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Request: Hey doll :) Can you please do an imagine where you work for shield but are on a Undercover Mission to free Bucky. You visit him everyday before he gets the electro Shocks but he never Forgets you. So one day you’re finally able to free him and you nearly escape both, when Hydra finds out. You then shove bucky out of the building as the agents shot and hit you. Bucky sees you breaking down and screams your Name and decides to safe you before you both are rescued from Fury and he never leaves you.

Warnings: maybe angst? Swearing, the usual :)

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   You wince softly as you gingerly operate on Bucky’s arm, the metal plating having been damaged on his last mission. 

   You’d been ‘recruited’ for Hydra months ago, little did anyone know you were actually on a Shield mission to save the asset, the winter soldier, Bucky Barnes. You’d been entrusted with the soldier’s safety and that’s why you could operate on him alone without anyone else in the room. You didn’t pump him full of drugs like the other doctors did, you didn’t sedate him whenever he got dangerous, he didn’t smack him to bring him back to reality because other than the fact that you couldn’t physically do it you didn’t have to. Bucky was never violent with you, he usually sat still the entire time you worked on him, never really saying anything or doing much so you never had to hurt him. 

   “You’re soft,” The soldier rasps, his voice much more rough than it usually was. “You’re not like the others,” You hum softly as you tweak some wires, litle sparks flying out his arm. 

   “Yeah? What makes you think that?” You smile at him before quickly getting back to work. 

   “You smile at me,” He whispers, cocking his head to the side. “You don’t hit me, you don’t stick needles in me, you’re the only person here who’s ever been kind to me,” 

   “Well,” You whisper as you continue to work, being careful not to bump any of his other wires. “You deserve kindness,” 

   “I’m a machine,” Bucky states, turning his head back ahead, his gaze finally falling from you. “Machines don’t get kindness,” 

   “If you don’t treat a machine well it won’t work, isn’t that how it goes?” Bucky doesn’t answer, merely keeps his gaze straight ahead. “Well, if you don’t treat a human nice it’s going to stop being human and I don’t want that for you,” 

   “Am I human?” Bucky asks, his lips barely moving. With a sigh you put your tools down, smoothing your hand over Bucky’s improved plating. 

   “You’ve got a heart, don’t ya?” Bucky nods, then stops, his lips pursing in thought. 

   “I guess,” You smile a bit, resting your chin on your palm. 

   “You’ve got a brain, right?” Bucky nods again. 

   “Then you’re human Buck, I promise you,” 

   “I don’t feel human,” Bucky whispers, his gaze falling down to his arm. “I don’t know what I am but I’m not- I’m not human,” 

   “I think you are,” You whisper as you check the plating one more time, ensuring that it was well enough for inspection. 

   “I never forget you,” Bucky whispers, his gaze never travelling from his arm. “Even after they wipe me, I don’t forget. I don’t forget the way your hands feel on my skin, or the way you smile at me, I don’t forget your voice or face, I don’t forget you like I forget everyone else,” 

   “Bucky-” You sigh once again, your heart constricting in your throat. 

  “Please don’t tell them,” Bucky looks at you, his eyes full of fear. “You can’t let them know,” 

  “I won’t tell,” You nod your head, giving his hand a gentle squeeze, “ I promise I won’t,” 

   Bucky stares at you for only a moment before he’s nodding, his gaze falling back down to his arm once again. 

   "They’re gonna be back any minute,“ He whispers, his tone bit as emotionless as it was only few moments ago.

    "I know,” you sigh, absentmindedly running your thumb along his hand as you speak. 

    “They’re gonna wipe me again, aren’t they?" 

    "Don’t they always?” You smile at him sadly, your eyes no doubt swimming with emotion. 

    “It hurts.” Bucky states, his tone nearly robotic at this point. “More than anything I’ve ever felt," 

    "I’m sorry Buck,” you whisper, wishing nothing more than to get this poor guy out of here. “I wish there was something I could do to help,” Bucky nods, pursing his lips at the telltale signs of shoes in the hall just outside his cage. “I promise you Bucky, I’m gonna make the pain stop someday,” You let go of his hand as the door to the isolated room opens, putting your facade back on, wouldn’t want hydra knowing you’re a double agent. 

    “Everything’s been fixed,” you state, no hint of emotion in your voice. Pierce smiles at you, gripping your shoulder gently. 

    “You’ve been a good agent (Y/N), very good, nearly as good as the soldier himself,” You cast a glance at Bucky, noticing the way his eyes had taken up that reserved, cold demeanor once more. “Now get out of here, you’re done for the day,” you give him a polite smile and nod, quickly exiting before they started clearing Bucky’s mind once again. 

   You tried to walk down the hall as fast as you could, desperate to get away from them, to go back to your safe house and decompress but no matter how fast you walked you couldn’t seem to escape Bucky’s haunting screams of pain.

    You stayed with Hydra for months after that, always fixing up Bucky, checking some of his diagnostics, even training him a bit. Eventually you became so trusted in hydras eyes that they allowed Bucky to be free around you, no other guards needed. It was a huge mistake on their part, given you were already preparing a plan on how to get the two of you out of here.

    “(Y/N),” Bucky states as he calmly wipes his knife of any blood, not even sparing a glance at the quivering mass of human on the floor. 

    “Yeah Buck?" 

    "You’re thinking about breaking out, aren’t you?” You look up from your clipboard where you’d been measuring how accurately The asset could slit a throat.

    “How did you-”

    “That’s what you meant when you said you were gonna end my pain, right? You were gonna get me out of here?” You bite your lip, nodding hesitantly. “I can help- I know where all the guards are, I know which halls are empty, I can tell you where it’s safe and were it isn’t," 

    "You want to get out of here?”

    “If it’s with you? Yes,” Bucky slides the knife back on a table, each chunk of wood covered in a weapon of sorts.

    “Well?” You lean forward, setting your clipboard aside. “When do we wanna ditch this place?" 

    "You’re sure this is the right hall?” You ask Bucky as the two of you creep through the hydra base, making sure to be extra quiet. 

    “I know the layout of every hydra base on this earth, i know we’re in the right hall,” Bucky places his metal arm in front of you, stopping you dead in your tracks.


    "Shhh,” the soldier warns, placing a finger to his lips. You close your moth, listening intently to whatever it was that had set Bucky off. You strain to hear but there was no mistaking the sound of heavy footfalls in some hall, evidence that now people were hunting you two down, and fast. 

    “Shit,” you whisper, fear bubbling within your chest. 

    “We have to run,” Bucky states coolly as he grabs your hand, yanking you down the hall. 

    “Stop them!” Someone down the hall yells and suddenly the footfalls are getting much, much closer.

    You run just as fast as Bucky, your feet hitting the concrete below you with such force that you could feel your feet ache. The two of you round a corner, two big silver doors before you signaling your way out; you were so close. 

   "Almost there,“ Bucky encourages, not letting go of your hand for one second. You nod your head as you book it towards the exit, freedom so tantalizingly close that you could taste it. But suddenly a shot rang through the air and a crippling pain shot through your chest. With a sudden cry you drop to the ground, causing Bucky to nearly fall as well. His hand still grips yours as you use your free one to clutch at the hole in your chest, blood seeping between your fingers. 

   ”(Y/N)-“ Bucky murmurs, more fear in his eyes than your ever seen before. 

   "Go,” you rasp, your body burning in pain as you speak. “Get out of here," 

   "No,” Bucky growls as he almost effortlessly picks you up, pulling you to his chest. “I’m not leaving you behind," 

    "Bucky, I’m- I’m dead weight at this point-” but Bucky doesn’t even give you a moment to finish before he’s booking it down the hall, only stopping to break the control Panel to the doors. The doors slide open, revealing a few simple grounds, nothing much in sight except for the large black helicopter sitting just a few feet away from the base. 

    “It’s shield,” you rasp, pointing a finger to the copter. “We made it," 

    "Soldier, I demand you stop!” An agent scream, guns firing shot after shot as they attempted to wound one of you. 

    “Are you motherfuckers getting in here or what?” Fury pokes his head out of the small space available for a door. “We don’t have all day,” Bucky rushes towards the helicopter, only stopping to hand you over to Steve’s embrace. Bucky quickly jumps in the copter and not even a second afterwards the pilot takes off, Nat, or a familiar red headed woman who Bucky could’ve sworn he’d seen before. 

    “Shit (Y/N),” Steve curses, his hands ripping open the front of your suit. “You got hit pretty bad," 

    "I know,” you rasp, your chest aching in pain. “I told Bucky to just leave me behind but he refused,” Bucky nods, his gaze trained in on your face. “We made it Bucky,” you reach up, grasping his metal hand a bit. “You’re safe now,” Bucky nods, lifting your hand to rub his cheek against it, a sweet gesture that had you melting on the inside. “We’re safe," 

 ~2 years later~

    "Bucky!” You call out to your fiancée who seemed to be having trouble getting out of bed.

    It’s been two tears since your days of hydra and things couldn’t be better, you had your own home, a nice one too, you didn’t have to worry about hydra breathing down your necks at all times, Bucky had finally gotten his memory back and he never, ever forgot you. Even when he’d forgotten his own name, or how is mother had died, he’d never forgotten you, just like he told you that fateful day. With a reminiscent smile you flip a pancake, hollering to Bucky once again. 

    “Bucky come on! I made pancakes and coffee!" 

    "I’m comin’, I’m comin’,” Bucky chuckles as he sleepily wipes at his eyes, his feet slowly but steadily carrying him to your side. He wraps his metal arm around your waist as he presses a kiss to Your neck, his stubble tickling you softly. “Thanks doll,” Bucky murmurs, causing you to giggle just a bit.

    Bucky’s lips slip over to your scar, a good sized bullet hole that had scarred over, leaving behind bumpy, white flesh. “I’m going tux shopping with Steve today,” Bucky whispers, his lips still gently pressed to your skin. You hum softly as Bucky kisses his way back up your neck, stopping just below your ear. “But after that I thought we could go to that record store you wanted to look at,” you nod your head, a small smile working it’s way up to your lips. 

    “I’d love that,” Bucky hums this time as his free arm reaches out to play with the ring on your finger, a simple band, nothing too fancy, but simple and elegant.

    “I love you,” Bucky murmurs against you, tucking his face back against your neck. 

    “I love you too Buck,” Bucky’s arm tightens around you as you flip a pancake, smirking proudly to yourself as you flipped it perfectly.

    Bucky purses his lips in thought, a small humming noise issuing from the back of his throat. 

    “What’s on your mind?” You ask as you scoop more pancake batter onto the skillet, listening to the oils sizzle and pop. 

    “I was just thinking…can we have pancakes at the wedding?”

I believe that obsessive contemplation of our inhumanities can end up convincing us of the inevitability of our badness, and that we likely do ourselves a grave disservice by staying riveted by top-of-the-hour, ad nauseam “proof” that humans always have steadily pursued (and, the spurious logic goes, thus always will pursue) the bloody businesses of genocide, state-sponsored war, terrorism, and individual acts of sadism across space and time. I agree that if we don’t turn our attention away–or at least broaden our focus–we run the risk of floating further and further into the state described by Walter Benjamin as “an alienation that has reached such a degree that [mankind] can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order.”
—  maggie nelson, the art of cruelty: a reckoning
Overtime at the Office (SMDR x Reader) Part 2

Pairing: Democratic Republicans x Reader

AN: So part 2 is finally here! I tried my best to make it good and if I get enough positive responses I’ll do a part 3 (though I probably going to make one regardless). I tried to make it kinky as I could with what I had and stay true to the characters’ personalities. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!

WARNINGS: NSFW!!! D/S relationship, Toe Sucking, Submission, Spanking, Oral Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex, Tit-fucking, slight m/m, Language, Just overall smuttieness
You sat anxiously in a brown cowhide seat in Mr Jefferson’s office, James and Aaron were roosted on either side of you, their butts situated on the wide armrests. The entryway behind you opened and shut, the lock clicking into place. His delicate strides were peculiarly loud in the room as your nerves conveyed your body to a bizarre and destitute tremble.

Mr Jefferson strolled around before us and sat upon his work area.

“So, Teamwork…” he stated, and started to fix his tie, slipping it out through his neckline and grasping it. “(Y/N), you’ve been working here for about a year now. ” He grinned as he looked at you.

“Yes, sir.” you stated, wringing your hands. Your were still extremely horny, James and Aaron’s teasing still effecting you.

“I’ve been watching you, keeping a close eye on you, and you enjoyed what you saw. ”He gestured to James and Aaron. “Actually, I think we as a whole like what we see.” He looked from James to Aaron.

“I couldn’t agree with you more, Thomas.” James said, beside you, Aaron nodded his own accord, a sly smile gracing his great looking features.

“Excellent, then what I propose, gentlemen and lady, is that we do a few ‘team-building’ activities concentrating on ‘collaboration’.“ He grinned, leaning forward and running a hand along your jaw. You felt a uniquely pleasurable shiver go through your body.

“Is that all right with you, (Y/N)?” he asked, lifting your face to look at him. You smiled softly.

“That is fine, Mr Jefferson.” You stated, your voice trembling with energy. You could see the lump in his magenta pants from where you sat, it was essentially in your face.

“Good girl.” He chimed, straightening up and appearing to tower over you.

“Starting now, you will refer to Aaron and James as ‘Sir A & Sir J’ and you will call me ‘Master’, is that understood?” He asked you.

“Yes Si—Master.” You said, quickly correcting myself.

“If at any time you wish to stop, say the safe word, 'Election’. We’ll stop everything and make sure you are okay and after that you will be brought home.“ He pulled the silk tie through his hands, before he got a handle on the tie once more, pulling it through his hand and repeating the steps, as though he were euphorically foreseeing the night to come.

"This first exercise, will be one of trust.” He stated, pulling his tie tight and pushing ahead. Mr Jefferson wrapped it around your eyes, hindering your vision.

“You have to put stock in your colleagues and your manager to recognize what you require.” His voice talked near your ear. You gulped apprehensively and nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Master.” You said, voice scarcely over a whisper.

“Now some matters need to be handled delicately………”

You heard and felt the developments adjacent to you as the men in the room started to strip. At that point warm hands grasped your arms, pulling you upright to your feet. You felt energized, somewhat uncertain yet at the same time you felt protected, confiding in the men around you and your own sensibility when it went to your very own solace levels.

You’re garments was gradually, alluringly expelled until you remained in your bra, undies, thigh-high leggings and high heels. Grateful mumbles escaped from the men as they appreciated your body. Fingertips kept running along the lines of your collarbone, down over the highest points of your bosoms. Three sets of hands touched the trembling skin of your arm and legs, the bends of your butt and bosom, running over the hard buds of your nipples that were still dressed by your bra.

You moaned as you felt lips wrap around one of your wet lace covered buds, while a tongue slowly continued running over the curve of your neck. Your right foot was raised and you felt the heel being removed, the stocking peeled down your smooth leg along with your panties.

