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Shape of You (9)

Oh hey look… Chapter 9 is probably my favorite just for the fact that it’s the fluffiest and cutest one so far….. so enjoy it.

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Chapter 9

Cassian didn’t even knock he just walked into the bedroom. I wouldn’t look at him as I pulled my hair out of its braid. He waited, trying to see if I would give. But after what he did, how he insulted me, laughed at me, I didn’t want to talk to him. We were back to where we started. Further than that really. I hadn’t been as angry with him as before.

Finally he broke the silence when I stood up off the bed. I started to turn away from him, but he cleared his throat.

“Nesta hey. I’m sorry,” he grabbed my hand, “but you weren’t focused and that can get you hurt. It can let Tomas win.”

“You didn’t have to laugh at me,” I spit the words at him, “you didn’t have to act as if training me out there was a fucking joke, Cassian.”

His eyes flashed, “I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at the way you were standing. Okay sorry,” he held up his hands, “it wasn’t a joke to me Nesta. I swear to you, I offered to help you. I wouldn’t ever make fun of you.”

The anger inside my chest died slowly as I watched his eyes simmer. It was all there inside those honey brown eyes, he was telling me the truth.

And I realized I was doing it again. I was finding a reason to run, a reason to push someone away. I was trying to ignore everything good about the person who broke through my walls and find that single reason, one stupid reason why this would never work. I was shutting down when I should’ve been opening up. I looked at Cassian and I realized standing there I didn’t want to push him away.

And that scared me more than anything else. Because I wanted him. I had never wanted someone the way I felt my heart, my body yearn for his.

I held his gaze for a second longer, letting my heart run through my emotions. There was fire in his eyes and the fight still simmered inside of me. I let out a slow breath but I didn’t want to fight with words. Suddenly Cassian understood and he pushed me back against the wall. His mouth collided with mine, a storm of teeth and lips battling as our bodies crashed against each other.

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Death of The Cat  Ch-3

Originally posted by yonges

Rated: Angst

Pairing: JaehyunxReader

Summary: Jaehyun was pretty set in his ways, living up to his frat boy stereotypes with pride and a lot of pleasure. But his fatal flaw came in the form of two things; a girl and curiosity.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

(A/N): This is the last chapter. This was so painful to write I can’t wait to just have it out so I’m not tempted to change it. I’m sorry.

Doyoung rushed to the door when she entered the house looking very excited.

“You’re going to love this.” He promised while he guided her to the sitting room. Jaehyun sat on the floor looking confused while everyone sat around him, as excited as Doyoung.

“He just got back from the dentist’s and he’s higher than a kite.” He giggled after which he turned to Jaehyun.

“Jaehyun look who it is!” He said and made Jaehyun look up, his lips curling into a bright smile.

“Kids your mum is here!” His eyes crinkled up and his cheeks pinched into his prominent dimples. She only raised her brow in question, but didn’t say anything to a clearly heavily drugged individual.

“You should go lie down Jaehyun.” She smiled and walked up to him, kneeling down and pushing the hair back from his face. He melted into her touch and smiled softly.

“Only if you come with me.” He hummed peacefully.

“Are you negotiation right now?” She laughed and he nodded.

“You’re so pretty.” He sighed as he stared into her eyes. The smiles of everyone around seemed to fade.

“I don’t know what you have in mind Jaehyun but your dishonourable thoughts will have no fruition today.” She laughed away the awkwardness, but it pressed down on everyone sitting around as they shared knowing looks.

“I just want to cuddle.” He grinned.

She sat Jaehyun at the kitchen counter, making him some custard he could eat without adding to the pain in his jaws. He watched her deep in concentration, hair falling on her face as she made him something to eat. He stood up from his seat and walked up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

“That looks good.” He placed his chin on her head and spoke, she chuckled softly at his words.

“It’s done. But you can have it after you wake up from the nap you need to take.” She moved in his embrace and faced him. He nodded obediently. She pushed the hair out of his face and he smiled softly.

“I could get used to you taking such good care of me. I should go to the Dentist’s more often.” He breathed out a laugh and leaned in to connect his lips with hers. She smiled into the kiss, smiling at his adorable sloppy movements from the state of haze he was in.

“Ew god, you guys have a perfectly functional bedroom. We make our food here.” Haechan’s sudden voice made her pull back from shock, but he refused to let go of the hold he had around her waist. She turned to him to watch Haechan stare at them in disgust and she only laughed.

“He’s just bitter because he can’t talk to girls.” Jaehyun explained, kissing her nose, a gesture almost overwhelmingly intimate She ignored it but still pulled out of his embrace. Putting his prepared custard in the fridge.

“On the contrary, a lot of girls in my house talk about how funny and witty Haechan is.” She poked his cheek and Haechan tried to hide his blush.

“R-Really?” He asked hopefully.

“Yeah, they even asked for your number. But I told them, you’re my tiny Haechan so I can’t do that.” She pulled his cheek once before turning to Jaehyun, “Let’s go get you to bed Dopey.” He looked up at her, pulling out of some reverie and nodded. Haechan scoffed loudly, feeling wronged.

“I want to be treated with respect!” He raised his voice as she walked away with Jaehyun laughing.

“Why are you screaming?” Mark asked Haechan once he walked into the sitting room. He brushed it off with a ‘nevermind’ deep in thought about something else.

“How do you think they do it?” He asked sitting down beside Mark and he turned to him from his laptop, confused at his lack of context.

“I mean Jaehyun, both of them actually. How do they act so,” He hesitated, searching for the right words, “Together. When they aren’t?” Mark thought about what he said.

“People are different I guess.” He shrugged after coming short of an answer.

“Yeah, but feelings aren’t. I just don’t want to see any of them hurt at the end of it.” He admitted to Mark.

She walked into the house one afternoon and Yuta who was sitting on the couch with his Nintendo looked up briefly.

“He’s in the game room.” He said easily.

“Actually I’ve come to see you.” She said hesitantly. He looked up, intrigued.

“Mingyu is in your Renaissance History class right? She questioned, he stared at her perplexed at the random mention.

“Mingyu as in English Major Mingyu? From ODT?” He questioned further. She sighed.

“I don’t know what Frat he’s in Yuta. I’ve just seen him around. Listen I have his notebook I was wondering if you’ll return it to him for me.” She asked.

“Why do you have his notebook?” He furrowed his brows.

“It’s a long story. Look I was a dick to him and I didn’t realise this was a personal notebook.” She sighed.

“Ooh what does it have in it?” He sat up straight with interest earning a glare from her.

“Yuta.” She scolded him and then sighed, “Nevermind I’ll just have to give it to him myself.” She groaned.

Mark walked into the kitchen, not even hesitating when he found her sitting at there with a laptop, her head in her hands.

“Still stuck on that assignment?” He inquired and she nodded and groaned into her hand. He sighed at sat down opposite her at the table.

“What assignment is it?” He asked and she sat up with relief.

“Literature. I have to write a paper on Ares and Aphrodite. I’d do it but I don’t get the big deal, it was some stupid affair. A lust fueled venture.” Mark sat back evaluating her words with a thoughtful gaze.

“No see you have it all wrong. Sure, both of them were good-looking and clearly had the hots for eachother. But it’s about fate. Aphrodite was love, passion and Ares was war, they were meant to be intertwined. There is no war that wasn’t fought for passion or love. Their fate was passionate but tragic, that’s the point.” She stared at him in awe of the new light he shed.

She was sitting in the corner of the library well into the early hours of the morning as finals week drew closer. As nice as being in a sorority was with all it’s perks, she had to keep up her gpa.

She ventured into another corner of the place, looking for a particular book when she noticed another table with it’s light on. With sudden curiosity about who else was slumping this late, she peeked around a shelf to see a familiar face. Drawing back immediately to hide herself.

“I’m sorry I took your notebook.” A notebook landing on his table suddenly made Mingyu jump, his glasses slipping out from his ears and landing on the table with a loud clatter. She winced as the sudden noise echoed in the otherwise empty building.

“I’m so sorry.” Her eyes went wide, he pulled his earphones out and turned to her, “I didn’t realise you didn’t hear me. Sorry for sneaking up on you.” She apologized further.

“Oh it’s you.” He coughed and looked up at her, red from embarrassment. She bit down on her lip to hide her smile. She proceeded to introduce herself but he interrupted.

“I know who you are. You’re the AKP girl.” She gave him a confused gaze.

“AKP doesn’t take girls.” She said.

“You know exactly what I mean.” He said knowingly and she nodded.

“You write very well.” She pointed at his notebook again, “That’s some touching poetry.” He smiled shyly.

“Yeah they’re very personal.” He mumbled and she was embarrassed once again.

“I’m sorry, I thought it was just a notebook. When I opened it in class I noticed and I couldn’t help myself from reading.” She explained.

“It’s okay,” He smiled brightly at her. “I’m glad you liked them.”

“Why didn’t you just say that it was an important notebook?” She inquired. He gave her a secretive smile.

