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Tano And Kenobi: The Senator From Naboo

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Now that she has been re-accepted into the Jedi Order and named a Jedi Knight, Ahsoka Tano has some work to do. Luckily a helpful Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is there to point her in the right direction. Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi has some training to make up for and a lesson in jar’kai waiting for him. 

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Jar’kai was amazing.

Exhausting, but amazing!

Obi-Wan could not remember the last time his arms were so tired and sore after just an hour of lightsaber practice. He happily slumped his way back to the Initiate Dormitory, shedding his robes and boots before taking a long shower in the refresher when he got to his room. After an eternity of muscle-relaxing warm water, he got out, changed into a more comfortable set of robes, and headed back out for dinner.

He was so wrapped up in the happy memories of his lesson with Master Ahsoka that Obi-Wan paid little attention to the older Padawans who were whispering about how he didn’t have a master yet.

“I can’t believe he’s still here!”

“I would have left out of shame by now.”

“My master says no one will take him. They say he’s too emotional. That he might go dark.”

“I heard he tried to ask Master Sinube. Can you believe it? How desperate do you have to be to ask that old fart?”

Holding his head high, Obi-Wan nodded pleasantly to his fellow Jedi. He had a wicked retort on his tongue but he stilled it, knowing deep in his heart that Master Ahsoka would not approve. He was going to make her proud, to show her that he was worthy of her teachings and maybe, if he was lucky, being her padawan.

So that meant Obi-Wan would just have to bite his tongue and ignore the cold-hearted nexus he found himself in line with.

“Hey, Obi-Wan!” a voice called out through the dining hall, belonging to a dark-skinned Kiffar with a golden stripe across his nose.

Who was pushing his way through the dinner crowd and making a beeline towards Obi-Wan. “Thanks for saving me a spot in line.”

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. “I did no such thing, Quinlan. The end of the line is back there behind Padawan Rast.”

“You are such a goody-goody!” Quinlan groaned, wrapping an arm around his friend’s shoulders and then pulling him into a headlock where he could give him some proper encouragement with his knuckles. “You were totally saving a spot for me, right?”

“Gah! Ow! Quin! That hurts!” Obi-Wan protested, smacking at his friend’s arm for release before he would have to employ more aggressive measures. “Let me go, you odiferous gundark!”

“Odiferous?” Quinlan laughed, releasing Obi-Wan with a flourish and a firm place in line behind his friend as they shuffled forward to dinner. “I will have you know I took a bath yesterday.”

Obi-Wan gently touched the top of his head and winced. “I know. I can smell.”

“So what’s this I hear about there being a new knight in the Temple?” Quinlan asked, his eyes bright with curiosity and his smile lean and curious. “Master says she’s a Togruta that grew up on the Outer Rim? And her master passed into the Force a while ago.”

The surrounding padawans seemed to inch closer to Obi-Wan and Quinlan, their arch commentaries on Obi-Wan’s presence and Quinlan’s boisterous nature forgotten in the face of news and gossip. Highly observant for an initiate, Obi-Wan chewed on his lip as he carefully thought of what to say that would sate Quin’s voracious curiosity but wouldn’t give too much away about Master Ahsoka. He felt very protective of Ahsoka and didn’t want idle gossip to cause her the kind of trouble it had caused Obi-Wan.

“Knight Tano has recently returned from an extended mission in the field,” Obi-Wan finally concluded, thanking the serving droid as he took his tray and stepped away from the food line, Quinlan right on his heels. “She’s been having trouble finding her way with the renovations and I have offered to assist her around the Temple.”

“Tano?” Quinlan echoed, flopping down opposite Obi-Wan at one of the long tables the initiates and padawans sat at. “I don’t remember a knight by that name. What does she do?”

Obi-Wan frowned off to the side, trying to stay silent.

Quinlan narrowed his eyes, his grin growing wider. “You know what she was doing, don’t you! Tell me! C’mon, Obi-Waaaaan! I swear to Yoda I won’t tell a soul!”

Shaking his head, Obi-Wan folded his arms over his chest and continued his mulish silence.

“Obi-Wan!” the Kiffar pleaded, holding up his dessert, hoping it would loosen his friend’s tongue. “I’ll give you my chocolate sponge cake!”

“No!” Obi-Wan refused, shaking his head. “I can’t. I don’t have authorization to tell you.”

“Authorization?” Quinlan gaped, his excitement growing by the minute as he was starting to imagine Knight Tano taking on whole squadrons of pirates over the misty rings of an exotic Outer Rim planet. “Is she a Shadow? Master didn’t say anything about her being a Shadow!”

