we see a young man who is so desperate for everyone to stop judging

The Past

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“56…57…58…59..60″ you covered your mouth as you yawned.

Young Woo let go of the bar planting his feet back on the ground. His face glistened with sweat as he stood over you, literally.

You were laying on the hard rubber floor with no concerns for how dirty it could be. You had been dragged to the workout equipment by your exercise loving boyfriend. “Jagiya why are you tired when I’m the one doing all the lifting?”

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Javid Titanic AU - Part 23

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The boat deck was crowded with passengers, no one enforcing class boundaries now it was becoming obvious that a lot of people were going to die. Davey held tightly to Jack’s hand as they wove through people, pushing down to where there were still boats loading. The orchestra that had been playing at dinner in the First Class dining room had set up to the side of the crowd, playing some upbeat classical music that Jack couldn’t name.

“Music to drown by. Now I know I’m in First Class,” he mumbled under his breath, making sure Davey didn’t hear him. People on the ship were going to die because they had less money than others, and that just wasn’t right. Money wasn’t even going to save Davey so what was it good for. And music definitely wasn’t going to save anyone.

If Jack had it his way, they’d be asleep by now. There wouldn’t be handcuffs around his wrists, they’d have found somewhere safe where Esther couldn’t get to Davey, and they’d be cosied up under a blanket with Davey’s head on his chest and their hands clasped together and resting on Jack’s stomach. It was all he wanted for the rest of his life but right now he’d take just one night of it. Instead, they had this hellish nightmare.

When they got to the few remaining lifeboats there was a crowd of people gathered around each one, clearly far more bodies than there were seats for. Jack winced at the sight - so many innocent people were going to die. They stopped on the fringes of the group where there was less shoving going on.

“Women and children to the lifeboats. Women and children first,” an officer shouted above the dull cacophony from his audience.

“That’s not us,” Davey sighed, resting his forehead against Jack’s shoulder and trying to block out everything that was happening.

“No, it ain’t,” Jack agreed sadly. He nudged Davey gently so he could look into his tearful, big blue eyes. “Ya could still make it, you know. Young, First Class. Even if yous is a guy. Ya got a better chance than me,” he explained.

Davey sniffed back tears and shook his head resolutely.
“We make it together, or we don’t make it at all,” he said firmly, squeezing Jack’s hand.

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There’s something

I wanna see a TV show about autistic peoples. Not one where a little kid is diagnosed and his family is doing everything so he’ll go to school and have friend and a normal life and everyone’s happy when he “overcomes his autism” in any way. Not a TV show with a geeky stereotype whom we’re supposed to laugh at and not with.

I wanna a TV show about that women who’s living on her own, and working in a science field, who’s smart and discrete, and seems a bit quirky but that’s all, and she can’t be autistic because “she’s a girl, you know?”. So no one, even her, thought that she might be autistic.  I want her to pass nearly perfectly, but she’s unhappy and lonely and most things don’t make sense. She feels like an alien in disguise. She’s lost.

And then something happens.

Maybe someone introduce her to that quirky guy, cause “he’s soooo like you, you’ll totally get along”. Maybe they do, and maybe not. But she starts to search for others people like them. And she finds it

Or maybe she she meets that girl in the library and fells head over heels in love with her, and because she just don’t know what else to do, she befriends her first. And maybe they end up together, or maybe she’s not interested, but our hero get to met other peoples like her. Other autistic peoples.

Maybe it isn’t about love. Maybe one night she goes to a bar, or to see a movie, and she meets those peoples, and for once they get along. And that was an autism support group, and she decide that maybe, she could come to help ?

Maybe it’s work. Maybe she has to work on that project, and it  involves an autistic community. She gets to know some of them, and become involved.

Maybe it’s pure kindness. That lost little kids that runs to her in the street, because she feels normal for him and so he turns to her. And she learns that he’s autistic, and so his most of his family.

Maybe it’s weird. That guy who spontaneously talks to her, strangely, because he missed that social rule, or he’s just drunk and not giving a fuck (how is that incredible? It actually happened, you know =) )  “you’re autistic, of course you are, come on i could spot you at fifty meters.”

Maybe it’s really incredible. Simple luck or impossibility. Maybe she went to that political, or gardening reunion, but she comes the wrong  day or in the wrong room, and then steps on that autistic community’s reunion. And she stays.

I want her to grow, I want her to change. I want her to find a community, a place to herself. I want her to rediscover her own quirks, how to stim, to be autistic. I want her to find friends, or some kind of big, weird family. I want her to find a place where she’ll learn to be confident in herself and the others. I want her to be more and more visibly autistic, tu worry and then accept it. I don’t want her to “overcome her autism”, I want her to be herself. I want her to be les NT-passing and more happy. Just not lost anymore.

I want an Autistic TV show with diversity. With black and asian and lots of different ethnicity. And I want it to feel normal, not “we must have that percentage of pocs, that of woman” and such.

I want queer autistic. Straight autistics. Gay and lesbian autistics, and anything else you could think of. I want asexual and hyper-sexual autistics. I want trans and nonbinary autistics. I want that TV show to shows everything that exist, because somewhere, someone will relate to that, and say “look, they’re like me. They do exist.”

I want other disabled autistics. I want to see autistics with SPD, ADHD, Tourette any mental illness or learning disability or neurological weirdness you can think of.  I also want physically disabled people. That young girl who’ll never leave her wheelchair, and that boy who use one even thought he sometimes can walk, and when once he has the spoons to runs no one judge and everyone smiles because “seriously, he looks so surprised”. I want deaf  and HoE autistics that speak, and others that only sign.

I want that show to have enough autistic persons, so that none of them is a stereotype. I want that white, 8 years old little boy who’s autistic and loves trains. I want him, and I also wants his three autistic sisters. His older sister who’s also fond of trains, and taught him everything about it. The second one who’s fond of dragons, cause “they breath fire !!! how cool is it that they BREATH FIRE !”.The little one whose special interest is fashion or  make-up because it’s not less valid. A dysexecutive funny mother that drags everyone outside because “it’s snowing! yepeee”. And a father that supposed to be NT , “come on you need scarfs and gloves, it’s SNOWING OUTSIDE ! “ but with his family how can he be? I’d like him to be like “yes, we have a swing in our living-room, why not ?”

