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Another Carter? (1/?)

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing, tiny violence.

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Steves POV

 " What the hell am I looking at ?“ I ask, my eyes stuck on the screen infront of the team. There is a young girl,  her head hanging making her face not visible.  Shes unconscious and tied down to a chair in what looks like a creepy old lab . Two men appear at her sides, the bright red Hydra emblem on there chests making everyone sigh in annoyance.

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” you’ve got to be kidding me.“ I say under my breathe. I feel Bucky stiffen next to me ,  Poor guy. He can never seem to really escape them .

Hello, Avengers.  You have something we want, and we have something you want . You see where we are going with this?“one says, his thick accent already annoying me.

 ” Listen, I think we’ve made it very clear we arent giving up Barnes. Hate to break it to you , but he isn’t one of you anymore.“ Tony says , surprising all of us . Its been almost a year since we’ve been back, Tony and Bucks friendship still isn’t - well its actually not there. They say hello to eachother , but that’s about it . Neither go out of their way for the other ; Buckys too guilty about what he did as the soldier, & Tonys still hurting and resentful, and slightly sorry about how he reacted. 

 ” You’re willing to let this girl die , for him? I don’t think SHIELD will be too happy with you. “ one snaps .  Who is she ? 

One of the agents lifts your head by your hair, your eyes shut and cuts over your face visible. Tony audibly gasps, slamming his hands onto the table infront of him.

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” Tony who is she?“  Wanda asks . Tony turns locking eyes with me right away , but before he speaks the agents beat him ,

” Oh you don’t know? Avengers, meet Y/n Carter. Agent Peggy Carters Granddaughter. “  No. Me and Buckys eyes nearly bug out of our heads.

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” Stark, -“

” Let her go, or you will regret It.“ Clint snaps, stepping infront of the screen. He knows her?  I look at the girl, jaw dropping as I take in her features. She looks ridiculousy similar to Peg, more like she could be her sister than her grand daughter.

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” You know the deal, The soldier for the girl. Otherwise we let the tranquilizer ware off and we slowly kill her .  Or we could just do it now, she has enough in her to take down an elephant . She wont be up for-“

As he speaks  Y/n’s eyes flutter open, going wide as she takes in her situation.  My heart begins pounding in my chest as I see the panic on her face. How could I not know about her? I don’t remember seeing her at the wake, then again , I didn’t exactly have a clear mind. I wonder why Sharon never said anything.

” Where the hell am I ?“ her voice was rough , but still sends chills through me .

” How are you awake!?“ an agent bellows while the other laughs,

” It looks like the Rumors are true . Tell me darling,  dearest grammie had to of given you the serum before she lost her marbles, right?“ As the last word leave his lips , Y/n Breaks through the rope around her, shocking not only the agents near her but most of the team as well. She has the serum? How did they replicate it? Why would Peggy give it to her granddaughter?

” Holy Shit.“ I hear bucky mumble.   We watch as Y/n & the agents begin fighting, she  finally knocks them unconscious after one tells her shes being held in somewhere in Moscow. 

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e  She turns to the camera with an unamused look gracing her beautiful face.

” I’m in Moscow, ill assume ill see you soon, Uncle Tony.“

Uncle Tony?

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I work for a community center teaching arts and crafts to kids as an outreach program for the city and Wednesdays I go to the library. See the city workers like me wear a uniform of bright blue polo shirts and khakis and the library staff obviously does not. Ive been doing this for two years and the public still hasn’t caught onto this yet and I still get confused as a library employee. And sometimes people get very confused and angry that I cant help them because I DONT WORK THERE.

Its not the only crap ive gotten for my art program, which I used to work, plan and organize by myself. Sometimes the projects hard sometimes its too easy, i dont pay attention to everyone but im not engaged enough pftt finally given an assistant but still make it better? The kids I teach are mostly 6 to 9 year olds. And even though theres an age limit I still get 2 to three year olds that cant use scissors or draw.

