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Part 1: Imagine getting into an argument with Draco.

Standing in front of a mirror was a beautiful teenage girl, with her hair pinned on the side and her long platinum blonde tussles curled to perfection. Her make-up was light and natural, but it accentuated her skin tone. Her dress, reaching the floor, but lifted on the side to reveal black heels radiated with elegance in the perfect hue of emerald green.

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Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: E-2 Harrison Wells x Reader, a lil bit of Cisco Ramon x Reader too

Words: 1581

A/N: Imagine and excerpt from @a-hero-complex

Halloween was your favorite time of the year. You loved dressing up and seeing everyone in costume. You loved the large amounts of candy and everything pumpkin related. So, when you skipped into STAR Labs, you were in your very own Flash costume.

“My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive!” You exclaimed as you entered the Cortex. Caitlin, Cisco, Barry, Jessie, and Harry turned around.

“No friggin way!” Barry exclaimed.

“Really?” Harry asked looking unimpressed and annoyed.

Barry circled around you looking impressed, “This is awesome! You’re dressed like me!”

“Yeah, only for the day though. I have another costume for the party tonight.”

Cisco stood up and circled you as well. He patted Barry on the shoulder, “I’m sorry to tell you this man, but she pulls the look off better than you.”

Barry chuckled, “No, actually, I think I’m gonna have to agree with you.” Suddenly all of your phones went off alerting you about a Meta-Human spotting, “I got this,” Barry sped into his Flash suit and looked at me, “Or do you want to take care of it Y/N?”

“Ha ha. Right, I’d be toast.” You waved him off, “Go do your thing, Flash.”

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Distracted - Yugyeom (Got7)

You sat on the floor of the dance studio waiting for Yugyeom to show up. You were one of the dancers for Got7 and also one of their close friends. You didn’t get to attend a lot of the dance rehearsals that the other back up dancers did because you had caught a cold. Now that you were finally over it Yugyeom  had volunteered to show you the dances that you missed. He was currently running half an hour late. He had told you the night before that he had to go to the gym and that he’d come meet you at the studio right after. 

You played on your phone a bit getting distracted by it when finally the door opened and Yugyeom walked in. “Finally.” you said getting up and looking at him. Your eyes widened at the sight of him. His skin glistened with sweat from his work out, his fringe was stuck to his forehead, he wore black joggers and a loose white tank top and he was panting, probably because he ran up the stairs. You were breathless because he looked so sexy. 

You’ve know Yugyeom for a really long time and of course there was an attraction to him plus he was really sweat, you had a crush on him but you’ve never seen him look so sexy.

“Sorry Y/N I lost track of time.” he said.

“No…no problem.” you stuttered.

He furrowed his brows “Are you alright?” he asked.

You nodded “Of course I am let’s get started then shall we.” you smiled. He nodded. 

He began explaining the dance concept to you and then he went over to the radio and got the correct track telling you he would demonstrate the dance. You sat to the front of the studio with your legs folded as the song began.

He began to move and you couldn’t help but stare at his body and the way in moved. He was such a good dancer, his movements were all very precise. His biceps and triceps were on full display for you to ogle at as he did the whole routine perfectly. The dance ended with a very sexy hip thrust movement and you bit your lips and whimpered without meaning to.

After he finished and the music died down you were still looking at him in awe. He walked towards you and your eyes followed his every move. When he was in front of you he stopped and stooped down so that he was close to eye level with you. “’Are you ok today Y/N?” he asked looking worried.

“Yes of course I am Yugyeom.” you replied trying your best not to stare him in his soft brown eyes because you knew you would have gotten lost in them.

“Ok then.” he said grabbing your hand and pulling you to stand up. The feel of his skin on yours sent a tingle down to your core and you gasped. Your legs felt week. Yugyeom didn’t seem to notice how flustered you were as he went over and restarted the song.

“OK Y/N let’s see how much you picked up.” he said standing beside you. You were usually a very quick learner which he knew so he expected you to have learnt at least half the dance already. The song began and he started to move and you tried to remember the dance, you did ok with the first part but soon you were having problems since you when he demonstrated you were admiring his body more than trying to learn.

You started to get sloppy, it was obvious you didn’t know the correct moves. A part came up when you were supposed to turn right but you turned left instead and bumped directly into Yugyeom. You were up against him your face inches from his and your face immediately got red as you stared at him. You could feel his very toned body up against yours, it was heavenly. 