I want that discreet, perfectly normal looking girl that came one day because “you’ve rainbows on your emblems, I like rainbows”. And she stayed. She just draws rainbows anytime she can, and rarely speaks to anyone, and when asked, she always says that she’s not here for autism, she’s here for the rainbows. And they keep her, cause that’s her place and she’s an important part of the community. She’s an habit.

I want that nonverbal one who never stop communicating, who’s  noisy and lively and always interacting with everyone, and thought he is nonverbal, you can’t seriously ever say that he is silent or absent.

I want that unorganized, totally not effective president that has been chosen because he can perfectly pass, be charming and convincing for a moment, and who can defend the association, but that couldn’t do paperwork to save his life.

I want that one that always repeats a question, to everyone, doing echolelia, and everyone tries to answers a last once each time. Those who have an answer and some who don’t. Because it’s normal here. It’s an habit.

I want a perfect geek, who spend most of his hours on the internet because it’s an easier form of communication for him. Who’s fan of starwars, read tons of manga and animes and always cosplay the same person because he identify with him. That knows entire scripts of sci-fi shows and uses it in everyday conversations. He’s the one who created the association’s website, with a high encrypting level and advanced animations (a huge part of them spinning in some way or another. And a lot of rainbows too, cause the girl up there asked him and he just couldn’t say no)

I want different kinds of stimming. I want to see rocking and humming and chewing. I want to see that one who uses lines from songs to speak, and others from books or TV shows and movies (I even want one that sometimes quotes this TV show, because it would be funny, in a “I already heard that, no ?” way ).

I want to see empathy,as a whole. That grown-up man who breaks in tears when someone else cries. That other one who’s always too cheerful and helpful because he really want everyone to be happy but he desperately cant’t tell if they are. That teenager who wonders if others really are humans, if they do have feelings or if they’re just faking it for social purposes.

I also want diversity in opinions. I want to see special episodes about important issues.

I want something about person first or disability first language. I want autistic peoples to disagree, because in real life we do.
I want something about medical or social construction of disability. I want people whose autism is a burden, making their life a hell. I want peoples supporting autism pride, who believe autism is a gift, or a difference that just has to be accepted. I want every opinions between. I also want peoples who don’t have one, cause they exists.
I want an episode about activism and self-advocacy. I want optimists who want to change and reform everything, and cynics who think we can’t. I want those trying with small steps. I want people advocating for themselves, on things that directly touch them, and other trying to speak for the whole community. Peoples who want to teach the whole world and others who just dream to set it of fire.
I want to see acceptance and the lack of. To hear about ABA, compliance therapy, male brain or frigo mother (I’m french) theories, about special regims. About ASAN and Autism Speak. To listen stories of those who where rejected for coming out as autistic, but also of those for who it wasn’t an issue. Those who didn’t because they were scared, because it was too dangerous, awkward or just not necessary. 

I don’t want to see a TV show about autism, how it’s viewed and how it impacts NT’s lives. I want a TV show about autistc peoples, about our lives, our opinions and growths.
I wanna see a TV show about autistic peoples.

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for fall fic prompt: time warp?

have some married plance ;) <3

“What greater joy than a pumpkin spice latte?” Lance McClain said happily to himself as he walked through the exit at the local Starbucks, the leaves at his feet rustling as the wind moved briskly on it’s way

It was the beginning of a three-day weekend, and he was going to celebrate appropriately.

His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he snorted into his cup as Leonardo Dicaprio and Kermit filled his screen.

pigeon: ur silence tells me you adore it

shrrpsh00ter: damn right it does

This (quite terrible) meme happened to be sent by Katie Holt, known by friends and family as Pidge, due to an unfortunate altercation with a pigeon at Disneyland.

He turned a corner, and sighed.

He was having a very confusing time concerning Pidge.

(a latte makes one incredibly deep, Lance having discovered this during a binge session at 12:40 PM a few months earlier, especially during the time it is consumed)

They had just reached the stage in their relationship where the following occurred:

1) She had finally ceased her endless teasing of his love life.

Technically, it was probably because there was no love life to be spoken of at the moment, his last girlfriend having mysteriously disappeared after a late night makeout session that ended in him waking up in handcuffs and his favorite watch gone (it was one with Picard’s face on the dial; Katie had given it to him for the “quinceañera” his friends had thrown him around three years back).

2) She was sharing her dried seaweed with him during their passing periods.

She was always slapping his hand away whenever he tried to get a leaf, and had once resorted to biting his finger.

(he still had the mark, and kept finding reasons to put off finding a scar cream for it)

3) He was going to sleep dreaming of her.

This reason was a bit more problematic than the others, and probably more on him than her.

And he didn’t know what any of it meant.

As he stepped off the curb and walked across the crosswalk, ideas swirled in his brain.

His inner dialogue included:

Idea: Perhaps she is being mind-controlled by one of my rivals.

Counter: No, Keith isn’t smart enough for that. And Lotor is too lazy.

Idea: Maybe she has had a near-death experience and has changed for the better.

Counter: That one time she fell out of her treehouse just made her more bitter about the Flash, so another one wouldn’t do much.

Idea: Maybe-

A scream jolted him out of his daze, and he whipped around to see a crowd of people scattering from a shop on the other side of the street.

Something hurtled out from the window, and Lance’s mouth dropped as the figure unsheathed a gigantic broadsword.

And then-

Turned towards him.

“Lance McClain!” They yelled, and Lance noted, despite his desire to melt into the pavement, that the voice was feminine. “Prepare to die!”

The broadsword then began pulse with electricity, and they began to run toward him.

The pumpkin spice latte dropped to the ground, and, turning, he ran down the street as fast as he could possibly manage.

What the fresh hell, he thought frantically, legs pumping as hard as they would go. I’m too young to die.

Lance ran across the street, dodging a Subaru, and made a double turn across a  construction site.

He looked back as he sprinted through the groups of pedestrians, hoping to catch a glimpse of his would-be attacker when-

The wall right next to him exploded, and Lance (though he would never admit it) shrieked as he threw himself out of the way of debris.

