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The RudePundit: F*ck You, Rural Elitist

“And there you have the reason why liberals are called "elitist.” We actually know that most of our taxes go to the Republican-run states. We aren’t fucking hypocrites who condemn government, elect people who want to shrink government, and then are pissed off when the government doesn’t offer enough services. We don’t get our news from conspiracy theorists and liars. Are there excesses on the left? Of course. We’re fuckin’ human. But when one group is inclusive of all races and religions and genders and sexual orientations and more, while the other pines for a time when white Christians ran everything, it’s pretty damn clear who the real elitists are.

What you’re calling ‘elitism’ is just simply not being ignorant. We don’t have our heads shoved up Jesus’s ass. … You can stop explaining the white working class rural conservative Christian farming folk, hot-takers and self-justifiers. Instead, why don’t you explain liberalism to them? Why don’t you explain that jobs are drying up and communities are dying not because of abortion and same-sex marriage but because of Republican economic policies that have favored the wealthy, most of whom live in cities, including a certain president-elect they voted for who took advantage of those very policies in order to stay rich? Ultimately, though, it won’t matter. Because despite every fucking word to the contrary, the real problem is that those who voted for Trump are racist. They are sexist. They are Islamophobic. They are ignorant.

The whole thrust of these ‘let’s learn about the yokels’ articles is to imply that there are real Americans and there are coastal elites. Sorry, motherfuckers. We’re all Americans. And if I have to suffer under your stupid, you have to hear about our smarts.”

I believe that obsessive contemplation of our inhumanities can end up convincing us of the inevitability of our badness, and that we likely do ourselves a grave disservice by staying riveted by top-of-the-hour, ad nauseam “proof” that humans always have steadily pursued (and, the spurious logic goes, thus always will pursue) the bloody businesses of genocide, state-sponsored war, terrorism, and individual acts of sadism across space and time. I agree that if we don’t turn our attention away–or at least broaden our focus–we run the risk of floating further and further into the state described by Walter Benjamin as “an alienation that has reached such a degree that [mankind] can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order.”
—  maggie nelson, the art of cruelty: a reckoning

i am sick of these sheltered doofuses who think that a small and powerless group of literally the most vilified people on the planet out in montana who can’t even raise enough cash to get a protest permit are a serious problem in this country

literally we’re living in a tyrannical super state empire run by child rapists you fucking idiots

Conclusions, table of one

So, my day got pretty rough towards the end. It only takes one asshat to ruin everything for an empath. We CARRY that shit. So Jane Q Cuntface from State Farm runs a business with THOUSANDS of employees and she deals with vendors and shipping and there is somebody that she can call with magic powers that can tell her where EXACTLY her freight shipment at every given moment (great band name FYI). That fucking person DOES NOT EXIST in the world of freight shipping. Yeah, I get it, your box is PERFECT and you have crushed corners so CLEARLY this must be a return (WTF?!???). Bitch, you see that came from fucking CHINA? You think a fucking Genji manifested it? You never heard of a fucking CARGO ship? You never heard of fucking WAVES? Fuck off. Here’s a coke.

My day spiraled. My lover was gone when the kid got up so he didn’t get his gift until he got home. He finally opened it and eventually I got a “thanks”.

Seriously. I have saved and pinched and researched since Christmas and I got a tiny thanks. Well, I got home and he was watching TV and it was in the box still, and I was pretty sad. Dumb, really. I got him a drone & he’d been eyeballing a much more expensive drone. I told him he could send it back and use it towards the other if he wanted, so he hadn’t opened it.

It’s cool, I reigned in the crazy. We had a great dinner and a fun night at the bar. I came home and came out to the studio to paint. This bitch is pissing me off though. She may quickly become a happy fucking tree (happening now!)

I have a FANTASTIC idea: We replace everybody who is running for President of the United States (all of them) with Jake Gyllenhaal and since Jake Gyllenhaal will be the only candidate, he wins by default. Then our country will be in good hands.

A list of reasons we might want state-run healthcare, in no particular order

1. redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor

2. providing for people with disabilities who lost the birth lottery

3. creating a shared risk pool for people who don’t yet currently consume or plan to consume a lot of healthcare, but who want to reduce risk

4. creating herd immunity to infectious disease

5. giving people an extra push toward preventative services that they might otherwise irrationally neglect

6. ensuring that a hospital that gives emergency treatment to a person without knowing whether they have a healthcare plan will always be paid for doing so

7. ensuring that no one is denied any healthcare that they need, ever

8. dealing with information asymmetries that might otherwise cause people to overspend or overconsume

9. ensuring that people who are involuntarily committed don’t have to pay for it

10. redistribution of wealth from the young to the old

1 and 3 can be accomplished reasonably well via the free market. 2 is a good way of partially replacing things like disability checks since healthy scammers don’t get any benefit out of pretending to need wheelchairs. 4 is probably doable with subsidies of some kind, but difficult without government involvement of some kind. 5 would also benefit from subsidies, subsidies don’t solve time preferences, trivial inconveniences, or lack of knowledge about available services. 6 and its fallout seem to be the cause of many headaches in healthcare economics, and there’s probably no good solution that everyone will be happy with. 7 is unrealistic; even if we devoted 100% of GDP toward healthcare we would still have people slip through the cracks, and it’s very difficult to tell who can be helped efficiently, who can’t be helped, who doesn’t need help, and who is just too expensive to treat. It’s especially hard when no one wants to admit the existence of the last category. 8 is also a really hard problem inherent to healthcare economics that I don’t know how to fix. 9 shouldn’t exist in the first place, but is good harm reduction. 10 shouldn’t exist either, and does not constitute any form of harm reduction. This is realistically where all our ineffective tax dollars are going, which is unfortunate because there’s no political will to stop it.

