we r all dating

me (a bisexual) and my (also a bisexual) friend: put our arms around each others shoulders/ use each others shoulders as arm rests in a friendly platonic way
some mean ass counselor: ummmm could u not do that here :))) sorry :)) :/

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hi we ARE dating and i'll kick ANYONES ass for u and give you a million kisses every day and send you the same zoomed in picture of my face w a chip every day....,. wow i need to step up my game i love you ? sorry babe

hi yes we are dating and all u send me r snapchats of you eating things mostly without nutritional value or making that angry blebfish face because you don’t listen to me when i tell u to clean ur room. 

but good side is ur singing is nice, ur good @ talking, and you have cute cats <3.

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i'm jason todd/red hood from dc, and i'm looking for roy harper/arsenal and koriand'r/starfire. we all dated in my canon, and my memories are all from red hood and the outlaws. i also remember a trans guy or falling somewhere on the transmasculine spectrum, and i was autistic and latinx and had bpd and serious issues with dissociation. i'm 18, so no minors please, and no doubles. like/reblog this and i'll contact you, or you can contact me at thecrankysuperhero.


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At school, I was sitting at the queer table in the cafeteria and these two cis guys kind of sauntered up and started bothering us, taking a census of everybody's sexualities. When he got to me and another trans guy, he and his friend started laughing when he found out we were guys and also gay (he thought we were just feminine cis guys), and started taking pictures, then asked questions like "r u all dating each other?? looolz." I said we had orgies all the time.

Wow, talk about creepy douchebags… Nice comeback, though!

Girl Meets Texas/Girl Meets the New World Theory

OK, so as well all know, Lucas usually wears blue when he’s calm, and red when he’s nervous or turning into Texas!Lucas.

If you compare the R*cas and Lucaya dates you can easily see why Lucaya’s date was written incorrectly or was meant to be changed by Lucas’ return to Topanga’s after Maya dumped smoothie on him.

On R*cas’ date in GM the New World, on their date, Lucas was wearing his typical blue, meaning he wasn’t anxious or in one of his Texas moods, he is normal. As we all know, R*cas failed at being a couple, and their date was a flop. But, by the Lucas’ shirt theory, you can conclude that Lucas was being his normal self, that he wasn’t upset and was acting naturally. The awkwardness is the basis for R*cas’ relationship. This is how R*cas was intended to act, and they were acting this way because they make a terrible couple, and not because of some side influence on their individual emotions.

But, with the Lucaya date, Lucas was wearing red, signifying that he was upset or worried about something. Which makes sense, considering what just happened in Texas. So, the awkwardness is coming from Lucas just feeling unsettled and nervous about an outside event. Their date was effected by individual emotions and side influence, which is Riley outing Maya’s feelings. Then, Lucas returns to Topanga’s after changing, and he is in a blue shirt, and this is where Lucaya’s usual banter comes back.

Basically what I’m saying is that R*cas’ date was naturally awkward, and Lucaya’s date was awkward due to emotions separate from the date, and outside pressure.