“I guess I was curious to see what you would do.”

Jaehyun promised to help her with understanding a concept in economics, she knew the trip was wasted when he offered to teach her in his room.

“What’s not to get?” He asked when he explained the same thing the third time.

“All of it, like I understand the words you’re saying but put together it’s just.” She made a gesture to show the meaning flying over her head. He sighed and raked his hand through his hair.

“I thought you were a good student.” He laughed, grabbing the book to explain again.

“Maybe you’re just a bad teacher!” She threw her pen across the table. He got up and she followed.

“I’m the best eco student in our year. So the problem isn’t with me.” He said rather loudly, sheltering his pride.

“Well I’m the best student in my course so you can shove it up your ass.” She shouted rather back. There was a sudden silence and a shift of mood as they watched each other, breathing erratically in silence.

“I’ve never seen you mad.” Jaehyun suddenly said, cutting through the tension only to conceive tension of an entirely new kind.

Johnny stepped out of his room on the opposite side of Jaehyun’s door, distracted by the noise from his room.

“Are you guys figh-” He opened the door laughing only to find both of them on the bed with their tongue down each other’s throat. The interruption made her turn her face away and get off him and sit back on the bed.

“Funny, I didn’t imagined you as a bottom.” Johnny spoke to Jaehyun who was blushing harder than before.

“Why are you imagining in such situations at all?” Was his confused response and Johnny pointed a finger before retracting.

“That’s a good point. Please continue with whatever you were going to do. I just thought you guys were fighting, but clearly you have full proof methods of ending quarrels.” He shut the door behind himself. After sitting awkwardly for a moment Jaehyun shifted closer to her and spoke.

“You know, we should fight more often.” He displayed his dimples shamelessly and she laughed.

“That’s a terrible idea.” She responded.

“Okay, then let’s just skip to what happens later.” She yelped when he pulled her down on top of her again, both of them laughing.

Jaehyun came downstairs after a long call with his mom to find her fast asleep on the couch. He wondered why she didn’t let him know she was here. He kneeled down by the couch, pushing back the hair that fell on her cheek. He smiled affectionately at her sleeping form.

“You’re becoming my habit.” He whispered to himself, his smile fading as he realised the gravity of his own words.

He was deep in thought till he noticed her stir, he looked at her to see her watching him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were here?” He smiled at her, she smiled lazily and stretched.

“Ten told me you were on the phone with your mom, obviously I wasn’t going to interrupt.” She sighed, sinking into the couch again.

“Why did you wait?” He inquired.

“I promised I’d help you with your assignment.” She didn’t realised how touched he was at the small gesture.

“Were you dreaming about it?”  He chuckled softly. She pouted at his words.

“I was just getting a headache so I lied down.” He furrowed his brows at her words and put a hand on her forehead, she had a temperature. Getting up and picking her up in his arms.

“You aren’t helping anyone like this. Come on let’s get you to bed. She looked up at him once before burrowing her head into him.

“I would argue but I’m feeling very cold and you are very warm.” Her words were muffled in his chest.

Jaehyun came home day after day to find the lack of a certain presence in the house. He shrugged it initially, it was getting closer to finals week. But somehow a dreadful sense of foreboding started settling into his stomach. The other boys all started sharing a sense of sympathy as they watched him turn to the door hopefully every time one of them walked in through the main door, only to lose the spark in his eyes soon after.

He knew something was wrong at the christmas party, when she was avoiding his gaze. She also sat down with a generous glass of vodka and juice.

“We need to talk.” Her words flooded him with relief for a second from being right, but soon after his heart was racing. He decided not to speak.

“I met someone.” Jaehyun didn’t think his heart could break, “I know we weren’t together or anything, but it didn’t feel right unless I told you properly.” He didn’t think the pain could get worse.

It was obvious to anyone that something in Jaehyun changed, even if he didn’t address it. Once everyone returned from the short break, Jaehyun looked like he was back to being himself. The old self Mark and Haechan were oblivious too. They were warned by the others who knew him better to just stay out of it. Not everyone deals with heartbreak the same. Mark listened but Haechan wanted to protest, he wondered how Jaehyun didn’t realise that his decision was just getting him farther away from the bliss he had once and now craved. A part of him was even selfish and knew that the comfortable pace they had in the house would be lost forever.

“If she liked me we wouldn’t be here.” Jaehyun explained to the younger boy who looked like he was on the verge of tears from frustration.

“No, if she didn’t like you, she would be here!” His voice was loud and incredulous. The others gave up trying to stop him, silently glad someone was addressing the things they all wanted to say. Jaehyun turned to face him confused.

“Johnny said you and her weren’t friends. You say you didn’t like each other, but she was here everyday was she not? She was here after classes, in the morning, on weekends. You give me one good reason for someone to stick around that much.” Everyone around considered his words.

“She was friends with everyone else. She was friends with you.” Jaehyun sighed, too tired to talk about this. He was still unaccustomed to the way his heart pulled when he thought about her.

“Then why did she stop showing up? How can you say these things when it’s obvious why she was always there. Are you stupid or blind?” He scoffed. Jaehyun thought about his words and let a small seed of hope plant itself in him, the others noticed.

“At least tell her, that way you don’t have to regret anything.” Ten urged him from the side. Jaehyun nodded slightly.

When he sat down in Literature class, he didn’t expect her to sit beside him. She acted like it was just another day and he was conflicted, had things really not changed amongst them or did she really not have any remorse. The class passed away slowly as he thought over what his friends said and what he felt, deciding they were right. They walked out of class side by side as they always did.

“Can we talk?” He asked and she nodded at him with a smile. He waited for the place to clear but his plans were disrupted by a figure that approached her from the back and scooped her up in his arms.

“Mingyu!” She screamed in unadulterated happiness as he laughed and twirled her around.

“You’re so tiny I can’t help myself.” He kissed her forehead after he set her down on her feet. She stared into his eyes with an amount of affection that Jaehyun had never seen and his jaw set tighter. She seemed to remember after a moment that he was even there, turning to him.

“Jaehyun! I want you to meet Mingyu. Mingyu this is Jaehyun.” She tugged at the arm he wrapped around her neck playfully. They smiled at each other and shared greetings.

“Come on, I have to make dinner.” Mingyu smiled at her and she nodded.

“Go on, I’ll just catch up.” She said and he nodded.

“What did you want to say?” She asked curiously. He didn’t notice the anger he was feeling till now, when he felt his knuckles hurt from the tight fist he held and the tight grip he unhooked his jaw from before he spoke.

“It’s a little funny watching you try.” She furrowed her brows at his peculiar words.

“You’re trying to be with someone so plain. But I know you, you need a challenge.” He came closer to her, her breath fanning her face, “You need me.” He laughed and walked away.

Despite the sick way his words crawled down her spine she gave a perplexed laugh at his retreated form.

Only much later into the wee hours of the night, after glasses of alcohol and time to think about his actions did Jaehyun realise with a hopeless sense of loss what his fit of anger made him do.

Peter Pan - Arguments

REQUEST: Can you do a smutty Peter Pan imagine where the reader is like really independent. And her and Pan fight and butt heads all the time. And finally Pan has enough and angry sex??

(if you want to make a requests you can use the line prompts I made up here)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

warnings: smut and cursing.

Y/N’s POV:
I like Pan a lot. I really do, but I really hate him at the same time. Pan has been really annoying me lately. Well more than he usually does at least. He is always trying to help me with everything because he think I’m incapable of doing anything on my own. I work much better on my own and I can handle what ever comes my way.

I was doing my chores for today. I just finished picking some berries and bringing them back to camp. I walked in and went to go find a place to put them. Then Peter came over to me.

“Here, let me take that.” he said grabbing the basket right out of my hands and walking away with it.

“Thanks.” I said angrily through gritted teeth as I glared at his back.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. I also had to go gather the firewood, we were running low on wood so I went to get some more. I start searching around the forest for some firewood and I hold the sticks in my arms. As I bend down to grab a stick I hear footsteps behind me.

“There you are Y/N, I was worried. I didn’t know where you went.” he said walking over to me.

I rolled my eyes as I grabbed another stick.

“Here, let me help you with that.” he said and all the sticks vanished out of my grasp.

I gasped as I saw they were gone. I spun around and glared at Pan.

“Didn’t need your help.” I groaned walking past him.

Finally I had one more chore to do and that was to sharpen all the arrows and swords. This one was my favorite because I’ve always wanted to learn how to sword fight and shoot arrows but Pan thought it was too dangerous. I went to an isolated part of camp so I could have some peace and quiet while I sharpened the arrows and swords. I grasped a knife and began to sharpen the arrows and toss them aside once it was sharp enough. I was sharpening the last one when I cut my hand.

“Gah.” I groaned gripping my wrist and looking at my bloody hand.

“Why were you sharpening the arrows Y/N??” Pan asked running up to me.

“Because it’s my last chore.”

“Bloody hell why would I give her that to do?” he mumbled under his breath.