My budgets been cut multiple times and my second activity was axed. And I hold this activity in a kids room filled with toys that they arent allowed to touch during art time which is a library rule and parents get mad at me when their kid has a meltdown because they cant play.

So anyway one day my and my coworker had a really good day at our program or so we thought we had a good turnout and lots of fun then we come in and our boss is like we need to speak with you. Turns out there was a complaint, the only one we’ve had mind you, about yelling at someones kids and upsetting them. I have never yelled at a child ever Ive never even raised my voice to anyone as long as Ive worked there and neither has he so we just looked at eachother and were like what? When? And tried to defend ourselves.

And boss kept it vague but we assured him we never even saw this happen. Turned out later a disgruntled library employee scolded some kids for playing in the kid room when they werent supposed to and the parents assumed it was us. When we asked if they were wearing a uniform or not boss said he asked but the person didn’t remember. Howncan you not remember the shirts are a bright obnoxious blue color.

Since we never had a complaint before boss let it slide because we’re good with kids and our jobs. But now have to go extra steps to greet and pay attention to everyone. Even though its just the two of us vs 26 kids with paint. Boss stopps by every week to check and tried to ‘help’ but cant do any type of art to save his life. We cant afford to hire another person to help so we have to figure it out ourselves.

Just people, the library staff does NOT wear CITY labled uniforms if they paid any attention. I cant help you because I dont work there and I didnt yell at your kid that you should have been watching.

what your splatoon weapon says about you

SPLAT ROLLER: ur an asshole


DYNAMO ROLLER: stop it with the jumping up and down out of the ink then sneaking out and just rolling me over and killing me!!!!!!! 

GOLD DYNAMO ROLLER: ur KING of the assholes

INKBRUSH: hipster of the inkling world are you proud 

OCTOBRUSH: hipster sibling that is slowly becoming more popular then them

CARBON ROLLER: ur the least assholeish of all the rollers

SPLAT CHARGER: u a classic but sometimes weak sorry not sorry bc the shooters have to do double the work cause u wont move from your little sniper spot

KELP SPLAT CHARGER: ur good but annoying like REALLY annoying so u force me to stop whatever i’m trying to do and go find ur little sniper hideout and shoot u bc u keep killing me


NEW SQUIFFER: super lame

SPLATTERSCOPE: u think this is such call of duty halo battlefield shit with your fancy scope??!! i would insult u but you usually kill me so

KELP SPLATTERSCOPE: i swear whenever i play spat zone one of u little shits is marching there way down to my hideout killing everyone in there path ur like some bridezilla on amphetamines 

E-LITER 3K: u little sniper u

LUNA BLASTER: really annoying but really good


SPLATTERSHOT: your that kid that is always like, “remember the 90′s”

SPLATTERSHOT JR: you a classic but you a goodie 

CUSTOM SPLATTERSHOT JR: you’re annoying in tower control

TENTATEK SPLATTERSHOT: when u use the inkzooka i almost always throw something at my tv cause that shit comes out of NO WHERE

.52 GAL: dork with the most kills that usually has on the gas mask 

N-ZAP ‘85: ur strategic & shit & usually really solid

SPLASH-O-MATIC: unique but nice to have on team

AEROSPRAY MG: younger uglier sibling of the most popular kid in school

JET SQUELCHER: u usually trying to snipe but you arent a sniper but you usually good so i let it slide

BLASTER: u have flames on your gun like this is fucking hot wheels get YOUR SHIT TOGETHER 

SPLATTERSHOT PRO: idk why yall arent more popular most times that these guys are on my team we win so 8/10 like

.52 GAL DECO: dork with the most kills that usually has on the gas mask WITH sparkles on his gun 

.96 GAL : you literally kill me in every game fuck you

AEROSPRAY RG: you’re either really really good or really really bad sorry

RAPID BLASTER: ur pretty rare but i dont like you when you use ink mines EVERY FUCKING SECOND

