we saw the future


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 

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Told you we saw a new song in your future… The Last of the Real Ones - North America September 14th; Rest of world September 15th

*phew* …It turned into a painting hehe ^^’

Anyways it’s Alya as Volpina… It’s Volpalya!


“Enter the players. There were seven of us then, seven bright young things with wide precious futures ahead of us, though we saw no further than the books in front of our faces. We were always surrounded by books and words and poetry, all the fierce passions of the world bound in leather and vellum. (I blame this in part for what happened.)”

tw spin-off 500 years into the future in which the reason we never saw allison’s funeral scene is bc chris was so devestated he went a lil nuts and froze her body and someone finally thaws it and she wakes up in 2500 lookin fresh and hot as ever and finds kira and the 2 of them fall in love and fight supernatural crime 2gether 

Who Killed Markiplier 3

This one was hilarious as well as insightful and I love the Colonel’s little input of Jumanji in there I love that film so much.

But, my first thoughts:

Why was there no lightning when George said murder?

How many other people have died in that house and what does it mean?

How did Celene just know when to show up, and what exactly are her powers? She mentions to Damien that “there’s more to this world than you could ever hope to imagine, I just had my eyes open to a small portion of it.”

There are so many connotations to this one sentence, especially considering what happened to Celene at the end of the episode. The aura around her looks extremely familiar, the red and blue, the fuzziness, it’s very Dark like. We know Mark has already dabbled with characters that don’t obey the law of physics, so whether or not this has anything to do with existing egos, he could be playing with it again.

Damien seems extremely distressed by Celene’s attitude, and he doesn’t want to leave her alone. Why? Does he know something isn’t right with her and he wants to keep an eye on her? Or are they in on something together? She doesn’t seem all that keen to spend time with him, she wants the viewer more than anyone else.

And George has clearly seen this happen before, considering he’s not been inside that house for fifteen years. Celene says that the murder is a footnote in a larger mystery, and it seems to be taking a more paranormal turn, which I actually love tbh. What if the murders open up something in the house, something inside it that isn’t human?



And when you have the vision, you see the future, but everything else you saw was the past, things that had already happened going backwards until you saw George, the Detective pointing a gun at him and Chef holding a light. And the scene is very specific, with “Employers come and go”, so George clearly knows more than he’s letting on. 

I have a feeling Celene isn’t there to help, but to unlock whatever is inside that house. Damien seems genuinely confused by her change in attitude and her being well versed in the arcane arts, and from the pictures from Chapter 2, he’s known her for a while at least.

She wants to speak to Mark, and yet nothing she does brings anyone any closer to speaking to Mark, it seems like she’s trying to use us the viewer to gather information that can be used in the future. We saw another person, which immediately got every single person apart from Damien and the Colonel and the butler of course out of the house, because that meant another suspect. She never made it clear why she had to remain there, and she was adamant she didn’t want Damien to stay, but after his emotional plea, it would have been strange for her to force him to leave.

So what is Celene truly after? 

What’s her true connection to all this?

And what’s really going on inside that house?

Today (11/30) is the 1st anniversary of Episode 9 of ‘Osomatsu-san’!

Happy 1st anniversary, Jyushimatsu Falls in Love!!

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Thank you for the sweetness and heartbreak, king-sized game-winning homerun!!!

