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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Reader
Genre: Smut, Comedy, Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 30,587
Warnings: cursing/cussing, sexual content, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, unprotected sex, past bullying, past abusive relationship, mentions of drug usage, mentions of depression, anxiety attacks, self-harm

First, there were hot tongues and meaningless moans, anger and grudges hidden behind sex. Then, there were laughter and inside jokes, fleeting kisses and warm gazes trapped in time.
Jungkook has never known love before, but if he has to define it, he’s sure that love is everything he feels for her.

for the sake of the story, BTS’s ages are ambiguous. however, 95 line are still the same age, and jungkook/reader are the same age as well. jimin and taehyung will be in their third year of college, while jungkook and the reader in their first. hoseok and namjoon are also in their last year.
the reader/female character will always just be referred to as she/her/the girl. any other female character (the reader’s roommate) will be referred to using their name (or in this case, “her roommate”).
P.P.S. if you’ve ever read the overwhelming light surrounding us, see if you can catch my little reference ;)
P.P.P.S. thanks @sydist for reading the whole thing and sorting out the plot with me, @thules for making sure the smut’s okay, and @trbld-writer for encouraging me to write this!

The winter air is colder today; Jungkook shoves his fingers into the pocket of his jeans. He quickly strides forward, breathing ragged as white mist dances before his lips; his camera slams against his chest as he breaks into a run.

He has always enjoyed winter. There’s something about the serenity of the season—a time littered with sprinkles of hope, joy, and laughter—that somehow always manages to warm his heart. His fondest memories are born during this time of year, images of a chocolate fondue, his smiling older brother, and giant Christmas presents tucked neatly into the corner of his mind.

His camera bounces as he halts abruptly, and he pushes through the doors of the coffee shop.

“Jungkookie! You’re back!”

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K A I R O S | 01 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU. 

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 3 352

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated. 

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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Chaos is a Ladder - 2

This ship writes itself, I tell you. 

Part 1 is both here on Tumblr or on Ao3, if you prefer to read there. Unbeta’d, so mistakes are mine. Tagging my enablers @alchemistc @seethelovelyintheworld @nfbagelperson @kliomuse

Summary: Heroes do stupid things and die. Jon Snow does especially stupid things. After so much loss, she doesn’t know how she’ll bear it if he dies too. What they’re doing here, now, in her bed, that can only make it worse, but she doesn’t care. It’s too late. She might as well enjoy the pleasurable moments where she can.

Rating: M


Daenerys opens her eyes to find Jon sitting on the edge of her bed, trousers in place but little else. He’s watching her, his expression etched with doubts and self-loathing, his hands clasped tightly together. At the angle he’s sitting, every muscle in his torso stands out, tension radiating from him, but he doesn’t say anything when she blinks into awareness. He merely meets her stare head on, and his eyes soften, his breath a quiet sigh.

“Save me the speech on regrets,” she snaps before he can speak, hating how vulnerable she feels under that careful examination, hating that he so plainly despises himself for what they’ve done. Yes, she knew last night they were inviting trouble by giving into their desires, but he hasn’t even washed the scent of her from his skin. He could at least do her the decency of being gone when she woke and spare her whatever brooding misery lays behind that sigh.

He jerks back as if she’d slapped him, his brows furrowing with confusion. “I don’t regret one bit of it,” he says slowly, quietly, and deep within her, the dragon settles, momentarily soothed. “Do you?”

“Of course not.” It comes out more harshly than she intends, but she’s still smarting from the unexpected blow of her emotional reaction. Giving into physical lust is one thing. Getting emotionally tangled with this man, a man she could fall in love with if she’s not very, very careful, that won’t do. It won’t win her any of the battles she’s yet to fight. It won’t bring back her dragon. There is no future that way, with this bastard king.

Swept up in the storm of her own thoughts, she throws back the furs and rises, crossing to a trunk and drawing out a finely woven wool robe in a deep gray. It’s gratifying to feel Jon’s eyes on her the entire time, to turn back to face him after pulling the robe closed to find his eyes dark and a different sort of tension altogether in his body.

She ignores that between the soft white fur lining and the deep grey wool, she’s in Stark colors.

Pausing to scoop up what’s left of his discarded clothes from the floor, Daenerys drops them on the bed but remains standing in front of him. “You weren’t wearing your sword when you came here,” she says, gesturing to the pile of small weapons. “You should keep it with you, always.” The words come on their own, not exactly with her permission, but there’s something vulnerable about him sitting there on the edge of her bed, and she doesn’t like the trickle of fear that creeps along her spine.

He nods, briefly glancing down at the daggers and leather. “Aye.” He starts to reach for his clothes, but at the last minute, his fingers fall instead on her thigh. They slip quickly up to her waist, pulling her down into a kiss that melts the awkwardness between them in an instant. It’s a kiss that explodes across her tongue, rattling her senses, and then it quiets, his thumb rubbing her jaw. He doesn’t fully release her when the kiss ends, waiting for her eyes to open. “I don’t regret anything about you.”

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Part-time job (Woozi scenario)

A/N: This is my first time writing. Like ever. So if you like it, please let me know!

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Woozi/ Reader

You had been working there for a more than six months and everyone knew you loved your job. You were always telling your friends funny stories about ‘your children’ and they would always tease you because whenever you entered a store you would automatically start looking for things the boys needed or would like.

There was always that friend who would drop a “There’s no way you’re not attracted to at least one of them” but you would only gasp and fake being offended while replying “I am their mother

Part of being a mother was sneaking food into their dorms because you knew they worked hard all day so you wanted to be sure they ate enough. The first time you showed up late at night with tons of pizza, Vernon would look around trying to find a hidden camera because, you know, ONE FINE DAY happened but they eventually learned to trust you and were secretly waiting for you at least once a week. At first you would just make sure they received the food and then leave before you all got in trouble but after you bought some chicken and coke for them they insisted on you coming in to eat with them. After a few months they wouldn’t even care about the food, they just wanted to see you because they actually had a good time whenever you were around. You would talk about everything, tease each other and there were a couple of times when you comforted a couple of them who were too stressed. You would try to leave early though, because you knew they had to wake up early the next morning.

Whenever they saw you working during the day they would just bow politely and focus on their job, pretending there was nothing else going on between you. No one would ever think that after everyone went home, you would wait for S.coups’ text telling you it was safe to visit them.

You loved taking care of them and would always treat them like children because you were the oldest one, to what they would roll their eyes and remind you that you were older for just a few years. You knew they weren’t really that young they were all babies for you.

… Except for one. There was that one member that made you stop in the middle of a sentence and forget what you were going to say because you got lost in the way he licked his lips. You couldn’t help but focus on him whenever you were with the boys and the fact that he seemed to be staring at your lips with lidded eyes all the time didn’t help. You were trying to tell yourself that you were imagining things because there was no way a ‘kid’ would be lusting after you and, even if he did, he was probably just confused because you were the only female he spent time with so you should back off to avoid taking advantage of him. You tried to focus on whatever the manager was telling you while the boys were practicing the new choreography but you couldn’t help to open your mouth in shock and drop your cup of coffee when you saw them, particularly him, thrusting their hips rather aggressively. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at you and all you could do was mumble an apology and start cleaning the mess you had made.

Hey, (Y/N)… it’s ok, leave it” said one of your coworkers while trying to pick up the broken cup for you while the manager lightly touched your forehead and asked you if you were feeling alright. You had to tell them you were fine at least 5 times before they stopped insisting on sending you home however you accepted to take a short break.

You practically run to the bathroom and unlocked your phone trying to find your best friend’s number.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck-“you muttered while you waited for him to pick up “Hello? Are you busy?

“Nah, this class is not very interesting- What? I’m on the phone, you shut up!… So, what’s up, princess?” He asked using that laidback voice that made you love being his friend.

“I like him. Fuck. I like him, I like him so much-“ you said sliding down the wall.

“Of course you do. I like you too” he replied.

No, not you idiot. I’m talking about Woozi!” You yelled running your hands through your hair

“Oh. Oh shit, you want to fuck your job!- What?! Ok fine, I’m leaving, you happy now?” you heard him say to someone (probably one of his classmates)

“I didn’t say anything about fucking him!” you said lowering your voice, suddenly remembering where you were.

“But you would like to, huh?” he asked.

I…yes.” You admitted with a sigh “But I can’t. He’s so young…”

He’s hot, princess. Just do it

“… Oh my god. Why are we even friends?

“I know. I’m too cool to hang out with someone like you” he said making you laugh “Am I still your prince?” you could hear him pouting.

“Of course. I’m the only one who would marry your ass when you’re still single at the age of 40” you said while the two of you laughed and you got ready to get back to work now that you were feeling better. Little did you know that someone had heard everything.


You hadn’t had enough time to visit the boys for a couple of weeks but when you showed up you gave them enough food to feed an army. Mingyu, S.coups and you were serving the food while some of the members were still taking a shower or cleaning when you noticed there was one plate missing.

“Who is not eating?” You asked suddenly getting worried as you thought that maybe one of them was sick.

“Woozi. He is going to spend the night in the studio again” Mingyu said.

“Oh. Please save some food for when he comes back them” you said trying to hide your disappointment.

“Sure but I can’t assure you he’ll eat it. He’s been dealing with a lot of stress lately so he’s been skipping his meals” S.coups sighed.

You remained silent and the boys seemed to understand how worried you were as they looked at each other and smiled.

“Why don’t you visit him and make sure he eats?” S.coups asked casually, his eyes sparkling.

“Me?” you asked surprised.

“That’s a great idea” said Mingyu, who was already packing some food for you to take away.

“I think it would be better if one of you guys go” you said and you were being serious.

“Trust me, he sees us all the time and we probably make him feel even more stressed. A visit from you would be very helpful for him”

You took the bag of food that Mingyu handed you but didn’t dare to move, still thinking that it was a bad idea.

“He really needs someone to remind him to take care of himself” Mingyu said knowing that you were about to give in “You are like our mother so I’m sure you can do it”

That was literally all it took for you to grab your coat and head to the studio.


Now that you were about to knock on the door you were feeling insecure again. This was a stupid idea. “Fuck it” you thought “I’ll just leave the food by the door and leave. He’ll find it eventually” but right when you were about to leave he opened the door and stared at you.

“You’re wearing high heels. I could hear you walking in circles all this time and it’s really annoying. Also, S.coups texted me so I knew you were coming.” he said.

You cursed under your breath and tried to keep it cool “The boys sent you some food. Make sure you take a break and eat something” you said before turning around wanting to leave the building as fast as possible.

Come in” he said taking the food.

You stood still and looked at him. You never knew what to expect from him.

I want to take my break now but when I’m alone I can’t stop working. If you’re here I can’t concentrate so I have no choice.” He explained simply.

You weren’t even sure about if it was an insult or a compliment. “He’s such an asshole” you though as you followed him into the studio anyway.

High heels off. They are giving me a headache” he ordered.

You huffed but still took them off and sat down on the floor. You decided to play a game on your phone while you waited for his stupid break to be over. Since you were here, you might as well rest a bit. He just grinned and sat down in front of you, unpacking the food.  You didn’t even get to start playing when he interrupted you.

Are you going to eat or what?” he asked

It’s your food. You eat it.”

“You haven’t eaten yet, have you? There’s plenty of food for both of us” he replied and pointed at the other pair of chopsticks that Mingyu had casually packed. Well, you were hungry so you picked them up and started eating too.

Happy?” you asked.

He just shrugged and said “Tell me about your day.”

What?” you choked.

“I’m trying to take a break here. You are supposed to distract me” he said.

You really are an asshole. Fuck you.” you said out loud, not even caring anymore.

He dropped his chopsticks and stared at you widening his eyes but then he started laughing. Wow that was something you didn’t get to see very often. And yes, you thought it was hot. You could feel yourself blushing and there was no place to hide.

I guess I am” he said still laughing “but I still want to know about your day

You couldn’t help but smile at his pretty laugh and you ended up laughing too. When you two finally calmed down, you found yourselves talking about how stressed you both were. He was putting the leftovers back into the bag and putting it away when your phone started vibrating. Your best friend was texting you.

You couldn’t help but smile as you replied to his text but when you looked up you saw Woozi staring at you. There it was: lidded eyes looking at you while he bit his lower lip. You almost dropped your phone but decided to pretend it didn’t affect you and return your attention to the screen. Your friend texted you back right in time with a really good joke and you were so focused that you didn’t notice Woozi sitting right behind you and taking your phone away. You turned around to see him looking at your phone, furrowing his eyebrows while reading your friend’s contact name out loud “My Prince”.  You heard your phone vibrating again but when you tried to reach for it, Woozi just put it behind him. You tried to turn around and were ready to fight him but he started doing something you honestly never saw coming: he was massaging your shoulders.

“W-what are you doing?” you asked suspiciously.

“You said you are stressed right? You helped me taking a break so I’m doing the same for you.

“Can you at least give me my phone b-ah!” you gasped when he rubbed your neck just right.

“Don’t you know that phones can increase the stress levels?” he whispered next to your ear.

Fine, just- mmh… don’t turn it off. He’ll get worried” you said. Instead of replying he applied more pressure and you couldn’t help the small moan that escaped your mouth.

Fuck, how are you so good at this?” you asked breathless. You didn’t even notice the phone vibrating anymore. He just chuckled while pushing your hair over your shoulder and placed a soft kiss on the back your neck. His hands felt so good that it took you some minutes to realize he was kissing and biting your neck.

Jihoon?” You started to panic. Suddenly you were aware of everything: his hands touching your lower back, his teeth nibbling your earlobe, the phone vibrating nonstop.

Relax” was his only reply before he started sucking on your neck. You moaned and tried to push him away but he groaned, hugging your waist and pulling your back closer to him.

Jihoon, y-you’re leaving a mark.” You complained but he only sucked harder. “You fucker!” you hissed when you understood he was doing it on purpose. He stopped and leaned his head on your shoulder laughing breathlessly while caressing your tummy.

It’s not funny!” you said. He remained silent for a few seconds and then kissed your shoulder sweetly.

“It wasn’t meant to be funny” he said softly but he didn’t say anything else. No explanation to his behavior. No apology. Nothing. So you violently pushed his hands away and stood up but he quickly grabbed your arm and pulled you on top of him. You were now on his lap, while he was sitting between your legs. You gave him a killer glare but he didn’t seem to be intimidated.

“If this is a joke-“ you started but he grabbed your hips and grinded you against him. You gasped as you felt how hard he was.

“Does it feel like I’m joking?” he asked looking at you straight in the eyes. You didn’t know what to say. His cock pulsating against you didn’t let you come up with an answer.

“I can’t.” You finally said.” You-“

“…am too young?” he interrupted you. You looked away. “But you like me, (Y/N). You like me a lot.” he continued while caressing your waist.

“Sorry, I don’t.” You lied. You were very convincing but he wasn’t having it.

Yes, you do.” He grinned leaning against your ear. “Remember that day you weren’t feeling well and run to the bathroom?” he kissed your jawline. “I was worried so I followed you. I couldn’t just enter the girls’ bathroom so I was going to wait for you outside…That’s when I noticed you were on the phone.” He licked your neck and your eyes widened in fear and embarrassment. You remembered that. You literally had screamed that you had a crush on Woozi. How could you be so stupid? He was now looking at your face and he seemed to find your reaction rather amusing. He bit his lower lip and asked “How long are you going to keep me waiting?”

You wanted to die of embarrassment. Maybe you should just give in? But no, your mind wouldn’t stop telling you his body was reacting this way because he has no other female around him. He’s desperate and now that he knows you like him he wants to use you to relieve stress. Now that you thought about it, it was completely normal for guys his age to have sex. You started thinking about all the other boys back in the dorms and felt sad for them. They needed to have a healthy live and that included sex, even if they didn’t have time for relationships.

“I’ll talk to the company.” you finally said and when he looked confused you added “They can probably hire some women… or men, whatever you’re into for you to do your…things” you said, mom mode activated as you reassured him “There’s no need to be ashamed, your body is changing, this is totally normal.”

He narrowed his eyes and asked “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t want to fuck another woman.”

We’ll make sure they get tested before, ok? They’ll be clean and I’m sure they will keep the secret if they get p-“ He let out a frustrated groan, grabbed the back of your head and kissed you roughly. It felt so good to finally kiss the one you liked but you still weren’t sure it was right to take advantage of his needs so you tried to push him away. He pulled you closer, his tongue deep into your mouth and started thrusting his hips lazily. You parted away, gasping for air as he repeated “I don’t want another woman. I like you. Everyone knows you drive me crazy. Now stop killing the mood and kiss me back.” He demanded.

