we share this planet

There are over 7 billion brains transmitting and receiving information on this beautiful planet, imagine if we shared the same flow state of love what a different world this would be.

EAT MORE PLANTS🌟🌿🍉🍊🍆🌽🍓 not only is it the best for our bodies, but also for our planet + all those we share it with. Not to mention the cheapest AND most delicious way to eat😋
The key to a plant based diet is eating a variety of different foods everyday and most importantly, ‘replacing’ animal products instead of 'removing’ them. Veganism isn’t about restriction, it’s finding kinder, more healthful alternatives!
I wrote up a NEW BLOG POST all about the 5 Food Groups of a Plant-based Diet to get all the nutrients we need, find out optimal health + thrive on this lifestyle!! I hope you’ll find it helpful, the link is in my bio❤️✨

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What can I do? (Solarpunk edition)

It warms my heart to see so much support and interest in solarpunk! I know a lot of people are wondering how they can contribute, and hopefully this answers most questions.

Firstly, I think everyone has something they can contribute–even simply listening and sharing is a HUGE help for solarpunk as a whole. Arts, design, fashion, architecture, engineering, farming, forestry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, travel/transit, fiction/nonfiction writing, industry, politics, education… whatever you work with, whatever your passions or hobbies are, you have something to contribute.

Solarpunk does not just mean solar-powered, in the same way Steampunk does not only refer to steam power.

It means looking towards a brighter future, for all of us sharing this Earth. It means seeing the options we’ve been shown for the future (post apoc trash or corporate dystopias) and saying “I refuse to accept this”.

Solarpunk is our present day -punk genre. It has the ability to spread and enact true change, if we nurture it enough.

And in that vein, to answer the question “What can I do?” We can break down solarpunk into three branches (for now):

Diversity: celebrating our differences, being empathetic, understanding and sharing multiple perspectives. Diversity in our sociopolitical lives as well as diversity for our ecosystems and economies.

Accessibility: advancement in technology cannot truly help humanity if certain classes or countries cannot access them. Disabilities (physical and mental) must be accounted for when we redesign cities for people; we must ensure everyone can get around them.

Sustainability: our current for-profit system is killing us and the beautiful creatures we share our planet with. We are wardens of Earth; we are here to protect and nurture it. Production based on need not profit, and de-industrialized agriculture. Communities should be able to function independently from the whole, in terms of necessities (food, water, power, shelter).

Along with these branches, I believe there are three other movements that will inevitably intersect with Solarpunk, if they haven’t already.

Permaculture: bringing back ancient/indigenous/sensible farming practices that we lost or considered “primitive”. Agroforestry, crop rotation, urban/vertical farming are good places to start.

Right-To-Repair: in response to companies like Apple denying our ability to maintain our own devices, there is a large movement dedicated to repairing tech in order to elongate their life cycle and prevent further waste. Why buy a phone every two years, when we could upgrade one continuously over ten?

Afrofuturism: Africa is finally beginning to get back on its feet after the imperialist Rape of Africa era. African Americans are strengthening their voices and cultural ties in this Eurocentric digital age. I cannot properly do this movement justice; it isn’t my voice that should be telling you. Supporting and uplifting the voices within this movement is crucial to not only Solarpunk, but to the wider goal of harmony and reparation.

The most important facet of Solarpunk is perspective: not everything will work for everyone, and listening to marginalized people is absolutely essential to growing our movement.

Be safe, be kind, and spread some love.


“I’m just forever reminded that it’s a big fucking world with lots of fucking people in it and we all should be working as hard as we can to share this planet and help make what little time we have here pleasant for everyone, anyway we can.” —Josh Klinghoffer 

This beautiful soul shed light onto this world on this day, 38 years ago (10.03.1979). Happy birthday, my dear. Rock on!

I had to take a minute after my twitch stream to say Happy Earth Day! 🌏💚✨ I wanted to share my painting “Butterfall” because to me this image represents a fountain of possibilities! ⛲✨✨ I am optimistic that we can start changing how we negatively impact the environment and do better. 😊❤ We all share the same planet so let’s do our best to make it a happy healthy place for all it’s fauna and flora! 👧🐶🌱💙 We can all do it together! 🤗💞 “Butterfall” is such a positive painting I had to bring her with to C2E2 this weekend as a print! 😀💕 If you’re at the show, you can find me at table T1 in Artist Alley with her and other prints too! 😉👍I’m here all weekend! 😁💖