“S..sorry.” you stuttered out pulling away from him to try to hide your blush but you’re sure he saw it.

“Y/N what has gotten into you today, you seem distracted.” he said placing his hand on your shoulder and turning you back towards him. Your face felt hot under his eyes and you looked away from him. However he placed his hands on either side of your face turning you back to look at him. “Stop avoiding my question Y/N tell me what’s wrong.” he demanded. He was so confused he had no idea what he was doing to you, he had no idea he was the one distracting you.

“Nothing’s wrong.” you lied again, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him the truth.

He sighed at your answer and went over to restart the song. “I’ll help you this time.” he said. “Do as much as you can and I’ll step in when necessary.”

He stood beside you looking at you. The music began and you started to move your body, as before you did the first part properly. You got through half of the second part before you started to falter. He noticed and stepped in. He stood directly behind you shocking you when you felt his body pressed against yours. His hands touched your arm raising it higher. “Keep it at this level.” he said. His hand then went to your stomach, “Keep your stomach tucked.” he whispered and you felt his hot breath on your neck as his hand on your stomach slowly pressed against you. 

You couldn’t help our reaction. His hand on your mid drift was so close to where you wanted him along with his hot breath on your neck and his body pressed against your back you moaned and threw your head back with your eyes closed.

You felt him stiffen behind you and you opened your eyes. Your head was on his shoulder so you could see his face. He was biting his lip and staring at you. You looked at each other for a moment. “Uh I should restart the song.” he said after a while and pulled away from you going towards the radio.

“You kept asking me if I was distracted.” You said making him turn and look at you. “Well yes I was.”

“By what?” he asked.

“From the moment you entered this room I was distracted by you  Yugyeom.” you stated starting to walk towards him now.

“But why?” he asked with a blush.

“Because you’re looking so damn fuckable today I can’t help it.” you stated with a smirk as you stood right in front of him now. “I mean I always had a crush on you but today you came looking so sexy I couldn’t concentrate.” you whispered as you wrapped your hands around his neck. You were about to pull him down for a kiss but he surprised you by leaning in himself kissing you first.

It felt so amazing. His lips were so plump and soft and they felt good against yours. He kissed you quickly, with urgency making you moan into his mouth as his large hands wrapped around your waist pulling you closer to him in one movement. He slipped his tongue into your mouth dominantly, surprising you because you would have never thought he was the dominant type but you loved it.

His tongue explored your mouth as you moaned into the kiss just enjoying him, you could feel your panties were wet. They were soaked, you needed his touch bad. You put your hands under his tank top and felt his very toned abs beneath his clothes, you moaned and pulled away from the kiss, you needed him to touch you.

“Touch me please.” you whimpered out looking up at him desperately making him smirk. He trailed his hands all the way from your hips up your body until he was holding your face, everywhere he touched felt as though it was heating up.

He gave you a short rough kiss before pulling away and whispering against your lips “Turn around sweety.” You did as he said eagerly noticing for the first time that you were up against the mirrored wall of the dance studio. 

You could see him pressed behind you as he leaned down and kissed your neck softly sending shivers down your spine and to your core. His lips were gentle on your neck as his hands snaked to your front and began feeling your body all over. He finally took of your top revealing your bra. He quickly got rid of that also letting your firm breasts bounce free.

“You’re so sexy.” he whispered hotly in your hair as he reached a hand up and grabbed one of your boobs. You moaned as he began flicking the nipple lightly turning you on even more than before. You pressed your bum back on him and you gasped when you felt his hard length beneath his joggers. He left his hand on your boob squeezing it ever so often and let the other trail down your naked stomach and go into your pants.

His hand went inside your underwear and you moaned as he felt your wetness. “Are you this wet for me baby girl?” he whispered sexily in your hair and you whimpered in response. He began slowly stroking your core up and down and you moaned loudly. He stopped on your sensitive bud and began circling it slowly, teasingly sending you crazy with the feeling.

He removed his hand from inside your underwear and raised it to his lips sucking your juices off. You watched him in the mirror and your knees felt week instantly.

“So sweet.” he whispered and you moaned. He immediately took of your pants and panties from behind you and he stared in awe at your naked form in the mirror. “You’re beautiful.” he whispered spinning you around immediately and attaching his lips to yours in lust. You moaned as you felt his boner poking you in the stomach.

