we score more

  • nhl: wear these new goalie pants
  • goalies: why
  • nhl: we need more scoring so just do it
  • goalies: ugh fine
  • goalies: *use the new pants and proceed to get four shutouts in two days, three of which only had one goal scored*
  • nhl: ............................
  • goalies: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Reasons I love the drum corps community:

-You have a strong appreciation for every corps and its members

-Everybody sticks up for each other, even if you’ve never met or talked to that person before

-You have an automatic connection with anyone who is marched

-In the end, we’re not the ones who care about the scores. We care more about how far we come and what we’ve accomplished each summer

-You can literally follow or friend another drum corps member on social media and it won’t be weird or creepy

-There’s always a bond that can never be broken no matter if you march a world class, open class, or DCA.

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I love Iggy!!😂😂😂 'A frustrated Andre Iguodala: "We gotta score more than the other team. Yep, they want dumb n----z, so I'm going to give y'all dumb n----z."'


The pinnacle, the crowning game, was the 5-0 against Real Madrid. Nothing compares, although the 6-2 away was also amazing. What football, what dominance. We had the ball all the time: when we lost it, we won it back instantly. It was football at its most sublime. The Real Madrid players’ heads had dropped as they came off 2-0 down at the break. We ran into the dressing room: we couldn’t wait for the second half to begin… we could have scored even more. We were gunning for them because of everything they’d been saying about us
—  Xavi on the match he remembers most fondly

“Convinced, no, really convinced.” That is how the FC Barcelona coach Luis Enrique is approaching the challenge of Monday ‘s historic comeback against Athletic Club in the second leg of their Spanish Super Cup final. “It’s a challenge that motivates us,” said Luis Enrique in a press conference ahead of the game at Camp Nou.

“The comeback is a challenge that is within the team’s capabilities. It would be arrogant to say we will do it but we will try sure.”

“The stimulus is to do something that no-one has done before, that’s how difficult it is. We will try to give Barça fans a great night.”

“Last season we scored 4 or mor goals in 18 matches. We will be fresher than in the first leg and when Barça plays, anything can happen.”

“It will be difficult. We are in a situation in which we cannot concede goals. We have to score more than 4 but also keep a clean sheet. If they score we will have to score six, and that is a big ask.”

“We were not at our best [in the first leg]. The mistakes were by the whole team, just as the victories are.”