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Dancing + Dimples || Jung Jaehyun (NCT) x Reader

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2.2k

Desc: Your group is collaborating with NCT U for a special stage. When you and your partner just aren’t clicking, you find that it’s gonna take a little more than just skills to pull off the dance. 

We were in the middle of practicing the dance for what felt like the 30th time when the music suddenly shut off. “Stop, stop, stop!” Danny, our choreographer, yelled. I came undone from Ten’s arms, breathing heavily.    

“Guys, I know you’re all tired and frustrated, but this looks like a complete mess. Where’s the enthusiasm? Where’s the effort?” Danny questioned, throwing his hands in the air. He looked at us expectantly, but no one dared to say a word. “Y/N and Ten, you guys are my main dancers. You’re supposed to be leading this, but I’m not feelin’ it at all,” I practically felt my confidence melt out of my body at his words. Ten and I shared an uncomfortable look. What were we doing wrong?

Danny let out a deep sigh. “Well, since no one has any answers, we’re done for today. Come back tomorrow, when you guys are actually ready to show me something good.” With that, he stormed out of the studio, slamming the door behind him. We all turned to look at each other.

“Well, that sucked,” Mimi, my best friend and group member, muttered.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Doyoung agreed.

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hi i was just wondering why you think kang daniel is so popular and why you love him so much? no shade i like him too i'm just genuinely curious why he's got so many devoted fans (like did i miss like a moment or thing that made everyone fall in love)

hey there!

why you love him so much?

Hmmm so my interest towards Daniel began prior to the show airing, I remember watching the 나야나 (PICK ME) performance and right away Daniel caught my eye. His pink hair and eye smile really stood out to me at the time. 

smol woojin caught my eye too because I though ‘wat, why is there a literal child on stage?’ (he’s my child now though)

At this point in time I hadn’t developed a very strong interest in the show but after seeing Daniel I became curious and thus browsed around youtube until I saw his introduction video. I watched him introduce himself in the absolute worse british accent I’ve ever heard, what the hell is ‘hairy pott?’ nonetheless that video sealed the deal. As the show began airing and we all got see more of Daniel on the screen my interest for him kept growing, we all saw the noisy and hilarious MMO trainees together and we also saw Daniel’s immediate interest in smol woojin. His caring and sweet nature was what really drew me into him. 

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I admired his positive and bubbly attitude, his willingness to do well in singing despite being a rapper and how he offered to help lead the other trainees in memorising the routine. Not to mention his friendship to smol woojin, I know for sure that this moment was what sealed the deal for many other dandan stans. 

why you think kang daniel is so popular? and why he’s got so many devoted fans?

Now we all know that initially Daniel was very much unknown, especially during the first song challenge with Sorry Sorry where Daniel received the lowest score amongst his team members. However a lot of this had changed due to how much positive screen time Mnet had given to Daniel. In the first 2 episodes the MMO trainees had received quite a bit of airtime for their unstoppable commentary (due to fabulous Jisung). Mnet also showcased Daniel’s positive attitude when being challenged to sing despite being a rapper as well as showcasing Daniel stepping up to help lead in choreography practice. The viewers were able to see Daniel’s good vocals and great dancing abilities which showcased him as a strong all rounder. Mnet gave Daniel a lot of positive editing as well as his friendship storyline with smol Woojin which is all crucial for Produce 101 as it keeps him relative and memorable in the public eye . All of these moments really helped showcase to viewers the type of person Daniel was and thus it was easy for many people to view Daniel very positively. 

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Despite receiving only 33 points with on site voting for the Sorry Sorry stage Daniels individual fancam drew in worldwide attention, due to his strong on stage confidence, and charisma his fan cam became number 1 on Naver between a large age range of audiences and received numerous of positive comments. 