You put your hands inside his pants and underwear and felt it. He groaned as you grabbed it and began to pump it slowly. “Fuck” he whispered as you sped up your hand loving the impact you were having on him. He began to twitch in your hand and you stopped making him groan. 

“I want you to cum inside my tight little pussy. Don’t you want to?” you said with a pout.

His eyes darkened with lust at your words and he picked you up with ease carrying you over to a table to the side of the room. He sat you there as he stripped himself of all of his clothes. You moaned at the sight of his cock. He smirked.

“Baby lean over the table.” he said. You couldn’t help but do as he said. You spun around and leaned over the table so that your stomach and chest were flat against the table. “Fuck that’s such a pretty site.” he groaned as you felt him behind you. His boner was up against your bum and it was just turning you on even more.

You felt his hand on your bum rubbing it gently and you moaned. His hand went down to your core and he began stroking it again. “I want your cock please Yugyeom.” you moaned out in frustration as you pushed your bum back on his cock.

“You’re eager.” he said cockily and you just pushed back on his cock again.

“Please Yugyeom fuck me.” you moaned.

He finally gave you what you wanted. He placed a hand on your lower back and eased his way into your pussy making you moan his name loudly. He groaned and stayed in place for a few seconds letting you adjust to his huge size. He started to move in you slowly. His thrust were slow but very very deep which made you feel every inch of him properly and it was blissful. 

You moaned. He gripped your hips tightly pulling you back into him as he thrusted forward making himself go even deeper into your core and you whimpered for him. He grunted softly with each slow trust and it sounded so sexy. “Fuck Yugyeom you’re so good” you moaned making him quicken his pace a little. 

You moaned as his thrusts became quicker the feeling intensifying making you moan and groan a lot. His grip on your waist tightened as his trusts became quicker and quicker, he wanted to make you feel good he wanted you both to cum. His grip on your hips tightened paining you but it felt good along with your pleasure.

“Yes baby girl.” he groaned as you clenched around him making him feel even better.

“Shit you’re so tight.” he moaned and you felt his hand come down on your ass cheek making you gasp in pleasure. He rubbed the spot where he had spanked gently as he continued to thrust hard into you.

“God I’m close.” you moaned. He began thrusting even harder into you with your words making you moan even louder than before as he grunted.You felt his hand on your clit rubbing circles furiously. “Yugyeom” you moaned feeling your orgasm building inside you as he kept rubbing on your clit and fucking you as hard as he could.

“Yugyeom!” you screamed as you closed your eyes and your orgasm came over you. Your heart sped up as your whole body was plunged into pleasure. Three hard thrusts later and Yugyeom came as well, fulling you with his seed as he groaned your name. 

He leaned down and placed a soft, sweet kiss to your spine before pulling out of you. He spun you around so that you were in his arms he hugged you tightly before leaning down and pecking your lips. “I really like you Y/N, I want you to be mines” he whispered with sincerity in his voice and you smiled.

“Of course I’ll be yours.” you whispered.

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- the shyest child ever

- but he’s so cool 


- he sees you during football matches because you’re a cheerleader oOOHHH

- and he just cheers you on in the crowd and doesn’t care about the football game lOL he’s only there for you

- he loves how effortless you seem compared to the other cheerleaders and you always showed friendliness

- which is why he admires you

- he would be in one of your classes in school 

- you would greet him because he’s your desk partner and he would just smile reALLY SHYLY LIKE OMG ITS YOU

- you’re really hot btw

- like so hot minghao’s inner coolness melts and his shyness takes over


- how you caught minghao’s attention was 1, you’re hOT LIKE YOURE REALLY HOT READER OK STAY HOT and 2, you’re a cheerleader but you also do break dancing!!!!! which!!! minghao!!! does!!!!! he wants to collab!!! jk

- minghao would smile whenever he sees you like awww

- but then he sees football players and how muscular they are and how they look at you and he feels insecure like :(( awww baby 

- you would always be so friendly to minghao which makes him like you even more because he doesnt want to like a female dog ok

- you know nothing about minghao btW im 


- let’s start the story shall we

- so since you cheer lead, break dance, do sports– you’re really athletic– you tend to get hurt really easily because even though your performances are like, perfect, you actually get hurt most of the time, but you hide it because you’re like, professional

- and being minghao, he also gets hurt easily from dancing or just being his clumsy self, which is why he always brings his little first-aid kit with him awwww can you imagine how cute

- so after school, you and minghao actually dont know, but you both are always practicing dancing and stuff in different rooms

- he practices in some empty room upstairs while you practice in the gym when it’s empty after school

- both of you usually leave at different times, but today you and minghao stayed until the school was closed– like when all the staff leaves

-  so you limp outside because you hurt yourself– again!!!!

