we shall not we shall not be moved!


The “We Shall Not Be Moved” march draws hundreds concerned about civil rights under Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C.A frigid rain poured on hundreds of protesters here Saturday, during the “We Shall Not Be Moved” march convened by prominent civil rights leaders in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Although the rain undoubtedly suppressed turnout, the weather failed to deter marchers like 59-year-old Solomon Taylor of New York City who, in tribute to the late civil rights icon, brought along his teenage son, Daymon, to stress the import of King’s sacrifice. Read more.

Lucina gave Severa a slight bow, pitching her voice slightly lower in a would-be dramatic tone. “Shall we move on, Your Majesty?”

Severa matched her Exalt’s theatrics with a flourish. “Yes, Your Majesty, I think we shall.”

- excerpt from chapter 17 of Secret Dreamer

This time around, I commissioned @dlartistanon! Severa’s dressed as Joshua from Sacred Stones; Lucina is, of course, the Hero-King Marth.

People are rising up, standing up for what they believe in, and the most awesome thing about it is that they’re not going to stop because this country was born on a sense of democracy and these people (and the vast majority of America) intend on keeping it that way.

The opposition tells us to go home or get over it and accept that we lost but what that message is really saying is that if we do not agree on something, instead of working together to create a world we can all be happy to live in you would prefer to silence our voices so that only one voice of less than half of the American people can be heard and adhered to. That is not how people thrive, and that’s certainly not how The United States of America thrives.

We are great because we unite with one another through our differences. We are great because we are equal parts progressive and conservative, we are great because there is great strength in freedom of speech, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, and culture.

Greatness doesn’t come from an isolated group of fear mongering people spreading hate, racism, xenophobia, and terror.

And so we’re gonna rise up. And we’re not going to quit. We’re gonna move this movement until our last breath because we are Americans. Because we believe in peace and progress, we believe in the power of diversity and unity through diversity. Because we believe it is in the world’s best interest to take care of the earth we’re blessed to live on.

This is only the beginning.

We shall overcome.


get to know me meme (5 favorite male characters)

↳ [2/5] george washington (hamilton)

“if i say goodbye, the nation learns to move on, it outlives me when i’m gone. like the scripture says: ‘Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid.’ They’ll be safe in the nation we’ve made. I wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree, a moment alone in the shade. at home in this nation we’ve made, one last time.”

Okay, some of my fave things MC from Lost Alice has done/said (these aren’t directly quoted so they might be worded a bit different in-game):

Alice: [Tries to politely get guy to remove his arm from her waist]
Fuck Boy: [Smiles but doesn’t do it]
Alice: *Giggles* [she smiles back at him and then forcefully moves his arm LIKE A BOSS]

Seriously though, this guy gets fucking destroyed, IT’S BEAUTIFUL. ♥

Fuck Boy: “Your outfit is cute but too complicated, it would take too long to get off.”
Alice: “That won’t be your problem.”
Fuck Boy: “But what if you change your mind?”
Alice: “Not a chance.”

Fuck Boy: “Do I have to leave? I don’t want to be parted from you for a second.”
Alice: “Well, I want you to go away.”

Fuck Boy: “He’s hiding stuff y'know? Maybe you shouldn’t trust him.”
Alice: “I literally just met him, it’d be a bit presumptuous to expect him to share everything, he’s his own guy.”
The ‘He’ in question: *Is surprised but touched*

She’s so done with these men. xD

Alice in response to a guy: [Deadpan] “For a second there, I started to think you might not be all that bad. I feel cheated for having wasted those seconds.”

Guy: “Don’t worry my dear Alice.”
Alice: “I’m not yours.”

You can almost hear the 'Fuck off’s. xD

Alice in response to a guy being a lil shit: “Pleasing you doesn’t make me happy.”

A Guy being a patronizing ass: “Most girls would be crying and terrified right now, I would be happy to comfort you anytime.”
Alice: [Deadpan and basically just annoyed instead of distraught] “… Well, it’s the thought that counts. Excuse me, I need to leave now.”

Okay I’ll stop now, I swear. xD

“There was something in this part and air of Hamilton uncommonly majestic and sublime.”

Marianne of LenandBontenCosplay as Alexander Hamilton

You are but a passerby
When you move
I shall greet you with a warm smile,
We will stay for awhile
And I will erase a portion of your loneliness
And you with I

But I will not hold onto you
I will not make space in my heart for you;
Because I too I’m passing

—  From this world i too I’m passing, so don’t make space for me.

