we remember everything


What we take for granted about our sense of self, everything we see, everything we remember, is nothing more than a construct of the mind.

Nothing Matters When We're Dancing (Magnetic Fields cover)
The Antlers
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing (Magnetic Fields cover)

nothing matters when we’re dancing (magnetic fields cover) | the antlers

dance with me old friend, once before we go
let’s pretend the song won’t end
and we never have to go home

A Few Thoughts On INFJ Rage

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Observation: people have no clue how our minds work. Here’s some insight.
We see everything. We remember everything, and we’re very, very good at hiding how much we know. We are made of many layers, shadows, and facades, and have an uncanny ability to read (and sometimes manipulate information out of) people.

Many people in our lives are blissfully unaware of this ability, and abuse our good natures, our empathy, our emotions. They see us merely as fluffy, rather quiet and simple people - anything but a threat. In their defense, that’s all they see because that’s what we want them to see. Those people should be thankful that INFJs are patient. Some (myself included) go years without feeling truly angry at anyone. Fleeting frustration, yes. But rage? Rarely. 

However, one step across the line too many, and we will transform from the image we’ve created for you into an embodiment of the darkest part of our nature. We will use the information we’ve quietly gathered about you against you without remorse. It takes a LOT to reach this point. But when you do, you won’t know what’s coming for you until it’s too late.

fireflyfish replied to your post “Today was “dress up as your favorite book character” day at the…”

That’s adorable! I love it! I bet you were the best Darth Vader breathing apparatus there.

lmao I had so much fun with that and honestly I WAS SO DELIGHTED BY ALL THE STAR WARS LOVE, it was so much fun engaging with the kids and talking to them about their interests.  One of the Darth Vaders brought an activity magazine with old man Rebels!Maul on the cover and was doing like cross word puzzles with Ahsoka?  ngl if i’d seen it in a bookstore i would have probably made the same choice as the five year old.  

honestly the more i work in the schools the more i realize public education is run by A BUNCH OF NERDS.  

1. It’s the imperfections that make you feel perfect. It’s the weakness that allow you to appreciate your strengths. It’s fear that makes you realize the courage within you. Often enough the things that aim to break us, lead us to fulfilment.

2. You never know what tomorrow holds. It is not set in stone. It is not predetermined. It is up to you to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. You shouldn’t be so fixated on planning and dictating your direction. Just live it. Go with the flow for once. Things find a way of working themselves out for the better. Even if it didn’t seem “better” at first glance.

3. It can be hard to start something new. It is all daunting and full of the unknown. But we must remember that everything is new once. Put yourself out here. Don’t hold back. It’s your time to shine.

4. Living in the past is not healthy. Don’t feel bad for wanting to appreciate the things that once made you happy. Fond memories have a way of rekindling in our minds. But if they now make you unhappy, don’t dwell. It’s not worth it.

5. Don’t be realistic all the time. Where’s the fun in that? Be passionate. Be outgoing. Break barriers. Fight for what you believe in. Don’t hold back for anyone or anything. You only live once so make that count.

—  5 thoughts on focusing on the good ~

Supernatural — Season 7  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I remember you. I remember everything.”
  • “We never catch a break, so why would we this time?”
  • “You’re gonna flirt your way past.”
  • “We need to come up with a new saying for that.”
  • “You die before me and I’ll kill ya.”
  • “You’re wrong. I am utterly indifferent to sexual orientation.”
  • “I’m sorry. I think you have to go back to start.”
  • “Shark Week, man. How do you not watch that? A whole week of sharks.”
  • “What are the odds this ends well? What are the odds?”
  • “You almost got us both killed. So you can be pissed all you want, but quit being a bitch.”
  • “I’m sorry. I think you have to go back to start.”
  • “It’s called anime. And it’s an art form.”
  • “Can you even get drunk anymore? It’s kind of like drinking a vitamin for you.”
  • “I have a question. How do you talk to girls?”
  • “You seem troubled. Of course, that’s a primary aspect of your personality, so I usually ignore it.”
  • “I don’t usually drink beer. It messes with my depth perception.”
  • “Everything is supposed to end.”
  • “Damn straight. Screw consciousness, I say.”
  • “This looks like a sex torture dungeon. Is this a sex torture dungeon?”
  • “I hate these indie films. Nothing ever happens.”
They Were and Always Will Be

They were secret glances, gazing upon the other, adoration in their eyes.

They were strong ‘I love you’s, late at night in hushed tones, as they nursed their wounds.

They were stolen kisses, gentle brushes of lips, holding the other closer and closer.

They were Castiel and Dean Winchester.

They had an adventure so epic, it is written to this day, centuries after they have passed on to paradise.

The world has seen nothing as strong as their love since their sacrifice. We remember Dean Winchester. We remember Castiel. We remember Sam Winchester. We remember Gabriel. We remember that they gave everything for us, us, who treated them like thieves, murderers, criminals.

We do not remember their love.

We remember Castiel fighting by Dean’s side until the end.

We do not remember their hands clasped together, holding tightly.

We remember Gabriel sacrificing his life to save the Winchesters.

We do not remember the sound of Sam’s heart breaking as he kissed him last.

We worship the Books of Chuck, yet we only choose to remember heroic deeds. We ignore the sadness, the heartbreak, the torture they went through.

We remember the death of the archangel Gabriel. We do not remember Sam Winchester mourning for weeks.

We remember Castiel falling from the Heavens. We do not remember him crying in Dean Winchester’s arms.

We remember Robert, Ellen, Joanna, everyone who helped them fight. We do not remember that Robert was a father to them. We do not remember that Ellen treated them like her own. We do not remember the friendship Joanna shared with them.

We remember that they were heroes. We forget that they were people.

We remember the battles, the sacrifices, the scars. We do not remember the tears, the pain, the hurt.

We remember the summary. We do not remember the details.

Perhaps we used to remember. Perhaps we remembered the way Dean spoke of Castiel, a soft smile, a lovesick look in his eyes. Perhaps we remembered that Castiel only ever truly smiled when he was locked inside Dean’s arms.

Do we even notice, that the Book of Chuck is not an epic tale, but a love story? Do we even notice that he put the most care in describing the way Sam’s eyes light up each time he saw Gabriel again?  In the way Dean lay tangled up in Castiel, placing gentle kisses on his skin?

Do we notice that in the original, the first Book to ever be printed, on the pages that describe Dean Winchester dying in Castiel’s arms, the paper is crinkled with dried angel tears?

Do we notice that Chuck let Dean write a single passage, and Dean wrote about how he had dared Gabriel to make pie from scratch and the building was evacuated? Do we notice that Dean Winchester’s Impala, stored safely in their museum, has a picture of Castiel, in Dean’s jacket and sipping a mug of tea, tucked in the visor?

Today marks 682 years since they saved us. As it is written in the Book of Chuck, ‘A thousand years shall pass until the world sees their heroes, their saviors, again.’

That we remember. We do not remember the next line.

‘A thousand years shall pass until the world sees a love as strong as that of Dean Winchester, and his angel, Castiel.’

And the final words, of the first Book of Chuck; ‘They were deep in the truest form of love, and they always will be.’