ∗ ʔ

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The Birds

A/N: Two months later and I’m back. Thank you to the two ladies who looked this over for me - Mona (@o-u-a-timer) and Lena (@lenfaz), I owe you my life. We’re picking up now folks - hope you enjoy. 

Summary: Meet Emma Swan: mother, detective, and angel. She’s just trying to get through her eternal afterlife in one piece. Naturally the universe has other plans for her. When a murder occurs in the divine community, she must enlist the help of angels and demons alike to help crack the case. Enter Killian Jones, a mysterious demon who has every intention of making Emma’s life a living hell. Angel/Demon AU. This has been done before and I’m sure other attempts are better than mine, but I thought I’d give it a shot. There is a depiction of a crime scene at the bottom so read at your own risk!


Chapter I/Chapter II/Chapter III/Chapter IV/Chapter V

Chapter V: All the Things Lost

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”  - Mitch Albom

Emma’s eyes snapped open at 8:15 on the dot. She’d somehow managed to fall back into unconsciousness a bit past five. She could hear Henry rummaging about in the kitchen. He normally took care of breakfast in the morning, given that she was almost always out late catching perps.

She’d taken off her shoes and jacket when she’d woken up from her dream, so she threw on a hoodie over her t-shirt and ambled outside. Emma tried to remember her nightmare, but felt as though she was grasping at straws. Everything had been so crystal clear before, and now it was jarringly murky. There was something else too, something else she was forgetting…

“Hello, Love,” he said, answering her question.

Her eyes took in his sprawling form on her couch. He’d ditched all the leather, and was wearing a black Henley and skinny jeans. He looked incredibly amused as his kohl-rimmed eyes darted over her body. She was slightly alarmed she hadn’t felt his presence sooner, was it possible to grow used to the feeling of a demon? She had been spending an inordinate amount of time with them…

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Too Smart For Your Own Good

Warnings: Bucky’s POV, Flirting, Little Bit Of Jealousy 

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Chapter 6: She’s Definitely Distracting

James Buchanan Barnes was used to getting what he wanted. Not by threats or lies but with his charm; he was very charming and he prided himself on that. Everyone thought he’d be angry and broody for the rest of his days after his stint as The Winter Soldier so you can imagine the shock on their faces when they saw him charm a SHIELD secretary into giving him all the existing files on himself. Bucky could even charm his own teammates into doing just about anything, but his charm worked best on undercover missions. Bucky would often come back from these missions with lipstick stains on his face or clothes seeing as he worked best with the ladies - it was fun for both him and the target he was working … So long as she didn’t see his left arm. Women tend to run away from metal-armed assassins, no matter how charming.

This was why the new girl was becoming a big problem for the man that had shaped history.

She wasn’t even bothered by his charm or flirtations, that in itself was enough to bruise his ego. But then she also had to throw back flirty comments and sass; she was beating him at his own game and he couldn’t decide if he liked it or not.

Bucky sighed and shifted in his seat; he and the rest of the Avengers were all strewn across the main common room watching a movie. But by now he didn’t even know what was going on in the movie - his mind was full of thoughts of her.

He didn’t understand her and that frustrated him to no end. From the moment he met her and she shook his metal hand he was utterly perplexed. Then she had to go and thank him for his service - no one had said that to him before, then again no one had called him Jack Frost before either. He hated the absence of her small hand in his metal one, he just barely manage to take his eyes off of her and he loved that she called him ‘Mr Barnes’; not 'Sargent Barnes’ or 'Barnes’ or 'Buckaroo’, but 'Mr Barnes - like he was a distinguished gentlemen or something.

But then he saw her with Johnny and he felt a twist of anger, he almost killed Johnny when he saw the man nip her ear. Luckily it was quick and then you were in Loki’s arms. What the hell was that even about?

Bucky risked a glance in her direction. Y/n and Loki were cuddling and seeing who could catch the most popcorn in their mouth, she’d let out a laugh whenever she hit the mischief-maker’s face. Bucky wished he was in the Asgardian’s place right now; making her laugh and smile, holding her…

His mind skipped back to that first day again, when she was being tested. Being pinned by her had made the teasing from the rest of the guys well worth it. Every time he closed his eyes, he was back there; her smirking down at him, y/h/c hair tickling his face, her minty breath hot against his skin as she licked her lips leaning into him - he was so sure she was going to kiss him, but then she was gone and the warmth of her body ripped away with her. What he’d do to feel her against him like that, pushing against him; goodness, he’d give her the world if she’d just do that one more time…

“You okay, Buck?” Steve said from his right, cutting into his thoughts.

Bucky’s ears became slightly pink as he realized he’d just let out a moan, “um, yeah. Just need to go to bed is all, pal.”