Pan grabbed my hand and waved his hand over it. The skin started to repair itself and the blood began to go away. He grabbed a wet cloth and wiped off the dried blood on my hand.

“There, now are you okay?” he asked looking up at me.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Okay what the hell is your problem Y/N??”

“Ugh! Pan I don’t need you to be helping me all the time like I don’t know what I’m doing! I don’t need you help me with literally every single goddamn thing I do!” I yelled flailing my arms in the air. “I can hold a fucking pile of sticks by myself! I can carry a basket of berries by myself! And I can certainly sharpen a fucking arrow and sword.”

“You are such an ungrateful bitch!” Pan yelled standing and turning away from me as his hands went to his head.

“An ungrateful bitch?!! Are you kidding me?!” I yelled back standing up.

“Yes, an ungrateful bitch because I’m always trying to help you but it seems like you don’t even want me around!”

“Well I don’t need your help!! God!” I yelled rolling my eyes.

“And that!” he yelled pointing at me. “Every time you roll you eyes like it irritates you!”

I groaned silently to myself and folded my arms across my chest.

“Am I not allowed to be nice?!” he yelled.

“Not in that way! Whenever you help me it makes me feel like you think I’m incapable of doing anything on my own but I can do things on my own! I’m not some weakling!”

“That’s it.” he growled under his breath.

He pinned me against a tree behind me causing me to groan as my back hit the rough bark.

“I do think that you’re capable of doing things on your own! You are fully capable of doing things on your own.” he said with a raised voice but not a yell.

His eyes searched to make contact with mine but I only looked at the ground.
“God you make me so goddamn angry sometimes.” he growled then smashed his lips onto mine.

I was shocked but I kissed him back. We both fought for dominance over each other. Our tongues battling each other’s My fingers tangled through his hair earning a groan to escape his lips. He pulled back and put his forehead against mine.

“Jump.” he growled and I did as I was told.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and his hands went to my ass. He smashed his lips back on mine and started to roll his hips against mine making my panties slowly become wet. I let out a moan as he moved down to my neck.

I opened my eyes and we weren’t outside anymore. We were in a bedroom. My back was up against a cold wall as he bit and sucked at my soft skin. My eye fluttered shut as he move up to my jawline then nibbled on my earlobe. He moved back down to my jawline and hit my sweet spot. I moaned causing him attack that spot.

He let go of my ass and let my legs fall back down on the ground. His hand slipped down my shorts and rubbed my clit slowly, teasing me.

“Oh, are you wet for me princess? Hmm? Do I turn you on princess?” he whispered as he increased his speed then put two fingers inside me. I whimpered and arched my back. “Oh yes, I do. I could play with you like a doll now couldn’t I?” he smirked.

I whimpered again and my knees began to buckle and I almost fell but he pressed his body more up against mine.

“Look at you, I make you weak to the knees.” He darkly chuckled against my skin as he increased his speed.
I moaned even louder making Pan continue to chuckle darkly. He then added another finger into me which made my knees buckle again. I bit my lip as my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

“You like that princess? My 3 fingers up your wet, tight, and beautiful clit?”

I couldn’t respond. No words were able to leave my mouth. I tried to speak but all that came out was a moan. He smirked and chuckled at my actions. The way he spoke turned me on more and more. The way they rolled off his tongue just made me want to scream. A knot formed in my stomach. I just need one more and…ripped his fingers out of me.

“God… dammit! I was… s-so close!” I groaned as my orgasm slowly left me.

All he did was smirk at me and lick his fingers.

“You fucking tease, I hate you!” I groaned.

He picked me up and smashed his lips on mine. I wrapped my legs around his torso and he walked us over to the bed. He lied me down and pulled away. Pan ripped all my clothes off and threw them to the side of the bed. He towered over me as he ripped off his shirt exposing his gorgeous, muscular yet slender body. He took off the rest of his clothes and threw them somewhere in the room.

He trailed kisses down my body leaving a hickey every other one. Once he reached near my core he spread my legs and put kisses on each of my thighs going back and forth between each until he was so close I could feel his breath on my core. He smirked and took a big lick making me squirm. He took another. And one more. Then he stopped leaving me angry. He stayed there breathing on my core. My legs were twitching just begging for his tongue to be inside me.

“Pan, you dick! Stop teasing me!” I growled making him come back up toward me slowly.

Pan put his tip against my entrance and kept it there. It just sat there. It did nothing but mock me. I wanted to strangle Pan right now.

“Pan you goddamn little bastard I swear!” I yelled.

Moments after he without any warning thrusted himself inside of me. I groaned as he started and maintained a fast pace. I gripped the sheets for a second then began to dig my nails into his back. He groaned but kept going. I wrapped my legs around his waist so it’d be deeper. I arched my back as he hit my g-spot. I screamed as I dug my nails deeper into his back and moved down slowly.

“Gah! P-Pan!” I groaned.

His grunts and moans filled my ears making this more and more pleasurable. I wanted dominance, I wanted to be the alpha. I quickly flipped us over and started gyrating my hips. Moans and other curses escaped his lips.

“Ughhhh… FUCK Y/N.” he moaned under his breath. I rolled my hips trying to make myself reach my high. Then out of nowhere he quickly flipped us back over taking back over.

“God you son of a bitch!” I cursed.

Then I felt a familiar knot form in my stomach. I growled as his lips found my neck and started leaving a trail of hickeys leading to my earlobe.

“P-Pan I’m gonna…” I said letting out a moan.

“Ugh me too, cum Y/N!” he groaned against my neck.

A few seconds later I felt myself release. Then he released seconds after me. We helped each other ride out our highs then he slid out of me and lied next to me. My breathing was hitched. I could feel his eyes burning through me. I put the sheet over my body and stared at the ceiling.

“We should have sex to settle our fights more often.” he said looking over at me.

“Yeah.” I paused, still looking at the ceiling. “We should.”

He smirked and lied down on his side facing me.

“I still hate you.” I said looking over at him.

“Oh sure you do.” he said and planted a kiss on my lips.

My eyes widened when he pulled away.

“Oh, and maybe don’t scratch my back so much.” he said turning the other way showing me his back.

There were long red scratches on his back. I touched them and it made him flinch.

“Sorry Pan. You know how vicious I can get.” I smirked as he turned back around.

He turned and laughed sarcastically.

“Ha ha ha. Now get some sleep. We can get into another argument and have round 2 later.” he smirked.

“Yeah and maybe I can take control.”

“In your dreams Y/N.” he moved closer to me and looked me dead in the eye with the most lustful look. “I will always dominate and you will be a withering moaning mess beneath me begging for me to fuck you so hard that you can’t even walk the next day.” he said on a growl getting closer and and closer to my face.

Then he turned and lied down making me start to become wet. I wanted round 2 now. I sighed and tried to drift off into a deep sleep.

Shut up, Winchester!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Dean being a dick, smut.

Word Count: 1733

A/N: So this…I am not really sure what to say about this lol. I had the urge to write last night, @avasmommy224 sent me a few prompts and this happened! I will bold her prompts just for the fun of it. This was my mind running wild, I don’t even know lol. Either way, hope y’all enjoy! As always, i am a new writer, feedback is welcome!

You and the guys had just returned from a twelve hour drive back to the bunker. It seemed like you would never get back home and therefore, things had gotten a little tense between the three of you; especially you and Dean. You loved the man with everything you had but sometimes he drove you batshit crazy! It was one of those situations where you were so much alike, sometimes it was a bad thing…today was one of those days. He had spent the better half of those twelve driving hours playing the same cassettes over and over, every time you or Sam asked him to play something else his response being, “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” Most of the time you loved Dean’s choice in music, AC DC, Bob Seger, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin being some of your favorites, but even your favorites can get old. You slammed the bunker door behind you, Dean and Sam already halfway down the stairs.

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Malec Argument

Hope you like it <3

“You always see things where there’s nothing to see!” Said an angry Magnus.

“I saw the way you were looking at that guy! You were basically mentally undressing him!” Yelled Alec, from across Magnus’ living room. Every time the warlock gave a step closer, the shadowhunter would give a step back.

“Don’t you think I know that look you gave him? Don’t you think you have used that look on me?!” Alec yelled once again.

Manus wouldn’t say a word. How could Alexander say something like that? It’s not a lie that he looked at this guy, and saw his beauty. But nothing more than that. Magnus was pissed off, but he knew it wasn’t his Alexander talking, it was his jealousy.
“Alexander, I think you should calm down. I didn’t give that guy any dirty look. My dirty looks are all for you.”
Alec stared at the chandelier “ Magnus, I just… I need some air.” He got his jacket and closed the loft’s door, leaving the warlock in protests.

Magnus didn’t sleep that night. He couldn’t close his eyes without wondering where his blue-eyed shadowhunter was. “You should be pissed off, you stupid!” He said to himself, holding his whisky glass.