Your breath hitched in your throat as you felt two hands, ones you greatly suspected belonged to whoever’s lips were on your chest, undo your bra, while a different pair of lips kissed your now uncovered foot, the tongue between them slipping out to lick your toes before the lips enveloped your big toe into his warm wet mouth.

You didn’t think that you’d ever have your toes sucked, let alone by the most attractive man at the firm. You never saw the appeal or pleasure of doing it. Holy hell were you wrong, it was such a debauched feeling, scores of stimulating shudders wound inside the lower part of your waist, traveling directly to your wetness.

You panted as the bra was pulled far from your body, the cool air from the workplace’s mechanical aerating and cooling unit making your nipples become harder with excitement. The hot mouth discovered its way back to its objective, sucking, nipping and tenderly gnawing at the hard bud that he had attended to with relish. You shuddered as the mouth at your neck brushed his teeth along your skin, hitting a tender place that made your pussy weep and want.

The man’s hands palm your breasts. He tweaks both your nipples, then soothes. Harsh, then gentle. You’ve done rough, and you’ve done sweet, but never so close together. His soft touches tells you that your surprise expression was noticed. Then he twists harder, pulls at your stiffened peaks until you gasp.

“Lovely,” he rumbles. To escape the pain, you strongly hold the desk’s edge…And it turns him on. It’s sick. Twisted. You love it. He does it again. Your face is burning from the pain, and when your mouth opens in a wordless cry, someone sticks his tongue in your mouth and kisses you.

Whoever it was, he was a good kisser. Soft lips, a firm tongue. Not too wet… just enough so that his tongue slides smoothly between your lips. He explores your mouth, and you moan. Heat races to your center, wetness building. You feel it dribble out of you, and then hands are there, touching your slit, which is accessible because of your pose and groan as each mouth drew your body into a free for all of sensation. The mouth on your neck climbing to your ear.

“……Then there are situations that require a rougher touch to get the point across.”

You hear a slight metallic clank.

“Hold her down,” Jefferson commands, and soon paw-sized hands wrap around your wrists. You frantically look around, silently pleading, but the tie is still covering your eyes, so you couldn’t tell what was happening.

There’s a high whistling sound, and then the belt’s strap smacks across your buttocks. For a moment you didn’t feel anything.

And then the pain hit.

It didn’t hurt that bad, but then the second strike came, a second scream—louder but less surprised—then your wrists were released .

“You will be fucked so damn hard, (Y/N). We’ll make you come so hard and so much that you’ll learn the importance of the word 'cooperation’.” Mr Jefferson ground in your ear. His words making you shudder in sensual expectation.

“Yes… Master… ” You mumbled as you felt his hand come to down, stroking your free breasts, you shook as his hand traveled down over your stomach to the space between your thighs where he slipped his fingers over your sensitive wetness. You heard his moan of gratefulness thundering through his chest while James’s and Aaron’s wet tongues proceeded with their strike on your feet and breast.

“Fellows, we should really get our little sub set up, shouldn’t we?” he stated, running his fingers over your pussy as you groaned your thankfulness.

You were picked up and laid flat on Mr Jefferson’s desk. Your bare skin taking in the coldness of the wooden work area, and heating it with your own inner warmth. Your stinging rear end and wetness left hanging over the end and feet planted the floor.

You felt solid hands lift your hips so that your feet were elevated with just your toes touching the carpet. You felt hands massaging along your back and over the round cheeks of your butt. The touches emitting shudders and shocks of painful pleasure through your body, you groaned, just to be quieted tenderly with a stroke of your hair.

“Quiet now, darling. Let us get to the main event.” Mr Jeffer–Master said.

“Sir J and Sir A will deal with you for some time, while I watch. Then I can have my time with you.” Master’s voice floated away from you as his strides pounded delicately on the floor. You could hear him take a seat on the cowhide seat that you had possessed not ten minutes back. Your hands were taken and tied behind your back, Aaron pressed his lips against your shoulder.

“Let us know if it’s too much or if you want us to stop, (Y/N)… ” he whispered, then drew his tongue over your delicate flesh. You’d had no clue that the three bosses were so dominant, it made your pussy throb with desire as you thought of all the depraved things they wanted to do to your body.

Something you’d never at any point thought you’d do was submit yourself to such sinful delight, but here you were, tied, bound, and twisted over your supervisor’s work area while he watched his two partners set themselves up to utilize you as their sexual plaything. And fuck if it wasn’t one of your most erotic dreams brought to life.

“Oh my god!” you screamed, amazed by the skillful tongue lapping at your wet folds. You yipped in delight and then let it transform into erotic pants as the tongue licked across your labia.

“How does she taste, A?” James asked, and you realized that it must be Aaron who was expertly eating you out and making your legs gooey.

“She has got the tastiest little pussy, J.” Aaron said, running his tongue along your folds again, similar to a man biting the dust of thirst and just your juices could keep him alive. You held your hands together as you groaned, the beats of sensation going through your clit up to your center and back once more, after the long tongue that dove inside your pussy.

You started to gasp and groan as you felt your peak rising.

You felt James moving behind your body, Aaron was stooping between your legs, his nose squeezed hard against the delicate skin of your pussy, while his tongue prepped your body. You could detect the warmth of his breath each time he inhaled out through his nose, he breathed in your sex profoundly with every inward breath. As though he was a man kept from oxygen, he took in your musk. You felt James’ warm hands press against your rear end cheeks, isolating them.

“Such a delightful, delicious looking ass… Remember how I said I would eat it, (Y/N)?” he asked, you could feel him dropping himself down so his face was level with your rear end while Aaron dragged his tongue from the base of your opening to the tip of your clitoris, pushing aside the hood with his tongue to uncover the touchy bud that settled there. You heaved and shouted out with enthusiasm as you felt the climatic surge building.

“Do you remember, (Y/N)?” James asked, his hand ascending from your cheek and after that catching a hard roar as he spanked you. Clearly demanding an answer.

“Yes… ” You ground out.

“Yes, What?” he asked, giving you another harsh slap.

“Yes, Sir J!” You shouted out. You could feel Aaron’s tongue plunging inside you, face-fucking your pussy with energy. You moaned as you felt everything tense up, your midsection, your pussy, your heart, in reality your whole accursed body was shuddering as you felt the climax work to its top.

Right as you came, you felt James’ tongue slide over your butt hole, and more shockingly, inside your ass. You shook wildly, riding the sweet delight as Aaron pushed you over the edge. Your juices spilling out of your sensitive lips and into his mouth, which he slurped at ravenously while James did as said earlier and ate out butt, his tongue slipping past the tight ring. You shouted out over and over as another moment climax tore through you.

Aaron gave your pussy one last lick before he got to his feet. James wrapped up as well, twisting his tongue up inside you and stimulating your insides.

He pulled away and you groaned with the misfortune of losing the touch of his tongue. You heard Mr Jefferson get up from the seat behind you, and quickly felt his strong hands on each of your butt cheeks.

You felt him stand over and run his unpleasant tongue over your back. “A remarkable little moaner and screamer, aren’t you?” he laughed. You felt his hands trail along your back as he pressed his hard cock against your sobbing groin. You groaned, needing him inside you. You could feel his amazing size squeezing against your wanting crotch.

“Ahh, you need my dick do you, (Y/N)?” He asked, his voice brutal with desire.

“Yes, please… ” You yowled.

“Please… what?” His voice had a tone of threat in it

“Please give me your dick, Mr Jeff—.” You said submissively. A belt wallops your ass again, three times in quick succession. You cry out again. “ Sorry….I mean, please give me your dick, Master.”

You felt his hands moving and heard his pants being unzipped and the ripping sound of a condom wrapper. The delicate hisses as he touched himself, expelling his dick from the confines of his attire, lining his cock up with your pussy. Relieved and desperate, you push your hips back; if Master is fucking you, he won’t be able to smack you with the belt.…right?

“Sir J, kindly set yourself up before her, you may take her breasts and use them while I take her from behind.” His words sent a shudder down to your center and your pussy started to sob in excitement once more. You felt the blindfold being removed and you squinted a couple times as the light returned to your eyes.

The workplace lighting had been turned down, outside the cityscape was excellent. Glowing signs and those of the workplaces where the cleaning staff were working were glowing bright. The windows were reflected somewhat, so nobody could see in and watch what you were doing, yet it felt shameful with simply the prospect that somebody may watch what the four of you were doing at the moment.

Your considerations ended up noticeably scattered when Mr Jefferson squeezed the tip of his dick against your passage and ran it through your wet folds, covering it with your juices. You shrieked out a he pushed forward, hard. Piercing you deep.

You felt him poke against your cervix as he hammered in with more force, his voice moaning behind you as James sat on the edge of the desk, your breasts squishing against his hardened rod.

You felt his hands stroke the outside bends of your tits, squeezing against them, squashing them against his dick. You panted as Mr Jefferson drove himself into you, pounding ceaselessly, his balls hitting against your clit as your breasts gave James a decent rubbing.

Aaron, not one to be forgotten, moved up over James’ body, bowing on the desk, his hands are on the back of your head, and slamming his cock into your open mouth. You barely have time to open your mouth before he slams his cock deeper down your throat. He’s even longer than you’d realized, and so deep that he’s cutting off your airway. Though your lips are stretched wide around the base, he continues to force himself into you.

You took it avariciously, your tongue licking at the head as each push of your master’s dick pushed your mouth further onto Aaron’s shaft. For a fast moment he pulls halfway out, then he slams home again. You don’t attempt to control your breathing; he’s not the only one who has aggressions to work out. If you can get him off in a minute or two, that’s perfect. He’ll be down and out, and you’ll regain some composure then.

Your plan was immediately thwarted by James’ hard dick pushing against your cheek, needing some consideration also. You could notice his manly musk just for a moment before Aaron hauls out and pushes your head onto James’ cock. He controls your head on, making you fuck James’ fast, then slow, then fast. Then he shoves your face onto his own dick again, and the sounds of male satisfaction fill the room.

Mr Jefferson slams you hard, forcing you even deeper onto James. All of these men are close to orgasm. You can feel it in Jefferson’s fucking, and you can taste it on the two cocks you’re being forced to suck in shift.

Then Aaron moves back. You weren’t able to see what he’s doing because James is schooling you on his dick. He was humongous and hard as steel. It was one the biggest cocks you’ve ever seen, bigger than your wrist. Mouthwatering.

Miraculously, you were handling three-quarters of it. Though you can’t take credit for it; he pushed himself in there. There’s nothing lovely or provocative about it. You were a choking, gagging mess, and your body continued going firm in frenzy, which made Jefferson fuck you much harder.

“Great job, (Y/N),“ James calms as he releases your head. However, before you can pull away, he tenderly strokes your hair. "Remain here,” he states. “Long as you can. Hold your breath for me, suffer for me.”

So you do what he asks, sucking softly on his cock, attempting to swallow. All that does is massage him further. While your inexperienced with kink at this level, the three men know precisely what they’re doing. They have every advantage. Your not powerless, but rather here, in Mr Jefferson’s costly office, encompassed by your flawless managers. Your… flexible. For security, all you have is single word.

You’d be defenseless before even one of these men, regardless of the possibility that they weren’t so strong. They’re capable, and they’re rich. They could get you, purchase your life, your reality. Or, then again they could take you the way they have, stripping you down, making you suck and fuck them, spanking you till agony swung to delight.

He holds you deep on his cock, and you can feel the softness of the plump head in your throat, the pulsing of the twisted veins, the rigidity of the long, curved shaft. Truth be told, he has a gorgeous cock, both to look at and to suck. And you suspect he knows how to use it, though you doubted you’d ever get to experience it beyond rough oral…until later.

Mr Jefferson pushed himself all the way into your smooth pussy, and he’s not moving. After a couple of minutes, whatever you can feel is the vibe of being full. It makes your legs tremble in expectation…and stress that he’ll stop.

You run out breath yet continue attempting to suck James. With him not moving, you can feel his heartbeat all around your mouth. That is how extended around him you are. You need to satisfy him. It’s the first run through in years that you’ve minded what another person considers, and there’s no clarification for it; not like you had a profound discussion that persuaded you that James ought to be somebody critical in your life.

It was all in the way he fucked your mouth, utilizing you, pushing you far past your limits however gently guarding you to make sure you’re okay.

You groan, realizing that the vibrations in your throat turn him on, push him nearer to the climax that will release both of you. Tears are running down your face. In the event that anybody had strolled in on us at this moment, they’d either start running, or be so damned stimulated that they’d be asking to join you.

Your salivation spilled out of your mouth as you proceeded with the exceptionally sloppy blowjob, behind you, Mr Jefferson growled, your still-bound hands reaching down to caress his abdomen, right above where his cock extended from his delicious body. He groaned harder and pumped with incensed surrender as your tits rubbed the wooden surface in a craze, you felt his cock stiffen, and after that felt his tongue lick your ear…

“Look at them! Look at what James and Aaron are doing while I fuck you!” He quietly commanded as he angled your face with his strong hands. You hadn’t realized that James was also making out with Aaron and pumping him as your mouth pleasured him…No wonder the moaning and groaning was so loud.

You had no clue that James and Aaron had that sort of relationship… it was indeed a night of disclosures. For every one of us.

Mr Jefferson slams into you so hard that you have to hold onto the desk. It makes your legs tremble as you tighten around him. He sputters out a moan as you shout out your climax. You felt his hot cum surging inside the condom, right as James’ voice joined in a rough thunder, his own cum spilling into your mouth. You gulped it down like a good little sub, groaning at the hot, musky taste of it. Aaron came all over your chest and his stomach seconds later. The sticky hot seed covering your skin.

Mr Jefferson pumped himself into you a couple of more times, draining his seed inside you before he hauled out and hurled the utilized elastic in the junk can beside his work area. His hands touching your trembling ass and helping you up. You shuddered with the sensations as your body descended from the peak. Even as James gradually hauls out of your mouth, you need to concede that you felt protected. He has faultless control.

“That was great,” he says. “Not a lot of people can take that much me.”

“Thanks for the compliment, Sir J.” You say, massaging your soar jaw. “But can I have a breather please?”

Before you can ask for a breather or if they’re going for another round of debauchery, Mr Jefferson lifts you up and carries your limp body into his executive lavatory. Inside, it had a shower, which was obviously a perk of being the boss.

You lay in his solid arms, feeling secured and tended to while he turns on the hot water and sets it to an agreeable temperature. He washes your body, dealing with your pussy and ass, before he squeezed you against the tiles and runs his tongue between your ass cheeks once more. You feel his fingers circling the front of your body, slipping into your cunt as he gave you a good rimming.

Your groans were punctuated by little heaves of joy as he made you ride the rushes of rapture that he commanded from your body. When he had completed, he had you poor and aching once more, how much more could you be able to take from these men?

“Are you ready for some more?” Mr Jefferson asks from his position between your legs, his stubble tickling your inner thighs.