- and minghao walks out in a white hoodie and sweatpants and just drinking some water bc staying hydrated is very important okay

- and he sees you limping and stopping a few times

- and immediately he knows its you so he jogs up to you and places a hand on your shoulder

- ok so first thing you did wAS SCREAM


- so you turn around, ready to slap a female dog

- until you see minghao’s innocent yet handsome face after a long day 

- and you stop and just stare before your face gets red because wow this is embarrassing i almost slapped you, minghao haha.a..ahaha,.a.

- minghao just smiles at you and helps you as he wraps an arm around you and leads you over to the closest bench

- you just sigh in defeat and accept his help

- he grabs his bag from his back and takes out his little kit

- awww

- and he has this chinese medicine (shout out to lion balm) 

- and he looks at you like, “this is gonna hurt because i need to apply pressure” 

- and you just nod and immediately squeak when he starts to massage your bruised knee 

- and you just stare at him 

- and he’s like, “sorry this doesn’t smell good,” and he laughs softly and he glances at you with twinkling eyes

- you just nod slowly and whisper, “it’s fine.” 

- after he’s done, he wraps something around your knee even if it’s not really necessary but then he’s just like, “it won’t smell as strong… i think” 

- and you laugh because he had this cute thinking face 

- minghao wipes his hands and then offers to walk you home

- immediately, you agree and thank him

- but then he wears his backpack the other way and it’s on his stomach and you’re like ???? wyd dude

- and he just looks at you, blinking cuTELY 

- “you’re injured. get on my back?” 


- he just laughs and dismisses it before offering to carry you on his back– piggyback– minGHAOBACK

- and you’re next excuse was, “buT IM HEAVY” 

- he’s like “even if you were, it doesn’t matter. you’re hurt.” 

- and you just soften and just get on his back and blush really hard but you were shocked when he carries you up effortlessly

- you hug his neck and rest your head on his shoulder and you smile because you actually never experienced this


- so when he arrives to your house, he’s just like, 

- “be careful next time. If you get hurt again, don’t hesitate to come to me.” 

- you stare up at him when he slowly places you down and you’re like, in your mind, “wow how’d the blushing cutie turn into such a maNLY AND HANDSOME–”

- “yeah… sure… thank you, minghao.” 

- he just smiles his cute smile and suddenly pats your head and you widen your eyes like whAT IS THIS


- so after that day

- literally almost everyday, minghao’s your doctor

- like he helps you with eVERYTHING

- and you get to know him much better and you start to

- let’s just say


- and he would get closer to you, enough to sometimes call you, “stupid,” under his breath when he’s treating your bruises or cuts

- you’d pout every time and he always catches it, smiling and looking down while slightly shaking his head




- and when you found each other like, THE FACT THAT YOU BOTH BREAK DANCE, BOTH OF YOU WERE LIKE, “??? WAIT WHAT ?? LEGIT??”

- and you both couldn’t stop talking to each other and showing each other new moves or perfecting them together awww

- and minghao would always stare at you with these……..warm eyes and like

- i’d cry 

- so one day both you and minghao break danced for like

- foreVER


- and minghao and you just look at each other at the same time to the side

- and you both just smile at each other, staring into each others eyes

- he’d ask softly, “you’re cheer leading for the big game tomorrow, right?” 

- you’d just nod and look up at the ceiling again and whisper, “it’s going to put so much pressure on me and i’m kinda nervous.” 

- minghao would just continue staring at you, “you don’t have to be nervous. you’d do amazing.” 

- you look over when he slowly shifted over and propped himself up with his elbow and you blush 

- “you’re amazing,” minghao would speak softly

- you just stare at him like a fish, your mouth like opening and closing slightly

- minghao would just smile shyly as a soft blush appears on his cheeks 

- you’d just continue to stare at him, a smile finally appearing on your face

- and then he suddenly leans down and kisses you, straight up on the lips because like boy have you seen this kid’s predebut photos– hE’S STRAIGHTFORWARD AND GETS WHAT HE WANTS OK 

- and you just pause before slowly placing your hand on his chest and kiss him back 

- then he would pull away slowly but you’d wrap your arms around his neck, staring at him

- “thank you, minghao.” 

