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I want Oswald to want to know more about Season 1 Ed. I want Oswald to as him what his life was life and I want him to ask him about his family. I want Ed to trust Oswald enough to open up about his father and home life, and I want Ed to tell Oswald about how much of a nerd he was when he first started working at the GCPD. I want Oswald to tease him about it and I want Ed to get all blushy and puppy like like he used to be and for Oswald to see that. 

Here’s my initial impression of season 2, and some galra-related #highlights,

  • Not one, but an entire resistance of good guy galra! Now if only they could keep some of them alive 
  • I’m instructing everyone to please direct their thirst to Kolivan, leader of the blades, he is our new hot dad mascot now bye Thace it was nice knowing you 
  • My pretty druid birds turned out to be cool as shit (even if they were just fodder for the endfight)
  • Noticed that the galra designs got a little more unified, still super unique (love that) but all the new ones kinda had the same general features at least
  • That one giant galra with a tail heck yes
  • Shiro got to punch Zarkon right in the soul and it was everything I ever wanted
  • Domestic galra doing non-military jobs!! also way more background galra in general, happy to see it’s not all robots
  • Galra keith is real so I guess we’ll have to officially let him into the Cool Kids Club and give him a tag
  • still not purple tho
  • LOTOR C O N F I R M E D 

i was going to do something for my last follower milestone, and then i was going to do something for this most recent one – and i didn’t !! so i’m just going to take a second to say some nice things about some people who mean a lot to me – you guys !! honestly, i was so terrified to make a jack blog. i mainly roleplay with original characters after having a Bad Time with canon involving duplicates or fleeting muses. but jack has been such an – experience! and honestly, i’ve met. so many amazing people? i could tear up ( i am tearing up ) thinking about what amazing friends i’ve made here. i still have anxiety about being here and doubts about my jack and worries about things – but living in the moment right now, i’m so happy to have met you guys. it’s three a.m as i’m writing this ( and i’m going to queue it up !! ) but i just felt a lot of love for my friends who are hopefully tucked away in their beds safe and asleep. ( or at work. ) anyway – here it goes ! ( art cred. ) 

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  • Kakashi: You should ALWAYS wear condoms. As in ALWAYS unless you have talked it out with your partner and are one hundred percent sure you are ready for kids.
  • (Hinata and Sakura glance at eachother)
  • Hinata: even if you’re a lesbian?
  • Sasuke: especially. You know, unless you want double the unexpected pregnancy

Haise and Juuzou + Cake!


Taz: I’m just trying to help–

Adia: If you want to help, you can go hold the door open for us and let this nice young lady do her job. Which door is it, dear?

Nurse: The second one on the right, ma’am.

Taz: On it.

Little preview on something I’m working on :3

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Imagine Sam giving Lucifer a bath to wash his dirty wings and Lucifer being petulant and not letting him.

“I am an archangel! I am never petulant.”

“But why should I want to burden Sam with such a daunting task?”