Alec went to a mundane bar he found while walking down New York’s streets.
He asked for a Martini, one of Magnus’ favorite drinks.
“You look bad” Said the bartender.
“If you say so” Alec answered in a low voice.
“Is this about a lover?” The bartender asked. She had big green curious eyes.
“I’m an idiot. I said all this stuff to him, none of it was true. He didn’t do anything of what I said. I’m a stupid jealous idiot.” Alec didn’t even know why he was talking to a bartender he had no clue of who was about his relationship.
“Go and tell him. Running away isn’t going to help at all. I say this by experience.” The green-eyed bartender adviced.
Alec was wrong, he knew it. But his embarrassment wouldn’t let him apologize to Magnus just now.
He payed the Martini, and thanked the bartender.

In the morning, Alec got to the Institute. He was grumpy, mistreating everyone. He needed to punch something. He went to practice when no one was around, so he could release his anger and sorrow all alone.

Magnus called Izzy to know about Alexander. “He’s a pain in the ass today. Salty as hell. Do you know what happened?” She sounded irritated.
“We had an argument ” Magnus said, in a distant tone.
“Oh… I see. Why don’t you come and talk to him?” Izzy was now concerned.
“I’ll be there in a minute.” Magnus hanged the phone and opened a portal.

The warlock found a shirtless Alexander angrily hitting a punching bag.
“I’m glad you’re not doing that to my face.” Magnus said softly.
Alec turned around, and saw his boyfriend standing there. He swallowed nervously. “Magnus, hum… hey” Said a surprised Alec. “Hello, Alexander” Magnus said slowly.
“I-I didn’t know how to come back home, and apologize to you after everything I said, a-and I’m such an idiot, Magnus, I don’t have any reasons to not trust you, I-I just feel insecure some times.” Alec said quickly and blushing.
“Alexander, you are adorable” Alec blushed darker.
“You have all the rights to be pissed off with me, and…” Magnus shutted his shadowhunter with a long and passionate kiss.
“I love you, and I trust you, Magnus”
“I love you even more, Alexander”
Their kiss just got more and more hot, their hands traveled each others bodies. The warlock pushed the blue-eyed shadowhunter against the wall, and lifted his arms.
“We should fight more often” Alec muttered against Magnus’ lips.
“I completely agree with you”
In that afternoon, Magnus and Alec made very good use of the training room.

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Maxemerica makeup sex? 😏

Well, this gets to M. Just warning you.

Livid wasn’t an accurate word to describe how America felt.

She was past livid, teetering dangerously into insane territory. The fight had gone past reason, past making any sense. A part of her knew that it was way out proportion, but the anger wouldn’t let her stop.

“Do not tell me this isn’t an option, Maxon. They don’t understand. You sure as hell don’t understand!”

“America, we can’t just snap our fingers and make everything right in a day! We knew there would be fallout from this. We knew there would be kinks to work out.”

“It is not right, and I’m not going to stand there on camera and smile like everything is okay and lie to the people.”

“We aren’t lying to them!”

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Imagine Juice and you hate each other, but practically sleep together every night. (SMUT)

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You have been apart of the MC life now for about 5 years. You weren’t a crow-eater, you weren’t a sweet-butt, you were no ones old lady but you were a family/friend but more so family. You helped out a lot with the club and with Gemma. You thought of Gemma as a mother-figure because she was always there for you since you were a teenager. Your own mother was never around, and you never knew your father so you were mainly on your own all your life, till you moved to Charming. You got along with everyone you came in contact with, you had a thing for of the SONS. You thought he was dorky for a biker, he was smart, he was very nice and protective. His smile was contagious and he had head tattoos, his name was Juice. He also had a thing for you, but no one knew you should the hell didn’t. When you would see him with a crow-eater you could feel that green monster climb up your back, so you would flirt with one of the SONS. Juice would see that and he would feel the heat of jealously course throughout his body. It went on like this for awhile, the two of you kept your distance from one another, and never told anyone or each other how you really felt but then came another party.

Juice was getting a lap dance from this crow-eater and you have throwing back shots for awhile now but you seen the action that he was getting and looked like he was loving it, it just pissed you off more than it usually did. You couldn’t do what you normally did, usually you’d just flirt with one of the SONS to get him upset but this time you just stormed off into the clubhouse. Juice noticed you storming off, he pushed the crow-eater that was sitting on top of him and ran in after you. He caught up to you in the hallway that led to the dorms. He gripped your arm, you turned to him, you were still pissed;

“ what the hell are you doing Juice?! “ Juice was confused but upset as well and responded;

“ what the fucks your problem Y/N “ You looked at Juice, and ripped your arm from his grip. You marched closer to him and with a furious tone said;

“ you .. you are my fucking problem “ Juice was stunned to hear you say that, but he held his ground and said clenching his teeth;

“ why am i the fucking problem, you hate me “ You pushed him and he was caught off guard and stumbled back a few steps, and you hissed;

“ yeah, i hate you. i hate you Juice “ Juice lunged forward before you could hit him again and he held you to the wall, you kept saying you ‘ hated him ‘ but you calmed down after a few seconds and the two of you locked eyes. Your eyes looked over Juice’s face, your eyes darted to his lips and before you knew it Juice crushed his lips against yours. You were quite surprised that he kissed you, but you kissed him back. You didn’t really hate Juice, you wanted him for so long you just never said anything or did anything. Juice wanted you also but you acted like you hated him but you didn’t you were just upset and jealous. You pushed Juice to the other side of the hallway, the two of you hit the wall with a thud. Juice reached for the doorknob and opened it, he pulled you into his dorm and shut the door. He thew you up against the door, pinning your arms to the side of you, his lips still connected to yours, his body molding with yours. You felt his heart beat faster, you felt Juice get bigger and harder in his pants. He reached for you jacket and ripped it off, you pushed Juice back and he had a devilish grin appear across his lips, you reached to the doorknob and locked it. You quickly walked to Juice and took off his cut, and shirt.
He tossed you onto the bed, and climbed on top of you, pressing his body and weight onto you, his kissed your neck, his hand made its way to your belt and unbuttoned your pants. You reached for his belt and whipped it off, you giggled with lust in your voice, and undid his zipper he got up and took off his pants and boxers, you shimmied out of yours. Juice stood there for a second and just looked at you, admiring the sight of you. You smiled and said;

“ get over here already “ You’ve been waiting too long for this, Juice climbed on top of you. He was touching you, you were wet and he grabbed himself and lined up with your entrance. He put himself into you slowly, you threw you head back with pleasure, Juice let out a low deep growl. He started to thrust, started off slowly and his pace quickened. He started to kiss you and he bit your bottom lip and made his way to your neck and bare chest. He kissed your breasts, sucking and caressing them, you licking your lips and Juice puts his hand to your neck. You smile because you know exactly what he was gonna do, he lightly squeeze and you loved it. Juice started to thrust even harder now, you let out seductive moans, Juice closed his eyes, bit his lip and growled, and hearing him enjoy himself just turned you on more, you started for feel that heat of pleasure course throughout your entire body, you started to tighten more and more around Juice, he was nearing his release as were you. You gripped the sheets of the bed and arched your back, you both climaxed at the same time, Juice thrusted a few times before collapsing onto you. You both trying to catch your breath, Juice rolled over to the side of you. He said while the both of you were looking at the ceiling;

“ we should fight like that more often “ You both chuckled but you agreed.

After that night, you guys made each other jealous every chance you could. No one knew that you and Juice have been hooking up and having hate sex practically every night since that party. As far as the clubs concerned, Juice and you hated each other. You didn’t know if Juice didn’t want to tell anyone about the two of you so you just kept quiet. Every time you seen Juice, you wanted to go up kiss him, but this hate sex was really working for you. It was rough and passionate you loved it. Every time one of you pissed each other off you’d find them alone, and the two of you would fight and it would always lead to great fucking sex. 

You randomly kiss him when you guys are play fighting (UNIQ)

Yixuan: -one minute he had you pinned the next you were straddling him and planted a solid kiss to his lips before you got off of him and let the room. Which left him a smiley daze- “Y/N where did you go? Rude” 

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Sungjoo: -it was very cute when you were trying with all your might to knock him over and when that didn’t work you leaned in and planted a loving kiss onto his lips before you pulled away with a giggle- “will this happen everytime we play fight? If it does we should do it more often”

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Wenhan: -he knew where play fighting usually lead but this time it seemed so much more innocent than normal. So when you pulled back, he gave you a smile. For once not get a sexual buzz from it all- “this is nice. It’s peaceful just perfect”

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Seungyoun: -he was your best friend so play fighting was very common. The moment seemed right when you leaned in and kissed him. He kissed back. Then when you pulled back you began apologizing but he let out a laugh- “please stop apologizing I really liked it Y/N”

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Yibo: -he challenged you saying you weren’t capable of beating him in a fight. So when you two were play fighting you gave him a heavy kiss before you got up and went to the kitchen. He thought it was random affection at first but it really was his defeat- “I liked tha- damnit I see what she did there”

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Small drabble to bless your friday, I hope you have a great weekend!