“Quinlan!” Obi-Wan hissed, leaning under the table to give his friend a good kick in the shins. “Shut your karking mouth before somebody hears you!”

“Language, Initiate,” a low voice rumbled into the two boys squabble and they both turned their faces skyward to see the tall, imposing presence of Master Qui-Gon Jinn standing over them. His face was impassive, neither a smile nor a frown on his lips and his eyes seemed to see beyond them, as if they were not there. “Brother Jedi do not squabble over petty gossip. You would do well to set a proper example for your friend, Padawan Vos.”

And with that bit of wisdom imparted, Master Jinn moved out of the dining hall and into the shadowed archway that led back into the Temple.

Obi-Wan let out a heavy sigh and turned his eyes back to his food as Quinlan let out a snort once he was absolutely certain the mountain of a master was out of earshot. He proceeded to sit up straighter and sniffed in a poor imitation of Master Jinn, “You would do well to be more of a stick in the mud like Luminara, Obi-Wan. She never has any fun and all the masters love her.”

Rolling his eyes, Obi-Wan tucked into his dinner. “Shut up, Quin. I don’t want to get chewed out by two masters tonight.”

Deciding that his empty stomach could hold out no longer, Quinlan followed Obi-Wan’s suggestion and the two boys began to eat in relative silence.

Quinlan didn’t notice Obi-Wan turning around to gaze out at the doorway Master Jinn departed through. I know Master Ahsoka thinks Master Jinn might be a good master for me but… I don’t know. I don’t think any Padawan could ever make him happy.

Obi-Wan bit into his chocolate sponge cake and sighed. Definitely not me.

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“You know what, though?”
“What?” My voice was petulant.
He put his lips right to my ear; his cold breath tickled. “I prefer brunettes.”
“She’s a blonde. That figures.”
“Strawberry blonde–not at all my type.”
I thought about that for a while, trying to concentrate as his lips moved slowly along my cheek, down my throat, and back up again. He made the circuit three times before I spoke.
“I guess that’s okay, then,” I decided.
“Hmm,” he whispered against my skin. “You’re quite adorable when you’re jealous. It’s surprisingly enjoyable.”
I scowled into the darkness.

a companion to @nighttime-patrons‘ recent fanart from the same chapter <3

Politics tends to infantilise us, as do the media that communicate news to us. We are told that answers are black and white; that there are good guys and bad guys. We are not educated and nurtured to tolerate grown-up complexity and ambiguity. In an ideal society, a politician would explain to us where a matter at hand is multifaceted and difficult. ‘Here are the issues to be aware of in the one side,’ she would tell us, 'and then we have to take into account these in the other. Somehow we must make sense of those conflicts and subtleties with patience and compassion and intelligence.’ We are infantilised when they use fairy-tale logic or fear to manipulate us or sell a story of events that serves their ends. In politics, we find merely one example of how we are reduced; our maturity is denied in many areas of life. We prefer the illusion of black-and-white thinking to the real-life complexities of the grey in-betweens. We guzzle down sugary drinks and food rather than develop a sensitive and subtle palate; we play endless games and seek increasingly convincing virtual realities in favour of seeking actual growth. We look to be spiritually coddled, to avoid what is difficult, to be attended to each time we cry in the night. To grow up is to endure the equivocal, to permit the ambiguous.
—  Derren Brown, Happy

Those scenes in Siege of Lothal bother me a lot for two reasons:

1) Tua said she did everything to find any information about Rebels, yet the moment when her life was in danger, she magically found out that Old Jho has a connection to Ghost Crew.. and successfully persuaded him to cooperate. How she did that? Or if she knew about it all the time(?), why she didn’t report that to Kallus and save everyone trouble with Tarkin and Vader?

She could redeem herself with that information. Instead she ditched Empire thinking only about herself. I understand that not everyone is a heroic enough to put loyalty or beliefs above being alive but it saddness me that the only one named & active imperial female character showed at the time on the screen was so… useless until her death scene. I don’t mind that she worked for Empire or that she wasn’t warrior (like Sabine or Hera) or how she was a poor politician or how unkind she was to others. That’s okay. She had a lot of faults - all interesting characters have them. But the show didn’t really present any of her good qualities and when finally she had moral / emotional dilemmia and, you know, a bit of character development, she was killed. What makes me sad, because creators of Rebels proved with “The Honorable Ones” that they can show already established villian in new light without killing said character.