CUSTOM JET SQUELCHER: u solid i cant insult you

DUEL SQUELCHER: u the unsung hero of the team no lie

CUSTOM DUEL SQUELCHER: u r the best i love you never change

CUSTOM BLASTER: YALL KILL IN LIKE 1 OR 2 HITS HOW IS THAT FAIR EXPLAIN. also u have flames on your gun i cant take you seriously

RAPID BLASTER DECO: not that popular but seem solid & normal

FORGE SPLATTERSHOT PRO: ur pretty cool idk u seem too neat to be friends with me but i’m usually checking out your gear after the match no lie

Crosina: l…lost? uhm no no XD we arent lost we would only meet ya well my mommys name is Sabrina isnt the name not beautiful^^ my mommy is the best mom ever^^ 

Saross: lost? and great more kids? uhm sry mister pax but are ya kidding me? what do you mean at ,, great more kids,, ? doesnt like you kids?


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That really is a lovely name!

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Taking a Chance (Patrick Stump)

Based Off a Request: can i request an imagine where Patrick and the reader have huge crushes on each other in high school and all the others guys convince him to ask the reader out? can the end be all cute and fluffy too?

(Y/N)’s POV

I heft my backpack over my shoulder and slam my locker shut, making my way towards my last class. I slide into the classroom right as the bell rings, and make my way to the back corner of the room, and slide  into my seat next to Patrick. The teacher starts talking about Romeo and Juliet, and so naturally I zone out. Instead of taking notes, I grab my sketchbook a start a  sketch, glancing over at Patrick as I sketch his profile, drawing the smooth slope of his nose and jaw, completely enveloped in the details.

“So” Patrick turns to me as the class breaks out in noise, “ wanna be my partner?”

I look up from my drawing, quickly hiding it so he won’t notice, “For what?” I ask in confusion.

Patrick just raises an eyebrow at me, “Have you paid attention at all today? What are you even drawing?” he asks, trying to pull the paper off of my desk

“Nothing” I say burning red, shoving the stack of papers in my backpack, “ So, what’s going on?”

Patrick gives me a weird look but shrugs and moves on, “We have to present a scene from Romeo and Juliet, wanna be my partner?”

“Sure, which scene?” I ask curiously.

“The balcony scene” he replies. I feel my ears turn pink at the thought of doing this scene with Patrick, but nod my head again.

“Cool, we can work on it tonight at my place if you want”

“Don’t you and the guys have band practice?”

“Yea, but you can come and watch, and then we can work on it after” he says, standing up as the bell rings.

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll just have to run home first” I reply happily, I’ve never gotten to see them practice before.

Patrick nods in agreement and we make our way out of the classroom, meeting up with the other guys in the hallway.

When we approach them, the three of them are deeply involved in some argument about music, to which Patrick immediately joins. Rolling my eyes with a laugh, I tell them i’ll see them later and head out to my car, excited about the thought of spending time alone with Patrick tonight.

Patrick’s POV

Eventually we give up arguing with one another, and head out to the parking lot. Pete slides into the passenger side of my car and immediately starts talking as I pull out of the parking lot.

“Is (Y/N) coming to our practice today?” he asks me curiously,

“Yeah, I invited her” I say confused, “ why is that a problem”

“No, I just know that you hate when people watch you sing, but I guess (Y/N) is different?” he asks grinning.

“What, no” I say nervously, “ we just have to work on a project, after, so I invited her”

“Oh nice, getting some alone time with her, I see what you’re doing”

“No Pete, it’s just a project” I insist, as I can feel my cheeks getting red.

“Well, whatever it is, you should just hurry up and ask her out, she’s not going to wait forever” he says, giving up and switching his focus to mess with the radio.

“What does that mean?” I ask him as I pull into my driveway.