Imagine fighting over the remote with Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 329 Words.

Warnings: Remote!

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“Dean, that isn´t funny anymore!”, you said and Dean thought that the fake pout on your face looked simply adorable.
“Oh, but I think it´s very funny. In fact, I think we should do that more often”, he teased, just to rile you up.
You raised your eyebrows: “We should fight over the remote more often? Is that like a new kink I haven´t heard about yet?”
He chuckled and dangled the black device right out of your reach: “No, but it could turn into one. For example you could use sexual favors to earn your right for the remote.”
“Oh is that so”, you said, and he saw the immediate change in your attitude, “well, then let´s see what I can do that will prove me worthy.”
You stepped forwards and he met you in the middle pulling you in for a kiss.
The kiss was passionate and as always you did exactly the things that made his brain turn to jelly.
By the time your lips parted for the first time and he felt your hand sliding down his belly, he was already breathing heavily and full of need.
“I never thought that this would work”, he said, meaning it and suddenly you made a quick move and snatched the remote out of his hand: “Well, it did for me”, you informed him.
Suddenly your touch was gone and he stood there like an idiot in the middle of the motel room, aching hard and a little dizzy, while you dropped down on the bed and turned on the tv.
“You men are so easy to manipulate”, you teased, your eyes never leaving the screen and despite his sexual frustration he had to grin.
He liked that you could play games and win them too.
Now you looked up: “Why are you still standing there? We´re watching a chick flick.”
Still grinning, he walked over and cuddled up next to you.
Man, did he love this woman.

A conversation between a Slytherin girl and a Ravenclaw boy (fighting/flirting)
  • Ravenclaw: I bet I'd be better at fighting a dementor than you.
  • Slytherin: *Scoffs* Yeah, probably because your soul would bore them to death. Or second death, or whatever.
  • Ravenclaw: I'll have you know that my patronus is incredibly strong, stronger than yours.
  • Slytherin: Idiot, it's the strength of the /memory/, and yours can't be that strong.
  • Ravenclaw: I assure you, it is.
  • Slytherin: *Crosses arms* Oh, yeah? What is it then?
  • Ravenclaw: *Crosses arms and smirks* It's the first time I met you. We were in our first year and I was watching you getting sorted. You were just so at home and confident, and I got a crush on you, right then and there. *His eyes go wide and he covers his mouth*
  • Slytherin: *Shocked* Really?
  • Ravenclaw: *Blushes* I mean-It's-Yes. And you know what? I still have a crush on you.
  • Slytherin: *Blushes and smiles* I have a crush on you, too.
  • Ravenclaw: *Grins* We should fight more often.
Preference #47: Angry Makeup Sex

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Own Risk!!!

Will: It didn’t take long for your fight to turn steamy, more steamy than you could imagine. This was the first time something like this has happened, and you weren’t complaining. You didn’t even make it to the bedroom, as soon as you walked through the door Will grabbed you. “Flirting with guys in front of me,” he growled, “Fucking mistake.” You didn’t know why, but his words really aroused you. “Just take me already,” you moaned, Will’s eyes clouded more with lust, and he quickly pushed you down to your knees. “It’s not gonna suck itself,” he said through gritted teeth. You felt yourself becoming more wet, and was pretty sure you were soaked. You quickly started to unzip his pants, taking a slow time just to tease him. Will was getting impatient as you slowly pulled off his boxers. He hissed as the cool air hit his member. You bit your bottom lip, and started to pump him, making loud moans fall from his lips. “Suck it,” he demanded, Will’s aggressiveness was really turning you on, and you did as he said. You licked from the base to the tip, and hollowed your cheeks, deep throating him. “Shit,” he moaned, griping a fist full of your hair. You repeated this action, and Will stopped you. “I want to cum inside you,” he said, pushing you back a bit. “Strip,” he demanded, and you did as told. He threw you over his shoulder, carrying you to the living room. You squealed as he tossed you onto the couch, and started to kiss you. He started trailing down, going to your heat. You started fidgeting, waiting for him to do something. You felt him kissing up your thigh, and felt his hot breath breathing onto you heat. “Will,” you moaned,  "Beg,“ was the only word that fell from his lips. "Please do something,” you begged, he rubbed the tip of his nose over your core, making you moan, “I can’t hear you,” he said. You groaned, “Will, please eat me!” you shouted. He smirked, that was all he needed before dipping into you; nibbling, and sucking on your clit. “OH GOD!” you shouted, your legs started to clamp together, and he pushed them back down, sticking a finger inside your heat, and thrusting it. You were in so much pleasure, as you were about to hit your climax, he stopped making you groan in frustration. You didn’t even have time to recover before Will plunged into you. Moaning simultaneously, Will gripped onto your hips. “Fucking. Flirting. In. Front. Of. Me,” he said between pounding into you. You were now a moaning mess, and he lifted one of your legs onto his shoulder. “WILL!” you moaned, his pace was starting to become sloppy, and you knew he was close. You could feel your orgasm in the pit of your stomach. His hand traveled down to your clit, and he harshly rubbed it, this movement pushed you over the edge. “OH FUCK! WILL!!” you screamed, he kept thrusting riding out your high, and soon he came inside you, groaning into your hair. Both of you were trying to catch your breath, and Will pulled out, laying beside you. “I’m sorry if I was too rough,” he muttered, stroking back your hair. Your eyes fluttered, “It’s alright, I actually liked it,” you breathlessly said. Will wrapped his arm around you, and you cuddled into his side drifting off to sleep.

Cole: Cole watched as you continued to shout at him. He loved seeing you like this, “ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” you shouted. “What?” Cole asked, he was too busy daydreaming about taking you right there on the floor. You started shouting again, and he rolled his eyes. “You’re so hot when you’re angry,” he said, grabbing you, and kissing you. You pulled away from him, and slapped his cheek. “Okay, I deserved that,” he said, eyes clouded by lust, and anger. You started at him, and he started back, “Fuck it,” you said, jumping on him. This took Cole by surprised, and he grasped onto your thighs, as you started kissing him. Cole bit your bottom lip, and you gasped. He took this opportunity to stick his tongue in, fighting with yours for dominance. He walked upstairs, and tossed you on the bed, “I’m going to wreck you,” he smirked into your skin. Cole started sucking hickeys into your neck as you moaned at his words. He slipped off your shirt, and unclasped your bra. His hands went straight towards your breast. He massaged one with one hand as he sucked on the other. He switched a few minutes later, and you felt his hand travel into your pants. “Cole,” you said breathlessly as his fingers ghosted over you core. He pulled away, and yanked you up. “I don’t like the way you were yelling at me,” he said, pulling off your pants. Once you were naked, he started taking his own clothes off; his member slapping up against his stomach. You were going to suck him off, but he slapped away your hands. “Hands, and knees missy,”  he demanded, you did as he said, and he moaned at the sight of your ass. “How many spanks do you think you deserve?” he asked rubbing your ass. You moaned, “Three,” you muttered. Cole chuckled, “That’s cute, but you deserve more,” he said, “Count ‘em, and if you lose count, we start over.” You moaned at his words, and soon felt his hand colliding with one of your cheeks. You hissed, “One,” you groaned, another slapped hit the other cheek, “Two.” This kept going on for a while, until he reached ten. “Such a good girl,” he said, rubbing your stinging ass. Cole pumped himself a few times, and you felt him plunge into you. “Fuck, you’re tight,” he moaned. You moaned too, as he started to pound into you, “COLE OH GOD!” you moaned, as he thrusted more into you. The headboard of the bed started to hit against the wall. Cole slapped your ass again, he stopped thrusting into you, and you groaned. “Do it yourself,” he said, as you continued to moan. “Cole please,” you begged, he slapped your ass again. “What did I say!?” he shouted, the spanking was turning you on even more, and you started to thrust back into his hips. Swears flew from his mouth, and he gripped onto your waist again. “You feel so good,” he said, starting to pound into you roughly. He was going really hard, and you couldn’t hold yourself up anymore, so you collapsed onto the bed. “I’m not finished with you yet,” he said lifting you up. You were a withering mess beneath him, and could feel your release coming. “Fuck, we should fight more often,” he moaned, spilling into you. You came right after, moaning loudly as he rode out your highs. He pulled out, and you fell onto the bed, him laying beside you. “I love you, you know that right?” he asked softly. You nodded, “I’m really sorry,” you turned a bit, and kissed him. “I forgive you,” you told him, you knew you were going to be extremely sore the next day.

