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Hi guys,

Since I just got 5 hate-anons (I deleted them, btw, so if you’re waiting for me to answer your ask, you can stop now and do something a lot more fun with your time, like join in here!) I decided this fandom needed a dose of positivity and love so I’m hosting “Fandom positivity-weekend”!

How it works is simple, really!

You simply do one of the following:

  • Send me an ask with your love for a member of this fandom (on or off anon) and why you think they are amazing, and i’ll post it tagging their account.
  • You can also write an ask with your love for one of the crew-members/characters in this show we all love.
  • Or, if you’ve written/made an edit for something that you’d like to share then you can send me a link for that in PM or in an ask (though remember Tumblr sometimes eats those asks, so make sure you use spaces when you paste it so it arrives in my inbox).
  • If you’ve just read a great fanfic that you’d like to share some love for, feel free to sned that/rave about it too and I’ll share your love for the author to see and most likely fangirl with you!

Let’s spread some love together this weekend and make some people smile! <3

achtervulgan315  asked:

How did fandom faces begin? I'm quite confused

oh gosh, i wish i knew. i can tell you for sure, it’s been going on for years now, probably since like 2014 era pjo fandom. i can’t remember who started it exactly, but i know someone new continues it every year; it’s not really planned, someone just decides to bring it back (and thank goodness for them because this is one of my fav things to do!).

but the basis of the origin is that someone decided we needed more fandom positivity (lmao big shocker) and this started. you just post your selfie when everyone else is and tag it with #pjofandomfaces

Secret Fandom Compliment Letter

Dear April, @robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad,

Let’s start with a nice warning from our beloved Robert Sugden aka Mr Dingle.

Now that you have been warned, let’s get serious! Saying that I LOVE your blog would be an understatement so I prefer to tell you why.

Your URL : nothing to say except I love it !

Your TITTLE : your obsession for their tummies is so funny but sooo cute !! Besides a fic has been written from this so I guess I just can say thank you ;D

Your POSTS : I have the feeling that every time you decide to write a post on your blog, it has the purpose to break our hearts in multiple pieces that you can crush even more when we want explanations. Do I really need to pick an example or I have to remind at every one how Robert thinks about lasts when he sees Aaron or the list of protective/supportive Aaron (yeah i’m still not over it!). I hate reading them because I love them so much… I’m sure you enjoy the pain you cause :p

Your TAGS :  It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to read them, you’re literally putting all your feelings in them, you take the time to personalize all your reblogs and I’m a big fan of that! I love the little nicknames you give to some of the characters of course I picked Robron as examples but Leyla is my queen too or the « best mates soulmates » for Bartsy :p

Your love for OTHER SHIPS like Zude or Captain Swan, can you believe they got married… 😭

Your love for DRYAN : for example your excitement in your tags saturday was a delight to read :p Should I put a little something to make you smile 😏

Your HONESTY : you always say what you think while remaining respectful, it’s one of the best quality I appreciate with someone.  

Your KINDNESS : when you reply to asks, when you talk with your followers, you always have kind words. And I speak with all the facts because you are one of the most sweetest person I have ever talked to on Tumblr. You’re always so supportive with others in this fandom : reblogging fanfiction, drawings, gifsets, posts and letting them know that you appreciate their work. Besides, you do it with this original way, like the other day I have learned thanks to you that I was a witch doing sorcery with my gifset. We can think it’s not a big deal to say something like that but it can make you happy in a second. So thank you ! Really THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Right, I’m not really good with words, these are just examples but in the end I LOVE your blog as a whole, it reflects your personality and all we want to do is talking to you! Keep doing everything you do, never leaves this fandom (i’ll not allow you to do it) and stay exactly the way you are because you’re amazing. 😘😘

Love and hugs (you can’t escape it :p), Marie, @iamarobronniffler. 😘😘

The Not-Sanders Sides Tag - My take!

aka, If you want to get to know me, this is your chance!

So, @sketch-rambles tagged me on this very fun tag, so I decided to do it (right after freaking out for about 15 mins that they tagged me in something AAAAAA)

I also need to tag as many people as I made characters, so here are the people I want to see their sides (you guys don’t have to tho): @little-ravioli-writer,  @screwupanx@fosterdawgfan, @dan-yuna, @trixie85592, @sabriel-fanboy-83, @ssides and @that-one-anxious-sanderside (I know there are 8 people but I’m really curious about all of these people’s sides, LET ME LIVE MY LIFE, MOM)

Let’s make a summary of my sides. We have:

  • Determination aka. Roxanne (they/them or she/her, pretty much a Mx. Badass)
  • Curiosity, aka Angelica (she/her, logical/curious side)
  • Pride Queen, aka Rose (she/her, scarily similar to Princey)
  • Anxiety, aka Crystal (they/them or she/her, embodies my anxieties into a person)
  • Innocence aka Noemí (she/her, childhood self that never grew up)
  • Love aka Ruby (she/her, inner seductress)

Okay, now that that’s out of the way… Let’s take a deep dive on these sides!

