we should probably get a queue ring

Ok, so whenever the RvB fandom talks about Sister and Junior coming back, it’s always both of them coming back together.

So what if, and hear me out, Sister did actually die? Just for a short time though, until Junior found her or whatever. I mean, his species doesn’t treat death like we do. So what if he brought her back to life?

And then they set off on the greatest adventure in search of their respective caretakers.

You know sometimes, I just think about how Church has those moments where he’s stressed out beyond belief. He’s practically losing his mind from all the shit he’s dealing with. Caboose is usually the first to notice.

The first time Caboose hugs him, well he was pretty damned surprised to say the least: Caboose lifted him in the air nearly squeezing the life out of him. Oddly enough, it actually managed to calm Church down. Caboose continues to hug Church whenever he’s upset, and Church continues to say he hates it, but everyone knows he’s lying. Church thinks it’s some kind of platonic best friend thing, even though his heart is beating a mile a minute when Caboose does it. So it’s a complete surprise to him when he’s kissed on the cheek just out of the blue by Caboose. Church isn’t sure what it means or what the hell he’s supposed to do, but he will admit, in his head at least, that it was… Really nice.

Oh god if locus does get that armor wash is screwed
like, not just with the new weapons on it but that is his best friends/greatest threats armor new and advanced
And (if they finish the mission) with locus in the armor, plus the chairman and the counselor giving some info on wash’s relationship with the meta/maine…
Well, lets just say it’ll be one hell of a ride