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In the Archie comics, Archie gets everything he wants and treats Betty and Veronica pretty badly. On the show, we basically have everything turned upside down. In the comics, Betty and Veronica are always fighting over Archie, and on our show, Betty and Veronica couldn’t really care less! It’s three girls doing their own thing — my character and her two minions — doing everything we can to find out who killed Jason. Nothing really involves men. I feel like that’s rare for TV, there’s always a strong love influence with the main character. Of course there’s some making out — gotta keep it steamy — but we’re all very independent which I love.

Madelaine Petsch photographed by  Maddie Cordoba for Galore

In case you don't know what's happening right now
  • Disney: Wow GMW has a huge fandom. Wow it was nominated for a LOT of awards. Wow that's a lot of people who want a season for. Wow the actors are really loved by the fans. Wow people get up really early to come to tapings. Wow fans really want to see some great stuff in a season 4. Wow it's our highest rated show. Wow it got hundreds of millions of more votes than the second highest liked show on a poll we made. Wow this is our only show with real life lessons.
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney: Let's cancel it. Give me a show about a boy who's hand talks. Bizaardvark MUST have another season. OMG GIVE US A STUCK IN THE MIDDLE MOVIE!
  • Fans: What?
  • Actors: *are heartbroken*
  • Fans: hey guys so this really sucks but let's ban together and get Netflix to take on the series! :-)
  • Disney: oh please like that'll happen...
  • Fans: Hey Netflix wanna take on GMW?
  • Netflix: Sure guys! You have really dedicated and caring fans. We'd love to help that kind of a fanbase!! Let's just get the rights from Disney first, okay?
  • Disney: No honey. We're trying to cause misery here don't try and stop us.
  • Archie talking about Grundy: she was the only one that believed in me
  • Betty thinks: really Arch? I've been here since day 1. I've always supported you no matter what. I love you.
  • Jughead thinks: Really Arch? We had our differences but I never let anyone come between us like this, not even hamburgers could make me not believe in your talents. I love you.
  • Veronica thinks: Really Archiekins? You showed me your music the first day of school and I was obsessed. I told you how talented you were. I believed in you. I love you even though we have just met.
Love = The Perfect Ammunition

Throughout T6T the word ammo is rammed into our heads over and over again, the only definition offered for it being:

Until of course Sherlock realizes it’s “not ammo as in ammunition, but amo meaning”:

And where have we heard the word “ammunition” on this show before?

But we know that The Reichenbach Fall didn’t actually destroy Sherlock, so what really is the perfect ammunition to destroy Sherlock? His love for John.

Sherlock really is playing Moriarty’s “posthumous game” whether he realizes it fully or not. Moriarty is still trying to “burn the heart out of” Sherlock. But physically separating John and Sherlock wasn’t enough, even marrying John off wasn’t enough. So then what is it that Moriarty believes will finally destroy Sherlock and his relationship with John? “What’s the very worst thing you could do to your very best friends?”

According to Moriarty in Sherlock’s mind palace, “it’s never the fall that kills you…it’s the landing.” Sherlock falling in love with John was just the beginning. It’s making that secret be known which is Moriarty’s real solution. Firing that ammunition to burn Sherlock’s heart out. That’s The Final Problem.

You know what I really hope for with Lucifer and Deckerstar?

So we know Deckerstar is endgame…it’s a thing everyone ships it, the makers of the show and the characters it’s a thing that’s gonna happen.

 But what I really would love, is when Deckerstar eventually getting together after all the shits gone down and we’ve had our slow burn, I want to see power couple Deckerstar. Rather than the show just ending coz apparently once you put the main ship together there’s no more storylines that don’t involve serious conflict (untrue). I want to see a celestial/human power couple fucking some shit up and having a great time. How often do we get to see couples just having fun and working together as a unit without all the back and fourth, separating then getting back together again *cough cough CASTLE cough cough* 

What I would love is to see Deckerstar explore PAST where shows normally end or run dry, there’s still plenty of material considering it involves celestial beings. That’s a massive playing field, so Deckerstar being together doesn’t need to be the end of the show. I always say I love seeing Chloe laugh and smile in episodes, we don’t see it enough. There’s not enough positive TV and I would be so happy if Lucifer became that show were there’s that one main couple who are just goals. They respect each other, work together and are stronger as a unit. Even though there’s still bad stuff going on, it’s just not constantly separating them and they face things together as a team. Aswell as working through the obvious issues of being an angel and a human and normal ones that might arise with a regular couple  

taeyeon x wiz khalifa oppa fanfiction (this jinja happened !! XD)

“i jinja love you” said wing khonchilfa sexily, licking his lips. “lets perform seeu again at 2016 mamas.”

