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“We all die.”

Levi looked up from the book in his hands.

“You just realized?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at Eren who had draped himself dramatically over the couch.

“We all die,” Eren repeated. “Life is so short. It should be enjoyed. Life…should be lived.”

Levi rolled his eyes. He knew what this was about, but he wasn’t about to let Eren get to him. He returned his attention to his book, flipped the page, and continued reading.

“They say time is an illusion. That our perception of time is limited to a singular experience in the confines of one lifetime. But…if I could transcend time would I be able to see myself in a world where I was able to take advantage of my short existence to the fullest, in a world where I did, in fact, live life?  Or am I stuck in an infinite loop of time where meaning and purpose of life are lost to the inevitable decay of minutes, days, years?”

He sighed loudly and Levi snapped his book closed.

That was enough of this philosophical bullshit. He got up from his chair and stomped over to the couch.

“Fine,” Levi said, glaring down at Eren.

“You mean it?”

“Yes. We can go to the Festival of Color this year.”


“And I will participate,” Levi said grudgingly.

Eren squealed and pulled Levi down for a kiss. It was messy and enthusiastic, much like this festival was bound to be, much like Eren. When Levi thought about it that way it didn’t seem so bad. Levi pressed into the kiss and climbed onto the couch so he was straddling Eren’s hips.

“That was easier than I thought it’d be,” Eren said once they broke apart, hands running up and down Levi’s sides. “So…about the Polar Plunge in a few weeks…”

“Don’t push your luck.”

Eren sighed. “We all die.

Cheeky shit. Levi leaned down to quiet him with another kiss.

We should do the Salem witch trials all over again but this time instead of accusing women of being witches we accuse men of sexual assault and then burn them at the stake. It’s better because only men get burned and the accusations are actually infinitely more likely to be true

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I'm new to kpop and why are jhope and suga always over each other?

Darling it’s cause their soulmates. (As proclaimed by Suga himself)

But they’re really good friends, and over time you get used to your friends you start become very touchy. They’ve been living together for almost 7 years now. They’ve definitely reached a good level of comfortability.

But it’s also because Suga hyped up Jhope a lot, because Jhope wasn’t a very well liked member at the start (but we’ve all started swerving) and well Suga is just here encouraging us that yes we should follow our dream and love this angel, This hope. JHOPE.

love them please.


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That CS theory just shows how desperate Hook fans are to have any level of CS offspring. Is this competition between SF for having Henry? IF Emma is going to die, WE SHOULD AT LEAST GET A CS CHILD FOR HOOK TO FOND OVER!!!!! IF Hook can't be with Emma forever, he should get a living, breathing consolation prize for all the time he's put in! HOOK! HOOK! HOOK! DESERVES... can they not even comprehend how sexist they are? Emma's well being and happiness doesn't factor. All for Hook to have a baby! 1

2 A baby…. that I’m not even sure he wants… seriously, has Hook ever out right said, “I’d love to procreate and have my own little narcissist to fawn over ME now?” Cause it feels like Emma landed on that conclusion fully based on guilt and her own fears of commitment. Such a healthy ship! Everything they attempt… is just carried out horribly for this ship. It started creepy and uncomfortable. Continued down that path. And now Hkok’s happy ending is so backwards and crazy. WTF show?

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black folks voted for hillary with clenched teeth and bated breath and white people still fucked it up so I don’t want to hear any white feminists say shit. all that shit about we need to just get over hillary’s problems and vote for her when y'all should have spent all that energy keeping your mom, dad, and gramps from putting a kkk-supported rapist into office


                                  “Okay, should we get some coffee? Sure. Where?”
Chandler and Monica walk over to the kitchen-counter and leave their keys. Then the other four pick out their keys and leave them as well. They all leave the apartment. Joey helps Chandler with the stroller in the hallway, while Monica and Rachel have their arms around each other. Everybody walks downstairs to Central Perk. The camera goes inside the apartment again, and it pans around. We see the keys on the counter, and the final shot is of the frame around the peephole. The screen fades to black. (Friends, 1994 – 2004)

LGBT community: I’m voting for Hillary tomorrow, if Trump wins, we’ll all die.

African Americans and the BLM movement: I’m voting for Hillary tomorrow, if Trump wins, we’ll all die.

Muslims: I’m voting for Hillary tomorrow, if Trump wins, we’ll all die.

Hispanics: I’m voting for Hillary tomorrow, if Trump wins, we’ll all get deported/die.

Women: I’m voting for Hillary tomorrow, if Trump wins, we lose our voice in this country, and our choices over our own bodies.

Folks watching this shitshow from other countries: You should vote for Hillary, if Trump wins, you’ll all die, and he WILL wage war on us all, so we will too.

