we rulz

Loveless man go searching
along a craggy shore.
you may find a gun hidden
in your pocket
and a dagger made of waterfalls
strapped across your thigh.

On a winters morning you may find
the sunlight is a spear
hovering inches above
tired eyes and sweaty blankets.
the stars were watching in silence.

You may decide to spend a lifetime
swimming in mirrors
built of stolen beaches;
the sand a promise to fading seas.
For those feet made of wounds
not meant for salt and your knees
ache from bending down
to taste anything but your own mouth.

Loveless man go searching
along a craggy shore
for those beaches are all empty,
the ships sailed years before.
But a loveless man went searching
and found only weapons and devils
dancing in his core.

—  Michel LazzaroA Loveless Man