“omo” taeyeon blushed looking around scaredly. wondering how the fuck this dumbass got invited to the mamas

“i love you forever kam teyone,” said wang calista. “let’s show our sarang to the whole world during our performance of see you again”

taeyeon s face got red. “omo,” she said blushing more. “i don’t think we should do that”

“why not” said the wizard of oz

because i hate see you again‘s rap because it sucks and you suck at rapping, taeyeon thought inside.

“because i want your sarang to be only for me” taeyeon winked sexily at wiz california

waz kharchiliva grew weak at the knees !! no really !!! he did

this hoe is really dumb , now how the fuck do i get out of this, thought taeyeon

“omo oppar i jinja feel really tired today so i think i will go back to the hotel” she swooned

“the hospital?” wink khandilarva said, not understanding through his crusty ears that he hasnt q-tipped for years

“ill tell you all about it when i see you again” said taeyeon, placing her white gold mic into her gucci jackie croc shoulder bag and slipping on her chopard de rigo vision sunglasses

she began strutting off of the stage, her gucci hand-woven camel leather boots clicking on the stage floor

wart kanghaskhan looked after her, as her long sleeve deep v red lace valentino silk gown fluttered in the breeze as he realized just how insignificant he was

it’s actually super shitty that all of kara’s male friends give her ultimatums when it comes to their feelings for her and make her sad for NO REASON and we have to see that shit every season smh

like I know lena would be so the opposite if she started feeling something for kara she’d tell her straight up “kara I really really like you and I know you don’t feel that way for me but that’s totally okay because I value your friendship so much that I want us to keep things just the way they are while I work through my feelings and they’ll probably go away or they might not but that’s not your fault at all and I respect you enough to tell you this and say that our friendship means the world to me because I love you in more ways than one so let’s get ice cream, I’m buying and you look great today.”

can crushes on kara be portrayed like that please thanks

star wars characters as my childhood neighborhood
  • luke skywalker: mrs. cooper, who had a boxer puppy named abbi that was actually mine at heart, passed out candy and bunny plushies and let me use her porch to play pirates and had the coolest granddaughter
  • leia organa: good friend from up the street we played really, really complicated games with. nobody has ever played barbies harder than this. there was a lengthy, emotional plot, drama, questioned the value of life. also our elephant toys looked similar, so we married them
  • han solo: me, who named the apple tree a papple tree because i thought the apples it produced, which were very definitely just apples, tasted like peaches, and claimed one tree to be my tree of playing. you couldn't touch my tree. i loved my tree.
  • chewbacca: the tree
  • C-3PO: the big golden great dane named maggie that i tried to ride like a horse. showed up at completely random times. never understood that she wanted me to pet her, not sit astride her as we rode into narnia
  • R2-D2: maggie's evil twin, who we never saw but heard howling in the night, the reason i believed werewolves were real until i was 9
  • darth vader: the person with the cow-themed kitchen, with the cow salt-shakers and the cow apron and the cow chairs. gave me a sea horse plushie with a torn tail out of spite. used to hunt for tiny tomato frogs in their rock garden after they disappeared mysteriously
  • the emperor: the crazy cat lady with three feet of bushes obscuring her house from view, making it look like an urban jungle. her cats populated the woods and i thought they were in a cat gang, which meant the cat lady was a werecat lady, because only cats can be in a cat gang. staked out her house with binoculars. did not know how to work binoculars, mission failed.

In all seriousness, yeah Bastille didn’t win an award, but that will never invalidate their hardwork. They’re still continuing with their day and look forward to seeing their fans. Even if they are slightly saddened, we should just continue to show them our support and love for them/their work! We should always let them know that we appreciate them for what they do!

