we share the same sky


“Dear sixth guns,
There are a lot of you that feel trapped, plenty of you whose depression is so indescribable that when someone asks you what’s wrong, you can’t explain it so you just say you’re fine. There are times where you feel like there’s only one way out, but before you even consider the possibility of taking the next step, just know this: you are not alone. Even though oceans may seperate us, we’re still here for you. We make this music for you, write these lyrics for you. All of you made us who we are, and we have a bond with each and every one of you. Even though you feel like we’re thousand miles away, we’re still apart of you just like you’re apart of us. We share one sky, one moon, the same stars. We love you and no matter what happens, we’ll continue on with our passion for music to touch your hearts, and we’ll always let you know that you’re not alone in this. We’re all heretics, we’re in this together. Please, stay strong and never hesitate to send us fanmail because even though we can’t respond to every single letter, we read them and we love hearing from you. All of us worry about each one of you and we want nothing more than happiness for you. Every single sixth gun out there is what keeps us going, and we’ll continue to keep you going as well. We love you, never forget that.
Tomorrow does not disappear.
Love, Aoi.”


Collaboration with @ceeslife

No matter how far the distance between us, we are connected by a million starry hosts.
We share the same sky.
The same moon streams light into our darkness.
When I’m feeling lonely, I blow kisses to the stars knowing they’ll pass them on to you as you gaze at the same sky thinking of me.

©Cee Hunter April 2017

For @creatingnikki by request

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Hey you,

Don’t forget the way we connected

Like two souls the same yet doomed to be separated

What we had felt like something blessed

It’s cruel that our separation was fated

I hope our paths cross again

Later, as different people in different places

And old flames burn without sin

Knowing only the taste of long lost friendship and feelings faded

I’m never alone though I’m alone all the time

When you feel alone know that I’m with you

Maybe not physically but look up, we share the same sky

I’m there with you just look inside

My presence can’t warm you but my memory could

What we had was never about right or wrong

It was about a language we didn’t know we could speak

That of the heart, that which nurtured a close bond

I still remember the words and inflections

The way our souls sang like a duet

And we found peace in each others reflections

A close friendship we weren’t quite ready for yet

I’ll be lost inside without you

That’s okay though, I’ll be alright

So will you, I know that’s true

Run along and take flight

We’ll walk our own paths and live our own lives

It’ll be okay and I’ll always have a place in my heart

Dedicated to you, a place love thrives

You shared some of your light, gave me a needed jump start

I’m running now, I don’t know where

But I’m going and I know I’ll find where I belong

I know I’ll be looking in every face I pass for your stare

For those eyes that could right all that was wrong

When I get there I’ll sit down and I’ll wait

For you to come around or pass me by

If only to see who you are, how you’re carrying the weight

And I’d be happy if you only stopped to say hi

Just to hear your voice again, a voice that echoes in my mind

/ goodbye my friend, I’ll miss you

Stars in My Eyes

I wish I may,
I wish I might
Hold you tight in
My arms tonight.

I am finished
Wishing on stars…
I am stuck here,
With you still far.

You see those same stars–
We share the same sky–
But they seem closer
And it makes me cry.

This distance is hard,
Hurtfully imperfect;
I hang on knowing
You, my star, are worth it.

Moon and Sun

You used to call me your moon
and I believed I was the light
that broke through your darkness
and glowed tenderly through your nights.

I used to call you my sun
that brightened up my days.
You nurtured my withered heart
and cast all my shadows away.

I waxed and waned
yet stayed a part of your galaxy.
I remained moving in orbit
as if pulled by your gravity.

But I was a fool and never noticed
all the space that lay between us,
all the light years needed
to cross all of this distance.

I am the moon, you are my sun
but I cannot be by your side.
I am forever fated to chase you
for we will never share the same sky.

When she came

My shyness limited our talks

But words unspoken, I convey

You coloured my hearts

That were once washed away

I’ll be with you when you smile

Or when you cry

Seas may separate us

But we’ll always share the same sky

My love for you burns like flame

You stole my heart the second you came

Sterek September

1. Long Distance Relationship Aesthetic

I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance, and for a matter of years. Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together. ~ Donna Lynn Hope

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No matter how far the distance between us, we are connected by a million starry hosts.

