we seriously love the show for all the right reasons

So the ENTIRE Steven Bomb leaked, a PSA

how did this happen? Who knows, and for sure alot of people will watch it, of course they’ll watch it.

I watched it

Im not spoiling anything dont worry but for those who did or will do please keep this in mind

When the steven bomb is released, when its out officially on cartoon network, watch it

hell even just turning your tv on for it is good enough if youre too busy to watch the episode, it still counts, there is a big chance that this huge leak will cause people to not watch it on its actual release date which would show for the networks, though the obvious reason WILL be for the leaks shows get money based on how many people watch it, and the only way they can get that information is by watching it when it comes on tv

I dunno how these episodes keep getting leaked, and as cool as it is to watch them way earlier than was planned it has the potential to seriously hurt the show if we dont go about this the right way. 

I love Steven Universe, with all my heart I do so in order to make sure that the crewniverse get to see the show to it’s intended end we need to support it, so watch it again when it officially releases, or if you are refusing to see the leaks you have a stronger will then I. So please wether you watched or not, watch it during its official release. This particularly applies to those in america, as in other countries it tends to take a while to officially get it in your country because of stupid reasons (like me) so if you watch it online because of that, so you dont have to be extra vigilant of spoilers when going through the internet, but if thats the case then consider buying the dvds from official sources when they release so the crewniverse can get the support they need to keep it going

I will not be posting anything about this bomb until its OFFICIAL release date except in private messages, I know I dont have a large follower base, but I want to get this message out there

if you watched it try to lay off the posts for it, or if you just cannot hold it in make sure you let your followers know youll post it and tag it appropriatly

theres nothing worse than being spoiled like that, its one thing if you search for it yourself but to have it appear out of nowhere is unfair to everyone else.

despite watching the leaks myself i do hope the steven universe crew find out the source of these leaks and put a stop to them. As while the initial enjoyment of the episodes being early is great it has the serious potential to harm the show as a whole so please be mindful

Why I Love Stelena

Anon asked: I really love your Olicity metas,they are always so profound and amazingly written,you make me fall in love with Olicity even more if that’s possible! Now, I’m a huge Delena fan (don’t worry, I come in peace;) ), but I totally agree that the show hasn’t been at its best in s5, to say the least… However, my questions go back to the roots of Stelena, because I’m truly curious: doesn’t bother you that they didn’t get a longer build-up? And what made you ship Stelena (aside from disliking Delena)?

Oh!! That makes me soooo happy. Nothing pleases me more than when my posts help you enjoy Arrow more or love Olicity more.  YIPPEE!!

And I LOVE hearing from Delena fans. No seriously. There is absolutely no reason why we can’t converse in peace. At the end of the day - we are all Vampire Diaries fans right? Yes, we totally agree- the show has slacked off in the later years. It frustrates me because this is Delena’s “time” and you guys deserve better than the shitty writing you are getting.

That’s a really interesting question about Stelena. You are right. They didn’t have much build up. It was 1x10 that they slept together and they were pretty much together until the end of S2…with of course that tortuous break up in 2x06.  You know, it didn’t really bother me. I get why fans love the slow build. I am LOVING it with Olicity.  However, I think there are couples where a slow build is necessary and there are couples where a slow build is not. Whatever serves the story better is what matters. To me, Stelena was one of those couples where a slow build wasn’t necessary.

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