Bet (Cody Christian Imagine)

Cody and I had a bet, it was to see who would be the first kiss another, I mean it’s weird, but then we allowed each other to fall in love without any need of affection.

All my past relationships had gone super-fast, so Cody was teaching that taking it slow allowed us to get to know ourselves, love the things that they do, this bet showed us that we really did want to kiss, but I’d rather win the bet.

That isn’t to say that I didn’t love Cody, I just wanted to prove him wrong, that I wasn’t going to kiss him and leave, I really valued him in my life.  He needed to be that first to fall.

Today was our date night, Cody told me to dress in something nice and he was going to take me out, somewhere nice.  I spent most of my day, in the bath, painting my nails, put a face mask on, ensuring that I looked nice for my dearest Boyfriend.  Just as I was going to begin curling my hair, I checked my phone to see a message from Cody himself.

From: Boyfriend ❤

Hello babe, can’t wait to see you later dress nicely ;) xx

It took me less than two weeks into our relationship to realise that Cody was probably the soppiest boyfriend I’d ever had. He liked to give me small gifts, call me pet names and he’d rather lie on the couch with me watching a romantic film than a horror.  I didn’t complain though, I’d rather have a guy who genuinely cared for me and loved me, than one who didn’t.

I smiled at his message and replied.

To: Boyfriend

can’t wait to see you too xx

I then decided to get ready, I had half an hour to perfect myself, I curled my hair into loose curls, put on my makeup, with a cat wing and dark burgundy lipstick, I then pulled on my army green halter dress, with my dark green heels.  By the time, I had my purse and phone, I heard a knock at my front door, I opened the door to the most attractive guy I had ever laid eyes on.  He wore a black button up shirt, black jeans and he was clutching a red rose, grinning widely.

“Wow,” he gasped, looking me up and down.  "You look stunning.“

“And you look very handsome,” I smiled taking the rose and laying it on the counter, then stepped outside to go to his car.  Like the gentleman he is, he held the door for me, the car journey was peaceful, we spoke about our day, turns out Cody went to the gym for half the day per usual. When we arrived outside the restaurant we were greeted by the waiter who escorted to our table, then I ordered the pasta whilst Cody asked for the steak, I then pulled out my phone and took a quick picture and snapped a quick photo of Cody who was ginning, I posted it on me snapchat story.

“Hey I saw that,” he smiled, resulting from a giggle from me. “Nice place, right?”

“I think it’s beautiful,” I told him, as he grabbed my hand from across the table.

“What can I say, I’m the best boyfriend,” he smirked.

“You are indeed.”

The date went perfectly, we laughed and blushed, it was the best date I’ve ever been on.  When we reached my place, I invited him in and he took a seat on the couch, as I wiped off my makeup and got changed into a loose t shirt and shorts.  I leaned against the door frame of my living room, he was sat on the sofa, his shoes off, the first two buttons of his shirt undone, with two hot chocolates.

“You’re so perfect,” I told him, taking a seat, leaning into him, sipping my drink.  We weren’t paying attention to the film he put on.  

“Hey you,” he whispered, wiping his thumb across my lip, since I had obviously gotten a hot chocolate moustache.  Cody glanced at my lips, stroking me hair, slowly he leaned into me, his lips collapsing on mine, he tasted like chocolate and smelt strong of his aftershave. His lips were soft, like I was kissing my pillow, I rested my hands on his shoulders, as he placed his on my waist, electricity sparked through my body. When we pulled away, my eyes fluttered open to stare at his blue ones, my breath was heavy, the kiss had literally taken my breath away.

