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Autistic Community Pins

Pixel Heart Energy Indicator Pins - $3 per heart - 1 inch tall each
Mix-n-match filled or empty hearts to show your energy level.

Spicy Autism Pepper - $7 per pin - 1.75 inches long

Autisticat - $8 per pin - 1.5 inches tall

Squid Emotion Indicator Set - Full Set of Four is $20 - 1 inch tall each

Calico Cat Verbal Indicator Set - Full Set of Three is $20 - 1.25 inches wide each

Wifi Energy Indicator Set - Full Set is $15 - Size varies by piece
Use to show your energy level, by adding or removing pieces as needed.

Signal Bar Energy Indicator Set - Full Set is $15 - Size varies by piece
Use to show your energy level, by adding or removing pieces as needed.

Neurodiversity Symbol - $5 per pin - 1.25 inches

Spoonie - $6 per pin - 1.75 inches

Happy Flappy Owl - $6 per pin - 1.5 inches

Pre-orders for the pins will be open until September 1st, 2017.

We ship worldwide.

Once pre-orders close invoices will be sent between September 2nd through 4th. The pins will take 3-4 weeks to be made. Once I have them on hand I will contact everyone who pre-ordered with photos and the shipping timeline.

If you have any questions please email me at fae@dragonadventures.net OR leave them at the end of the order form.

Pre-order at fae.dragonadventures.net/pins/

Cthulhu Tarot Cards (Major Arcana)
Major Arcana Tarot cards inspired by Lovecraft with the amazing art of Sara Bardi, and the new Cthulhu cult statuette for collectors.


Thanks a bunch to all my Patrons (who will get the cards for free) for supporting my art in general and this little project in particular! Now if you too want to buy the tarot deck just click up here! We ship worldwide! :D

This is a REAL walrus skull (Odobenus rosmarus), sourced from the Inuit of Northern Canada! With pure ivory tusks, these rare skulls make an incredible additon to any collection, home, or business!

The tusks measure a total length of ~16.5" and we can ship this specimen worldwide (excluding the USA, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia or Taiwan)!

We are asking $2200CAD (~1765USD). Please allow at least 2 months for permit processing times if you are located outside of Canada.

Our walrus are not killed for their skulls or tusks - they are sustainably and legally sustenance hunted by the Inuit. As much of the animal is eaten as possible and the skulls are only sold to help these northern communities generate additional income.

McHanzine FAQ!

Hello everyone!
Me and @kichisu​ have received alot of questions regarding the McHanzo fanzine. So I decided to make a FAQ post! Hopefully these answers any question you have in mind. I will update this on the go!

* Do you ship internationally?
Yes, We ship worldwide!

* When is the next batch coming?
We are not sure, between end of March and beginning of April. We will let you know beforehand through our Tumblr and/or Twitter!

* For the next batch, is there a possibility to put one book away for me?
No, unfortunately we cannot do that. Once it’s available for sale, it’s first come first serve. If you cannot purchase at that time, I suggest asking a friend who could purchase one for you.

* Will there be a PDF version?
Sorry, at the moment a PDF version of the zine is not planned.

* Why can’t I order right now?
It’s sold out!

*Are you going to sell the fanzine at cons?
Yes we will! The fanzines will be available at:
J-popcon, Copenhagen (April 21-23)
Stockholm International Comic Festival, Stockholm (May 20-21)

For more future updates regarding Mchanzine, you can follow me and kichisu on twitter:
Monkan: https://twitter.com/Monkiponk
Kichisu: https://twitter.com/Kichisu

If you have any other questions you can leave as a reply here, or send me or @kichisu​ an ask!


crystalworksgallery Mother nature’s art! Fine crystals minerals, decorative fossils and sculptural stones from around the world.
It’s our great honour and delight to share the beauty, light and creativity of our planet earth. .

This is view of the front gallery space in beautiful Vancouver BC. .
We ship worldwide.