You were thinking about how much trouble you would get into if someone found out about what was happening when he kissed you again and this time you kissed back. He moaned, finally satisfied with your reaction but wasted no time and squeezed your ass, thrusting harder.

“You look so good wearing a dress. How come you never wear one for work?” he asked casually sliding his hands under it and caressing your thighs.

“I was going to go out with a friend.” You replied kissing his neck.

“The friend who keeps texting you?” he asked and suddenly you remembered him. You quickly stopped and were about to reach for your phone when Jihoon’s hand found his way into your panties and rubbed your clit shamelessly. Your back arched.

Fuck, Jihoon. Just let me reply to his text, ok?”

I’m not stopping you, (Y/N). Am, I?” he asked innocently while rubbing faster. You tried to glare at him but you couldn’t keep your eyes open at how good his fingers felt. He rubbed even faster while looking at your face, fascinated. “Are you close?” he asked when you started shaking. You nodded while moaning and he stopped immediately.

“What the fuck?!” You asked him breathless, frustrated because how dare he making you feel this good and then stop right before your orgasm.

“You should let your friend know that you are fine.” He simply replied.  You just looked at him wondering if he was actually serious but he didn’t flinch so you just grabbed your phone and stood up, hating Jihoon more than ever. When you checked your phone you even had missed calls.

Fuck, he probably thinks I’m dead.” You said as you called him.

Hello? What the fuck is your problem, princess? I almost called the police!” your friend yelled on the other end.

“I’m so sorry, my lovely prince.” You started feeling incredibly guilty. ”I’m fine, I’m just-Wh…Oooh” you couldn’t finish the sentence as Jihoon quickly pulled your panties down and gave your clit a long lick.

“(Y/N)?” Your friend asked but you weren’t paying attention. You were trying to push Jihoon away while you angrily whispered “What the fuck are you doing?” but he looked at you straight in the eye, fucking grinned and buried his head between your legs. You let out a silent scream and started shaking as you were already close to your release thanks to all that teasing not long ago. Somehow you managed to finish the call before grabbing his hair and come in his mouth moaning loudly. He gave you one last lick and kissed your hip before pulling you back into his lap and kissing you hungrily.

How the fuck do I explain that to my friend?” you asked between kisses.

Just tell him the truth” he replied, taking his cock out of his pants and putting a condom on.

“Why do you even have one of those?”

“I’m 20 years old, of course I have one. Also I’ve been thinking of a way to be alone with you to do this. You coming to me today made it easier.” He said rubbing his dick against your entrance.

“Fuck you” you laughed.

“That’s the plan” he said sliding into you, both of you moaning. He waited a few seconds before moving slowly. You were kissing when your friend called you back.

“Answer him” Jihoon suddenly said.

No fucking way.” He thrusted into you harder and made you gasp.

If you don’t answer it, I’ll do it.” He threatened. You glared at him, refusing to pick it up. But he grabbed the phone himself and answered so you took it away from his hands, panicking.

I’m so sorry, everything is fine. I promise!” you said before he asked you anything.

“(Y/N) where even are you?”

“I…” you looked at Jihoon, who raised an eyebrow and thrusted into you. You gasped and tried to come up with an excuse quickly. “I had to head back to work. They needed me to take care of something for a photo shoot tomorrow morning” you lied. Jihoon laughed breathlessly and fucked you harder.

“What? They are assholes, you’re supposed to have the nights off” your friend replied.

I know, they are assholes.” You replied glaring at Jihoon and trying to hold back your moans. He smirked.

“(Y/N) you sound very tired. Have you thought about the job I offered you? You know my dad owns the company. Come work with us and we’ll treat you well, princess.” Your friend said worried. Jihoon furrowed his eyebrows and slowed down, looking at you confused. He had clearly heard what your friend said.

“Your offering sounds very tempting right now. I’m honestly considering it.” You said and Jihoon gave you one hard deep thrust that made you moan out loud.

“…(Y/N)?” you heard your friend’s confused voice but you couldn’t reply. Jihoon was fucking you roughly, he even looked angry.

“….Princess, are you-?” your friend didn’t get to finish his sentence because Jihoon interrupted him with an “Ooh, (Y/N) you feel so good.” Way louder than necessary. You slapped his arm, knowing what he was trying to do but he only continued. “Mmm yeah, baby. Just like that, you take me so well…Uuhh” You panicked and tried to cover his mouth with your hand but then he pounded into you with brutal force and you were the one moaning.

Oh my god, (Y/N) you are totally fucking your job!” your friend yelled before hanging up. You didn’t even have the energy to be mad at Jihoon as you felt your orgasm hitting you. Jihoon followed not long after with a low groan as he spilled into the condom. Neither of you moved. Your foreheads touching, the only sound in the studio was your breathing until Jihoon broke the silence asking “Are you going to stop working with us?”

“…If someone finds out about this, I’ll have to” you sighed. He kissed your lips softly before saying “No one needs to know. Except for your prince” he huffed.

“…He’s gay.” You told him. Jihoon didn’t say anything for a few seconds before finally whispering “Good.” And kissing you again.

a short unpolished elsewhere fic

Students who sought out contact with the Fae at Elsewhere University where normally rejected by other students, I was no exception to this rule. The faeries at Elsewhere where the trickster type who liked to steal people, make wagers, and steal people. My first year at elsewhere had been hard for a different reason- people didn’t accept who I was. I very much looked like a typical boy and talked like a typical boy so they all thought I was a boy, this lasted about a week. When I thought people where starting to like me I became more comfortable expressing the fact that I wasn’t a boy, not always at least. You see they had trouble understanding that my gender was so fluid that one day I could be a boy, the next a girl, and one some days both or neither. At least thats what I thought. The real reason why everyone was uncomfortable when I would express this fluidity is because students like me where more likely to be taken by the faeries here, or make deals with them and no one wanted to be friends with someone who would be stolen away, possibly to not return until. During midterms in my second semester people started opening up to me and I made a few friends, this however was an especially hard time for me and I began to want to seek out a faerie that would help me. I began taking my mood ring on walks around the school glancing through it to see the truth and when I would find a faerie I would simply put the ring on and talk to them. I must have talked to a dozen faeries posing as students before I got the answer I was looking for, that if I were able to win a contest with the faerie they would give me the ability to control my voice and then at least I would sound the way I wanted whenever I wanted. This “parlor trick” as the faerie called it wasn’t very costly. I had to wager my second favorite dress (one that I had bought for less than twenty dollars) so I thought the risk would be well worth the reward, the ability to change my voice. This contest was a game of quarters, I became very good at quarters in high school when I would drink my dysphoria away at parties with all the “cool” kids. This was the first of three contests I won with the Fae in two years. The second contest won back a student who had been taken, and the third wager won me a potion that would grant happiness and inspiration for a day (I used this potion to finish my first novel and the short story that secured my A in my creative writing course.) Each wager became more dangerous than the last. For the student me and two others had to put up something with extreme emotional attachment- the teddy bear my grandmother gave me, Hannah’s bracelet their dad gave them before going off to a war they would never return from and Johnny’s blanket (he wouldn’t explain why it was so important to him but the faerie we were dealing with seemed surprised at how much it meant to him.) The potion, well I nearly lost that wager and my voice along with it. But this is nothing compared to the last wager I made at Elsewhere University.

I was on a mission to find the most powerful faerie who would be willing to gamble with me, I knew that was the only way. Even my closest friends told me that they wouldn’t support this endeavor as the risk would be too high. “They’ll take you forever” they warned. I didn’t care anymore, I was tired of the body I was living in and I was going to find a faerie powerful enough to grant me the power to change it. I had seen one student win a wager with a faerie that changed their body once, her name was Ellie and she graduated much happier than I ever imagined she would be, but still not as happy as she deserved to be as her fear of what her parents would think gnawed at her from time to time. But what Ellie had done wasn’t what I wanted, I wanted to be able to change my body, to be the way I felt like I should be on any given day, and that was no parlor trick. That feat was no small task of magic and no complex potion could grant my request. This was strong magic, magic that the faeries only ever used on themselves, I wasn’t even sure it was possible for any Fae to grant my request.

One day though in class room 231- the classroom that time moves the slowest in- I met a faerie who gave off an imposing energy, I knew instantly that if anyone could grant my request it would be them.

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the heir – pt. 5

Group : BTS

Member : Park Jimin

Word Count :  5,955

Description : It has been eight years, long enough for you to forget about him. But seeing your son everyday, who is almost a duplication of him, always brings back the painful memories of how the only one you had ever loved had died eight years ago. Killed by the police for being a criminal who had broken into a bank and kidnapped a hostage.

A/N : I finally did it! I finished part 5 after three days of sleepless nights! YAy me. *laughs maniacally while clutching to cup of coffee* 

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“Is she awake yet?,” Jimin asked, his brows pulled together as he pinched his own lips.

It had been an hour since you passed out and you hadn’t showed any signs of recovery yet. Even when the doctor had assured him that you were fine, Jimin refused to leave you alone until you roused from this unconscious state. At this moment, he needed you to stay strong and he needed you to stay strong himself. 

“No, Sir. But she will soon, I promise,” replied his doctor. He couldn’t do much, except for giving you an IV and wait until you wake up, but no matter how many times he had told Jimin not to worry, your worried boyfriend would march in every fifteen minutes, asking the same question again. 

Jimin ran his hand through his hair with a sigh. “Call me immediately when she’s awake, okay?” When receiving a slight nod from the doctor, he stormed out of the room again. 

The moment you collapsed to the ground, Jimin’s heart sunk with you and almost stopped when you wouldn’t wake up. He would have lost his mind if it weren’t for his servants that acted fast and called the doctor while trying to keep Jimin away from the edge of hysteria. 

As much as he wanted to stay by your bedside, he had to find your son, as soon as possible. He was determined to find him before you wake up, even if he meant to engage every of his servants.

But… where was that kid? Could he have run off to the street and gotten lost - or just hid somewhere in the house where nobody would find him? But then the cameras would have seen him wandering around.

Jimin shook his head. Screw the cameras. 

They couldn’t catch his grandparents’ assassins, then they surely won’t be able to catch a little kid. So there was only one last option left.

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All (We) Want

So, in the Writers’ Hub we have quite the selection of opinions on when, where and if Captain Swan have ever done the deed. I took it upon myself to um… bring some of those scenarios to life.

4.4k of pure smutiness in various forms. Rated M. On ao3 HERE

Credit to @winterbythesea @ofshipsandswans @hencethebravery @dassala and @businesscasualprincess for the situations and @captainwiley and @irishswanff for the sprinting help. Did I say credit? I meant blame.

Also @killiancygnus. Because ily.

1. Neverland

He can feel the weight of her stare on the back of his neck as he turns from the helm, her regard following him as his invisible companion as he moves to go below.

She’s been sitting at the bow since sunset, the sky spreading before her like a sea of stars, but her face has never turned towards them, nor has she looked down at the glittering carpet of the ocean below. Her attention has been fixed, wholly and completely, on him.

It makes him nervous in a way he hasn’t felt in centuries - her silent perusal combined with the thrill of his newly discovered feelings leaving him quite lightheaded.

He wants her to watch him, but more than that he wants her to want.

He slips a hand into his jacket pocket in search of his flask - anything to soothe his frayed nerves - but he comes up empty.

“Lost something?” she calls, holding his flask between finger and thumb, her lip curled sardonically. “You’re not the only pirate around here.”

“You need only have asked, Swan,” he says, shuffling over with hand outstretched. To his surprise she pulls the flask back, holding it close to her chest and watching him with hooded eyes.

“Is that true?” she asks, her voice low.

“Is what true, love?” he asks, snatching for the flask and scowling slightly as she refuses to hand it over.

“That I only have to ask.”

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In the Rough

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 (you are here), part 6, part 7, part 8, based on @skygemspeaks’s prompt

Previously: As soon as Yuuri has settled into his role as Prince Victor’s personal bodyguard, his childhood friend Prince Phichit appears. Yuuri fears for his secret, as there is no doubt that his friend will be more than surprised to find Yuuri here, in the palace of the Nikiforovs.

Yuuri’s blood runs cold when he hears the crier announce the incoming royal.

“Presenting His Royal Highness, Crown Prince of the Southeast, Phichit Chulalont!”

Of all the royals that could possibly be visiting during Yuuri’s tenure here, the only one that could possibly be worse than Phichit would be Mari. He and Prince Phichit (affectionately dubbed Phichan by a three year old Yuuri) have been friends since Phichit was born, and there’s no one in the world that knows Yuuri better. They played together as children, and rode together during their many visits to each other’s respective kingdoms. They even lived together for a time, when they took a few years to travel for their schooling. In fact, it’s not uncommon (or wasn’t uncommon, Yuuri guiltily thinks) for the two of them to sleep in the same bed; they’ve been doing it since they were children. At one point Yuuri’s parents had even wondered whether the two of them should be betrothed, but they both vehemently refused. They were much better off as friends, they knew. Besides, Phichit is in love with one of his guards, which Yuuri mercilessly teases (teased) him about regularly.

Yuuri has no doubt that Phichit has been made aware of his disappearance, but he also remembers writing the boy several letters when Mari first started to pull away. He can only hope that when– not if –Phichit recognizes him, that he manages to put the two together before he exposes Yuuri.

Luckily, Victor is still not here (though he will be soon) and the Tzar is overseeing Prince Yuri’s lessons after one too many ditching attempts. For once, Yuuri is alone in the throne room.

By the time Phichit and his entourage (Seung-Gil, Leo, and Guang-Hong, all of whom Yuuri knows well) arrive in a throne room, Yuuri is kneeling, as is proper. He’s sweating from nerves, and it’s all he can do to keep his voice from shaking when he speaks in Phichit’s native language, accent near perfect from years of practice.

“I formally apologize for making you wait. His Highness will be here soon, so please, make yourself comfortable.”

He hears Phichit’s sharp intake of breath and knows he’s been found out. “On your feet, soldier. Let me see your face.”

Slowly, so slowly, Yuuri rises to face him. He can hear footsteps coming from a direction of Victor’s bedchambers, and meets Phichit’s eyes desperately. In the few seconds that it takes for Victor and Otabek to reach a throne room, the two of them reach a silent agreement, a complex conversation that’s only possible because of how well they know each other.

A wide-eyed, desperate look. I’ll explain everything, I promise.

A look of disbelief. Yuuri, is it really you?

Lowered eyes for just a second. Later. I’ll tell you everything, just please play along.

The barest hint of tears. I missed you.

Bowed head. …I missed you too, Phichan.

A hand on the shoulder. You’ll explain later?

A tiny nod. I swear.

A light squeeze on the shoulder before pulling away. Okay.

The other three pairs of eyes widen in recognition as well, but they stay silent. If their prince isn’t going to say anything, Yuuri is sure that they won’t either; those men are nothing if not loyal.

“Yuuri,” Victor whines, jumping on his back with his entire bodyweight. “I missed you!”

Yuuri can’t help but glance over at Phichit self-consciously. The boy looks amused, eyebrow raised and arms crossed. Yuuri can read him like a book, but he can’t afford to react any differently from how he normally would, or Otabek may suspect something.

He pries Victor off gently but firmly. “Victor, you’re being extremely rude. Besides, it’s been less than an hour since I saw you last.”

“An hour too long,” Victor says, kissing Yuuri’s hand dramatically. Yuuri privately agrees with him, but that’s an issue for another time, especially since Victor is just teasing. “Though I suppose you’re right. I apologize, Your Highness. Welcome back to our palace. I assume that your trip went without issue?”

“Of course.” Phichit says with a mischievous smile, glancing at Yuuri for a fraction of a second. “I’m more than glad to be back, especially now that I’m finally here. I see you’ve inducted a new member of your staff.”

Victor’s grin is blinding, and Yuuri doesn’t know how to process it. He’s noticed that Victor carries himself like a man who has known loneliness; it seems as though he’s attached to Yuuri in the same way that a child would attach itself to a blanket. “Isn’t he great? So polite and well behaved. I’m proud to call him my personal bodyguard.”

“May I ask his name?” Phichit’s eyes sparkle with concealed mirth that Yuuri is sure only he can see.

