we ship jelsa

Ok, let me get this straight. PLEASE DO TAKE TIME TO READ THIS.

Lots of people are saying that we ship Jelsa just because they are both similar, in that they have same ice powers.

People should look past their powers/abilities and start focusing on their personalities. I think that by doing so, they’ll see what I/we mean. Elsa is quiet, reserved, classy, responsible etc, while Jack is quite the opposite- enthusiastic, expressive, curious, energetic, out-going, impulsive etc. The saying “Opposite poles attract each other.” i believe, suits them. The powers they have is just a bonus, it’s like their talent. But you don’t like or don’t ‘not’ like a couple because of their talent or what they can do. You usually like two persons because of their personalities and how they compliment each other. “Both were blue. But while hers were dark and full, like the rolling skies of nightfall, his were light and weightless like that of a fresh morning.” (I forgot where I got that quotation, i saved haha)

They would bring balance to one another.

You see, it’s not just all about their powers. Also, they both know the feeling of being alone. What I mean is, alone- ‘alone’, not just ‘isolated’. (I am trying my best to explain why I love Jelsa without having to put other characters/ships here.) Alone and isolated nearly means the same, but still, those 2 words have completely different meanings. Jack and Elsa both had no one. Literally no one! Not even someone just pretending to be there for them, not even an ant or imaginary friend. (You might say that Elsa has her family, but remember that her parents died when she was 18 and she obviously can’t be near Anna or anyone) They would be able to understand the isolation ‘and’ loneliness that each of them had experienced.

And I completely disagree that Elsa is boring. She has fun in her. It wasn’t just shown a lot in Frozen. (‘A lot’ and not ‘at all’ because in the start of Frozen, they showed us the fun side of her. Even in the ending if you can still remember!) Plus, if you haven’t seen the short clips of Elsa and Anna after the plot of frozen, by Disney, then i’d say that you should. She was just trapped by her fear, thus, it’s self explanatory you know… she just needed to realize how to let it go (ok lol). And she did, by the way. Okay, so my whole point here is ELSA IS FUN. People are just stuck with the ‘Elsa loner’ image and fail to realize that she’s not the old Elsa anymore, after the great thaw (sorry, i dunno what to call it haha). I even reckon that she’d be the first one to ask Anna to spend time with each other or have fun or play outside, to catch up with the things or moments they lost and weren’t able to experience during their childhood years (it was her fault in some way, anyway). And I don’t know if people can see/feel it too but she has her mischievous side on her (it doesn’t matter if you don’t see it or you disagree, no big deal, but I would just like to put it out there :>), I can just see it in her eyes! (From the official posters LOL).

“You only ship Jelsa because Elsa is cute and sexy.” LOL, okay, if that’s what you think. So what? I don’t care, really, because Elsa IS cute, sexy, and beautiful. No point in denying, because that is a FACT. She may even be the hottest Disney princess! (I don’t know if she knows that, but if she doesn’t, maybe Jack could help her see that.) They both are! Which makes them more perfect for each other, for me, at least.

And for those saying that Elsa mustn’t have a partner because it would ruin the essence of the movie, that she’s independent, well, i think not. Being an independent lady doesn’t mean you must not have a man in your life. People are getting the meaning of ‘independent’ there totally wrong! So being in a love life or relationship now, means you’re dependent? Think again. We don’t NEED that ‘someone’ to live, but we do WANT/long to be with someone whom we can spend/share our whole lives with. So what if Elsa falls in love? It wouldn’t really ruin Frozen. Frozen is Frozen. The lessons it taught us will stay forever. Elsa can still be the independent girl she is. And maybe, if you really want the ‘independent’ side of the girl to shine in her character, maybe this time, the girl will be the one to save the boy? Plus, it would be really boring if they make a sequel and it just teaches us the same thing. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn something new? I hope you get my point.

Back to the ‘powers’ issue. So what if they have the same powers? It just adds to the coolness of this pair. (HAHA no pun intended) UGH I envy them both! AND for the age gap… JACK IS OVER 300 YEARS OLD! Come on people. Plus, It doesn’t really matter. Age is but a number!

I could state every reason I have for loving Jelsa, but it would take me forever! Not to mention this post, is QUITE LONG already. But these were the issues people kept bugging us with more frequently, so there…

Lastly, the fact that Elsa is from Disney and Jack from DreamWorks makes me love this ship more. It is so unlikely for Elsa and Jack to be in one movie but still, NOT IMPOSSIBLE. It’s not that hard to make a story-line for them to meet. (They’re both single blabla) It’s like holding on to your dreams even though you know it’s so hard to reach’em. And by the way, the most important lesson that Disney want to implant in our souls is that “Dreams do come true.” ;) and I’m holding on to that. But even if It doesn’t, I’m still sticking with this ship. Jelsa means more to me than you think, and I’ll keep this ship forever.

P.S. Love love, everyone! :* and I hope the hate almost everyone from other ships gives us, Jelsa shippers could stop, though. It breaks my heart to see hate posts about Jelsa. :(( It’s not our fault that Jack and Elsa fits perfectly together! Haha. :) spread love and peace!

“Wow, that was…" 

"Beautiful, thank you" 

//OoC: For real, I think I love when you guys do this. A lot of people is always saying that the only reason we ship Jelsa is because of the ice powers. But no, with things like this you can see there’s much more than that! They can be a lovely and amazing couple for how they are and how complement each other and that’s simply perfect.