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Also let’s not forget that for concept evaluation Daniel stepped up as the leader and also helped encouraged big Woojin to gain confidence and raise his hand for centre position. Daniel helped choreograph the routine for Get Ugly and also when big Woojin was ranked first for the evaluation Daniel was quick to congratulate him. These few particular moments not only showcased Daniel’s abilities but also allowed viewers to see his selflessness for the team. Daniel’s kindness also gained him fans from the Brand New Music supporters and even casual fans complimented him for helping with Big Woojin. Also during last nights Concept Evaluation performance I believe Daniel once again showcased himself as a talented all rounder, he most certainly impressed many with his stable vocals despite being a rapper, his dancing was also very on point, not to mention Daniel has very strong on stage charisma which had managed to capture attention from a wide range of audiences. 

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It was due to these chain of events that Daniel’s popularity rose so strongly in a short amount of time. Despite getting himself in some hot water with his ‘cheating’ scandal Daniel’s popularity wasn’t heavily affected and he still managed to stay within the top 11. Also the scandal did blow over quite fast thanks to hewhoshallnotbenamed/hewhoshallbebrillantlyeditedoutbymnet.

also i’m sorry it took me so long to answer, hope i was able to answer your questions well enough xx 

tldr; he looked great with pink hair so everyone liked him, but then he dyed his hair and he still looked great so everyone stayed and then more people liked him 

At the mall
  • Levi: Excuse me? I lost my squad members. Can I please make an announcement?
  • Security: Of course.
  • Levi: *leans into mic* Goodbye you little shits.

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did you see the pledis news?????/? about nu'est???

I did omg. Okay, but anon, don’t freak out, okay? It actually makes sense that they said this and a similar thing happened last season.

First some last season background: 

When Cathy and Chaeyeon went on the show, MBK kept saying that they were entirely out of DIA and fully back to being trainees, but as we saw, they did go back to DIA to promote after the season ended. 

So Pledis is saying that Nu’est will be on hiatus during Produce 101 and that there are no concrete plans for reunion after the season ends because if they don’t say that then Jonghyun, Minhyun, Dongho (and Minki even though he’s not up there, rip) will lose popularity. Denying Nu’est being a group also maintains their status of trainees (which is really important to the audience). One of the reasons why people paid attention to Nu’est at the start is because of the fact that 6 year idols went back to being trainees- that’s kind of huge. Of course, that’s no longer the only reason why people pay attention to them, but at the start it was. Announcing that Nu’est is still active means admitting that the Nu’est members on the show aren’t really trainees and it kills a lot of their hype.

For example, last season, Cube announced mid-season that they were adding Eunbean (Eunbin?) to CLC- what happened? She dropped from the ranks very quickly because there was no point in helping someone debut if they are going to debut anyway. That’s the kind of logic at play in these situations.

Similarly, early in this season, Brand New announced that they would debut their current trainees and this got Daehwi a lot of hate because he wasn’t “in danger of not debuting” like some other trainees so knetz didn’t think he was “deserving” of center and a high rank.

Edit: A quick follow up to the Brand New situation because I don’t think I fleshed that out- In response to criticism, Brand New explained that there were no concrete plans that the debuted group would include P101 members. 

So don’t worry, anon. Have hope- I don’t think they’re going to disband regardless of statement. We have to remain strong and keep supporting them in any way we can (like go say happy birthday to Aaron) <3

Sunbae, Not Oppa

Member: Seonho

Summary: In which Seonho befriends the new trainee, but doesn’t realize she’s older than him.

“Hey, did you hear? We have another new kid.” Minhyuk said as he took a sip from his cup of coffee.

“Ah, (Y/N)? Of course. She’s my friend’s little sister.” Sungjae grinned.

“A new trainee joined?” Seonho asked eagerly.

Sungjae and Seonho had just come back from their photoshoot together, and were parting ways when they ran into Minhyuk, who was leaving for a schedule. They stood near the entrance of the company, chatting for a bit before the topic of the new trainee came up.

