we proudly serve


Things have changed in the nearly two years since Shannon Shepard left her Alliance Roasting location to assist another. When she comes back, she finds new employees, new frustrations, new promotions, and new animosities. With all this comes a new strain between her and Kaidan Alenko, her former assistant manager. But in the fast world of customer service, Shepard can’t stop. She can just try to navigate the changes, and bring her friends back together before anyone leaves for good.

I’m so pleased and relieved to FINALLY announce the posting of WE PROUDLY SERVE!!!! The long awaited (and long promised) Shenko coffee shop AU based off the true livings of your humble author as a bookstore cafe supervisor. I’ve been wanting to write this for a long while, and only now is the first chapter sufficient enough for me to share. In the time to come, there may be more ships, more characters, more everything, but for now, I want this little fic that could to get it’s start. It’s my first attempt at a multi-chapter fic in a VERY long time, so I’m hoping I can keep the motivation going to get more to y'all soon.

This fic partially mirrors the events of the game, and character are based off people I’ve served and worked with. At the end of each chapter, I’ll note which details are real life! Special shoutout to @biotictrash, who very kindly served as my beta, and will hopefully put up with my plot screaming long enough to help more, and @xandrasketches for the AMAZING cover art! I really hope you’ll like it! 

You can also read it on FF.Net and AO3!

Her first shift back starts in ten minutes, and Shannon can’t bring herself to go in.

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Remembering Kimmie

This is our friend Kim Knight - Kimmie, or even Kimmiwinkles.

Kim and her band of usual suspects were the concoms for the UFP series of Star Trek conventions in the UK, some of the best organised, smoothest-running and most fun cons we’ve ever attended.

UFPCon 1986 was the one where Peter and I met up for the third time. Not happenstance, not coincidence, certainly not enemy action; it was third time pays for all, but even then we were so very quiet and subtle that when we finally revealed our secret engagement…

…Kimmie, Ros and Ali already had champagne waiting on ice!

Kim visited us in Ireland, travelled with us to see a solar eclipse in Germany, met up with us unexpectedly in LA, and introduced us to amazing people. She was one of the most extraordinary people you could hope to meet – warm-hearted yet businesslike, kindly yet efficient, humorous yet hard-nosed, all wrapped up in one loveable, huggable package. In particular I remember one trip she and I took to Bern together, where we went shopping, ate out, caused the staff at the hotel where we were staying to mistake us for “such a nice pair of gay ladies” (I overheard them…), and generally acted like crazed teenagers pretending to be grownups. It was the Best Girls Trip Out Ever.

Kimmie died on the 11th of May 2014, from complications of the diabetes she bore and fought so gallantly. It would have been her birthday on the 31st of May. Instead her funeral is today, the 6th of June, and we can’t even be there.

Our friend Sarah made this piece of art, which we share with you all: the dedication plate of a happy ship on which we’d proudly serve

We miss you, Kimmie, but you’re not really gone.

What’s loved, lives.