- he’d just smile and pucker his lips, making you gulp down your courage and take initiative to kiss him 

- he kisses you so softly and it’s so cute

- and he’d pull away and stare at you with the happiest expression on his face like a 5-year-old had just collected all the pokemon cards 


- and then he’d ask if you wanted to “hang out”— prob cause he’s too shy to be like “yo be my gf???” 

- you’d just laugh at him and nod, hugging him 

- awwwww


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

telekinesoo  asked:

oooh please make a sequel to the mark one!!! it's super cute :)

And… the sequel is finally here! I was kind of stuck and took a while to finish the sequel, but I hope you still like it! [I (Admin K) wrote the sequel while Admin C wrote the first part] 🙈💕 Thanks for requesting the sequel btw, we’re glad you enjoyed it. To the readers who haven’t read part 1, click here

Listen: x


You were speechless…

You didn’t know how to react to Mark’s straight up confession.

Maybe you were too busy worrying that he would find out about your crush on him that you didn’t notice the touch of rouge that would tint his cheeks when he talked to you, or his lopsided smile and fidgety hands when he passed you in the halls.

Of course you were overjoyed that he liked you, but what should you say? 

All along your crush on him was parallel to your crush on your favourite actor, he seemed unreachable. You were happy to just admire him from afar. Now that he’s telling you he likes you…you really didn’t know how to respond. 

Although it seemed like a brief moment, it must’ve been at least five minutes. Just when you were about to answer him, he spoke quietly, in a volume that only you could hear.

“Tell me after… after we complete this assignment. I want you to think about it first… I know it’s sudden.”

He gave you a small smile and patted your shoulder casually, raising his volume back to normal.

“I’ll think up a dance routine! See you in class tomorrow.”

You stood extremely still as he walked away. 

You weren’t sure if you were more nervous about being his dance partner and bringing him down or giving him an answer to his confession.

The next day came faster than you wanted it to. 

Mark acted the same around you, as if he had never confessed to you the day before.

You were more visibly nervous around him than usual, but you had more important things to worry about right now.

Although you and Mark were positioned at the back of the gymnasium, it seemed like the entire class had their eyes on the two of you.

Mark was patiently teaching you the hip hop dance routine he came up with last night to “No Matter What” by BoA and Beenzino. 

It was clearly a simple routine, he had slowly gone through the steps with you, demonstrating first then guiding you through it.

However, half an hour passed and Mark was still teaching you the same move. You were frustrated with yourself but you knew that patience was his forte and he would never get frustrated with you. 

“So during this part, you want your left hip to lock in while the right leg hops and extends out, gliding on the floor gracefully.”

You nodded your head as he demonstrated the move for you and then you tried it yourself.

Mark rested a hand on his chin lightly, while his eyes were trained on you.

“Alright good. Now do it just a tad more gracefully and stay within the beat. I’ll set a tempo for you.”

This time Mark stood in front of you as he sounded out a beat, his right hand making an “ok” sign, with his index finger and thumb pressed together in a circle, as his arm bounced right and left keeping the tempo.

You bit your lip from smiling too wide when you saw his gesture.

It reminded you of the time the two of you worked together for music class. It was a peculiar gesture that he would make whenever he tried to remember something, repeating a phrase over and over, or when he tried to keep a tempo.

However, back then he would look to the ground when reciting his phrase or look at your guitar to see if you were keeping the tempo; but now, he was staring at you.

As you jumped in the air, you saw his bright eyes follow yours and the two of you locked eyes.

You felt embarrassed by his focused attention on you, especially now that you knew how he felt.

Having been phased by the eye contact with Mark, as you landed, you lost your balance, albeit rather gracefully.

You had landed but your left foot slid forward and you felt yourself falling back.

However, luck was on your side and Mark quickly lunged forward, pulling your arm towards him and catching you in his steadfast arms.

The two of you were inches apart, breathing rather heavily from the shock.

Gasps and whispers sounded throughout the gymnasium from the spectators of your dance practice together.

“You okay?” He whispered, while flashing you his trademark smile. 

You nodded profusely.

Without another word, he grinned and jogged over to the dance instructor, signalling at you before jogging back to your side.

He held your wrist lightly before smiling at you mischievously.

