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So, typing this out I realize it sounds kinda rude, but... is it hard to run this blog? I'm just curious how much it entails and how much effort it requires. By the way, thank you for running it. Y'all are cool as heck.

Thank you!!! It is definitely an effort to run this blog - there’s the time we spend every day going through the inbox, adding to the queue, and replying to asks & fanmail; plus the time (and money!) spent on maintenance stuff like updating the sidebar links, wrangling the tag cloud, fixing the formatting & theme, and managing the domain name (we actually own www.shitmyplayerssay.com!) & related issues. 

(We don’t normally point it out, but we do have a Ko-fi link. If y’all like what we do and want to support us doing more of it, you can click the big orange button in the sidebar to buy us a virtual coffee!)

I’ve been running this blog since I started it in 2012, with occasional help from some friends, and the other mod joined the blog full-time about a year ago when it got to be too much to handle all by myself. I’ll admit I’ve thought of closing it down a few times, when we got a lot of anon hate or when running the blog started interfering with real-life stuff. But you guys continue to be awesome, and all the effort we put into this blog is totally worth it when we get comments like yours. Y’all rock! :D

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10 years of tumblr

i can’t believe this tumblr is 10 years old… i literally joined this website in 2007 as a dumb idiot my first year of college. i joined because i wanted a blog but i didn’t wanna put a ton of effort into it. i modified an early theme to make it my own. reblogging was added as a feature. the logo changed. my username was first “helloadam” and then “jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk” to throw off my mom (seriously but also i’m kidding). 

i started making friends with other people in those early days and am still friends with some of them today. all my friends in school made tumblrs. we posted vaguely suggestive GPOYWs and clippings of life and music we liked. i made a lot of “art” and “fake art” and had a million side blogs for real design and joke content and cell phone photos before instagram. @twoseconds and i mostly talked to each other. @dannybrito and i kept our livejournal friendship going. i posted lots of inspiration and moody shit and talked about myself a ton and promoted my college radio show (don’t think i didn’t go back and delete that shit years later). 

i “swapped phrases” with @happy2bsad and befriended a bunch of cool gay nerds like @colinquinn and the chicago boys and met the internet IRL at sxsw 2010-2012 and went up to new york on weekends to drink four loko. my first-ever postcard design in 2009 racked up major “tumblarity” which was a thing. i wanted to get more of what i was doing “for my tumblr” onto paper so i made a zine. i made more postcards. i posted my “sorry i am such an asshole” balloons and people started ordering them. i made my 2012 unsolicited advice planners and people really really liked them. tumblr became my own little world where i was a meme version of myself and got feedback in real time. 

i started lurking a cute guy who seemed very smart and cool so i faved all his posts without talking to him. i got a book deal for my weird mix of dark humor and handwritten aphorisms. my joy division parody shirt went mildly viral and paid my rent in between jobs. that first book, a journal full of internet and tumblr references came out and sort of legitimized whatever my whole deal was. i visited the tumblr offices and got put into the spotlight section, two dreams come true. i made more stuff. i briefly had a job “making internet stuff.” i made a second book. i made a bunch of products. i became a brand. i got engaged to that cute guy. and i’m still posting scraps of ideas and life and music and my personal growth into an adult person. 

thank you, tumblr @staff.

[!] Looking for moderators

Hello! Since both admins are really busy with school we are looking for posters and translators


  • fluent in English
  • willing to put a lot of effort and time into updating because sometimes it takes 3+ hours to post everything
  • has a Twitter account or KakaoTalk (so we can talk)
  • familiar with posting on Tumblr and knows the way we tag
  • able to navigate Twitter, Naver, News sites (optional)
  • please apply only if you have a lot of free time and know how to manage a fy blog


If no one will apply i’ll either need to close this blog or post when i can which is neither a thing i want to do

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I've asked this question to another person already, but I would really love to see from all types of perspectives. What if Undertaker's Bizarre Dolls were meant to be a distraction from his (or another suspect's) experiment on Real!Ciel that went well (as we have seen)? Like the 'fail' Bizarre Dolls were meant to be a distraction from the revival of Real!Ciel? I love your blog, by the way! I hope you have a great day!