You were definitely willing to find out.

i suppose

as requested… hope you like it!! xx.


i twist my body to see c/n with a smirk on his face.
he winks.
“…” i squint at him, knowing exactly what he wants.
he leans in to whisper in my ear, “i was thinking, maybe we could get another drink then, i dunno, head upstairs or…”
i bite my lower lip casually and slide closer to him.
“come on y/n, pleeeease?”
“maybe if you beg a little more.” i joke, grabbing his hand to lead him to the kitchen.
“y/n!!!” he laughs, drawing out my name.
“c/n!!!!” i mock, giggling and pouring more lemonade and vodka in my cup.
“what will it be for you, mr. c/l/n?” i wink.
he smirks, “i’ll have a(n) y/n, please.”
“ahh, cheeky aren’t you.”
he shrugs.
“being the incredible mixologist i am, i’ll have to grant your request.” i state, taking his hand in mine again.

we run up the stairs littered with solo cups and bits of everything to get to a room.
“fuck, it’s locked.” i say, turning around.
c/n goes to the next room.
“locked.” he says, pouting. i kiss his adorable little sad face before moving on to the next room. he grabs my bum as i walk past.
“hey.” i laugh, “you know the rules.”
“yeah, yeah.” he smiles, following me.
“ugh! locked! again!” i say, annoyed.
“hey…” c/n picks me up and opens a door.
“you found one!” i giggle, the alcohol slightly controlling me.
he cocks his head to the side in a sort of questionable way.
“we’ll try something new tonight.” he responds, shutting the door and locking it.
“are we in a fucking closet?” i whisper, my lips grazing over his neck.
“yes we are, y/n. and you’re about to have the best closet sex of your life.” he removes my shirt, our lips attaching. pushing my back against the wall, his lips travel to my jaw, behind my ear, and down my neck. instinctively, my fingers weave into his locks.
“jump.” he hums against my neck. i hop up for him to catch my bum, his face between my boobs. i pull his shirt off as he keeps me steady with his arms above his head.
“damn boy, that takes skill.” i laugh, pulling him in closer.
“i’m a skillful lad.” he winks.

my leggings are slid down my legs, then dropped to the ground along with my underwear. i reach down to unzip his jeans and push them down with my feet.
c/n smiles whilst kissing me.
“i’m a skillful girl.” i wink.

i gasp as a finger slides up my center. he continues his motion, slowly picking up the pace. my hands crawl down his back then meet just below his belly button. they trace patterns before dropping to the hem of his underwear, pushing them down. i take him in my hands and pull slightly.
“mmm…” he moans against my skin.
“c/n i want you.”
“as you wish.” he says, and aligns himself before thrusting in.
“ho-ly shit, babe.” i whisper through clenched teeth.
“you don’t… have… to be… quiet.” he says between thrusts, “its… really loud… out there.”
i nod, but continue my silence.
his pace quickens, pounding me against the wall harder.
“yes… y/n. you feel… so… fucking… good.”
my nails scrape his back as his thrusts start to get sloppy. the knot in my abdomen keeps growing with each circle he draws on my clit. my thighs begin to shake.
“still good?” he asks, lips attaching to mine once again.
“mm…” i moan, eyes shut in bliss.
“i’m… almost there… baby.”
my heart rate speeds up as he lets out a groan, climaxing.
“fuck, y/n, i love you.” he says, our sweaty bodies continuing to press together.
my mouth opens slightly as i squeeze his biceps, beginning my finish.
“i love you too.”
he continues to thrust, finishing his orgasm as i ride mine out. he pulls out and our lips collide passionately. still pressed against the wall, he sets me down. his hands cup my face, our lips moving in sync. i push him back slightly, then down so he’s sitting on the floor. i climb on top of his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck, my boobs pressing against his chest.

we pull apart to breathe just as the door handle jiggles, producing a giggle from both of us.
“i suppose everyone’s eager.” i wink with a smile.
“i suppose you’re right.”

Into The Badlands

All quotes taken from Season One.

“Nobody is innocent here.”
“They’re my family.”
“Your future has begun.”
“Let’s see what he’s made of.”
“I’m beyond jealousy at this point.”
“He’s stronger than you think.”
“I have always protected him.”
“Don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt. I know it does.”
“I’m pregnant.”
“I need the truth.”
“I should kill you where you stand.”
“I never had a choice. Now you do.”
“If I came here to kill you, we wouldn’t be talking.”
“Come back. Let’s start over.”
“You make a habit of spying on people?”
“You stink.”
“There’s nothing special about me.”
“I am trying to save her life.”
“An enemy is anyone I name.”
“You can never outrun who you are.”
“We need to send a message.”
“No one comes after my family.”
“We both know I was doing you a favor.”
“I am not the enemy.”
“I understand more than you think.”
“You wanted to fight. Now fight.”
“You underestimate your enemy in a battle; odds are you won’t live to see another.”
“I’ll have to find a proper way to repay you.”
“I’d rather have you hate me for the rest of your life than stand over your grave.”
“Do you really have such little faith in me?”
“This particular tradition is one I think we should change.”
“Why would we cater to a group of rivals that wish us dead?”
“Focus. Fight through it. Don’t let it control you.”
“I don’t think of her that way.”
“Did you even know I was gone?”
“Don’t compare me to her!”
“You think going to a new place will change who you are?”
“I pulled myself up. No one helped me.”
“Lead them.”
“Why the sudden burst of curiosity?”
“I’m finally seeing things clearer. Realizing who I can count on and who I can’t.”
“You didn’t come here to reminisce about the bad old days.”
“Your resting state is war.”
“We could run away together.”
“It’s always gonna be me and you. I will be by your side when the wolves reach our door, howling for your blood.”
“Don’t do this. I’m innocent!”
“You really are a stupid, petulant boy, aren’t you?”
“We have a traitor in our midst.”
“I have no reason to hurt you. In fact, we both want the same thing.”
“I have nowhere else to go.”
“You don’t fix it by running. You fix it by fighting.”
“Because he’s arrogant and old.”
“You decide your own future.”
“You always told me power is taken. Well, I finally listened.”
“The journey has just begun.”

DAY 3266

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Mar 8/9,  2017                   Wed/Thu 1:33 am

Birthday - EF - Altaf Ali Kondkar …..    Thu, March 9 .. happy birthday to Altaf Ali on his birthday .. have a good one and accept our wishes .. with love ..

The days are getting run over by time and state .. and so we have to be careful when what DAY goes out .. it has happened today and shall perhaps give rise to another DAY blog tonight .. bear with me ..

The amount of information and articles and opinions and specifics of situations that one comes across these days, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to have concentrated direction on a topic of choice .. for the choice itself runs into many choices .. and that is when we get invaded by what is generally referred to as confusion .. nothing remains permanently .. the different views are so diverse for the same topic, that by the time you reach some kind of conclusive decision .. another decision takes over the brain and the territory it inhabits …

Is it just me or with others as well that .. when we watch a serial on Tv we tend to start behaving like some of the characters that enact those episodes .. watching a thriller you start devising your own little Sherlock Homes .. a comedy includes ridiculous reactions .. the domesticity looks at you strangely .. a regal period drama instantly converts you to Kings and subjects and Palaces and battles ..

Right now I am a mix of a comedic suspense in regal repose .. !!  Which in more simpler terms means there are 3 serials running simultaneously and at times with a bit of luck there is the sporting channel, bringing up reason to celebrate a most dynamic and convincing victory on the cricket field .. ..

But then who said life was devoid of confusion ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Travelin’ Soldier Part 4

Summary: Reader is currently deployed in the army to an undisclosed combat area. She has been deployed for nearly two years. Anxiously awaiting her return is her husband and brother as they film for Supernatural. Letter comes informing the family that she may not be heard from for awhile and soon devastating news comes. In italic bold in the story is lyrics.

Characters: husband!Jensen x Reader, Jared x Reader (Twins), Gen, Shepherd, Thomas and Misha.

Words: 3874

Disclaimer: I do not own the title of the song Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks at all even with the minor change of lyrics to fit the story. I simply thought it could be a little fighting. Not hate towards Danneel either, as this is simply fiction and not real. I do not own any songs in this either.

Warnings: possible swearing, war, mention of death, a lot of angst as usual, FLUFF and rape DO NOT READ IF THE LAST WARNING BOTHERS YOU. IT’S NOT DETAILED BUT YOU CAN CATCH THE MEANING.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging a few at the end. Send an ask to be tagged, or request something.

A/N:  I want to thank you so much for the support you have sent to Ash and I! I apologize in advance at what is in this. Guys the song Travelin’ Soldier came on shuffle…inspiration again.

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War is an inevitable part of society because we instinctively crave destruction, pain, and suffering. People can deny it but it’s a true statement. We tend to forget that behind a gun, grenade, tank, and mask is another human being. We can call them monsters, we can them despicable creatures that deserve to die but they’re humans. We sometimes don’t know right from wrong or wrong from right and that’s fine. It makes us the people we are.

In the position she was currently in she craved the pain to know she’s still alive and fighting. She would admit that her will to fight was starting to waver with the torture they have in all kinds of ways, she was just waiting before the threats towards her family began. The actor label both her husband and brother had was enough to make the captors thirsty for money if they found out.

It was natural end expected shock when her captors opened the door to her dungeon and a small petite girl cautiously walked in. In her hands was a impressive box of medical supples, it seemed they didn’t want her to die. The girl stopped in both shock and fear seeing the amount of dead bodies littering the room. A mother and son on the other side of the room and a little girl in a shell shocked young woman.

“I’m Charlotte.” The girl said shifting uncomfortable on her feet obviously not having being around another female for a long time, “i’m going to patch you up.”

“Whatever.” The lack of tone made Charlotte fear for just a second of her life. The impression aura the girl was giving off with the dead bodies still in the room.

“What’s your name?”

“What’s it matter to you?” Y/N snapped not wanting to get close to some barbie girl living in the wrong world.

“I started out in your position. My father offended these men by giving up one of their own for money. Dad always wanted a lot of money. Instead of taking money, my father gave them me. I was thirteen at the time and then I was married to the leader.” Charlotte said cleaning the wounds on Y/N. Meticulously she made slow swipes being careful to not hurt the girl anymore than she already was.

“Well that sucks.”

“Is America as beautiful as they say it is?” Charlotte questioned focused on sewing one of the worst wounds.

“It depends on who is there to show you around. It’s a big place with scenery to take your breathe away.” Y/N smiled thinking of her country and wished in every cell of her that she could go back.

“I’ve always wanted to go.” Charlotte whispered, “Mom and I are from the States but when I was a baby we moved her. She was going to take me back and live with family.”

Y/N winced from the stab wound was touched, with careful inspection both the girls saw that the wound was infected. With a mumbled curse Charlotte tried her best to follow instructions she had been told by one of the older woman. Everyone in this ring of people were either sold to these people or paying their debts to these people.

“It’s bad isn’t it?” Y/N weakly said emotionally, mentally and physically done with everything that had happened lately. It was painful in every way imaginable, she didn’t know if she would be found but she didn’t want to give up on the promise she made with her family.

“Yeah. They’re known to make sure the weapons they use aren’t clean. There’s no point they don’t expect or desire their victims to live.” Charlotte whispered smiling gently at the physically damaged female.

“I’m not surprised.” Y/N said hitting her head back against the wall, “Why don’t you run away?”

“My husband is a bad person I know. I have something keeping me here, it’s very important to me.”

“It’s not worth it if you’re not happy here.” Y/N urgently stated finding a way to escape, “We can run away, we can to the states and you can have a new life.”

Charlotte hesitated biting her lip hard in deep thought playing with the medical supplies in the first aid kit. Y/N looked down to see that in there was a scalpel, and a pair of sharp medical scissors. She grabbed them and hid them in her boot as Charlotte carefully watched. With a small wavering smile Y/N leant back closing her eyes and ignoring the body laying next to her.

The door banged open to reveal a new member of the sadistic bastards holding her hostage. She watched as Charlotte visibly shivered as if she was scared. The man swaggered in with eyes of a predator stalking its prey. Without much force he threw Charlotte into the wall before dragging her to the middle of the room. The girl was screaming in fear.

“NO! Don’t touch her!” Y/N shouted struggling against the chain around her wrists.

“Mhm. No?” The thick accent made the words almost hard to understand him. The sick smile grew as he looked back at the shaking girl.

“W-What are you doing?! He’ll get angry if you do anything to me!” Charlotte screamed thrashing in the man’s arms.

“He gave me specific instructions sweetie.” The man stated staring at Y/N, “Watching you with the little girl have some insight. You care for young people. Almost too much, this torture will be horrible for and her but fun for me.”

Without another word he slapped the screaming Charlotte sharply while pulling the zipper of his pants down. Y/N’s grew as she realized what was going to happen with her unable to stop him, Charlotte began to sob realizing what was happening too. The panic shattered Y/N as her friend’s pants were viciously torn from the petite girls body along with the modest underwear.

“NO!” Y/N screeched, “Don’t touch her! Leave her alone!”

“Too late.” The man laughed as he continued his assault on the young female.

The room was filled with sickening wet sounds and skin meeting skin along with screams of two traumatized people and a grunting male. Y/N couldn’t take her eyes off the scene not because she was turned on but it was like a car accident. It was impossible not to keeping looking no matter how much she didn’t want to.

Soon everyone in the room heard the rustling of clothing and a zipper going up before the man chuckled again. Leaving the room he whistled ignoring the heavy breathing of two girls breaking down in the worst moment ever.

The onslaught of guilt stacked up from the entire time she had been captive while Charlotte curled into herself shaking not caring about modesty anymore. The choked sobs didn’t stop even as Y/N squeezed her eyes shut trying to go to her happy place with Jensen.

“Why didn’t you stop it.” Charlotte’s voice cracked, “YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED IT!”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Y/N rocked back and forth uncontrollably sobbing wanting to die right there.


They didn’t get together fast in fact it wasn’t until she was being deployed that they met again with a smile. It was in a cafe that Jared and Jensen came to after a successful week off from filming. Sitting at a table in the back corner was a familiar girl in her army fatigues, it had only been couple months since he first saw her. Jared’s smile turned into a grin while he rushed to the table. The girl in question looked up as if in danger, she relaxed seeing who it was.

“Jared!” Y/N smiled standing up to hug him.

Jensen stopped confused about the entire quickly until he thought about the last name of her and Jared. His eyes comically grew larger as he approached.

“Y/N, how are you?” Jensen asked smiling at her. She returned with a grin of her own.

“Jensen! I haven’t seen you in awhile!” Y/N said getting up to quickly hugged him to the confusion of her twin brother.

“You two know each other?” Jared questioned.

“We met in a busy cafe when I was waiting for my flight.” Y/N explained gesturing to the table. The two man had barely sat down before Jared’s phone with off with a picture of his high school best friend.

“I have to take off. Friend is freaking out. I’ll see you guys later!”

“Wait!” Y/N exclaimed making Jared stop, “I guessing you didn’t get my voicemail?”

“What?” Jared questioned.