“Wow,” I sighed, grabbing his hand and leaning into him.  "You owe me ten buck,“ I told him, receiving a low chuckle


People really seem to enjoy Superfruit. It’s one thing to be a singer and an artist, expressing yourself in that way, but it’s so fun to kind of just be a personality and be yourself. Mitch and I have been friends since we were 10 years old, so we have a very genuine dynamic, and we bring out each other’s authentic qualities. It’s fun to show our personalities, and people have been really into that. So many kids come up to us during meet and greets and say, “It’s so cool just watching you be yourselves.” It’s very inspiring. 


i just watched “That Will Be All” and it was really good! although i do have questions but most of them are just because I havent seen the first 3 or 4 episodes before it because they havent been released yet. But this episode included singing with Yellow Diamond and the Blue/Yellow pearls and it was really sweet and it shows that Yellow Diamond really does have some type of emotion. We finally get to see the jasper-looking amethysts and they are all so different colored and adorable. We see a ruby that looks like our amethyst also and not like every other ruby we have seen. You thought all jaspers were big and brawl?? lol nope u wrong. we got skinny over here and I LOVE HER. she even has a belly gem. Holly Blue was the gem watching the amethysts or whatever and she got roasted by pearl, rip. Fusion between Ruby and Sapphire is always a wonderful sight, they also held hands. Crystal gems fight holly blue. And we see the outside of homeworld or just a piece of homeworld and its really pretty. Blue Diamond is also revealed for the first time(?). this all happened in 11 minutes

(I know a large amount of you are LGBT, please dont pass this. Seriously)

I’m gonna be completely honesty here, I really despise the LGBT+ community often.

It has so many problems in it that are never addressed and it’s all grand and dandy that we come together when our rights are ignored or showed the genocide of our own, but we can really be so utterly toxic.

Now this is just from what I’ve seen, those who are usually minorities (race wise) get a less amount of love compared to the normal white. And you cannot lie that it’s not apparent in movies or tv. You have all these beautiful people who are amazing and have wonderful personalities and are overlooked by the very community they’re in. Comparing notes are fucking crazy, and I did. I went on a couple of wlw and mlm blogs to compare the notes between submissions, I picked a couple from each.

Comparing our two chosen demographics,

The average amount of notes

Whites- 55.94%

Minority- 20.67%

A 35.27% difference!

Then the community has a constant war with Transgender. Terfs excluding lovely Trans women and Truscum/tucute? I don’t vouch for any of them whatsoever, but it’s so sad to see them attacked 24/7 to the point where some don’t feel like they shouldn’t be Trans. They’re often ridiculed for their own identity but at the same time erased as well as other identities?

The biggest identities that are erased are, Aro/Ace, Bisexual, Pansexual, Trans and so many others that I don’t even know. And it’s not in this shithole of a website, it’s in our own public. When people ask, you’re given three questions pertaining to sexuality. “Are you a lesbian?” “Are you gay?” “Are you straight?” on occasion you’ll find someone who is extremely educated in terms of identities, otherwise that’s what you’re offered till you have to tell them “No, I’m Bi/Aro/Ace/Pan/etc”

I’ve really always questioned stuff like this since assumingly LGBT is supposed to be a great bunch of people who are fairly open minded. We claim to be a strong clan of people who have had a struggling history, who fight for their natural rights and who have been advocates for other movements but we don’t have the audacity to fix the internal problems? You can’t fix the hate you get from others if you don’t stop the hate between each other.

My partner and I are spending the next 2 weeks with my lovely girlfriend, @esperaqua and her family! (Yes, I’m polyamorous)

I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving there and we are sort of pseudo doing Christmas/our birthdays, too… So, I really wanted to show the whole family how much they mean to me.  So…. a cool little portrait of the fam in 20s and 30s inspired garb. <3

It might not seem like much… heh….but I really put my whole heart in this one.<3<3

I’ve scheduled this for the moment I arrive in Lansing….(I really couldn’t wait any longer… and certainly not till the holidays proper)… I hope you guys like it!<3


Teegan is 5 today! 💜
Happy Birthday Teegan!
You are such a smart, entertaining, sweet girl. We are so lucky to have you as part of our family. It feels like you been with us forever- but since your gotcha day is February 5th 2015, it really hasn’t been that long, yet you have brought us so much joy and happiness. Love you sweetheart, happy birthday 💕And of course Kinley has to help celebrate too!


83 days on Tumblr…… and we are 5000+ friends and followers strong.
This clearly shows all the love both of us have been getting from all our friends here.

We really love ❤️ the way all you great people have been closely following us and appreciating us and our moments shared with all of you. 