“Of course!” Victor claps his hands once in excitement; he always does seem to enjoy showing Yuuri off. “His name is Yuuri Nishigori, of Yutopia. He saved my life in the forest, so I decided to bring him here and give him a job as a reward.”

Guang-Hong laughs when he hears Yuuri’s “name,” but manages to cover it up as a cough. “Excuse me.”

Yuuri gives him a severe look. Don’t forget I know about your affair with Leo. Not, of course, that Phichit would care, but it’s nice to have some blackmail material on his friends once in a while.

“Excuse my guard, he’s laughing at my antics. I must admit to some deception, Prince Victor,” Phichit says with a small grin.

Victor raises and eyebrow in that way that Yuuri has noticed means that he’s mildly amused. “Oh?”

Phichit nods. “You see, Yuuri and I have already met.”

Oh no, Phichit please no. Yuuri’s grip on the hilt of his sword anxiously.

“It’s a story quite similar to yours, actually.” Phichit smiles at Yuuri. I’ve got this. “I was travelling the continent for school a few years ago, and I wandered from the caravan of boredom. I found a view I particularly liked and wandered too close to the edge of a cliff. Your guard saved my life.”

Yuuri remembers that day, actually. Phichit had scared the life out of him, wandering off like that.

“Phichan, why would you go so close to the edge? You could have died!” Yuuri could feel his heartbeat in his throat. “If I’d lost you…”

Phichit was shaking, his usual grin far from his face. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“In fact, we became friends soon after.” Well, that’s a bold-faced lie, but Yuuri can’t expect anything different if he wants to keep his secret safe.

Victor looks at Yuuri with wide eyes. “Wow! My Yuuri is so amazing, why didn’t you tell me that you knew another royal?”

I know several, actually. Phichit just happens to be the one that’s here. “It, uh, it never came up, I suppose.”

“You were named for the missing prince, right Yuuri?” Phichit cuts in.

When Yuuri nods, Victor looks confused. “What do you mean, missing prince?”

“Ah, I forget how cut off this country is from its neighbors,” Phichit says, looking apologetic and slightly sad. The sadness, Yuuri can tell, is entirely real. He feels a sharp twinge of guilt about causing it. “Yutopia’s prince, Yuuri Katsuki, went missing several months past. He’s a very dear friend of mine.”

There’s a short period of silence, where Yuuri is sure that Victor is trying to find the appropriate words to respond to a revelation like this.

“Victor, if I may make a suggestion,” Otabek says, startling them all. “Pardon my intrusion into your conversation, but perhaps, for the duration of the prince’s stay, Nishigori should stay with his company. It may make the prince more comfortable, and I am willing to take over for him for and few days.”

Yuuri blinks. Otabek has just opened a way for him to spend time with Phichit and explain himself, without even knowing what he was doing.

He’s sure that Victor is about to protest, but there’s a distinct moment when any protests die. The look of absolute gratitude on Phichit’s face could melt a heart of stone.

“I… I suppose… that would be fine,” Victor manages. His hesitation confuses Yuuri, but the confusion is overpowered by something else.

He only vaguely notices the glances Victor keeps sneaking at him for the rest of the night, and he doesn’t think about what they mean. He’s going to miss spending time with Victor one on one, but it’s only for a few days. Besides, Phichit is going to be spending a lot of time in a presence of the royal family anyway, so things won’t be so different.

As soon as the two of them close the door to Phichit’s bedchamber later that night, Yuuri finds himself being tackled on all sides by four overexcited men. Leo, Guang-Hong, and Seung-Gil look skeptical when Yuuri explains his reasons for vanishing, but Phichit– Phichan, who knows how Yuuri’s mind works, who knows everything about him –nods and understands. He swears to keep the secret, as long as Yuuri promises in turn to be home in time for his sister’s coronation.

It’s enough, for now.

Stay Pt.2 Harry Hook x Reader

Originally posted by evieshook

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (15)


Part 15 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21 Part 22-Finale  

Word Count: 2,600 (ish)

Thought I’d tone it down for you emotions today.

Everyone was crowded into the board now, no doubt staring at Kris and Ara who had noticeably grown a year on. You looked over at Minseok who was frowning at the little girl, your argument obviously still fresh in his mind. Her hair was combed neatly into a braid tied with a pink bow at the end and she wore a cute pink playsuit to match. She jumped down from Kris’ lap and walked around the table, everyone stared at her as she ended up standing in front of Yixing giving him a gummy smile.

“Daddy. I like this man.” She pointed up at him.

Yixing smiled pulling her up and onto his lap. “Oh? You remember me?” She nodded her head in response. “And how old are you now Ara?”

“Four.” She said confidently, pointing at her chest

“Wow. You’re a big girl and you look a lot like daddy.” He gave her cheeks a squeeze. You looked at Yixing enviously, he was so good with children. Why couldn’t Minseok be that way.

“Look this is cute and all, but what the heck are you doing here?” Jongdae spat in Kris’ direction.

Kris sighed deeply, stretching his hands across the marble table. He frowned looking around the room.

“Where’s Chanyeol?”

“That’s not the answer to my question, what are you doing here?” Jongdae repeated in a lower tone.

He rolled his eyes at how eager Jongdae was being.

“You’ve got a problem.” He pointed at Junmyeon in particular despite speaking to all of you. “I’m sure you’re all aware that Genesis is preparing to showcase a new drug, I believe in just short of a week, no? Well that sample has been tampered with; it’s been cut and spliced with illegal narcotics. Now, I can’t tell you exactly who’s done it but it’s definitely got something to do with Red’s underground system. Listen Junmyeon you need to shut this showcasing down or it won’t be good for Genesis. Either it will be distributed with no further checks and people will be in danger, or it will be reassessed by the panel and Genesis will be black listed.”

Yixing frowned, lifting Ara from his lap he handed her over to Baekhyun.

“How do we know we can trust you? You’ve been missing for a year and all of a sudden you come back and want us to believe all of this? Bullshit! Maybe you’re working with Luhan alongside whatever sick bastard is working against us.”

“It’s probably Chanyeol; I think he kind of admitted it. I think…” You mumbled thinking about what had happened between the two of you.

“Yes I heard he’s alive, but I’m not working for him. I’m simply here to let you guys know and warn you about what’s going on. Isn’t it your job to stop these things?”

“It was OUR job Kris. OUR job!” Yixing piped up, inching forward in his seat. “And where the heck where you, where have you been?”

“I’ve been floating about.” The taller male replied nonchalantly looking over at Ara to make sure she was okay and comfortable with sitting on Baekhyun’s lap.

“Doing what Kris?!”

“Being a damn father! I put my heart and soul into protecting my baby girl damn it! So don’t you dare question me. Just because I don’t live in the same house as you guys it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to keep myself in the loop!”

You heard a low grunt come from Jongdae almost as though he were mocking Kris. Kris did well in ignoring it.

“You know I’m with Yixing on this one. How can we trust you? The last time I saw you, you threatened to come for me but now you’re helping me? It doesn’t make sense?” Junmyeon shook his head.

“I’m not here to help you, I’m here to help those who may get hurt in this stupid process and I’m still doing my duty as someone who believes in Genesis and someone who is still serving justice for a twin that they lost. Besides I’m a man with responsibilities.” He pointed a long finger at Ara. “It would be pathetic to sink down to your level.” He finished crossing his arms over his chest. 

You sighed as you looked out the window. The sky was a dark grey now and all of a sudden rain was gushing down from the sky. There was going to be a storm. You hated thunder and lightning. Yet all you could think about was Chanyeol, and as much as you loathed the man right now you couldn’t help but hope he was okay wherever he was.

“We should run this over with Mr.Kim, he should be finished at 7, maybe he’ll run through after work.” Junmyeon said and you were still uneasy with the fact that he addressed his brother as though he were his teacher.
You gasped.
You hadn’t gone for a few days; your mind was so full that it had completely gone over your head. Yet they hadn’t called you. You had to go in tomorrow, without a doubt and make up the best excuse of your life.

“Why don’t you join us for dinner Kris?” Junmyeon smirked, and for some reason it made you feel uncomfortable. “I hope you don’t mind broccoli.”

Hours later and you were all sat together eating dinner. The atmosphere was a little cold and off and the weather had only gotten worse since.

“Broccoli. Again? You know Junmyeon; I’m really starting to get sick.” Baekhyun pouted, flicking his broccoli to the side of his plate with a fork.

“It’s good for you Baekhyun and you’d better eat it!” Junmyeon gritted his teeth picking up his fork and pointing it at Baekhyun’s plate. “Now.”

You had to admit you were getting tired with the broccoli too and you weren’t sure why Junmyeon had become obsessed with it all of a sudden but it was beginning to make you feel sick. You heard a loud knock on the door making you jump slightly.

“It must be Senior. I’ll get it.” Yuna stood up from her seat and walked towards the hallway, her perfume sweeping past. It didn’t bother you quite so much as it used to, now that you were aware why she wore it. Seconds later and Yuna was back in the kitchen accompanied by Mr. Kim, he wore the same long black coat and serious facial expression, he placed his dripping umbrella in the corner of the kitchen and took a seat at the table.

“What?” His face was vacant as he stared blankly at his younger brother. Junmyeon shifted uncomfortably under Senior’s gaze. He pointed at Kris, allowing him to speak. Kris cleared his throat, speaking at the same time as helping to break Ara’s food into tiny chunks for her to chew easily.

“Well like I was saying to these guys, I was doing some hacking, bugging and digging and I came to find out that your sample supply has been tampered with, someone spliced it with dangerous and illegal narcotics. If you don’t do something about the showcasing it may not be good for you.” He finished, placing a piece of potato in Ara’s mouth.
Junmyeon’s brother ran a hand through his hair, his breathing was heavy as he shifted in his seat.

“How? We can’t go back on the showcasing it’s too late to withdraw and the sample size is so big. How much has been tampered with?!”

“I’m not sure.” Kris shrugged his shoulders “But you’ll need to think of something and fast.”

Senior scoffed, looking up at Junmyeon in disbelief.

“Wow! You still can’t do your job properly huh Myeon? There are still people out here doing your job better than you. I thought I warned you already Kim Junmyeon! I put you in charge of this squad for a reason. But you’re not capable of anything, what the fuck is wrong with you.” His brother banged his fist on the table startling Ara, who began crying. Kris rolled his eyes. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom with his child.

“You’re supposed to stay on top of things Junmyeon! If you had found this out before it would’ve given me time to figure shit out! What is wrong with you? You’re not even capable of running this squad, how the fuck do you look after your wife? I’m tired of always cleaning up your mess Junmyeon! Doesn’t Genesis mean anything to you?!” Senior was a raging mess, his face red and his veins popping in his neck. You weren’t sure whether or not it was the hormones that were making you go crazy but at this point you had had enough.

“Why don’t you calm the fuck down with your insults you asshole!”

“Y/N!” Minseok hissed at you, giving you a cold glare.

“No. Don’t ‘Y/N’ me! He’s a fucking prick. Who do you think you are coming in here with your dirty attitude and cursing Junmyeon. Do you know what this man has done for us? Your brother is amazing, don’t treat him like he’s a dog. Do you think Genesis would have come this far without him? Instead of being happy that he’s alive and well, here you are shouting expletives at him and treating him like a two year old. Go and fucking learn manners! If you think it’s so easy why don’t you come and join us for a day pretty boy? I’m sure you’d get your head blown off in seconds. Then you’d be begging for Junmyeon’s help.” You slammed your hand down on the table, causing the water in your cup to spill over. The room looked at you in shock. Junmyeon’s mouth was agape.

“Excuse me?” Senior breathed, his eyes thin slits. Clearly you had dented his ego.

“Yes you’re excused, now get the fuck out of our house. In this house we don’t treat our leader with such disrespect. You fucking bastard.” You picked up your cup and threw the remaining water over Seniors plate of dinner.

“Y/N!” Minseok shouted this time, pulling you up from the table by your wrist. “What are you doing”
But you yanked your hand out of his group

“Who are you to talk to me and treat me in such a manner? You have no idea what goes on between me and my brother.”Senior spat standing up from his seat.

“Y/N please go upstairs…” Junmyeon mumbled, breathing slowly and deeply. His gaze was fixed on the plate in front of him. You shook your head, ready to throw another statement at Junmyeon’s older brother.
“I said leave the room!” Junmyeon shouted.
You huffed out angrily, you only chose to obey since you were willing to save Junmyeon the stress.

“The only reason you’re still alive is because of Junmyeon, you owe him your blasted life.” You hissed in Senior’s ear as you walked around him and out of the room.

You were in your room for a good twenty minutes laying flat on your back upon your bed, your body had been through so much stress lately and you were wondering about the impact it would have on the life growing inside of you. Soon you’d have to start thinking of baby names and buying baby clothes. You were hoping that was something you could do with Minseok, but now you weren’t so sure.
You heard a heavy knock on the door, before you called for it to be opened, you looked up to see Junmyeon walking in, shutting the door carefully behind him.

“Hey, what were you playing at just then?” His eyes were wide.

“I was sticking up for you Junmyeon learn to be grateful.” You frowned sitting upright on the bed.

“Listen, you can’t speak to Senior like that. What you did was rude, unacceptable and…” His shoulders began to shake a little bit, confused you squinted your eyes. “…and hilarious.” Junmyeon burst out laughing, clutching his stomach with his hands as he slid down the length of the door. You were shocked for a moment, because at first you thought that he was crying, but then you burst out laughing too.

“Goodness Y/N. I can’t believe you did that. It was so funny and liberating. I’ve wanted to do that to him for so long…” He steadied his breath, breathing out slowly as he looked at you from where he was crouched on the ground. “Thank you. You didn’t have to…but I’m glad you did. I’ve wanted to say those things to him for so long…”

“So why haven’t you Junmyeon. It’s honest, all that I said was true, he wouldn’t be half as far as he was without you I don’t know who he thinks he is. You should stick up for yourself.”

Junmyeon sighed closing his eyes and leaned his head back against the door.

“I know Y/N but I can’t, he’s militant and intimidating, he’s my older brother and it runs deeper than just disrespect…it’s hard to explain.”
You nodded your head, you had to respect what Junmyeon was saying to you. After all the boys were family and only they truly knew the extent of their issues.

“But about you. I mean… so you’re really pregnant?” He looked up at you, his eyes wide waiting for an answer. You nodded slowly.

“Yeah. But Minseok’s not happy about it.” You lowered your head, evidently upset.

Junmyeon laughed under his breath.

“Of course he’s not. This is Minseok he’s been in this shit hole for 8 years and never had to interact with anyone but us. He lost his parents at young age and so he’s probably forgotten the art of parenting and what it takes to nurture someone else. He’s got it in him, he’d be a great father of course he would. I mean look at how he basically raised Sehun. Just as long as he’s raising the kid for all the right reasons. He’s father material but he just doesn’t know it, he probably thinks it’s impossible since he grew up so long without one. He’s not mad because of the child itself Y/N, he’s mad because he’s scared. You need to give him some time. Living in a place like this only has negative effects.”

You hummed nodding your head, you had never thought of it that way but to be honest it made sense and it had made you feel more optimistic than you had been feeling in the first place.

He sighed standing up from his space on the floor.
“I’m going to go and lay some sheets out for Kris and Ara, until we try and get something a bit more permanent for them, so I’ll see you around.”

Your eyes widened.

“Wait, you’re letting them stay. But we can’t trust them, you said so yourself.”

“Well I can’t let him take Ara out in this weather, she’d get really ill. Besides if Kris really wanted to do something to us or me in particular, I don’t think he’d bring Ara with him. So for now, I trust him.”
You frowned, slightly confused at his logic.

“Well who is it then, if it’s not Kris?”

“Well who do you think it is Y/N?” He threw your question back at you.

“Chanyeol…I feel like he pretty much told me it was him.”

“Hmm, Funny.” Junmyeon pinched his chin between his thumb and index finger.
“Because my money’s on Baekhyun.”


Warnings: kinda annoying maybe? fluff, swearing probably (y’all know me), 

Plot: Reader doesn’t like girly things as stated many times bellow and so the pretty gifts she knows Peter is leaving for her get on her nerves until she confronts him about his feelings for her.

Word Count:1,873


tags at the bottom.

A white peacock feather, a deep purple pearl, a silver necklace with a large red jeweled pendant and a ebony hair comb studded with blue gemstones.

This is what I found on my bedside dresser this morning.

