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Have you ever noticed how Seventeen’s unit dynamic in songs oddly correlate to their dynamic as a group????

hip hop unit songs: the darker emotions of the group. the sadness, the anger, the tire, the frustration. stormy skies. dark rooms with dim lighting. grime. lowkey aggressive. they’re the outlet through which seventeen (who are known for their bright concepts and energy) express the negativities of the idol lifestyle.

performance unit songs: the energy and potential of the group. quick precise movements, stylistic differences formed in unity, a plunge of emotions that is brought back up with a will to move forward. mysterious, diverse, still manages to be upbeat. the outlet through which seventeen can display their expertise and diversity, along with the their extreme work ethic.

vocal unit songs: the heart of the group. slower beats that mirror your heartbeat. softer vocals cushioning the power vocals. complimenting each other, uplifting one another. re-inventing themselves (and their music). soulful. heartfelt. relatable. being inspired and motivated by one another. the outlet through which seventeen displays their softness and naivety, along with their emphasis on journeying and growing through life. the importance of moving forward in unison.


7 Signs You’re Ready To Leave The Matrix

Leaving the matrix doesn’t have to mean living off the grid or cutting ourselves off from friends and family. It’s mainly about leaving behind belief systems that don’t serve us so that we can create the life we want to live - instead of the one imposed on us from birth.

1. Waking up - spiritual awakenings. When we realise that there’s much more to life than what we’ve been told in school, by our parents & governments we can feel the need to search for something that brings meaning to our existence rather than distracting ourselves with “entertainment” such as television to pass the time we have left on the planet.

2. Conspiracy theories - truth seeking. Discovering that the media is designed to keep us in a state of fear can lead us to begin searching for the truth in other areas of our lives. Through this journey of truth seeking many of us will realise that everything we’ve been taught is mostly lies designed to train us to be obedient civilians instead of the infinite beings we came here to be.

3. Questioning - healthy scepticism. Instead of blindly following what we’re told in life, we prefer to make a informed decisions from all the data available. For example assessing the state of graduates before making the decision to attend university or college, instead of enrolling just because “everyone else is”.

4. Religion - structured beliefs. Organised schools of thought such as religion may become harder to follow as we can feel as though they are limiting us. On the other hand, many of us can find liberation through religion after an awakening as it allows us to find joy in the simple things in life.

5. Society - not fitting in. Uncovering the truth about the way we’re being encouraged to live can make us feel like outsiders to those who are choosing to follow this way of life. It’s important to acknowledge that everyone awakens in their own time and if we want things to change we must live our lives as an example rather than preaching to others.

6. Knowledge - liberating our ignorance. Understanding that knowledge is power encourages us to empower ourselves more and more each day by embarking on the never-ending quest for knowledge. This usually occurs as a symptom of realising how much we’ve been lied to by parents, governments & teachers.

7. Solitude - preferring our own company. Spending time with ourselves to tune into the consciousness behind the mind allows us to receive downloads that can help us to understand our purpose. This “alone time” can help us to live a more authentic way of life as we become less influenced by the outside world.

We are not humans, we are multidimensional beings having a human experience.

Peace & positive vibes.

“You know what, though?”
“What?” My voice was petulant.
He put his lips right to my ear; his cold breath tickled. “I prefer brunettes.”
“She’s a blonde. That figures.”
“Strawberry blonde–not at all my type.”
I thought about that for a while, trying to concentrate as his lips moved slowly along my cheek, down my throat, and back up again. He made the circuit three times before I spoke.
“I guess that’s okay, then,” I decided.
“Hmm,” he whispered against my skin. “You’re quite adorable when you’re jealous. It’s surprisingly enjoyable.”
I scowled into the darkness.

a companion to @nighttime-patrons‘ recent fanart from the same chapter <3

I just bummed myself out at the realization that Tallia has had more in-depth, one-on-one, meaningful and deep conversations with Treek than she has with Lana.

An Encounter.

Rating: NC-17

Content: Sexual situations, dry humping 

Luke was the answer.

At least to the question of who I wanted to see on a weeknight.