“What the hell?” He yelled as he scrambled to his feet.

“Give it back!” The figure screamed from behind him.

“What do you want?” He said frantically.

“My life!” They spat, and sped up.

“What?” He yelled, and raced across the crosswalk again.

“You-,” He heard the crackle of electricity, “Stole it!”

“HOW?” He called desperately, and rounded a corner, suddenly slamming into a wall of flesh.

“Lance?” He heard someone say. “What the-,”

“Pidge!” He gasped, gripping the front of her windbreaker. “We have to get out of here!”

“What?!” She yelped as he pulled her down the street, and down an alley. “Lance, what are you doing?”

“We have to hide!” He said, breathing hard, and darted behind a dumpster, pushing her down under him.

She slapped him.


“Lance McClain.” She said harshly. “What the fresh hell are you doing?”

“Okay, look, this sounds crazy but some chick is trying to kill me.” He said quickly, and she groaned.

“Come on, Lance, stop dragging me into your romance life, this is tiring.” She pinched the bridge of her nose, and he shook his head.

“No, no, I promise, it’s-,”

The air sizzled, and he blanched. “She’s here.”

“Lance McClain! Show yourself!” The stranger yelled, and Pidge frowned.

“Wow, she’s a lot older than what you usually go for. Kudos, you got a cougar on your hands.” She quipped, and Lance stuffed his hand over her mouth.

“Shhhh.” He hissed, and then gaped down at the girl under him. “Hey!”

“I know you’re there!” The voice echoed through the alley. “Come out, coward, and face your fate!”

Pidge snickered. “Wow, that’s kinky. How long have you two been going out?” She mumbled through his hand.

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” The voice cooed, and suddenly-

“Found you.” Lance felt himself lifted up by the ankle, and shrieked.

Pidge pressed herself into the wall. “What the hell?!”

The stranger was clothed in metal, her (he assumed it was a her? he guessed?) face obscured by a tinted glass visor.

If he squinted, he could see a faint glimmer of hazel eyes-

“Lance McClain.” She pronounced. “Time to die.”

Lance would never admit it, but he might have peed his pants a bit.

He shut his eyes, and prayed that death would come quickly.

(He hoped wherever he ended up, there was Wi-Fi)

Suddenly, an explosion sounded, and Lance hit the floor as the figure backed up, blade out.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING, PIDGE?” Someone cried (male? maybe).

Lance’s eyes widened.

Wait, what-

“None of your beeswax, you prick!”

“Are you seriously trying to kill my younger self?” The person yelled.

“Stop judging me!” The person-wow, this was confusing; the woman who tried to kill him first? He supposed that worked-yelled. “I wasn’t going to do anything. Just….maim?” She mumbled.





Lance glanced over at Pidge, who’s eyes were rolled back and body was limp.

He cringed.

Not good.



Lance fainted.

When he woke up, he heard someone breathing slowly, and another voice gently cooing, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Someone sniffed, and said (it was the woman, he guessed), “I’m sorry. It’s just….it’s just….,”

“Babe.” The other voice (probably the man from before) said softly. “I’m sorry. I should’ve taken out the trash on Thursday.”

“It-it’s not that.” The woman sighed. “I-I just….I don’t know anymore. I have no time to myself. I’m losing my mind. I haven’t had a real weekend in…..months. The kids, the teachers, the coaches, everyone is just driving me damn crazy. I feel….I feel like….I feel like I’m just the maid. Maybe….maybe I am crazy.” She burst into tears.

“Katie McClain.” The man said. “You aren’t crazy. And even if you were, I would still love you.”

Lance’s eyes widened and he fainted.


He came to.

“Sleeping beauty awakes, huh?” He heard, and sat up quickly.


“Yeah.” She was leaning on the wall in front of him.

“What happened?” He rubbed his head, and she shrugged.

“Weird shit, Lance. Weird shit.”

hope you enjoyed! third part of my fall fics series! thanks for the prompt!

Save me

Oliver in his whole career hasn’t met with situation like this. He has been a
Police negotiator for about 5 years. He could proudly say he was one of the best this was why he was called for most of the cases.

He thought he has seen everything in his life, man and woman in the middle of the crisis. But this, this was something totally knew for him.

“Hey Oliver, good that you are here.” John Diggle one of the cops that became his best friend greeted him.

“What’s happening?” Oliver asked crouching down next to his friend.

They were on the top of one of the highest buildings in the city. All he noticed by then was a head of blonde hair tied in a ponytail.

“A young woman in the middle of her twenties I believe she refuses to talk to anyone. She’s been standing there for a while and we don’t really know what to do. She didn’t say her name.”

“Okay.” Oliver nodded. 

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Citizen’s Soldier- Sam x Reader AU

A/N: I didn’t mean for the preview to end up long enough to be considered a part one, but it kind of happened anyway. This one won’t be touched again for a little while, but it was done being edited before Fuck Away The Pain. I’ve had it on my laptop for a few days now, so I thought I might as well share it. I got the idea after a night of wine, Me Before You, and Dear John. This is based off a dream that followed. It’s not the usual Sam and Dean persona. The characterization might seem a bit surprising, but I hope that it’ll all work out well in the end and not be too far off given the circumstances I’ve thrown them into. Hope you all enjoy! 

Update: Fixed the title and added tags :)

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Warnings: Eventual smut (as usual). Not enough editing, probably (It’s after 2am where I am, so forgive me for anything missed). Kinda angsty/awkward towards the end. Lots of upcoming angst. I believe that is all!

Word Count: Roughly 1700

“Hello?” You walked into the dimly lit bar. It was so quiet you could hear the slight clinking of glass in the distance, and shuffling of others somewhere in the building. Your own footsteps echoing loudly enough that you flinched ever so slightly at every movement.

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Au where the airport fight ends in a minor debate over who has to take Peter home BC he's literally too young to fly unaccompanied without fuckloads of paperwork

This is amazing because I literally just read something similar in a comic a few days ago. Ok, so it wasn’t b/c Peter is, like, 12, but b/c he was like ‘you guys might get to be superheroes 24/7 but some people have jobs so can someone take me back to NYC asap?? Guys???’  Here’s the page. 