Like the other things Peter thinks he’s sneakily left me, I opened the top drawer and swept the items onto the ever growing pile of lavish gifts.

   “This needs to stop,” I mumbled to myself. But I still smiled to myself because I love the attention.

I know very well that Peter isn’t the type for trinkets. In fact we are very similar in what we like. Weapons, games, pranks.

It confuses me that he thinks I would like anything like the gifts he leaves me.

I’m not even sure he knows I know it’s him. He never says anything and neither do I.

Not until today. I decided to see how far he would go to get me something I liked.

I reached back into the draw and pulled out the red jeweled necklace before heading off to breakfast.

   “What’s that?” Tootles asked me as I held it in my hand while eating bread by the fire.

   “It’s just a gift one of the boys has left me,” I sighed.

   “Why are you sighing?” he asked. “It it not something you like?”

I noted Peter subtly listening to our conversation on the other side of the fire pit.

   “It’s not that I don’t like it,” I said slightly louder to be sure Peter heard me. “It’s just these gifts I’m getting are becoming repetitive. I don’t know who’s leaving them but a girl living on and island only needs so many necklaces and combs,”

Peter’s face looked like head realised something. Then he stood and walked off into the forest.

I smiled to myself.

   “Why are you smiling?” Tootles asked, reminding me he was still sitting by my side.

   “Because Peter heard everything we were talking about,” I laughed lightly. “I know it’s him leaving all these gifts and I’m trying to see what he’ll get me if he thinks I’m not satisfied with my presents.”

   “That makes you seem ungrateful,” he smirked at me.

   “I’m grateful for the effort and attention,” I said thoughtfully. “But being one of the few boys that actually speaks to me you know very well that I’m not one for girly things,”

   “This is true,” he laughed. “Are you ever going to give me back my knife?”

   “Hey I won that knife fair and square,” I grumbled. “It’s about time you stop referring to it as yours,”

The following day I woke up to a parcel on my bedside dresser. Brown paper tide with twine.

I sat up with and eager smile and tore open the paper, revealing a beautiful wooden box, stained a deep caramel colour. The latch and lid hinges were a polished brass and on the bottom was a velvet finish to give it grip.

I smirked at the effort and opened the box. In it was rows of plush velvet covered cushions each holing several jeweled rings.

   “Really?” I thought aloud. “I said I was over necklaces so I get rings instead?”

One towards the centre of the box caught my eye. It was a simple steel band with a strange symbol etched into it. 

It didn’t house any jewels or gems.

The symbol didn’t look to mean anything, simply decoration.

   “This is nice…” I hummed and pulled the ring from the cushion.

I slipped on on my middle finger but found it too tight, then on my ring finger but found it too loose.

Eventually I put it on my right thumb and smiled as I held my hand before me, admiring the tough look it gave my small hand.

An idea suddenly popped into my head to put some other gifts to use that I would enjoy.

I rummaged through the draw and managed to find 7 feathers all seemingly from different birds.

I wove them into some small warrior braids running along my hairline from the top of my ears to the nape of my neck, one on either side with feathers tied in at the bottom as well.

I got a few looks from the boys on my way to breakfast, clearly about my hair, doubtfully about the ring.

   “Nice style,” Tootles grinned as I sat between him and Cubby. “I filled Cubby in on your plan to mess with Peter,”

   “Thanks,” I grinned at the compliment. I held out my hand so they could see the ring too. “I got this among others this morning,”

   “I wish Peter was in love with me,” Cubby sighed, earning confused looks from Tootles and I,

   “Are you in love with Peter?” I asked. “I didn’t know you swung that way,”

   “What? No!” Cubby seemed to realise what he’d said and his reaction brought laughter from Tootles and I. 

   “I just want gifts!” Cubby reached around me and whack Tootles in the arm.

   “Ease off now boys,” I laughed. “I still want to enjoy my breakfast,”

   “Shh Peter’s coming,” Tootles nudged me.

   “I’m talking about breakfast why do I need to shush?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

   “Just the other thing,” he whispered as Peter sat down in his usual spot on the opposite side of the fire pit.

   “Hey check this,” Cubby giggled a little before speaking louder. “Y/N did you get any gifts today?”

Peter’s head shot up like a sleeping dog who heard someone say ‘walk’

   “I found a box of ring on my dresser,” I smiled. “It’s a nice change from necklaces but seriously, who needs jewelry on Neverland?”

   “Well you would look rather fetching with that red pendant you had yesterday stuffed between your-”

   “Tootles!” I whack the black and white clad boy in the arm. “How lewd! I never took you for a lecher!”

I huddled slightly closer, noticing the anger appearing on Peter’s face. 

   “What the hell?” I hissed quickly.

   “Just roll with it,” he hissed back and reached behind me to tap Cubby who nodded to say he would also go along with whatever Tootles was planning.

   “I don’t know how your secret admirer is Y/N,” he said loud enough for Peter to hear. “But If I had the chance to win the affections of someone as beautiful as you I would find a way off this island and bring you a dragon!”

he winked and gestured to Peter with his eyes.

I glance quickly at him and saw how intently he was listening.

Then Cubby joined in.

   “As one of you closest friend my dear Y/N,” he said dramatically. “I know that you do not care for trinkets nor would you have use of a dragon. Even if silly Tootles could find a way off Neverland and manage to survive not only meeting a dragon but capturing it. If I were to attempt to win your affections I would present you with armor fashioned from Tootle’s dragon’s hide,”

I laughed at the fake battle boys we having over me.

   “Well I thank you for both of your suggestions but sadly neither of you are my secret admirer,” I smiled then added. “He who is though should reveal himself soon or find something practical fitting of a lost girl,”

I made sure to enunciate lost girl enough so maybe he’d catch on to something less girly as I watched him run his hand through his hair thoughtfully before vanishing.

The next morning I was eager to find what was left for me and found pretty iron key with a little bow tied to the handle.

I sat up and saw by the foot of my bed, a large wooden chest, likely what the key unlocks.

I grabbed the key and knelt in front of the chest and opened it to discover piles of clothes.

I held up a pair of pants that resembled those of a wealthy horse rider.

   “Seriously?” I mumbled as I rummaged further into the chest

I saw a deep red piece of silky fabric and gently tugged the whole thing to the surface.

I wasn’t sure what I was holding until I stood in front of the full body mirror that seemed to company the chest.

I wanted to scowl but I was surprised by the lovely sight before me.

The item was a floor length gown that trailed far along the ground.

   “Hmm…” I smiled slightly as I though of going to a gala in this.

Then I remembered how much i hate galas. And where I was.

I growled and tossed the dress back into the chest.

   “Peter!” I shouted once I’d left the camp, unable to find him.

   “Yes?” his voice came from above me.

I looked up and saw him lounging on a tree branch carving something wooden, rounded and intricate like a ring but much larger.

   “I said that you should either reveal yourself or present me something fit for a lost girl,” I put my hand on my him triumphantly as I saw him stiffen in shock. “A chest full of pretty clothes is not what I had in mind,”

   “How did you know it was me?” he looked at me nervously.

I was surprised to see our fearless leader show nerves like that of a young boy.

   “I’ve known the whole time!” I half shouted. “For starters who else has access to the type if things? The other boys can’t leave to get them and the imagination power of the island cant create something wish such quality. and secondly I’ve seen you sneaking around my tent at night! I’m a light sleeper,”

He looked thoughtful for a few moments.

   “So the things you’ve been saying to Tootles and Cubby about your disinterest in the gifts,” he started slowly. “It was a trick?”

   “I wanted to see if you’d catch on that I don’t like girly things,” I huffed with a smirk.

   “How am I meant to catch on to that?” he laughed, jumping down from his spot in the tree. “What kind of things do you like?”

   “Not fancy chests full of dresses and riding pants,” I rolled my eyes. “We don’t even have horses on Neverland, what am I meant to ride? Ground hogs out in the forest?”

he laughed then. I could see my jokes and calm demeanor we making him less nervous. 

   “Why do you keep leaving gifts for me?” I folded my arms over my chest.

   “You haven’t figured it out?” he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

   “Oh no of course I have I just want you to say it,” i smirked evilly.

   “Say what?” he copied my smirk as he stepped closer.

   “You like me,” I drew out the word ‘like’ in a girly voice to tease him.

   “Shut up,” he laughed stepping close enough that I had to crane my neck to look up at him.

   “It’s okay because I like you too,” I grinned.

He held up the wooden ring he’d been carving so I was able to see it was a crown.

   “What do you think of this?” he offered it to me.

   “I like it,” I smiled as i turned it over in my hands. “But is it really fit for a lost girl?”

   “Perhaps not a lost girl,” he too the crown from my hands and placed it lightly on my head. “But it is fit for a queen,”

I closed the space between us and kissed him harshly on the lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist while mine slinked up into his hair. 

Then I pulled away and smiled.

   “But seriously though I want cool knives or some shit,”


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Baby Butterfly - (miracusims)

hey Bully!! Papa!Louis!! @bullysquadess @miracusims

Louis -

It had been a long time since he had gone to one of these family gatherings. It was a party celebrating Bridgette, Dom, and Felix getting together and starting a life together and if Louis was being honest with himself, he felt a little jealous. They got the happy ending he had given up on years ago. He had a new happy ending now, one he had never dreamed of. But he loved his life now, his heart was full. Maybe everything wasn’t as okay as it could’ve been, but he was happy and he had kept his little girl alive and happy for three years so that made it okay.

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Missed Communication (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Based off of something I messaged @courtneychicken​ at 4 in the morning. Obviously when I have my best ideas. I know I said I would try to include some of my typical slang, but it doesn’t come across as much when I’m writing. I did use the term wicked though. That is an extremely Rhode Islander thing to say. Btw this is all from Bucky’s perspective.

Tags: @thecupcakeconsumer

Warnings: I’m a huge nerd. That should be obvious, but just incase you’re new here. Also I have the mouth of a handsome sailor, so language.

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

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Just The Way You Are

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Word Count: 1,621
T/W: Scars / Lots of crying
A/N: For @onelastfic‘s request: “Can you do a Poly Hamilsquad x Busty Reader where the reader gets a double mastectomy due to breast cancer and is having a hard time getting used to life after the surgery?”
This was so hard for me to write, since cancer is so prevalent in my family. So, I kinda tried to make it sweet. 

Three months…three long, hard, painful, depressing months, since your surgery. You just couldn’t get past the feeling of it. Of course, you were more than happy to be alive and cancer free, but you felt like you had lost part of your womanhood. Ever since high school and puberty, your “busty” chest was the one thing you liked about yourself. It gave you those “curves.” When you met “the boys” as you called them collectively, they all adored your curves…and now they were gone. 

You didn’t feel like the boys liked you as much, even though they insisted that you were so much more than your chest or even your beauty. They did everything possible to try and make you believe it, but you just couldn’t help but look at other girls and feel jealous and think that the boys probably liked it better too. But in reality they only wanted you, adoring you just the way you were, busty or not. They were just happy you were alive and still with them. 

Today, like most days, you were the last to get up. You sat up in bed, brought your knees, close to your now flat chest and cried or stared off at the wall for a while. You rested your chin on your knees, blanking out. Not even acknowledging Alex as he walked into the bedroom, coming around the bed to sit next to you. Sniffling a little you turned your head away from him. Feeling his hand rub up and down your back. 

“How are we doing today, Honey?” Alex’s voice came across gentle.

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Solar Flare - Mercury

Author: @eradikeats-writes as part of The Heavens - a series of ongoing one shots with @the-porcelain-doll-xo and @rudeboywonho

Creative Content Contributors: @everybodykpops (who is creating exquisite moodboards for the series)

Pairing: Minseok x Reader (oc; female; based off Urania)

Rating: PG

Warnings: mentions of war

Word Count: 2,929

“In the beginning, there was time.”

This is the common misconception of the dawn of the universe, an infinite black held anxiously in wait. Time passing in indeterminate values until there was something to count the hour, something to feel its own heart break at the impossibility of its length.

In the beginning, there was time. This is wrong.

In the beginning, there was potential.

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joshs-left-earlobe  asked:

My birthday is March 19th and I would love a surprise drabble!!! I love Everlark in a funny situation, miscommunication, or interesting meet-cute. Can be any rating but I'm a sucker for a really steamy first kiss. Thank you! xoxo

Originally posted by gameraboy

Wishing you the happiest of days! To help you celebrate, the lovely @mega-aulover has crafted this darling bit of Everlark just for you!


Rated: G

A/N: (….Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day. Love Mega-Aulover…special thanks to @booksrockmyface for taking time to beta, thank you!)

The I-CON banner hung brightly over the entrance of the college building.

“Tell me again what you’ve dragged me to?” Katniss looked up at the blue banner with stars and some alien painted on it.

She wondered how Delly talked into going to this thing called I-CON.

Delly giggled, “Oh Katniss, I-CON or rather the Island Convention, is a smaller version of Comic-Con, on Long Island. Though it’s really a gathering of fan girls and boys, who are self-described geeks and nerds, like me.”

Katniss was none of these things but Delly was. Delly with her sweet disposition was heavily into Anime. A number of the authors she obsessed over were going to be present. Katniss didn’t get it. But Delly swooned over something called Tokyo Ghoul. “What’s this book about?”

“Take a look,” Delly handed her the book.

Katniss cracked open the book and flipped through the pages, a semi-scowl on her face. “You mean this is about zombies?”

“YES!” Delly squealed.

“You need to take it down a notch, Dells.” Katniss gave Delly the book back.

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The Heartache Pg3

Bendy’s eyes were wide when she said this. In love? With Boris? How? He was confused. He shook his head and laughed.

Bendy:“What? Me? Nah, nah, nah, that can’t be doll, you’ve seen me going after women.” She gave him a look.“What?”

Molly:“Bendy, you obviously care about Boris more than anyone else. You love being around him-I’ve never seen you so happy! He’s so sweet to you too! You both really seem to care about each other, so why not?” She shrugged. Bendy frowned and rolled his eyes.

Bendy:“That’s crazy.” He stood up and walked away. She quickly followed him.

Molly:“Bendy, you just told me you couldn’t focus on your dancing, your eating or anything else!”

Bendy:“So?” She began to skip.

Molly:“That’s how you know when someone really loves you.” He shook his head.

Bendy:“Yeah right. I can’t be in love with him, what would he think if I told him I loved him?” He shrunk a bit more. Molly shrugged.

Molly:“Maybe give him hints.” She said. Bendy looked away from her. He was quiet for a while as they walked through the park.

Bendy:“What’s the point though? He’s already in love with someone else.” She shrugged.

Molly:“Yeah…actually…he broke up with her, so you have a chance to find out if he loves you more.” He stopped and she skipped past him. This didn’t seem like a bad idea. Might as well give it a shot and see if he really was in love with the wolf or not. He quickly caught up to her and she stopped.

Bendy:“Okay, what do I gotta do?” She smiled brightly.

Molly:“Just be you Bendy. He’s still here isn’t he? If he didn’t like you for you he probably wouldn’t have came back to see you.” She had a point there. Bendy slowly smiled. Maybe this wasn’t such bad plan after all.

Bendy returned home feeling a little calm. Boris was cooking up dinner for the two of them. The two ate together.

Boris:“So, got any plans before Abella shows up?” Bendy chuckled.

Bendy:“Nah, I wanna spend all the time just being with you. If this plan works, I have a feeling she won’t let us see each other much again.” Boris frowned.

Boris:“Aw, I’ll be sure to write buddy.” He said with a small smile.“Oh yeah, did you ever find out what happened to my letters?” He asked. Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“Nope. Whoever was suppose to deliver them must’ve got lost or something.” He shrugged.

Boris:“Hm…” The two continued eating.“Hey Bendy?” He looked up at the smiling wolf.“Thanks for being such a good friend. I couldn’t ask for a better pal.” The demon chuckled.

Bendy:“Well don’t go saying that, Abella’s got all the money and she can get you just about whatever you want.” He shrugged.

Boris:“Yeah, but she can’t get me anyone better than you.” He said as he touched his hand. All of a sudden Bendy’s face heated up and his tail curled. He looked in Boris’s eyes and smiled softly.

Bendy:“Heh…come on, save the charm for her buddy.” Boris chuckled. He looked down at their hands. Boris’s hand was still on his.“You know I’m really gunna miss you when you leave again.”

Boris:“Well, do I have to leave right away if I’m with Abella again?” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“I think she’d like that. She can’t seem to stand being around me.” Boris smiled a little.