We share the same sky.

The same moon streams light into our darkness.

When I’m feeling lonely, I blow kisses to the stars knowing they’ll pass them on to you as you gaze at the same sky thinking of me.

©Cee Hunter April 2017

For @creatingnikki by request
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What Is Kingdom Hearts?

Two years ago today, at 22 years old, Krinxler beat Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix for the first time. He’d never played a KH game before, and after poking and prodding for actual years, I was able to pick up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX on Playstation 3 and slide the controller into his hand. Some people start their journey of heart later than others. The beauty of this series is in its ability to connect so many disparate hearts. The new generation of kids holding their copy of 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX on PS4 beaming up at their parents at Gamestop as they get ready to meet Sora, Riku, and Kairi for the very first time. Fifteen years gone by and they still capture us on that beautiful island. People who are now adults, popping a PS2 disc into an old brick of a console and hearing that nostalgic melody pour over the title screen and into their hearts, filling them with memories of their fifteen-year journey. Someone holding a side game in their hands, smiling down at the case as they wonder what else this series holds. They didn’t start at the beginning, but their heart is still connected. They are still one of us. Just as the person behind a screen, scrolling on a mouse or phone. Filling their hearts with lets-plays and theory videos and fanworks and Wiki pages. Connected, part of us, they are one with our community. Our hearts are connected by a chain of memories. Memories of button presses and music and Views on a video ticker. Memories of characters we could almost reach out and touch for how real they felt to us. Memories of connecting with others, or watching others connect, over what this series means to them. Memories of being shiny and new to the franchise, memories of being a veteran theorizing and making timelines for the newcomers. We, The fans, Have created Kingdom Hearts. All our hearts are connected. Connected to each other. Connected to these games. Connected to these characters. Connected to this story and universe and the fandom that reaches beyond Tetsuya Nomura’s own wildest fever dreams. And after fifteen years we are here. A part of Sora. A part of each other. A part of our own Kingdom Hearts. When Kingdom Hearts 3 releases, our hearts will come together one last time. A journey will come to an end, and a new one will begin. And when it does, the light of our hearts will never fade. Hearts touched by this series will never lose their light, even in the greatest darkness. Even hearts moved on will never be truly lost. There are countless people from vastly different places, incredibly different walks of life, that are part of us. We share this bond in our hearts. The light that keeps us together. And the Light of hearts that have been lost will be a beacon in the Darkness. A lighthouse guiding us through. And when we fade, our Light joins them. We guide those walking the path. We hold on to those who are close. We share the same sky, and will never truly fade. “One sky, one destiny.” We are Kingdom Hearts.

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do you know you are the sun?
not the midsummer inferno
     burning too hot on my skin,
nor the bleak winter light
     limping past the curtains just to crawl across the floor.

no, you are the morning sun–
painting the sky in delicate colours,
alight with the promise of something new,
illuminating everything you touch.

me? oh, I am a star
not like Sirius
     burning brightest against the dark,
nor like Polaris
     always true to its place in the directionless skies.

no, I am just a star–
no more and no less,
not the brightest, not the dimmest,
just one pinprick in the numberless multitudes.

it’s funny, isn’t it?
they say soulmates are made of the same stuff,
and I guess they were right–
you’re a star, too, only much brighter.

it’s a pity we can never share the same sky.
when you shine, you drown out my feeble light
(I don’t resent you for that; it’s how it should be)
and I can only be there when you are gone.

but maybe on some planet in some faraway galaxy,
we’re allowed to shine in the same sky.
maybe we’re even in the same constellation.
maybe, just maybe, we’re burning side by side.

maybe, maybe, maybe in some faraway place in a faraway life.

oh, but don’t worry, my love;
it’s not all tragic.
at least when I die, I’ll shine with you
for just a little while.

After all, supernovas are the brightest, aren’t they?

—  that’s why they call us star-crossed lovers ( j.p. )