“Come on, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“Thanks to you I got new inspiration for our routine. Can’t let wandering eyes imitate it, can we now?”

He nodded towards the exit of the gymnasium before running with you in that direction.

Mark brought you to the older side of school that you haven’t been much before.

It wasn’t necessarily out of bounds for students, but no one had classes here anymore and would much prefer hanging out in the new buildings.

He stopped walking when he reached a rusty door with a small foggy window on it, turning around to give you a small smile before opening the door.

“Ladies first.”

He signalled for you to step in as you observed your surroundings in awe.

Although the door was old and run-down, the interior of the room was cleaned spotless. Mirrors surrounded the room from the ceiling to the floor. There was a black couch placed at the back of the room, and a computer with large speakers in the back corner.

You turned to Mark with a smile.

“What’s all this? Did you prepare all this on your own?”

Mark smiled shyly as he patted his neck, looking anywhere in the room but you.

“It used to be a storage room, actually. My friends and I asked the school if we could get more dance rooms since there never seem to be any vacant ones to practice in. They said that we could clean out this room and use it. We’ve worked on it for over a month now… during breaks and after school, whenever we had free time really. It could still use some work here and there but overall, it’s good enough to use.”

You walked over to him.

“It’s amazing Mark, it really is.”

Being this close to him, you were able to see the tint of colour on his cheeks. You used to think that he was the down to earth, cool type of guy who never got nervous or shy, but he seemed to get especially shy when he received compliments… cute.

After he whispered a quiet ‘thanks’, the two of you remained standing facing each other, eyes locked together. It was a staring contest for quite a while until Mark blinked twice and laughed awkwardly while clapping his hands.

“Alright! Let’s get started on the dance routine, shall we?”

He walked to the centre of the room and began warming up before turning to you.

“Okay, this time, the routine is going to be similar, still to the same song, but we’re going to be adding some lifts and turns… if you’re comfortable with it. I think this will help us stand out from the other groups since most of them will be doing hip hop as well.”

This time, without all the wandering eyes, you concentrated better while learning the moves and became more bold while practicing them. After another hour passed, you had already gotten the basic routine down. Mark was an encouraging partner and often praised you at the end of routines.

Although the bell had rang indicating that school was done for the day, Mark and you didn’t stop practicing. It was as if the two of you had this momentum going on and didn’t want it to end.

He did manage to upgrade the routine by adding lifts here and there, where he would hold you up by your waist and bring you to the other side or when the two of you danced together within a tight proximity.

Sure it was a bit awkward at first, but now that there wasn’t anyone here to judge the two of you, you weren’t afraid or overly coy anymore. Besides, after seeing Mark blush and act shy, you realized that he had feelings like you, and wasn’t just a perfect idol-like classmate. You knew Mark sensed it too, because you could see the excitement in his eyes when they sparkled after witnessing your new found confidence whenever the two of you completed a new move together.

Before you knew it, the two of you were going through the last and final move together.

“Okay so for the last move, it’s going to be a grand ending with lift, hook and spin.”

You thought it sounded easy enough, until he explained it in further detail.

“You’re going to put your arms around my shoulders as your right leg will hook and wrap onto my right leg and we’ll spin around three times before I lead you back down onto the ground.”

At first the two of you kept making mistakes, but Mark didn’t feel discouraged even once; he patiently explained the areas you needed to fix, praised you, and led the way.

After another hour passed, you were finally able to get the routine down. By now, the sun had set and it was well past dinner time, but the two of you hardly even realized.

“Oh my god! We did it! We did it!”

You shouted excitedly, jumping up and down as Mark chuckled and sat on the floor, breathing heavily.

He blinked slowly and tiredly, almost as if he was about to close his eyes any second, but he still had a content smile on his face.

“Are you ready for tomorrow?”

You nodded excitedly as you did a spin on one foot, one of your favourite moves that Mark taught you today.

He chuckled and stood up, walking to his backpack and taking a towel from it before signalling you to have a seat on the couch beside him.

As you sat down, he reached over and patted the towel on your forehead gently.

“You silly girl, don’t overexert yourself… you must be really tired.”

You looked up at him, noticing that his gaze was concentrated on wiping your sweat.

Maybe time had passed too fast or the two of you were too concentrated on dancing, but you didn’t even realize how exhausted Mark was. His entire t-shirt was soaked, but he still worried about the perspiration on your forehead over himself. You realized that he was probably a lot more fatigued than you were, since he was the one doing all the lifting and spins. However, Mark wasn’t the type to complain and danced on without a care.