“I mean, “ he says, hopping out of the car, “ you need to hurry up and ask her out. Just because she likes you now doesn’t mean she’ll wait forever for you to grow a pair and ask her out”

“Pete, what are you talking about, she doesn’t even like me like that” I say with conviction as he throws himself on my couch.

Pete raises his eyebrows, “Oh yeah?” he asks, looking at Andy and Joe who had walk in the house behind us, having come in Joe’s car. “Andy, Joe- Fact or fiction: (Y/N) is in love with Patrick”

“Fact” they immediately say in unison.

“You guys have no idea what you’re talking about,” I reply angrily. I’ve already held on to this false hope for a girl who would never like me for way too long, and they arent help me. “Can we just practice now?”

“Fine,” Pete says pulling himself off of the couch, “but i’m not kidding, you really should ask her out.” I just roll my eyes and head towards the basement, ready to practice.

(Y/N)’s POV

I park my car along the street in front of Patrick’s house and head to the front door. I can hear music pounding from inside, so I don’t even bother knocking, I just head in. I haven’t been to one of their official practices ever, but I know them well enough to know they all get very into their music while playing- there’s no chance they would even hear the knocking, let alone come and answer the door. As I enter the house I realize the music is coming from downstairs, so I pull open the door and start down the stairs. As I reach the bottom, I hear Patrick start to sing, and I’m blown away. Sure, I’ve heard him sing before, and i’ve heard all of them play before, but never with a full band. I silently continue down the stairs and drop onto the couch, fascinated with the sight infront of me. Pete grins as he sees me, but Patrick doesn’t even glance at me, just stares resolutely ahead of him as he sings.

There song ends and I burst out in applause. “ Guys, that was incredible!” I gush, “ and Patrick you sounded so amazing!”

“R-really?” he asks disbelievingly, a blush turning his ears red.

“Yes, really, you guys all sound so good”

They all grin and look pleased with themselves for a second, before moving on to the next song they were going to run through.

Listening, I decided to pull out my sketchbook while I listen. Smiling as I look over at them, I decide to sketch Patrick again.

This time, it’s a full face sketch. I spend almost the whole practice, so like an hour and a half, on this sketch, trying to get it right. I struggle to depict his eyes - the beautiful, soulful, eyes that communicate so much in real life, that bring butterflies to my stomach, and a smile to my face, but fall flat on paper. Frustrated I toss my sketchbook across the couch and decide to just quit. Their final run through of a song ends, and Patrick runs upstairs to grab something. Joe wanders over to the couch, picking up my sketchbook, before I realize what’s happening.

“And what is this?” he asks, raising an eyebrow, causing Andy and Pete to come and peek over his shoulder, “ A bunch of sketched of Patrick, and not a single one of Pete, Andy, or I” he says mockingly, holding the book above his head as I try to grb it out of his reach.

“It’s nothing” I say frantically, cringing as the three of them scrutinize my drawings, “ just sketches”

“Why are they only of Patrick?” Andy asks.

“N-no reason” I say nervously. Pete hears the catch in my voice and looks over at me, a devilish glint in his eyes.

“Truth circle, right now” he says, drawing a circle between the four of us. I immediately groaned - when I created the idea of a truth circle for us, a place where everyone had to tell the truth no matter what, it was a great idea.  But that was in seventh grade, and now, I was just irritated.

“Ugh, why” I say, afraid of what Pete was about to ask.

“(Y/N), “ he begins seriously, “ do you like Patrick?”

I avoid his eyes, refusing to answer.

“It’s a truth circle, (Y/N), you have to answer the question” Joe says determinedly.

I glare at the three of them. “Hey, they’re your rules not our” Andy says, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Fine” I huff, “Yes, I like Patrick, a lot” I say quietly.

“I knew it!” Pete exclaims,excited, “Exactly what I told Patrick!”

“You what?” I yell, jumping up from the couch, “You told Patrick!”