Boris:“Well maybe if you had a chair with ya she probably wouldn’t mind.” The two laughed.

Bendy:“Boris, really?” He laughed. He didn’t seem to notice that he was holding Boris’s hand now.

Boris:“Haha, yeah….but really I’ll try and keep in touch with ya, and if I don’t get any letters from you I’ll just come back here and see what’s going on. How’s that?” Bendy nodded.

Bendy:“Yeah…okay. That makes feel a little better. I just hope Abella doesn’t get too mad at ya.” Boris rolled his eyes.

Boris:“Well then, that’s her problem. I should be allowed to see people I love right?” Bendy’s eyes widened and he could feel his face getting hotter.“Golly, you alright there Bendy?” He chuckled.“Your looking a little heated up.” Bendy tried to hide his face.

Bendy:“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a little hot in here is all.” Boris let his hand go and picked up his plate to put it by the sink.

Boris:“Wanna watch some T.V?” He asked. Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Sure.” He put his own plate in the sink and the two went into the living room and sat down on the couch. They were going through channels trying to find a comedy show. Then their show popped up. Their very first one. Boris grinned.

Boris:“Oh! I remember this! It’s been so long since we’ve watched our shows huh Bendy?” Bendy moaned.

Bendy:“Aw, this one? I never really liked this one. You were good in it though! I was just not in it that day.” He said as he shook his head.

Boris:“What? Come on buddy, you were great!” He nudged him a bit. Bendy chuckled. The two watched some old episodes they did together over the years. Bendy and Boris had some good laughs together. Then one of their musical shows came up and Bendy frowned. Boris was still smiling though.

Boris:“I remember this one, I think this is the first love song you wanted to sing.” He leaned back and put one leg over the other. Bendy crossed his arms and leaned back .

Bendy:“Yeah…” He shrugged. Too bad the cigar box was empty. He would’ve loved one right about now. He thought. Bendy, on T.V., was standing on the stage wearing a bow tie that sparkled.

~Someday when I’m awfully low,
when the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you…
and the way you look tonight.~

Boris was nodding his head as he listened.

Boris:“I was so focused on listening to you sing, I almost forgot to play my clarinet.” Bendy’s arms lowered onto his lap as he watched
himself on T.V. sing.“I wanted to hear you sing like this for a long time when we were working together. You weren’t really out of your shell much those days.” Bendy didn’t answer him, nor looked at him. The memories rushed back to him like a bolt of lightning. Just one of those things you wished you could forget and stay forgotten. Boris looked at him, his smile faded a bit.“I was really scared that day.” Bendy clenched his teeth. He remembered.“Heh, I thought this was going to be the last love song you would ever sing. You weren’t too interested in singing these songs. ”

~Yes you’re lovely, with your smile so warm
and your cheeks so soft, there is nothing for me but to love you,
and the way you look tonight~

Bendy stayed silent. His tail curled around his legs. He looked at Boris and frozed when their eyes met. Boris almost frowned when he saw the look of guilt in his eyes.

Boris:“Bendy? Are you alright?”

Bendy:“You don’t remember that day do you?” He finally spoke. He raised a brow.“Oh come on!” He yelled angrily which surprised Boris at the sudden change of mood.“You really don’t remember all the things I said to ya that day? How I treated you for the last two weeks during those days?!” He was on his knees trying to look down at the wolf but they were at the same height. Boris struggled to remember anything else that happened that day.“I was a major jerk! I treated you like you were suppose to do everything for me no matter what I did! I was acting like a selfish jerk, you really can’t remember all that?” The things he said, the lies he told him. Boris seemed to slowly remember some things. He itched his head.

Boris:“Yeah, I remember now.” He said simply. Bendy laughed but not happily.

Bendy:“How are you this kind to me after all that?!”


Bendy was smoking a cigar as he walked back and forth behind stage. Boris was walking towards him. He looked up and shot a glare at him.

Bendy:“There you are! About time! I thought I was going to have to cancel this how thing!” Boris frowned.

Boris:“Oh no! You don’t have to do that Bendy-”

“Don’t be late again, ya hear?” Bendy said as he pointed the cigar at him.“This is suppose to be my big day! We’ve got over two hundred people wanting to see me on stage tonight. I can’t have them thinking I’m some fraud! Do you?” Boris shook his head.

Boris:“No, of course not!” Bendy crossed his arms.

Bendy:“Well then why are ya goofing off somewhere else instead of being here prepared for the show?”

Boris:“I'am prepared. See?” He held out his clarinet.“I’m even dressed up in the outfit you told me to wear.” He was wearing a black and white dress. Bendy buried his face in one hand.

Bendy:“Boris….I told you to wear a suit and tie.” He shot a glare at him.“Just stay off the stage okay? They’re gunna think this is all a joke to them!” Boris’s ears lowered and he frowned.

Boris:“Gosh, I’m awfully sorry Bendy.” He said a bit sadly. Bendy sighed heavily.

Bendy:“Just…don’t let this happen again. I know we’re all for fun and all every now and then but this is not that night. This is the night where I finally show the world just how important I'am.” Boris raised a brow at him.

Boris:“I thought this was about ‘us’?” Bendy looked at him.

Bendy:“Well….yes? But no?” He shrugged.“You’re not the one on the stage tonight.” He said with a smirk. Boris’s shoulders dropped as Bendy turned around and heard the audiance cheering.“Remember, I’m counting on you to make this show happen! So is everyone else!” He quickly walked away.


         ~End of Flashback~

Bendy:“For two weeks…I treated you like garbage. I didn’t understand why you still stayed, I thought you were just an idiot.” He looked down and was shaking his head.“But I was the idiot. I always have been. I didn’t see how much of a good friend you were. I broke that promise I made all those years ago.”


Bendy:“No, no. I can understand if you hate me Boris.”

Boris:“But Bendy-”

“I DON’T wanna hear lies!” Bendy said a little loud.“Just tell me how you really feel! Be honest!” He said as he grabbed his shoulders. Boris gently took his hands off and looked in his eyes.

Boris:“Bendy, you don’t remember EVERYTHING that happened do you?” Bendy blinked looking confused.

Bendy:“What…?” Boris smiled a little.

Boris:“You already apologized. Don’t get me wrong, I actually…was planning to leave. Until Ched almost ran me over with a train.You don’t remember that day?” Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“Not really. All I remember was treating you like garbage.” Boris shook his head as he chuckled.

Boris:“Bendy, I left that show because we got into a big argument. We already talked about this. You were going on about how it was my fault that you forgot your song you were singing for the last three days. All day and all night. I left and you were going to start the show with someone else. I was going to take a train home but Ched showed up and we got into an argument about money.
Telling me that you owed him a hundred dollars or whatever that greedy rat was going on about, and shoved me into the tracks. I hit my head hard on the metal bar and was knocked out. Next thing I remember, you were trying to get me to wake up and we were off the tracks. The train was ruined. You wouldn’t stop apologizing to me for three days after that. ” Bendy was quiet.

~With each word your tenderness grows, tearing my
fear apart… And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, it touches my
foolish heart.~

Bendy:“So….what do you think of me now?” He hesitantly asked. Boris chuckled and shook his head. He raised a brow.

Boris:“You really wanna know?” Bendy swallowed. After a minute passed he grabbed Bendy’s arms. The demon gasped as he was pushed down
on his back on the couch and the wolf gave him a mischievous smile.

Bendy:“B-Boris?” His face felt warmer than before and he was unprepared for what happened next.

~Lovely, never, ever change. Keep that breathless charm. Won’t you please
arrange it? 'Cause I love you…Just the way you look tonight.~

The wolf slid his hands down to the demon’s sides and began to tickle him. The demon burst into laughter. He tried to get away but Boris kept pulled him close and tickling him.

Bendy:“Oh yeah?” He threw himself onto the wolf and began tickling him. The two began to laugh as they tickled each other. Though Boris seemed to be able to tickle him the most.“Okay! Okay! I give! I give! Hahahaha!” Boris finally stopped tickling him.

`And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, it touches my foolish heart.
Lovely, don’t you ever change. Keep that breathless charm. Won’t you
please arrange it? 'Cause I love you…just the way you look tonight.~

Just as Bendy was catching his breath, Boris licked his cheek. Bendy looked at him with wide eyes. Boris was smiling warmly at him and the look in his eyes, he’s never looked at him that way before. Bendy slowly smiled and chuckled.

~Just the way you look tonight.~



Bendy:“….I-” There was a loud banging on the front door. The two sat up right away. Boris got up and quickly walked towards the door. When he opened it, his eyes widened.

Boris:“Abella?” Bendy’s heart dropped when he saw her. She was smiling brightly at the wolf and threw her arms around him. Bendy clawed the couch leaving scratch marks on it and clenched his teeth.

Abella:“Hello my sweetest flavored pie! It feels like it’s been forever since we last saw each other!” He took a step back but she took a step closer quickly.“When I read all your letters I felt like I was falling in love with you all over again!” Boris’s ears lowered.

Boris:“Oh…really?” She nodded.

Abella:“Of course my precious love pup!” She said as she cupped his face in her hands and pulled him in for a smooch. Bendy’s jaw dropped along with his head. It bounced off the floor and rolled away. The body slowly fell backwards and fell on it’s back on the hard floor. Boris gently pushed her back.

Boris:“Uhh, Abella, you actually came?”

Abella:“Yes! I just couldn’t wait any longer. My heart would not stop singing your name.” She threw her arms around him again and began to kiss him over and over. Bendy, in the corner, watched them and he growled low. He never felt this way before. His body walked over to him and picked his head up placing it back onto his shoulders. He wanted to speak, wanted to tell her to leave, but he waited for what Boris had to say. The demon crossed his arms. Boris gently pushed her back and tried to catch his breath.

Boris:“Uhm…that’s good and all….uhmm….oh golly…” He itched his head. She frowned.

Abella:“What’s the matter darling? I thought this was what you wanted.” He made a look of guilt and looked at Bendy. The demon blinked. He rolled his eyes and walked up to them.

Bendy:“I’ll tell her then.” She furrowed her brows at Boris.

Abella:“Tell me what?” She asked as she crossed her arms. He smiled sheepishly. Bendy smirked at her.

Bendy:“Look, you two had fun and all but Boris already found someone.” He said this as he walked her to the front door.

Abella:“What?! Who?!” He grinned at her.


Abella:“Wha-” Bendy slammed the door shut and he walked away feeling better. Boris’s ears were down.

Boris:“I kinda expected you to do…something else. That seemed a little harsh don’t ya think?” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Who cares? She shouldn’t have kept ya waiting for so long right?” He sat down on the couch. Boris couldn’t help but stare at the door.

Boris:“I think we should check on her just to be sure she’s okay.” Bendy sighed and looked at him.

Bendy:“Boris you sweet, sweet wolf, she’ll be over it in no time. Now come on over here and watch T.V with me.” He said almost sweetly as he held his arms out to him.

Boris:“Uhh….I dunno, I’m getting chills down my spine-” The door flew open and he spun around only to see Abella glaring at him. She stood in front of him with crossed arms.

Abella:“So that’s it then? You’re leaving me for that thing?” She pointed a finger at Bendy.

Bendy:“Well, I never!” He kept himself from smirking.

Boris:“Well…I was going to…well I mean….you see…” He wasn’t sure what to say. He already felt bad enough that she found out this way.

Abella:“You know, I was really hoping you would of kicked him out by now.” Bendy gasped.

Bendy:“I knew it!” He said out loud.

Abella:“But instead you fell for his lies and trickery! He’s a devil hun! Of course he’s going to lie to someone so sweet and innocent like you.” Bendy glared at her.“What makes you think he’s changed? You told me he’s hurt you before!”
Bendy frowned and looked at Boris. The wolf crossed his arms.

Boris:“He’s a changed demon, he’s always has been.” Abella stomped her foot.

Abella:“Why are you being so stubborn? It’s happening all over again! I’m trying to help you from making a big mistake! He’s evil! Look at him! The horns and the tail!” Bendy waved his tail around like a cat.

Bendy:“What’s wrong with having horns and a tail?” He asked with a smile.

Abella:“He also has a floating head!” Bendy shrugged.“Please don’t do this to us Boris.” She took his hand.“Please, just get rid of him, for me.” She asked sweetly as she looked in his eyes with a warm smile. Boris looked at Bendy who was giving him a pleading look.

Bendy:“Bori?” He said. The wolf looked away and they were quiet for a long time. She gently lowered his head to make him look at her.

Abella:“Everything will be just fine without him. I promise.” She whispered. Boris swallowed. He sighed and picked Abella up bridal style. Abella smiled triumphantly. Bendy’s eyes widened.

Bendy:“B-Boris?!” He heads out the front door. Bendy jumped over the couch and followed them outside.“Boris!” He walked to her car parked behind his truck.

Abella:“I knew you would make the right choice my sweet.” She said as she kissed his cheek.

Bendy:“Boris! Don’t-don’t leave me buddy! I’ll change! I swear! I won’t smoke so much anymore! I’ll come home earlier! I’ll stop chasing women!” He dropped to his knees.“I know I’m a screw up! I’ll do whatever it takes for you to stay!” He begged. Boris had placed her in the driver’s seat. He leaned down with his arms leaning on the door so they were eye-to-eye.

Boris:“Drive safely okay?” He said with a sweet smile. She frowned and gave him a wide eyed look.


Abella:“But I don’t understand!” Boris shrugged.

Boris:“Well, me neither. I’m not like everyone else, Bendy is a good guy. I actually try to understand him. He’s a good friend most of the time. He makes mistakes, but so does everyone else. I’m being a good friend by helping him out when he needs it and he does the same for me. He’s a devil, yeah, but not like any devil I imagine he would be. He learns from his mistakes.” He walked over to Bendy and helped him up.“Bendy, I love you just the way you are.
There’s nothing wrong with a little mischief every now and then.” He winked. Bendy smiled and he laughed.

Bendy:“Aw! I knew you wouldn’t leave!” He threw his arms around him.

Boris:“Bendy, you don’t have to stop doing all that stuff y'know.” He said as he hugged him back. Bendy looked up at him.

Bendy:“Oh good, I’m not ready to give up my sweet cigars Bori.” He chuckled.“But I WILL stop chasing women. Who needs em eh?” He giggled.
Abella sighed heavily and started her car. She drove away after giving one last glare at Bendy. The two watched her leave until her car disappeared.“Glad that’s over huh buddy?” Boris looked at him and nodded.

Boris:“Hey Bendy?” He said hesitantly as they walked back into the house.

Bendy:“Yeah buddy?” He said with a smile. He almost frowned when he saw the look of guilt on his face.

Boris:“I, heh….have a confession to make.” Bendy raised a brow.

Bendy:“Oh?” He crossed his arms and smiled.“Shoot.”

Boris:“….I was kinda….trying to get you jealous at first.” Bendy gasped giving a dramatic pose.“When I first met Abella? I just wanted to get your attention. But I just thought you weren’t interested in me like that. You just saw me as a friend.” Bendy walked over to Boris and put one arm around him and pulled him close.

Bendy:“Aw Bori, I can’t be mad at ya. I was actually planning on trying to get you to forget about Abella anyway if she ever did come around.” The two laughed and Boris hugged him.

Boris:“So Bendy. Got any plans for tomorrow?” Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“Well I was planning on taking a certain wolf out on a date tomorrow night after we spend the day having a nice picnic at a park, or go to the beach with Molly and him.” Boris grinned.

Boris:“Sounds like a good plan to me!” He kissed his cheek and his bow tie began to spin as his face grew warm. He began to giggle.


Abella was sitting at a bar taking a few strong drinks. She sighed as she buried her face in her hands.

Abella:“Oh Boris….what if he’s got you in some kind of spell?”

“Sorry, did you say; 'Boris’?”

The sad poodle looked up and saw an old rat holding a cup of wine.

Abella:“Yes? Do you know him?” She asked. He nodded.

Ched:“I know he likes to spend time with that devil on his shoulder.” Her eyes widened.

Abella:“You know Bendy?” He nodded.

Ched:“Yes. He causes more trouble than you think! I can’t stand him!” He growled.“He causes me so much money! He’s a bad influence on my niece too!” She gave him a look of worry.

Abella:“Goodness…” She said softly.

Ched:“I know a way to get rid of him for good though.” Her eyes lit up. He grinned. He took out a bottle with the words PURE WATER on it.“With a reasonable price, you’ll get rid of that devil for good and you’ll have Boris all to yourself. She hesitated.