You grabbed the end of the towel and lifted your arm up to wipe his neck and face.

“You silly boy, you’re obviously the one who’s more tired, don’t overexert yourself and tell me when you need a break.”

He stopped wiping the sweat off your forehead and fixated his gaze on you as you kept talking.

“You know… I’ve noticed you for a long time now and just like everyone else, I thought you were the perfect guy. Don’t get me wrong, you really are… to me at least. But don’t be afraid to let your guard down. If you’re tired, say you’re tired… okay?”

At that moment, the guy who you thought was always so out of reach looked like an adorable puppy as he gazed back at you with his round eyes, while you wiped his forehead.

You smiled and leaned over, placing a kiss on the tip of his nose.

He looked shocked as you pulled back and smiled at him, as if you didn’t kiss his nose just now.

“W-What was that?”

He spoke softly as you lightly dabbed the sweat off his face with the damp towel.

“Although a bit early, that was my answer to your question… we’re good dance partners… but I thought we could be compatible in other ways too.”

gif cr: sichengl

Ugly duckling

Pairing: Thor x reader

@melaniealexandra2 Request: hey I was wondering if you could write a Thor one-shot, were he’s in Asgard and the reader is a princess from a other relem. They new each other since they were kids but the reader was ugly and plus sized. and now she’s hot, really hot. So they held a ball for them and when Thor sees her he can’t take his eyes of.

authors note: I adored this request so much

y/f/n- your fathers name

He couldn’t take his eyes off of me and it’s making me feel awkward. I have never been the type to want attention on me yet his eyes were on me the entire time I’ve been here. I’m guessing he still can’t believe I look like this, it’s been too long since I’ve last seen Thor. Growing up I wasn’t pretty or skinny like most girls in the kingdom my father ruled. I had horrible acne, wore glasses and was overweight. Even though my father was the king it did not stop the other kids from making fun of me. My father felt bad about it so when given the situation he would let me go with him to other relems. We mostly went to Asgard though because he was very good friends with King odin. I often played with Loki and Thor but unlike the kids they didn’t pay attention to my appearance.

Over time though I had developed a crush on Thor but sadly he was always surrounded by people. He would stop hanging out with me and started hanging out with his other friends. Since then I have lost weight, found a treatment for my acne and had my eyesight fixed. Although I don’t look like how I used to look I still get self conscious about my appearance. I start to panic when I see he’s coming my way.

*Thor’s pov.*

“Who is she” I noticed a very attractive woman entering. She’s so gorgeous but I feel like I’ve met her before.

“Thats y/n Thor, don’t you remember her. You used to play together when you were younger” my mother replied. I can’t believe that’s y/n, the last time I saw her she did not look like this. I should go over there and say hello.

“Wow that’s y/n she sure has changed since childhood.” Loki replied before turning to look at me “Oh I see that look in your eye brother you fancy her, well I have a little new flash for you. She might not be interested in you” Loki said with a smug look on his face.

“And why is that?”

“Because brother, I remember specifically that once you started to hang out with those annoying friends of yours” Loki pointed at fandral, hogun, volstagg and lady Sif. “You completely ignored her. It was sad really especially since she had a massive crush on you.” I felt so horrible now, I never meant to hurt her by hanging out with my other friends. I must go up to her and apologize.

*Y/n pov*

Oh no he’s coming my way, breath deeply y/n. I guess my crush never went away after all.

“Lady y/n it’s been so long, you look absolutely stunning.” Thor spoke and I swooned like I did when we were kids.

“Thank you Thor you look handsome as well, and yes it has been so long” I managed to speak without stuttering.

“Would you like to dace?”

“Of course” Thor took my hand and led me to the center of the ballroom and began to twirl me around.

“Lady y/n I would like to apologize for what I did when we were kids”.

“Would you mind telling me what you did?” I knew what he was talking about but I wanted him to confirm it.

“For not hanging to with you enough”

“It’s alright thor, the past is in the past” I smiled back it him.

“But still that doesn’t excuse the fact that I let our friendship slip away.” He rested his forehead against mine as we started to slow dance. “I truly am sorry”

“Thor look at me” Thor looked into my eyes"it really is ok" I reassured him as we kept dancing “You know I’ve always dreamt of this moment since we were kids but seeing as I looked the way I did. I never thought it would be possible.” I started to blush realizing I basically told him about my crush.

