we see how it is

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: There's unused animation for Umbra peeing and a dog camera mod that wasn't implemented, even more there's is a cat camera mod and animation for cats climbing around pipes in a train station in Niflheim whose a map wasn't implemented either, also there's the twitter picture of Gladio playing basketball when will I get shirtless Gladio basket minigame? One of the buildings in Insomnia has a football/soccer field inside. Why would they put that and leave it unused if it wasn't to make it useful later? When will we know why Cid and Regis fought? We never see past entries on the lovers notebook. Ignis mentions that Pryna is always with Luna while Umbra does deliveries. When will we interact with her? does she have the same powers as Umbra or can she do different things? when will we see how Luna awakened Ramuh or Titan, Shiva telling her about the covenants at age 13, her struggle and suffering because of said covenants, she traveling to Lestallum, the full extension of her powers like the barrier she raises in the omen trailer? We never saw Galahd nor Libertus again even though there's a lot of unexplained lore around the place like their music, tattoos, hairstyles, patterns, dishes and there's even concept art of the place they have a river where Noctis could go fishing. What parts of Ardyn's past was erased from history? How did Ifrits betrayal play? When and how did he make a pact with Ardyn? Tabata said the team was working on a massive unannounced update and there's so many things to expand on the game what in the heavens are they working on also what could Ignis DLC be about that is so closely related to the history of the game, the concept art screams heartbreak and I'm not ready there's so many unexplained things I-

I saw the same fucking anti-greenflame post on my dash and
Every ship is wrong if you think about it
Bruise? Abusive.
Glacier? Zane is a nindroid.
Jaya? Nya broke Jay’s heart.
Kailor? They don’t even meet up.
Wusako? Misako is married to Garmadon and has a son with the latter.
Every. Ship. Is. Wrong. In. Some. Way. But if we headcanon stuff to be different (that Lloyd is older, perhaps. Or that they don’t have an age gap that big) then we can ship it. Heck, we don’t have to change stuff, but we can still enjoy it. I’m honestly sick of this. I get it, Lloyd’s not as old as the other ninja, but if he loves Kai and Kai loves him back, it’s okay. Because my friend’s parents have 10 years age gap, and they still love each other.
I am, and always will be, fine with ships between Lloyd and other ninja. I don’t care what you ship. If you’re an asshole and ship it, I hate you because you’re an asshole. I don’t hate you because you ship it.
I am not backing down from my opinion. I don’t care how much hate I’m getting for this.
I just want people to know that I exist. That I am here to support everyone. Please, ffs, if this war makes you feel like it did to me, come and talk to me. Please.

David Duchovny Q&A in Seattle

*these are not exact, not all questions or full answers are included*

Lately it’s Always December is least played at concerts, why?

“It’s a slow song. It’s a hard song to play. Ask Tom.”

My daughter wanted me to ask if you prefer book writing or song writing?

“She’s still on facetime? Tell her to go do her homework or something! They’re two different things…” (my mother handed him her book, “Facing the Talk: Conversations With My Four Daughters About Sex”) “My daughter’s 18. I don’t know if we’re there. Maybe we’ll see how badly I fucked up”

Who did you write the rain song for?

“A person… Hey Colin! Are we doing The Rain Song in Seattle? We are.”

*didn’t hear question clearly*

“I never thought I’d be writing songs…”

Someone asked about some sort of slippers or shoes??

David had no idea what they were talking about… Someone handed him the shoes. “Maybe I’ll put these on, kick my feet up and read that book.”

Who’s on your top five?

“It’s private. I’ll tell you my top five boys… *starts naming off band members*”

What are your favorite cities or some that have surprised you?

“I love the Northwest… I’ve spent some time up here filming… Haven’t spent much time in Seattle… I think I filmed a pick up game here… (something about the rain…) I love the West Coast of the United States of America. I loved Oregon, hadn’t been to Portland before. Seattle was the first concert on this tour to be sold out.”

Which did you enjoy filming more? Californication or The X Files?

…It depended on my mood. The X Files was very difficult.

You wrote for both of them…

“I never wrote for Californication… I directed both The X-Files and Californication. Californication was more fast paced.”