But what bothers me even more is:

2) the missed opportunity to make an interesting plot twist, because  TUA COULD BE AN UNDERCOVER REBEL SPY

Remember Gall Trayvis? A man who by more than half of first season was seen as a hero by Ghost Crew but turned out to be imperial agent? We could have similar yet reversed scenerio with minister Maketh Tua.

Think about it: how you would feel if Tua - a woman with political power yet not really respected by her fellow imperials, who most of time was unkind to everyone around her and who was shown as a joke & caricature of politician - turned out to be a brave spy who not only smuggled important informations to Bail Organa / Falcrum about imperial operations but also kept saving Ghost Crew’ asses time after time?

As much as it would be sad for me to not have any loyal named & active female character on Empire’s side, Tua being Imperial turned into rebels spy would made a lot sense. Just think about all scenes when she acted arrogant or plain stupid or angrily shouted at everyone around her and “add” a spy-related reasons behind such unprofessional / emotional behaviour and we could have something like that:

  • Remember Droid in Distress, when she - as minister from Lothal - was accompanied by C3-PO & R2-D2? Which no explanation why? Since we know now that Bail wanted to see the unknown rebels in action, he and Tua could work together in that aspect. She could be the one to inform him about Ghost Crew’s activity on Lothal and set a “test” for them (if Ghost Crew would fail, Tua would still known where the weapon went and gave bearings to Bail & Falcrum, so they could sent a trusted rebel soldiers to recapture it). Maybe Tua is like Sabine, when it comes to foreign languages? Maybe she all the time knew what her Alien companion was saying but since she needed a pretext to bring Bail’s droids, she acted as arrogant, uneducated and racist politician?
  • In Empire Day, when after rebel’s attack, she screamed at Kallus and Inquisitor, demanding from them to catch “terrorists”? She knew that Tseebo was wanted by the Empire; that Kallus was looking for him personally. And there was attack, so she had a reason to put pressure over ISB agent to forget about Rodian for now and look for rebels (maybe she hoped their attack was a diversion to smuggle important for Rebellion Tseebo from Lothal?) When I analyzed this scene between Imperial Trio for the first time I thought of Tua as arrogant person or acting on adrenaline rush - but then the thought she could be someone more than useless imperial politician never crossed my mind. If she were a spy, the fact she was ready to put Ghost Crew in danger for the sake of Tseebo’s informations would be a nice addition to her persona. Because as a spy she would make a very hard choices under awful circumstances. Not everyone has guts to do it, especially not after almost being blow up by people you try to protect.
  • Or Vision of Hope, when Tua called in question Kallus’ plan because she tried to discourage him from setting a trap for Ghost Crew. She even recalled Inquisitor’s opinion (who apparently did not support Kallus’s plan either) what pissed off Kallus. And since agent of ISB was too stubborn to change his mind and listen to her & Inquisitor, she practically barged into military operation, maybe hoping that rebels will use the moment of distraction and run away?
  • Coming back to Siege of Lothal, we could have something more than “self-absorbed politician solding informations to save a life” scenerio. We could have a very emotional moment, when Ghost Crew learn that Tua was actually their information (probably sending info via Old Jho) by the whole time and instead of asking them to save her, she could warn them to NOT COME BACK TO LOTHAL because there is someone far worse that Inquisitor. Tua warned them because she knows she will be found out pretty soon, but Ghost Crew still decide to come back for her. Except their action would lead to Tua’s death (and Imperial using it to discredit whole Rebellion). That would be depressing, not only because of sad end for a useful rebel spy but also because Ghost Crew would need to copy with their failure on more personal level and Kallus’ behaviour would made a lot of sense too if all his previous efforts were spoiled by Tua and now he had a chance to kill the traitor; of course he would be happy to lead her into trap

And you know what would be an interesting part of Tua’s role? She could gave a lot of useful informations to Rebellion, she could save main heroes, she could be smart enough to fool Kallus and Inquisitor but not enough to fool Vader, no shame here but still it was her signature on every imperial decree that hurted people of Lothal. Every order of deportation or takeover of land or maybe even execution. Think how Tua would feel knowing that as much as she helps Rebellion at the same time she hurts her own people. That what she did in part contributed to the execution of Aresko & Grint (two people she knew personally and worked probably for a long time; they may not be the best of people, yet they weren’t monsters either to deserve such a death). Or knowing that most of ordinary people will never learn truth about her; they may never knew she was a rebels spy, that she risked her life on daily basis for safety of galaxy.

