we run barcelona

I’ve known Pique for a long time and he is the Barça player I am most friendly with. Since he started winning trophies as a young boy in the same team as Messi, he started taking a little piece of the net home for luck.

So half-an-hour after the World Cup Final, Gerry runs up to me holding these tiny scissors telling me he needs to find the nets.

He had asked the FIFA blazers who had sneered at him like he was a nasty smell even though he had just won their trophy.

We found a room where we thought they would be kept and burst in there like Batman and Robin to find all these old African women surrounded by massive piles of Rand.

They were counting the take for the night and s**t themselves because they thought we were robbing them.

Eventually after going round the bowels of the stadium, we ended up in this room with a jobsworth official who denied he had them, then jumped up and locked them away in the cupboard and told us we weren’t getting them.

Gerry just said to me, ‘I’ll hit him, you grab the nets and we’ll run’ so I had to try and calm him down so we didn’t start a diplomatic incident.

Eventually an official came and said we could have a bit of the net if we left so we got what we wanted.

So it was funny to see Pique at Wembley a year later with a pair of garden shears cutting the whole net up after winning the Champions League with Barcelona. He was much better prepared that time.
—  Graham Hunter