we run this town

Yell at one of my employees? Enjoy your over-priced meal.

I work at a fast-food restaurant in a small town. More specifically, I’m the manager of that store (I don’t own it, but I run it).

As is common for most small towns, we often get customers that come through our drive-thru in those stupid jacked-up diesel pickup trucks, and those things are LOUD, especially when played through a headset directly into your ear.
Not only do those trucks sound like a school bus that hasn’t had a muffler in 12 years, but they make it reeeaaaally difficult to hear the driver through your headset, especially when the driver thinks you can hear their order that’s spoken at normal conversational volume.

One night, one of those douchenozzles rolls into the drive-thru and leaves the engine running, which makes it incredibly difficult for the girl taking his order to hear him (sometimes people will cut the engine as they know this is the case). After several requests to repeat himself to understand his mumbling, the customer gets angry and yells at her, calling her a “deaf-ass b*tch” and saying “How hard is it to f*ckin’ listen.” Needless to say that made me very angry.
Well wonderful Mr. Fecalweiner the store manager also had a headset, so I decided to chime in and tell my employee that I’d deal with it.

I eventually figured out what he wanted, but instead of ringing it up as the Meal with his fries and drink upsized to large sizes, I rang every item up separately. When it’s a “meal,” the system automatically includes a slight discount in the total; when everything is rung up separately, it can almost come out to be $3.00 more expensive than if it’d been made a meal. He never noticed the sizeable change in the price, and I was even able to sell him a couple pies for being “understanding” about the situation. The order taker girl couldn’t stop laughing in the break room after that.

Basically, don’t be an a*shole to people in the drive-thru because they can’t hear you over your stupid truck, or you’ll end up paying almost twice as much as you should for the same order.

Dwarf Dangers

This occurs when we need to discredit a nobleman from his role running the town we’re in. Three of the players (the human rogue, human druid and dwarf fighter) talk him into playing cards and getting drunk enough to do something stupid. The teifling bard seduces a guard for access to the nobleman, using the excuse that if she gets my friends to the card game we can spend more time in the bedroom. It works and they are playing and getting drunk, the tiefling is about to find out how drunk.

The bard and NPC she has just seduced leave the room they were in. The dwarf fighter runs past absolutely naked below the waist, the afterglow is gone.

A slightly pudgy nobleman in his underwear comes running out after him and we then see the druid and Rogue chasing after them. The rogue passes the bard and yells “Get your mage hand ready we have to catch a pantsless dwarf!

DM: I had hopes and dreams for this campaign…..I no longer do.


What does it mean to lose your land, your language, and your heritage?

For Alaska Natives, these are existential threats.

On a trip to Southeast Alaska, I traveled to one village that is finding new ways to survive: Klukwan, ancestral home of the Tlingit tribe.

Nestled along the banks of the Chilkat River, Klukwan is quiet and tiny, home to about 90 people.

The Haines Highway runs through town, but on the day we visited, you could walk right down the middle of the two-lane road without worry of passing cars.

On a tour of the village, we pass by small homes and trailers: some abandoned, some with rusted old trucks out front, sinking into the soil.

“It’s a struggle,” says tribal president Kimberley Strong. “You see the buildings, some of ‘em are falling down and dilapidated. But we’re working at it. We’re working very hard at trying to keep the village alive.”

By doing that, they’re also trying to preserve the heritage of the Tlingit people, who have lived in Southeast Alaska for thousands of years.

Looking to the future, the tribe has great hopes for the new Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage Center, a soaring, light-filled space that opened in Klukwan last spring. It’s an $8 million investment in the tribe’s future, funded through grants, as well as state and federal money.

A Native Village In Alaska Where The Past Is Key To The Future

Photos: Elissa Nadworny/NPR

Context: This town we are in are being run by two opposing clans, the Hut’s and the Solo’s. It is believed by some party members that our paladin’s family (that he believed to have died many years ago) is actually alive and apart of the Solo clan. He is in denial.

Lucius (Paladin): There’s got to be some other explanation.

Thanatos (Ranger): They’re actually all vampires. *rolls nat 20 deception*

Rest of the party: *fails insight check*

DM: Well now Thanatos has miraculously convinced the entire party that the entire Solo clan is vampires. Fucking. Great.

This not-so-short-anymore story is dedicated to @charminglyantiquated and her magnificent @elsewhereuniversity comic which has exploded all over my brain.

Read chapter two here!

Nobody ever parks in Lot C after dark.

It’s not because of the Beast. It’s because Lot C is in the very back of campus, way too far from Everything of Importance. You’d have to walk a quarter mile before you reached anywhere that sells coffee, almost a mile to the library. The nearest structure is a low sprawl of administrative buildings, but even they don’t park in Lot C after dark. They come to work early, and leave before sunset.

It was a bitch to get my meal card replaced when I’d lost it. They kept shutting down that stretch of slumped old admin offices before I’d finished with my afternoon Physics Lab. My lab partner would laugh at me.

“You’ll have to eat out of the trash again. Poor Moonie. Soon enough you’ll turn into a raccoon,” she would coo at me, an unattractive smirk wrinkling her nose.

I didn’t like the way she said it. I didn’t like a lot of things she said. Sometimes I felt like she wished bad things to happen to me, just so she could snicker at my misfortune. I think it was her smile that did it. Whenever she smiled, I got the feeling she knew something that I didn’t. She liked it that way.

I didn’t mind it too much. The one thing she didn’t know was Physics.