ACTUAL REPUBLICAN LEADERS AND POLITICIANS: I voted for Hillary, if Trump wins, America will die.

Confederate Flag waving hick holding a gun, wearing a “Make America Great Again!” trucker cap and brandishing an “All Lives Matter” sign: Okay, but…the emails???

warrior cats movie bad end: filmmakers transparently try too hard to make the film hip and have a broad appeal, end up somewhere in the middle of over the hedge and alpha and omega 2: family howliday, tone and animation are completely inconsistent and there’s a lot of very shoehorned-in humor, sandstorm is voiced by katherine heigl 

warrior cats movie neutral end: guardians of ga’hoole treatment. the animation is lovely and the tone is fine but some of the plot and characters get lost in translation. overall its just alright and we’ll all pay money to go see it anyways 

warrior cats movie good end: watership down but with cats, as it should be

warrior cats movie true end: ok so graystripe comes up out of the warrior’s den and offers firestar some of his delicious fresh-baked waffles and then


NDRV3 Character Trailer 1

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things I need:

the series as told by texts Viktor sends Chris cause damn it he needs someone to have bro-talk with:

  • Chris the onsen Yuri mentioned is so pretty and the food is so good! I am in heaven you should come over!!
  • Chris I think I read out chemistry wrong for some reason Yuri won’t let me spend the night with him and I wanted to talk more!!
  • ok so Makkachin loves Yuri already which is just, the #1 requirement of course, but now Makkachin gets to sleep with Yuri while I don’t!!!
  • so we bath together everyday and I wanna consider that a win but like, strangers bath together all the time over here so it’s a bit of a hollow victory… his ass is great though
  • I asked and he is single!!! he didn’t comment on his exes so I’m guessing he doesn’t have any so that means I have to do better than usual like, first experience should be at least decent right?
  • I re-watched the video of him skating my program and I’m really sure that he was skating for this girl Yuko who is really nice and her daughters are really big fans… but does that mean he was into her at the time? or maybe before? his best friends are married to each other so I know it’s like that now but should I be worried?
  • the good: I always get to be on the family reunions; cons: my Japanese is still crap and his parents don’t have very good English…
  • people in this town are really nice? like yeah people took pictures of us during the first week but now no one minds us? they just say hi everyday? this is so neat you should visit someday
  • I tried bonding on something besides skating and got my ass beat on Mortal Combat X, wtf is up with those graphics?
  • I literally could not sleep the rest of the night cause he was very excited about showing me his music for the new program (it is very good so be ready), but he did that by jumping on my bed, straddling me and looming over me while wearing shorts… do I need to explain?
  • ok so maybe the reason I hug him in front of the press was cause a bunch of skaters younger than me were drooling over him but can you blame me?
  • I think we are oddly similar when drunk which is kinda good but not really what will make people think we are real professionals
  • CHRIS LOVED SEEING YOU IN CHINA!! yes that was our first kiss, yes I know we are advancing slower than expected, but I might as well be walking on cloud 9 so who cares!!
  • oh so you heard I left Russia, no we didn’t have a fight, but Makkachin got sick and Yuri loves us so much that he convinced me to go over to Makkachin instead of staying and doing my job as coach… Chris when would anyone else do that? who else would love me enough for that? I just… I knew I was a goner but I need to make this permanent ok
  • I have been carrying a ring since we left Japan and saying that I’m waiting for the finals to be over is just me being a coward ok I can admit it you don’t have to say it
  • yes Chris we did get engaged that same night, no I did not propose first cause as usual he keeps surprising me, if this is our lives from now then I am really blessed
  • we will crush you today no matter how much I love you old friend, so watch out for my fiance ;)

Glad to see that the YOI fandom moved on from the burning trainwreck that was the movie that shall not be named.

Lesson for the future? Don’t get involved at all because whatever terrible thing is going on, it probably isn’t what we think it is and we just end up getting swept up in the negative hype. Just stay calm, breathe, wait and think rationally until everything blows over. There’s a 90% chance that whatever drama was going on was no big deal after all, no matter how bad it looked at first.

Pitch handled the nude photo leak in the smartest way possible. They didn’t dwell on it. They didn’t make it something that Ginny should have been ashamed about.

Ginny wasn’t the least bit worked up about it or defeated. She wasn’t ashamed of her body, or made to feel stupid. She wasn’t afraid to face her teammates or scared to walk out on the mound.

In fact anytime someone could possibly come close to judging her for them, they were shut down. Whether it was a protective Blip, or a calculating Oscar. And none of her other teammates mentioned it or made it into a thing.