“She’s a quiet one though. Definitely talented, but can be really shy at first.” Sungjae commented. “But that’s her reversal charm. When she performs, her eyes completely change. It’s amazing.”

“Seonho, you must be happy. After being the youngest for nearly a year, you’re finally a sunbae.” Minhyuk chuckled.

The three wrapped up small talk after a few more minutes, and Seonho found his way back to the practice room. Rather than feeling tired after the photoshoot, he felt energized and happy. Thus, he had a little bounce in his steps as he slightly skipped towards the door.

He paused when his hand grasped the doorknob; music was playing from the inside. Curious, he peeked through the window. No one else was scheduled to be in the practice room at the moment.

His eyes lit up when he failed to recognize your back view.

She must be the new trainee!

Excited, he quickly opened the door to introduce himself. Unfortunately, the sudden intrusion startled you, causing you to trip over your shoelaces and stumble to the ground. You felt your face heat up in embarrassment as he profusely apologized.

“I’m so so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you. I just heard we have a new trainee and when I saw you, I realized it was you so I got a little too excited and-” he blushed when his eyes met yours. “And I’m babbling, aren’t I?”

You recognized the tall male in front of you immediately. You had been keeping up with the second season of Produce 101, and he happened to be one of your favorite contestants. But now, here you stood as his hoobae. It was almost surreal.

You realized you still hadn’t said a word, never mind greet him. You quickly bowed down 90 degrees and said hello in a small voice.

“You’re (Y/N), right? I’m Seonho. Yoo Seonho. It’s really nice to meet you.” he smiled as he extended his hand out.

You shook his hand politely and offered a smile in return.

“Keep an eye on your shoelaces so accidents don’t happen. The first time I went around with untied laces, I was humiliated. I was about to run, but then Guanlin hyung was stepping on my laces at the time, so not only did I face plant to the floor, but my shoelaces also ripped off. In front of Hyuna sunbaenim.” he recalled.

“I’ll keep that in mind, sunbae.” you giggled.

He was ecstatic at the sudden change in status. After looking up to the other sunbaes, he was finally one himself. Feeling proud, he offered to take her on a tour of the company.

By the end of the tour, it was lunch time and you two ended up eating the designated salad given by the company. Sprawled out in the practice room, you listened attentively to his never ending stories. He talked a lot, but you liked it. It was cute how he offered you advice, emphasizing his seniority.

“Don’t worry. Whenever you need help, just come find this sunbae. I’m always here if you need me.” he said.

He then pondered on his choice of words.

“You know what, you can call me oppa.” he said with a pleased look on his face.

Before you could reply, one of the staffs came in and called for him. You bid each other goodbye and the door closed. You never got to tell him that you were pretty sure he wasn’t older.

A week passed since then. You diligently spent most of your time practicing, with Seonho stopping by every now and then. Then came the day where your practice schedule matched his. You were both assigned to the same room, since you guys were paired up for the monthly evaluation.

You had spent the entire week practicing “Crazy in Love”. It was the performance that landed you a spot as a trainee in Cube. Now, you had to choose a different song to perform with Seonho.

“I was thinking of doing “Toxic” by Britney Spears? Or maybe “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran?” you suggested as you scrolled through your playlist.

“I like “Toxic”. “Shape of You” reminds me of Taehyun hyung, and I don’t think I could ever even come close to his level of dancing.” he laughed. “Then we could slowly transition it to showcase our vocals as well.”

You hummed in agreement. The performance had been a tough one to figure out. Seonho had been assigned as a vocal. Although you haven’t been assigned a position yet, dancing was your forte.

You turned the song on and let your mind go blank. Slowly, the music took over and moved your body to the beat. Bits and pieces of choreography began to come out, leaving Seonho to stare in awe.

By the end of the song, you figured out a general feel of what you wanted the choreography to look like. Your expression stayed serious as you tested certain moves, checking your reflection along the way. You fixated your gaze on your feet as you tried to figure out how to add intricate footwork into the dance.