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WIP meme

I was tagged by @rederiswrites​ to post an excerpt from a WIP. Thank you so much! It took me a while to decide since I’ve got what feels like 500 million WIPs, but I think I’ll share this one from a DA:I fic I started last year and never finished. I like this one and so some day I probably will put it up on AO3 (god knows when).

Background: this is a lady Adaar Inquisitor who has a hopeless crush on Cullen but ends up with Bull, though she deeply distrusts him at first. I’m thinking it will end up Adaar/Bull/Cullen, just because it sounds like fun to work out. Asaara has a mage brother, Taashath, who was the healer of the Valo-Kas company; he ends up with Dorian. They have saarebas parents who escaped the Qun.

“You’re mooning again, little tama.”

She kept her expression as it was, smooth, calm, but she slowly straightened up from where she leaned against the corral that held the Inquisition’s growing stable of mounts. “Mooning,” she murmured. “Really.”

“Looks like it from where I’m standing.”

She pursed her lips and looked up at the male, standing just close enough to make her uncomfortable but not quite close enough to be called out on it. He smiled easily at her, single green eye gleaming, his body language loose and non-threatening. So affable he was, so quick to put others at ease and make them forget to be nervous about his size. About what he was. She towered over the humans, elves and dwarves in Haven, but the Iron Bull towered over her in turn. It wasn’t something she particularly cared for. Neither was he.

“Mooning,” she repeated, tone thoughtful. Her eyes turned back to the head of blond curls moving among the troops. “It looks like mooning to you, does it? You, who know nothing of such things.”

“Just because I haven’t experienced a thing doesn’t mean I don’t know it when I see it.”

She pulled her gaze away from the warriors training by the tents and looked down at her nails. She kept them short, to keep them from turning into claws, but Bull sometimes made her wish she had them. Her tone turned curt as she asked, “What is your objective here, Hissrad? By that I mean: at this very moment, what do you hope to accomplish by interrupting my so-called mooning?”

“Just making conversation.”

“Are you allowed to do that without an objective? Is your leash given that much slack?”

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“Parv, is everything okay? The TARDIS’s shaking woke me up.”

“Uh…Can…can you help me land her? I’m having a bit of trouble doing it on my own.”


*five minutes and one smooth landing later*

“Do you need anything else?”

“What? Oh, no that’s it.”

“Okay, I’m going back to sleep.”

More cute Will from the Doctor Who AU. We decided that Will found 4’s scarf and has taken to dragging it everywhere on the TARDIS. 

synthdicks  asked:

Hey! Do you have any more thoughts on Orzammar + homophobia (and/or transphobia)? I have a Cadash guy I'm trying to flesh out, and while I'm not certain if he himself has ever actually been there, other members of the Carta have. I'm trying to think what kind of background he would have, and how he'd internalise things.

Ohhhoho, man. Well, this might turn out super rambly and make no sense at all.

So from having played both as a female Aeducan (a woman operating in a traditionally masculine sphere) AND a male Brosca (a man with zero chance to ever rise above the poverty line), the conclusion I drew personally was that Orzammar is a profoundly shitty place for a whole bunch of reasons… that really boil down to two major factors that fuck it up for everyone.

And let me start off by saying that Orzammar is fucked on the long term. This thing they have going on is not sustainable. Like, it really isn’t. It’s fucked up.

But I’ll try to lace my thoughts together in a semi-coherent manner.

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Hello there!

We know, that there already exist a bunch of promo groups out there, but Silv and I decided to make another one. We find that we need another adorable sugarcubes in our lives , so we made this up. We are really excited and hope to find many people, which are willing to join us! 

  • You should follow Silv & Liv
  • Reblog this post once to enter, we’ll ignore people who only liked this!
  • This is meant for (multi-) fandom blogs and Sam Claflin fans 
  • You can increase your chances, when you write a little text about why you want to join the group and tag it with “adorable sugarcubes”. You don’t have to do it, but it would be appreciated! 
  • We’ll pick 15 members on January 15th
  • Nice people you can talk to whenever you want. Also, new friendships, which is always nice. 
  • Advice in every situation from people, which are experienced in it (for example: editing advice)
  • People, which will help you reach your goal!
  • People you can fangirl/cry about Sam Claflin/Finnick Odair
  • We’ll message you and ask for your e-mail adress, so wen can add you to the group.
  • You send us a little text for the member site.
  • And as soon as everyone joined, the fun can begin!

We hopefully see YOU at our group. Good luck and happy blogging, everyone!

Hey guys lets talk about positivity. It’s kinda come to me that there is A LOT of negativity in this fandom. People are unhappy about one thing or another that the girls decide or don’t decide to do. We gotta let that go y'all. We really do. They are all doing the very best they can. Just like we are. We should be grateful that they take the time and energy to do all that they are able to accomplish. If you feel the need to vent about something you’re unhappy about within the fandom DON’T TAG THEM IN IT. Just don’t. I know we all have our opinions, and that’s great! But, the negativity and the negative comments and energy it just awful. Negative attention is no substitute for positive attention. You have to know that they are people too and have feelings. Real honest to God feelings. Now, go out and conquer the world!!