Do you know how much I need right now Tua being something more than a pretty face of not really useful character - at least before her death? Because I would take courageous but also not-totally-without-fault Tua over just inefficient, opportunistic politician.



If Luke ever got a tattoo we would all freak out so much, there would probably be a death count

I specifically double and triple-checked how tall Bruce and Diana are, and of course it’s comics so nothing is canon and I keep getting corrections anyway, but goddamn does it make it tempting to just… make her shorter… every time… eventually Wonder Woman will be my height and look suspiciously Mapuche and she will be even more fierce because she will be closer to hell

If I hear anything – ANYTHING – be it negative or positive about Bryana Holly and Ashton, I’m gonna lose my shit. Like, can we give it a rest? You don’t have to like her, you don’t have to hate her, you don’t have to watch that video or look like her or WHATEVER. But here’s the thing:

1. Slut-shaming her doesn’t help anyone. Promoting it for whoever is just a major setback for feminism because a woman can do whatever she wants and has consent to do with her body.
2. I don’t know exactly what/how she body-shamed in that video because I have no point in watching it, but here’s the thing – don’t give whatever it is power over you. You don’t know her personally and she doesn’t know you, so why bother giving something like that any hold over you? She doesn’t decide how you see yourself. You do. Don’t pay any mind to comments like that.
3. Ash is almost 21. I don’t care if you like or hate her. He has the right to make up his own mind.
4. Ash will act differently around the Fam now. Why? Well like any other 20 year old boy, he’s got to budget his time between things in his life and yeah, a girlfriend **if that’s what she is** would be one of those things. He’s gonna act different because he’s exposing himself to new people and things, so be patient with him. Don’t go writing him off right now. Don’t jump to conclusions and start slamming him or the band.
5. DON’T ALWAYS ASSUME WHAT YOU READ AND WHAT YOU SEE IS TRUE. Photos can be manipulated and misinterpreted and articles and text posts can be influenced by heavy biased. Wait for sufficient information NOT just Internet shit hitting the fan and think for yourselves. Don’t let petty rumors get the best of you. You have power to think beyond print.

Now, enough with the stupid drama shit being perpetuated for the sake of starting an argument and get fucking siked for ROWYSO before I lose my cool.

*DISCLAIMER: I am as neutral as Switzerland when it comes to my opinion on Bryana. Plain and simple: I’m just sick of hearing about this and think we should stop acting like we have the right to comment on all of Ash’s actions. Don’t abuse freedom of speech, man*