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Hush (PT. 1 full chapter)

Chibs x Reader

Summary: You’re an old family friend of SAMCRO, having been close with Jax during your teenage years. Things have changed over the years, and suddenly you’ve found old relationships rekindling. What happens when Jax gives you a job opportunity? And what happens when you come face to face with a familiar biker whom you’ve had an eye for since you were a teen?

A/N: Forgive me if Chibs isn’t the best. I’m still working on things.

“Anarchism stands for liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from shackles and restraint of government. It stands for social order based on the free grouping of individuals.”

~ Emma Goldman

“I’m ridin’ out the wind, I’m comin’ home
It don’t matter where I’ve been, I’m comin’ home
Crawlin’ on all fours, I’m comin’ home
Turnin’ brick walls into doors, I’m comin’ home.”

~ Murder By Death


You were set to start work at Teller-Morrow Automotive, helping Gemma keep the books. That would be the job the public saw, but you were also on staff as a medic, just in case someone ever needed to be patched up and Emergency Rooms weren’t an option. It was no secret to you what kind of life SAMCRO led, nor did it bother you. You respected it above all, always have. You had been a family friend for years, your father was apart of a different charter, but had died when you were 5. You also attended highschool with Jax, and Tara. You had always been close with them, having gotten arrested with both of them a few times as teenagers, most notably a weapons charge and a drunk and disorderly.

Your mother always tried to keep you going on the right path, to stay away from the Outlaws you grouped yourself in with. Having a father that died when you were young while living the same type of lifestyle, it only made her pressure you more to go straight and narrow, though your mother had never necessarily been an upstanding citizen herself. It worked for a while, but you always found yourself going back to that beaten path. The path You loved. Your mother died this past year, and it only reinforced your doubt now that she was gone, and that doubt with the added persuasion made you make your choice.
You had recently quit your job as a nurse at St. Thomas, working alongside Tara once she got into town from Chicago. It was like a whirlwind when she did, and it was great to reconnect, but you knew nursing wasn’t something you wanted to do anymore - not in a professional setting anyway. You had gotten back into contact with Jax at St. Thomas a few weeks ago while assisting Tara with his newborn; Abel. You never thought that this would be the situation that would reintroduce all of you to each other. After your fourth encounter of seeing him and having small talk here and there when it didn’t involve his son, you two had an interesting conversation.

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Another Glitch in the Matrix story from my youth

You have to understand the glitches happen all the time here. Not just to me. This particular occurrence happened nearly 20 years ago. I was relaxing with some bohemian friends of mine (and trying my best to hook up with a handsome painter within this particular group of people). We drank beers in the historical saloon then decided to walk around the town and appreciate the architecture. None of us were particularly intoxicated and it was a lovely summer night. Our journey took us to one of the many antique and beautiful underground alley systems in the town. We were all running as fast as we could, letting our laughter bounce off the bricks in a mysteriously acoustical phenomenon that made our noise sound like music when suddenly we ran into a dead end. The others turned back but the painter and I stole our first kiss in this strange and surprising place that felt full of magic and mystery. Afterwards we ran along the tunnels holding hands and laughing. A couple of months later he and I wanted to walk to the place where we had our first kiss but when we we got to the tunnel entrance, it was completely bricked up and it was obvious it had been for  many years. One by one, the others that had been there that night tried to return, only to find the way was no longer there. They were as flummoxed as we were,  then again, mysterious things like that happen a lot here. 

Moments Pt. 1 (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You meet Grayson Dolan at a house party and the two of you immediately spark, but he’s still 17 and you’re 21. How long can the two of you hold off?

Warnings: Teasing? Swearing? Who knows.

A/N: SO. Wow. Okay. This is part of a series of snapchat imagines I’m doing and this one just got lengthy as hell, so I’m doing it in parts. Part two will be up either tomorrow or the next day. Text messages are in bold. Song lyrics are in italics. Special shoutout to Dolan’s Horny Lil Pancakes for helping me keep this alive, ily all.

“If I could go back to the day we met

I probably would just stay in bed.

You run your mouth all over town

and this one goes out to the sound

of breaking glass on my Range Rover.

Pay me back, or, bitch, it’s over.

All the presents I would send -

Fuck my friends behind my shoulder.”

The song rang through the speakers as you crossed the house, heading to the kitchen where you’d been told the alcohol was, two of your best friends behind you. The three of you had gotten ready together before heading to the party thrown by someone you had met through YouTube. You all ran a channel together, producing amazing all-female longboarding and skateboarding videos, promoting the scene for girls in L.A.

Your friends got distracted by a few fellow YouTubers you all knew (that they were seriously crushing on), and you decided to find the liquor by yourself. After all, you’d just turned 21 a few weeks prior and parties were for drinking, right? While dunking your cup into the large storage bin that held the jungle juice, someone reached in front of you to try and grab a cup, and grazed your arm. You looked up to see who it was, not recognizing the arm.

“Sorry, just tryna partake,” he said with a laugh and a smile that could make a nun blush. He picked up a red Solo cup from the stack beside you and waited while you pulled your drink out, cup full. You looked him up and down and cracked a grin - he was damn cute.

“No worries,” you replied, taking a long sip. His eyes still lingered on yours, hazel eyes that made your heart skip a beat. He filled his cup, but smiled at you before taking a sip.

“I’m Grayson,” he said, breaking the silence between you, though it was hardly silent with the party raging on around both of you.

“(Y/N),” you answered simply, taking another sip of your drink. He nodded.