It wasn’t a complete lie, he did need to go to bed; just not in his own.

Today was the day the newest recruits (Vision, Wanda, Pietro, Loki, and Y/N) were to choose their default weapon of choice.

Sam, Natasha, and Bucky were sharpening blades and cleaning guns in the armory when the recruits filed into the room. Bucky didn’t even spare a glance up at the group from his seated position as he put his gun back together, he couldn’t let himself be distracted by her today.

Natasha was the first to speak, “ok, so this is the armory-”

“You should call it The Toy Box instead.” Y/n muttered and Bucky couldn’t help the way the corners of his lips quirked up slightly.

“-and while we don’t want you to become dependent on your weapon, you should take any and every advantage you can get in battle.” Natasha continued, “you’ve got two hours to figure out what weapon suits you, knock yourselves out and don’t die.”

The group quickly dispersed, staring at the array of weapons in wonder.

Wanda had quickly chosen a set of throwing knives, she could tell where her target was going to be seeing as she could read minds and her aim was good. Vision enjoyed the simplicity of the crossbows surprisingly. Pietro’s face lit up when he picked up a set of two Katanas and started doing some simple moves Natasha taught him, he was like a blur and everyone was pretty sure he’d be able to deflect bullets with speed like that. Loki found an extendable staff with stunning capabilities (he claimed it was a “complete accident” that he happened to shock Sam on the ass. The veteran moved across the room muttering something about how he “didn’t sign up for all these aliens and shit”).

Bucky was thoroughly impressed with all of there choices. Except for y/n, who he couldn’t seem to find.

“Where’s Richards?” Bucky asked, looking around as panic grew in his stomach. 'What if she hurt herself? There’s a lot of sharp instruments in here, oh no she’s probably bleeding out in here somewhere.’ Bucky thought, looking around frantically still.

“Last i saw her, she was heading towards the back wall. Want me to go get her?” Loki said.

“No, I got it.” Bucky said a little too quickly, sprinting off before anyone could question him. He’d long stopped trying not to be distracted by her, he could even smell the sweet scent of her perfume every time she was remotely near him and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t drive him wild.

Bucky found her staring intently at the weapons mounted on the wall, he stopped and hid behind a display of knives, taking a second to admire her figure from a distance. She was beautiful even in just the white graphic t-shirt, jean shorts, and sneakers she wore. Her face put him in a trance, her delicate nose, slightly rose tinted cheek, her sharp and shining e/c eyes, and those full lips…

Apparently he leaned around the display a little to much because it crashed to the ground with a loud clang. Bucky looked up in time to see her whip her head around, she smirked as though she knew exactly what he had been up to.

“I tripped.” Bucky said, 'nice save, Buck.’

“I can see that,” Y/n said, her smirk widening, “you sure are klutzy for an assassin. Did you have to bribe your teachers to graduate from Assassin Academy or something? Or did you just get by with your devilishly good looks?”

Bucky smirked, “you think I look good?”

Y/n pulled him to her by his collar and he was putty in her hands.

“So what if I do, soldier?” She whispered.

“Uh, anyway, did you find anything? Time’s about up.” Bucky said gulping and changing the subject.

“Yeah, I think so.” Y/n said, deciding to let him out of her grasp and holding up a red bag filled with different types of traps and bombs.

“Good choice.” He said, although somewhat scared for his life, “we should head back…”

Bucky walked y/n back to the main area, ignoring how close she was to him.

'Close enough to touch…’ Bucky thought, eyeing her lips.

Natasha looked at the recruits and their new weapons, “Ok, so you’ll be working with us to learn the ins and outs of your new tools of the trade. Pietro and Loki, you’ll be with me, Vision and Wanda, you’ll be with Sam, and y/n you’ll be with Bucky. Ok, lets get to work!”

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“Ugh, I just love being here” Cyn sighed as she laid her head on my shoulder

She had a small smile on her face and it made me feel good that I was the one that put it there. I still felt bad for blowing up and leaving her to deal with her emotions by herself.

I guess bringing her back to Grand Cayman was just a way for me to try and make things better, even if it was unintentional.

“Yeah, we have done good memories here. My favorite being you giving me top for the first time right over there” I pointed a spot that was shaded by a palm tree

“And you had to ruin the moment” she kissed her teeth

I chuckled “Shit was lit, did it like you were a pro. You see, I saw right through this little innocent act you trying to portray from the beginning” I shook my head

“What act? I am innocent” she smiled sweetly up at me

“Yeah right, but it’s okay baby girl, it’s not a bad thing that you’re a lil’ freak” I teased

“Only for baby” she said softly

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