And  then 1.7k of fic of borderline silliness happened out of no where. Let’s temporarily pretend everyone isn’t furious with each other and are still kind-of-friends, m’kay?


Captain America and the Winter Soldier left behind a deafening silence. Iron Man and War Machine tried to give chase, but weren’t able to stop the jet without seriously injuring the two passengers. They were mad, yes, but they didn’t want anyone to end up dead, or paralysed, or maimed. The jet rose into the sky, higher and higher before disappearing over the horizon.

The barren airport was quiet. Peter was aching all over, still disoriented from the blow that knocked through the air. The formerly building-sized guy that had hit him lay panted, limbs eagle-spread. Hawkeye sat nearby, rubbing at his back and grumbling under his breath. Scarlett Witch was cradled in Vision’s arms, the two murmuring quietly to one another.

Falcon touched down, spread wings retreating. Iron Man and War Machine followed his descent moments after. They refused to look at their former teammate.

Peter stumbled to unsteady, determined feet. His mask was rumbled, a little twisted, but pulled to his chin. Booted feet spun in a wobbly circle, taking in the entire airport, the burning husks of thrown cars, abandoned airplanes, and the dozen exhausted, resting heroes.

“We’re not going to start fighting again, are we?” Peter said. “Because sure, yeah, I’m ready to go again, but some of you guys look old and I don’t want to accidentally break some hips—”

“You are not ready to go again,” Tony told him firmly. His faceplate flipped up, and he looked weary and defeated in an achingly familiar way.

“I am,” Peter insisted. “Did you see me take down a guy that was the size of a building? A building!” Peter limped over to said Building Guy, who squinted up at the teenager, one hand shielded over his eyes. “Also, hey, I’m super impressed about the turning-into-a-building thing. Doesn’t that break all kinds of rules about the conservation of mass? How does that even work? Is it a superpower, or are you an alien like that Thor guy, or is it, like, science—”

“Where did you find this kid?” Hawkeye asked loudly.

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Rose (Joker x reader) 2

Pairing: Joker x reader

Storyline:  You are a young student, respected and admired by your family members. One night, you attend your father’s banquet for his business, when the gangster king himself catches you snooping around in places where you don’t belong.

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Chapter 2

You couldn’t believe any of this. You had no idea who this man was but judging from the way the big men with their guns shivered in their suits, you figured he wasn’t exactly a fruitcake. You opened your mouth, half in surprise, half in wanting to say something, but you just ended up standing there with your mouth and eyes wide open. The green haired man looked at your mouth and then back into your eyes. He placed his finger on your chin and forced your mouth shut. You could feel his breath graze your lips.

Should you try to escape? Punch him in the face? Kick him in the groin? Yup. Kick him in the groin. You raised your knee and aimed for his crotch with all the power you had in your shivering leg. Surprisingly, he just growled under his breath instead of dropping down to his knees in pain, as you expected him to. However, your kick made him loose his grip on you and you started running down the hall. 

When you turned around to see if he was coming after you, you couldn’t see anything, until you felt two strong arms wrap around you. He had his arms tightened around your stomach as he dragged you back down the hall and into the golden room you had been spying on. 

The three men who you’d followed weren’t there anymore but when you looked down at the floor, you saw the blood. It wasn’t just a few drops. It was a big puddle of dark crimson blood. This made your heart race like crazy as you desperately tried to wiggle out of his deadly grip.

He released one of his arms and placed one finger on your lips, shushing you. You did as you were told. His skin was so cold and now that you were close to him, you noticed how pale he was. ‘’Look what we have here. A curious little kitten.’’ His voice was seductive as he stroked your cheek with two fingers. The cold ring giving you chills when it touched your skin. 

‘’P-please let me go, I didn’t mean to pry, I-I’ll just go and I won’t tell anybody, I swear!’’ you begged as you stared at the blood puddle on the floor.  

He ignored you, placed a finger under your chin and pulled your face to face him. ‘’What’s your name, doll?’’ he asked hoarsely as his finger slowly rubbed your chin. ‘’Y/N’’ you mumbled and kept your eyes fixed on his tattoos. ‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.’’ He grinned. Asshole. He’d heard what you said but he was enjoying torturing you, seeing you shake under his grip. ‘’Y/N’’ you said again, louder and more clearly this time, as you looked up at him.

‘’Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful young girl’’ he purred. ‘’Tell me, how old are you Y/N?’’ hearing him say your name made you feel tingly. ‘’Y/A’’ you replied softly. 

This caused a devious grin to form on his pale face as he dragged his finger down your neck, over your exposed collarbone, stopping at your grandmother’s amulet. It was a family heirloom and you only wore it on special occasions.

Your breath was heavy and ragged as he caressed the necklace with his dirty, tattooed fingers. You were beyond scared at this point. You had seen the blood pools; you had in some way, witnessed murder. 

He most likely didn’t want to leave any unnecessary witnesses so he would probably kill you to keep you quiet. And so you just stood there, waiting for a stab to the hearr, or a bullet to the brain. But it never came.

He looked puzzled at you and tightened his jaw before ripping the neckless from your neck in one harsh movement. You gasped in pain as he moved in closer to you. You could feel the heat from his body as his chest grazed yours. He leaned in and placed his lips to your ear. ‘’I’ll keep this as a souvenir’’ he growled into your ear before backing away with his eyes locked on yours as he vanished into the shadows and you were left completely by yourself.

You gently dragged your fingers across the pink marks left on your chest after he tore the neckless off you. Taking a few minutes to contemplate and realize what had actually just happened, you found yourself walking back into the big golden room. 

When you entered the back door next to the bar, you made eye contact with Y/B/F/N whose eyes widened when she saw you. She got up from her bar stool, sprinted towards you, and wrapped her arms around you in relief.

‘’Where the hell have you been!? Everyone has been worried sick!’’ she shouted and shook your shoulders. ‘’What do you mean? I haven’t been gone for longer than 30 minutes?’’ You couldn’t understand anything, why was everybody acting so dramatic?

Y/B/F/N looked at you and tilted her head. ‘’Didn’t you hear?’’ you widened your eyes to encourage her to keep going. ‘’The clown prince himself was here. He stole money from Mr. Lyndon’s vault while everybody was down here, mingling and dancing.