Dana: The car ride home was silent, and you crossed your arms over your chest, staring out the window. When you were out for dinner, halfway through, Dana’s ex-girlfriend walked into the restaurant too. He got too friendly with her. This threw you over the edge resulting in you making a scene. You both argued in the car for quite some time until you started giving him the silent treatment. Once you made it home, you immediately got out the car. You slammed the door in Dana’s face, “Y/N, how many times do I have to say it didn’t mean anything?!” he shouted, opening the door, and following you upstairs. You grabbed two pillows, and a blanket from the closet. “What are you doing?” he asked, you handed the stuff to him. “You’re sleeping on the couch,” you said. He dropped the pillows, and pulled you closer by the hand. “Babe, I’m really sorry, and I wasn’t looking at her I swear,” he said, rubbing your arms up, and down. You started at him, and Dana moved in closer starting to kiss your neck. “Dana, no,” you said, pushing him away. He continued kissing you, and soon you gave in. Dana smirked against your skin, and you both started to kiss. “Clothes off,” you demanded, pulling away from him. He was taken by surprise, and shrugged. “Alright,” he said starting to strip. He stood in front of you awkwardly, and you smirked this time. “On the bed,” you demanded, he gulped and laid on the bed. You opened a special drawer that you, and Dana used when having sex, and took out the handcuffs. “Oh no. Nope, you’re not cuffing me,” he said. You smiled, “If you want to continue this, I suggest you lay back down,” you told him. He sighed, laying back down. You cuffed his hands to the bedpost, “You can’t touch me until I say so,” you mumbled starting to take off your clothes. You climbed onto the bed, crawling towards Dana. He moaned as you started to slowly stroke his member, “Faster please,” he nearly choked. You ignored what he was saying going extremely slow. “Fuck Y/N, please,” he begged, you batted your eyelashes innocently at him. You were already soaked just from hearing his moans. You still wanted to tease him, so you climbed over him and pumped him a bit before sliding down slowly. You both moaned, and Dana struggled against the handcuffs, wanting to touch you in anyway he could. You slowly started to grind in figure eights on him, “FUCK! Please let me touch,” he said, “Faster.” Dana thrusted his hips up, trying to feel as much pleasure as possible. You didn’t feel like teasing him, anymore and started to bounce on him. Swears flew from both of your lips, and he kept yanking on the handcuffs. You bent over taking the handcuffs off, your breast falling into his face. Dana quickly gripped onto your waist, and flipped you over, pounding into you roughly. “DANA!!” you screamed, you felt your release coming, and Dana’s thrusts was getting sloppy. Soon you both came at the same time. Catching your breaths, Dana rolled off of you. It was quiet as you both stared up at the ceiling, “That was hot,” he said making you giggle.

Gabe: He was too proud to admit when he was wrong, and that was a problem. You both got into an fight over something, and him being too proud was the whole reason the two of you weren’t talking at the moment. Neither of you wanted to leave the house, so you made him sleep in the spare room. Gabe was really horny, and he really wanted you. You were laying on the bed reading when you heard a soft knock at the door. Gabe peaked his head in, and you glared. “What do you want?” you asked harshly. “You,” he lowly said, you placed down your book. “Are you going to apologize?” you asked, he rolled his eyes. “No, I’m not wrong, and I didn’t start the fight,” he said, coming more into the room. “Then you’re not getting any,” you said picking your book back up. “YY/NN,” he whined, sitting on the bed, “Don’t you think this whole avoiding each other thing is getting old?” he asked. He placed his hand on your thigh, rubbing circles into your skin softly. “Let’s just forget the fight even happened,” he suggested. You moved his hand away, you were still mad at him. What made it worse was that you were horny too. “I want to fuck you against the wall,” he whispered in your ear. His words were making you hornier, and you couldn’t help but to moan. That’s when he knew he had you. Gabe cheered a bit, and started to take off your clothes agonizingly slow. “You wanted to take me, so do it!” you yelled. Gabe rolled his eyes, “Shut-up,” he said, “You make one sound, and I’ll punish you.”  He continued his actions from before, then faked gasped. “Naughty girl, no bra or undies,” he said. Biting your lip, you watched as Gabe took his clothes off. Gabe looked over to you, and lifted you up by the waist. His eyes were clouded by lust as he scanned your body up, and down. His hands trailed down to your heat, and he stuck two fingers into you, thrusting them. You resisted the urge to moan, and gripped onto his bicep. “So wet, I barely even touched you,” he said. You kissed him, trying to distract yourself from moaning, and this gesture made Gabe moan against your lips. “Jump,” he growled against your lips, you did as he said, and he gripped onto your thighs. “I want you so bad right now,” he said. Gabe pushed you up against the wall roughly, and rubbed the tip of his dick over your folds. This made you moan loudly. Gabe stopped and stared at you, angered. “What did I say!” he yelled letting go of you. You groaned, and he slapped your ass harshly. “I’m going to let you off with a warning,” he growled. “That was a warning?” you asked, he raised an eyebrow. “Still talking…I’m going to make sure you can’t walk for days,” he said, lifting you back up. He plunged into you, giving you no time to adjust. You screamed out in pain, and pleasure as he fucked you harshly against the wall. “I’m right,” you heard him say in between moans. You really couldn’t care less about the fight you two were having, all you were focused on was him. You just nodded, and he continued to pound into you as you clawed at his back. He turned around stumbling to the bed, your foot knocked over the lamp on the bedside table making the both of you laugh a bit. He fell back onto the bed, “Ride me,” he demanded, you lifted your hips up rolling back down onto him. “FUCK! You feel so good,” Gabe moaned, thrusting up into you. You moaned too starting to feel your orgasm coming, “Gabe,” you whined. He reached down rubbing your clit, “Let go baby,” he moaned. A few thrusts later, you came undone, Gabe following minutes later. You were so exhausted that you rolled off of him, and drifted to sleep. He looked down at you, and smiled, drifting off to sleep himself.   

David: A night out to the club turned heated in both a fight, and sex. You were out at the club with friends. David wanted to stay at the table, and talk with the guys, so you went out on the dance floor with the gals. At some point you started dancing with a few guys that were around you. You didn’t think anything of it since you weren’t grinding on them, or anything like that. David on the other hand didn’t like this. He was possessive, so once one of the guys touched your waist he was livid. This resulted in a fight between the guy you were dancing with, and David getting kicked out the club. “Are you serious, we can’t go out for one night without you blowing up on some guy!” you shouted following David out of the club. He glared at you, “We wouldn’t have this problem if you weren’t all over other guys like some slut!” he shouted. You were angry now. Shaking your head, you crossed your arms over your chest, and walked away from him. He followed after, not caring if he just insulted you, or not. “Get in the car,” David said, you shook your head, “I can find my own way home,” you told him, sitting on the curb. “Y/N, get in the car,” he said through gritted teeth. David was stuck, he was annoyed from both the fight in the bar, and trying to get you in the car, but at the same time he was horny from the way you looked in the dress you were wearing. You got up, and went to the car, sitting in the back seat instead. The way David looked angry was actually turning you on. He got in the drivers side, and started the car. He started muttering stuff under his breath. You were a bit mad at him, and you knew he was aroused from the way you looked, so you decided to tease him. Without a second thought, you slipped off your thong, and tossed it into the passenger side. David glanced down curious to what you had set in the seat, and his eyes clouded with lust. He shot his gaze back onto the street, and glanced at you in the rear-view mirror. “Don’t you dare,” he growled almost reading your mind. You smirked at him, and slowly crept your hand down to your heat. “I swear Y/N if you touch yourself you’re in for it,” he said huskily. David was stopped at a red light. You looked him straight in the eye, and stuck a finger inside your heat, pumping it, and moaning. The fight you two just had left his mind, and he was angred from you touching yourself. “I mean it, stop!” he shouted, you slipped in another finger, and moaned loudly. He groaned turning off the main street, soon David parked in an abandoned parking lot. He turned off the car, and hopped out the front seat, going to the back. “Touching yourself without me,” he muttered, pulling on your leg, and sliding you towards him. He pushed your hand away from your core, replacing it with his own. “David,” you breath, his hand gave something that yours lacked. He bent down, and licked between your folds, nibbling on your clit. You moaned loudly, as he continued to kiss, and flick you bundle of nerves. Your toes curled, and you reached down for his hair. David pulled up, not letting you reach your high. He stood outside of the car, unbuckling his belt, and unzipping his pants. He hissed as the cool night air collided with his member. You were still trying to catch your breath when you felt him slam into you. “OH GOD!” you shouted, he waited a moment, letting you adjust before pulling out to the tip, and slamming back in. He groaned, and continued doing this. The car started to shake as David pounded into you roughly. He lifted both of your legs over his shoulder going in deeper. “FASTER!” you shouted as he kissed your ankle. He obliged, and started going faster. “David,” you whispered barely audible. He knew you were close just from the way you were clenching around him. David grunted, going harder since he could feel his own release coming. “OH F-SHIT! Y/N!” David moaned spilling into you, he kept thrusting, and soon you came. David collapsed on top of you, resting his head on your breast, and  brushing some strands of hair out of your face. “I’m sorry baby, you’re not a slut,” he apologized. You kissed the top of his head, “Apology accepted,” you said. David pulled out, and cuddled you into his side.

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The boner one with jily. Or hinny.