“Yeah, you and those two girls run that longboarding channel, right? I love that channel. My brother and I watch it religiously.” You chuckled and shrugged.

“Yeah that’s me. I’m glad you like it. We put a lot of work into it. We actually just finished our latest video today. That’s how I got this,” you held up your right forearm. Underneath running from elbow halfway up your arm, was a pretty sizable scrape. Grayson’s eyes got big and he chuckled.

“Whoa, that’s pretty intense. I love when you guys skate too though, makes the video so much better.” You could tell it was a come on, but you hardly minded. You were trying to think about which channel he ran - there were so many and so many of them were here at this party.

“Yeah, they’re a little insecure about it but they did it after some convincing.” It dawned on you when he laughed and you grinned. “Oh, you’re Grayson Dolan, aren’t you?” He smirked and shoved one of his hands in the pocket of his jeans.

“Guilty. Ethan’s here somewhere too. He’d love to meet you but right now, I think I want you all to myself,” he said, his smirk growing. You shook your head, but smiled, leaning back against the table the jungle juice was sitting on. You were used to boys flirting with you, and you could always keep up, but normally, they were a little closer to your age.

“Don’t you think I’m a little old for you?” You asked, raising an eyebrow but looking back at him. He gave half a shrug and leaned next to you on the table.

“I think I know a lot for someone my age, and you might be impressed…” he replied, his eyes locked on yours. He wasn’t smirking so wide anymore, and his gaze was intense and a little intimidating, or it would have been if you weren’t so used to boys looking at you that way. You bit your lip to hide a smile, knowing you had to draw the line.

“Look, tiger, I appreciate the attention and you’re super cute, but I’m not tryna get arrested toinght,” you said with a laugh, taking a swig of your drink again. The pregame you and your girls had done earlier was starting to hit you, and your inhibitions were starting to wear down, but there was still no way you’d mess with a 17-year-old. He laughed out loud, almost over the music and other voices in the house.

“I guess that’s fair. Can I still talk to you or is that punishable by law too?” You rolled your eyes at his sarcastic comment and elbowed him gently.

“Totally legal as long as you keep your hands to yourself,” you winked and bit your lip and you saw a smile crack over his face.

“Damn,” he answered and the two of you laughed, though the noticeable tension hung in the air, thick and taunting.

The two of you chatted, flirted, told each other stupid little secrets and got to know each other personally, apart from you YouTube personas. Grayson was just as goofy and likable as he portrayed himself on the Dolan Twins channel. He told stupid jokes that made you laugh loudly. When he smiled, it really did shake you to your core. You had to keep reminding yourself that he was underage, he was out of reach. You couldn’t have him. You weren’t supposed to.

After a while, other people wanted jungle juice, so the two of you moved out of the kitchen and back into the living room where most people were laughing and dancing and drinking and playing beer pong. You tried to talk to each other there for a while, but it got way too loud to comprehend each other without shouting.

“Let’s go out back by the pool,” Grayson suggested, leaning close and talking into your ear. His proximity made your heart jump and you so badly wanted to reach out and touch him, but you knew you shouldn’t. You repeated ‘I shouldn’t’ to yourself as he reached for your hip to pull you away from the doorframe so someone else could get by you. You nodded, standing up on tip toe to reach is ear in reply. The urge to reach up and gently rest your hand on the back of his neck was almost too much to bear.

“I’m just gonna go check on my friends and I’ll meet you out there!” He mirrored your nod and headed toward the glass sliding door leading to the backyard.

You fought through the crowd until you found the two girls you’d come to the party with. Both of them were relatively sober and in good spirits.

“Where have you been?!” Danielle shouted at you, grabbing your arm. You could smell the vodka on her breath and knew she had been taking shots again, but she was steady and you could tell nobody had puked yet. You chuckled and pulled them both close to you, looking over your shoulder for people who shouldn’t hear the conversation.

“I ran into Grayson Dolan,” you confessed and they both looked at you, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

“SHUT UP,” Leena shouted, smacking your arm. You laughed and ran your hand through your hair, shrugging.

“Yeah, we’ve been talking this whole time. Like since we all got here.” They looked at each other and then back at you, Danielle smirking, Leena not very impressed.

“WE GOT HERE TWO HOURS AGO, (Y/N)!” Leena shouted, Danielle laughing behind her. You could feel yourself turn red.

“Oops?” You offered, turning a darker shade of red and smirking. “Sorry, not sorry,” you shouted over your shoulder as you walked away from them, waving. You stopped in the kitchen to get another round of jungle juice before you’d head outside, but not before you felt a familiar pair of hands grip your waist and slide around you, locking you into their grip as they rested against your exposed stomach.

You sighed and let your head tilt to the side a little, looking at him over your shoulder.

“Logan, I thought I told you it was over. In fact, I know I told you it was over.” You wiggled out of his grip and held the two cups in one hand, your wrists sitting on the edge of the jungle juice bin. “That means keep your hands to yourself.”

The Less I Know, The Better by Tame Impala was blaring over the speakers now, just like it had when you had met him at a party six months earlier. That should’ve been more than enough warning for you - should’ve been a red flag.

You quickly got bored of and annoyed with Logan Paul and his attitude and broke it off with him after only a month of seeing each other. You rarely saw him outside of parties and when you did, he seemed even more annoying, like he never left the party, not to mention the fact that he was pretty disrespectful of your friends. But he had a hard time taking no for an answer, always cornering you at parties and texting you at 4 in the morning, hoping to hook up. The kid had a hard time taking a hint.