We didn’t get hit over the head with the media fallout. It resolved itself so quietly, and I rather appreciated that, because that’s how it should be.

They pointed out the double standard of it all and moved on.

It’s the way Pitch addresses all of these issues in a nuanced way that makes it a unique show that quietly breaks barriers without much fanfare.

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Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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John Watson isn’t haunted by memories of Mary, he conjures her specifically to remind himself he SHOULD be grieving for Mary. She was a poor substitute for what he’s always wanted and at the end of The Lying Detective we all see just how much weight his self-loathing and insecurity carries. John Watson getting married to the first woman who stuck with him after Sherlock’s betrayal was like sticking a band-aid over a bullet wound. He knows he shouldn’t have done it, he knows he should’ve said something earlier but he didn’t and now his whole life is ruined. He mercilessly beat a helpless man just because he couldn’t control his self-loathing. That man he hurt many times and in many ways may never be the same man again. John fears he lost his chance. And by all accounts, any regular human being would agree. But this is Sherlock Holmes, and he’ll always find his way back to John Watson.


Daddy!Dean x Reader


“I think he likes the toy cars you got him.” You whispered to your husband.

Dean flashed a smirk, glancing back at you. “He is my son after all.” He winked. “By the way, Sammy and My mom are going to come over in an hour, so we should probably get dressed soon.”

Taking a sip of your coffee, you snuggled closer to Dean. “Not yet.” You exhaled.

He pressed a soft kiss to your head, a smile forming on your lips.

Being in his arms made you feel whole. With him being gone for hunts most of the time, you cherish every moment you have with him. Even if it’s just for a little while.

“This is perfect.” Dean hummed.

“What is?”

“This. Cuddling with you, while watching our little guy play with his toys.” He couldn’t help but smile. “It’s the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for.”

Playfully you nudged his side. “You’re such a sap, Dean Winchester.”

He glanced down at you, and furrowed his brows. “Shut up!” He tried to keep from smiling. “So Mrs. Winchester, where’s my gift?”

As you were about to respond, Dean was immediately interrupted when bobby jumped in his lap. “Daddy car!” He yelled.

Dean let out a chuckle, and nodded. “Yeah that’s like daddy’s car.” He put his cup of coffee down on to the coffee table and gave his son his full attention. “Come on, let’s go play with your cars.”

“Wait.” You exhaled. Pulling out a small box from under the tree, you felt your heart beat begin to race. You were nervous but also excited.


Dean took the small gift into his hand, and looked at Bobby. “Want to help daddy open this present?”

You watched the boys tear the wrapping paper off, growing more and more anxious as the seconds passed by.

He opened the top and as soon as his eyes glanced at the surprise inside, his mouth dropped. “Are you freakin serious?” He asked, shooting his gaze up to you.

You could only nod, holding your stomach.

Dean jumped up swinging his son around in the air,along Bobby giggle uncontrollably.

“You’re going to be a big brother!” He exclaimed. “We’re having another baby!”

He put bobby down and quickly stepped over to you, his hand gently pressed to your belly as he flashed a cheeky grin. “How’s daddy’s little girl?”

Dating Chris Evans

- He wikes it
- He would randomly throw you over his shoulder just because
- “It’s to show you how strong I am.”
- Ass slaps from both sides
- “We should adopt a puppy.. Or 67.”
- Singing old disco songs together in the mornings
- Sometimes when he’s too tired he just sleeps on you
- “Chris get off me!”
- Helping him shave
- Showers together
- Very passionate love making
- He loves to kiss your cheeks
- “Babe your cheeks are so adorable.”
- Being good friends with Scarlett, along with the cast of marvel.
- He whines a lot
- “Babyyyyy..”
- He grabs your left boob all the time while laughing
- Also while he’s not laughing
- Helping him get ready for his roles.
- Hilding hands a l l t h e t i m e
- Kinks
- K I N K S
- He uses 40’s slang quite often
-“my best girl/boy…”
- Watching his movies that he thinks are bad to piss him off
- “Movie is bad but you look good.”
- Date night every week even if its on skype

January in Scandinavia:
• shit I should lose weight but the gym’s expensive and I could literally die of cold running outside
• I should eat healthier but all I want is fat meat and potatoes
• oh, the sun is shining. Is it getting warmer?
• yikes no it’s still -3 degrees and now my fingers are falling off
• ok but maybe we’ll get snow
• oh no that’s not until march, right
• hey is it a little windy today?
• weather reports: “another storm hits us, knocking over two chairs and an old lady”
• hmm I wanna be outside today
• should I watch some tv series?
• oh right the new series won’t be on our Netflix until in like 3 years
• fuck it let’s drink