Hmm, first of all I don’t really think that Undertaker was the one who revived the twin (as I’ve explained here). At least not with such intentions as to harm our Ciel as it now seems to be the twin’s goal.

But anyway, to me it feels like Undertaker has put a lot of effort into creating his Bizarre Dolls and there clearly was a development. The ones on the Campania were really zombie-like without much purpose other than killing people. The ones at Weston, however, were more advanced ones with Agares as UT’s masterpiece who seemed more like a normal human. So for all this only to be a distraction kinda seems a bit much. Wouldn’t have it been easier to work in secret? As soon as Undertaker revealed himself on the Campania he had to go into hiding, not only from Ciel and Sebastian but also from the shinigami who started to investigate him. That must have made his work more difficult. And after the Weston arc even the Queen knew about the Dolls – something that Undertaker may not be so happy about judging by his view of the Queen.

So if he had knew all along how to make a perfect Bizarre Doll, why did he wait so long? And why would he risk being found out and risk that the twin (if he really hid him) would be found by creating the failed Bizarre Dolls? No one suspected Undertaker of anything until the Campania arc so even if he did indeed hide the twin it may have been much easier if he had hidden his true identity and his experiments, too.

Also, the twin only appeared now after nearly four years of his ‘death’. And we’ve seen in the beginning of the arc that the twin/Sirius wasn’t so well. He was dependent on blood transfusions and didn’t look so healthy back then.

So this looks to me as if whoever revived him was successful only recently. Either because it’s Undertaker who developed the perfect method to create a perfect Doll after his first attempts on the Campania and at Weston or because it’s someone else who was inspired by UT’s methods after hearing from them but perfected it on their own…

I mean, sure, UT’s first experiments were with people he didn’t care about and he didn’t really mind that much that they all ‘died’ again. But rather than them being a distraction I think he needed to make them in order to improve them. He must have another reason for creating these Dolls in the first place. He probably wants to bring someone back from the dead (Claudia, people on his lockets,…), so he first experimented with unknown people in order to be certain that things would go alright whenever he performs his methods on those important to him. And maybe he really planned on bringing the twin back, as well. But the way how this is going now doesn’t seem like UT’s intention.

However, Ciel may have been distracted from the sect’s true intent by other means. I’ve speculated before that all this trouble with the competition between the two boy bands may have been a way to distract Ciel from the sect’s true purpose (this post is quite old and I’ve changed a few of my opinions in it meanwhile but the basic idea of Bravat or the sect’s mastermind trying to distract Ciel still applies, even if Undertaker isn’t involved in it). The sect gained months by holding up that competition between the P5 and the S4. And during that time they could stabilize the twin’s condition so that he’s now able to walk around looking perfectly healthy.

And maybe even the Green Witch arc was also meant as a distraction. During the time Ciel was absent from London the sect may have gained influence without his interruption. Sending Ciel abroad is a bit unusual…

Sure, the Queen probably wanted to get her hands on what the German military was experimenting on in Wolfsschlucht and she may have also wanted to test Ciel’s loyalty but if the Queen is also involved in the sect of the current arc sending Ciel to Germany may have also served the purpose to get Ciel out of the way for the sect to become popular and to work on their experiments without Ciel noticing anything.

So rather than Undertaker I suspect the Queen to be way more involved in all this. But that’s just how I see it at the moment. :)

Thanks for your nice words. Have a nice day! :)

Take my fate in your hands
We’ve got a lot that hasn’t even began
Something is calling us, we’re breaking free
I’m curious, I need to see

// i created this blog on a 12th April, and a little bit more than a month later i got to this number. i’m … speechless if i had to tell the truth. this fandom is one of the most chill ones i’ve been in, and even though, like any other fandom, it has its flaws, i got to admit i’ve been in way worse fandoms. in fact, the reason i came to this one was to escape the pressure and stress from my other fandom, and also because i found in black and white 2 a breath of fresh air. however, as always, there were people involved in the process, and also others who helped my stay … what would a follow forever be without a ‘thank you’ list of sorts ?