“Can I talk to you alone?” Y/N asked moving outside calling out she would be back in a minute, once outside she took a deep breathe, “I wasn’t sure when you would be getting back from filming and you don’t answer the phone when you’re working so I left a voicemail.”

“About what?” Jared questioned.

“I’m being deployed. I leave in two hours at the most. You’re the last to know because you didn’t answer the phone.” Y/N admitted tearing up along with her twin. They pulled each other into a hug, “Go help your best friend. He’s in a bad spot right now, his wife died.”

“I know.” Jared’s voice cracked, “I’ll see you in a few months. Hang out with Jensen. I love you twerp.”

With one last hug the twins went in opposite ways. Y/N kept smiling at people giving their gratitude for help their country until she sat down with Jensen.

“I got a question.” Y/N said biting her lip.

“Okay shoot.” Jensen said taking a sip from his coffee. He grinned watching the twinkle in the woman’s eyes.

“I bet you got a girlfriend but I don’t care, I got no one to send a letter to, would you mind if I send one back here to you?” Y/N questioned shyly. Her cheeks turning a rosy pink colour. The blush and words sent Jensen into a mess of butterflies.

“What about your family?” Jensen asked biting his lip.

“It’s hard to share stuff with people that you grew up with.” Y/N sadly smiled, “I’m being deployed and I want someone to lean on.”

“Well consider us pen pals.” Jensen grinned. He knew in that moment he was going to marry this girl.

The coffee was forgotten again in the conversation.


Jensen’s lifted the glass to his lips taking a deep gulp of the mixture in the seedy bar that reminded him of Supernatural. It was the bars that Sam and Dean would go to after a hunt and for the first Jensen couldn’t figure out if he was Dean or Jensen at that moment.

Immediately after they stopped yelling at Sgt. Michaels Jensen had fled the scene to get a drink because he was fucking done with everything. His wedding ring in hand he twirled it around remembering when he proposed and married Y/N.

He had never been in some much agony before as much as he was right now. God he was conflicted because he didn’t know if he wife was going to come even remotely fine. He heard a husky whisper of his name before he turned to the side to see Ellie again. Her eyes shown with the amount of alcohol she must have had.

“Well look what the mouse dragged in…” Ellie giggled, “I think that’s wrong.”

“Yeah it’s a cat.”

“Ooh you want my pussy?” Ellie giggled again. Jensen’s eyes went wide and he began choking on his drink.

“WHAT THE HELL?” Jensen exclaimed blushing at the blunt words, “I’m married!”

“Widowed and Boo is adorable!”

“She’s not dead. We got new she’s not dead. I’m not having sex with you.”

“Aw is it because I’m not skinny as you want?” Ellie pouted slouching in her seat.

“What?” Jensen frowned getting whiplash at her mood, “Uh…you’re pretty and it doesn’t matter what a scale reads. It only matters that you’re a nice and kind person that shouldn’t drink so much.”

“Wanna go to my place.” Ellie winked.

“Look you’re a sweet girl but I’m not the guy for you.” Jensen mumbled patting her hand that had landed a little too high before pushing her hand off.

“I-I don’t feel so good.” Ellie mumbled before leaning to the side and releaseng a shit ton of puke.

“Okay. We should get you home.” Jensen mumbled waving the bartender over, “Can you put her stuff on my tab?”

“Can’t do that. Her father owns the bar, she can have as much as she wants.” The bartender bitterly said wiping the counter down, “Her apartment is upstairs.”

Jensen nodded dragging the plastered girl up the flight of stairs into a nicely furbished loft that was art everywhere. He looked in the living room to be on the coffee table to see that there was a bong sitting there. Ellie giggled trying to kiss the man. He placed her on the couch while dodging the kiss.

“Come os stay.” Ellie slurred.

“No. You’re drunk, I’m married and I don’t like you.” Jensen swiftly replied getting her a glass of water.

“Its not like you’ll have sex with her again. The wife you knew isn’t there anymore, she’s probably been raped.” Ellie giggled, “So what’s stopping you from hitting me?”


Jared was lightly bouncing his daughter cooing up at as he told her a story while Gen was putting the boys to bed.

“Did you know you’re aunt always pushed me into roles. No matter how bad they were she always gave me this glare and would tell me that unless I wasn’t her twin I would be auditioning.  She’s a great person but an even better sister.” Jared kissed the side of her side as she giggled, “She’s the reason I met your mommy.”

“She’s also the one that told me to go for you.” Gen chuckled taking their daughter into her arms, “You’re aunt told, ‘at least one twin should get you and I’m straight as can be so Jared is the answer’ and I was laughing hard.”

Jared let a full fledged laugh out not having heard that before as Gen sent him and wink as she began to go upstairs again.

“I’ll put her to bed. I’m going to have a bath and you’ll write the letter as usual.” Gen chuckled walking up the stairs again leaving her husband to his thoughts. Jared made his way to the kitchen where a binder sat with a pen next to it.

Jared open the highest cupboard where a bottle of alcohol sat, he poured himself a healthy dose before sitting at the table again. He took a sip before opening the binder up to start his new letter. He needed the alcohol because she’s alive and he had to write a letter.

Dear Y/N,

I don’t know how many letter I’ve wrote trying to get my feelings out without hurting someone or drinking. That’s not something I could put any through. I’m nervous about this letter and I had to break out the good alcohol, the first hard stuff we tried as teens.

Today was supposed to be your funeral that had been pushed back before. Sergeant Elias Michaels showed up to inform us of something. They’ve been trailing you for the last little while and under strict order weren’t allowed to tell us. A couple months it turned into a unit, your unit, to rescue you. They’ve left to do so and while I know you’ll come back alive I don’t how you’ll be when you’re back. Jensen freaked out them out of everyone, I had to drag him outside before he assault a government soldier. That wouldn’t have went over well and even though I wanted to beat that guys face in I didn’t. Someone needs to hold everyone together but I’m falling apart instead and I don’t know if i can survive if you die. I love you and I will support you but please come back soon.

I don’t have any other words to be honest because you’ll come back read these letters and laugh at me. I can hear the teasing you would have done if you found me writing letters but you don’t deserve something as impersonal as an email. Come back safe okay?

With Gratitude,

Your twin.


It was the following morning when Charlotte, now a prisoner too, dragged herself to sit next to Y/N, her hands shackled also. They were both silent staring unfocused into the distance with the sound of betrayal in the air. She didn’t know how to approach Charlotte about the man forcing himself on her but she should.

“Do you still have those weapons?” Charlotte’s scratchy voice asked. She hadn’t made a sound other than screaming because the sheer trauma was resting heavily on her shoulders along with the bruises on her lower body already.

“Yes.” Y/N hesitating on why she was asking.

“We need to get out. In my hair is a pin, I’m guessing you know how to pick them?”


With some flexibility Y/N had the pin in her mouth as she patiently waited to clear the click, she wore in her excitement she almost swallowed the pin. Once freed she rubbed her wrists together and quickly helped Charlotte out of them. Grinning the woozy girl cracked stretching as she dug into her boot and pulled out the medical scalpel and scissors.

“Okay you have training and I know you’re close to death but I can’t fight.” Charlotte whispered watching the door carefully.

“I’ll try. You run as fast as you can and get help.” Y/N mumbled nodding her thanks before getting the plan in motion.

Stumbling to the door she wrenched it open to see an empty hall, making use of her she hid the shadows as she moved. She had been about to open the door when the click of guns sounded. She gulped throwing the scalpel behind her hearing the scream before turning.

A man with knife managed to grasp her and stick the knife to her neck intending to split her from ear to ear. She gasped.

“Now now. Boys drop the toys. She’s got heart, I like her. Maybe in a couple months she can be one of us.” The voice said shocking Y/N as if someone had dumped freezing water on her head.


Jensen woke up in a sweat hearing your pleading voice in his head as he panicked before calming down. He was alone and you weren’t dying in front of him. He had taken a nap on the couch because he was exhausted and he would admit a little hungover. He didn’t even notice that Misha was cleaning the mess around the house.

“Hey Jensen.” Misha’s deep voice said as he placed another energy drink can in the garbage bag, “Jared couldn’t come over so he mentioned me coming to visit you. I decided I should clean a little.”

“Uh…thanks.” Jensen mumbled stretching, “Was I screaming?”

“No. You jerked a few times but I thought it would be best if you slept longer.”

“I don’t want to sleep. Wake me up next time, I’m taking a shower.” Jensen exclaimed storming out of the room to the bathroom where he had last had you in there.


You were practically cackling as your husband playfully bit your shoulder as you tried to finishing wash up in the shower. He wasn’t having that and inside was trying to seduce you into shower sex again. You couldn’t stop giggling but you were absolutely having trouble not giving in.

“J!” You laughed, “Stop! We have dinner with your parents!”

“They can wait half an hour longer. I want to have my way with my wife.” Jensen huskily said into your ear. His hand barely caressing your skin just below your belly button, “I can get you screaming in a minute, I know you’re body almost better than you. Come on honey, release some tension.”

“Mhm. Well if you want this I guess I could do something for you.” You moaned before swiftly turning and dropping to your knees with a wink, “Let’s see if you last longer. I know your body almost as well as you say you know mine.”

Jensen’s eyes went wide with a gasp as your lips wrapped around him with delicate movements that were hot as hell for him. He clenched his jaw and threw his head back as pure bliss flooded his body. He sucked in a large amount of air when you did a new thing with your hands and mouth; something he never felt in his life to be honest.

“Holy fuck!” He yelled as the pleasure intensified. You hummed in appreciation of his praise causing a whimper from him.

Jensen’s parents were finishing placing the food as the table when their son and daughter-in-law wandered into the home. Half heartedly apologizing for you lateness you quickly helped pour ice tea into the glasses sitting upside down.

“Have fun?”  Alan chuckled placing the ham on the table. He knew exactly why they were later than usual to dinner. Especially with the love bites on both of your necks that you probably were unaware of.

“Yeah.” Jensen winked at you. You turned a strawberry colour as a giggle released from your lips, “It was great watching that mov-“

“I remember when your mom and I would use your nap times as our-“

“DAD!” Jensen exclaimed blushing at the implication. You couldn’t help but laugh when Donna sent a scathing look to her husband, “Come on! I don’t want to hear about you and Mom! Dear god it’s almost as if I walked in on you.

“What? We’re all adults here.” Alan chuckled, “We’re aren’t monks J. You wouldn’t believe they amount of times you kids nearly walked in on us.”

“I know.” He shuddered, “Let’s not talk about that stuff, I’m hungry and I don’t want to be scarred for life.”

“Wait until your child is sitting with you along with their spouse. Mark my words this conversation will happen again with you children.” Alan winked before sitting down with his family. The ham was cut with a trained precision over the years among the laughter around the table as stories were told.


He rubbed a towel over his hair as he yanked on a clean pair of boxers and some grey sweats. He wasn’t leaving the house so he left the shirt off instead as he walked down to the now clean house. Misha was in the kitchen with food waiting on the counter.

“Made some food. Eat, and we’ll watch a movie.” Misha demanded pointing to the chair. Jensen didn’t bother arguing as he dug into the food.

“I should hire you as my cook.” Jensen mumbled.

“I’m good.” Misha laughed.

“Hey Misha? Thank you.” Jensen smiled at one of his closest friends. His friend pulled him into a hug swiftly and the tears fell again.

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I hope you like it! <3 <3 <3

*Warning- Kinky (hair pulling, spanking, biting.)* You have been warned ;)

You’re Mine

I sat chatting and giggling with my friends at the restaurant, I hadn’t seen them in months what with being on tour with Brendon, so it was nice to get out and see some friends before we headed off again.

“Ugh god guys I’ve missed you guys so much.” I gushed, finishing my meal and pushing my plate away.

“I know, it’s so great that you’re happy on tour with Brendon but we miss you when you’re gone.” Anna said, smiling and touching my arm.

“Yeah we miss you.” Johnny said, I felt awkward him saying that with him being my ex, I didn’t know why he was still hanging round with my friends and trying to talk to me, truthfully I didn’t really want him there. He was still behaving so weird with me, even though I was with Brendon.

“Well ya know, I love touring with Brendon, it so fun and I love the guys and we get to travel together.” I made sure to bring up Brendon in front of him, it might make him get the damn hint.

“Yeah but you can’t base your life about his schedule.” I took a deep breath to keep from losing it, quickly wanting lunch to be over now, I’d already had enough of him making comments about me and Brendon.

“If they’re happy and it works for them then that’s great, her and Brendon love each other Johnny.” Jasmine interjected, smiling at me, she knew about how awkward I felt and always tried to support me with it. We carried on talking and catching up, it was cute how Jasmine kept mentioning Brendon and asking about how it was going to help me. Johnny’s friend Robbie was there too, he kept joining in on the comments which was pissing me off, I had had enough now and just wanted to call it a day.

“Look guys, I better get home, I’m so tired from getting home yesterday and just wanna chill.” We paid the cheque for the food and left the restaurant, it was within walking distance of mine and Brendon’s house so they decided to walk me home. Once we had to go our house I realised I had forgotten my keys, I rang the bell, waiting with my friends with me, Brendon answered the door, I had left before he had woken up so he had messy hair, his eyes slightly squinted, he looked so cute. I smiled widely and hugged him.

“Hey sleepy head.” His eyes instantly ended up on Johnny, wrapping an arm firmly around my waist as he pulled me into a kiss.

“Hey baby.” He looked to the rest of my friends with a smile. “Hey guys!” They all said their greetings, I smiled and gave them all hugs, Johnny hugged me before I could argue, I ended the hug quickly and said my goodbyes to them all. Once they were gone me and Brendon went inside, Brendon sat on the couch, I could already tell he was pissed. “So… how was lunch?” He asked, his tone slightly sarcastic and sour, I sat down on the couch next to him, touching his arm gently.

“It was good, it was nice to see them.” I looked at him but it didn’t really look back.

“Yeah?” Was all I got in response.

“I didn’t know he’d be there.”

“Yeah ok, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Oh for gods sake Brendon it blatantly does matter.”

“Well I’m totally going to be happy about you going to lunch with your ex aren’t?”

“I didn’t know baby, and why does it matter anyway.” I tried to stay calm shuffling closer to him on the couch, he was being so cold with me.

“Because its obvious you still have feelings for him!” I froze, did he really just say that, I kept my cool, I knew losing it would only rile him up more.

“What? Baby, I don’t have feelings for him, I love you, only you.” He went silent to my response so I cuddled up to his chest, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. “We’ve been together over a year now, I’ve been on tour with you, and you really think that I would go back to him? You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I earned a small smile for my comments, his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I’m sorry, I’m just scared to lose you Y/N.” He said softly, kissing me again, I kissed back, slipping my hands up to his shoulders, gently running my nails along that spot on his neck, he shuddered slightly, looking at me through dark eyes, I knew full well I was teasing him.