Abella:"But…Boris really seems to care about Bendy. To go far to even say he loves him.” Ched’s eyes widened and he made a disgusted look.

Ched:“Come on! Don’t be ridiculous! A devil? In love? He’s just using him for his evil plans.” Abella blinked.

Abella:“What evil plans?” Ched looked around making sure no one was listening and then he leaned closer.

Ched:“Everyone else may have fallen for the devil’s charm but I’m tellin’ ya the truth here sweet heart. He wants the souls of the innocent.” She almost didn’t believe him but then again, he was a demon.“I’d go after him myself, but I’m old and not quick enough as I used to be.” She stared at the bottle for a long time. She pulled out her purse and pulled out a hundred dollars. His eyes almost popped out and he started to drool. He took it and grinned.“Pleasure doing business with you.” He gave her a whole bag of PURE WATER. She took it and left without another word. She looked down at the bag and sighed.

Abella:“Don’t worry honey. I’ll get you out of this mess.” She said to herself. She got in her car and drove off.

So just to recap really quickly to be sure I’ve got this right:

  • UKvia’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, wants to win a general election, but UKIP are pinching all his voters because they want UKvia to leave the EU, a process hereafter known as Brexit. 
  • He therefore promises to hold a referendum about the EU that won’t actually be legally binding, but says he’ll stand by the result anyway, so it’s like, practically legally binding.
  • He wins his general election. The referendum on Brexit is set for June.
  • The campaigning is split into Remain and Leave camps. Political parties are immediately all over the damn place, except UKIP, who literally only exist over this one issue. David Cameron wants to Remain. The Leave camp is headed by Evil Clown Freak Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London with an impressive cult of personality who wants to be Prime Minister so he can kick out all the Muslims and have his detractors beaten and/or killed, and Nigel Farage, a sort of Haunted Walnut Mask possessed by the soul of an angry Nazi who wants UKvia to be an autocracy or at least to just stop interacting with anyone who is The Wrong Sort, i.e. not white.
  • The Leave camp also contains some people we call Lexiters, who want Brexit for left-wing reasons. Unfortunately, they utterly fail to spot that they are being given an overly-simplified binary option and not a nuanced opinion-giving vote, and that they will therefore be siding with and empowering racists.
  • The campaigning begins. The Remain camp mostly uses an economic argument. If Brexit happens, they argue, the pound will plummet, causing another recession and also all that European funding our poorest areas receive will vanish. The Leave camp mostly uses an immigration argument. We’re swamped by swarms of immigrants stealing all the jobs, houses and opportunities, they argue, and if we kick them all out you’ll get your jobs and that back.
  • These arguments are both targeted at incredibly impoverished people. They hear the first argument - that they’ll be economically worse-off after Brexit - and think, “Things can’t actually get any worse??? So???” They hear the second argument - that there’s a really simple reason that they’re poor and it’ll be fixed by Brexit - and think, “So things can actually get better??? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.”
  • Also, the Leave campaign is much richer, and can afford to do far more leafletting through people’s letterboxes. Older people who don’t/can’t use the internet to fact-check are incredibly vulnerable to factual-looking leaflets through the door about the EU, with titles like “The EU - the facts”.
  • The main points that the Leavers ultimately push, though, are as follows:
    • Let’s close the borders and stop immigration!
    • We spend £350 million EVERY WEEK on the EU. Let’s spend that on the NHS instead!
    • The EU is completely undemocratic, unlike the UKvian Parliament! LET’S TAKE BACK SOVEREIGNTY.
  • These are all literally lies.
  • All of them.
  • Nonetheless, the second one in particular gains traction - it gets emblazoned across the Leave campaign bus, and put on all of their posters when they give speeches.
  • The Murdoch-owned newspapers of UKvia, most notably the Daily Mail (the paper that supported Hitler), all peddle these lies ceaselessly, and paint anyone who disagrees as ‘unpatriotic’.
  • Meanwhile, Nigel Farage announces that unless the gap between the decisions is 10% or more, he’ll demand another referendum.
  • Just before the referendum happens, an MP in the north of England called Jo Cox is gunned down and murdered by a Leaver who shouted “Britain First” as he killed her and owned Nazi memorabilia.
  • Anyway, the referendum rolls around, and the following happens:
    • Older people overwhelmingly vote to Leave, having been taken in by the Lie Leaflets. 
    • Poignantly, some of the poorest areas were incredibly susceptible to being given easy scapegoats for their poverty, and so also vote to Leave.
    • A shit-ton of people who don’t actually want to Leave vote to do so because they too have failed to grasp what a binary election is or means, and think that by voting Leave they’ll simply show the government that they’re unhappy with UKvia’s position in the EU.
    • Lexiters seeking ideological purity vote to Leave.
    • Racists vote to Leave in their droves.
    • Young people overwhelmingly vote to Remain.
    • The final result is a win for Leave, with 51.9% of the vote to 48.1%.
  • Immediately, the pound starts to not so much fall as plummet, taking several other currencies with it.
  • Within four hours of the polls closing, the Leavers admit that even though they’ve won, they won’t be able to close the borders.
  • The following day, as the result is announced, Nigel Farage appears on national television. Not only does he admit that we won’t actually be spending £350 million a week on the NHS, but he denies ever having said it, and claims he thought it was a mistake that others said it. Photographs immediately circulate of his election bus which had it written on the side, and of speeches he gave in front of posters that said it.
  • David Cameron cries, because this was never meant to happen.
  • Towards the end of the day - less than 24 hours after the result is called - the Leavers one and all admit that they don’t actually have a plan for this happening. In a bizarre twist, they blame this on David Cameron, a man who, for all his evils, wasn’t actually in their campaign, nor was he the head of a political party that literally only exists for this exact scenario. 
  • The already-falling pound now enters freefall, breaking records for how quickly it can sink.
  • The Daily Mail publishes a story smugly telling Britain to “take a bow”, and then explains all of the shit that’s now going to hit the fan. Its readers are furious that they weren’t told this before the referendum, and are horrified that they now won’t be able to own and use their French holiday/retirement homes.
  • The racists take to the streets in unbridled delight, harrassing and assaulting everyone they think might be foreign, buoyed by the belief that everyone agrees with them. When Remainers try to talk about this, Lexiters suddenly crawl out of the woodwork to try to silence them, squawking about how it’s totes unfair that people think they’re racist for voting Leave. They do not see the irony.
  • Meanwhile, millions of people start calling for a second referendum, now that the blatant lies have been revealed. Also, all those ones who voted as a protest are feeling really fucking stupid. And hey, Nigel Farage did say he’d call for a second referendum if the margin between was less than 10%, right?
  • Right?
  • Riiiiggghhhht?
  • WRONG, MOTHER FUCKERS. Leavers who are either racist or tribal about the whole thing start posting memes about how everyone should ‘accept democracy’, and telling Remainers - or Remoaners, as they get rebranded - that ‘you lost, get over it.’ 
  • David Cameron meanwhile, having now schismed his country, induced the rise of street-side fascism, exploded his own economy and that of others and plunged the nation into a quagmire of uncertainty and No Plan, falls on his sword and resigns. At least now he might be remembered as the man who destroyed his country rather than the time he face-fucked a dead pig while gazing into the eyes of another Tory.
  • Nigel Farage then stands down as head of UKIP.
  • No, that needs repeating.
  • This is literally the only thing he’s for, but he’s so dramatically incompetent and out of his depth that he has to flee the scene and get someone else to do it.
  • Maybe Boris Johnson? No more Cameron, Johnson was a Leaver, now is the time…
  • NOPE
  • Because he can’t do it either.
  • But why?
  • Because there is literally no good way of leaving the EU without tanking the economy so hard we all go back to using horses for horse power and return to the barter system. He knew this all along, of course, but like David Cameron and, let’s be fair, everyone else, he didn’t think we would actually leave. So he could back the safely-losing-but-popular-horse and ride into Downing Street as Man of the People. But then it all went wrong and so now he’s on the run.
  • Theresa May ascends the throne instead after a two-horse race in which one of the horses had only three legs and got shot before it was halfway in. Theresa May is a Remainer, but she really, really hates human rights and wants to repeal them.
  • That’s not hyperbole. She literally wants to remove our human rights.
  • In the first sensible political move we’ve seen in months, though, she makes Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary. This cuts him off from his cult of personality power base, while making him responsible for negotiating our new trade deal with the EU, which as mentioned, is never going to be good. It remains to be seen how effectively she has kneecapped his chances of becoming PM at the next election, but it’s a damn good blow she’s struck, credit where credit’s due.
  • Then she sets about trying to repeal the human rights act.
  • People - Leavers - start braying about Article 50. Article 50 is what we need to enact to leave the EU formally, but is an odd thing:
    • We can trigger it, but withdraw from having done so at any time?
    • The referendum was not, as mentioned, legally binding, so May doesn’t actually have to do it. 
    • The big question: Should Parliament get to vote on it first? The referendum was not, after all, legally binding. Should Parliament have a say in it?
    • Given that the Third Big Lie was that Brexit was about reclaiming UK Sovereignty, you’d think the answer here would be a straightforward ‘yes’.
    • The other big question: what the fuck is the plan for leaving? What will our trade deal be? Terms like ‘Hard Brexit’ and ‘Soft brexit’ get thrown around. Everyone is bewildered.
  • Then the pound dips lower than the Euro, which is a fucking disaster. UKvia’s newly-instigated minimum wage, designed to be a living wage, comes into play just in time for the costs of living to soar. Big companies start leaving Britain. Jobs become uncertain or are lost.
  • Polls show that the number of people who voted Leave but would now vote Remain is now greater than the margin of difference in the actual result. We haven’t even left the EU yet and already everything is going to shit.
  • Unilever announce that, owing to how the pound seems to be on a one-way journey to the centre of the fucking Earth, their products will be more expensive. This includes Marmite.
    • Marmite, for those who don’t know, is a black tar-like edible paste made of yeast extract that prides itself on splitting people more completely than an ill-planned EU referendum, in that you either love it or hate it.
    • It’s vegetarian and it makes things taste like meat, and you can flavour gravy with it.
    • I know what you’re thinking but you’re wrong, it’s delicious. Marmite on buttered toast is lush.
  • Anyway this makes people go F U C K I N G   M E N T A L. Marmite is a British institution HOW VERY DARE THEY
  • People who previously didn’t give two mouldy shits about capitalist production as long as the product was cheap start screaming about how it’s only a problem because Marmite is bottled outside of Britain, meaning import costs. This is easier for them than accepting that their vote caused a Marmite Crisis.
  • And then the case of Should Parliament Vote On Article 50? goes to the High Court. 
  • The High Court judges rule that yes, the British Parliament should vote on this as well.
  • Leavers. Lose. Their. Fucking. Shit.
  • People who moaned and wailed about British Sovereignty now moan and wail about the Sovereignty of Britain being protected. Remainers gleefully tell them that ‘you lost. Deal with it.’ They do not see the irony.
  • Immediately following the ruling, as if by fucking magic, the pound does a U-turn in its bid to burrow through the planet to Australia, and for the first time since the whole mess began surges up against the dollar.
  • The Daily Mail publishes an article stating that it’s an outrage that the High Court ruled this way because one of the judges is “openly gay.”

Is that everything?

“Lord Tyrion?”

When he heard his name called by Lord Dickon, Tyrion had hoped the man had changed his mind, that he would bend the knee to Daenerys and save himself and his house.

But when he looked at Lord Tarly, thinking he may find some expression of relief on the man’s face that his son would live another day, Randyls head was hung down, saddened and resolved.

“Yes, Lord Dickon?” he said his heat dropping, but curious as to the mans final words.

Dickon stepped away from his father and took off his gloves, throwing them to the scorched earth and reached to his neck. He pulled something out from under his tunic and breast plate. Tyrion squinted and saw it was a familiar necklace, one with a bronze butterfly with an obsidian heart. He remembered it for the last he had seen of it was around his wife’s neck.

Obsidian was a rare but not popular stone indeed, and because of that it was one of the few jewelry Sansa had been allowed to keep. Cersei thought it too ugly to give to Myrcella or keep for herself, finding it cheap looking and distasteful. 

Tyrion's heart seized at the connection between the man wearing it and the woman who once owned it. He let out an audible gasp, and stepped back. This wasn’t fare. if She lived and found happiness, that he who had once vowed to care and protect her, to see to her happiness was now on the side that was taking it from her. 

“She lives?” he asked him and in the corner of his eye he saw Daenerys look down at him, confused.

“Yes.” Dickon nodded. unclasping the chain and holding the pendant in his hand. “She’s suffered much, she was forced to marry a second time and Ramsay Bolton was not as kind to her as you were, my lord.”

Tyrion’s heart seized. He heard rumors of Ramsay and seeing Theon, who had turned the once confident cunt of a boy into a sniveling eunuch, he did not want to imagine what he had done to Sansa. But how on earth had she ever fallen into that monster’s hands? Theon had not onced mentioned Sansa to any of them, unless perhaps to his sister in private. And Vary’s little birds didn’t fly so far Norht to know much of the North’s current situations. 

“Please, won’t you return my lady loves favor for me.” he requested, his eyes full of longing and his smile regretful. Tyrion took what little courage he had and stepped forward, closing the man’s fingers around the pendant.

“If she lives and is free of Ramsay, give it to her yourself.” he begged, voice trembling, and he could feel Daenerys watching them, imagining her expressive eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

He shook his head, his smile still in place, almost alight with humor. “If I kneel, she would not have me.”

“She, more than anyone, knows how this world works, how one must play this game to survive, she will understand.” he tried to assure him, desperate to give his wife some happiness in this life. 

“Yes, she does, but she’s not the same girl you once knew,” he told Tyrion, placing a hand on the imps shoulder. “She would not have me if I would so quickly trade my honor for my life.”

Lord Varys closed his eyes as he remembered Ned Stark words so similar. Ned Stark would have been proud to call this boy in front of them his son in law, both brave and foolish, that held so tightly to their ideals of honor and chivalry that they were the first to be knocked off the board.

“Her brother is at Dragonstone, treating with our Queen.” he whispered so that Daenerys would not hear. Perhaps if he mentioned Jon, he would reconsider if he believed that his brother in law would also bow to Daenerys.

“And you think I’ll believe you that he’s bent the knee, after what Sansa suffered and sacrificed to get it back, how she saved his life?” he shook his head again and laughed.

He gave a grin and looked right at Daenerys and spoke loudly. “Jon Snow will never give away the North to this foreign queen, now or ever, because he knows it’s not truly his to give even if he wears the crown. Sansa, was the one who put the bloody thing on his head, instead of choosing to crown herself like some.”

“What is the meaning of this?” Daenerys lost her temper. “Who is this Sansa that you speak of?”

“Apologies, Your Grace. Sansa Stark is Jon Snows half sister, the last known living true born heir of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, By all right, she should be Queen in the North” Varys answered and supposed he would make an effort, just one, to save the boy from the fire.

“Please, Lord Dickon, I knew her father and you are the good, brave, and gentle man he always wished for her to be matched with, Won’t you honor her and her father by living and reuniting with her.” even Varys spoke up, remembering the sad young girl in Kingslanding, the one he had tried to save after he couldn’t save her father.

Tyrion looked up at Dickon, hands trembling over the one in which Dickon held Sansa’s necklace in.

“Lord Dickon, my marriage was never consummated, I’ll sign the annulment, just stop this, go back to her, marry her and have beautiful little babies with her.” he begged, squeezing the mans hand.

“I would have desired nothing more in the world than to do just that before. When I first saw her, I thought she had to be the most beautiful woman in the world with eyes of ice blue and hair kissed by fire. What a lucky man I would be to call her mine, to have my children grown inside her and live a long, happy life with her.” he cloesed his eyes and smiled to the sky before looking back down at the Imp.

“But as she and I have both learned, life is not a song and not all men and woman never find their way back to each other.” he shook his head.

“I knew the risk I was taking but I still chose to join my father in Kings Landing, I chose to fight with him rather than stay with her. She understood why, even though it pained her. That’s why she gave me this.” He told him and opened his palm so he could see the necklace.

“I thought of nothing but her, when I was before your sister and brother, when I was marching into battle, I thought of her, of her smile and the way we danced in the gods wood of her home before I left,” he told the man that was technically his lovers husband still.