“All that matters is that it is happening now and I feel the same way as you lady y/n.” Thor started to stoke my cheek “May I kiss you”. I nodded my head yes and he pressed his lips onto mine. The younger me is jumping for joy as I kiss him back.

“Wow” I managed to say when we finally pulled away.

“Lady y/n I would be honored if you would agree to start a courtship with me. Of course I would ask your father for his blessing but would you agree to it”

“I would love too Thor” he pressed his lips onto mine again.

*y/f/n pov*

“It seams as though our kids are enjoying each others company.” I noticed my little girl and Thor dancing.

“So it seems. Shall we start planning their wedding” Odin replied with a chuckle as we witnessed Thor kissing my y/n.

“Haha So it seems, your boy needs to ask me for permission to start a courtship first though”

“Don’t worry he’s already thinking of what to say to you. He really likes her” Frigga smiled while hugging her husband. I’m just happy my little girl is truly happy

this happened because Andrew Sisters came up on random

It takes months, but Bucky and the rest of the team have achieved a kind of equilibrium where he’s sometimes in the communal spaces–silent and brooding–and everybody else tiptoes around him. It would be funny to Steve, who remembers a version of Bucky that couldn’t be in a crowded room without centering all the attention on himself, if it didn’t make him want to cry a little too.

So when they’re all watching Fred and Ginger films together–Steve gets to choose the movie sometimes even though they make token grumbles about the lack of color and over-acting–and Tony opens his big mouth, Steve has to step up to the plate.

“They’re freakishly good,” said Tony. “Real people don’t dance like that.”

“Bucky had some serious moves back in the day,” said Steve defensively. “Should have seen him cut a rug back then.”

And it’s a testament to how far they’ve come that Bucky–on the floor in front of Steve–tips his head back and smiles.

Barton snorts.

“What?” asks Bucky because when Steve steps up to a bat, no matter what else, Bucky steps up behind him.

“No offense,” says Bruce, who everybody always assumes is the nice one but who uses ‘no offense’ entirely too much to never be intending offense, “but nobody can verify what happened back in the day.”

“Sure we could,” said Steve, stubbornly. “Bucky, show them.”

Bucky’s eyes go wide.

“I don’t have a partner,” he says. “Can’t dance without a partner and none of these mooks know how to dance properly.”

“Actually,” said Tony in the same contemplative tone he usually said things like I think this might be flammable or do we know the tensile strength of this, “I took lessons.”

There was a silence while the movie was utterly forgotten by everyone in the room.

Tony shrugged. “Rich kid,” he explained. “I had lessons in everything.”

“OK,” said Bucky, echoing a hundred times Steve had started something Bucky needed to finish. (Steve smiled at the thought, another sign of how much better they all were.) He stood up and held out a hand to Tony. “Shall we dance?”

“JARVIS, can you–” Steve started to say, waving at the TV. It had already paused. By unspoken agreement, Natasha and Bruce were already pushing the coffee table and the sofa out of the way. (Thor lifted the other couch with one hand and put it down on top of the other.)

They agreed on Sandman and, yeah, Tony could cut a rug a bit too. He was also the one who got spun and thrown by reasoning that (a) he couldn’t lift Bucky if he tried and (b) he was a tiny, tiny human.

(“I am not.”)

At first Bucky clearly was treating it like another test–am I still Bucky under everything else? Do I need memories to be me?–and was concentrating, quiet and grim. His face quickly cleared as the muscle memory kicked in and he realized he didn’t need to prove it or search for it inside himself, it was right there.

When he swung Tony between his legs and Tony cursed a blue streak (but landed perfectly with a few wiggles of his hips), Bucky laughed.


@retrokitschbitch Could I request “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” with Gabriel please.


A bright white light flashed in your eyes before you saw where you were. And you couldn’t believe it.

You were in Dirty Dancing.

And you were Baby.

A good potion of the movie was already done, and you were sitting at a table in the corner with your “family”.

Suddenly, a face popped up and said, “No one puts Baby in a corner.” Before you could tell who it was, they were pulling you off your ass and onto the stage. Then he turned around.


“I should have known it was you.” He smirked with a devilish grin.

“Let’s forget about that, shall we?”

The music started, and you were granted the ability to dance. So that’s what you did.

You and Gabriel danced the night away.