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Here’s to never letting them see how much it hurts 💪🏼

(6km, SLU Invitational, Sept 26, 2015)

First ever cross country race: check! I’ve been wanting to deconstruct this race in words since I finished it, so maybe this is my chance to do just that, even though I have no idea where to start. I can’t believe what a painful, tiring and rewarding thing it was to do. I woke up that morning in nervous sweats, not knowing what to expect from the race or myself, not wanting to let my coaches down. Walking the course before the race was beautiful, a fast (mostly) flat track that took us through the woods and then around some fields. From what I gather it was a small race, 92 girls, but compared to how many people I’m used to racing with on the track it was an overwhelming number. Lining up at the start though, surrounded by my team I felt calm, and then the gun went off. It caught me off guard how fast everyone went out, but it makes sense, you want to get into good position right? At the top of the first field we crossed, a coach from one of the American colleges was yelling at his athlete that they were on 6:00 pace, and it took me until after the race to figure out they were talking about miles and not kilometres, oops. But yeah, we had to take the loop twice and I slowly worked my way up from the back and got the chance to run with some of my teammates and work together. I was so thankful for my watch beeping at me every kilometre with my pace, because without that I would’ve slowed down so much. I’m still shocked that my first and last kilometres were at 4:14 and 4:24, I don’t know where that came from but I guess it’s true that sometimes you have to run with your heart. Around kilometre 4 and 5 I started questioning what I was even doing but I pushed those thoughts aside and gave the best finishing kick I ever have. I passed one girl from Saint Lawrence and I could hear her breathing behind me as her coaches shouted for her to pick it up, and between that and all the cheering it felt like I flew across the finish line. My only goal for myself was to be sub-30, and I’m so pleased that I was not only under that, but under it at 28:44 🙊 far from the top girls on my team, but it can only get better from here and I’m so excited to see what the rest of the season brings. At this point I never want cross country to end.

That was so many words, but I have so many feelings about running and racing and everything in between. (Also as far as race pictures go, A+ moment capturing to our photographer)

It makes me so mad when like soccer players and field hockey players are like “wtf we run more than XC does” because they clearly do not like, seriously do you want to see my running logs? Do you want to see our 30-40+ miles a WEEK? Do you want to see our 2 mile warmup, 3.1 mile race and 3 mile cool down? Do you want to see our 7 mile tempo runs? Our 10 mile easy runs? Do you want to see our 5 mile time trials? Do you want to see our 4 mile Indian sprints? Our 45 minute farleks? Oh wait? You don’t actually run that much? You only run like 1-2 miles a day for a warmup? And another mile for punishment. Hahahahahaha. Would you like to see our hill repeats punishments? Would you like to see our 800m repeats and you better get under 3:00 because if you don’t you have a hill for every second you are over. What’s that? You don’t run more than us? Well running is our sport and we love the high mileage we do. So please stfu and stop embarrassing yourself by saying you run more than us, because you don’t even come close.