“I thought of her smile and laughter. How sweet they were to the eyes and ears.” he sighed.

“Did—”Tyrion licked his lips. “Did you make her happy?”

“Gods I hope I did,” he smiled and turned his hand over, forcing the pendant into Tyrion’s hands.

“You’re still her husband, you made vows to honor and protect her but no matter how hard you try she’ll rather burn alive as I will then surrender her home to your queen.”

With those last words, he walked over to his father.

They stood together before the black dragon, side by side, his father grabbing onto his arm.

They said no words, not last goodbyes to one another, they just looked ahead, and when they saw the first glimmer of hot flame Dickon thought of the red of Sansa’s hair.

Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.



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Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 02x07 and 02x08

Warnings: none

“Get out of my way!” You screamed, shoving at the guards who held your arms tightly. You pushed at their chests, trying to get past their tight hold on you. But no matter how hard you pushed and shoved they just didn’t let go. “Let me go!” 

“You can’t go in there.” One of the guards spoke up, staring down at you. No matter how hard you pushed, they didn’t even budge an inch. You grunted in frustration at their smug looks. Pausing in your struggles, you took deep breaths as you panted, they still continued to hold onto you as you stared up at the guard who spoke to you. “And why the hell not?” You spat.

“That meeting is strictly for members of the councils only.” 

“I don’t care,” you retorted. “Jaha came from where my father is, I have every right to know!” You screamed, though they only stared pitifully down at you. Taking a deep breath, you paused, loosening your grip on their jackets. Upon your obedience, they slowly and hesitantly let go of your arms. You sighed, brushing off your jacket and turned. The last minute, as their guard fell, you turned back, pushing roughly past them and banging on the door loudly.

“Hey!” One of them screamed, but you continued to pound on the door despite their efforts to stop you. You leaned heavily against the door as it was suddenly swung open. Because you’d been leaning against it, you fell forward and expected to feel the ground smack against your face but instead two arms caught you. Looking up, you caught sight of Jaha.

“What is going on here?” He asked, his gaze falling down on you. Upon finding your familiar face, you pushed yourself up from his arms as he smiled lightly. “Y/N Kane.” He addressed, “Marcus’s daughter.”

“Yes, sir.” You responded. Worriedly, you stared up at him. “Where’s my father?” You asked urgently. After everything he’d done, you shouldn’t even care, but after everything you’d gone through, you did not want to loose your father as well. He was the only family you had left, and you wouldn’t never be able to live with yourself if you lost another family member. You could not live with another death.

Jaha’s hands fell on your shoulder, he smiled weakly down at you; “Marcus is fine. Currently.”


“He’s still with the grounders, currently being held.” He explained to you, you nodded slowly. “But he’s alive?” You asked again, your heart speeding up with worry. When he nodded you let out a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding, taking a deep breath in.

As Abby stepped forward, it was the first time you’d noticed Byrne in the room. Stepping back from Jaha, you remained silent respectively. You were never one for rules and regulations but you knew this wasn’t the time, whatever Jaha and Abby had been discussing you knew was serious matters. As Abby stepped beside Jaha, you listened closely as she nodded at Byrne; “we will talk to them together. Let’s go.”

You fell in step behind everyone, respectively standing behind as you all made your way outside of the Ark. Upon reaching outside, you caught sight of Clarke and Finn. Bowing your head down, you stepped outside completely, pushing past quickly and reaching Clarke, she sent you a small smile and you nodded in return; turning back to Abby. “Chancellor?” Jaha asked.

“By now you’ve all heard the rumour, and unfortunately it’s true. The grounders are coming. We have a difficult decision to make. Thankfully, Chancellor Jaha has made his way back us, and we’re discussion all options.” Abby explained, you felt your heart slow as word of the grounders marching came to your knowledge. You’d been so busy trying to fight your way and find out what happened to your father, you hadn’t even known about the much larger, threatening doom that fell on you all.

“But to be safe… you need to pack. Now. Whatever you can carry. We may need to leave at a moments notice.” Jaha interrupted, stepping forward and in front of Abby. 

“Where will we go?”

“I don’t know, is the answer.” He responded truthfully, and you only shook your head in despair. “But I heard of a place. A city of light. It’s across the dead zone.” He explained, pointing to his left. Your eyes squinted upon the mention of ‘a city of light’, which seemed entirely too good to be true.

“What makes you think we’ll make it?”

“Because we made it here.” He responded hopefully, “I have faith, and right now, given the alternative, that’s good enough for me.” 

“Not for us.” Clarke suddenly spoke up, stepping in front of you through the crowd. You silently nodded behind her, though you hated fighting a war, giving up the only place that had given you safety was dumb. To replace it with something that seemed entirely unrealistic was even dumber. To leave your friends in Mount Weather was just disgusting. “If we leave, what about our friends in Mount Weather?”

“As your mother said… that is a very difficult decision to make.”

“I’m with her.” You announced, stepping beside Clarke. Glaring up at Jaha, you shook your head. “What about my father? You can’t just expect me to leave him there. What about Jasper, Monty, Miller, our friends? You’re willing to just leave them there to die?” You asked suspiciously.

“The time has come for each and everyone of us to ask; is this how the story of our people ends? Did we come all this way just to die tomorrow? Because if we’re not gone by the time that sun rises, that is exactly will happen.” Shaking your head, you rolled your eyes. You couldn’t believe the words you were hearing from your very own elected chancellor. But then again what did you expect when he was the one who helped throw you in jail?

You looked around as the crowd started murmuring in question or agreement. Taking a deep breath, you tried to steel your nerves. 

“No decision’s been made,” Abby calmed the crowd. “In the meantime, report to your sections supervisor and gather emergency supplies.” The crowd fell into action but you stayed still, standing beside Clarke as you searched around. Suddenly a body pushed into your back and a hand grabbed your wrist, turning around in panic you relaxed when you saw it was only Bellamy.

“Where have you been?” You asked, staring up at him in confusion. He looked at Clarke before his eyes fell on the both of you.

“In the drop-ship.” He explained, “you both need to come with me now.”

Walking up the ladder of your old home, you jumped in fear when a loud below came from beside you. You turned to see Lincoln and you flinched from fear as he panted heavily in front of you. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” Bellamy reassured, falling beside you. His hand fell on your shoulder, easily calming you down. “He’s been restrained.”

Lincoln continued to growl at you and you stared at shock. You hadn’t seen Lincoln since you’d held him captive in the exact same spot, but he was almost non-recognizable. 

“I can’t believe we’re back here again.” Clarke shook her head and silently you agreed with her. 

“Can you help him?” Octavia quietly asked from below you all, with sympathy you stared down at her. You knew of their relationship and how much she cared for him, pity filled your heart as you stared down at her desperate face.

“I don’t know.” Clarke whispered honestly. As she slowly stepped forward Lincoln continued to growl wildly. You stared with wide shocked eyes at his state. You stood slightly behind Bellamy, knowing there was nothing you could do to help but that didn’t mean you didn’t care, you just weren’t needed at that moment. Lincoln had never done anything bad to your people, and whatever had happened to him he definitely didn’t deserve. 

“What happened to him?” You asked, suddenly feeling guilty for how focused you’d been on yourself you hadn’t even know about the much more serious matters. Bellamy turned to you slowly as Clarke shook her head. “I knew Mount Weather controlled the reapers. I had no idea they were creating them.”

“If they can do that to Lincoln… what are they doing to our friends?”

“Clarke!” You screamed as Lincoln grabbed her, breaking free from the restraints. Without hesitation you shot forward, trying to help Clarke as Lincoln effortlessly pushed Octavia aside. With wide eyes you stared for some kind of solution. You shoved forward but his hand shot out and smacked you across the face, you stumbled back shouting in pain.

“Y/N!” Bellamy yelled running forward, grabbing Lincoln from the front of the shirt. Lincoln grabbed Bellamy by the back of the neck, leaning back and smacking him with his own head. You ran forward as Bellamy fell back, stopping just before Lincoln you searched for some kind of weapon that could help you. Without knowing Lincoln had tried to walk forward, only for him to fall forward because of the restraints on his leg. Lincoln grabbed onto you on the way, smacking you against the ground as he landed on top of you.

You grunted in pain as your vision became blurry after you’d hit your head on the ground. Lincoln snarled above you, and you stared helplessly above him as he swung his fist back and smacked you in the face. You twisted your head to the left groaning in pain. He shot his fist out again as you blink in dizziness, before he finally got off you, turning to his leg restraints.

You rolled over in pain, moving just out of the way for Bellamy as he ran forward with a shock lasher. You watched as he ran forward, Lincoln breaking the chain connected to the ground just in time as he smacked Bellamy in the head with it. You groaned in worry for him, pitifully trying to move forward and help him but faIling miserably when the pain in your head became too much. 

Lincoln continued to beat on Bellamy before Octavia managed to grab a weapon off the ground. Screaming she repeatedly smacked Lincoln in the back with it, until he fell back and off of Bellamy. Ignoring your own pain, you crawled up on all fours and gently pushed past Octavia to Bellamy. When his eyes landed on you, you stared down at him in concern. 

Bellamy grabbed your bloody and bruised face, that looked much worse than it actually was, searching for any serious injuries. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” You panted, nodding down at him. “I’m fine.”

“Oh, thank god, we’re Clarke?” You looked up as Finn appeared above the drop-ship door. Your eyes immediately fell back down to Lincoln as you placed the wet cloth softly over his face and anywhere else he had wounds. 

“Trying to stop a war.” Finn replied and you shook your head. Turning, you handed the wet rag over to Bellamy who accepted it and dropped into the bowl of water. You nodded your head at him, before clasping your hands and turning your attention back on Finn as the rest climbed up. Abby appeared and you smiled, she was probably an even better hope for Lincoln then Clarke was. You saw her skills with Raven, so you knew she could possibly save Lincoln.

Abby hesitantly stepped forward, immediately falling into work as she inspected him. “Pupils are unresponsive,” she observed. “Tie one of his arms. Tight as you can. Thanks to the supplies your brother found, Lincoln might survive.” Abby explained to Octavia, falling into focus.

You sat back, open if they needed help but otherwise staying out of her way. 

“What’s that?” Octavia asked as Abby prepared some kind of medicine.

“It’ll bring down his fever.” She reassured, leaning down to inject Lincoln. As she pressed the needle against his skin, he reacted violently as he shot his hand out. He began struggling ruthlessly and as Abby yelled to keep him down, you shot up, placing your hands on Lincoln’s chest and pushing down. 

You stared with worry as Lincoln began convulsing and shaking violently. Despite being worried of his wild strugglings you did not let go and continued to hold him down. You bit your lip as Lincoln suddenly stopped moving, falling still. “What’s happening?” You shouted in concern.

“Why isn’t it working?” Octavia bellowed in fear.

You watched with wide eyes as Abby pressed down as his neck, “his heart stopped.” Abby began compressions and you fell back, giving her space. You bit your lip in worry as you shook your leg, praying that he’d wake up. As Abby continued to do compressions she turned her gaze up to the healer; “you’re their healer?” He responded with a simple nod. “Tilt his head back. Pull his chin down and open his airway.”

You stood up, knowing you were no longer needed and fell beside Bellamy. Looking up over at him, you shook your head in stress. He tried to reassure you but failed as Abby sighed in frustration. Your eyes fell back on Lincoln, and you faintly heard Abby whisper; “come on.” Then she suddenly stopped, and you took a deep breath knowing exactly what that meant.

“You’re stopping. What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry.” Her voice came out in a faint whisper. With despair, you turned around, your hands falling to your head as you shook it repeatedly. This could not be happening. Not again. Not when you had a chance to prove yourself to the grounders. “He’s gone.”

“No, it’s not possible. You’re wrong.” Octavia whimpered, her voice raising in refusal. You bent at the knee, shaking your head repeatedly. “God damnit!” You grunted, staring at the ground. It didn’t matter that you didn’t know Lincoln that well. It didn’t matter that he was a grounder. Ever since you’d landed on this God forsaken ground everything had gone to shit. Nothing ever worked. 

“Octavia.” You heard Bellamy whisper. She began crying softly and you shut your eyes tightly; “come back.”

You jumped when the drop-ship door opened. You turned as Clarke made her way up, and you watched as her face fell upon seeing the state Lincoln was in. Shaking your head at her as she looked at you, you shrugged defeated. A woman with brown hair made her way up, and upon her attire you identified her as the Commander. 

Another grounder stepped up, followed by more and looking over at Clarke you saw her share a look with Bellamy. Your eyes fell Bellamy’s hand as he slowly reached for the gun beside him. Looking around you, you realized in terror as you had absolutely nothing to defend yourself.

“I’ll kill them all!” One of the grounders screamed in fury. Suddenly there was a stand off, and you paced by yourself as you held your hands to the side. A grounder shot their knife near you, directly in front of your throat. You watched with guarded eyes as your eyes shot between the grounder himself and the knife. He snarled at you wildly, staring at you with what could only be describe as pure joy. He probably couldn’t wait to kill you, you thought despairingly.

“Please, you don’t have to do this.” Clarke pleaded. 

“You lied.” The Commander spat, glaring at Clarke. “And you’re out of time.” Abby suddenly shot around, using the shock-lash she’d grabbed and pressing it into Lincoln’s chest. You panted heavily as his body reacted slightly.

“Hit him again.” Clarke ordered and Abby listened, pressing down. Lincoln suddenly gasped loudly and you let out a breath of relief as he began panting heavily. His eyes opened slowly as Octavia immediately fell to his side. He looked over at her as her hands fell to his face; “Lincoln…” She whispered.


“Open the gates!”

The gates opened as Clarke stepped through them, back from her meeting with the grounder Commander. Finn ran forward as Clarke fully entered, immediately asking if she was okay. You rolled your eyes upon his concern, before turning back to Clarke in question.

She’d just come from a meeting with the grounders, she had intel that you all needed to know regarding whether you all still needed to leave or not. “Shut the gate.” Clarke ordered, grabbing Finn by the arm and pulling him away. You watched her whisper something against his ear, something you couldn’t quite make out. You turned your gaze to Bellamy in question who only shook his head.

You walked forward with Bellamy as Clarke and Abby shared a hug. Reaching them, you turned to find every one of the Ark citizens staring in wonder. Turning back to Clarke, you asked; “what did she say?” 

“Is there a chance for a truce?” Abby followed your question, leaning back from the hug as her hands fell on Clarke’s shoulders. Upon the look on Clarke’s face, you knew there was something wrong. After your limited but long time of knowing her, you knew her expression when something is wrong.

“Yes…” She hesitated, and a collective of breath of reliefs echoed about. 

“What’s wrong?” Finn asked, and you nodded beside him. It seemed as if the two of you were the only one’s who’d noticed Clarke hesitancy to say yes. 

“They want you, Finn. If we want a truce, we have to give them Finn.” You froze, unsure if what you’d just heard was true. You opened your mouth to say something but found you just couldn’t find the words. After everything he’d done, you hated to admit it, but the grounders had every right to want revenge after he so ruthlessly murdered one of their villages. But he was one of you, and looking over at him you couldn’t help but feel pity.

Even after everything he’d done to you, you refused to give him up just to be killed. And at the hands of the grounders, you knew it’d be the least bit merciless.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Raven asked suddenly. 

“That’s their offer.”

“That’s not an offer.” You shook your head, looking up at Clarke.

“It’s punishment. For what happened in the village. Blood for blood.” Finn stated, and you let out a breath. Crossing your arms, you leaned back on your legs, you couldn’t believe this…

“That’s insane.” Bellamy commented, and you nodded in agreement.

“What happens if we refuse?”

“They’ll kill us.”

“I say we give him to them!” Someone shouted from the crowd, you turned around in shock. Your mouth falling open in indignation upon what you were hearing. You narrowed your eyes upon those you’d called your own. More shouts of agreement sounded about, and you turned back to Finn in fear.

A man stood forward from the crowd, stepping closer to you all. “Give him to the grounders.” He ordered roughly, threateningly.

“Back off.” Raven shouted at him, shoving at his chest. The crowd around you seemed to tighten and jumping, you turned in shock as one swung their fist out at you. You easily blocked the punch, pushing him away without actually hurting him. The crowd fell into a riot as Bellamy and a few others tried to push them back. 

“Nothing is going to happen to him,” you heard Clarke reassure Raven. “I promise, okay?”