’I even heard someone got shot. Then your parents couldn’t find you and I didn’t know where you’d gone off to so we all got really worried that one of his henchmen, or worse, him, had found you and hurt you.’’ She was babbling worriedly while stroking your arm.

Before you could reply and ask all the million questions running through your head, you saw your parents run towards you and embrace you in a hug. ‘’I-I’m fine really, I was just at the bathroom, I’m okay.’’ You reassured them. Your father wouldn’t let you go as he kept stroking your back with his hand. It seemed like he knew something that your mother didn’t. ‘’Dad, what’s wr-‘’’’what’s that?’’ he interrupted you, pointing his finger at the pink mark around your neck, where the mystery man had torn your neckless off. ‘’I-uh-uhm I.’’ you began but couldn’t think of a good enough lie that would pass as believable. 

‘’Where’s mamas amulet?’’ your mother asked with worried eyes. Damn it. You didn’t have any other choice but to tell the truth. The evidence was obvious, it had been taken by force. ‘’Some guy, stole it from me.’’ You mumbled as you looked down at the floor, scraping your heels on the marble floor.

Your father’s eyes changed color. Again, you got this feeling that he knew a lot more than he was letting on. He breathed in through his nose sharply and chewed on the inside of his mouth. ‘’Sweetie.’’ You looked up at him. His face was serious and his eyebrows were furrowed in worry. ‘’The man who took your grandmother’s neckless. What did he look like?’’ The realization that your father knew this man or at least knew of him hit you. 

His appearance wasn’t easy to forget. You didn’t want to answer him, not because you were ashamed of putting yourself in danger, but because of the sexual remarks the man had thrown at you. You felt like your father knew exactly what had happened. ‘’His hair.’’ You mumbled, barely audible. Your father’s brows furrowed even more, if that was even humanly possible as he rubbed your shoulder gently, looking down at you. ‘’What about his hair?’’ his voice was stern. ‘’Y/F/N!’’ your mother exclaimed, interrupting the conversation. ‘’Don’t use that tone of voice at her, it wasn’t her fault, she could have been hurt!’’ your mother said as she put her hand on your fathers shoulder. 

You just looked up at your father with shameful eyes. ‘’Green.’’ Your father turned around quickly and took two deep breaths. You’d never seen him like this before. He looked like he was about to go into a raging fit. ‘’Honey, what’s the matter?’’ your mother asked, but your father ignored her. He walked back to you and placed both hands on your shaking shoulder blades. ‘’Okay, listen to me sweetheart. 

That man is not going to hurt you. But he is very dangerous and I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to let that neckless go. If we try to involve the police or try to get it back, I fear it might not end very well.’’ He tried to reassure me. Now I knew that he knew more than he was letting on. Your mother had also reacted when she realized whom we were talking about. She simply nodded her head in agreement with your father, which was weird because that neckless meant even more to her than it did to you.

Nevertheless, you dropped it and just nodded your head. ‘’Come on, let’s go home.’’ Your mother said as she and your father turned around and started walking to the front door. That’s when you felt something digging into the skin on your waist. Huh? Putting your hand up your dress, you felt a piece of paper or plastic, attached to the rim of your black stockings. You pulled it out and looked at it. It was a card. ‘’What’s that?’’ Y/B/F/S asked puzzled as she tried to lean over to look at it. You quickly withdrew it from her sight and held it tight to your chest. ‘’Um, nothing.’’ You stuttered.

 ‘’Hey, what was that thing that you talked about?’’ you asked her, now that your parents were gone. ‘’What?’’ she furrowed her brows in confusion. ‘’Um, the-uh clown prince of crime?’’ you asked uncertainly. Y/B/F/N made a face and raised her eyebrows. ‘’What, you’ve never heard of him?’’ she asked surprised. You shook your head. ‘’He’s the joker, Y/N.’’ your heart froze. ‘’Now come on, let’s go.’’ She said and turned on her heel. You looked back down at your card again. 

The Joker.

Why I Ship Helsa

Am I a Jelsa fan? Undoubtedly. Have I seen his movie? Not yet. But they seem perfect for each other. But if we’re sticking to within canon couplings, here’s why Helsa works:

(warning: this post is long and unwieldy, jumping between theses because there are so many ways Hans can be defended. Yeah, you heard me.)

1. Headcanon=the trolls warped Hans’ mind so Kristoff and Anna would be a sure thing. This explains why Hans showed no signs of evil before “Fixer Upper,” why he mumbled ‘wow’ to himself after Anna was already gone,

and why he took care of Arrendelle while Anna searched for Elsa (instead of taking over and letting everyone die he stood around defending Elsa and handing out blankets).  I mean, listen to the lyrics of Fixer Upper:

“Male Troll 5: Her quote 'engagement’ is a flexed arrangement.

Troll Child: And by the way I don’t see no ring!

Male Trolls: So she’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
Her brain’s a bit betwixt
Get the fiancé out of the way and
The whole thing will be fixed.”

Out of context, the whole thing seems a tad evil. Plus, we know the trolls are capable of changing memories from the beginning of the movie where they removed any knowledge of Elsa’s powers from Anna. (And gave her parents some spectacularly shitty advice)

Perfect crossover, except Elsa and Storm would be in total competition. Also, in light of this, in the beginning of Frozen, when Hans and Sven are likely following some male father figure around the ice workers (they are the only young people there and are imitating the ice workers the way a son often emulates a father) and the troll says “Cuties, I’m going to keep you,” also seems in retrospect a slightly more sinister kidnapping twist.  

2. Hans and Elsa are surprisingly similar:

Hans grew up isolated and ignored by all of his twelve brothers, feeling like there was something wrong with him that he couldn’t control, just like Elsa. 

I don’t know who drew this but it is magnificent. Hans goes from excited (like Elsa in the beginning of Frozen about her powers) to confused (Elsa during the beginnings of her isolation) to resigned (Elsa at her coronation). 

Hans and Elsa are both lonely and afraid. Both of them feel so lost within the surroundings they were born into that they must escape to feel any measure of freedom. Elsa runs away and builds herself an ice castle that she intends to live in “at least I’m alone but I’m alone and free!” and Hans travels all the way to Arrendelle with nothing but his horse to be at the coronation of a princess who does not know him at all. 