“Come on, babygirl, you can’t tell me we didn’t have a good time together,” he said, placing an arm on the other side of the wall, blocking your path. You quirked an eyebrow.

“One: we did have a good time, but I had to be drunk to have a good time with you, so now it’s over. Two: I’m not your baby, don’t call me that. I have a name. If you must speak to me, use it.” He was wearing on your nerves now. You didn’t appreciate what he was trying to do. You shoved Logan’s arm off the wall, pushing him away from you with your shoulder as you walked away from him, toward the sliding door.

You paused as you saw Grayson standing there, his hand on the handle, his mouth slightly agape. You smiled awkwardly and kept walking as he pulled open the door for you, closing it behind you and creating a barrier between you and Logan. He smiled at you and took the drink you offered before shooting Logan a quick glance. They both had the same expression on their faces.

The two of you made your way over to the pool and sat down next to it. The lights strung from the trellis behind the house lit the air just enough for you to be able to see each other, and the glow from the pool lights illuminated your faces in a cool blue haze. You sat in silence together, the music from the house playing faintly in the background. Grayson finally broke the quiet.

“So. You and Logan, huh?” You made an annoyed, distasted sound somewhere between your nose and throat and scratched the bridge of your nose.

“No. Not me and Logan. We had a thing once, a while ago and I just wasn’t into him when I wasn’t drunk, so I told him to beat it, but homie has a hard time taking ‘no’ for an answer.” You ran your hand through your hair again and sat Indian style, your elbows resting on your knees, holding the cup with both hands. You stared down into it, considering what you’d said and how Grayson would take it.

“He tends to have that effect on people - fun at parties but a jackass the rest of the time.” The statement made you genuinely laugh and he joined in, but you still felt guilty, as if maybe you were leading him on by telling him you were single and Logan was the farthest thing from your mind.

But that wasn’t your intention, right? You were just telling him the facts, right? Facts about you? So he could get to know you, right? That was it? It was true, after all, that you wanted nothing to do with Logan. But did Grayson have to know that?

You let your train of thought go and sighed, looking over at him. His face read as if he knew what you were about to tell him. You opened your mouth to speak, but he smiled and cut you off.

“I know,” he stated. “Look, I’m not gonna lie, I’m extremely attracted to you,” he began, leaning a little closer to you. “The things I’d do to you…” His gaze wandered up your body, lingering at your lips as he brought his face closer to yours. You held your breath as he inched closer to you. His stare finally caught yours and you both looked at each other, unblinking, hearts racing before he cleared his throat and brought the two of you crashing back down to Earth.

“But I know that I shouldn’t, and I know that you can’t.” His voice was honest and genuine. Add that to the list of things you liked about him. He sighed before he continued. “However, I do think you’re funny and really cool and I’d like to hang out with you. Y’know. Platonically,” he finished, sitting up straight, you mirroring him. You bit your lip as you thought it over.

“As much as I enjoy flirting with you, I think you’re right.” you replied, resting your temple on your fist, your elbow leaning on your knee. “But the feeling is mutual and I’d like to get to know you like, as a person.”

He smiled and leaned back, placing his drink on the ground and both palms flat behind him, leaning into them. You both sat like that for a while before he smirked and chuckled to himself. You raised an eyebrow in question.

“For what it’s worth,” he began, leaning toward you, whispering in your ear. “I bet I’m ten times better than him in bed.” A shudder ran through you. It almost felt like a flame had licked up your spine. You turned to look at Grayson who was grinning deviously. He winked before leaning back, looking up at the stars that dotted the sky.

You and the girls left the party not much later, the two of them all but pulling you out by your arms, your heels dragging the ground, hearts in your eyes. You had exchanged numbers with Grayson, and in the car on the way home, you boldly added him on Snapchat, the jungle juice coursing through your body. You were surprised to see him add you back almost immediately.

A few days went by, business as usual, and you forgot about the tension between you and the underage boy. You focused on editing the video and perfecting it with Leena and Danielle and wasted no time wondering what Grayson was doing. Mostly.

The video went up on Thursday afternoon, as it usually did, the three of you announcing it on your Snapchats, Instagrams, Twitters and Tumblrs.

“New video today!” You said to your Snapchat followers.

“Go check it out!” Danielle added.

“(Y/N) ATE SHIT IT WAS AWESOME!” Leena yelled from the background, causing the three of you to laugh together.

You threw your phone onto the couch and relaxed after all of your promo work was done. The girls wanted to go out for pizza to celebrate, but you were wiped out from editing. You sent them off with the promise to bring back something for you later.

Your phone buzzed. You picked it up to see Grayson’s name flash across the screen. You unlocked your phone to read the message.

Hey, Ethan and I just watched your new vid. So awesome! You wiped out harder than I thought you did! hahaha

You smiled as you tapped out a reply.

Thanks! Yeah, it was a pretty real fall haha. Glad you guys enjoyed it!

You sent the text , putting your phone back down on the couch, expecting that to be the end of that, but were surprised when your phone buzzed again.

What’re you up to tonight? I thought we might try that whole platonic hanging out thing. If you were still interested, that is…

You thought about it. Suddenly, you didn’t feel so exhausted anymore. You’d showered earlier and your hair was actually looking pretty good. You smiled and bit your lip as you considered the consequences.

Yeah, why not? What’d you have in mind?