TERF Tips #59

Say male pregnancy doesn’t exist as a way to combat trans men AND trans women

i’ve been around long enough to know that the good things never last and your friends are probably telling you that you’re better off without me and my friends are telling me that i could have done better anyways.
but between the words of others and those times we remind ourself to not think about each other and those times we are so occupied by everything but still feel each others names popping up in our minds every fucking time we think we are so busy that how is it fucking possible that we are thinking of each other and how we rotted out and how what we had, the love we had wasn’t enough to outlive us, but silly of me to think that love can out live us i’m 17 and your 18 what do we know about something outliving us fuck people have cars older than us and fuck people have been around double the amount of time we have, how could i have even imagined us outliving love.
no matter what anyone tells us we can’t forget those late night drives on those friday night that we made plans about our futures together, how we saw the world in bright colours with each other by our sides, we both know what we felt was real and real things don’t die out at least never completely.
Those late night drives where id be falling asleep on the passenger seat but id open my eyes to make sure you were okay, i always fucking asked if you were okay i guess me always wanting to know how you felt was my way of saying i love you so much and i guess your way of loving me was driving me home every single time and blasting the heating when i was cold even though you weren’t or changing the song when you knew i didn’t like it. 
we all show our love in different ways maybe thats why things fuck up but one thing i know for sure is that we loved, we loved so fucking much.
it was those text me when you get home and be safe and it was me always telling you to stop changing the songs on your iPod as you were driving. 
no one was there but us two; only we felt what we felt so i don’t care if people say i could do better and you shouldn’t care if people think you’re better off without me, your touch is tattooed to my skin and i never liked the idea of something permanent until i met you,  i tried burning you out with vodka and we all know i hate vodka but the burning sensation in my throat wasn’t strong enough to get you off my mind and i wasn’t drunk enough to forget you all it did was remind me of what we had and how we died so fast.
flowers die when people pick at them, and i guess we were a lot like flowers people picked at what we were and what we had until we died.
i wish i could say our love really died like you fell in love with another girl who looks a little like me but her eyes didn’t light up when she saw you and her smile wasn’t what caught your attention. 
i wish i could say you stopped loving me
but mostly i wish i could say that you would have fought for us maybe thats what makes love outlive people is that they try and try and try until there is no more love to outlive but we are so full of love i guess we can blame it on the timing was wrong and we were too young.

-i’ve been around long enough to know that love doesn’t outlive people people outlive love.

~j (reeject)


Behind the scenes of the Back to the Future Part ll (1989) “2015” set.

Do you remember this?

Remember when this clip was released? The 15:15-01:01 clip from s3ep7. 

It’s the only time we have seen a clip of the future, and boy was it painful! 

It was released on a friday at 20:30, which meant, when we were done watching it, it wasn’t done happening. Not only did we see past hours, we also saw future hours! When we were done watching the clip, we knew things were still good. They were at the hotel enjoying each other. Eating burger, drinking champagne, having sex. But we also knew that hell would break loose within the next hours.

I remember that night, just watching the clock, knowing what would happen at that hotel. Those hours were so fucking painful. I was literally thinking, while laying in my bed, Isak is running around Oslo right now looking for Even. It was really upsetting to know what would happen before it happend!!

Oh god, I was so invested in season 3. I’ve never been more anxious or nervous about fictional characters before.

I couldn’t go to sleep before we got that text from Isak to Eskild.

HAVE YA’LL NOTICED how quick garnet is to apologize and admit when shes wrong. see exhibits A, B and C: “i should have listened to you. you’re a crystal gem too.” (marble madness) /”i took a risk at your expense. i thought there was a chance we could grow closer” (future vision) /”im sorry, i saw her find all of us, i couldn’t be here with you” (stevens dream) LIKE 

meanwhile pearl traumatizing connie, (see: connie flipping out on that kid because of her training) letting steven fall in roses scabbard, almost killing him in space race, doesn’t even warrant a recognition that what she did was fucked up? let alone an apology?? im losing it scoob

It Seems,

Every morning when I open my eyes it just feels like another loop around the downward spiral I seem to be traveling.

I’m starting to feel more and more hopeless, there’s really nothing left I can do.

It’s even getting hard to leave my house; I walk outside and all the voices of people around me surround my face like a plastic bag, suffocating me until I can’t breathe.

The worried stares of people walking past burn my skin like cherry red embers.

I hear my name in every whisper, and even in a room full of people, I am alone.

My eyes are constantly moving, watching them to see who’s watching me.

Never making eye contact, never allowing that much of me to be seen.