Starter for Anyone who wants to reply

It was the beginning of the end. Destruction was spreading through the masses. Shadows had enveloped the earth. If anything it was the end of the end. 

It was a mere weeks after Zorc had managed to bring his true form to the physical plane, a mere weeks since the destruction of civilization as everyone knew it. 

The boundary between his realm, the shadow realm, and the physical realm were now abstract, and it would have been hard for anyone to have told the realms apart.

Now, even with the world as his, he couldn’t toy with everyone all at once. He liked to draw out everyone’s suffering. Which was why he had brought his palace to that hill. A hill which overlooked the city he had chose for the first game board. 

A wall of thick shadows encased the city, making it so no one could get in, and no one could get out until either Zorc was defeated, or everyone was dead. Zorc could just leave, but what fun would that be? It would be cheating. 

He tended to stay in a human form, enjoying the hunt much more when he could sneak up on his prey. Though he was running out of prey. There wasn’t many people left in this city. 

And a few of them he already had in his clutches. 

I wonder how Summer reacted to Rick’s leaving. I think she would be of the mindset of “fuck you, Rick!” while she tells Morty (in an attempt to hide her own feelings and express her anger) that their grandfather is a piece of shit and that she’s glad he’s gone, while simultaneously secretly trying to join the underground rebellion against the Galactic Federation and coming up with plans in her head as to how they could possibly get Rick back.

Sidenote: Ok you know how we always see fan art of Morty wearing Rick’s lab coat? I want to see some of Summer. I think Summer is a fucking awesome character, and I can’t wait to see where they go with her in season 3.

anonymous asked:

one reason you use to defend touka was that she grew up surrounded by violence so that explains her violence towards kaneki even though she cares for him. but ayato also grew up in the same way, in fact even more violence, and he's not violent to hinami at all. ayahina is a very sweet relationship but i still think that touken is abusive to kaneki.

the thing about ayahina is that their relationship is much less complicated that touken. they’re really sweet to each other, they’re protective of each other and basically, they’re happy when the other person is happy. at least, that’s how i see it since we don’t see much of their relationship. 

but touken is so much more complicated and deeper than that and they are both facing issues that ayato and hinami aren’t. kaneki thinks that he’s protecting touka by always leaving her behind. he means well, but frankly speaking, touka doesn’t need to be protected at all. and touka hits kaneki because she believes that it’ll knock him into his senses and stop his self-destructive behavior because, yes, violence is what touka has known for a significant part of her life. and you’re right that ayato’s similar in that sense but why would he even hit hinami? hinami has done nothing to hurt or piss him off. if you wanna use something as a comparison, then you should be talking about the aogiri arc. ayato beat touka up back then much worse than any beating kaneki has even gotten from touka.

i don’t know enough about abuse to make a definitive statement on touken’s relationship. but going by anti-touka arguments i usually see, if we consider kaneki’s past as the reason why touka’s abusive towards him, when kaneki continues to push her away and worsen her abandonment issues, isn’t it abusive to touka as well? like i said, i don’t know enough about this issue. but personally, the way i see it is that touken has a lot of issues but they have the potential to improve and with the upcoming touken talk, i’m sure they are going to improve. 

anon, you simply can’t compare ayahina to touken because in the end, they’re different. ayato and touka maybe be similar and all but they’re two different characters with very different issues as well. and ayahina might be a cute relationship and all but at the same time, it isn’t the best out there. if cochlea arc has told me anything about ayato, it’s that he can get extremely reckless (to an unnecessary degree tbh) when it comes to hinami. and to a certain extent, i feel hinami’s the same way as well. 

long story short: 

this is tokyo ghoul there is no pure and healthy relationship

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Chaol and Nesyrn?

Ooooo see I like Nesryn and Chaol isn’t my fav, but I really enjoy the two of them together because Nesryn doesn’t take his shit. We’ll see how this goes.

-Chaol is so very good at drawing out Nesryn’s pleasure. Edging master.
-Nesryn is a silent screamer when she finishes except for the rare occasion it’s really intense and she moans super loud. Chaol’s goal every time they fuck is to hear that moan.
-Chaol’s back is constantly scratched all to hell
-the first time she rides him he loses his MIND
-doing it in reeeeeally inappropriate places. “Chaol this is a restaurant” “I’m sure they have a broom closet somewhere” (heh, remember when he and Celaena did it in a broom closet?)