(below the cut as to not extend it too much; in no particular order)

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Oh my goodness, I saw this prompt on an account and I just have to see it put to use with the host club. Could you do an imagine where a girl who hangs out with the host club a lot and is basically a member curses a TON, so Tamaki gets the idea to start making her put money into a swear jar when she curses and gets the whole club to join in the effort? I think it would be hilarious. You're blog is completely awesome, btw!

omg okay you need to understand that this is literally me and I never stop swearing ever and we don’t have a swear jar but my dad - who swears like a fuckton - is always like “That’s not ladylike Katey stop that” and I’m like “I could literally give two shits” and he just makes a face it’s great

“You’ve gotta be shitting me.”


“Kyoya, I know you like money and all but this is seriously bullshit-”

“Jar, ___-chan!”

“Honey-sempai why are you so invested in this? What the hell is this shit, does the money help pay for Honey’s cake addiction?”


“Okay what the fuck, I’m not doing this Kaoru, you can’t make me!”

“Oh did you hear that Kaoru? Jar!”

“Okay assholes, I see what you’re doing Hikaru -”


Not you too, Mori-sempai! Has hell frozen over or something?”

“We’ll stop saying ‘jar’ when you stop swearing.”

“Haruhi, ‘hell’ isn’t even a real fucking swear, come on…

“I think the swear jar is a wonderful idea, my dear, that’s quite an unpleasant habit you have there!”

“You know what, you guys can go fuck yourselves.”


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What made you decided to wake up one day and start like just the best trans blog? Actual question, and I really do love this blog, you seem to put so much time and effort and heart into it. Thank you very much.

I originally mainly made this blog to argue with cis transphobes and truscum lol. If you go back through a lot of my earlier #Trans-Facts, you’ll see many of them were pretty clearly posted with the intention to start arguments.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into this kind of resource/help/advice/positivity focused blog that it is today. But here we are. And I’m quite happy with it.

Nonbinary genders and queer theory are two special interests of mine, so while I do put a lot of time and effort into this blog, I also really enjoy it. I love being able to talk about things that I’m into and have other people listen to me.

This blog does run a constant risk of getting back into those kind of arguments though, because I am pretty good at falling back into old habits. So if you want to avoid any of that stuff I’d suggest blacklisting #confrontation, since that’s the tag I use for posts like that.

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admin jess, thank you for such a long detailed answer about what classifies a rare pair :) i think because my favorite ships are not the most popular ships, or even close, for either half of the pairing i've been thinking they are rare. but probably they're just "unpopular"? i always thought "unpopular pair" meant it was a distasteful ship, still not sure if it does or doesn't, so maybe i've just been thinking all non-popular ships are rare when there are levels of rare. thanks again!

You’re welcome. We all suffer from enjoying pairs that are non-mainstream (I don’t like the term unpopular either, because it isn’t entirely accurate) but not entirely rare (for me — KinKuni, EnnoTana, YamaKage, UshiOi), and that’s why I personally try to create for those things, as well as the rarer pairs. 

There are always pairings that exist in fandom that nearly everyone is aware of their existence, and a lot of people like them. That doesn’t mean that as many works are being made because many creators choose to stay on the attention superhighway that is the mainstream shipping lanes, because their content gets reads and comments and kudos whereas a pair with a less-trafficked ship might not. I get that. It sucks posting something that only gets a few notes/a handful of kudos/none or barely any comments. 

That’s why we as consumers need to do better, should do better, in rewarding people who make the things we read/view and enjoy. You can comment and kudos on AO3 without an account, so you can do it with complete anonymity; just stay logged out if that’s an issue for you. You can send asks (hopefully not like a jackass) on anon here on Tumblr, which allows you to shower an author/artist/creator with praise if you’re not comfortable putting a name to yourself. 

But we have to do these things, ESPECIALLY for the people who make and share rarepair works. They spent a lot of time/effort on things that they’re VERY aware might go either largely unseen or mostly/completely ignored. Make it worth their while; all it takes is enthusiasm, a few kind words, and for stuff on Tumblr, REBLOGGING. 

A majority of the posts on this blog get a decent number of notes, but almost all of them are likes. Likes are nice for us to see, but we already know you all like the content because a lot of it was sent to us by our readership. However, that isn’t going to spread the word. That isn’t going to introduce other fandom creators by means of the grapevine of their New Favorite Thing. 