Oh yes. I like it. 
Based off of this post
. Also, if anyone else wants to give the same prompt a go, I’d love to read it!! 

“Why the fuck did you do that, James?” Lily shouted, glaring at her boyfriend from across the Heads’ Common Room. 

“He’s a dick! That’s why, Lily!” James shouted back. “I was defending your honor!" 

"I can defend my own bloody honor, thank you very much!” Lily glared, crossing her arms over her chest. 

“You don’t think I fucking know that? It was three against one, Lily! Excuse me, your boyfriend, for wanting to protect you, or help you out every once in a while!” James spat. 

“You started the bloody fight! They were just talking shit as always!” Lily glared. “And what did that get you? Detention for a week!" 

"They could have started it just as easily!” James glared. “I finished it before it was started.” Fuck. James felt tension in his pants. Lily’s eyes were wild and color was rising to her cheeks. He knew he shouldn’t be feeling things right now, but he couldn’t help it. She was just so beautiful. Always so beautiful. Goddamn it, I’m not fucking fourteen anymore! I should be able to control this! Sirius’ mum naked… James thought desperately. 

It was no use. Lily was moving her arms around, and he could just  catch the top of her breasts… The best thing to do was keep yelling and hope she didn’t notice, then he could sneak up for a wank in a few minutes. “I want to help you sometimes, Lily!” James shouted. “I’m fully aware you don’t need it, but sometimes I just want to help you! I want to protect you!” 

Lily opened her mouth to yell back, but noticed his growing boner in his trousers. She bit her lip, knowing she should be furious that sex was even on his mind while they were fighting. But they hadn’t shagged since last week, and his hair was messing and he was looking quite sexy. 

“Don’t fucking stare at my boner while we fight,” James muttered, blushing slightly. 

“Then let’s not fight,” Lily said simply, taking a step closer to him. 

“What?” James asked. Before he could get another word in, Lily had pushed him against the wall and pressed her lips to his. He wasn’t sure how, but she had her shirt undone and her knickers off in a matter of seconds. 

“Fuck me, James Potter,” Lily moaned against his lips, sliding her hands into his hair. 

James groaned, pressing his still clothed boner against her. He turned, switching their positions so Lily was against the wall. He held her hands above her head, supporting her with his body as she wrapped her legs around his waist. With his free hand he dropped his trousers and pants, and thrusted into her, grabbing her waist. “You’re so fucking hot.” He groaned, burying his face in her breasts. 

Lily moaned, throwing her head back. “Harder,” she hissed, wiggling her hips on his cock. “Fuck, James. I’m going to cum.” 

James smirked, sucking on her neck as he thrusted harder into her, pushing her over the edge. He moaned out her name as he reached his own end right after her. 

“We should fight more often,” Lily breathed as James released her arms. She held onto him to regain her strength, his cock still inside of her. “That was really good. I don’t think I can walk just yet,” she laughed. 

James grinned, kissing her forehead. “You weren’t too bad yourself. Love you.” 

“I love you too, James.” Lily smiled, ruffling his hair. 

Michael Clifford Smut:

Requested?: yes - “Could you write a smut where a member walks in on his girlfriend having sex with another girl and then joins?”
Pairing: Michael Clifford, Y/N, and i named the other girl sarah????

oh yeah hi this is marlene btw


You were staying out late at some random club, drunk as hell and stumbling across the dancefloor. You moved your hips from side to side, letting the music move you. Suddenly someone pushed from behind, so the liquid in the glass you were holding poured all over the floor. You stumbled off the dancefloor and put the empty glass on the counter, sitting down on a chair and looking at the mob in front of you.

You didn’t exactly know why you came here. Everything you could remember was fighting with your boyfriend, Michael, and that he angrily left your shared apartement.
But now you where here and you thought about leaving, when you saw a girl walking over to you. She had long blonde hair and a perfectly shaped body. Long legs, flat stomach and big boobs.

She sat down next to you, ordered a drink and looked over to you. Her light eyes hungrily travelled down your body before bighting her lip. You clearly weren’t the type for this, but it turned you on. Oh, and how it did. You blamed the alcohol.

“I’m Sarah”, The blonde said, who now had a name. You smirked in her direction.
“Y/N” Now that you two introduced yourself and Sarah’s drink arrived, her hand suddenly moved down your tigh. You felt yourself getting a little wet as she squeezed it. “Wanna dance?”, you asked. She nodded, jumping off the seat and making her way to the dancefloor. You followed closely.

Sarah grinded her hips against yours, while your hands grabbed her waist to pull her closer to you. Her lips breathed against your neck, you could smell the alcohol. Your right hand brang her face up to yours and you pressed your lips massily against hers. Her tongue slit into your mouth and her hand rubbed the fabric of your shorts between your legs. You could now taste the alcohol.
This went on for a few minutes. You pulled away, concentrating on not falling down, and asked: “Wanna get back to mine?”  Sarah agreed and you led her out of the club. You apartement wasn’t far away, so the two of you decided to walk. 

Once you got there, you both stumbled upstairs and into your bedroom, quickly taking eachother’s clothes off.  You threw her on the bed and spread her legs, hovering over her. Your lips met. Your fingers travelled down Sarah’s body and drew circles on her clit. She moaned under your touch and you felt her get wetter from second to second. 

That was when the door shut open. The both of you turned your head to look who came in, and your heart skipped a beat when you saw Michael. You thought he was gonna be angrier than ever, because, well, you just cheated on him. But instead, he decides to join. 

“Oh, ”, he said. “So my girlfriend decides to get drunk and bring home another girl? Uh-uh, not without me!” He took off his shirt while walking over to you and unbuckled his belt. He let his pants fall down, along with his boxers, freeing his already hard member. You looked back at Sarah, she said she’d be okay with it. 

Your mouth travelled down to her entrace, your tongue twirling her clit before licking her folds. Meanwhile, Michael stood behind you and placed his errection at your entrance. He started thrusting at a slow pace and you moaned out. Michael soon picked up his pace  and grabbed your hips so he could thrust into you harder. 

Sarah tangled her fingers into your hair and pushing you into her deeper. You could feel her walls tighten around your tongue, while yours tightened around Michael’s dick. You placed your finger at Sarahs clit and drew 8 figures on it. 

Michaels thrusts got sloppier and you could tell he was close to his orgasm. Sarah arched her back and hit her high, moving her hips against your mouth and riding out her orgasm. Michael came at the same time, his juices filling you up and pushing you over the edge, releasing onto his dick. You let him ride out your highs and let go of Sarah. 

You threw on your clothes and led Sarah out of your apartement. When you got back to Michael, the fight was forgotten. “We should do this more often!”, he chuckled. 

Flour fight! (LegolasxReader)

For the lovely detectiveofmiddleearth (who decided to shower me with compliments this morning you’re the best). I hope it’s to your liking!

“Shh, mellon. We will be heard if you keep giggling like that,” Legolas murmurs to you, his eye cast around him as he looks to see if anyone notices them. Your hand immediately flies to your lips, stifling the laughter that threatens to burst there, and you follow Legolas down the stairs towards the kitchen.

You and Legolas have been friends ever since you were brought into Thranduil’s Halls, shivering and alone. Your parents had been ambushed on the road and killed by orcs, and you managed to hide in the cart and then escape into the woods of Mirkwood. Legolas was the one that rescued you, and as you grew up you became closer and closer with the elven prince.

The two of you arrive at the kitchens without incident, but as soon as you arrive you run into another wall. Several elves are baking and cooking, most likely preparing for the celebration that is to take place as soon as the eve of night arrives. Most stop what they are doing when they notice Legolas standing in the door way of the kitchen.

“We wish to use the kitchen.” He didn’t need to say anything more. The elves that are working there finish up whatever food they are preparing, and then they leave. “Perks to being a prince,” Legolas tells me simply, his lip threatening to curl into a smile.

“I suppose since we kicked the rest of the cooks out we should finish their baking,” you tell him, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. Legolas nods in agreement, pulling the bag of flour towards him as he stands next to you in front of the dough.

“You know your ada wouldn’t approve of you baking,” you tease, kneading the dough. You knead while Legolas throws flour on the table. It’s strange. You’re used to seeing Legolas use those fingers to wield the likes of a bow, not something as simple as flour.

“That’s why he’ll never know,” Legolas says, pressing his finger to your nose. You gasp; there’s flour on your nose now! His smile is infectious, and you must admit, you prefer smiling Legolas over battle worn Legolas. He is actually laughing at you, a foreign sound, coming from him, and you reach across him to grab a handful of flour from the cloth bag.

He seems to see the look on your face, because he stops mid-laugh, his gaze trailing from your face to the flour in your hand. “You-” whatever else he is going to say is lost when you throw the flour at him. Only half of the flour ends up getting on him, but you can’t help but laugh. He looks ridiculous, his hair and shoulders coated in white flour.