EAT FOOD YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU FOR🍉🌿🍊🌽🍆 ✨ I’m the first to admit that there’s definitely a lot of controversy and conflicting information + opinions out there when it comes to nutrition and what you ‘should’ eat😅
BUT there’s one thing they all have in common: eat more plants!!🙌🏼
Plant foods are what our bodies were designed to eat. They are filled with vitamins, minerals, fibre + antioxidants that help our cells to function their best and make us THRIVE🌟 so let’s nourish our body, mind + soul, while being kind to our planet and all those we share it with by filling our plates with an abundance of plant foods✌🏼️💛

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HAPPINESS IN A BOWL🌟 there’s nothing better than the feeling of nourishing yourself with a rainbow of whole plant foods👅💦 kind to your body, the planet + all those we share it with🌿🌏✨
Today’s nourish bowl featured a mix of brown rice & quinoa, baked sweet potato, corn, tomato, greens, purple cabbage, crispy roasted chickpeas and a drizzle of homemade BBQ sauce👌🏼👌🏼
What are you having today to nourish your bod?

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Octlantis: the underwater city built by octopuses
The discovery of aquatic architecture has led scientists to compare the behaviour of cephalopods to humans – but octopus city life is no utopia
By Philip Hoare

If animals are our other, there is nothing quite so other as the octopus. It is the alien with whom we share our planet, a coeval evolutionary life form whose slithery slipperiness and more than the requisite number of limbs (each of which contains its own “brain”) symbolise the dark mystery and fear of the deep. Now comes news that octopuses have been building their own cities down there. In a story straight out of James Cameron’s The Abyss, scientists have discovered that the wonderfully named “gloomy octopus”, octopus tetricus, are not the loners we once thought them to be. In Australia, the species has been seen to congregate, communicate and even evict one another at a site marine biologists call Octlantis, at Jervis Bay, south of Sydney. Professor David Scheel, who led the research, draws direct comparisons with our own communities in his new report: “These behaviours are the product of natural selection, and may be remarkably similar to vertebrate complex social behaviour.” The discovery is important in that it confirms scientists’ suspicions about the culture of cephalopods. Another nearby site in Jervis Bay, found 50ft below the surface in 2009 and named Octopolis, was thought to be an anomaly, formed around a large, human-made metal object. Peter Godfrey-Smith, author of Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life, who dived the site, saw it as a kind of “artificial reef”, an underwater island of safety in a dangerous area, a defence against predators such as sharks, seals and dolphins. But the discovery proves that Octopolis is not a one-off. Lacking any human object at its heart, its aquatic architects have constructed walls from clam and scallop shells, the remains of their former meals. Not only that, but the report’s co-author, Stephanie Chancellor, notes that these piles “were further sculpted to create dens, making these octopuses true environmental engineers”.

Humans Are Weird

So it’s so long…got kinda ramble-y and off point but I think I got my thought in there.

I’ve been thinking about these a lot again and I’ve seen a few saying that Aliens would have to be really tough to make it into space and survive. But I don’t think that’s necessarily true. What if the first Alien species that makes it out of their planets atmosphere or even lack there of, is a fragile, fast learning hive mind? Sure the first few attempts go array, ships explode, crumple in on themselves leaving the atmosphere and it’d be terrifying but they are able to build better, stronger ships, figure out how to grow vegetables or their closest thing to vegetables on board after they lost a crew to starvation because they have an idea of what went wrong and can work on fixing it because they are constantly connected to each other, no radio silence. Soon enough their whole planet is able to travel the stars, every sentient species, because “We all share the same planet why would we not help each other?” and that spreads to every inhabited planet anyone lands on.
Then along come the humans, bumbling, tiny, innocent enough seeming humans. Shooting themselves out of their atmosphere essentially with explosives, trails of fire following them. It barbaric, something that failed to work for the Aliens, simply blowing their ships apart, yet somehow these predatory species that survived, conquered and thrived on a Death World were able to even bend explosive power to their will. They aren’t extremely strong looking, though that can be deceiving, they bare their teeth in greeting, act aggressively towards one another ‘playfully’, they’re unnerving. They didn’t help each other, instead turned it into a race, even to their own moon. So many died trying to figure out how to shoot themselves through their atmosphere and yet…here they are, traveling the stars with childlike wonder, always wanting to explore the unknown.
They aren’t exceptionally strong, big or intelligent but they’re durable. Broken bone? Realign it, brace it and it heals back stronger. Stabbed? Sew that shit up and it heals. Blow to the head? Typically out of commission for a few days but heals up and back to whatever they where doing. Loss of limb, mental illness, weak heart…they push on, living, striving, making fake limbs to replace the lost one(s), takes medication, goes to therapy or even white knuckle grin and bear it to get through day to day, a tiny machine placed in the chest to help keep the heat beating. What they may lack in size they make up for in speed, they’re quick, most are fast working able to almost double the productivity of the larger Aliens, they sprint, they’re built for short distance sprinting some are amazing at running long distance which is terrifying knowing you wouldn’t be able to out run one for long, not to mention their pursuit hunting, they can follow you for days until you die of exhaustion. What they lack in intelligence they make up for in ingenuity. Part of the engine brakes and you don’t have a spare part? More than likely a human can jurry-rig something that’ll let you get to where you need to go to get the part even if they don’t know how the engine works, a general description of what the part does can make it possible for a human to throw something together. Suppiles running low on an expedition? Once more their pursuit hunting comes in handy, figuring out which plants are edible.