The Haikyuu fandom is larger than it’s ever been, and even people who aren’t in it are familiar with the series and sometimes reblog content from it when it’s funny or engaging or sweet. But we have to help ourselves out a little by encouraging our beloved creators (especially rarepair/non-mainstream ones) and reblogging/recommending their works whenever we can. The goal will always be to help grow our faves to the point where they don’t belong on this blog anymore. That’s the dream, isn’t it?

      Well would you look at that : it’s your local Jordan here with a half-assed banner to celebrate a pretty damn cool milestone ? ! I’ll keep this short and sweet so I don’t go too PDA on y’all, but dear god - 400 followers in what ? 2 months ? Holy shit ! I don’t think I can say just how much I love the BN.HA fandom because honestly… you guys have reminded me just what it was the dragged me into roleplaying to begin with. I haven’t had so much fun on a blog in actual years and now suddenly I’m bombarded with shitty memes and interesting plots and I just can’t thank you guys enough ! 

      If I had the time to sit down and tag the entire BN.HA fandom I would - all of you guys have made this great for me - but dudes I’m too impatient for that shit, but keep that in mind if you’re not included. Canon characters and OCs alike, you’re all amazing to me.

( Squishy Stuff under the cut lads for The Faves )

The Faves : 

@strcnght @urabitea @riotborn @madecosmic / @motherswill @moonfates @narcdepsy @skyfates @elctrical @pierxer

The Coolest Dash Ever :

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Izzy’s 600 follower shout out

It’s been two and a half years that I’ve been playing Izzy now. When I first made her as a little side blog I never thought I’d have met so many wonderful people. Everyone I roleplay with and talk to on here is lovely and it always cheers me up to come onto tumblr and interact with you all.  

As a side note, there’s lot of people who are deleted, inactive, changed their blog name, or that I’ve lost contact with. I am also super forgetful. SO, if I didn’t mention you here and we’ve role played before this is my shout out to you READING THIS personally.  I love and appreciate all the effort and time you have put into roleplaying with me and helping me develop my muse. 

This is really long so it’s going under a read more.

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I closed our inbox and this blog will be officially inactive in a few weeks. 

We are very thankful for all the support and questions we got from you and we hope that our blog will still be useful even though we no longer have time to answer questions.

Our FAQ is rebloggable and can be found here. We put a lot of effort in creating it so spreading the FAQ would be really appreciated. Please look through the FAQ and/or tags if you have a question! There is a really good chance it has already been answered somewhere.

Thank you so much!

Accidentally on Purpose Falling For You

Accidentally on Purpose Falling For You | After being set up on a blind date neither boy was prepared for, Dan and Phil come up with a plan to get back at their friends; Pretend to date, and then have the ugliest break up imaginable. The problem? They hadn’t expected to fall for each other. | Phan | Mature | Co-Written With notanannoyingfangirl​ | 11,409 Words

This part: 4,554 Words

Part 2: Here

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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The final episode of KRV is out and done with! Honestly, as the editor (yes, it’s me, Wave, hi) I’m pretty happy with this. That could just be sleep deprivation talking but I’ve watched this like four times and I don’t hate it yet.
The song is “Dream” by @tessaviolet (I hope I have the right blog there) (I put lots of detail in the description) (contact me if anything is out of order) and this is the culmination of six months of effort. See you when next we upload!
Phasma: @luisorbus
Hux: @kaedegrania
Kylo: @wavecosplay
Our Group: @pixellatedcosplay

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I feel like I see a lot of people point out your mistakes coldly ( even tho I know it needs to be said) and I just think that your human, and we're thankful that you put in effort to make a positivity blog!

Thank you 😁💕 It’s nice to know i’m appreciated! I’m trying my best so sometimes it’s discouraging. It’s okay if people point things out so long as it’s respectful!!!