Hans and Elsa are both reduced to observers, watching the world through windows and barriers created during childhood that have become defense mechanisms they cannot let go. 

On the theoretical tip: A young Prince Hans, ignored by his brothers, meets up with a lonely Elsa on a trip to Arrendelle. 

3. Hans and Elsa both have legitimate reasons to doubt their parents’ love. How could Hans’ parents have watched him being ignored by his brothers and said nothing? How could Elsa’s parents have decided locking her away would be the best idea?

Plus, Hans seems to have had some pretty evil role models in his life: 

4. Both Hans and Elsa have blurred lines between their heroic and their evil characteristics, but the ending of the movie divides them. When Elsa is about to kill one of the men that came to her ice castle, showing her ambiguous moral compass, as she clearly has the upper hand in the fight and does not have to kill the man except to make a statement and inspire fear in everyone else, Hans stops her by saying “Don’t become the monster they fear you are.”

Lots of commentators have analyzed the symbolism of gloves as a metaphor for hidden intentions in the movie. Hans and Elsa’s adult selves both wear gloves habitually. Both of them have secret desires for love and ambiguous moral compasses. When Hans meets Anna he is wearing shades of purple and blue that match Elsa’s coronation outfit, indicating that perhaps his original intention was to chat up Elsa (“of course Elsa was preferable but no one was getting anywhere with her” Hans says. The trolls can change the lens of the memories but they cannot change the fabric of the intentions “we’re not saying we can change him, people don’t really change” so despite the trolls’ interference, Hans may have genuinely intended to snag Elsa before he met Anna.) Then Hans changes into shades of white that match Anna’s coronation outfit in order to woo her, out of the desperation for love he accused Anna of. Hans’ constantly changing outfits are also an indication of his oscillation as a character, perhaps trying to fight the trolls’ manipulations from inside and rapidly switching perspective.

5. In Disney movies, animal sidekicks are often reflections or foils to the main characters. In The Little Mermaid Flounder shares Ariel’s sense of fun and wonder but also reveals a sense of fear that Ariel will not let herself reveal, in Tanged Rapunzel’s sidekick is a chameleon that does not speak and changes to suit his environment, like Rapunzel was trained to do by Gothel, raised like a plant, her voice irrelevant (“You know I hate the mumbling”), taking on different role within her tower to get through the day (painter, cook, maid, etc.)

In Frozen, Elsa creates Olaf, whose desire for warm hugs and effusive personality reflects Elsa’s own deeply hidden desire for companionship and love, and Marshmallow, the giant snow monster who barely speaks and removes Anna from her castle. 

Who does Hans have? A horse, that is completely silent throughout a movie where animals are capable of communication (see Olaf), hinting to the fact that Hans desire for love is equally as repressed as Elsa’s yet will come out at the slightest provocation (Hans begging Anna to marry him, Olaf’s introductory sentence being “Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”) 

Plus this:

6.  The happily ever after makes too much sense:

Note how Elsa’ crown is floating through the air but Hans doesn’t care about catching it because he’s too concerned about Elsa. 

Helsa. It’s a thing. Get used to it. Get over it. People make mistakes. Trolls are evil. True love is for everyone. 


And here’s my headcanon in story form. I also posted it somewhere on my tumblr. Hate to be a self promoting douchebag but (don’t judge me) the truth’s gots to be told…

Fic: Poem Without Words (1/?) (M)

Author’s note: First chapter of the Student/Teacher AU, as promised!  Shorter than usual, but this is a bit more of slow burn than some of my other stuff. Enjoy!

Summary: Looking to make some extra money, college senior Emma Swan takes a post as a model for Professor Killian Jones’ art class. Sparks fly on both sides. Will they give into temptation?

Chapter 1

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Emma scowled at the screen, convinced there had to be a mistake. She couldn’t be that short. She’d never get that internship if she couldn’t save enough money to live in the state capitol for three months.

“What’s wrong?” Elsa asked warily. Elsa had learned early in their freshman year to be wary of Emma’s moods. Elsa’s gentle temperament smoothed out Emma’s rough edges; it was why they remained friends after being thrown together randomly in the dorms.

Emma still scowled at her laptop. “Financial aid got dispersed.”


Emma sighed. “According to this, I only have a few hundred dollars left over.”

“Did they not deposit it in your account again?”

“No, it’s there, just not as much as I thought.” She tossed a pen into the wall; it made a dull thud against the drywall. The miniature violence did not make her feel better.

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What's your opinion on Red Slipper? ;)

It’s a cute beginning. Bit late, but it’s finally part of the book and has opened up the possibilities for more queer characters in fairytales. In canon. 

It’s not enough though.

I can only take it as a step higher in the stairway to heaven (Swan Queen), since on its own it can’t possibly be the representation for the LGBT community. Tokens not an epic story make… So, if this is all there is to be, then it’s very depressing. Really underwhelming for the more educated viewer, regardless of your sexual orientation. Regardless of your ship.

Is it better than nothing? Obviously. They say beggars can’t be choosers, but the thing is: we’re not beggars. We deserve the same developed, “earned” love stories as any other slow-burn het ship gets in TV, hence why the tokenism is hurting many. But like I keep saying: baby steps.

If you see #RubySlippers as the opening key to a new world of color; it served its purpose. It’s a good thing and I liked it in the end. That kiss was the redeeming aspect for me at least— I was NOT expecting it at all. Still can’t get over it, to be fully honest. It made my heart skip a beat. 

We just witnessed the FIRST same sex KISS of ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE ever in the history of fairytales! Holy shit!

Plus this little chapter was thought for the younger audience, for those who couldn’t identify yet with any love story because their struggles hadn’t been validated or mentioned in any fairytale ever. It was always a princess waiting to be rescued by her prince, or lately: the princess rescuing her prince or realm— reversing the role. But now they just saw that sometimes another princess’ love might be what you need, and it’s okay. It’s no less valuable for not fitting the “norm,” and doesn’t make it any less magical.