The room was agonizingly silent, save for your laughter, and suddenly Legolas snatches two handfuls of flour and chases you around the kitchen. You are able to evade him for a while, but soon he catches you, as you had expected him to. He run his hands through your hair, along your arms, coating you in flour. “You look like a ghost,” he teases, and you wiggle out of his grasp as you grab more flour and throw it at him. It gets him in the face, and he manages to catch hold of your wrist before your can escape.

You’re both laughing, and you catch hold of his gaze. Your laughter immediately ceases when you notice the look he is giving you. It’s slightly curious and mostly filled with something you’ve never seen on him before. “What?”

“You fill my heart with the same feeling that stars provoke in me,” he confesses quietly, and before you can reply, his lips are meeting yours. Some of the flour on his face falls on yours, but you don’t even notice anymore.

All you notice is that you’re finally getting returned affections from the prince that you’ve loved for a very, very long time.

When he finally pulls away, he looks hesitant, as if he isn’t sure how you will react. You smile, take his hand, and say, “Perhaps we should have flour fights more often.”

Want this?

Long Nights

Summary: You and Taehyung had a fight ending with him leaving and you to fall asleep alone, feeling guilty about it all. 

Genre: fluffyness (kinda smut, buut not really)

Taehyung x reader

Word Count: 1,300

A/N: Mmkay, this is my first Taehyung fic. I love cute, lovey, sexy Tae sooo that’s what I wrote. Feedback is much appreciated! I’d love to write more fics, they’re fun to do c:

It had taken you forever to fall asleep the night before. One, it was way too hot in your small apartment, and two, you and your boyfriend Tae had had a stupid fight ending with you yelling at him to leave, so he did just that.

While trying to fall asleep, you couldn’t help but feel guilty. It was you who had overreacted over the smallest of things and now you were paying for it by sleeping alone in the bed you usually shared with Taehyung. You wondered where he had gone and where he was sleeping tonight. It all made you sick to your stomach.

At around four in the morning you felt a warm embrace wrap around your stomach. It all felt too familiar. You were probably imagining things. Half asleep, you thought nothing of it and quickly fell back into a deep slumber.

Your dreams consisted of you and Taehyung arguing and him leaving out the front door. Every. Single. Time. Once a dream would end, a new one would start again. It was a never ending circle of seeing that hurt look on Taehyung’s face, it hurt so much to see over and over again.

The sun shining through the blinds woke you. You groggily blinked your eyes, adjusting them to the bright light. It didn’t take you long to realize there were a pair of arms wrapped around you. You quickly turned your head to see a sleeping Tae, his cheek resting on your back.

“Taehyung?” You questioned aloud.

You watched as his eyes opened in shock.

“Y/N?” Taehyung said in a raspy voice, “Whats wrong?”

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Twin Flowers

“May I help you?” Flora was minding her own business, sweeping one of the bedchambers, when Hana had come in from nowhere, staring.

Hana looked as though she was trying to solve a riddle. “You’re… What was your name?”


“Oh! Yeah, I guess I see what he meant…”

“Huh?” The maid was at a loss, but did not allow this to distract from her cleaning.

“Lord Corrin and Lady Sakura were talking about us. Corrin said we had the same name, but I didn’t understand what he meant at the time.” She squinted, as if trying to visualize something. “He also said we were similar to each other, but I don’t see it.”

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Failure - Part two (Calum Hood)

Requested : Yes

  • PART 2 OF FAILURE!?!?!?
  • anneblogs1 : Can you please please please do a ‘Failure’ Part 2? <3
  • goldie27locks : Could you Pretty please do a part 2 on Failure? I don’t know why but I feel like a part two would be amazing
  • u should do a part 2 of failure where he comes back and apologizes and shows u just how sorry he is and it’s like hot passionate make up sex and he takes his time and makes love to u bYe iM A GOneR
  • random-quartz : Can you please make a part 2 to failure?
  • theboysfrustrations : Please do a part 2 of failure
  • 5secondsofsloths00 : Please! Failure pt. 2
  • laurenscash : please do a part two of failure
  • Can you make a second story for the failure smut with calum about makeup sex where his only goal to give you the best orgasm
  • Umm Hello can you do the second part of Failure of Calum.
  • karmamydarling : Can u do a failure 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • hye~ can you do the second part for failure calum smut where he make up with the girl please?

Rating : R

Word count : 1,8K+

Story line : Calum comes back and you two have sweet make up sex

Part ONE

I stayed on the bed for hours, waiting for Calum to come back, not even knowing if he ever would. I called and called again but he never answered. I started crying about an hour after he left, and I hadn’t been able to stop the tears since then. I understood why he was mad, I should have never done that; I should have just let him come and then let him handle the fact that I hadn’t as he wanted. I would feel so bad if it had been the other way around, not that boys could fake orgasms, but still.

I lied on my side and placed my hands under my pillow as I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn’t even close my eyes. It was 4 AM when I finally heard the door of the hotel room. I immediately sat up and wiped the cover under my eyes before apprehensively watching him walk in. His head was bowed and he didn’t even dare to look at me.

“We went clubbing” he said before I could ask.

He didn’t seem as angry as he was when he left. He seemed tired, and sorry, for some reason.

“Did you cheat on me?” the words were out before I could even stop them and his head immediately shot up to look at me.

“No!” he immediately protested, scrunching his face up in disgust; “of course not! I didn’t even drink a single drop of alcohol.” He explained and I let out a sigh of relief as I got up and took a step toward me.

“I’m sorry” I told him; “I’m so sorry, and I should have never done that” I added, as I wanted him to understand that I took full responsibility for what had happened earlier.

“I shouldn’t have left like that” he apologized as well and a small smile appeared on my face as I took another step toward him and wrapped my arms around his waist. I then let one last tear fall out as I buried my face into the crook of his neck and enjoyed the feeling of his warm hands running up and down my covered back.

I was wearing one of his shirts; that was something I always did after a fight, when I knew I was wrong and I just had to wait for him to forgive me. He pressed his cheek against the side of my head and breathed in deeply.

“I’m sorry, too” he said and I shook my head against him.

“Don’t say that, you literally didn’t do anything wrong, I would have reacted a lot worse than you” I told him and I felt him chuckle against me as he settled his hands on my waist.

“That’s true” he confirmed and I laughed, too before pulling my head away from his chest and looking up at him.

He looked down and bit on his bottom lip as he eyed my own. I gave him a reassuring smile and he slowly leaned in before sealing his mouth with mine. I immediately inched my hands up to his nape and held him against me as I trailed my tongue over his bottom lip and waited for him to part them, which he did.

“I really wanna make you come, now” he murmured against my mouth and I shivered in his arms as I closed my eyes in pleasure.

“Will you make love to me?” I asked and he hummed as one of his hands traveled under his own shirt and to my backside.

“If you’ll let me” he said and I pulled away from his lips before pressing my forehead against his and looking at him deep in the eye.

“Calum, you didn’t do anything wrong!” I repeated; “so now please, just make love to me” I said and he smiled down at me before putting his lips on mine again.

“I didn’t manage to make you come” he murmured against my skin and I felt a sharp pain hit my heart at his tone.

“And it was the first time… Do you know how many times I had to fake it with my ex-boyfriend?” I replied into the kiss; “actually, it would be easier to tell you how many times I DIDN’T have to fake it” I added and he chuckled before squeezing my buttocks.

“Don’t talk about him, now” he growled and I let out a little laugh before grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head. “I won’t stop until you come, tonight” he whispered and I placed my hand on his chest as I let my palm wonder down his abs.

“Don’t say that like this is gonna take hours, you know exactly what to do” I replied and he took my bottom lip in-between his teeth before tugging on it.

He pressed his hips against mine and walked me backwards toward the bed; until I felt the mattress against my calves and I gently fell on it. He hovered over me and kicked his shoes off before pulling my shirt over my head and placing his lips on my collarbone.

I arched my back into him and he gently bit down on my skin before trailing his hands behind my back and unclasping my bra. He seductively slid the straps down my shoulders, then trailed his lips down to my breasts; he started sucking on my left nipple as his fingers danced over the right one, elongating them both  and sending waves of pleasure through my body. 

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iKON “Fuck it” Series: Junhoe

So this is the first of my iKON series inspired by this post.  I took the most requested person to do first, Junhoe. Hopefully you guys like it! It was fun to write. Thank you so much for all the requests! Send an ask if you want to vote for which member I should write about next. Also, go easy on me, I don’t usually write scenarios…

Warnings: It’s smut, so there’s sex. Also angst… and swearing. 

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an episode that should’ve happened in ats season 5:

-spike and Angel having to go undercover as a married couple to get information
-spike & angel enjoying the situation a little bit too much
- fred walking in on the situation conveniently when it looks like they’re about to kiss and she yells ‘I KNEW IT! LORNE GET OVER HERE U OWE ME 20 BUCKS’
- after they win the fight spike is just like “huh we should do this more often” and he smiles at angel and walks away and END OF EPISODE ~~~~

why ……….. why was this not a thing….