Grayson picked you up about half an hour later and the two of you went for sushi. You had made a tremendous effort to look cute but casual. You laughed and flirted, sharing sashimi and tempura. You didn’t drink because Grayson couldn’t and you didn’t want things to be awkward. When the check came, Grayson tried to pick up the whole thing, but you wouldn’t let him.

“This isn’t a date, Dolan, you’re not allowed to pay for me,” you said through a laugh, pulling the check from his hand. He snatched it back from you.

“I’m not allowed to pay for my friend when I want to?” He asked, winking at you. You smirked and grabbed it back from him.

“No, but I am,” you said, handing the check and your card to the waiter as he walked by, giggling as Grayson stared with an open mouth.

“That’s totally not fair!” He said, annoyed, but a smile still tinting his face. You shrugged and leaned an elbow on the tabletop.

“‘I’m not allowed to pay for my friend when I want to?’” You mocked, and he couldn’t help but crack a smile, pointing a finger at you.

“This isn’t over, (Y/L/N),” he said with a laugh and you shrugged, winking as you signed the slip the waiter placed in front of you.

Neither of you felt like going home after dinner, so you went down to the nearby boardwalk and got ice cream, walking alongside the beach. Grayson easily made you laugh and flirted a little more boldly with you, tickling your side and tossing an arm around your neck, drawing you close to him. You felt your heart flutter as he did, but you didn’t let it stay there for long. You spun around, out of his grip to walk backward in front of him, facing him, adding to the silliness of the evening.

He looked back at you, a little disappointed, but understanding.

“Can I ask you something?” He looked into your eyes. When you looked back at him, you could see the mischievous glare behind them, so you quickly looked back down to your spoon digging around in your ice cream, shrugging one shoulder.

“I guess, yeah…” you said, biting your spoon, turning to walk beside him again.

“Do you know how to lighten up?” He said through a laugh. You rolled your eyes, but smirked.  

“This is different and you know that…” You looked up to meet his gaze, but when you saw the intensity of his stare, you looked back down into your ice cream again. You couldn’t handle how deeply he wanted to look into your eyes.

“Is it?” He questioned, stopping to lean against the railing of the boardwalk.

“Yes,” you reinforced, unwavering, finally able to look back up at him. He could see his own frustration reflected back at him from your expression - it wasn’t as if the two of you weren’t feeling the same things. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” he began, taking half a step closer to you. It made you shake a little in your Vans. “I’m just having a really hard time keeping my hands to myself…” he said, looking down at you. You felt that same flame shoot up your spine as he reached out to put a hand on your hip. You didn’t stop him. You couldn’t. You were paralyzed by the way he looked at you. An odd sensation gripped the back of your skull and you couldn’t look away.

You wanted him to look at you that way for hours, until you both collapsed of exhaustion. And you never wanted anyone else to look at you that way again. Just Grayson. Only Grayson.

‘Grayson…’ you thought, his name echoing in your head. ‘Grayson…who is 17…’

When you snapped back to reality, he was much closer than you remembered. His forehead rested against yours and he was less than a breath away from you. It would’ve been so easy to just…

“I have to go.”

You tore yourself away, feeling nauseous for doing so. Your stomach was in your mouth and it took all you had for your feet to drag the rest of your body up the boardwalk until you had the presence of mind to get an Uber home. The entire car ride back was silent, your blood rushing in your ears. Your heart wouldn’t stop pounding in your chest, as if it were trying to beat you up from the inside.

‘I know,’ you told your insides regrettably. ‘I know…’

When you got home, you immediately texted Grayson, your fingers shaking as you tapped a message.

Hey. I’m sorry I just ran off. I just think we got a little too carried away and if I had let you kiss me, there would’ve been no turning back.

You put your phone down on the kitchen counter and stared at it, biting your lip until you tasted pennies. You read the reply as soon as you received it, sucking on your now bleeding bottom lip.

I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I was just enjoying my friend’s presence. I’m underage. Talk like that could get you in trouble. 😉

You let air fill your lungs again, relieved that he wasn’t angry with you - that he understood. Your phone vibrated again in your hand.

I’m sorry if I got too close. I’ll make sure you don’t ever have to do that again. I promise.

It made you giggle a little. It made you feel special. It made you want to go back and wish you’d let him kiss you. Or that you were a little younger.

You and Grayson both decided together that you each needed a few days away from each other to recuperate from the heat of that evening, so things slowly went back to normal. You texted each other, but you didn’t dare flirt, and the messages were mostly just short congratulations to each other on videos and the reactions to them.

You were sitting on your bed, talking to a group chat when you got a Snapchat notification. User GraysonDolan had sent you a video. Curiously, you clicked over to the main page to watch it. A song you recognized as Movements by Pham ft. Yung Fusion flowed out of the speaker as a shirtless Grayson mouthed along the words, a knowing smirk on his face.

That body’s a blessing, girl.

I ain’t tryna pressure her.

She messed with the temperature.

Heart wrote the song, but I am the messenger.”

Your screen went back to the list of friends you’d recently sent snaps to. You felt a knot twist in your lower stomach and recognized it as serious arousal. He was flawless. He was also not making things easier for either of you. You clicked over to iMessenger and sent him a text.

Do you really think sending me snaps like that is a good idea?

You didn’t wait long for a response.

I knew you’d like it.

His words made you feel weak. You wished there was some way you could replay the snap without looking totally creepy, but you knew there wasn’t, so you let out a sigh and tossed your phone aside, flopping down onto your back on the bed.