I am happy it happened. I understand the rushing behind it because it wasn’t aimed at a mature and more observing audience: this was for young minds - or the inner child - desperate to find any story they could relate to. There are beautiful posts around about how “little me” was very excited at seeing Ruby and Dorothy find True Love together, even if “older me” was disappointed. The feelings are mixed because it has fulfilled only an immediate need, but there’s still a rocky road ahead to travel and this is not only for OUAT– TV and film in general.

Another important thing this chapter did was make more obvious the homophobia ingrained within fairytales - within OUAT, so now they (writers) have to actually face it and reinforce their support of the LGBT, otherwise they have big storm coming if Ruby x Dorothy is all they give us. They have dug themselves deeper in their commitment to giving everyone a happy ending; they can’t go the half-assed way about it any longer. No. It can’t stop here.

This episode is forcing bigots to explain– try to retcon –to their children what they just witnessed as bad, but by having had a fairytale show them queer love is something good and magical too, it makes their parents look silly for trying to teach them the opposite. Imagine just how bad a parent will look in the eyes of their child when they tell them that only “man with woman” equal TL and deserve to be happy? That anything else is evil and do not deserve happiness. Umm… Their parents will look like the villains, because only villains bear ill will toward good people.

The power of fairytales is very mighty and the seed has been planted in their minds, that they should not judge, because Ruby and Dorothy’s love was just as True as it is Snow White’s and Prince Charming’s, so really it is the kids who will be coming to their own conclusions.

Like I said: little steps.

CARYL After "Coda" - 'I'm Still Here'

Team Prison launched a rescue plan to get two very important people back into whatever semblance of safety they give one another when they are all together and the plan that was ultimately chosen, while merciful in nature carried a strong sense of uncertainty and danger from the get go. However it should be noted that the entire operation was one formulated to preserve life on both sides of the standoff and one that ultimately made Carol and Beth’s safety a priority and end game.

Daryl Dixon surprised everybody when he opted to back Tyreese’s “bartering” idea over Ricks outright violent approach to the situation but we now know that the reason behind that was Daryl’s realization of just how much he stood to lose if tragedy struck.

At the end of “Consumed” Daryl witnessed Carol being taken away from him yet again and as he heads back to the church for reinforcements, we saw his expression becoming more resolute and more determined to do whatever it takes to get Beth and Carol back again.
Daryl’s legacy has chiseled his mindset into one of never giving up, never leaving a man behind and never faltering in his resolution to keep those he cares about close to him.
He searched against hope for Sophia even after everyone gave up that she could be found and he was more than willing to search for and rescue Glenn, Maggie and Andrea from Woodberry.

The guilt he carries about not finding Sophia in time continues to haunt him even 3 seasons later but after having been reunited with everybody again, the hope that people can still be found and saved had reawakened and bolstered his spirit enough to ensure that he fully commit to the best plan they could muster.

Carol had told him that she wasn’t sure if people can be saved anymore and one can reasonably assume that with her taken, that thought is one of the things weighing on his mind as they are figuring out a plan of action.

Daryl would want to prove Carol wrong and just as he had been determined to fight to bring her back emotionally after Terminus, her physical safety was but a mere extension of that resolution.

In a way this was a test for the small glimmer of hope he had been nurturing ever since against all odds she came back from the dead and fell right into his arms just a few days ago. If anybody could coax Carol back, away from the torturous ordeals she survived in the wilderness, it would be Daryl and in his mind bringing her home was one way to do just that.

Unfortunately for the group, the plan crafted for safety turned disastrous inside Grady Memorial Hospital and Beth made a move, thinking she was saving Noah and the rest, that ultimately cost her, her life.
Beth stabbed Dawn - Dawn shot Beth and Daryl shot Dawn.

The tragedy of it all, aside from losing Beth, was that it didn’t have to happen the way it did. The exchange had taken place and in fact both Carol and Beth were safe on the other side and just as things looked like for once Team Prison would get a happy ending, everything fell apart.

The episode ended with “heartbreak” and despair as Daryl presented Maggie with Beth’s dead body. A young life was snuffed out needlessly and chances are her loss will have a huge impact on the entire group in the second half of Season 5 as they all come to terms with what happened and why.

The conclusion of the first half of this season seems a bit anticlimactic for Carylers if only because the progression of CARYL started out strong and continued to progress even stronger in the first 6 episodes BUT there are some very BIG positives we can take away from all the time Carol and Daryl spent together so far and that includes the brief moments in this episode as well.
The dramatic death obviously overshadowed everything else in “Coda” as it should but ultimately the events during the “hostage exchange”, Beth’s demise and the groups reaction to it, that spells out some CARYL hope as we go forward.

The important thing to keep in mind before we proceed with further discussion is that the very essence of CARYL has always been unconditional support, unconditional acceptance and unconditional understanding, on both ends.

The bond Carol and Daryl have repeats the same push-and-pull, yin-yang kind of dynamic, where they both take turns being there for one another, offering support and love regardless of what they might be facing at the time.

It’s this back-and-forth mentality that had Daryl stepping up to the plate to keep an eye on Carol and in his own way make her feel cared for and understood.

As she crumbled under the haunting burden of the residual effects of The Grove and the banishment, it was Daryl that held a silent vigil over her without pressuring her or asking for explanations until she was ready to give them.

He constantly reminded Carol about the fact that they can “start over” with each other and he desperately wanted her to see that no matter what she might believe not everything good about them gets “consumed” by this world and that he knows who she really is on a very deep level no matter how much she tried to isolate or hide.

Just as he was starting to break through and they started to reconnect, TWD put a stop to their happiness and Carol was once again “gone” and Daryl was forced to helplessly watch as she disappeared.

Daryl and Beth bonded together after the prison fell and she was indeed kidnapped and taken practically right under his nose so aside from the fact that his personality dictates for him to be relentless about finding her, he would also feel great responsibility and guilt over her being “gone” under his care.
As soon as he had a lead to follow Daryl naturally went after it.
Beth meant a lot to him and the group as a whole, which was rather obvious judging by everyone’s reaction to her death but her loss resonated most with Daryl and Carol because this could be viewed on their parts as more of a personal failure since they were the ones with unique relationships with her.
To Daryl, Beth represented hope and faith that there are good things still left in this world and seeing how her death was very up-close-and-personal for him the devastation on his face was not just expected but pronounced even further as he was the one that shot Dawn after Beth fell.