It’s easy to forget what they’re capable of, where they came from and the flames that followed them into space when they look so squishy, startle easily, mimic your movements, some even learning your languages, but there’s almost always moments that remind you that you’re sharing space and food with a sentient predator species. Maybe raiders attack, the human()s stone faced, starring them down waiting for a moment to strike, not even having to say a word before launching forward to protect their crew, their friends. Expedition gone wrong, animal attack possibly, you’re human(s) will most likely scare it off or fight it, tend to the wounded and search out help even if they are wounded. You don’t have to be tough to make it into space and survive, you just have to learn and build off the failures. Even the weakest of species could make it to the stars.

The eighth house is intriguing because it’s simultaneously private and public: it’s what we don’t want to share, and yet what we need to. People with personal planets in the eighth house can be generally quite guarded and secretive people in one way or another, but they ultimately want to create a connection where they feel they can share these things about them. The eighth house is shared resources, after all, and the wisdom of the eighth house is one of those resources which want to be shared, even if it can be a struggle to do so comfortably.

Now that we know the reality of the exploitation and suffering of others that we share our planet with, it seems to me that:
We can no longer look ‘cool’ smoking a cigarette.
We can no longer look elegant eating the flesh of tortured animals.
We can no longer look sophisticated wearing the skins of murdered animals.
We can no longer look sincere speaking about the nobility of war.
We can no longer look honest encouraging people to hate others.
We can no longer look noble carrying a gun.
We can no longer look spiritual and speak of hate.
Everything is clear when we acknowledge the truth.
The rest, how we live, what we support and what we contribute to the world is up to us.

Michael Kewley - Awakening to the world

May all beings everywhere and at all times be happy, secure and rejoice in their freedom…

Humans aren’t *that* special

So I’ve been really enjoying a lot of the “humans are space orcs”/”humans are space cat memes”/”earth is space australia” kind of stuff going around, but a lot of it falls a little flat for me because it takes characteristics that we share with literally everyone on our planet, like things that ants do and mice do and platypi do and whatever, and speculates, “but what if not one single alien sapient race did that thing?”

Some of it is really, really legit. Like music. There are no other mammals that respond to music like we do. I’m not sure birds respond to music the same way we do (although given that songbirds tweet for territory, I think sapient songbirds would really appreciate a lot of the hip-hop oeuvre, especially the stuff about “I am fucking awesome and you are a piece of shit” kind of thing). Or throwing objects. Nothing on Earth throws objects like a human. But stuff like… superstition? That’s a function of our incredible pattern matching engine, and all intelligent species on Earth carry something like it (we see it in other animals with avoidance of harmless objects that were previously associated with something unpleasant. Superstition is operant conditioning carried verbally.) Fiction? How do you predict the future without the ability to run “what if” scenarios in your head, and how do you interact socially without mirror neurons to tell you what others of your kind would feel, and why are you sapient if you can’t interact socially? It’s only a useful trait for social species. I can believe humans are the best at it, but not that we’re the only ones who ever came up with it.

For my own fiction, I think I’d like to nail down what traits I believe, based on evolutionary biology, are probably necessary to all sapient species, and which ones could be unique to humans. For example: love. I believe that all sapient species must be capable of love, though they do not necessarily need to be able to extend it outside their species and they do not necessarily need to employ it in mating. But all evolved sapient beings, by definition, must have far, far more that they need to be taught than that they can have pre-programmed by instinct, so all will be relatively helpless in comparison to adult forms when they’re born and need to learn, so all need to have parents who desire to protect them, teach them, and not eat the little shits even though they’re annoying and time-consuming to deal with. All species must have some concept of parental love, and from our experiences on Earth it seems that the closer to sapient you are, the more you extend emotions out from one very specific circumstance to cover multiple circumstances. Also, sapient species have to be social, so they must all have the concept of friends and allies, and that implies, if not love, at least liking and enjoying the company of your own kind somewhat. There doesn’t need to be romantic love, but love, as a concept, must exist.