Lol, Why are people letting their moment slip away because of something Norman said, something open to interpretations? whatever Norman meant with what he said, and after reading i actually don’t think he was saying that they are like mother and son, more like that Daryl was acting childish, but wtv, i don’t give a shit. 

Even if he was, he doesn’t write the show, he’s the actor, and he is a professional troll that baits to uncertain, for many reasons.  The public sees it ( the polls showing how many people see it, the tweets, tumblr). We all see it. We all feel it. It wont ruin the moment.

And whoever wants to take or use what he said that way to ‘hurt Caryl’, because they ship another couple or don’t want Daryl and Carol together, would already think that way. Nothing would change their opinions. Not even a sex scene. To hell with them, they enjoy shit that doesn’t even exist, with nothing at all to support and some are into shipping him with a corpse…so, fuck it. 

Personally, i see Caryl, i don’t need validation from any other viewer to see it ( even tho i know the majority see it too). Stop letting things outside the script ( the biggest number of Caryl moments and lines in ages,  with an obvious mood and intentions, date), and the scenes tell you how to feel, what to see. The actors, no matter what is said or how they personally feel, acted in a way that i see it. And that’s that.


The Dragon’s Crown DM event went amazingly well tonight! This is a little look see into how we handle them and what our newer recruits can expect in the future. We have an entire stat system, complimented by custom character sheets created by the lovely @thesilentlotus​ herself. 

She’s so talented and I adore her so! We host DM events every other week, with tavern nights being held on the weeks we aren’t off slaying monsters. 

- Aelorelle Vallancourt, FC Leader


Ive said it before and I’ll say it again…I believe the REAL Liam Payne has a huge heart. He loves his fans and always wants to make them happy. He worries about those he never gets to meet. He puts a big smile on when he takes photos with them. Liam has always shown his true appreciation for us and I will NOT believe that suddenly all that has changed. I always see how we believe other certain members of the band don’t have full control of their social media so why can’t we apply the same to him? Why is his case DIFFERENT when it looks to be that hes about to go thru the SAME thing another member of the band is going thru?? Be fair even if hes not the one you stan. Liam always gets so underrated and easily judged. But Im going to be here for him until the day he is free from all this BS and the world can see him for the beautiful, talented loving human being he truly is.

beyondblack2020  asked:

Adjsdk YOUR ART IS SO NICE OMG!! HOW ARE YOU SO TALENTED (mean while, I'm here trying to draw and gives up bc I can't art) BTW DID I MENTION? I LOVE UR ART

Thank you!

And (though you might have been joking) don’t be so hard on yourself. I took a look at your work and it’s charming as hell! Any art, any craft, just takes practice and dedication.

Doesn’t hurt if you have a willingness to try new things.

And, honestly, a willingness to make mistakes.

Hell, I’ve learned more for my failed works than I have from any successful piece.

It’s hard sometimes, because I feel like we’re all kind of conditioned to look at others and see how we don’t measure up, but you need to be kind to yourself! Remember that making art isn’t a race to be won or lost, you create at your own pace. You create what matters to you. You try to give form and shape to ideas and emotions.

If you’re doing those things, you’re already on the right road.

Hello everyone! Non cutesy post here. I know I’ve posted videos in the past of my little sharkbait chasing his tail. Turns out this is not actually cute nor should it be encouraged.
While cute at first, this actually got rapidly worse after a recent vacation where I had to board him. Today Sharky went into the vet to get a workup, and an antibiotic injection because last night he actually punctured his tail. The tail chasing turned into tail attacking, focused on the tail tip only.
After his exam, my vet recommended flea control, and anti-anxiety medication. We are running a trial on the cat equivalent of Prozac, and will see how this works for him. We will also be playing closer attention to his behavior, and working hard to redirect the tail chasing to play with toys, and see what we can do for the little man.
I’m a worried pet mom even though we have some answers, and he was very very unhappy to go into the hospital today. Let’s hope we can get him feeling better and break him of this! If we can avoid long term medication through behavioral management then that would be ideal.