Preference #219 Down the rabbit hole...
  • Liam: (life was never worse, but never better) You were struggling to find your room key, stopping once you were inside the hotel doors, smiling at the doorman as you stood paused in the lobby. You finally grabbed onto it, rounding the corner to the large bank of elevators, letting Liam know you were on your way up with the food with a text. You heard the squeals and murmuring to your right, so you shifted the food out of your hand, giving the fans a small wave. You were halfway into the elevator when you caught the harsh words of a fan, “Whore.” Which left a ringing in your ears all the way up the your 17th floor room. You dumbly walked to your room, understandably upset, opening the door blindly. You were almost ready to cry when you took in the sight in front of you. Liam was sat on the edge of the bed, smiling widely, his eyes crinkled like always, sans shirt and pants. “Batmans on! And you have Chinese!” He said, getting up to greet you, taking the bag out of your hands and dropping a quick kiss to your head. “Some fan called me a whore.” You said after a beat, as Liam paused as he was rifling through the bag. He gave you a worried look, and you shrugged. “Heard worse. You should’ve seen my feed last night. Apparently me touching Zayn’s shoulder is evidence that we’re sleeping together.” You said, glancing down. All the hate hurt. It was impossible to ignore, and your self esteem had taken some blows. But Liam was standing there with those eyes and some lo mein in his hand as he grabbed you into his bear hugs, and it faded away like usual.
  • Louis: (i reach for you, but you were gone, I knew I had to go back home) You held out Louis’ shoe and he took it silently, tossing it into his bag. You grabbed the t-shirt he held out to you, folding it neatly before placing it in your suitcase. You handed your favorite shirt of his over, finding it at the bottom of your suitcase, you having worn it a week ago. He glanced at it for a moment, then back at you and shook his head, pushing your hand back. You held his eyes for a moment and swore you saw him again. The Louis who wasn’t pushing you away, and wasn't drowning in pressure from all sides, but rather the Louis who woke you in the middle fo the night for ice cream, or decided they could be five minutes late to stage because he had to kiss you longer. “My flight leaves in an hour.” You said, zippering up the suitcase finally after adding his shirt. You’re sure that would hurt later, but it also hurt to let it go. “Okay. Security will drop you there.” He said nodding and avoiding your eyes. You chewed on the side of your cheek. “I better get going but I…” You trailed off, seeing as he was interested in the carpet rather than your face. “I just want you to know that it’s always been you for me, you know? And this isn’t going to change that. I’ll still be anything you need me to be, and if this is what you need, okay; but please find the boy I love. Everyone misses him.” Louis nodded minutely, looking at you one final time. If you shoved through the exhaustion and the pressure and the stress, you could find love, and that alone gave you strength to walk out the door.
  • Zayn: (but there were strangers watching, and whispers turned to talking, and talking turned to screams) Zayn slammed the door behind him and you snapped your head to him, your purse being tossed on the couch. You heartbeat was loud in your ears, because this was not the Zayn you knew. The angry Zayn you knew would mumble to himself, have a cigarette, kick the stoop a few times and come back in. But him slamming the car door was shocking, him mumbling to himself all the way home was too, but him slamming his door was the last straw. “Stop! Just stop!” You said, shaking your hands. “This isn’t you! So people found out, and now of course the rumours are going to fly, but my god, stop!” You shouted. “It’s just-” Zayn couldn’t finish , rubbing his hand over his mouth. “It’s bullshit, it’s all such bullshit. The things they say about me, about the boys, and now about you. It’s just.” Zayn shook his head, leaving out the door. You took a deep breath, following him quickly, not shocked to find him seated and a cigarette lit. “We knew they were watching us like hawks. I know we wanted to lay low, but Zayn, it’s hard. And so they know, that’s fine. But what we can’t do is scream at each other every time everyone outside our relationship has something to say. In a lot of ways, thats what they want.” You said, reaching over to grab the cigarette out of his hands and put it out. “Take a few deep breaths, know I love you, and then come back in.” You said patting his shoulder as he managed a small smile.
  • Niall: (haven’t you heard what becomes of curious minds?) The tension in the room was breathing. You could feel it, making your nerves stand up, and it was clear Niall was aware of it, his hands sitting on his lap wringing together every so often. “I’m serious you two; talk. Bunch of teenagers, honestly don’t know how you both are so daft its mind boggling..” Harry’s low tenor was making it’s way through the door, trailing off as he walked away, mumbling to himself. Everyone at some point in their life has that one person where you both know something is there, you can basically reach out at touch it. Sometimes it fades, people act on it slowly, or the levee just breaks and all hell breaks loose. With the way you and Niall launched yourselves at each other last week, you two certainly fell in the last category. “What do we do now?” You asked quietly. You asked glancing at him. You sighed to yourself, knowing that if you two decided to do nothing, and act like that chemistry wasn't there, it was going to hurt like all hell. “We could be smart. Because I leave in a week for three months and I’ve never had a long distance relationship, and we wouldn't risk our friendship.” Niall spoke quickly, you mind rushing with his accent to keep up. You nodded minutely, before he spoke again. “Or we can stop lying to ourselves and let the curious side of us take over. See what happens. It could be great.” He said smiling at you. “It could be.” You agreed, your own grin crawling up your face.
  • Harry: (you searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had, and in the end, in wonderland, we both went mad) You threw your hair up as you jogged to grab the door, swinging it open. “Hey just-” You cut yourself off when the figure was clearly not the friend you were expecting. Rather a very worn down looking Harry in a gray sweatshirt and a beanie, his aviators covering his eyes. “You’re hungover.” You stated, Harry snorted quietly, nodding his head. “Very.” It had been three months since you had seen him in person, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t everywhere. In your house, finding pieces of him everywhere, and on all the magazines too, of course. Harry entered without you telling him too, heading straight for the living room to grab a tabloid that sat on your table. “This girl was nice, she spoke really pretty spanish. The girl before her was some sort of dancer, the one before that said two words to me before she asked if I was taking her home. It’s just- you’ve really fucked me up you know that. And with these as evidence, and the fact that you probably don’t realize, but those are my joggers, have I done the same?” You were blindsided, “Harry I-” “No, just tell me we made a huge mistake and that you feel like you’re going mad when I’m not here. Please.” He said, strained. “You couldn’t find anyone else, could you?” You managed out. He shook his head as you nodded, “Me either.”
  • notes: look cassandra managed to title it something other than just the song name. gold star for me. this one is a little heavier? i don't know, i'm in a mood. hope you enjoyed! be nice to people! plant a tree! i dont know!