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Honestly I can’t help but to despise Pedophile/rapist!David. Something about him doesn’t make me think he would like children that way?? And I would think if he WAS a pedophile or a rapist, he would keep a well distance from children. I’m sorry it’s so out of character to me it’s actually uncomfortable.

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i was hoping that one day you would change your mind and that we would start again. we just passed the half way point and i feel like i need to admit that it’s over. i dont wanna cry anymore. and you dont seem to care enough to talk about it


Those scenes in Siege of Lothal bother me a lot for two reasons:

1) Tua said she did everything to find any information about Rebels, yet the moment when her life was in danger, she magically found out that Old Jho has a connection to Ghost Crew.. and successfully persuaded him to cooperate. How she did that? Or if she knew about it all the time(?), why she didn’t report that to Kallus and save everyone trouble with Tarkin and Vader?

She could redeem herself with that information. Instead she ditched Empire thinking only about herself. I understand that not everyone is a heroic enough to put loyalty or beliefs above being alive but it saddness me that the only one named & active imperial female character showed at the time on the screen was so… useless until her death scene. I don’t mind that she worked for Empire or that she wasn’t warrior (like Sabine or Hera) or how she was a poor politician or how unkind she was to others. That’s okay. She had a lot of faults - all interesting characters have them. But the show didn’t really present any of her good qualities and when finally she had moral / emotional dilemmia and, you know, a bit of character development, she was killed. What makes me sad, because creators of Rebels proved with “The Honorable Ones” that they can show already established villian in new light without killing said character.

But what bothers me even more is:

2) the missed opportunity to make an interesting plot twist, because  TUA COULD BE AN UNDERCOVER REBEL SPY

Remember Gall Trayvis? A man who by more than half of first season was seen as a hero by Ghost Crew but turned out to be imperial agent? We could have similar yet reversed scenerio with minister Maketh Tua.

Think about it: how you would feel if Tua - a woman with political power yet not really respected by her fellow imperials, who most of time was unkind to everyone around her and who was shown as a joke & caricature of politician - turned out to be a brave spy who not only smuggled important informations to Bail Organa / Falcrum about imperial operations but also kept saving Ghost Crew’ asses time after time?

As much as it would be sad for me to not have any loyal named & active female character on Empire’s side, Tua being Imperial turned into rebels spy would made a lot sense. Just think about all scenes when she acted arrogant or plain stupid or angrily shouted at everyone around her and “add” a spy-related reasons behind such unprofessional / emotional behaviour and we could have something like that:

  • Remember Droid in Distress, when she - as minister from Lothal - was accompanied by C3-PO & R2-D2? Which no explanation why? Since we know now that Bail wanted to see the unknown rebels in action, he and Tua could work together in that aspect. She could be the one to inform him about Ghost Crew’s activity on Lothal and set a “test” for them (if Ghost Crew would fail, Tua would still known where the weapon went and gave bearings to Bail & Falcrum, so they could sent a trusted rebel soldiers to recapture it). Maybe Tua is like Sabine, when it comes to foreign languages? Maybe she all the time knew what her Alien companion was saying but since she needed a pretext to bring Bail’s droids, she acted as arrogant, uneducated and racist politician?
  • In Empire Day, when after rebel’s attack, she screamed at Kallus and Inquisitor, demanding from them to catch “terrorists”? She knew that Tseebo was wanted by the Empire; that Kallus was looking for him personally. And there was attack, so she had a reason to put pressure over ISB agent to forget about Rodian for now and look for rebels (maybe she hoped their attack was a diversion to smuggle important for Rebellion Tseebo from Lothal?) When I analyzed this scene between Imperial Trio for the first time I thought of Tua as arrogant person or acting on adrenaline rush - but then the thought she could be someone more than useless imperial politician never crossed my mind. If she were a spy, the fact she was ready to put Ghost Crew in danger for the sake of Tseebo’s informations would be a nice addition to her persona. Because as a spy she would make a very hard choices under awful circumstances. Not everyone has guts to do it, especially not after almost being blow up by people you try to protect.
  • Or Vision of Hope, when Tua called in question Kallus’ plan because she tried to discourage him from setting a trap for Ghost Crew. She even recalled Inquisitor’s opinion (who apparently did not support Kallus’s plan either) what pissed off Kallus. And since agent of ISB was too stubborn to change his mind and listen to her & Inquisitor, she practically barged into military operation, maybe hoping that rebels will use the moment of distraction and run away?
  • Coming back to Siege of Lothal, we could have something more than “self-absorbed politician solding informations to save a life” scenerio. We could have a very emotional moment, when Ghost Crew learn that Tua was actually their information (probably sending info via Old Jho) by the whole time and instead of asking them to save her, she could warn them to NOT COME BACK TO LOTHAL because there is someone far worse that Inquisitor. Tua warned them because she knows she will be found out pretty soon, but Ghost Crew still decide to come back for her. Except their action would lead to Tua’s death (and Imperial using it to discredit whole Rebellion). That would be depressing, not only because of sad end for a useful rebel spy but also because Ghost Crew would need to copy with their failure on more personal level and Kallus’ behaviour would made a lot of sense too if all his previous efforts were spoiled by Tua and now he had a chance to kill the traitor; of course he would be happy to lead her into trap