“Besides, I know where I’m well treated.” I teased, leaving that comment down to his interpretation, he bit his lip slightly, smiling devilishly, I grinned back at him, knowing I was getting to him, he gripped me and pulled me onto his lap, my knees either side of his hips. We stated kissing more, his hands on my back, running along my spine, he groaned slightly as my hips ground down against him, gripping onto my ass firmly. His tongue fought for dominance against mine and unsurprisingly won, one hand sneaking up into my hair to hold my head still, I was firmly in his grasp, I could tell his was going into controlling mode now, my thoughts were confirmed when he gripped my ass in both hands and stood, carrying me to our bedroom as I giggle in his arms.

He threw me down on the bed, looking at me, I wriggled slightly, biting my lip as he looked down at me.

“You know, I might feel jealous of your ex but I know there’s something I can give you that he couldn’t even come close to.” He smirked, hooking his fingers on the waist of his sweatpants.

“Oh… what’s that?” I asked in a teasing tone, standing and walking to our bathroom to check my hair, I didn’t need to check it but I wanted to tease him, he followed behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind, his lips met my neck, kissing up and down, onto my shoulder, biting gently. “Well?”

“You wanna know?” He asked meeting my eyes through the mirror, I nodded biting my lip. “Well… I bet he couldn’t fuck you like I could.” He whispered, the husky tone I loved so much creeping into his voice, he smirked at me through the mirror as another kiss made me shudder, I ground my hips back slightly gaining a loud groan. His eyes were fierce and dark, fingers curling against my hips, he gripped me and spun me round, swiftly unbuttoning my jeans and yanking them off my expertly, while he was crouching to pull them off of me he began to place kisses on my thighs, shoving me back against the counter in the bathroom. He threw one of my legs over his shoulder and began licking fast against my clit, my back arching as I threw my head back, he held my as in both hands as he hungrily licked my clit. I secretly loved it when he got like this, desperate to show me why he was the best, his tongue lapped circled over my clit, two fingers sliding inside me, I groaned as he began to pump his hand fast into me, curling his fingers to rub my sweet spot, my hand snuck into his hair, gripping it gently.

“You’re so wet.” He moaned against me, the vibrations making me shudder, I could feel myself getting close to cumming already, he knew exactly how to drive me insane, my stomach beginning to tighten, that familiar feeling of heat building.

“Fuck… Brendon I’m close.” I whimpered desperately which only spurred him on more, he began to move his tongue more aggressively, pumping his hand fast and hard, the leg I was standing on began to shake show he hoisted me up so I was sitting on the counter, giving him better access, I gasped, my head lulling back as I was close to cumming. I noticed his hand slide down into his boxers, stroking himself up and down slowly, he moaned out, the vibration on my clit sending me over the edge. My body tensed up as I came hard, whimpering out his name over and over, I felt him smile against me, his hand still working in his boxers, he kept going for a while to draw my orgasm out. He stood, shoving his sweats and boxers off and gripping my knees, pulling me into him, wrapping my legs around his hips.

“Taste yourself.” He growled, pulling me into a rough kiss, I gripped onto his shoulders as he pushed in roughly, growling against my lips as he began to move his hips, he dove straight into a fast hard pace, his hips snapping against my own. One hand was gripping onto my thigh as he moved, throwing his head back in pleasure, even though we had been together a year I still wasn’t adjusted to him, his pace was relentless, slamming into me aggressively, fingers curled against my skin, I moaned out loud, throwing my head back. He smirked in response, I knew he was getting what he wanted, to show me he was the best. Still moving he stripped my shirt off, unclasping my bra and throwing it to the ground, I followed suite and pulled his own tshirt off, as he moved he dipped his head and began kissing my breasts, biting the sensitive skin there. My head rolled back in pleasure, gasping sharply as I felt his teeth graze my nipple. He began licking and sucking it, only intensifying how I already felt, I gripped onto his hair again, moaning out loudly.

“Fuck Brendon!” I gasped, he moved his head up to face me, pulling me into another kiss, this time his hand ended up in my hair, holding me still, I couldn’t move against him, I whimpered into the kiss, gripping tightly to him, I gave his hair a playful tug, he groaned out. I felt his hand ball up in my hair, pulling it back roughly, exposing my neck, he began to speed up as he bit down on my neck, I couldn’t move my head forward, stuck with it pulled back, I felt my stomach tightening again, I was already sensitive from his earlier assault on me, I could barely stand it.

“You feel so fucking good baby.” He growled, biting my earlobe, I whimpered desperately, beginning to tighten around him, he looked up and smirked at me. “Is somebody close again?” He teased I nodded, he pulled out and yanked me off the counter, spinning me round and bending me over it he hand balling in my hair again, pulling back head back as he slammed back into me. His hips slammed against my thighs as he moved, biting my lip, I felt him tug my hair, a shiver of pain shooting down my spine, I felt his hand crash down against my ass, causing me to moan out loudly in pleasure. “Cum for me baby.” He moaned, hips slamming hard and fast into me, I was so close I would barely stand it, tightening around him over and over as my body tensed up. “Now baby… say my name when you cum for me.”

“Fuck yes! Brendon!” I practically screamed out, feeling my body hit its peak again, he grunted loudly, feeling me tighten around him, my legs were getting weaker by the second I wouldn’t be able to stand much more of this. He held me in that position, the way he was holding my hair pulled my back into an arch, allowing him deeper, I could barely think, waves of pleasure fogging over my brain, and still he kept going, not even the hint of being close yet, his relentless movements driving me insane. I felt a hand move under my stomach, supporting me slightly, however rough he was he was always considerate of me.

“You’re so damn tight Y/N.” He moaned, I could see his face through the mirror, his head back, lips parted as he panted loudly, hair floppy and all over the place, the way his muscles tensed in the arm holding my hair, his sexy tattoos on his arm, he was driving me crazy. He yanked my hair hard, pulling me upright, biting my earlobe, his hips still moving, slightly slower now. “Get on the bed.” He ordered releasing me, I complied and walked over to the bed.

I wasn’t given the chance to lay down myself before I was shoved down onto the bed, he climbed in between my legs, pulling me down towards him, I giggled and squealed as he did. He supported himself above me, pushing back in again, he liked being on the bed because he could get the angle I loved, which he instantly pulled me into, slamming into my gspot with every thrust now, I yelled out in pleasure.

“Look at you… so sexy.” He purred, leaning down close to me, our bodies pressed together as his hips moved, I felt myself getting close again, three times, this one was gonna knock me out, I was sure of that. “You’re mine!” He growled deeply into my ear, sending a shudder down my spine, I gripped onto his shoulders, my body getting tense with every snap of his hips. “Say it… tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m yours Brendon.” I whimpered, he knew he was driving me insane, my body beginning to quiver and shake against him, my fingers curling on his back, scratching slightly, but it only drove him more insane speeding up his hips, I was on the edge of cumming again. I felt my nails scratching his back, he grunted out loud, his head thrown back in pleasure, I felt his own muscles tensing under my fingers, throbbing slightly.

“Baby I’m close…” He groaned out, kissing me hard, biting my lip slightly, I felt the throbbing growing more intense, sending me over the edge, I yelled out in pleasure, screaming out.

“Brendon! You’re the best!” I yelled repeatedly as I came hard, my body going rigid, mind clouding over, I couldn’t barely remember my own name, waves of pleasure sending me spiralling.

“Shit Y/N!” He groaned low in my ear, cumming with me, I felt him throb as he reached his release, moving slow to ride out both our orgasms, he pretty much collapsed on top of me, panting loudly. “Fuck baby.”

“I know…” He rolled off me, both of us sweaty and worn out, he pulled me into his arms, stroking my back, his gentle side returning now. “I did mean all that though Brendon.”

“Hmm?” He kissed my forehead gently, smiling at me, his eyes sleepy again.

“When I said I love you, I really do, I couldn’t bare the thought of losing you. Especially not for some dick who fucked me around.” He gave me a soft smile, stroking my hair and back.

“I know baby, I’m sorry I got so defensive… I just… I’ve never felt like this before… I love you. I’m just scared of losing you.” He blushed as he spoke. “I mean come on, I’ve written songs for you!” We both giggled at the comment, snuggling up together, he yawned, pulling the covers over us.

“Oh come on! You haven’t even been awake that long.” I tried to get up but was stopped by his hand pulling me back against his chest.

“Don’t care, I’m sleeping and we’re having a nap.” He gripped hold of me playfully, nuzzling into my neck, stroking my back gently.

“You’re so cute.” I snuggled into his chest, wrapping my arms around him, as soon as I closed my eyes I felt the tiredness set in, his small little tired groans made me smile as we cuddled. God I was so in love with him, what did I do to deserve him? I didn’t know, but at this point I wasn’t going to question it too much.

I really hope you enjoyed it! I loved writing it! <3 <3

Booze, Boys and Cinderella

Fandom: Law and Order SVU 

Pairing: Carisi x cop!reader

Summary: The reader has to get real to get the info she needs and Carisi overhears how the reader feels about him in an unconventional way. (Basically I’m a slut for cops going undercover.)

Warnings: Mentions drug abuse

Originally posted by eighthmark

It all started with an overdose. Normally those cases would go straight to the narcotics division but because this teen was related to the mayor, the case went right to your Lieutenants desk. The mayor insisted your unit handle the situation as quickly as possible but Narcotics claimed that would ruin an ongoing investigation of theirs. The only compromise was to send someone in undercover and take the entire thing down from the inside out. Despite your protesting, Narcotics insisted you go in, not willing to risk it with a rookie. 

You hated undercover. Your every move was being recorded and judged. Everything you did would be put under a microscope, questioned, then recorded. Above all, the clothing was always impractical. For example, the shoes you had to wear tonight were insane. Who in the hell waits tables all night in 6 inch pumps? 

Carisi whistled at you when you walked into Liv’s office where the rest of the crew was. 

“I look like a tramp.” You stated, pulling down your dress that barely covered your bits. 

“Ya know Y/L/N, I’m pretty sure we had someone in here last week with the same dress, you aren’t calling them a tramp are you?” Carisi teased. 

“Oh I remember, her name was Kimmy right? The one that uni’s picked up for soliciting?” You shot back, crossing your arms across your chest in attempt to shield your co-workers from an embarrassing amount of cleavage. 

“Alright.” Live said, raising her hand, shushing the both of you. “Lets go over it one last time and, Y/L/N, I know your sick of hearing this but, the key to undercover is making it look real. You aren’t acting like a waitress, you are a waitress got it?” She asked, you nodded your head. 

“This will be your partner for the duration of the case.” One of the Narcotics detectives said, holding up a bracelet and necklace. “This is a panic button.” He said pointing at the charm shaped like a heart. “If you think your in danger, press it twice and we will come running in.” He stated. 

“The necklace is a camera, we won’t get good audio because of the music but we’ll listen anyway.” Liv said. They explained how the rest of them would be in various unmarked cars and vans around the block and they got you there in time for your shift. 

The others watched from their vehicles as you entered the club. There was no music on so they could hear you greet your co worker, Serena,  with as much fake enthusiasm as you could muster. Audio was pretty much shot the whole night because of music but they were able to see every drunk guy look right at your boobs. About halfway through your night though, you slipped to the back to go to the washroom when you heard an noise, ducking behind the wall you could hear Serena moan. Holding back a gag, you turned to leave but heard a man mention a 600K pay-day. With the mic in your bracelet already forgotten, you made a mental note of it later. 

At around 4 A.M, the place was empty and the rest of the staff had gone home. You sat barefoot at one of the tables, swinging your legs back and forth hoping to re-circulate blood back to those appendages. A drink was placed in front of you and you looked up to see Serena smiling at you with a drink of her own in her hand. 

“The heels get easier after you loose a toe.” She grinned, you (and everyone else listening) cringed but chuckled anyway.  Her phone beeped, she checked it, rolled her eyes and tossed it to the side. 

“Boy troubles?” You asked. She raised her eyebrows in return, making you chuckle sincerely this time. “You had that ‘men are useless’ look in your eye.” She laughed. Finn snickered, knowing that was most likely meant for Carisi who scoffed from where he was. 

“Not all men but definitely this one.” She sighed. “Well what could I expect, Derek’s a Scorpio, you know? Mean, intense, frustrating…”

“Yeah and he’s probably sexy right? And smart, and funny, and you can’t keep your hands off him.” You stated, sipping the drink she gave you. 

“Go Y/L/N.” Liv muttered. 

“Wow, it’s like you know him.” Serena said. You smiled. 

“I know his type.” 

“Your guy?” You froze, panicking slightly, but remembered you had to make it real. 

“Kind of. Dominick isn’t mean but he is intense, hardworking and definitely frustrating. But he’s also faithful, passionate-”

“And sexy?” Serena giggled. You laughed.

“Yes.” Okay so It wasn’t exactly real, so Carisi wasn’t really your guy, he is all of those other things. Carisi nearly choked on the coffee he was drinking as soon as he heard your distorted voice say his name, and he was sure he was as red as a tomato when the others in the van looked over at him smirking. 

“To Dominick.” She said, raising her glass, you clinked your glass with her’s, giggling. 

“You must be tired-” She started. 

“No! I can gossip all night.” You couldn’t go back empty handed, no matter how much rapport you built, you needed more. She smiled agreeing with your statement, you didn’t pay attention to what she said after that because your focus was on the man behind her, stalking towards the two of you with a very angry look. 

“Who the hell is this?” He demanded. Serena looked over her shoulder.

“This is Y/N. She’s my friend.” You waved but he ignored you. 

“I need to talk to you, now.” He stated, sniffling slightly. 

“You’re high.” She scoffed. 

“Let’s go.” He sneered. 

“No, I already told you, I’m not dealing with you when you’re like this.” She snapped. He walked up to her and got in her face. 

“You been talking to the cops?” He demanded, holding her arms in place. 

“Wha- yeah right I’ve been talking to the cops, OW, you are getting paranoid.” She stated, squirming in his grasp, trying to shake him off. 

“Let’s go.” He muttered. 

“Hey, leave her alone. Let her go or I will call the cops.” You said. You could see someone moving from the corner of your eye. Derek shoved Serena to the side, took a gun out of his waist and pointed it right at you. 

“Is that right?” He sneered. “You gonna call the cops.” Your hands went up as soon as the gun came out. 

“Okay be cool. Just, put the gun down. “ You commanded. 

As soon as they heard the word ‘gun’ the other officers were out of the van, running towards the building. 

“Do not tell me what to do!” He screamed, his hand shaking with either anger or the trip he was having. Serena was freaking out and when he turned to tell her to be quiet and your hand went to your charm bracelet, fumbling for the panic button. 

“Hey man, let’s just be chill about this?” You suggested when he turned back to you but he only got angrier. He walked closer to you, striking you across the face with the butt of his gun. You hands went to your face to calm the stinging as the police stormed the place, if only they had been a few seconds quicker. 

Carisi went right to you, placing his hand on your arms, continuously asking if you were okay, no matter how many times you said you were fine. He gave you his police jacket and insisted you see a medic anyways. And as much as you told him no, an ambulance came for you anyways. 