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Your slender man is my favourite. He's so fucking huge, looks like he could rip my guts out with his bare hands RIP Greg Benson

Thank you! If you don’t care much about immersion (considering you’re on my blog I’m assuming you don’t) I’ll let you in on a little secret. Dark Harvest’s Slender Man was usually played by the actor who played Greg’s brother, Jeff Benson because he’s relatively tall and well-coordinated. We invested a few hundred bucks in a rig that included painters’ stilts, a morph suit, wooden dowels fashioned into arm extensions and a modified suit that we got from a Goodwill. We put a lot of effort into the practical effects of the suit (sometimes it was successful, other times not so much) but in the end I’m proud of how it looks (most of the time). Probably my personal favorite Slendy appearance is in Greg’s Final Log where the dreaded Slender teleports inside the room. The lighing makes him look so ominous. Thanks for reaching out! 


where do i begin? i’ve admired you since the day i saw fantastic beasts and found your blog. we hadn’t talked ever until recently ( which i’m so glad for ) bc i was definitely intimidated by you. when i say intimidated, i mean that in the most respectful way honestly. your newt is lovely, and he feels so very real in your replies and i know so many others would agree with me in that. you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your development in him, and that is beyond obvious in your dialogue as well as narration of his thoughts and otherwise. from what little we’ve said to each other, i can see just how kind and understanding you are, and how you always see the best in people; i admire you immensely for that. stay golden and never stop being who you are. love you. ♥

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Hellooo!!! How are you today? I was wondering if you were feeling good or not becaaaaaauuuussseeee I care ! And well I just wanna tell you that all the time and effort you put in this blog is completely appreciated and I consider it my own treasure! Mkay? Okay have a nice day !!

Thank you so much, really. It means a lot to me. ☺️♥️♥️ I’m good, how are you? Truth be told, my motivation to run this blog has been slacking lately for many reasons, even though I just took a break. So we might have a problem, Houston, but I guess time will tell. In the meantime, I’m still here. Greetings!



Merry Christmas Everyone!

I reached 2250 this christmas! I’m very VERY thankful with you all! Really… Thank you guys!!!! I want to make this Follow Forever because I want to tag my favorite blogs and wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Hope you all have an amazing holiday with all your family and friends, love you guys, you are amazing people that makes me smile everyday here in tumblr. You are my other family!!!<3

Here is a Nalu Christmas comic! Hope you guys like it, it didn’t came out like I was expecting because I’m really sleepy… It’s 5 am… haha! But I swear I put a  lot of effort and love on it!<3





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You things for your friends a priority.

I’m assuming you mean that I make threads with my friends a priority? I don’t tend to do this, as my blog says, I am a dinosaur. I am slow, I tend to write a lot and I like to put effort into my replies. If I feel like I’m forcing that particular thread, I’ll leave it for another time when I’m more in that mood. I tend to have more threads with my friends, but I think that’s more of a case that we talk all the time and end up coming up with five million ideas. But anyone is welcome to be my friend…I’m really not all that scary I promise. I love talking to people.

I can completely understand feeling left out, or misunderstanding intentions. But if we have an active thread together, then I can guarantee I’m interested in it and in your character as a whole. My slowness, or any reply preferences say more about my limitations as a writer than they do about my opinion of anyone else. 

Also…my friends, who I have actively met and spent a significant amount of time with have been waiting for things from me for longer than most people. They’ll probably be deeply offended that this isn’t actually true. 

*dreamy sigh tbh*


/ I am stuck in dork hell with him, if you have not noticed…
Anh has become without a doubt, one of my favorite human beings. I could go on and on with how much I adore him I would probably give you diabetes in no time [ please points for effort? I am not very cheesy ].

I will be starting with his blog. From what he has told me and I have seen, Jake has gone through a lot of development and changes in all these… six / five years [ not very sure, apologies ] and to be honest, I have witnessed how much effort Anh puts in him. He sees Jake’s mannerisms in so many characters while we watch movies and is always looking forward to improvement, be it his writing or his art style. I see character development when reading some of his threads or when I read his interactions with the ships on the blog. Jake is original

Now, as a person… He is literally one of the biggest dorks I ever met [ in both the figurative and physical means ]. He is supportive, funny, caring, laid back and has the loveliest laugh ever. His personality and view on the things around him make this guy a really mature one. He has stuck with me after all these months of knowing a shitty elf who loves dirty humor and he always finds a way to spend time with me [ unless he is playing video games with his friends but from what I can tell he is very social. ] whether we talk via skype, talk for a few minutes or send messages randomly. He finds Mexican memes very funny and I am grateful for it because I wanted to share that humor with someone I got along with. Cool dude. 

Send me a username + ❣ and I will say something positive about them. \ Anonymous