Pete looks a little shocked at my reaction, but laughs, “Yes, because he likes you too, and and I was trying to convince him that you like him but he wouldn’t believe me”

“What? Patrick doesn’t like me” I say in response,

“Yes he does!” all three of them say loudly at the same time.

“I want to believe you guys, I do” I say sincerely to them.  Patrick comes bounding down the stairs and looks over at us in confusion.

I silently catch his eyes, before I look back to the guys. “ But it’s not true” I say and walk away,

“I’ll be outside” I say to Patrick as he tries to stop me.

I make it all the way up the stairs and outside, collapsing onto a bench.

I want to believe them, so, so much, but why would anyone as amazing as Patrick ever like someone as damaged as me?

Patrick’s POV

(Y/N) stares at the guys and says tiredly “But it’s not true”, before rushing out of the room. I try to stop her as she rushes by, but she only mutters that she’ll be outside and pushes past me.

I watch her with a twinge until the door slams behind her. I turn to glare at the other guys. They all avoid my eyes guilty and turn away.

“What is going on?” I ask them.

“We had a truth circle” Joe said.

“Without me?” I respond, kind of hurt. I mean I was only out of the room for five minutes.

“Yes, Trick, because it was about you” Pete says, yanking something out of Joe’s hand, striding over, and shoving it into mine.

I look down and it’s a sketch of me singing, with a crazy amount of detail, especially in the eyes.

“What is this?” I ask confused.

“It’s (Y/N)’s” Pete says simply, “she drew it during our practice” he says pointedly.

I open my eyes wide and look down on the paper. A sketch this intense must of meant she was watching me the whole time, and not just watching me, but studying the details, probably biting her lip and squinting her eyes like she does when she’s concentrating really hard. I grin at the thought, but quickly shake it out of my head.

Shaking my head, I hand it back to Pete, “that doesn’t mean anything”

Joe, Andy, and Pete all groan and shake their head, exchanging an annoyed glance.

“What?” I say angrily

“For the love of God, Patrick, open your eyes!” Pete practically yells at me, “You like that girl, a lot, and you’re too dumb and insecure to take a chance on her, even though she’s clearly in love with you too!”

I’m shocked and a little hurt at his outburst, and I open my mouth to retort when Joe steps in.

“Patrick” he says seriously, putting his hands on my shoulders “ she does like you, she told us herself. And right now, she is waiting in your backyard for you, and if you don’t go, right now, you will probably lose her, because eventually she will stop waiting for you. So either go out there right now, or lose your chance, it’s your choice”

I look back at the three of them and they’re all deadly serious. (Y/N) has never lied in a truth circle before, and she had no reason to today. Taking a deep breath, I nod, deciding to take this chance. I turn around and march up the stairs. I’m not going to wait any longer, it’s now or never.

(Y/N)’s POV

I sit on the bench in the backyard, lightly humming to myself as I’m left alone with my thoughts. As much as I try to stop, scenarios of Patrick chasing me out of the house and declaring his love for me  flit around my thoughts. I try so much to believe what the guys were telling me, but no matter how much I want to believe they weren’t lying, I can’t. They were probably just telling me that to make me feel better, but it isn’t working. I’m sitting there, annoyed at myself for leaving my sketchbook out in the open in the first place, when I hear the door slide open behind me. Patrick slowly comes into the backyard, slides the door closed, and gently sits down next to me.

We don’t say anything for a minute, we simply sit there, in silence, until Patrick speaks.

“I’m sorry” he says quietly.

“Sorry? Why would you be sorry?” I ask, turning to face him.

“I’m sorry for being too stupid and too insecure to take a chance” He says, looking into my eyes.

“Patrick, I don’t understand what youre talking about” I respond slowly.

He looks at me, before looking down at his hands. “I saw your drawing” he mumbles.

“Oh” I say embarrassed, immediately feeling my cheeks turn red.

“And the guys told me what you said in your truth circle when I left the room” He continues,

“Oh no” I groan, dropping my head into by hands, hiding my face.