After the place was searched from top to bottom and they arrested everyone else, and all policing was finished, Carisi found you sitting at the back of the ambulance, swinging your leg back and forth. Something he noticed you did often. Once you saw your shoes in his hands you shut your eyes. 

“Get those things away from me!” You begged.

“What do you want me to do with them?” He chuckled. 

“Burn them, wear them I don’t care, I just never want to see them again.” He laughed, tossing the shoes to the side. He leaned against the side of the ambo, only to have the left side of your face revealed to him in all it’s bruised glory. He straightened up before his shoulder could even touch the metal. His hand went to your chin, tilting your head to examine the broken skin. 

“He got you good huh?” He asked softly. 

“Only because your ass was too slow.” You joked, pushing him away from you playfully, trying to cover up the fact that his proximity to you was making you flustered. 

“Sorry, I was too busy being sexy.” He teased. Your eyes widened. 

“Uh, I-I…Uh-” You stuttered. “I just said that because…I needed her to trust me.” He raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner like he didn’t believe you.  

“Sure.” He said, dragging out the word. 

“What?” You snapped. 

“Nothing.” He smiled shaking his head. He turned and started to walk away. 

“Carisi, what?” You called after him. 

“Nothing, it’s just interesting is all.” He yelled over his shoulder. 

That man was going to be the death of you. 

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Strict Grimes

Request Prompt: Hi whenever you have the time 😜🐙can you do a carl x pregnantreader where the reader is like 4 months in the pregnancy and he’s super protective of her especially because of the world there living in with the walkers and such thnxs if ya can 😜👌 -blue-tail, now lovely-wagner

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Fluff

I grabbed a bottle of water as one hand rested on my swollen belly. I couldn’t help but smile as I rubbed my belly.

“Hey little one. This isn’t necessarily the best time for you to exist but you do. I know I’ve said this a thousand times before. But I will keep you safe.”, I mumbled as the front door opened.

“How are you today Y/N?”, Carol asked me and I sighed.

“Good. Worried but good.”, I replied as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

“It’ll be alright dear. You have Carl. And you have us.”, she stated as she handed me two cookies.

“Thanks Carol.”, I smiled as Carl walked outside.

“Jesus Y/N don’t scare me like that.”, he said out of breath.

“Carl are you okay?”, Carol laughed.

“I woke up and she wasn’t there. I got worried I guess.”, he said and I smiled up at him.

“Just needed some fresh air.”, I told him.

“Well I’m going to go see Rick and Michonne about tonight’s run. See you kids later.”, she smiled walking down the street.

I stared at the houses with a blank expression before Carl pulled up a chair next to me.

“What are you thinking about?”, he asked.

“This place. Alexandria. These people. Its nice.”, I said and he rested a hand on my stomach.

“He or she will be safe here. I’m here to protect you both.”, he smiled moving his thumb in circular motions.

“I want to go with you.”, I said suddenly.

“Y/N we talked about this. I’m not letting you go on runs.”, he stated.

“Why not. I can still fight.”, I argued.

“It’ll be too much of a risk.”, he sighed.

“You were risking your life out there before you were pregnant. But you can’t do that now. Not without risking the baby’s life.”, he explained and I frowned.

“This shouldn’t have happened.”, I mumbled.

“Come on don’t say that.”, he said.

“This is just going to make things harder. For me, for you, and for everyone else. We already have Judith.”, I replied with tears rolling down my cheeks.

“It will be fine Y/N. Were in better conditions now. We have things we’ll need.”, he stated.

“No Carl I don’t want to end up like Lori!”, I mentally slapped myself when I notice his saddened expression.

“Carl I didn’t mean that.”, I whispered.

“You think I haven’t thought about that. That I might have to kill you after the birth of our child?”, he ask holding back tears.

“Carl-”, I whimpered as he got up.

“I’m going to see if Judith needs a nap.”, he whispered walking away towards the house he shared with Rick and Michonne.

“Carl.”, I cried was he got further away.

I but my lip as tears rolled down my cheeks. I stared after him before Maggie approached me with concern written all over her face.

“What’s the matter?”, she quickly asked.


“Carl’s mad at me. I said something I should’ve. I didn’t mean it. Its was just-”, I tried to explain.

“Your hormones are all out of wack. That’s all.”, she said rubbing my back.

“I said that I didn’t want to end up like Lori. I shouldn’t have said that. And now he’s upset with me.”, I cried.

“Look sweetheart. He knows you didn’t mean that. He’s just thinking about what would happen if you did end up like that.”, she explained.

“Its okay to be afraid. But don’t let your fear mask over the good things. When this baby comes, you’ll be a mother. And a damn good one.”, she smiled and wrapped her arms around me.

“He’ll come back. He’s just gotta think about somethings.”, she added.

After that she left to get Carl so I made my way to my room before getting under the covers and closing my eyes. A few minutes later I heard the door being pushed open and the bed dipped behind me.

“I shouldn’t have upset you.”, Carl whispered wrapping and arm around my waist.

“No its the other way around actually. I shouldn’t have said what I said. And I’m sorry for that.”, I said.

“Y/N. I know this is hard. I know you’re scared. But I just want you to believe that I can protect you. I just want you and the baby safe. That’s all I want in life right now.”, he whispered but I could hear that he’s crying.

I turned to face him before wiping his years away.

“Of course I believe you.”, I said before kissing him softly.

“I swear on my life that I’ll keep you both safe.”

The Original sister

Imagine: Being a Mikaelson sibling, Klaus daggering you long ago because you were crazy, being released after Kol and Rebekah beg to have you back, forgiving Klaus because he’s your brother and you still love him.

The warmth of unexpected sunlight made you shiver. How long had you been asleep? Your arms reached out, looking for something to hold onto as the hunger pains and cravings kicked your senses into overdrive. The carved wooden sides of your coffin made you jump, how could you be so surprised? 

 It all started in that club Niklaus and Rebekah had brought you to. New York in 1925 was crawling with attractive men, a soldier had come your way, offered to buy you a drink and you had taken him out back to feed from him. Despite nearly killing him, he was sweet and you were going to heal him when he awoke. But everything was dark after that, spending forever in darkness or in a deep sleep, not able to awaken until you’re rescued.

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A Puppy Situation - Tim Drake x Reader

Originally posted by puppypu

Requested by Anon - Tim Drake X reader imagine where Bruce brings a puppy (the reader) home and the puppy sleeps with him, but when he wakes up he finds the reader snuggled into his arms. Tim recognizes her from all of his classes, and that she is also his big time crush, the reader returns the feelings too.

“Master Bruce, I hope you haven’t brought home another stray,” Alfred questioned as he and Tim watched Bruce jump out of the Batmobile after patrol. Tim wasn’t able to accompany Bruce tonight due to a head injury he had received the night before. 

“I found this one with one of the Penguin’s goons,” Bruce explained, reaching back into the car to pull out a fluffy white puppy. 

“Isn’t this the fifth one this week?” Tim commented as Bruce handed him the puppy. He held it in his arms as the puppy wiggled adorably. “Where are they all coming from?”

Bruce walked into changing area of the cave, talking louder in order to be heard. “The Penguin is taking too many measures to protect these puppies. Something is happening here.” 

“Could he be stealing them?” Tim suggested, rubbing his thumb across the puppy’s mouth. He laughed as the puppy licked him in response. 

Alfred cleared his throat as Bruce marched out of the changing room in simple t-shirt and sweatpants. “While I’m sure an investigation will be necessary, we must think of what we are going to do with our new visitor. It is too late for me to take it to the pound.” Tim could have swore the puppy’s eyes narrowed at Alfred’s words.

“We could just keep it for the night,” Tim suggested as the puppy licked his face. “That way we could run tests on it.”

“Agreed,” Bruce stated, walking to sit down in front of the computer. “Tim, start a basic blood test, and Alfred can find a place for it to sleep tonight.”

“Wonderful, sir,” Alfred said with a dry tone as he left the cave. Tim smiled at the puppy in his arms, happy that he finally got to keep one even if it was just for the night.

“Come on, puppy,” Tim cooed, ignoring the look he got from Bruce. “Let’s go take a blood test.” The puppy barked happily, burying it’s face into Tim’s chest as Tim walked towards the medical bay.

None of the tests amounted to anything, leaving Bruce frustrated to no end. Tim was a little disappointed, but the puppy kept him from feeling too bad about it. It was the cutest thing he had ever seen, and the puppy seemed to crave his attention. 

“We should re-run the tests,” Bruce grumbled. Tim nodded absentmindedly as he was too taken with the puppy in his arms. The puppy yipped at him. 

“I have prepared a bed for the pup as you requested, Master Bruce,” Alfred informed as he entered the medical bay. “I will take the pup now, Master Tim.” Alfred held out his hands as the puppy whined. 

“The puppy doesn’t seem to like that,” Tim argued, holding the puppy close to his chest. “Can’t it stay with me tonight? It likes me.” As if to support Tim’s words, the puppy barked and licked his face. Tim chuckled, shifting the puppy to one arm while wiping his face with the other. Bruce and Alfred watched Tim with slight wonderment. 

Alfred raised a eyebrow. “If the pup happens to make a mess in your bedroom, who will clean it up?”

“I will,” Tim insisted, looking away from the puppy. “I wouldn’t do that to you, Alfred.”

A small smile of approval slipped onto Alfred’s face. “Of course, you wouldn’t, Master Tim.” A yawn broke out of Tim as he did his best to cover it with the puppy in his arms. “Perhaps it’s time for you to retire for the night.”

“Yeah, sounds good,” Tim relented, cuddling the puppy into his chest as he headed towards the stairs. “Good night, Bruce. Good night, Alfred.”

Once Tim was out of hearing range, Bruce turned to Alfred. “He seems pretty taken with it,” Bruce commented, narrowing his eyes at the computer. He continued typing as Alfred cleared his throat.

“I believe it will be good for the boy. After all, it’s healthy for him to have something outside of his night work,” Alfred explained. Bruce just grunted in response before returning to work. 

When Tim finally arrived at his room, he let the puppy go. It started running from the moment it’s feet hit the ground. The puppy circled the room twice before plopping itself in front of Tim’s feet. Tim laughed, scooping the puppy to place it on his bed.

“I’ll be right back,” he promised before entering his bathroom to get ready for bed. 

A few minutes later, Tim exited to find the puppy sitting in the same place he had set it down earlier. “You didn’t have to stay right there, you know,” he teased as the puppy barked happily at him.  The puppy stayed where it was until Tim climbed under the covers. It trotted over to his side, curling right up beside him. Tim started to gently pet the puppy’s head.

“Good night, puppy,” Tim yawned with his eyes falling closed. The last thought in his head was of the warm presence by his side. 

Tim woke the next morning to the feeling of someone shifting closer to him. He didn’t think anything of it until he felt a human leg slip between his own. His eyes snapped open only to find a naked human girl snuggled up to him in the same place the puppy was last night. 

“Woah,” Tim exclaimed, scooting away from from the girl. He was so surprised by the new presence in his bed, he scooted completely off the bed. Landing with a loud thump, the sound woke the girl in his bed.

Your eyes snapped open upon hearing the noise. You looked down at yourself, smiling when you saw you had your body back. Though, you blushed when you noticed you were naked. Holding the blankets up to cover yourself, you peeked over the side of the bed to see what the noise was.

Tim’s eyes were wide when he saw your face peeking down at him. His mouth dropped open as his mind went blank from shock. 

“Hi, Tim,” you giggled when you took in the expression on his face. 

“(Y/N)…” Tim gasped once he found his voice. You were one of his classmates, and his crush. He had been secretly in love with you for years. “How…what…where…?” 

“Yeah,” you answered. “I will explain, but can you get me some clothes first?” A blush burned onto your face that was equaled to the blush on Tim’s. 

Tim cleared his throat before scrambling to his feet. “I can do that, yeah…,” Tim stuttered, averting his gaze from you. You held the blankets tightly to your chest as Tim clumsily searched for clothes. He tossed you a t-shirt and some sweatpants, and you crawled underneath the covers to slip them on. 

“So, why are you here, and what did you do to the puppy?” Tim asked shyly, keeping his back turned towards you. 

“I was the puppy,” you replied simply, climbing out of the bed now that you were fully clothed. You touched Tim’s shoulder, letting him know he could turn around. He turned slowly to face you, his ears burning red when he saw how good you looked in his clothes. 

“How?” Tim whispered, his voice cracking. 

“It’s a long story,” you moaned, sitting back down on the edge of the bed. “I was walking home from school yesterday, and these big men grabbed me. They stuffed me into this chamber thing, and next thing I knew I was a puppy.” 

Tim went into detective mode. “Did you get a good look at who took you?”

“No, not really,” you mumbled, shrugging your shoulders. “I thought I heard some kind of bird squawking, but I’m not sure.” Tim nodded, sitting down next to you. You just continued talking. “It wasn’t so bad being a puppy, except when that smelly guy had me. But then, Batman showed up and took me with him. And suddenly you were there, so I just wanted to stay with you.”

“You wanted to stay with me?” Tim choked, his entire face turning red. 

You smiled flirtatiously at him. “Of course, you were the one person I knew. Besides, I’ve had a crush on you for the longest time.”

“You do?” Tim exclaimed, his eyes almost popping out of his head. His heart stopped beating for a moment.

“Of course, I do. Who wouldn’t for a guy that is as handsome as you,” you answered, nudging him gently. Tim’s body burned at the place where you touched him. 

Tim pursed his lips before deciding to speak. “I have a crush on you too.”

“You do? Get out of here,” you teased, smiling joyfully. “I am so glad you were the one to sleep next to me. I can’t imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t insisted I stay with you.” You blushed, eyes wide with horror. “It would have been so much more embarrassing.” 

“Oh, it’s alright,” Tim assured as his thoughts drifted back to when your naked body had been pressed against his. When his body grew surprising warmer, Tim shook the thoughts out of his head. 

Suddenly, a knock sounded from the door. “Master Tim, it’s time to wake up,” Alfred announced, opening the door. He stepped into the room, but froze when he saw you sitting next to Tim on the bed. “What is this?”

Tim jumped up, holding his hands up in innocence. “This isn’t what it looks like, Alfred…”

“Tim’s right,” you interrupted, standing next to him. “I was the puppy…”

“And she turned back into a human in the night,” Tim finished. He bit his lip when Alfred appeared unconvinced. 

“Whatever you say, Master Tim. I expect to see you and your guest downstairs for breakfast in twenty,” Alfred ordered, turning to leave the room. “The pup should be brought down as well, Master Tim.”

“But Alfred…,” Tim began, but Alfred had already left the room. Tim let out a groan before he collapsed on the bed. “This is going to be a mess.”

“Sorry,” you mumbled, looking at the ground.  

Tim sat up quickly, taking your hand in his. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t know you would turn back over night.” 

You squeezed his hand. “I’ll just grateful Batman found me when he did, I’d hate to have turned back when I was with that smelly man.”

Horror stuck Tim’s heart as he thought of the possibility. “I’d get in trouble everyday if it would prevent that from happening.” 