And you know what would be an interesting part of Tua’s role? She could gave a lot of useful informations to Rebellion, she could save main heroes, she could be smart enough to fool Kallus and Inquisitor but not enough to fool Vader, no shame here but still it was her signature on every imperial decree that hurted people of Lothal. Every order of deportation or takeover of land or maybe even execution. Think how Tua would feel knowing that as much as she helps Rebellion at the same time she hurts her own people. That what she did in part contributed to the execution of Aresko & Grint (two people she knew personally and worked probably for a long time; they may not be the best of people, yet they weren’t monsters either to deserve such a death). Or knowing that most of ordinary people will never learn truth about her; they may never knew she was a rebels spy, that she risked her life on daily basis for safety of galaxy.

Do you know how much I need right now Tua being something more than a pretty face of not really useful character - at least before her death? Because I would take courageous but also not-totally-without-fault Tua over just inefficient, opportunistic politician.



Tano And Kenobi: The Senator From Naboo

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Now that she has been re-accepted into the Jedi Order and named a Jedi Knight, Ahsoka Tano has some work to do. Luckily a helpful Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is there to point her in the right direction. Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi has some training to make up for and a lesson in jar’kai waiting for him. 

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Jar’kai was amazing.

Exhausting, but amazing!

Obi-Wan could not remember the last time his arms were so tired and sore after just an hour of lightsaber practice. He happily slumped his way back to the Initiate Dormitory, shedding his robes and boots before taking a long shower in the refresher when he got to his room. After an eternity of muscle-relaxing warm water, he got out, changed into a more comfortable set of robes, and headed back out for dinner.

He was so wrapped up in the happy memories of his lesson with Master Ahsoka that Obi-Wan paid little attention to the older Padawans who were whispering about how he didn’t have a master yet.

“I can’t believe he’s still here!”

“I would have left out of shame by now.”

“My master says no one will take him. They say he’s too emotional. That he might go dark.”

“I heard he tried to ask Master Sinube. Can you believe it? How desperate do you have to be to ask that old fart?”

Holding his head high, Obi-Wan nodded pleasantly to his fellow Jedi. He had a wicked retort on his tongue but he stilled it, knowing deep in his heart that Master Ahsoka would not approve. He was going to make her proud, to show her that he was worthy of her teachings and maybe, if he was lucky, being her padawan.

So that meant Obi-Wan would just have to bite his tongue and ignore the cold-hearted nexus he found himself in line with.

“Hey, Obi-Wan!” a voice called out through the dining hall, belonging to a dark-skinned Kiffar with a golden stripe across his nose.

Who was pushing his way through the dinner crowd and making a beeline towards Obi-Wan. “Thanks for saving me a spot in line.”

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. “I did no such thing, Quinlan. The end of the line is back there behind Padawan Rast.”

“You are such a goody-goody!” Quinlan groaned, wrapping an arm around his friend’s shoulders and then pulling him into a headlock where he could give him some proper encouragement with his knuckles. “You were totally saving a spot for me, right?”

“Gah! Ow! Quin! That hurts!” Obi-Wan protested, smacking at his friend’s arm for release before he would have to employ more aggressive measures. “Let me go, you odiferous gundark!”