A few weeks later, you and Gray were on a casual “non-date” - as the two of you had started calling them - when he reached across the table and grabbed your hand, lacing your fingers together. You wanted to pull away, but you looked up at him and he was smiling. Not that mischievous, playful grin he wore when you knew he was thinking something dirty, but a warm, kind smile. It made your chest feel heavy and fluttery all at the same time.

“Is it okay if I hold my friend’s hand?” He asked, still wearing a genuine smile. You felt your mouth twitch up into a smile, almost involuntarily and you nodded.

“Yeah, that’s fine…” With that, his smile grew a little wider and the two of you continued to chat, as if nothing had changed.

He drove you home and walked you to your apartment door. As you fiddled with your keys, he leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to your cheek. The simple, pure action took your breath away. You were sure he could hear your heart thumping against your chest. He tucked a lock of your hair behind your ear and smiled at you.

“Goodnight, (Y/N),” he said quietly, before walking back to his truck.

You closed the door behind you and slid down it, sitting on the floor, your hand buried in your hair. Why did he make you feel like this? Why did he have to be only 17? You’d need another few weeks to recover from this one.

Afternoon Delight




You jumped slightly as your world went dark.

“Guess who, sweetcheeks.”

You chuckled slightly. “Gabriel, what are you doing?”

The hands were pulled away and your angel boyfriend stepped around in front of you. “Just visiting my favorite person.”

“Hm. And that’s me?”

“Who else?” Gabriel plopped down beside you. He leaned over, kissing you. “You know,” he whispered, his lips trailing down your neck. “Your brothers are gone on a supply run. They’ll be gone for at least an hour.”

“Gabriel,” you moaned. “Were you spying on us again?”

“Spying… watching… tomato, tomahto.”


“Come on,” he said, pulling back. His eyes twinkled at you, that mischievous twinkle that made you fall in love with him in the first place. “I’ve missed you, sweetcheeks. Your brothers haven’t left you alone in weeks.”

You hated to admit it, but your batteries were running on low, too. And Gabriel certainly knew how to spoil you, in every sense of the word. You slipped your hand into his, pressing his fingers to your lips.

“Bedroom,” you purred against his fingers. “I don’t want my brothers coming home and finding–”

Before you could finish your statement, Gabriel snapped the fingers on his free hand. The two of you plopped down onto your bed, Gabriel’s body covering yours.

“Any other requests, darling?”

You gently pulled at Gabriel’s jacket. “You’re wearing too many clothes.”

With a smirk and another snap, Gabriel was completely in the buff. “And now,” he said, his fingers finding the hem of your shirt. “You’re the one who’s overdressed.”

You let Gabriel do his work, pulling your clothing off. He could’ve magic-ed them away, but he liked the slow reveal. It was like opening the best Christmas gift ever, he said. As he slipped your panties down your legs, he pressed open-mouthed kisses to your thigh.

“Gabe,” you whimpered. “Don’t tease.”

“Tease? Am I teasing you?”

You whimpered again, lifting your hips.

“Easy, Cupcake,” Gabriel said with a smile. He settled himself between your hips, throwing your legs over his shoulders. He flattened his tongue against you, swiping up. He groaned at the taste. “God, you’re delicious. Sweetest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth.”

It didn’t take him long to get you writhing against the sheets. He devoured you like the chubby kid devoured the chocolate cake in Matilda. His lips and chin glistened with your orgasm (his favorite icing, he’d once told you) as he kissed his way up your stomach.

“I love you,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Love you, too, Cupcake,” Gabriel said. He gave you a deep kiss as he slipped into you, your vagina slick and open, ready for him. The two of you fit together like two perfect puzzle pieces. Gabriel filled you in every sense of the word; so much so that there was an issue of oozing when Gabriel pulled out of you.

He pulled you into his chest, the two of you relishing the quiet peace, the aftermath of mind-blowing passion.

“I’ve missed you,” Gabriel whispered, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“I’ve missed you, too.”

“I think we should tell your brothers about us. I want us to be able to be in the open.”

“Gabriel, you know they would hate it. They’d try to kill you.”

“And they’d fail.”

At that moment, you heard voices coming down the hall. “Shit!” You sprang from your bed, pulling on sweats (forgoing panties) and a jacket, zipping it up over your naked chest. “Gabriel, you have to leave.”

“If I promise to be quiet, can I stay?”

How could you deny that cute little face? “Fine. Let me go assess the situation. You have to be quiet, though, understand?”

“Aye, aye, captain.”

You stepped into the hall, shutting the door behind you. Your brothers were in Sam’s room, discussing some new case they may have found.

“Did you get everything?”

Your brothers turned. “Hey,” Sam said. “Yeah. And while we were out, we heard about a run of wolf attacks a few towns away. Sounds like werewolves.”

“We’re heading out tomorrow,” Dean said. He narrowed his eyes at you, giving you a once over. “Where’d you get that jacket?”

You looked down, realizing that you’d slipped on Gabriel’s jacket in your rush to get dressed. “Uh… second-hand store. I thought it was cute… vintage…”

“Second-hand store, my ass,” a voice said behind you, causing your heart to race.

“Gabriel?” Sam asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Why are you naked!?” Dean asked, shielding his eyes.

Gabriel stepped up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Well, mostly because this little minx took my clothes.”

“Why…” Sam started

“She didn’t take your pants!” Dean interrupted.

“True. But they’re constricting. I like to feel free.”

“Wait. Are you two sleeping together?” Sam asked.