(If your sapient species was created rather than being evolved, then a lot of base assumptions about what a sapient species must have don’t apply; you could have a robot society without love. But who would want to build that if they themselves are capable of love?)

I also… don’t really like the concept that humans are the only special ones. Most of this is backlash against “humans are the generic and have no special talents specific to their species” style of SF/fantasy worldbuilding, and I hate that too, but the alternative isn’t “no one has anything special but humans”, it’s “everyone has something special, including humans.” So if humans are the “hold my beer” species then someone else is the “over-analyze everything” species and someone else is the “do what the ancestors would have done” species and so forth. 


dkphotographyauARCTIC LIGHT… Part 2


This is a project we have working on & kept quiet about for quite some time. This collaboration with @nikonaustralia consists of 3 months of chasing the most incredible light on the planet, the Northern Lights. Taken from Iceland, Norway & Finland from 2016 & 2017, this time-lapse is completely unedited footage taken straight from the Nikon D810.
We have been addicted to chasing Mother Nature’s most incredible display of light on the planet & we can finally share with you, part of this exciting project. On Friday we are off for a week to Nikon HQ in Japan for a conference & we are so excited & honoured to have been announced as one of the offical ambassadors of the D850 (to be launched this week). We will be heading back to the Arctic Circle in Jan/Feb 2018 to test out this game changing new camera so stay tuned for the next instalment. 



I think most of us are in the same “what the fuck is this” boat, so I figured this wouldn’t entirely go amiss. The opening narration is told from what I’m assuming is the perspective of someone on the “we must invade the Holy Land” side. They do appear to be a pretty massive invasion force (and some of the animation for this was quite fluid and lovely, I have to say). The larger ships released a fuckton of what at first appeared to be seeds, almost, but turned into these small propeller gliders piloted by people like the one we focus on during the narration. (Is that person the narrator? It’s unclear.)

The ships from the opening start zooming in though, and it’s just a small handful of them compared to what appears to be a several hundred of the seed glider things. The gliders are clearly outmatched though, and it looks like this battle is assured.

All I have to go on so far though is the opening, and from that, I have to guess Team Seed Glider are “the bad guys”. Of course this could be DRAMATICALLY oversimplifying, which is of course what I hope is the case; I’d always rather greys than black and white. It’s too early to possibly know yet, but I’m hopeful that’s the case, as we just spent the opening credits establishing the side the audience is intended to invest in, but the very first scene immediately gives us a connection to the people they’re defending against. It’s possible that we even know MORE than the they do, as we’ve heard, at least loosely, what’s compelling them to invade, and we’ve seen that their homeland? KIND OF SHITTY. Obviously I know no more than that, even, but it’s bring us into the story by way of Team Seed Glider, and that’s not a decision we can ignore.


Part 3 – a true story.

Becky and I haven’t had sex yet – although we have been playing for nine years, she still says she doesn’t feel ready yet, and that she’s a little weirded out by the thought of fucking her uncle. And I’m absolutely good with that. Everything we do, and have done together has been at her pace, and has been 100% initiated by her – I’m a patient guy, I’m in love with this girl, and I wouldn’t want to hurt her.

Becky’s sister, Kirstie is a couple of years older. Becks tells her most things, and as sisters they are very very close. Although Becky says that she hasn’t said a word about our relationship to her sister, I can’t help thinking she knows. She fucking hates me, actually she always has done, ever since she was little. Just a clash of personalities (we are quite alike and are always squabbling) I do worry that Kirstie will say something to her Mom and Dad though – and whilst Becky doesn’t care, it bothers me a lot!

She’s just turned fifteen, and truth be told she gets a little more daring every time we see each other. She’s keen to experiment, and try new things. And of course, I’m happy to respond, oblige and help her in her journey of exploration. I feel like the luckiest guy on earth, and am so thankful she chose me!

One of the things she has started enjoying more and more is dry humping and grinding in to me. She’s always done this to a certain extent, since she was six, but over the years it has got more and more intense and sexual. I’ve lost count of how many times over the years she’s sat on my lap in a public place, and wiggled and ground herself into me so much it’s made me cum. I suffer from having quite a cummy cock, and pretty much as soon as I’m hard, the precum is running down my shaft. Needless to say, she knows this and is always checking for the wet spot in my shorts or slacks so she can check to see if she’s doing a good job or not!