“Sunbae, does this move look okay?” you asked.

“It’s amazing!” he exclaimed with a thumbs up.

“Are you sure?” you asked skeptically.

“Trust me, I’m your oppa.” he answered proudly. “And oppas are always right.”

You couldn’t help but let out a giggle at his words. You wondered if this was the moment to burst his bubble.

“Sunbae, aren’t you born in 2002?” you asked.

“Yup. I have an early birthday too.” he replied.

“… sunbae, I’m a 2001 liner.” you said.

He went silent for a while before letting out a loud “what?!”

“No way. You look like you’re 2 years younger than me!” he gaped.

“Well, if it helps I have a late birthday?” you sheepishly grinned. “I’m only a few months older.”

“But the company is gonna make me call you noona!” he whined. “Aw man, this is Guanlin hyung part two.”

He then suddenly remembered all the times when he showed off about being older. And cringed so hard on the inside. His cheeks slowly tinted as he grew embarrassed.

“Uh, I’m still your sunbae though so um.. yeah.” he coughed, his hand reaching for his nape.

“Yes, sir.” you saluted jokingly.


# Firstly, as 2015 has passed, what are some things you would say you’re proud of and some things you’re regretful about?

S.COUPS: Personally for me, even though not a lot of time has passed since debuting in 2015, I’m most proud of having been able to do a solo concert. It was a time for us to realize that, ah, we’re receiving love from a lot of people, huh.

WOOZI: There are so many things (more than we could have thought) that we’re thankful for. There isn’t even one thing that we’re regretful about. We’re thankful and more thankful; it was a 2015 in which we were continuously being thankful.

# That’s right, in the year of your debut you held a concert and stood at the year-end music festival stage as well.

S.COUPS: It was truly an honour having been able to stand on one stage with the sunbaenim’s we saw only through TV when we were trainees. We learned a lot by watching the sunbaenims’ stages. By infusing what we learned at the awards ceremony while we practiced, it kept feeling like we could do something to completion.

# From February 13th to the 14th, your encore concert is being held. How is it, do you feel your fans are increasing?

JOSHUA: We did a fan meeting before the concert and at that time it was so amazing to see all 2000 seats being filled up.

SEUNGKWAN: In the fan meeting we held when we finished the ‘Adore U’ promotions, there were 500 people? (WOOZI: 600 people.) That’s right. Because almost four times as many fans came, I was staring at them blankly/in a daze… I was so amazed and happy.

# You had your first concert during the Christmas season (Dec 24~26). Do you remember what you were doing during the Christmas season in the year before the last (2014)?

S.COUPS: Seventeen TV?


WONWOO: Around that time, it was probably SAF. ‘SBS AWARDS FESTIVAL’!

SEUNGKWAN: At the small venues arranged by COEX, we had the opportunity to stand on stage before Orange Caramel sunbaenim’s stage.

# During your trainee days?


SEUNGKWAN: But after a year, we came out on the super big stage at ‘GAYO DAEJEON’!

# So, when was a time where you felt that “Ah, we’ve really debuted, huh”?

S.COUPS: I feel it right when I stand on stage. When looking at the fans in front of us who are supporting us, the camera’s everywhere and the staff, I’m always thankful that we have a place like this to be able to show you ourselves in.

DOKYEOM: I also felt it when we filmed “One Fine Day”. It’s our first reality show after debuting, but because theres a lot of cameras that are filming us, I felt like, ‘Ah, so you do these types of broadcasts after debuting too, huh.’

# You probably felt like that when filming SBS ‘Running Man’ too.

MEMBERS: Ah~~ that’s right, that’s right!

SEUNGKWAN: At that time I was seriously S~O nervous!

WONWOO: The big sunbaenims!

WOOZI: Because they were all there!