Constantly fearing the loneliness and abandonment that will come with my future.

Is there anybody out there rugged enough to handle my broken pieces?

Is there someone out there willing to love me enough until I love myself, so we can love each other?

I saw a glimpse of my future today.

Please don’t let me be like that, please let someone love me.

I promise I’m okay, I’ll be okay, just love me.

All the love that I seem to not be able to gather for myself, I will have for you, so much love for you.

Pieces of me are sharp, and broken, but I know that I can be fixed.

Will you give me a chance?

we were the happy faces
of a saltwater-stained yearbook page
come to life.
we were the kind of strawberry sweet
that makes your teeth hurt—
the sweaty hand-holding
and hurried kisses
of every teenager’s fever dreams.
we walked by the graffiti-spattered rock—
which was smoke-stained and blackened with desire—
and down the stony path,
to where the meadow met open air.
here is where i took him
that windswept october afternoon,
when the sunlight
was honey dripping from the sky
into our open palms.
here, the slumber of the forest
is interrupted by the live wires,
the warning signs (do not touch),
the shards of beer bottles underfoot,
and the lingering scent of smoke.
we lay on the rocks,
just close enough to the edge of the cliff
for it to feel dangerous.
i bit his lip
and he sighed into my neck,
and all the birds flew away.
we were in love—
or at least that’s what we told everyone—
and on days like this one,
it felt like the truth.
our love,
i thought—
wrapped up in him—
could burn down this forest,
and we would laugh.
on the way home
we saw the future waiting for us
like a long white road ahead.
our entwined hands swung back and forth,
counting down the seconds
until promises of forever
would turn sour on our tongues,
and time would make liars of us both.
but the day was sweet
(the bees sang with hope),
and i had no reason to worry.
then winter whittled down the autumn days
until the sun was forced to surrender
to snow-laden clouds.
and he grew tired;
he grew distant.
i could feel him slipping through my fingers,
and my heavy bones couldn’t carry him back to me.
i was sleeping in hospital beds,
and he was smothered by outside expectations.
and i could see him becoming afraid
but he never told me why.
and it ate at him from the inside
until he was dust on the wind.
we lasted three more seasons,
and when autumn returned, both of our hearts
were shattered things.
after he left,
i could still feel his breath in my ear,
his lips on my ribs,
his laughter tickling my forehead.
i tried to wash his fingerprints from my skin—
and within the depths of the splintered sunlight,
i begged the river to take me home.
months walked by me,
and i watched them go.
i was a sketch left unfinished,
an outline of a girl who was once painted in love.
five months after he left,
i woke up at 3 AM
because i could feel the moon staring at me.
(‘was it real?’ it whispered.)
i crawled across my bedroom floor
to the closet where i’d hidden away
all the photos of us.
i saw his face
and ripped it in half.
('it was real,’ i whispered.)
'he was real.’
today i walked to the cliff
and ran my fingers through the air at the edge of the world,
where he’d breathed life into me for the first time,
and i closed my eyes,
and let myself remember.
—  i am a shattered thing no more // jules c.
Here’s the complete, honest truth: I’ll never know why you left.
I’ll never know what changed inside of you,
what ripped you out of my arms and placed you in hers.
Because we were happy, we were in love, when I looked into your eyes I saw my future, I saw what I thought was the love of my life.
And then suddenly that love turned into pain and anger.
I’ll never know why we didn’t make it, only you know that.
But what I do know is, you will never forget me.
Because I changed you, no mater how much you try to deny it, you and I both know it’s the truth.
You used to say that the only person you would ever care about was yourself, that the day you gave someone your heart would be the day the world ended.
But you were wrong.
You gave me your heart and I gave you mine and the world lived to see it, we made our love unforgettable.
Because despite our ending, what we had was real and you know it.
So no, you will never forget me,
because every time you tell her you love her, you’ll remember who taught you what love was in the first place.
—  Your heart has my fingerprints on it.