“Odiferous?” Quinlan laughed, releasing Obi-Wan with a flourish and a firm place in line behind his friend as they shuffled forward to dinner. “I will have you know I took a bath yesterday.”

Obi-Wan gently touched the top of his head and winced. “I know. I can smell.”

“So what’s this I hear about there being a new knight in the Temple?” Quinlan asked, his eyes bright with curiosity and his smile lean and curious. “Master says she’s a Togruta that grew up on the Outer Rim? And her master passed into the Force a while ago.”

The surrounding padawans seemed to inch closer to Obi-Wan and Quinlan, their arch commentaries on Obi-Wan’s presence and Quinlan’s boisterous nature forgotten in the face of news and gossip. Highly observant for an initiate, Obi-Wan chewed on his lip as he carefully thought of what to say that would sate Quin’s voracious curiosity but wouldn’t give too much away about Master Ahsoka. He felt very protective of Ahsoka and didn’t want idle gossip to cause her the kind of trouble it had caused Obi-Wan.

“Knight Tano has recently returned from an extended mission in the field,” Obi-Wan finally concluded, thanking the serving droid as he took his tray and stepped away from the food line, Quinlan right on his heels. “She’s been having trouble finding her way with the renovations and I have offered to assist her around the Temple.”

“Tano?” Quinlan echoed, flopping down opposite Obi-Wan at one of the long tables the initiates and padawans sat at. “I don’t remember a knight by that name. What does she do?”

Obi-Wan frowned off to the side, trying to stay silent.

Quinlan narrowed his eyes, his grin growing wider. “You know what she was doing, don’t you! Tell me! C’mon, Obi-Waaaaan! I swear to Yoda I won’t tell a soul!”

Shaking his head, Obi-Wan folded his arms over his chest and continued his mulish silence.

“Obi-Wan!” the Kiffar pleaded, holding up his dessert, hoping it would loosen his friend’s tongue. “I’ll give you my chocolate sponge cake!”

“No!” Obi-Wan refused, shaking his head. “I can’t. I don’t have authorization to tell you.”

“Authorization?” Quinlan gaped, his excitement growing by the minute as he was starting to imagine Knight Tano taking on whole squadrons of pirates over the misty rings of an exotic Outer Rim planet. “Is she a Shadow? Master didn’t say anything about her being a Shadow!”

“Quinlan!” Obi-Wan hissed, leaning under the table to give his friend a good kick in the shins. “Shut your karking mouth before somebody hears you!”

“Language, Initiate,” a low voice rumbled into the two boys squabble and they both turned their faces skyward to see the tall, imposing presence of Master Qui-Gon Jinn standing over them. His face was impassive, neither a smile nor a frown on his lips and his eyes seemed to see beyond them, as if they were not there. “Brother Jedi do not squabble over petty gossip. You would do well to set a proper example for your friend, Padawan Vos.”

And with that bit of wisdom imparted, Master Jinn moved out of the dining hall and into the shadowed archway that led back into the Temple.

Obi-Wan let out a heavy sigh and turned his eyes back to his food as Quinlan let out a snort once he was absolutely certain the mountain of a master was out of earshot. He proceeded to sit up straighter and sniffed in a poor imitation of Master Jinn, “You would do well to be more of a stick in the mud like Luminara, Obi-Wan. She never has any fun and all the masters love her.”

Rolling his eyes, Obi-Wan tucked into his dinner. “Shut up, Quin. I don’t want to get chewed out by two masters tonight.”

Deciding that his empty stomach could hold out no longer, Quinlan followed Obi-Wan’s suggestion and the two boys began to eat in relative silence.

Quinlan didn’t notice Obi-Wan turning around to gaze out at the doorway Master Jinn departed through. I know Master Ahsoka thinks Master Jinn might be a good master for me but… I don’t know. I don’t think any Padawan could ever make him happy.

Obi-Wan bit into his chocolate sponge cake and sighed. Definitely not me.