“What?!” Dean said. “Gabriel, you son of a bitch!”

“Dean, calm down. It’s not that big of a deal,” you said.

“Go get dressed,” Dean said. “Both of you. And then we’re going to be having a long, hard discussion about this.”

Gabriel snickered. “Long and hard. Two of Y/N’s favorite–”


“Perambulate through your heart,
bedazzled beach make out spot,
we almost drowned, when we kissed.

I’ve been locked in your heart ache,
and the flat you meant to sell.
Faithful, forever your girl,
in your lovely, dirty dreams.

The storm pulls us in, closer.
Sailors pass, blush like our souls.
The sea is ours, murky magic.

I don’t understand the slots,
but I keep winning, daily.
Gold cascades to good pirates,
and we run this little town.”

Coral Island - Jennifer Juan

A Wondrous Adventure (1/4)
  • OUaT/Captain Swan
  • 7000 words
  • Swearing and implied sex
  • AO3 Link

Author’s Note: This is my attempt to make 6b what I wanted it to be – a celebration of my favorite in-show couple – leading up to the wedding – and to fix a few other things along the way. The divergence begins in “Murder Most Foul”, where there was no snooping, no ring-finding, and no Killian killing Charming’s father in a meaningless and out of character encounter. There was a fight; however, it was about something altogether different.

This chapter follows most of “A Wondrous Place,” with additions and changes. Thank you @ripplestitchskein for the speedy and excellent beta!

It was a stupid fight to begin with. The enormity of her mistake hit Emma as soon as the door closed behind Killian. The house lights flickered with the surge of emotion. Minutes passed while she fought herself. When the danger had passed, she stood for another moment leaning against the door, shaking.

“Son of a bitch.”

Emma pushed herself upright, grabbed her coat from the hook and went after him. Damp and bitter cold struck her, and the snow fell thickly. She could already barely see his footprints on the sidewalk, but Emma didn’t have to be a good tracker to know where Killian would have gone. She set out after him at a near-run.

By the time Emma caught up they were at the waterfront, and she was half-soaked from slipping in the snow and falling on her ass.

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June 11-19, Newfoundland-Labrador

June 11th Gae and I took a guided walk at Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park. The table top itself are bits (many kilometers long and wide) of mantle exposed after tectonic plates overlapped and erosion took off most of the crust.

Here’s the guide talking geology and plants, which are few due to the lack of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus in the mantle.

Alpine plants dot the lower elevations of the Tablelands, this one looks like moss, but isn’t, and has up to a 4 foot tap root.

Grey moss looks dead, but the addition of moisture kicks off photosynthesis in seconds.

Boardwalks protect the boggy portions of the trail, which support many carnivorous plants.

The  majority of the mantle is Peridotite, but cracks were filled and developed into serpentine, whose surface is shown here.

The location and views were unique and beautiful, bringing a passel of photography buffs with high end equipment for a seminar.

After our first hike, we went to the interpretive center nearby, which had lots of staff to answer questions and excellent displays. We decided to hike up the hill behind the center so Gae could reach her 10k step goal for the day.

Splashes of color and texture lined the hillside trail.

We took the Lookout Trail to the top of the hill, which was pretty exhausting for both of us, but the views were spectacular.

A lone traveler at the lookout kindly caught a great shot of our sweaty climber look;-)

Spring color came in small but brilliant doses.

Delicate and bright maple leaf starts.

In the evening I decided to try some iceberg ice in Drambuie, my first! All I could think of was the way rice krispies are supposed to act… Snap, Krackle, Pop. It never cracked in to parts, just popped in the liquid all the way to nothing… cool! Oh… the Drambuie wasn’t bad either;-)

We stopped at Waters Edge RV park near Bonne Bay for the night.

June 12th we continued north through the park, picking up walks and hikes along the way.

We stopped to walk a short trail to Southeast Brook Falls, quickly leaving the area before road improvement blasting started in 15 minutes.

We stopped in rock harbor to get some fresh water, and toured Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse nearby. The wind was frigid off the ocean, and it apparently never stops.

Along the Bakers Brook Falls trail we ran across a bench that had been delivered in the snow… the easy way:-)

A small pond nearly glowed azure under the clear skies.

The steps to the falls viewpoint were greatly appreciated.

The recent rains had the stepped falls roaring.

Bright yellow flowers lined much of the wetter parts of the trail, which had several boardwalks that were kilometers long.

We camped at Berry Hill campground to take advantage of the showers after a day of hiking.

June 13th we headed to hike the Western Brook trail.

I only spotted a few stunted trees sporting delicate cone flowers.

We decided to forgo the $60 boat ride up the lake at the end of the trail, both for cost and lack of reservations, but the views were still gorgeous.

A trail extension to snug harbor required fording a deep, fast, river… not for us.

We continued north to the ferry terminal to Labrador, where we stayed at a town-run RV park so we could clean ourselves and our laundry before taking the ferry.

June 14th we caught the ferry to Labrador.

Here we are in line, ready to drive into the hold via the front door.

We drove to Red Bay, with plans to check it out and head back to catch a return ferry we’d reserved the following day.

The Basque whaling town had 2 excellent museums and a few icebergs in its bay.

An old shipwreck at the mouth of the bay helped archeologists find the wrecked Spanish galleon that provided so much interesting history and artifacts to the museum.

I discovered the brakes were going to the floor as we attempted to leave for our return to the ferry. Looking closely, the driver side brake line had been rubbed so thin the fluid started squirting out under pressure. I panicked as usual, and we had no luck using the phone lent to us by the generous people at the Whalers Restaurant near one of the museums to contact a repair shop.

