we raved

CRAIG: My roommate, Peter.
CRAIG: We went to some rave on New Years.
CRAIG: Mostly because I had no plans, and I was already pretty drunk when he asked me to go.
CRAIG: Before anybody says anything. He’s straight as a goddamn floorboard.
CRAIG: So don’t even ask what I know you’re gonna ask.
CRAIG: I know you guys.

Homestly I am tired of seeing all these skinny, long haired, same tail but different colors, big titty mermaids.

Like I want a plus sized mermaid lady with a manatee tail and short hair

I want to see a skinny black mermaid with a lion fish tail

Throw me some Asian mermen with betta tails

Give me a grown woman mermaid with a flat chest and a flounder tail

How about a blonde hair blue eyes California girl mermaid with a shark tail and her black friend who has a seahorse tail

I want those kinda mermaids in my life

The difference between Johnlock and Sherlolly
  • JL: "We're upset because we didn't get in your face Johnlock confirmation."
  • Sherlolly: "Yay! They didn't kill Molly."
  • JL: (Watching lovely scene of John, Sherlock, and Rosie together) "But we want in your face Johnlock love."
  • Sherlolly: "Yay! There is hope for a future Sherlock and Molly relationship.'
  • JL: 'We didn't get what we wanted so we are going to curse and rant and rave."
  • Sherlolly: "We didn't get open Sherlolly passion, but we are so happy they said they love each other." (Even if it was forced.)
  • JL: In spite of scenes showing John and Sherlock together; "'*&^*) this show".
  • Sherlolly: In spite of only hints of future relationship
  • between Sherlock and Molly. "Just think of all the lovely fanfic we can write and illustrate now."
  • Me: I know which ship I love the best.