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#10: Rainy Day - Dan

Originally posted by sarahcatseye

Because it’s been rainy weather in Hawaii lately and I’ve been obsessing over Mystic Messenger for the last few days @beforethebraces I blame you for this lol). 20/10 would recommend to play because it makes me wish Dan or Phil (in some way, Phil reminds me of Yoosung and Dan as a little bit of 707) could be one of these boys and we can romance them. Side note: if you’re already playing MM, which boy do you like and/or what route are you currently on? I’m only on the 4th day of Zen’s route (I just started playing and bestie told me to play him first), but I’m excited to get to Jumin and 707. Jumin especially, because he’s got a cat named Elizabeth the 3rd (cat whiskers anyone?) and my nickname for him is “rich bitch” (though bestie call him Mr. Trust Fund) 😂

Rain: the weather that’s supposed to be the perfect excuse for couples to take advantage of the “sweater weather” and cuddle up next to a fireplace or on a bed next to a window. Or the weather where a cliché “rain scene” happens like in The Notebook or any other romantic scene where a couple shares a kiss while raindrops soak their clothes and gives them the 75% chance of contracting pneumonia. Then there’s me, underneath Dan’s dark shaded duvet with my phone in my hands, grinning like I’m watching a marathon of (your favorite TV show). 

“Babe, I made you some coffee,” I hear Dan call out. I’m not paying attention to him though, my (E/C) orbs remaining glued to the screen. 


“What’s up?” I ask distractedly. 

“(Y/N), are you playing that game again?” 

I press ‘pause’ on the screen. I glance up at Dan, keeping my grip on my phone. “What other game would I be playing?“ 

He places the steaming mug on the dresser. “Just wanted to make sure. You’ve been investing a lot of hours on it.” 

“I have to. If I miss a single chat, these boys will hate me.” 

“You do know they’re not real, right?” 

“They are to me.” 

He pouts. “And you’re choosing them over your boyfriend who’s a better Elizabeth the 3rd?“ 

I giggle. This is why Dan is a good boyfriend: he’s attentive to my needs and understands my obsessions. I knew he was worth keeping when I got into (your favorite band) and bought a bunch of their merch for me and wrapped them up in a gift basket as a Christmas gift last year. “I’ll pick you with cat whiskers over a real cat any day.” 

He grins, joining me on the bed and draping his arm across my shoulders. “So if I cuddle with you right now, you’ll ignore the game for the rest of the afternoon?” 

Oh, I see what you’re doing, mister. I duck under his arm and scoot a few inches away from him, leaving his arm dropping back to his side. “Not a chance. Juggling four needy boys and a female secretary is on my to-do list at the moment and I’m this close to getting enough hourglasses to finally get into deep story.” 

“Four needy boys? Wow, I got some competition.” 

“Not really. I mean, a narcisstic actor, upbeat gamer, uptight business man, and depressive jokester have nothing on a procrastinating, philosophical, cheeky smile, moth-fearer.” 

He pouts again. At this rate, his pouting will be slightly more adorable than the boys’ consistent questions of whether or not I ate yet (it’s ironic when they ask the question after I just ate a meal or when I’m as hungry as a feral tiger). “In that case, shouldn’t my cuddles be more of a priority over your senpai’s?” 

“They will be once I complete this chatroom and answer back to any emails and texts.” 

He sighs. “Fine. I’ll be in the living room with Phil when you’re done, alright?” 

I smile, moving back to his side and tilting my head to give him a brief kiss on his lips. “I won’t be long. I’ll be there in a few minutes. If you can’t wait for me, go cuddle Phil instead.” 

“If you’re not there in the next ten minutes, I might do just that,“ he mock-warns. 

“Fine… I promise. Ten minutes tops.” 

He wraps his arms around me for a hug. “I’ll hold you to that promise.” He releases his hold on me and, getting off the bed, gives me one of his dimpled smiles before leaving the room. 

I laugh to myself. I may love Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, and 707 (and even V if he had a route), but I love Dan just a little bit more. 

Okay, a lot more.