Thanks for making us smile and keeping us all charged up bcz WE REALLY SMILE WHENEVER WE GET A APPRECIATION FROM ALL YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE FOLLOWING US…….Off late it’s been a little difficult for us to reply to all the Personal Messages and/or the comments on our posts due to the surge in the love from your side however we try and read each and every one of them and try and reply…..
Keep following us and appreciating us it will keep us both charged…..
Loads of love from both of us…..
Rajveer and Simran ❤️️❤️️😘😘


csi appreciation week - day 6:
favorite quote(s) 1/? 

I love so many quotes from all these amazing seasons of our show that it’s really hard to choose only one or the few. But this Warrick’s quote is so true that it’s always somewhere in the back of my mind… Because we all know and hear all the time that life is short, that we don’t have much time etc…we always hear about deaths of young people or even kids… but we don’t really believe that life can really be that short as long as something terrible happens close to us. That’s why he really realised that only after he almost lost Nicky even if he’s job was connected with death for so many years…

One of my fave differences between the movie and musical is the line “our love is god.” In the movie JD said it really casually and kind of cheeky, but it he really meant nothing by it. In the musical though, it has a whole new meaning and it is honestly a centerpiece of the whole show. In the musical, when JD says their love is god, he literally means it; he thinks that their love is so powerful that it’s divine. When he says “the dinosaurs choked on the dust, they died because God said they must” and later he says “the died because WE say they must” he’s literally equating himself and Veronica to gods. And again, the line is so important in the musical. Hell, it’s his last words.

It also shows how ridiculously different their relationship is! In the movie it’s not very serious and there’s not much deep love at all, but in the musical they’re so in love that it makes JD delusional and psychotic. (Hope it doesn’t sound like I’m romanticizing that. I ship them yes but by no means do I think the obsession/worship part of their relationship was cute)

I think in the movie JD was already pretty crazy and what drove him to murder after meeting Veronica was that he saw her as a tool - she wanted them dead too, and could help him kill them. But in the musical I think he was pretty sane at first because he kept everything bottled up, but his love for Veronica made him snap, and THATS why he killed people. Because they hurt Veronica, and he developed this crazy God complex, therefore “Our love is God” is very important and literal to him. Scary stuff.

Anyway just something I was thinking about!

Hey guys, I know it’s really easy to get sidetracked or that it’s easy to get tired of asking but it’s important to remember things aren’t going to change if we don’t continually and consistently fight for the show. Your voice matters. If we’ve seen anything from all of the responses we’ve been getting it’s that we actually have a chance to save Girl Meets World when before we thought it was over. But if we REALLY truly love this show, and we really want to allow it to continue to help and inspire people the way that it has been (and more), we can’t give up. We can’t do less. We need to keep FIGHTING, and showing our support to the show (and it’s market value) in any way we can. Let’s stand united and fight for a cause that isn’t just for ourselves, but for so many people who have benefitted from and will benefit from the lessons this show has/will teach.


I.O.I won ‘Rookie Award’ @ The 26th Seoul Music Awards.🎉
Nayoung: First lets introduce myself

I.O.I: Yes~I love it, We’re I.O.I

Nayoung: Now first …as a full group at an official event… ahh.Today is the last time… *tears* We’re very thankful… come here come here come here

Sejeong: It’s a really happy day though. A happy day we also got a great award. I’m really happy that the 11 of us could all be here together. With this happiness, we will continue to work harder and show you a hard working image. Of course to our families and all of the fan who gave us love, and all of the national producers who voted for us, a thanks to each and every one of you. Also even though some of our members may be crying now, we will meet you again sometime in the future with smiles, please don’t worry too much. Now the Chinese person will say some words

Pinky: Hello everybody, today is our last official event, but tomorrow we still have our concert so i hope everyone can come and enjoy. Thanks all for giving us this concert, giving us this final gift. Thank you all, i love you all

Nayoung: Ah sorry can i still speak?

Heechul: Yes, of course

Nayoung: First, thanks to he YMC Entertainment CEO, we really love you, and to all the managers who worked very hard for us. Thanks to all of the CEOs of the companies of the members too. Thank you to the stylists who continue to make us look pretty. Thank you to the parents of the 11 members. Finally, I love you I.O.I