Our lieutenant calls the section together. He tells us that we will be the first to move; we are to be the regiment’s first wave of assault. “I know,” says our lieutenant, “that none of you who will show any sign of weakness and tomorrow morning we shall have forced the lines of the enemy. We shall be at Sommepy. It will be Sunday and we shall attend high mass in the ruins of the church.”

Du courage, mes enfants!” cries our lieutenant.

Dr. Judd volunteered with the American Ambulance Service and wrote a book about the poilus he treated and their stories . All profits from this book went to the fatherless children of France. - With the American Ambulance in France

“Will you still love me when I’m tainted grey
In all but my eyes and the way I behave?”

“When our best days are past and the future is bland
We’ll recall the fables of our fragile hands”

“Once the children grow up and move out and move on
And ears lie too deaf for our once wedding song?”

“I shall hum to the rhythm to which we would dance
With tears in my eyes for now we simply can’t”

“If I lie on the floor and the stars start to fade
No longer the minds of our youthful facade?”

“I’ll hold you as slowly the cold starts to bite
Whispering “It’s okay honey, I love you, goodnight”“

"And what shall you do once my last breath is gone?”

“I’ll teach all our children the dance of our song”

—  Will You Still Love Me? // A.S

I am an incurable romantic
I believe in hope, dreams and decency
I believe in love,
Tenderness and kindness.

I believe in mankind.

I believe in goodness,
Mercy and charity
I believe in a universal spirit
I believe in casting bread
Upon the waters.

I am awed by the snow-capped mountains
By the vastness of oceans.

I am moved by a couple
Of any age – holding hands
As they walk through city streets.

A living creature in pain
Makes me shudder with sorrow
A seagull’s cry fills me
With a sense of mystery.

A river or stream
Can move me to tears
A lake nestling in a valley
Can bring me peace.

I wish for all mankind
The sweet simple joy
That we have found together.

I know that it will be.
And we shall celebrate
We shall taste the wine
And the fruit.

Celebrate the sunset and the sunrise
the cold and the warmth
the sounds and the silences
the voices of the children.

Celebrate the dreams and hopes
Which have filled the souls of
All decent men and women.

We shall lift our glasses and toast
With tears of joy.”

—  Leonard Nimoy, A Lifetime of Love: Poems on the Passages of Life

Here is our tree
That primitively grows
When we go to bed
Scare crows from the Far a-East
Come to eat its tender fruits
I have thought that the
Best way to protect our tree
Is by building walls
Walls like unicorns in full glory and galore
Even stronger than the walls of Jericho
Be glad then my friend
That in a few
We shall reap abundantly
What we’d always dreamt of havin
Enough of the starvin
It is love
That is the root of all evil
Not our tree
And thank you my friend
For trusting me

Hallelujah Money
Hallelujah Money

How will we know
When the morning comes
We are still humanz.
How will we know?
How will we dream?
How will we love?
How will we know?

Don’t worry my friend
If this be the end
Then so shall it be
Until we say so
Nothing will move
Ah, don’t worry
It is not against our morals
It’s legally tender
Touch my friend
What the whole world, and whole beasts of nations desire: powerHallelujah Money
Cross the chemtrail sun
Hallelujah Money

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDUrpPvU1_4)


Here is our tree                                                                                                     That primitively grows                                                                                     And when you go to bed                                                                         Scarecrows from the far east                                                                       Come to eat Its tender fruits
And I thought the best way to perfect our tree
Is by building walls
Walls like unicorns
In full glory
And galore
And even stronger
Than the walls of Jericho
But glad then my friend
Out in the field we shall reap a better day
What we have always dreamt of having
Are now for the starving
It is love, that is the root of all evil
But not our tree
And thank you my friend
For trusting me

How will we know?
When the morning comes
We are still human
How will we know?
How will we dream?
How will we love?
How will we know?