There’s not a lot I miss about being single but I often miss listening to music all the time. I always had music playing as a teenager/young adult. As background noise, to get lost in, to sing along to. I was one of those people who always had my mp3 player with me because I hated sitting in silence anywhere I went. I don’t need music to be on all of the time anymore but I do miss just putting whatever kind of music on that I wanted, whenever I wanted. 

guys, I had a disorganized and frustrating rehearsal last night where neither musical nor logistical concerns were handled very well. It was the kind of near-fiasco that you sometimes get in performance disciplines that brings your colleagues (your cast, your ensemble members, whatever team is enduring the nonsense together) a particular kind of camaraderie.

You look at each other and think “can you believe this?” and try to do what the director wants instead of what he says, or quietly and conspiratorially undermine and overrule the incompetent choreographer, who subsequently thinks your success was her idea, or you sit on the floor and keep each other company while others rehearse things you’re not in, despite the fact that if the rehearsal had been organized by ensemble size instead of program order, half of you could have gone home an hour ago.

so despite the frustration, it’s in these kinds of situations where you get the most bonding. I have to say I haven’t felt more accepted/supported/included in as long as I can remember, than when… just this:

a lull was over and it was back to the madness, and a tenor, my favorite tenor, who regularly slays the entire choir with the gently supercompetent and hyper-elegant quality of whatever solos he’s assigned, who had been sitting in the pile of haphazard chairs pushed to the edges of the room for rehearsal with the band, offered me a hand up from where I sat on the floor with a weary “come on,” and looked back to make sure I returned to the chaos with him.


“Cassie, as a huge fan, I want to thank you for writing such magnificent books. And…. here’s my question! I read your post in which you explain why Tessa’s relationship with Jem was more than friendship and I’m fascinated by the way you explained and pointed out things so as to make clear that they were more than friends. I was wondering if you could do the same with Will&Tessa. All characters show us they’re thoughts and therefore, we can deduce what they’re feeling but I’m sure there’s something you can add, just like you did with Jem and Tessa :) Daniela.”

Hi, Daniela! The thing is, I don’t really get questions from people who think Will and Tessa were just friends. The opposite side of the argument (taken to an extreme) seems to be that Tessa and Will only felt lust for each other, not Love.

I think probably obviously that’s not what I was thinking when I wrote it. But shipping has a lot to do with personal preferences about kinds of relationships and kinds of personalities. Do I think Tessa and Will loved each other? Yes: I don’t think you’re willing to give your life for someone you just lust for (Will, Clockwork Prince), nor do you burn your hand with a poker because the emotional pain of someone you just lust for hurts you so much (Tessa, Clockwork Prince.) I think the fact that after Jem left, Tessa and Will didn’t touch each other for months while they dealt with the grief of his going, and sincerely tried to build the foundations of a solid emotional relationship with each other, speaks volumes in itself. And of course a marriage of fifty-odd years, in which one person grew older and one continued to look twenty, in which there was never a failure of passion or commitment, speaks to a deep love indeed.

The problem with the Lust narrative isn’t in thinking that Jem and Tessa have a deeper connection — that’s normal; we all react to fictional relationships in ways that reflect what we prioritize or prefer in life — the problem is that it sometimes winds up in blaming Tessa and slut-shaming her, which I have to admit, does bother me. So, I’ll share with you a brief clip from a post from a professed Jem fan (though God knows I love my Jem fans and would never tar them all with this brush, not even close) about Tessa herself. The link to the post was sent to me by a very upset fan, and I think it’s better if I don’t mention their name or the name of the poster. But here it is. Trigger warnings for rape culture, calling women bitches, misogyny.

Post: “Good lord, I knew she [Tessa] had no fuck to give for Jem, she only wanted to bang Will, but jesus christ, have some empathy, respect… Boys were doing everything for this bitch, got hurt, one finally died for her and because of her, all she could do was demand, put people in trouble and act out and never appreciate neither feel bad, and she did so much bad she was not sorry for, she was so fucking selfish and wanted to get the best out of it for her and all she could do was play them, disrespect them as people, and their lives, and describe their looks whether they were dying or not and care about nothing else but her own good. 

I wish someone bought her [Tessa] a dildo because her hormones obviously made her incapable of sorting out her priorities. And it killed Jem.”

Wow. Just, I mean, WOW.

In other words: Tessa being a woman, specifically a woman capable of sex, killed Jem.