“No, (Y/N), don’t do that” Patrick says quietly, placing his hand on my wrist, “look at me, please”

Reluctantly I lift my head and look at him. With a small smile, he takes me hands

“And so I repeat,” he says nervously, “ I’m sorry. I’ve liked you for a long time. Sometimes seeing you at school is the only thing that gets through the day. You’re talented and funny, you make me laugh, and you’re unbelievably, crazy beautiful. But you also understand me more than anyone else on this planet. And I’ve wanted nothing more than to stand by your side, so we can do this together. So I’m sorry for being too scared to take a chance on you, on us, because I shouldve” he ends his speech, looking into my eyes. I recognize the hope lingering there, because i’ve seen it all too often in my own reflection.

I feel the tears well up in my eyes as I try not to cry, and I’m so choked up with this beautiful, heartfelt confession, that I don’t even know what to say

“If, you, uh, don’t feel the same, or whatever, that’s okay, I understand” Patrick says defeated, looking away from me and dropping my hands

“No, that’s not it” I say, reaching over and grabbing his hands again. He looks back over to me, curious. “I just don’t know what to say. So, I guess I’ll just tell you the truth”

Patrick looks at me warily as I take another deep breath and start my own little spiel “ The truth is, I am crazy about you Patrick. Your love of music inspires me, your dedication to your friends and family amazes me, and your absolute and total belief in kindness keeps me going. You’re talented, wonderful, and so attractive, yet you’re the most humble person that I know. The only thing I want is to be with you, because with you, I feel whole. With you, I feel right. And I agree that you should’ve taken the chance,” I declare, looking at him, smiling at the way he’s hanging on to every word, waiting for whatever comes next, “but it’s never too late.”

Patrick grins at me, dropping my hand and moving one of his hands to my cheek. Slowly, he leans towards me, and eager to close the gap, I slide my hand to the back of his neck, pressing my lips to his. His other hand goes to my waist as I wrap my arms around his neck - both of us eager to close the remaining space between us. Smiling, I pull back, and rest my forehead against his trying to catch my breath.

“Thank you” I whisper against his lips.

“For what?” he asks, a look of confusion flickering over his face.

“For taking a chance” I reply, looking into his eyes - so much more vivid and emotional up close.

I watch as a smile slides onto his face, and he pulls back, placing a kiss on my forehead.

“One last thing,” Patrick says laughing.

“What is it?” I ask

“Pete, Joe and Andy are spying on us through the sliding glass door” Patrick says sliding his eyes in the direction of the house.

I laugh as I look over and see the three of them trying to act casual right next to the door. 

“Well what do we do about it?” I ask Patrick.

“I vote we ignore them entirely” Patrick says determindely.

“I agree completely” I respoind with a grin.

 I let out a giggle as Patrick pulls me closer to him, and once our lips connect, I can see the guys cheering out of the corner of my eyes. I guess we’ve all been waiting for this moment for a while, might as well enjoy it.

When i met him at the airpot, i almost cried because eventhough V is my bias and all Bangtan member are so damn flawless (like seriously they are all look exactly the same with the picture/video you guys see everyday) , JK is too damn flawless  to be real - im not even kidding. I only saw them like for a really short time but  because they were close (especially JK) they looked so not real to me. Their face arent soo soft or like the pic we usually see (except Suga i guess lol his skin are too great >_<) but they looked like every man you guys imagine, kinda tan skin (their skin not soo white like you guys see on pic that have been edited), tall and looked so caring like they could even hug you when you cried and i saw everything mostly on JK :’)