SEUNGKWAN: Apart from the airtime, we were just like “Let’s just go and work hard!” but the sunbaenims treated us so well. I was staying in the back because I was nervous but since they said “Let’s get a few of the Seventeen members too!” during the game and took care of us, I was thankful.

# But didn’t Seungkwan take good care of the airtime even with all the sunbaenims there? (laugh)

WONWOO: Even though you were nervous, the airtime! (laugh)

SEUNGKWAN: Although the camera didn’t show it, there was a lot of scuffling/brawling. (VERNON: Seriously, it was intense.) So I was like let’s just hide, let’s pretend and walk around like I’m one of the disqualified people… being like that, I was the only one left.

# Looking at it, even though you’re a rookie, I hear you’re also a Master of Variety as well.

VERNON: He’s smart/bright too!

DOKYEOM: Variety dream tree Seungkwannie~! (laugh)

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140924 - ASTA TV Vol.84 Interview Translations

Recently, you’ve finished promotions for your title track, ‘A’. What was most memorable during your promotional period?

Most memorable was the MV filming. We went to Malaysia to film the MV, because it was so hot there, we didn’t even do a group practice for the dance and went straight into filming. Even though the situation was like that, the MV still came out nice and I am quite satisfied. Also, the concept for 'A’ is very cute. At the beginning, it was hard to make the cute expressions and a lot of effort was put into it. But the cute expressions came out well in the performances and we were able to show a natural stage.

Until now, you’ve been so busy and haven’t been able to take a break. When you have a bit of resting time, what will the members do?

JB: I will see my family and eat together while chatting 

Jr.: Because our schedules are so packed, there isn’t time for practice. Practice relieves my stress.

Jackson: I want to do the things that I wasn’t able to because of the busy schedules. I want to go home and see my family.

Mark: I want to relieve the piled-up fatigue.

BamBam: I would rest well at the dorm.

Yugyeom: I also want to see my family and rest.

Youngjae: I would sleep or go to the company to practice.

GOT7’s mischievous performances have captured the hearts of many girls. What is GOT7’s best point?

As soon as you see us, you’ll know we’re real. GOT7 is really honest. Straight-forwardness is GOT7’s greatest charm.

What are the members’ ideal types? What kind of person do you want to date?

JB: As soon as I look, the person that makes my heart feel satisfied.

Jr.: A girl that smiles with her teeth, someone that trusts/believes in me.

Mark: A girl that makes people want to be with her.

Jackson: A healthy, charming girl.

BamBam: A girl that looks pretty when she smiles.

Yugyeom: A girl that has a surprising charm when we are together.

Youngjae: The person I like will be my ideal type.

On August 9th, you were part of the 2014 JYP Nation One Mic concert in Seoul. Now that the concert is over, what thoughts do you have?

First of all, this was the dream stage for us. When we were trainees, we saw the 2012 JYP Nation concert. At the time, we thought we must perform on that stage, so we practiced really hard. After debuting, we were able to perform on that stage and it felt like an honor. We were able to learn a lot from the JYP sunbaes. To us, as singers, Nation was the reason behind fulfilling our dreams. 

When will your next album come out? Will you meet your fans again within the year?

We are currently working hard to prepare, so please look forward to it. In order to not disappoint the fans, we will work even harder and meet everyone with a better appearance.

After finishing the family concerts, I hear that you will have your own solo tour in Japan in October?

Yes, we will have a Japanese tour. We will stand on stage as rookies and perform.  We are very excited and nervous. We are practicing hard for this. I hope everyone will look forward to it!

Lately, on YouTube, GOT7’s MV has many views and you are very popular overseas! Lastly, please say something to your fans all over the world!

First of all, we are working hard to learn foreign languages so we can communicate with fans all over the world on stage. Also, to the fans that are always supporting and loving GOT7, thank you very much. In order to repay the fans’ love, we won’t be a group that only uses our words, we will show you through our actions.