June 15th, I attempted to patch the line, but the high pressures and lack of anything that would stick to the line led me to failure. Gae, meanwhile, contacted AAA, and arranged for a tow to a shop 15 miles away. We took a walk while waiting for the afternoon tow.

Sleds like this litter the landscape and are used in the winter to haul wood and other material across the area.

This black lichen decorated many large boulders scattered along the trail we took.

Here I am getting dirty with a fruitless repair.

We met a nice bicyclist, Virginia, who’d travelled from St. Catherine near Niagra Falls… we were impressed!

Coastal Motors in Forteau, arrived to save our bacon around 3 in the afternoon, having ordered express delivery of the part in hope of fixing it on the 16th.

We spent the night parked behind their shop. June 16th the part arrived late, and turned out to be for a ‘99 Dodge Ram 3500 truck, which, of course, had completely different connection formats! They were able to sneak in an order for the correct part before the parts place in St. John’s closed. The expected arrival wasn’t until Tuesday, the 20th, so we tucked in for the weekend in Forteau. Akash Gunput, the parts man at Coastal Motors, brought us to his home so we would shower in the evening. We were thrilled to visit and meet his whole family.

June 17th was windy, but not raining, so we took our bikes for a ride to Point Amour Lighthouse, 9 miles away.

Here’s Gae at the point with icebergs behind her. The ride was tough on the pothole ridden highway.

June 18th we stayed close to the van in anticipation of a dinner date with Akash and his family. Again Akash picked us up, and we enjoyed visiting some more and a wonderful dinner prepared by Preety, his wife.

Here his handsome family after a great meal, including Priyanshu, Preety, Akash and Yashveen. Their generosity was hugely appreciated:-)

It’s June 19th and I’m updating this blog, while Gae takes a walk to get her 10K steps. It’s windy and raining and cold again, and we are so thankful Coastal Motors has set us up with an electrical connection while we wait for our part.

Red (Part 2)

Part 1 | Part 2 (You’re here) | Part 3

: Daveed Diggs x Reader
summary: There could be nothing worse. You’ve lost the one you love, it seems like there’s nothing left for you there, but are you the only one hurting?
rating: Angst (self-loathing, mentions of cheating, some blood, injuries)
word count: 2,947
inspiration: “What does it feel like, to lose everything?”
warning: there’s a long flashback up ahead 


“Mama, tell me a story.” She said.

“What kind of story?” Her mother asked sweetly

“Tell me a love story mama.” She begged. “About you and papa?

“I’m afraid it’s a sad story, my darling.”

“Hey, hey wake up.” A voice called you out from the darkness yet you refused to do anything. The dark was nice. You didn’t remember why, but the dark seemed to comfort you.

“Dude wake up it’s lunch time.” You hear the voice repeat, feeling something shove your leg aside in an attempt to wake you up. The darkness flashed away as you blinked your eyes open. In a moment of morning daze, you stared up at the ceiling, watching the ceiling fan come to a stop, wondering where you were and why you were there.

Then it came to you – no, it crashed onto you – the weight of a building lying on your chest as you remembered what happened last night. Daveed. You felt your body freeze and a part of you didn’t want to believe anything, but you knew, and it was already done.

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A Monster Approaches

My family has never been what you might call a conventional one. For generations we’ve lived out in the middle of nowhere, mainly living off the land and cut off from modern technology for the most part. The only times we interact with other people is if we make runs to the town five miles away whether to get things we can’t make ourselves or to go to school. These little trips are expected to be enough for us to meet somebody and settle down and have kids. It somehow always works out. Most recently for my older sister, Sara, though it didn’t last long.

She thought marriage was a way out, that she could leave the home and not be followed. She thought they’d be safe. Sara was gone a week after her wedding before she came back, tear tracks staining her cheeks. Mom held her while Dad grumbled to me.

“Sara did a stupid thing,” he had said. “Don’t ever make the same mistake, Annabeth.”

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What Happened that Night

A one-shot fanfic about what happened after The Serpents knocked on the trailer door.

   Her voice brought him back. Jughead glanced at her, Betty was leaning just out of the shadows. Her face was filled with worry, her eyes were glued to the jacket.
   Jughead glanced back at The Serpents, “Thank you.”
   “Seriously kid,” The man continued, “We will take care of you. Just give us a call. And by the way, that extends to your lady too.”
   “Betty?” Jughead asked.
   The man nodded, “That her name?”
   “Yes,” Jughead whispered with another glance at Betty.
   “She’ll have no problem. She’s a Serpent’s girl,” With that the old man, who Jughead was still unsure of his name, turned away, “Let’s roll out boys.”
   Jughead carefully stepped back into the trailer and pulled the door shut behind him.

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  • Other zombie media: The world is a dark and ugly place. Not much hope left. Can't even trust your own family. We're all murdering and cannibalizing each other. Humanity is doomed.
  • Zombies, Run!: We built a safe town on a little farm in the U.K.! :) Everyone who works hard is welcome to live here. :) Knitting club is on Wednesdays and sometimes we have parties! Our friendly neighbors who live in a nearby castle have art therapy and creative writing classes to deal with their trauma. Sure, things are bad sometimes and people die occasionally, but we can get through anything if we stick together! But if you mess with us in any way, you will seriously suffer. :) :) :) I'm sure you won't mess with us. Who wants to play Demons and Darkness?!