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anonymous asked:

What do you prefer in Ford ? I mean, I know he can be annoying and I can't see how you can live with him for a so long time despite the fact you have nothing in commons...

My brother and I have a lot in common! Just cuz they ain’t obvious or reflected in our main areas of success don’t mean they’re not there! And what we don’t have in common ain’t automatically hated by the other!

And doesn’t the fact that we both dreamed of sailing together and having treasure hunting adventures show that we have at least that ONE thing in common? We weren’t forced into this situation. We both wanna be here. 

A Ship sails alone. A fleet sails together.

We are Shippers. We fall in love with characters and relationships that speak to us. Some sing, or yell to us. But however they do it, they call to our hearts and make us loyal members of their crews.

With straight ships, the media ocean is full of them. From horizon to horizon, as far as you can see there are straight ships sailing on a gentle sea. If one falls victim to the rocks, there is another right there to rescue the marooned crew. They are never left adrift ling enough to know the misery of starvation and even death that comes from being abandoned.

As LGBT viewers we are all too aware of the dangers of joining our rainbow flagged ships. The sea is more deadly for us. Storms hit us and shatter our ships more often than Straight ships. Our crews are hardy. Toughened by the Ocean determined to destroy us. We are left floating, nowhere to call home if our ship is wrecked. But we cling to the wreckage in the hope that some day, a ship will come along to save us, or at least carry us until a new crew will adopt us into their family.


Why should the ocean be empty for us, but full to capacity for straight shippers? We are tough, we are resilient, but why should we have to be?

We are brave and determined. Loyal till the end. We are crew members worthy of ships that not only sail but dominate the ocean. After all we have endured, we have earned that.

So many of us are adrift. It doesn’t need to be that way. Instead of floating around as individual ships, waiting to be picked off by the next storm, we should band together. Unite the crews… Kru’s and build a fleet. Protecting each other and defending our ships until we are not only strong, but a force to be reckoned with. The Ocean God’s, who send their storms to torment us, will show us respect. They will honor us as not only strong, but United. A shining example of what can thrive despite adversity.

Ship Names

OKAY I’m starting up a handy dandy guide for the ship names! Because I can never remember a thing and it seems like we get a good three wonderful new ships every week. This’ll be updated as the ships come in!

Once I collect a fair number I can make an excel graph so ships are easy to find. Let me know your ship names, no matter how big, small, romantic/platonic, or rickety they might be. Every ship counts!

A few quick Mains/Popular:
Pearl + Rose = pearlrose
Pearl + Garnet = pearlnet
Pearl + Amethyst = pearlmethyst (or Opal)
Lapis Lazuli + Peridot = Lapidot
Peridot + Jasper = Jaspidot


Ruby + Sapphire = Rupphire (Or Garnet)

Pearl + Stevonnie = Peonnie

Garnet + Amethyst = Gamethyst (Or Sugilite)
Pearl + Garnet + Amethyst = Polygems
Pearl + Mayor Dewey = Pewey
Peridot + Ronaldo = Deny Everything
Jamie the Mailman + Kevin = Kevamie or Javin (I’ve seen this go both ways, but it tends to lean towards Kevamie) (update: yup mostly kevamie)

Jasper + Amethyst = Junkfood

Peridot + Pearl = Pearlidot
Peridot + Garnet = Perinet

Lapis Lazuli + Garnet = Lapinet

Jasper + Lapis = Lasper, Jaspis, Japis (seems to be evenly divided mostly)

DUNDUNDUN The alpha graph is here!



Yesterday our team at ESC NEWS received shocking information about IVAN actually being called “the boy who can fly”. This leads to 100% confirmation of the fact that IVAN really knows how to fly and his song “Help You Fly” actually makes sense. 
This morning after analyzing Serhat’s song “I Didn’t Know” lyrics we found out another shocking fact. “We’ll sail together through the skies" symbolizes Serhat’s desire to learn how to fly so he could save Jüri from the castle where he is currently being kept by the Illuminati community. IVAN kindly invited Serhat to join his flying course and teach Serhat everything he needs to know before being able to touch the clouds. The flying lessons are going very well, Serhat is a fast learner. Our reporters had the chance to get an exclusive glimpse of one of the training sessions and take some photos (one of them is included above) (This information is TOP SECRET because Ivan is supported by the Illuminati community, but friendship with Jüri is more important for him)
Our team wishes the best of luck to Serhat and hopefully he will finish his flying programme soon and will be able to save Jüri from the castle!

(This post is part of the collaboration with my wonderful colleague @san-mamemeo and is brought to you by IvanFLY™ flying courses!)


Brain apart,
let me dream in peace,
in peace.
I want to spread
on a dandelion diffusion
around the world,
around you
in a myriad of slight kisses.
Let me cut the cerebral threads,
out of reason, out of sense
only me and my evanescence
out of the prison
of bleeding memories.
I want to be for you the poem
you never read,
you never dared to write.
I want to be for you
the most beautiful poem
ever written, ever imagined
ever hidden in the heart
of a visionary poet,
the sorcery of metaphors
that turn tears into pearls,
voids into oceans
that we’ll sail together.
I want to write life in verses
and be the embellishment
that thrills your heart
anytime you think about me.
I for you,
I’d die at the end of each line
and relive at the beginning
of another one.
Our love instead doesn’t need
embellishments or metaphors.
Our love is us together
and it’s perfect this way.