I’ll keep you forever 7

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Cas wasted no time in returning back home. When he appeared into living room of the bunker both Sam and Dean looked up at him clearly surprised

“Hey its our favorite angel. Decided to grace us with your holy presence?”

Dean asked with a smirk but froze seeing how beat up Cas looked.

“Dude are you ok?”

Cas nodded.

“I’m fine. I’ve looked worse now where is Ava?”

Sam and Dean exchanged glances.

“She went out with some of her college friends but we are good.”

Sam stated. Cas sighed running a hand through his hair.

“You let her go out without one of you?! Really? Where is Rosie?”

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1x01 || 2x01 || 3x01 || 4x01

So this is the first tarot spread I’ve ever created, and I made it for a very dear friend of mine, named Kate. She’s graciously given permission for me to post it on this blog, so here we are!

Come Running Home Again, Katie

Card 1: How is my state right now? What positive or negative aspects of myself are coming forward currently?

Card 2: What can I use from my present situation?

Card 3: What needs to be left behind as I move forward? What have I learned from this?

Card 4: What opportunties are presenting themselves? How should I approach the paths available to me?

Card 5: What piece of advice should I cling to in the near future?

Card 6: What should I use to ground myself? What can I rely on for strength?

Card 7: What can I look forward towards? What will give me hope?

Please don’t remove this caption!

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im against the state too but since it exists should peple still be helped? its imature for someone to think we shouldnt help people bc they protested the pres :/

Yeah, definitely, and that’s kinda the usual anarchist position, it just seems kinda…I don’t wanna say beneath us, but like? When we’re talking about abolishing the state and capital and running shit ourselves, debates over taxes and dam maintenance seem kinda petty.

Finite State Machine

Recoded the game to work with a Finite State Machine(FSM).  This type of development allows for all the events in the game to be created as separate entities or ‘states’.  We can have a run state, attack state, jump state, takeDamage state etc.  

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Sousuke’s Death and The Guitar’s Serenade

Kudos to @redasatomato for completely and utterly destroying me with this.

Okay so, take a look at the lyrics.

The stand out lines are the last two verses: Sousuke died in a fire while performing, and

bro tended to perform with an acoustic guitar (just like this song was performed with).  Since it was a performance, the guitar likely burned up with him.

The other lyrics though….verse one is a first meeting.  Verse two could be about how short-lived their love was; they were only married a year, after all.

Outside canon, I almost wouldn’t be surprised if they took inspiration for Sousuke’s scenario and death from this song.

In canon, though, we run into a weird problem.  It’s stated explicitly in 4-3 that Lamiroir wrote the song for Klavier’s lyrics.  Sure, Lamiroir was amnesiac anyway, but it would have created an interesting situation where she was subconsciously recalling things.  One other option that still exists is that his lyrics hit close to home for her, which easily allowed her to write a melody for a guitar when usually her songs don’t use one….or maybe recall a melody she had heard a long time ago.  There’s also the idea that they talked about the song and lyrics together, and Klavier used their conversations as inspiration.

Either way, This Isn’t Fair.


Fun Weekend

Last night we went to fundraiser dinner and were instructed to wear our ‘Summer Finery’. Apparently that doesn’t mean my newest race shirt. We left early because this morning we ran the MN State Fair Milk Run 5K.

Yesterday’s wet 17 miler left me sore at the starting line and I started too far back so my first mile was a little slow. The second and third mile were good enough to get me 9th place in my age group. Surprisingly, my time would also have been good enough for 9th in the 25 yr old age group.

After the race we wandered around the fair, ate some junk food, met a goat and even watched draft horses barrel race (spoiler alert, they’re slow).

Bernie Sanders draws nearly 10,000 supporters - CNNPolitics.com
Bernie Sanders has been running for president for two months, but Wednesday night in Madison, Wisconsin, his long-shot campaign got real.
By Dan Merica, CNN

Bernie Sanders has been running for president for two months, but Wednesday night in Madison, Wisconsin, his long-shot campaign got real. When Sanders walked on stage at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, he was greeted by a raucous, howling crowd of 9,600 people, according to Sanders’ campaign aides and arena staff.

A clearly energized Sanders, who late last year was speaking to crowds of 50 people in Iowa classrooms, appeared taken aback by the reception he received.

“Whoa,” he said. “In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of people here.”

Sanders’ campaign has been organizing the event for weeks, but just recently started telling reporters that 9,000 people signed up to attend. “Tonight we have made a little bit of history,” he said. “You may know that some 25 candidates are running for president of the United States, but tonight we have more people at a meeting for a candidate for president of the United States than any other candidate has.”