This is also a moment where Carol steps forward towards him.

Mere minutes before this took place Carol was in a wheelchair, visibly wincing with pain from her injuries, after having been unconscious for an extended period of time BUT despite all that and despite the pandemonium that erupted, Carol managed to get herself up, walk up to Daryl as he has his gun raised, having taken the shot, and deliberately try to pull him back away from the epicentre of death.

The look on her face is one of sheer devastation, matching Daryl’s expression as well AND just like that once again we see the reversal of the CARYL roles in action AND it is now Carol’s turn to be there for Daryl who will undoubtedly be lost in the feelings of failure and grief in the near future.

The tragedy and how they deal with it will give Carol and Daryl an opportunity to meet on the same playing field for the very first time - he lost Beth while Carol lost Lizzie and Mika AND it is this shared common pain that will unite them in their grief and the healing process, which they will be dealing with together and at the same time.

There is a reason why their fate wasn’t revealed just yet and why Daryl hadn’t pushed the conversation about them further, even when Carol herself brought them up. That emotional mine field was left untouched and I expect it will most definitely be related to how they end up healing from the raw wounds of Beth’s death.

Navigating through feelings of failure and guilt is a very profound painful journey that will undoubtedly test their emotional boundaries and limits, meaning that there is most likely a lot of angst coming for the group as they try putting the pieces back together again and coming to terms with the consequences of what had happened to all of them. Daryl and Carol in particular will be tested and their own relationship might change as they are brought closer together through the experience.

CARYL tension will be unavoidable but as Carylers already know - angst between Carol and Daryl always results in progress, growth and moving forward, which basically means we welcome the circumstances of it with open arms.

The first half of Season 5 and especially “Consumed” was used to establish the mutuality of Carol and Daryl’s relationship and show that Daryl was both willing and capable of being Carol’s emotional touchstone in the midst of turmoil.

The little moments they shared were all meant to fortify their connection and remind the audience of just how close these two characters are and just what the basis of their relationship really is. The storyline parallels were set up to point out that Carol was there for Daryl before and that Daryl was now returning the favour to Carol because at this point in their journey it was him that was more emotionally and mentally equipped to support and watch out for her well being.

After “Coda” I imagine we will see them going back to the yin-yang duality of their bond as they meet halfway and acknowledge the full extent of what they’ve been through.
They just might be on equal playing grounds at this point in their mentality and thereby their relationship has much better chances of progressing further into a different category of human connection.

Facing mortality with someone as young and hopeful as Beth may be the thing they all need to finally accept the notion that time is of the essence and that waiting around to act or to love someone is not just unrealistic but also foolish to put off.

The last words Carol said to Daryl were “I’m still here” and seeing how TWD is a huge fan of foreshadowing I can’t help but think of the promise that statement holds for CARYL…
After everything Daryl has lost and squandered away - Carol was the one “still here”, the one still “trying” and the one person he simply can’t to lose…

The hiatus and the upcoming weeks will bring more press and attention focusing on “Coda” and while I can understand the frustration and doubt creeping into everyone’s mind, stemming from the preview and the lack of more CARYL in the MSF, I want to simply remind my fellow Carylers that everything that happens on screen happens for a reason.
There is a reason why it was Carol to approach Daryl when he shot Dawn and there is certainly a reason why a huge storyline like the aftermath of Lizzie & Mika hasnt still been cleared up, especially when it comes to Daryl and Carol.

The evidence leads me to believe that the reason just might be that Carol and Daryl’s shared pain over losing people will be the key factor in their mutual healing and their pulling together even more.
Simply put - they will need each other more than ever before as they push through this emotional hurdle in their way and re-invent themselves once again as survivors and as a family.

The biggest and most important thing we can take away from “Coda” is that both Daryl and Carol came out of it ALIVE!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come



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Haise wearing a short tight dress with high heeled short boots for an undercover mission (and CCG personnel thirst over him lowkey) (wonders if you can guess which mutual this is)

I know a few people who would love to see this, but I’m gonna ask: Low, is that you? You and your CCG thirst! 

I approve of this headcanon way too hard (bonus Yoshitoki POV, a shitty pun, and fashion consultant Juuzou).

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A song of strangers.

A/N: Dedicated to the lovely, Charlotte, who I was assigned ‘cs secret survivor’ to and who has been wonderful to chat to. Hope you like :)

Inspired by the AU trope, 'you know you’re singing aloud on your headphones, right?’

“Where words fail, music speaks.”


Today is really not her day at all.  

She groans at the sight of rows of seats filled with aggressively staring passengers, reluctantly hauling her tired ass up the stairs and up onto the top deck with a heavy sigh. 

Aches and dull throbs pulsate in places she never knew they could as Emma throws herself down onto a middle-row seat - far enough back to avoid any awkward eye contact, yet not too far back as to avoid any stumbling drunk or junkie - and energy fades away. 

Moving to live in New York City had been a work choice Emma was grateful for, and had accepted swiftly, but now, at having only left the sheriff’s station at 10pm, she was beginning to notice the flaws. 

Didn’t help that she’d bumped into her again.

The irritatingly perfect fiance of an old flame.

Tamara’s sudden reappearance had relapsed Emma back to a time of self-pity and loneliness that left iron-clad walls in a permanent lock around her heart, reminding her how easily trust could be broken, and how easily it was to lose it all. Seeing that the pair, Tamara and Neal, were now happy engaged provoked Emma into thinking that some people were simply meant to be alone. Whilst not a healthy thought, she believed it to strengthen those walls with a determination not to feel that low again.

Or more importantly, to prevent that pain from slipping past her careful guard.

Lulled by the slow rhythm of the bus, Emma rested her head against the window and focused on the stillness. It’d been too long since time had presented itself with a moment to collect her breath and simple rest. 

The quiet peace was soon interrupted by quiet footsteps quickly padding up the stairs. 

Emma groaned. For the love of god, please don’t hit on me with some sleazy pick-up line and leering smirk. 

She felt the harsh curve of the taser beneath her jacket and carefully toyed with its shape until the anxiety began to fade.

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