  • SUHO: Right well this anniversary is a mess, we have the attention taken away by Chen and his song, NCT debuting tomorrow to overshadow us, overdose didn't even reach one hundred million views, and Lay is missing
  • SEHUN: You might wanna chill it ain't that bad
  • CHEN: Don't get jel because me and Heize got the hots for each other and the only person with the hots for you is yourself
  • KAI: IT was acting like she would look at you
  • CHEN: Well Krystal looked at you
  • SUHO: Alright guys, and you can tell me to chill all you want but I think I'm getting gray hairs
  • CHANYEOL: Dye it then we all do
  • SUHO: What and be on my way to baldness like you I dont think so
  • KAI: If Kris can rock the egg look I'm sure you can too
  • XIUMIN: Also NCT arent going to overshadow us they are coming out on a different day so
  • SEHUN: Yeah plus look at me no one can top me
  • CHANYEOL: You mean us
  • SEHUN: Yeah sure that's what I meant
  • KAI: And as for overdose it will be at one hundred million soon so look another problem solved
  • SUHO: What about Lay, he is miles away why do the children leave
  • D.O: Do I really have to chime in again about the whole kids thing
  • *KRISHANTAO call in on skype*
  • TAO: Yo happy anniversary guys
  • LUHAN: Thought we would pop up to celebrate
  • CHANYEOL: Guys we love ya but you ain't in the group no more
  • KRIS: What you saying Chan that we were useless, that our input in the group didn't matter is that what you're saying
  • CHANYEOL: No bu...
  • KRIS: Good
  • SUHO: Guys maybe you could come back to the gro...
  • TAO: Sorry gtg album about to drop
  • LUHAN: SOz gotta dash concert beginning
  • KRIS: Lmao no bye
  • SEHUN: Way to sound needy hyung
  • *Baek walks in with a cake and nine candles on top*
  • BAEK: Guys I brought a cake...hang on where is Lay?
  • SEHUN: In china
  • *Kris pops back up*
  • KRIS: Did someone mention cake
  • SUHO: Sure let me just ice the top of that head
rugrats au: the reckoning

the original | halloween | clothing

  • the next morning when all the kiddos are picked up they’re still asleep except for shaw bc she wakes with the sun
  • shaw totally kisses root on the cheek when she leaves (shaw’s parents have video)
  • when monday comes root is confused
  • root usually rides her bike to shaw’s house and then shaw hops on the pegs and they go to school together
  • they used to ride their bikes to school together but something mysteriously happened to shaw’s bike (that had nothing to do with root continuously letting the air out of the tires)
  • shaw isnt outside her house in the morning, so root assumes that she got a ride with her dad and heads on to school. that happens sometimes
  • but shaw isnt in class. root has no one to share crayons or goldfish with, there’s no one to protect her in PE, no one to hold her hand on the playground. she feels lost and nauseous.
  • she just wants her girl back
  • there’s only one conclusion to come to: shaw has been captured by samaritan
  • she sneaks back into the building where the second grade kids are having lunch, grabs john’s arm and pulls him into the hallway
  • john is nervous, he and root arent really friends. shaw is his pal and root is just attached to shaw. plus root’s a little taller than him even if he’s older. he doesn’t like it
  • “we need to get shaw back”
  • “what are you talking about? why isn’t she with you? did she get detention for kicking darren again? because i told her to let you fight your own battles and–”
  • “samaritan took her. i’m gonna get her back. you’re either with me or against me”
  • “but she got home with us last night?”
  • “but did she stay there? or did samaritan break in and take her in the night?”
  • “c'mon, root, that’s crazy–”
  • “don’t call me that”
  • “sorry. i forgot that makes you sad”
  • “she wasn’t there in the morning when harold drove me home. and she wasn’t there when I went to pick her up this morning. and she wasn’t there when I got to school. and and and–”
  • “i’m sure she’s fine–”
  • “no, john. you don’t understand. shaw is always there. she’s always supposed to be there. she makes sure i’m not alone. and she’s never missed a day of school, not even when she broke her arm when she tried to save me from falling off the monkey bars”
  • now openly crying: “ever since she came here i’ve never had to be alone. i have friends now. i don’t need the machine anymore. and i. JUST. WANT. SAMEEN. BACK”
  • john’s eyes go wide. root is about to go full tantrum mode. he hasn’t seen her this upset since tomas tried to kiss shaw at recess in kindergarten
  • he grabs her by the shoulders. “so what’s the plan”
  • she wipes her eyes and smiles that very special and terrifying root smile. “follow me”

