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day 9 of v’s route

me: feels as if I’m talking to a damn wall..

also me: can I have a relationship with vanderwood instead?

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It's a pity it was left unfinished because it was great. It had everything we love from sassy Obi-Wan to witty and snippy Anakin. I love that pair with all my heart! But yes I don't like how the Order washes their hands by saying that the force works in mysterious ways... I wish they could admit at least once that they are wrong sometimes and that they also make mistakes like any other person.

Anakin with the blasters is probably one of the most iconic Star Wars scenes ever!!! It’s a shame it was never aired. A SHAME!!!!!! Shame on you, Disney!!!

Yoda is the kind of jerk that would rather DIE than admit a difficult truth. He’d die a thousand deaths before he’d ever admit he was responsible for anything that happened. No wonder the Order developed a serious denial problem under his “guidance”. “We allowed a teenager we raised to face a death sentence to avoid political repercussions, and she left us?” Totally HER fault :/

But take comfort in knowing she outlived them all LOL

  • Phichit: Date someone who will drag you outside at 3 am to look at the stars.
  • Yuuri: If anyone and I mean anyone, even Victor Nikiforov himself, wakes me up at 3 am to go look at the sky they will be removed indefinitely from my life.

My Jungkook appreciation drawing for the birthday artbook project :) Thank you for organizing this @bbaseprojects, you’re the best!

You can still join in here 🎂 :)

i hate the whole new fake progressive lgbt concept that homophobia is an old issue that’s basically fixed and cis gay men are the new oppressors™ like yah cis men oppress ppl and have a specific sociopolitical leverage over certain groups and there are a lot of transphobic/racist issues tied with white cis gay men that need to be addressed properly but don’t downplay homophobia as a whole as if the AIDS crisis, the orlando shooting, or the chechnya camps are like ,, not major deals and major indicators that gay men are still massively dehumanized. don’t let the “we love sassy gay men” culture that straight ppl (in western cultures) started as a trend let you detach yourself from centuries of (and more importantly continuing) violent homophobia

  • Boruto: My parents kiss everyday in the morning before dad goes off to work. On the lips! I think that's disgusting.
  • Sarada: Be grateful! Mama and papa don't ever let me see them kiss. They prefer their privacy when being affectionate.
  • Mitsuki: ... I'd rather not comment on my parent's lovelife.
  • Inojin: I caught my parents f**king behind the counter in our flower shop once.
  • Shikadai: ...
  • ChoCho: My poor virgin ears!!
Microaggressions in Fiction

When authors write about experiences that are not their own, particularly when these experiences involve a marginalized community, they may feel apprehensive, afraid, or anxious about the backlash they might receive if they do something wrong, which there is a 99.9% chance that they will. Here, I will outline some microaggressions that I notice when reading, each relating to anti-blackness and misogyny (as well as misogynoir, which is a combination of the two), as those are microaggressions that I face myself. If anybody has anymore to add, or would like to add some not related to anti-blackness or misogyny, feel free!

1. Comparing our skin to food. (coffee, toffee, caramel, chocolate, etc.)

2. Getting AAVE wrong. My degree is in linguistics, and although I am by no means an expert, I do speak a variant of that particular dialect, and can discern when it is being used improperly. Perceptions of Black English speech patterns are very racialized and politicized, and it annoys me when someone (probably white lbr) throws words that they’ve heard Black people say into a sentence without considering if this would be generated by the grammar of that dialect. If you have questions regarding a particular dialect, speak to someone who speaks it. Say your dialogue out loud to them and ask if that sounds grammatical.

3. The “Black Girl Best Friend” trope. We are not born sidekicks. We are not all sassy walking stereotypes. Some of us do embody stereotypes about Black women, and that’s perfectly fine! But do not stuff your Black girl character with stereotypes and call them character traits. Additionally, do not write your Black Girl Best Friend characters so that she is only there to uphold your white protagonist and step in when they need her. (Think Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries)

4. Hypermasculine, hypersexual Black men characters. Just don’t do it. This stereotype is harmful and contributes to a wider fear and distrust of Black men and black bodies.

5. The Magical Negro. We are not here to provide your protagonist with sage wisdom or solemn advice 

6. Colorism/”Palatable Blackness,” LISTEN. If your Black characters all look like Zendaya or Jesse Williams and have curly or wavy, rather than kinky hair? You might wanna consider the colorism ingrained in that choice, fam.

7. Not knowing how kinky hair behaves. This is related, kind of, to the above. Watch some natural hair videos or summn before deciding what hairstyle you want your black character to have, because kinky and coily hair behaves VERY differently from straight and wavy hair, and that should be considered when writing scenes.


More AU Arthurian lore junk @missyzero and I have been tinkering with.

If none of this makes sense, that’s ok! These drawings are only fragments of the story. I-it’s complicated. Maybe someday I’ll share more with you guys about it!

If you guys wanna know what Sonic’s armor is like, here’s a link to it’s reference! It’s old art, but I still kinda like it.

  • ChoCho: Sarada, would you say you're a papa's girl?
  • Sarada: No.
  • ChoCho: So you are a mama's girl.
  • Sarada: Better...
  • ChoCho: What?
  • Sarada: (dramatically fixes her glasses) I'm both.

Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.