“Thank you, Tim,” you said, leaning down to place a light kiss on his cheek. Tim’s face turned completely red. “I’m going to use your bathroom first, if that’s okay?” You turned away from him, walking towards his private bathroom.

“Yeah, go ahead,” Tim responded, grinning like a mad man. He felt as if he was in heaven until an enraged voice echoed throughout the manor.

“Tim’s has a what in his room,” Bruce raged as Alfred’s calm voice echoed after him. Tim gulped, dreading what was to come. Everything would be alright once Tim was able to explain, but getting passed Bruce’s rage would be a challenge. 

You peeked your head outside of the bathroom door, looking at Tim. “Are we going to be alright?” you asked with a slight shake in your voice.

Tim just smiled at you, taking in your beauty. “We’ll be fine,” he answered, knowing that no matter what happened, he was glad you were the one to magically appear in his bed.


Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 580

anon: Can you write a Anthony Ramos x Reader where Reader is just sitting in a cafe or starbucks with their laptop and their laptop is COVERED with hamilton stickers and Anthony notices and starts to talk to Reader? This seems really- strict but if you could do it thank you so much! I hope I’m not bothering you - CB101 

anon: any cast member that you choose, and it’s where reader is gushing about Hamilton on Twitter n’ one of the cast mates see it ? :33 

i probably shouldn’t have combined them but i thought it was sweet. anywayyyy we have guests over right now so i probably should put on some pants and go pretend to be social! 

so much love for y’all xx



You sat in the overcrowded cafe, typing away anxiously at your laptop. As usual, you had left your assignment to the last minute, and you were now stressing over the possibility of being able to finish it before the deadline.

You had already downed about three coffees that afternoon, and you were on your fourth. You had to stay awake and be energised if you were going to get the report done.

You let out a soft sigh, slamming your laptop shut and going to the counter to order another coffee. When you returned to your table, a man was standing in front of it and admiring your laptop.

“I really hope you weren’t planning on stealing that. I’ll call the police if I need to,” You said, placing the cup down on the table and sliding back into the booth.

“Oh… oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t have any intentions of doing that… it’s just…”

“Yeah yeah. Can you move along? I’ve got a lot of work to get done,” You said, opening your laptop again and starting to type rapidly. He sat in the seat opposite to you, his eyes still being fixed on the laptop.

“It must have taken you quite a while to collect all of those stickers. Are you a big fan of Hamilton?” He questioned, looking at you quizzically.

“We live in New York City. I don’t think there’s anyone here that isn’t a big fan of Hamilton. But if you must know, yes. Yes I am,” You replied, keeping your eyes fixed on the computer. You let out a huff when the man still hadn’t left. You looked up from your computer screen, freezing.

“You’re Anthony Ramos,” You said quietly, biting your lip. “Oh my…”

“Yeah. I guess I am,” He said, smiling. “Took you a while.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve just been so stressed with this report. I need sleep, I need coffee… I haven’t been taking in my surroundings that well. Can I buy you a drink to make up for it?”

“You can tell me your name first. Then maybe… maybe I’ll let you buy me a drink,” he said, flashing a big smile in your direction. You blushed, giggling.

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N). Big fan of your music and… well everything you do honestly. I’ve been following you since 21 Chump Street,” You stated.

“Dang, really? Honestly, that’s lit. Wait a second… that’s why you look so familiar! I see you on Twitter all the time! Your tweets make my day honestly,” Anthony said, pulling out his phone and opening the app. “Remind me of your username. I’ll follow you.”

“It’s @(Y/UN). Wait, you really see them? That’s… I figured you’d be too busy. It’s so nice to meet you by the way. I’m amazed I could actually run into you in a city this big,” You stated.

“Well, hopefully the next time we run into each other, it’ll be on purpose. I’ll dm you my number and we can catch up another time! Anyway, I’ve gotta head off because I have a show starting in a few hours, but we’ll talk soon yeah?”

“Oh, um…  yeah! Thank you so much Anthony,” You said.

“My pleasure. It was nice meeting you (Y/N).” With his final words, he stood and left the café, leaving you with a big smile on your face. You jumped when your phone vibrated, pulling it out of your pocket and sighing happily.

“@Anthony_Ramos1 is now following you”

Aiden- I Never Said I Did

Request-  I love your work!❤️ could you please do one where y/n is scotts adopted sister for half a year and she’s a werewolf and the whole pack is being al protective over her but then aiden falls in love with her but y/n doesnt know aiden is bad (he’s still in deucalions pack) and nobody wants to break her heart so they Dont tell but they’re all mean to aiden but he wants to step out of his pack for y/n. I understand if you don’t want to do this Xoxo

A/N- Thank you! I changed this up a bit, but I hope it’s along the lines of what you wanted. I also added a read more link because it was around 16 pages on google docs. 

“Look, I told you-” the store clerk began.
“I know what you told me,” you snapped, cutting him off. “You get a lot of runaways, I get it. But I’m asking about these two specifically.”
The clerk, a dark haired guy in his early thirties, groaned. “Seriously, kid, don’t you have a bedtime?”
“Just look,” you insisted, pulling out your phone. “Their names are Erica and Boyd-”
“Why are you asking me?” the guy complained. “My store’s on the edge of the woods. Why don’t you go check the one by the Greyhound station?”
You huffed and rolled your eyes. The guy had a point, but you had picked this place because it was close to the woods. You had a feeling that if anyone would have seen them, it would have to be this guy. Besides, you had already checked the one by the bus station. 

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An Affair to Remember

Chloe Beale remembers the exact moment her boyfriend proposed to her. She had just told Tom she was going to stay in Atlanta for her medical internship, even though he already had plans to go to New York.

“Then marry me, Chloe Beale,” Tom had said, kneeling down without an actual ring.


“Marry me. If we’re going to be apart then you can at least promise me that when you can get transferred from Atlanta you will, and you’ll come to New York and marry me.”

“Oh, Tom, are you sure? We’ll be so far away for a whole year, maybe more,” Chloe had said.

“Chloe. I am more sure that I want you in my life than I am about anything else. Please, Chloe. Marry me,” he pled, holding her hands.

“Okay,” Chloe said, no sense of excited feeling at all in her.

Chloe had been with the man since her freshman year in college, although when she decided to complete her intern year at an Atlanta based hospital Tom decided to go to New York, where he’d always wanted to go.

Now she was standing at the Empire State Building, about three months before she was going to transfer to a New York hospital and plan a wedding with Tom, watching the beautiful night sky and city lights.

She was only visiting Tom for the week, except it was her first day and she learned Tom accidentally scheduled a work trip for the entire duration, leaving her to stay at his place alone, knowing no one and nothing in the city.

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a thing based on this ask and this related comic by @infinite-atmosphere because I just had to

2200 words of REALLY HASTILY-WRITTEN FIC ignore any egregious errors

McCree first sees him on the streets of Hanamura, not far outside the guarded Shimada property. McCree sits at the counter at the Rikimaru ramen shop, poking halfheartedly at a bowl of shoyu. A figure steps up to the counter beside him, and though McCree doesn’t look up at first, he can hear the cook greet the newcomer enthusiastically. So he looks up.

The newcomer is, quite possibly, the most handsome man he has ever seen. With long, dark hair tied back in a ribbon, piercing dark eyes, and cheekbones one could cut themselves on, the sight of him very nearly stops McCree’s heart.

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The RudePundit: F*ck You, Rural Elitist

“And there you have the reason why liberals are called "elitist.” We actually know that most of our taxes go to the Republican-run states. We aren’t fucking hypocrites who condemn government, elect people who want to shrink government, and then are pissed off when the government doesn’t offer enough services. We don’t get our news from conspiracy theorists and liars. Are there excesses on the left? Of course. We’re fuckin’ human. But when one group is inclusive of all races and religions and genders and sexual orientations and more, while the other pines for a time when white Christians ran everything, it’s pretty damn clear who the real elitists are.

What you’re calling ‘elitism’ is just simply not being ignorant. We don’t have our heads shoved up Jesus’s ass. … You can stop explaining the white working class rural conservative Christian farming folk, hot-takers and self-justifiers. Instead, why don’t you explain liberalism to them? Why don’t you explain that jobs are drying up and communities are dying not because of abortion and same-sex marriage but because of Republican economic policies that have favored the wealthy, most of whom live in cities, including a certain president-elect they voted for who took advantage of those very policies in order to stay rich? Ultimately, though, it won’t matter. Because despite every fucking word to the contrary, the real problem is that those who voted for Trump are racist. They are sexist. They are Islamophobic. They are ignorant.

The whole thrust of these ‘let’s learn about the yokels’ articles is to imply that there are real Americans and there are coastal elites. Sorry, motherfuckers. We’re all Americans. And if I have to suffer under your stupid, you have to hear about our smarts.”

Mind Games pt.2

Requested by Various People: After deciding to join The Joker and Harley, the reader finds themselves thrown into a larger than life world. Finally the Joker trusts them to go out on a job even if it is just a small one.

Pairing: The Joker x The Reader x Harley (Poly)

A/N - Why is this so long? Idek. Why is there like a million different kisses in this? Idek. Why does it end on yet another cliff hanger? Idek. I hope y’all like it though :)

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ - Sexual references, Knives, grenades, guns and daddy kink. I think thats it.

Part 1  Part 3  Part 4

With a click of his fingers we were supposed to come running. Something I tended to ignore which lets just say, doesn’t go down well. But I liked to tease. Play games. It kept things interesting around here. A steady beat pumped through out the club and I was too busy having fun to even notice the summons. The flashing lights. The crowds. My new life seemed surreal. Harley slipped out from behind the glass, jumping down from her podium with a smile as she strutted over to me. The gentle clanking of her heel hitting my ears. The tassels of her gold and black dress, swinging. I wrapped my hand around the cold, metal chain, slipping down against it and coming back up with my butt sticking out. I winked at the girl playfully.

“As sexy as you are, the boss wants us.” My grip tightened, letting my body fall backwards to swing steadily from side to side.

“If he wants me, he can come get me.” I teased, the corner of my lips turning up in a smile.

“It’s your funeral sweetie.”

“Maybe that’s what I want.” I joked, pushing open the glass door and sitting on the edge.

“Someone’s being an awfully bad girl today.” Harley smirked as she stepped closer, her musical giggle making its why into the air. Her hand found its way to my exposed thigh. The lightest touch sent a shiver up my spine and I narrowed my eyes. She just gently rubbed.

“Yeah and what you gonna do about it?” The girl shrugged, leaning in ever so close until our lips met and then abruptly she pulled away.

“What do you want me to do about it?” I bit gently on the bottom of my lip as Harley’s hand inched further up. I couldn’t deny the way she was making me feel. Until she turned sharply and walked away.

“Hey!” She took a moment to look back, signalling for me to follow. “Come on, we can play later if you want.”

A chuckle left my lips as I pushed myself off.

“Oh I definitely want.” I followed behind Harley, who I swear was shaking her hips just to tempt me.

Heading towards the booth, I pushed aside the red velvet curtain and there he was. Sitting casually with his mind on his phone.  The clown prince of crime himself. Once the source of my torture, now my source of pleasure. He was strangely…loving, in his own way. And his affection was something I strived for. Something I craved. My hand took ahold of Harley’s as we walked in, her giving me a gentle squeeze.

“Ah, my two favourite girls”

“Puddin.” His blue eyes glanced over me as if waiting for a response. I remained silent, shuffling behind Harley more.

While I did enjoy the presence of both of them, the joker still scared me a tad. There was always a dark aura around him.

“Hey Mistah J” I eventually called and a smile appeared across his Crimson lips.

“What happened to all that confidence, eh?” Little Miss if he wants me, he can come get me.“ Harley mimicked, letting go of me to join her lover on the leather seat.


“Speak up, is that what you said?” I raised my shoulders in a shrug as I dared to edge closer.

“So cautious… I’m not gonna hurt you, my little doll. Come sit with daddy.”

The man patted his lap and I just watched for a second. Debating my choice. I walked over, dropping down on to his lap.

“See.” He flashed a metal grin in which I returned.

“I know you’re not gonna hurt me. Not without reason.”

His palm rubbing my cheek softly, keeping our eyes locked. His hand slipped under my chin. Pulling me closer, our lips colliding andI lost myself in his embrace. I brought my hands up in an attempt to pull him closer. My brain fought between good and bad thoughts. The memories of every breathe I took in that room were drilled into my brain. A tingle ran through my veins but I couldn’t shake the thoughts of electricity.


The man groaned against my lips, biting down slightly as he pulled away.

“What?” He spat, my arms slipping from his cheeks to around his neck. I turned in the direction of the voice.

“Here.” The man held a piece of paper between his fingers and I looked back at J.

“Can you get that for me?”

With a firm nod I stood up, collecting the paper and bringing it back for the boss. I held it out and he snapped it from my hand. This time, I fell down next to Harley, resting my head on her shoulder. She placed one arm around me, kissing the top of my head before dropping her head to rest on mine as Mistah J read over the note. He nodded towards the man who nodded and disappeared back into the club crowd.

“Harley. Y/N. I gotta job for you two.” Perking up, I lifted my head towards him.

“Really? You’re gonna send me out?” My time as part of the Jokers crew had been spent mostly behind the scenes because I wasn’t ready yet, whatever that meant. I knew what they went out and did. It wasn’t like I needed protecting but I wasn’t about to question what he wanted.

“Sure. I think you can handle it.”

“What’s the job, Puddin?” Harley asked.

“I need you to pick something up for me, from the dock.” With a gentle roll of my eyes, I feel back against the plush seat.

Boring, I’m not sure I wanna go anymore.” I groaned causing Harley to let out a giggle.

“You will do as you’re told.” He stated sternly, throwing the white square onto Harley’s lap. I took the paper, reading over it.

At the dock now.

“Let’s just go.” The blonde jumped up, holding her hand out. I grabbed it and was yanked to my feet.

“There’s my good girls. Bring the stuff right back here.”

“What is it were picking up J?” I questioned, looking back at the man. He threw a pair of keys, and I caught them with my free hand.

“Just run along.” He stated.

“Come on sugar.” We walked back through the club. Hand in hand. The crowd had slowly started to diminish there was mainly just the regulars left. She lead me out into the fresh night air and towards the purple Lamborghini.

“Pass me the keys.” I placed them into her palm with a slap and she unlocked the car. I jumped in the passengers, shuffling in the leather cushioned seats. I loved this car even if I didn’t get to ride in it often. Harley joined me, starting up the engine.

“Let’s make this quick shall we.” With a beaming grin, Harley started up the engine.

“What do we have to do this? Couldn’t he have just sent one of his men. I wanted a fun job.” I whined, a strong breeze streaming over my face from the open window. “I think he was tryna get rid of us.”

“Or he just trusts us. We’re not gonna screw him over.” Harley challenged. Her optimism was really cute. Something I lacked, though I was slowly learning to trust her overly peppy attitude.

“He doesn’t know that. We might.” I shrugged, watching building after building fly past.

