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“When you grow up listening and reading to a particular individual. It shapes the way you think. Arsene and Arsenal introduced me to football and defined my view for football as well as life. It takes huge amount of sacrifice to build something for the club and not chase personal glory. Have immense respect for Wenger and faith that he’ll always do what’s in best interest of club and fans. He won’t leave the club in a state that his successor has to face the consequences of predecessor”.

title: oh, the cliché (part i)
summary: You find out a little too late that you’re in love with your best friend.
warning: gets pretty angst-y
length: one shot; 1.4k words
prompt:I hated all your significant others and I’m starting to figure out why and I really really hope you feel the same
beau: chris evans

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I see you. Look up! :)

The restaurant is softly-lit and crowded, but from the small glimpses of him you catch, you can see a smile lighten Chris’ face.

He looks up, eyes searching, and when they find you, you swear your heart stops. He calls your name, waving a hand over his head like a maniac—evidently uncaring that he’s attracting disapproving looks in this upscale restaurant.

And it’s so Chris that you’re helpless in resisting; your legs carrying you over there. Just the sight of him is already calming your nerves.

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【AkaKuro】Amakute Amai

Title: あまくてあまい (It’s Sweet, So Sweet)
Artist: 田宮
Pairing: Akashi Seijuurou & Kuroko Tetsuya
Language: English
Scanner: kyoukasetsura
Translator: fyenale
Typesetter/Editor: akashikuroko


The entire theme of the story is about J-World Tokyo’s Winter Festival last December 4, 2015 ~ January 31, 2016. The event featured Akashi and Kuroko.

Just a little treat from Fye and I because it’s our birthday today! (If you’re new to my blog, then yes, we share the same birthday. ww) We appreciate all the support we’ve gotten until now, and we hope to still keep the AkaKuro love alive. ^^ Special thanks to Kyouka and nanasbrf, as well. Enjoy!

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“Everyone has a purpose, every action has a meaning. I believe in destiny. There must be a reason that I am as I am. There must be.” - Robin Williams

Rest in peace to this man who brought me light in my darkest of days and always reminded me how to laugh or smile. Such a talented man who I will forever owe ♡

(If you own this edit please message me so I can credit you I found it on google and don’t want to take credit for this lol I just wanted to share my love for this man) 

“Okay! So. I stopped by the mall this afternoon and picked us up a few essentials for this weekend. I do hope you’ve cleared your schedule and put yourself into full relax mode… My father’s have booked us all a beautiful penthouse in the city with unlimited room service and a day at the spa… I hope you’re ready for the best weekend of your life.”

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09.14.16 // the cubicle i share with the other grad student in my lab. his side on the left, mine on the right. fun fact, we both share the same birthday (just 3 years apart)! anyway, everything’s kind of a mess because.. oh who am i kidding it’s always a mess