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hi i realized i was aroace recently (at least on the ace spectrum) and its been tough bc im only 13 and i feel like im not really valid bc im so young and statistically there arent a lot of aces so im prob not and i feel like shit!! and everyone at school is obsessed w romance and i cant be friends w boys or even talk w/o ppl thinking i like them and it makes me sick and uncomfortable!! like shut up!! do you have any advice and have u ever felt a similar way? thank u

i have. when i was in elementary school, my best friend was a boy. we were both teased about it constantly, you know kids calling us boyfriend and girlfriend and stuff. in middle school i convinced myself i had a crush on another boy in our grade, because yknow, thats what youre supposed to do, and my best friend told one of his friends, who told the whole class. so we’re not friends anymore. and i didnt realize i was ace until a couple years ago, and beforehand i’d always been terrified of the fact that one day i was going to have to have sex with someone, until one day i just realized that… no. i dont. ever. and i dont want to.

as for advice… you are valid, trust me. if at this point in your life, even despite your age, you think youre on the ace spectrum, then you are. and even if when you’re older you decide that you’re not ace, that doesnt invalidate the feelings you have right now. sexualities change over time. the age you’re at now, i know it’s really, really hard. ages 11-13 were the worst years of my life. everything sucks, everyone around you sucks, school sucks…. you can’t change the way people think, all you can do is get through it. but you’re being so brave already too, dealing with all this… you can do it, i believe in you! and if it makes you feel any better, theres a lot more asexual people out there than you think. most of my friends here at college are asexual. you’ll find that as the kids around you get older, they’ll get less awful and stop caring as much. and high school isnt as bad as people say it is. it’ll get better.

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are you shitting me, clarence is obnoxious. next you're gonna tell me uncle grandpa is quality.

uncle grandpa is a little too fast paced for me but these are all cartoons that if we were kids would be shitting our pants over, 

clarence is really adorable because they create such an accurate representation of childhood with all the mucky suburban mediocre lifestyles and all the kids on the show arent anything special, theyre pretty good representation of dumb little kids that just love to mess around 

  • brain: you're having a good night
  • brain: now you arent. now you are really mad
  • brain: just kidding, we meant you are really sad
  • brain: now you're feeling both of those things at once
  • brain: now you're tired. go to bed
  • me: ok, thanks
Put on Your War Paint

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“You aren’t hurt are you? it’s awfully risky there.”

{Pfft, I’m fine kid. Are you really believing a trickster like Bass though? Remember what your dad said about him burning down the Labs?}

“Alright, I’m sorry but… things just-”

{Hope, listen to yourself, it’s foolish to think he knows that stuff. Besides, arent we partners? Friends?}

“Of course we are friends, and I know there are only your notes on Stardust Spirits from when you were alive.”

{Then he couldn’t know what he’s talking about, he was just trying to separate us cause we spend so much time together.}

“I guess not… but… maybe we should part ways for a while.”

{Yeah, it is probably for the best at the moment. But can we do one last fusion before I go, and not just the mask this time?}

“Fine, just one final Joining of the Spirits, but that’s it, I need to go home after.”

Cam would emerge from wherever, into the clearing of the forest as Hope held her hand out, giving a smile as her partner once again showed her the steps to the dance.

“Take my hand, we’ll find a way,
through the sorrow and the pain.”

“Out of Darkness, to the bright.”

Ribbons of light would surround the two in the colors of gold, red, black, blue, violet, silver, white and and icy blue, very special and meaningful colors, well to Cam at least.

“Together, we’ll find the Light.”

“Hehe, it’s good to be back~”