“Oh trust me, he knows.”

“How?” I cocked a brow turning to her sharply.

“You ever wondered why were both so pale?”

In all honestly, apart from the first time we met no. It wasn’t something I wanted to question.

“Not really.” My head shook with my response.

“A little after I met Mistah J, I knew I was in love. I would do anything to be with him despite the pain he caused me. I knew he liked me back in his own way y'know? So I ignored what everyone told me. To make it official he decided I should be just like him.”

“Just like him?” I frowned.

“I made and oath to him. I wanted this and so I gave up my power, falling into a vat of chemicals.”

I widened my eyes at her story. Was this expected of me? To make an oath?

“Batman pushed Mistah J in and I fell in to show how much I wanted this.”

“Wow…intense.” I  couldn’t imagine doing something like that. But then again that was nothing. Both of them turned out just fine. Well as fine as could be expected. In reality I probably would do something like that for him. Without hesitation. He had a power over me. One I would never quite understand. My thoughts were interrupted by my girlfriend’s voice.

“You want this, right? You like playing with me and Mistah J.”

“I’m here aren’t I?”

“That’s not what I asked.”

A sigh slipped through my dry lips. It was something I wanted right? I was living a more adventurous lifestyle. My sex life had certainly spiked too. Plus the torture had stopped and I didn’t want to go back to that.

“I do.” I nodded firmly.

“That leads me to believe you wouldn’t betray Mistah J, just like I wouldn’t.”

We halted to a stop as the air filled with a salty sea aroma. There was a cargo ship anchored in the bay and three men stationed at the dock. I flashed Harley a nervous smile before getting out, she follows behind. The men jumped to alert, their guns now held sturdily in our direction.

“Wow guys, we’re just here to pick up something for Mistah J.”

“Yeah we don’t want no trouble.” Harley added quickly. They kept their eyes locked on us for a moment.

“Harley Quinn and you are…”

“Y/N.” I stated. “Not that it’s any of your business. Can we just hurry this along. We haven’t got all day.”

I shifted my weight, stifling a yawn. One of the man; A tall one with blonde hair and a 5 o'clock shadow, nodded and out walked a man carrying two boxes. I cocked a brow.

“Put ‘em in the car.”

Grunting past, we followed behind. Not bothering to say anything more.

“Whatcha reckons in them?” I pondered as we continued speeding down the roads of Gotham. Just thinking of  all the possibilities.

“Probably just guns or something, I don’t know.”

“Can I open one of them?”

“You can but Mistah J won’t be happy.” She replied.

“Cool, stop the car.” I demanded.


“Just stop.” Pulling to the side, I got out to go around to the boot. Harley followed behind as I pulled out one of the wooden crates.

“What are you doing?”

“Hold this.” I dropped one of the boxes into her arms, a grunt left her lips. I made sure to grab the crowbar before getting back into the car. Harley did the same, passing me the box before continuing the drive home. I slipped the edge of the metal bar under the lid, prying it open. I was shocked by what I saw. Inside sat green, egg shapes all say neatly in rows. A painted smile on each.

“Grenades?” I reached in, picking one out. I rolled it between my palms slowly. It’s rough exterior scratching my skin.

“What are these for?”

“I don’t know. Just put ‘em back in the boot”

“How? You wanna stop again? We’ve already took forever so I doubt J is gonna be happy.” I placed the bomb back in place ever so carefully. Turning sharply, the crate slipped ever so slightly sending my heart racing.

“I want these off me right now.”

“I’m not stopping, you just said we don’t have time” she called back.

“What if they go of?”

“I don’t know. You shouldn’t have opened them.”

Screeching to a stop, I flinched at the impending doom. I got out slowly, balancing them on my forearms. My mind couldn’t help but wonder to the Joker. Was he gonna kill me for this? Or I don’t know, maybe he’d be cool with it. That would be unexpected but nice. Harley retrieved the other and we walked through the now empty club and into the back.

“Here boss.” A bright and somewhat proud expression crossed his face.

Placing them by his legs, we could not have backed off quicker. His blue eyes flickered between the crates and us. I wondered if he could tell something was up from my expression. He walking over to us. He placed his lips firmly against each of my cheeks, doing the same to Harley.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now come on Harley, let’s go…play.” I grabbed her hand, wanting to exit this room as quick as physically possible. The minute I heard his voice however, I froze.

“Looks like someone just couldn’t help themselves.”

I swallowed hard. Not daring to look towards the man. “Which one of you was it?”

I remained silent and thankfully so did Harley.

“I asked you both a question.” Her paced before us like a father reprimanding his daughters. It was intimidating to say the least

“Look at me.” The green haired man demanded and I remained still.

“I said look at me!” His voice was raised causing my head shot up. He lunged towards me and I stumbled backwards until my back hit the wall.

“I will ask one more time…who opened the box?” There was a chill in his voice signalling he wasn’t playing around. I held his gaze

“Me.” I eventually uttered.

“I’m sorry, what was that?. His smile was softer, almost encouraging. As he gently ran his index finger along the base of my chin.

“I-it was me.”

“And who told you you could open them? Was it Harley?” He asked.

“No one did.” I looked towards Harley, who just watched while chewing on her lip. He instantly pushed my head to face him again.

“Don’t look at her. You opened them because…?”

I raised my shoulders in a shrug.

“You don’t know?”

Again I shrugged.

“Oh sweetie. Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, that’s not good enough.” I felt the edge of a knife pressed against my neck, a devilish grin on his lips. I forced a smile. Ignore the growing pit in my stomach. The metal blade danced over my skin begging to go deeper. Flashbacks to the hours of torture. The countless blades that sliced my skin. The scars that were left behind. My hand lightly touched the three diamonds that graced my upper thigh. I ran my fingers over them, while keeping eye contact with J.

“I’m sorry, I was just….just curious.”

“Just curious eh? My knife is just curious. Should we let it rip open your neck then?”

“I’m sorry okay, p-please don’t.” The tip of the blade, ran up to my cheek. Gently teasing my skin. Skimming up and down in a slowly rhythm.

“Are you scared Y/N? Think I’m gonna hurt ya?” His glorified laugh fell to my ears. He wouldn’t cut my face would he?

“No, I… I trust you.”

“You don’t seem so sure, kitten.” Pulling the knife away, my muscles fell. I had to admit I was scared. Maybe I didn’t trust him quite as much as I’d like. The man was a little on the crazy side. A soft sigh left my lips.

“Show me how sorry you really are, princess.”

I did know what he wanted from me. He had everything he could possibly want. Did he just want me to beg? I brought my hands around to his butt, squeezing gently as I pulled him closer. A low purr slipping through his lips and I almost lost it.

“Not what I meant, baby girl.”

“Hmmm…well, I’m sorry Mistah J. I didn’t mean to open it, I just couldn’t help myself. I have no control, I promise to make it up to you. However you like….” I expressed, pulling my bottom lip between my teeth in a cheeky grin.

“Daddy doesn’t like to be teased.”

“Then I guess you’ll have to punish me.”

His chuckle filled the room, finally leaving me alone. I took a deep, shaky, breathe. He drifted over to the blonde, planting a kiss on her forehead. “At least one of you can do something right. Good job pumpkin.”

“Thanks Puddin. I told her not to open-”

“Harley!” I interrupted the snitch session. I knew she just wanted to be in his good books but still.

“You don’t get to speak.” He yelled at me.

The pretty blonde made her way over to me wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me close. She kissed my cheek before leaning towards my ear. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, with a somewhat devious grin. “Just tryna stay on my Puddin’s good side.”

“I know baby, I know.” I nodded. She gave me a tight squeeze and I turned to hug her back. Pulling her petite frame as close as possible. I wasn’t angry with her. How could I be.

“Can I ask what the bombs are for though?” I asked, pulling back from the embrace.

“Oh my little girl just can’t keep her nose out.” He threw off the lid of the box, grabbing one of the grenades. He rolled it between his hands. Threw it into the air and caught it. I flinched as it landed back in his palm. “You wanna see what it does Y/N?”

“Fuck no.” I shook my head rapidly.

“I think-” he starts only to be interrupted by one of his men, sweaty and breathing heavy. “Yo J.”

“What is it?”

“The bat.”

So Batman must have followed us. His glaring gaze shot to me before grabbing my hand. I took Harley’s, hers being more comforting for me. He called to a few men to come grab the boxes, still keeping one bomb clearly in his free hand as he pulled us out the back door.

“Joker.” A deep voice called before appearing in front. He stood tall, eyeing us carefully. I glanced over him, taking in the long cape and pointy ears. I honestly expected more from both batman and the Joker but they both just stood. Were they gonna fight or? A familiar smile appearing on the Boss’s lips. He let go of my hand, patting both my shoulders. I was pushed forward. Harley coming with me as I was too scared to let go of her. At first I thought I was being used as an offering. A way for him to escape. My eyes were locked on this man. Even in costume he seemed almost familiar. Like I knew him not only from stories but as something more. I tried to pinpoint but I was drawing nothing but blanks. I was crazy though so what do I know.  It took him a while but as his expression changed to a much softer one. He stepped closer and I inched back “Y/N…?”

“She looks familiar huh?”

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” A frown crossed over my features.

“Clearly not very well.” Harley joked.

I opened my mouth to speak, a confused expression clear on my face but I was stopped by the Joker’s tattooed hand. I stuck my tongue out and the joker laughed. His other arm wrapped around my shoulder.

“You used to help me out. You don’t remember?”

“And now she helps me out, isn’t that right princess?.” He finally removed his hand, pulling me into his side. I gently kissed him on the cheek. A disgusted look appeared on the bat’s face.

“Apparently you’re a little too boring for her liking.” Harley added with a giggle.

“But by all means take the poor girl”

“No!” I interjected sharply.

“I know you’ve done something to her Joker, she isn’t like this. She’d never stay with you.”

His burning gaze was on me and I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I did know that I didn’t want to go with Batman though, I hardly knew him. I was liking being with Harley and The Joker.

“Oh no, no, no batsy, she wanted this. Ain’t that right Y/N?” I nodded. Harley made me face her, kissing me. Her lips moved against mine while the boss just laughed.

“See. More than happy.” He stated.


It took me a moment to come back from the embrace but I turned to Batman with a frown.

“Dude, I hardly know you. I’m not leaving my friends for you. ”

“The queen has spoken and since we’ve technically done nothing wrong here, I bid thee farewell sweet Batman. We have things to do. But I won’t leave you without a parting gift. Here, catch.” Pulling the pin from the bomb he threw it into batman’s hands before running off. Harley and I following quickly behind.

“Did you just kill Batman?”

“No don’t be silly. The death of Batman has to be a masterpiece. Just look, he should be finding this whole thing hilarious.” I turned back to see the alleyway filling up with a thick smoke and a manically laugh echoing throughout. For once it wasn’t Harley or the Joker for that matter. It was deep and gritty. I was confused at first. Why would he be laughing but I eventually put two and two together.

“Laughing gas?”

“Aren’t you a smart girl.” Mistah J teased. I took one last look behind. The smoke beginning to filter out. Batman still laughing uncontrollably. I couldn’t quite place why he seemed so familiar. Was what Batman said true? Did I used to work with him? I shook off the thought. It didn’t matter anyway. I liked where I was at.

“What’s all the gas for?” I eventually asked causing the Joker to groan.

“Nothing you need to worry about my nosey little pet but, if you must know. I have a plan.”

(Theo Raeken)

Request: 1) When are you going to see that I’m in love with you?! (Theo from Teen Wolf) thanks!

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Warnings: Swearing(dumbass), beside a little chessy

The pack and I were in Eichen house trying to get Lydia out. I was with Stiles as  Fenris took Lydia to who knows where. As we were looking for her Theo came. Stiles questions him telling him we don’t need him. “I have her scent you need me” We looked at each other and nodded.

We’ve followed Theo till be got to the pipes and all you could smell was chemicals. “I lost it” Stiles started to kind of blow up on him. Until I had a thought, “Break the pipe” I said looking at the two. “What?” They both asked. 

“Break the pipe and you’ll hear better dumbasses” I stated. Theo smiled and broke the pipe and put his ear near it. “Follow me” he stated. All of us were running till we were meet by a door. Theo and Stiles started to ram into but nothing worked. Then we heard Lydia’s scream.

Theo twisted the broken door knob and Stiles busted in, me right after him. Lydia is hooked up to all these red wires. She kept telling us to run. Stiles tried to get her to snap out of it.

Then Stiles was thrown back by Parrish, well the Hell-hound of him. I rushed to Stiles and we ran out and crashed into something. Then I heard the ear piercing scream and flames came out, I felt a body over mine protecting mine. I covered my ear trying to ignore the sharp noise.

As it stopped I turn to see Theo over me, I nod as my ‘thanks’ and run with the rest of the pack inside. Parrish is carrying Lydia, we rush out and run to the jeep. I stay behind to let Lydia’s mom make sure shes okay. 

“Need a ride?” I jumped, “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” I turn to find Theo.

“No, I’m fine, but thanks” I say as I start to walk away planning on walking home. “Y/N, I see the goose bumps on you and your teeth chattering” he said with that smirk that makes a girl week in the knees.

“Okay” I say as we head to his truck. He puts the heat on and we just sit silently. I noticed he kept side glancing at me. After a coupe minutes I was the first to speak, “Thank you” I said. “Y/N its no problem, its just a ride-” I cut him off, “No, Thank you for helping us find my friend, thank you for protecting from the flame and thank you for the ride” I said looking at him. He turned his head to look back at him, he smiled, an actual smile, not a smirk, “Your welcome.” I smile back. He turns back to the road with a smile on his face.

After that we stayed silent, it wasn’t awkward, it was surprisingly comfortable. As he pulled into my drive way I unbuckled myself. “Thanks again Theo for everything” I say before existing the car.

I walked up the steps and pulled out my keys. I heard a car door slam and heard my name. I turned to see Theo out of the car. I walked to him, “Yeah?” 

“I um-” I raise my eyebrows never saw Theo like this.

“Is something wrong?” I ask concern all over my face. “No, no, just never mind, sorry”

“It’s okay Theo” I said with a little laughing trying to make him feel a little better.

“Well Goodnight Theo” I said about to walk to my door.

“When are you going to see that I’m in love with you” I heard, I stopped in my tracks, shocked. I slowly turned around. “What?” I said looking in his beautiful eyes. “I-I I’m in love with you Y/N”

“Theo…” He looked down disappointed, “I should go”

“No, wait” He didn’t he stared walking towards his truck, “Theo I like you too” He stopped dead in his tracks. He didn’t say anything, “Theo, I like you, I just don’t like what you do to my pack, it scares me to death. But I real-” He walked up to me and slammed his lips against mine. It took me a second until I kissed back, placing my hands on his neck his around my waste, he was sweet and treated it as if I were glass.

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“I’ll stop, but I will protect you” He whispered, I pecked his lips. “What does this make us?”He asked. “When you take me on a couple dates then you can ask that”

“Deal” He said smiling.

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