Well, I’m not exactly sure. She didn’t sneak into his room at night and smother him with her thighs. He was dying when Tessa arrived. There was no cure for his illness. There is absolutely nothing Tessa could have done to keep him alive — and remember, she was the one pushing to find a cure, not Will. If it wasn’t for Tessa, Jem would never have chosen Silent Brotherhood, he never would have lived to be Brother Zachariah, he never would have been cured, and he would not be alive and happy today.

Boys were doing everything for this bitch, got hurt, one finally died for her”

I’m seriously curious which one died for Tessa since Will died of old age and Jem’s still alive. In fact, he’s 135 years old. The thing is, Tessa saved Jem’s life. She saved Will’s, too. It takes an enormous effort of deliberate, willfull misogyny to miss that.

POST: “ all she could do was demand, put people in trouble and act out and never appreciate neither feel bad”

 From the books:

“I’m sorry,” Tessa said. She couldn’t count the number of times she’d told him she was sorry over the past hours. (Clockwork Princess)

“You saved my life at the tea warehouse, and I am grateful, Will.” (Clockwork Prince.)

“Oh, Will. This is all my fault. Jem threw away his life for me. If he had taken the drug more sparingly—if he had allowed himself to rest and be ill instead of pretending good health for my sake—”  (Clockwork Princess)

She shook her head. “How can you bear to have me near you?” she said in despair. “I took your parabatai from you. And now we will both die here. Because of me.” (Clockwork Princess)

Tessa, actually, often feels bad for things that are not her fault: so do Will and Jem, but when they do it, it’s because they are poor sweet babies, when Tessa does it, it’s because — yeah! It IS her fault! You can’t win for losing when you’re a lady. Of course Jem taking all his yin fen at once isn’t her fault: she didn’t even know about it. Obviously Tessa feels bad often, is eaten up with guilt often, but unfortunately no woman can ever feel bad enough about herself to be satisfactory. Society as a whole tells women they must hate themselves and each other, and this sort of thing is the result.

Thinking Tessa killed Jem with her lady parts as opposed to what she actually did do, which is save and prolong his life, requires an absolute dedication to misogyny and the belief that women are significant and important only in how they treat the men in the story. If they make them happy constantly, the women are okay. If they ever seem to be making them unhappy, if a man ever does anything stupid or life-threatening because of a woman even if she doesn’t know about it, if he’s unhappy even if she couldn’t prevent it, if she sleeps with someone else even though she thought he was dead and he couldn’t give less of a damn anyway, if she doesn’t prioritize the imaginary pain of a dead man over what she needs for her own survival and mental health, she’s a bitch who needs to die. If she observes with surprise and no lust that a man is naked because she’s a Victorian girl and she’s shocked to be in the same room with a naked man, she’s a whore. And if she wants to have a consensual pleasant sexual experience before a lifetime of being raped (by the actual villain of the books — his name is Mortmain, by the way, and he’s the one who actually makes everyone unhappy) she’s not just a whore, she’s a murdering whore.

It’s the mentality at the heart of rape culture: that women are vending machines, and if you shove a few coins of attention or affection into them, they better respond with sex and obedience or they’re … broken.

Ship wars brew easily and it’s easy to get into the “If Jessa gets a thing, Wessa gets a thing” mentality. I decided to go a different way and present you with something I think both Wessa and Jessa and even Heronstairs shippers can agree on: this kind of thinking? Is revolting.

Plutôt La Vie. Παρίσι, Μάης ‘68.

Η φράση προέρχεται από ομότιτλο ποίημα του Μπρετόν. Η ακριβέστερη μετάφραση φαίνεται να είναι “We choose life instead” αν και πολλοί υποστηρίζουν ότι το “We prefer life” αποδίδει με καλύτερο τρόπο το περιεχόμενό της.

“Do you think,” Oikawa begins one early morning at around 2:00 am, half hanging upside down off the edge of Hajime’s bed with his hands folded over his stomach, and Hajime thinks for a second he might be about to ask something important.

“Do you think aliens–” he tries again, before giggling briefly at the thought of his question.

Hajime rolls his eyes, trying to focus on the stupid, stupid level of a game he can’t seem to beat.  "Feel free to not finish that question, thanks.“

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