Don’t worry, my friend
If this be the end, then so shall it be
Until we say so, nothing will move
Ah, don’t worry
It’s not against our morals
It’s legal tender
Touch, my friend
While the whole world
And whole beasts of nations desire

"The Narrator Is  A Dick" Sentence Starters ( Part One )
  • "Oh my god, I am so sorry! You were suppose to go left before."
  • "You better go left, actually, it turns out that we were dead wrong."
  • "Oh wait, ANOTHER dead end? Are you serious?"
  • "Actually, I can't read it, So uh, good luck with that."
  • "You died, congrats, hero."
  • "Shall we ask her to move, or shall we just kidnap her, place her in the basement, and then kill her very very slowly? I mean, you know, that is ONE way to do it. Or we could just let her live, that is also... also the first choice. I wouldn't recommend the second one, in my opinion. That's just my opinion."
  • "Oh my god, you just chose to kill her. Why did you chose that? Oh my god."
  • "You are a horrible, horrible human being. What is wrong with you? Oh my god. This is disgusting, what is wrong with you right now? You sicken me, you absolutely sicken me."
  • "I'd love to help you out, but I think I left my wallet in the fridge."
  • "You decided to go work at the strip club like the whore you are."
  • "Oh my god, you're doing a good job with this."
  • "That's what I like to see."
  • "Keep shaking that ass, you whore!"
  • "Oh my god, I feel a bit funny now..."
  • "Okay, okay, okay- just... just NO. That was- NO. Just NO, that was messed up! Just... oh god, what have you done?"
  • "What is wrong with you?"
  • "Huh, looks like someone left a bunch of money on the ground."
  • "Well, lets go pick it up and see what happens."

reblog if your’e part of the ‘probably wont have a ps4 by the time kh3 is out’ squad.

Meet Me in Ferguson
  • Meet Me in Ferguson
  • Derrick Rice

This is a song I wrote in solidarity with the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. 

Meet Me In Ferguson

Hands up don’t shoot stand your ground
we are strong and we are proud
grab my hand, let’s make a stand
we shall not be moved 

Black lives matter, yes they do
stand up proud and know it’s true
no matter what they might tell you
black lives matter, yes they do

So please won’t you
meet me in Ferguson
where we shall overcome

March with me take back our home
we won’t budge and we won’t moan
let freedom ring, sing it proud
we shall not be moved

Trayvon’s here and Michael Brown
Leelah Alcorn stuck around
don’t forget their suffering
we will not forget you

Trans lives matter, yes they do
no matter what they might tell you
you’re valid for just being you
trans lives matter yes they do

We will stand and we will fight
they won’t deny us of our rights
meet us there on the frontline
we shall not be moved

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: All men are not created equal. Some are born swifter afoot, some with greater beauty. Some are born into poverty; and others are born sick and feeble. Both in birth and in upbringing, in sheer scope of ability, every human is inherently different! Yes, that is why people discriminate against one another, which is why there is struggle, competition, and the unfaltering march of progress! Inequality is not wrong, equality is! What of the EU who made equality a right? Rabble politics by a popularity contest. The Chinese Federation with its equal distribution of wealth? A nation of lazy dullards. But not our beloved Britannia. We fight, we compete; evolution is continuous! Britannia alone moves forward; advancing steadily into the future. Even the death of my son Clovis demonstrates Britannia’s unswerving commitment to progress! We will fight on, we shall struggle, compete, plunder, and dominate and in the end the future shall be ours! All Hail Britannia!

[Love Tangle - Shall we date? - #1]

Hello, Shall we date? fans! I’m Joy Olivier. Nice meeting you!

Today I want to present you a new game that’s coming up! In this game, you’re going to meet lots and lots of handsome celebrities,
like a sexy bartender, a hot actor, a muscular athlete, an elite lawyer, and… Oh! Aren’t you all excited?!

These men are all waiting for you at the new residence, where you’re going to move in soon. I just wonder if you’d start dating with one of them… *giggle*

…Shoot! Time’s up already? All right, I’ll give you specific details about them next time, so stay tuned! Bye-bye!

Johnlock developments
  • <p> <b>1x1 John:</b> um so yeah u say girls are not your area?? wow yes i am interested but definitely not interested in that way anyways do you have a boyfriend then lol #NoHomo #Bromance #Justkilledamanforu<p/><b>1x1 Sherlock:</b> I'm married to my work but please stay I'll clean my house for you long enough for you to move in, also let's have dinner<p/><b>1x2 John:</b> no he's not, we're not, he's just my colleague, no, i shall cut all ties, I'll date my nice lady friend and we'll have fun,<p/><b>1x2 Sherlock:</b> yes but i was suggesting a date with you, RUDE, oh well guess I'll just crash it and make you look awkward, also i shall grab your face and spin you around<p/><b>1x3 John:</b> sherlock holmes is a fukin emotionless hooman being who doesn't care about people i should've knOWN<p/><b>1x3 Sherlock:</b> shit i have a heart<p/></p>
The adventures of Jonghyun's leg.