When we are alone together she likes to take our dry humping to the next level. She bends over on all fours with her butt stuck in the air. She likes me to rub my hard cock from the top of her bubble butt, all along the crack of her arse, round to her tight, hairless little cunny and right up to her clitty. She loves it when I rub my cock all over her clitty, and with her grool and my precum we can really get a lovely foamy mess which we both love cleaning off each other!

I’m definitely an arse man, not a breast man (I like flat chested girls) so I adore walking in to the room to see her laid out waiting for me like this. I love jerking myself off with my cock between her butt cheeks – it’s amazing! Several times I have cum up the length of her back and into her hair – it’s so fucking hot to watch myself spraying a nice thick creamy load all over her. Becky gets pretty upset about this though, as she likes to have her mouth clamped firmly round my cock when I cum, she says putting it anywhere else is a waste.

We are both quite in to food play – Becky really loves Strawberries, I don’t know if they have some kind of aphrodisiac qualities, but she can just be sat with a bowl of strawberries eating them in front of the telly and she gets turned on and wet. I will often eat her out while she is sat there watching TV – she pretends to ignore me, and not notice what I’m doing. She’s a pretty wet girl once she gets turned on, with a good supply of sexy girl juice for me to lick at and suck from her. She tastes so good – you could take everything else away from me and stick me on a diet of Becky Grool and I’d be a happy man! When she gets near the bottom of her bowl, she likes to pour the left over strawberry juice over the head of my cock and down the shaft. She rubs it in, and jerks me off with the strawberry juice, then starts licking and sucking on me. I really like hard, rough sex so I get Becky to grip and squeeze my cock as hard as she possibly can – so much so that it hurts me. I like her to pull back hard on my cock, and jerking me hard and slow running her hands from the tip of my bulbous cock right down to the base. She worries about hurting me, but I always tell her to pull harder! In my imagination, I relate the pain to trying to squeeze the head of my cock into Becky’s tiny little cunny, or better still her tight, puckering little bumhole. I think I said before, even at fifteen years old, she’s so fucking tight. I can’t get a finger into either her cunny or her butt – so when it does come to being allowed to fuck her, I think it’s going to be a struggle. But what a wonderful struggle!

The other thing we share a love for is Nutella!!! There is nothing better on planet earth than sitting there, with a jar of hot Nutella and a small brush, and to be painting patterns and designs on the one you love. The tickles of the brush drive each other crazy, and the mess we make is awesome. I always pay special attention to Becky’s nipples – even though her boobs are getting bigger now, when she’s laid out flat, she is still fairly flat chested – so a perfect canvas! I paint her little nips, and as soon as the hot Nutella touches them, they go hard like little bullets. I love to tell her that I’ve made a mistake with my art design, and I need to rub the paint out. Then I can lick and suck the Nutella off her, and start all over. It’s really sexy and she giggles and grins like she’s a little girl again!

She loves dunking my cock into the pot of Nutella – she calls it her “big dick paintbrush” she dips in and jerks me off then dips it back in again so that my cock is totally covered. (maybe she has a BBC desire, perhaps I need to keep an eye on this fetish) Then she like me to paint her cunny and bumhole with my cock – rubbing it all over her and making sure that she’s well coated. Then she straddles my face, and makes me lick her clean – I always pay special attention to her tight little bum bum, making sure iI give her a good clean and that there’s not a single bit of chocolate spread left in her. She sets to work cleaning up my cock – sometime 69 style when I’m eating her out, other times she waits till after I’ve finished on her. When she orgasms, she loses control – her legs shake and her entire body convulses like she’s having a fit. Her eyes roll around in her head like she’s drunk or stoned. She says that she can’t concentrate when she’s cumming which is why she sometimes cleans me up after she’s all clean and pink again. A couple of times she’s stuck a chocolatey covered finger into my butt, and eaten it out again. Always a surprise/shock when she does that, but it’s quite a nice feeling. I have never cum from her playing with my bum, but it’s a nice feeling, and when coupled to my little girl jerking the bulbous head of my cummy cock, I thank God for putting me on this Earth with her!

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HAPPINESS is a tray of @aussiemangoes all to yourself🌞🌞🌴💦 just a few years ago I would never have imagined that I’d actually feel JOY around eating again. Food was numbers, shame, guilt and fear. Veganism changed everything for me, and through learning about plant based nutrition, I now see food for what it truly is: nourishment, fuel, energy!!🌟
It feels so good to eat foods that not only taste amazing, but do amazing things for your body, while being kind to the planet and all those we share it with🌿🌏💕

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