“I’m not dying for him,” Griff announced. “Spacewalker burned three months of oxygen on the Ark. He should’ve floated a long time ago.” Before you could stop her, Raven shot forward and punched him. Byrne stepped forward to stop her but Raven only punched her as well. As the crowd fell into panic once again you tried to yell over the crowd.

“We don’t just float people anymore!” You screamed. “stop! Everybody!”

Guards hauled Raven away, “let me go!” She shouted as they pulled her away, you stepped forward, trying to help her but a guard stepped in your way. You recognized the guard as the same one who’d stopped you from speaking with Jaha earlier. You glared up at him, him smirking himself and you scoffed. It wasn’t until you noticed the shock-lasher he’d turned on in warning did you step away.

Turning to Bellamy who held a gun against the crazed citizens, you shook your head. “They’re crazy,” you announced. Catching Bellamy’s eyes, you two shared a look and he nodded in agreement. He leaned down, so he could whisper something against your ear and listening intently, you kept watch of those around you. “Whatever we do, we can’t let them get to Finn.” You agreed without another word.

“Raven.” You called, stepping through the cellar doors. “Raven!” Your eyes snapped everywhere, searching for her anywhere. You caught sight of Jaha but paid no mind to him, he’d gotten himself thrown in here rightfully when he tried to control the rightfully appointed chancellor. 

“Y/N!” You heard Raven respond, and turning you smiled upon finding her. You jogged lightly over to her, your hands falling on her arms as you searched for any injuries. “They didn’t hurt you or anything?” You questioned. You hated to admit it but hitting Byrne was a dumb thing, which surprised you considering how smart Raven normally was.

But you knew these guards, those they considered a threat they were the least bit kind to. You had experienced their harshness back up in the Ark. “Yes.” she replied, shaking her head and she made you focus on her eyes. “How’d you get in here?”

“Waltz through.” You shrugged confused by her question. Your face fell serious as you glared pointedly at her; “Raven that was about the dumbest thing you could’ve done in that moment.”

“Look, I know okay?” She snapped, her hand falling to her forehead in distress. Your eyes softened when you saw her despair and taking a deep breath you bit your lip. “I’m sorry,” you apologized. “Listen, this whole thing… it’ll be fine. We’re not gonna let them have Finn. I won’t let them have Finn.” You softly reassured, wanting to help her in anyway. If anything, the reason you were so adamant on not allowing the grounders have Finn was because of Raven. Even after everything he’d done to her, you knew she cared for him.

“Thank you, Y/N.”

Suddenly footsteps echoed, and turning with panic you found Abby. Her confused eyes fell on you when she noticed you in the room. “Y/N? How’d you get in here?”

“Walked in.” You stated, crossing your arms. “You’ve got lousy guards. And i’m not leaving, not until you let Raven out.”

“Abby,” Raven called. “Let me out of here, please.” She begged and Abby sighed, grabbing ahold of Raven similar to how you had before. She shook her head, annoyed as Raven continued trying to explain herself. “It was stupid…” she hesitated; “i’m sorry.”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

“He was about to throw Finn out the gate.” You defended, glaring at Abby. She turned to you, fixing you with a glare that told you to shut up. Reluctantly you fell at ease, leaning back on your feet as you crossed your arms with a disappointed shake of your head. With careful eyes, you watched Abby place her attention back on Raven; “you think i’d let that happen?”

Raven paused, and you watched her face twist with uncertaInty. “I don’t know.” She admitted, pausing again before sighing; “no.”

“The only way we’re gonna get through this is if we trust each other.”

“I’m trying.” Raven whispered and your tenseness fell upon seeing her lose her facade. Dropping your arms, you stood straight when Abby raised her voice; “she’s free to go.” Abby announced, nodding her head at you. Respectively you returned the gesture, turning to Raven you grabbed her upper arm in support, quickly picking up your pace as you both headed out.

“If you do anything like this ever again, you will come back here and you will stay here.” Abby stated before you both made your way out of the room. You both stopped, pausing as you turned around to look at her. Her eyes fell on Raven; “do you understand me?”


“Where’s the boy?”

“Where’s my father?” You asked unimpressed, staring up at the two grounders as they easily ignored you. You backed down when Bellamy looked back at you, shaking his head in a warning not to cross them. Nodding embarrassed, you took a step back. 

“We’re not giving him up.” Abby announced, her voice high and determined. “We’re ready to fight, if that’s what it comes to.” The grounders said nothing in return. Instead they turned, picking up speed on their horses as they rode off.

“Watch the woods! Watch for movement!” Bellamy ordered to the other guards. You turned, unsure what to do as they only thing you really could do was wait. You went to walk back into the Ark when Bellamy grabbed a hold of your wrist and rather tightly tug on it. Confused, you furrowed your brows as you turned towards him. Bellamy didn’t look to you though and rather only looked straight ahead. Your gaze fell on the grip he held on your arm; “Bellamy?”

His hand let go of your wrist, pointing upwards. You followed the direction of his finger and saw a figure. Stepping forward in confusion, you squinted trying to see who it was. “Don’t shoot!” The voice called and your mouth fell open in shock as your father stepped past a tree. You couldn’t find anything to say as the world seemed to freeze.

This wasn’t the first time you’d been separated from him, and before for a even longer period of time. But something changed, you weren’t sure what. Maybe it was because you knew what the grounders were capable of and the fact that he’d been in their captivity scared you. Or maybe it was because you were just tired of everything, of death, of fighting and you just wanted to be loved by your father again and if he died you’d never have the chance to make things right again.

Whatever it was, it was enough to drive you forward. Your feet ran faster than they’d ever before and you didn’t care of the consequences you very well could pay for being a bother to your father. You faintly heard Bellamy call your name in urgency and him tell you it wasn’t safe for you to run out on your own, but you ignored him, reaching your father. Your feet carried you to your father, shocking him as you leapt into his arms. You hugged him tightly, relieved. It was a few seconds before you felt his arms around you, and honestly you hadn’t even expected that much. 

It was awkward. Odd. Unfamiliar. You hadn’t basked in the warmth and safety your father could offer in forever. 

Then suddenly something clicked and you remembered exactly the state of the relationship you had with your father. You pulled back, his hands easily letting go of your own. You dared to look up into his gaze for a moment before your head fell and you whispered; “sorry. I-I ju-”

“It’s fine, Y/N.” He responded. You snapped your head up, shocked to hear the softness of his voice. You pulled back completely, stepping behind him as he began walking towards the camp. You followed behind him, careful and as soon as you reached past the gates Bellamy’s hands immediately fell on your upper arms, pulling you into him.

You were slightly dazed, unsure if what had just happened really had but when you looked up and saw the concerned expression Bellamy held, you knew it was. “Jesus, Y/N. Do try to be a bit more careful when we are at war.” 

You suddenly smiled, the brightest you had in days, weeks even. “Yes, sir.” You mocked, saluting him. He rolled his eyes as your childish behaviour, shocked by the behaviour he’d never seen come out of you. And he pressed you against his side, you said nothing as he did, only leaning into it as you focused back on the reality of the situation.

“Can’t be out in the open. We need to get somewhere safe.” 

Your father smiled and you were almost frozen with shock as he lightly chuckled; “it’s safe for the moment. Come on, we need to talk. I managed to buy us sometime.”

“Y/N!” Turning your head, you found Bellamy coming towards you. You smiled lightly when you saw him, stepping back from the fence you’d been keeping watch from. You walked towards him but you immediately turned concerned when you saw his tense face. “Bellamy?” You called softly, he didn’t stop until he was directly before you.

Leaning down, he reached so he was by your ear; “you need to come with me.”

“Where are we going?” You asked, confused. His hand once again fell on your wrists, tugging you along as he looked around him constantly. You took a deep breath allowing him to pull you along. You weren’t so much worried on where he was taking you, you knew that if he seemed this urgent and careful that it was serious. You were more concerned for him. 

You immediately noticed him heading towards a secret exit, going through underground. You squinted your eyes, knowing that he was taking you out. He stepped through first, letting go of your hand and turning back when he’d made it safely through. You looked behind you, making sure no one was looking and headed through accepting the hand he held out to you.

As soon as you were in the woods, safe enough from the grounders you decided it was time to speak up. “Bellamy, where are you taking me?”

“To the drop-ship.” He said, continuing to march through the woods. It was the first time you’d noticed the gun in his hands and though it made sense for him to have a weapon when you were quite literally walking through grounder territory it only made you more confused. Why were you even walking through grounder territory in the first place?

“What, why?”

“Finn wasn’t safe there anymore.” Bellamy explained, stopping as he turned to you. “The people were starting to turn on him and quick.” 

That made sense, what didn’t make sense was him bring you. “Okay… but why you’d take me? I mean… i’m willing to help but…” You trailed off in confusion, staring up into his dark eyes for an answer. You noticed how he faltered slightly, pausing in his words.

“If they were that willing to turn on him, there’s no saying what they’ll do to those who are willing to fight for him.” He explained quietly and your mouth fell open in realization. You’d known Bellamy cared for you, after everything the two of you’d been through it only made sense and Bellamy had a big heart. But you hadn’t known he thought that much for you. 

You notice his uncomfortableness and wanting to avoid teasing him, you nodded walking forward. “Well let’s go then.” Behind your words, and you were sure he caught onto it, there was a hint of gratefulness.

“They’re not moving any closer.”

“Staying out of range.”

You paced, back and forth. Biting at your lips, you worried over what would happen. The grounders were playing you purposely, they wanted Finn and they would stop at nothing to get revenge on those they so ruthlessly lost. And though you were against everything he’d done in that village and though you were haunted at night because of it, you knew he regretted everything he’d done. 

“Probably waiting until dark.”

“If we hit them now, at least we’d take them by surprise.” Murphy strategized, walking back into the main of the drop-ship. You fell beside him, staring up at him in agreement. Nodding to yourself, you spoke up; “I hate the thought of killing them, but Murphy’s right.”

“We don’t even know how many of them are there.” Clarke argued, shrugging her shoulders desperately.

“I’m not hearing any better ideas, Clarke.”

“We give them something,” Raven suggested, nodding to herself determined. “All they want is Finn.” Bellamy reminded.

“Finn wasn’t the only one at the village.” Your eyes fell open in shock and you stared hurt at Raven before you saw her gaze on another. Falling on Murphy, your eyes lit up in indignation, “Raven!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Raven, you better be kidding me.” You glared over at her, shocked that she would even suggest a thing. You knew she wanted to save Finn but to give someone innocent up, someone who’d tried to stop Finn up, was just insane. It was not Murphy’s, nor your, fault that Finn had gone insane.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Murphy suddenly called, staring at Raven in shock as well. “Raven I came here to protect him. You were the one who wanted me to come-” He fell silent as realization dawned over him. Was Raven really that desperate? “That’s why you asked me to come along.”

“Enough grounders saw him at the village. They’d believe he was the shooter.”

“Y/N was there too.” Murphy spoke up and your gaze fell on him, stunned. You knew Murphy could do rash things, but you’d thought that day at the ledge had changed the both of your guys views on each other. You’d even stood up for him… Betrayal filled within you as you listened to his next words, expecting him to want to give you up instead of himself. Everyone fell silent upon his words, fearing what he’d suggest next. You felt like a deer caught in head-lights, stuck in the middle.

“Murphy.” Bellamy growled, stepping in front of you as he held his gun threateningly towards Murphy. Murphy made no reaction, turning to you and his eyes turned soft upon finding your afraid ones. “You wanna give her up too, you sick bitch?” He spat at Raven. You let out a breath you hadn’t known you been holding as Bellamy fell at ease, dropping his gun.

“Raven,” Clarke interrupted. “You don’t mean this.”

“You know what they do to prisoners.”

“They want a murderer,” Raven’s voice shook as she turned towards Murphy. “We’ll give them one.” She cocked her gun, pointing it at Murphy, “drop your gun.” He surprised you when he stepped forward. “Go to hell Raven.”

“Put it down, Raven.” You ordered, “like it or not, he’s one of us.”


“Stop!” Finn yelled, interrupting all of you. You turned to him, falling silent as he shook his head in disappointment. He stepped forward, in front of Raven’s gun as she reluctantly lowered it. “We’re not doing this. They’ve got us surrounded. The only thing we can do is stay and defend this place.”

You nodded along side Bellamy, “i’m with you.”

“Murphy?” Finn called, who weakly responded. “Go upstairs, watch the rear. I’ll take the lower level. You three, take the front gate and Y/N…” His gaze fell on you and you turned to him, “i’ll come with you.” You stated, crossing your arms. There was something fishy about him, and you hadn’t trusted his motives entirely since the grounders had declared death on him. You knew he felt guilty and you knew that he hated how every one of you were risking your life for him. You knew he felt like he didn’t deserve such protection and that’s exactly why you weren’t about let him go off on his own.

He opened his mouth to argue but you shot him a look, shaking your head and he fell silent. “Okay.” You clapped your hands, “let’s go.”

“I know what you’re trying to do.” You announced softly, stepping up so you were directly beside Finn. He’d been radiating nervous energy ever since the both of you had stepped off alone, “and i’m not gonna let you do it.”

“You don’t know anything, Y/N.” He snapped back at you, turning to look at you. Your eyes fell and you felt your stomach twist, shaking your head you stared up at Finn. Ever since you’d met him you two had never really gotten along, except for maybe at first. You weren’t sure why. Maybe it was because you two had very different views on things. Maybe it was because he plain didn’t like you and you plain didn’t like him. But none of that mattered now.

“Finn, don’t treat me like a child.” You chastised, “this isn’t the way to go. We will figure something out.”

“That’s all you keep saying!” He suddenly shouted, catching you off guard as you stepped back from fear. He calmed when he saw your reaction, his shoulders falling as he stared at the ground, and you noticed his gaze on his gun. You said nothing as he gestured it over to yourself. You crossed your arms, setting your lips in a thin line. “Take the gun Y/N.” He sighed, still you refused. “Take the damn gun Y/N.”

“Why?” You asked, “so you can go send yourself to your death?”

“I won’t let anyone of you die for me.”

“That isn’t your choice, Finn.” You reminded, “we’re choosing this, not you.”

“I killed eighteen people…” Finn mumbled to himself, shaking his head at disappointment towards himself. Your arms fell as you were reminded of that haunting day and you found you could find no words to reply with. Because told the truth. “Eighteen innocent people and the grounders have every right to want revenge on those they lost.”

“Don’t lie, Finn. That’s not why you’re doing this.”

“What ar-”

“You’re doing this to protect Raven, Bellamy, Murphy, Clarke. Hell, you’re maybe even doing this to protect me.” You scoffed lightly, chuckling to yourself despite the moment. “I get that. I just don’t know why you did it in the first place.”

He froze, stunned by your question and you knew you’d caught him off guard but that was intended. You needed to know. You needed to know why that despite everything you’d done to try and stop him, you just couldn’t. Then, when long agonizing seconds went by, he answered. “I was blinded by desperation. I wanted, no- needed to find Clarke and that made me do things I didn’t even know I could.”

You nodded, accepting his answer and then, pausing, you asked; “tell me, how come we never got along?” He seemed confused by your question but it was just want you wanted, to confuse him enough that you could make a getaway quick enough to alert the others of his plan. When he paused you took that as your chance to swiftly turn, heading towards the ladder; “Bell-!” Before you could even finish calling his name and even place a foot on the ladder, there was a pain in the back of your head as the butt of the gun hit you.

You moaned in pain, feeling your vision blur and your hands loosened their grip on the ladder. You fell back, arms catching you and the reversed view of Finn’s face came into view. You opened your mouth to say something but found you couldn’t. He set you down gently, mumbling; “I have to do this.” And then he was gone and as you felt your strength disappearing you heard him call; “I wish we had.”

What felt like forever but was only probably a few minutes, hands suddenly had fallen on your face, shaking you. Faintly you heard a voice, someone calling you and when you blinked your eyes open you saw a blurred figure before you. After a few seconds you discovered the figure to be Bellamy, staring down at you concerned and then everything flew into memory.

Startled, you sat up but Bellamy held you in placed, helping you up rather. You didn’t need to ask to know the answer of Finn when you saw Bellamy’s face. Your bottom lip jutted out and you felt despair hit you as tears welled in your eyes. “I-I tried…” You whimpered.

He nodded, “I know.” And then his arms wound around you, pulling you against his chest. You let out a sob. Finn had never been special to you but it was just another dead one to add to the list and that crushed you.