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I’m so sick of these fucking “OPEN YOUR EYES, STEREKS, YOU’RE FALLING FOR THEIR TRICKS AGAIN” posts, because literally no one is falling for it. Everyone knows exactly what they’re doing. No one believes we’re suddenly getting canon Sterek, and no one is suddenly saying that Jeff Davis is a creative genius who really takes the opinions of the fandom into account. 

People are excited to see Derek and Stiles again, knowing full well they will be disappointed. Some people will wait for the gifs, some will watch the entire season, but Jesus Christ, stop yelling at everyone like they’re idiots blindly walking into a trap or betraying the fandom by watching the show. Just chill the fuck out and let people be excited.

meaning of Havana MV

Okay, so…

I. Scene 1: Camila with Juan1 and Juan2

Camila wore YELLOW (THE SUN: LMJ) Notice that Camila’s used the Yellow background in the song cover, as well as on her Fallon performance. Yellow. Like the Sun. Who loves the Sun? LMJ.

As to the characters, Juan 1 and Juan 2, the twins…- At the outset, there are two sides to a person, the side everyone sees and the side that none or only a few select get to see.

Juan 1 could be public Lauren and Juan 2, private Lauren. Now we all know that Lauren values her privacy.

Camila’s rxn to Juan1 on the bed with another woman— g!p usual reaction to Lauren’s PR relationships, thus:

Juan1: Laucy and everyone LMJ’s been paired with. PR. Didn’t we all think that Camila’s heart broke everytime an LMJ PR boy/girlfriend surfaced?

Juan2: the real LMJ. “So now you’re out of the closet?” “Yes, I did it all for you.”

Every now and then we’d come across the theory that indeed Lauren had to come out so Camila’s sexuality wouldn’t suffer further scrutiny. She’s not yet ready. Let her live.

*insert Juan2 proposal: WE ALL KNOW ABOUT THE CAMREN RINGS* — also, this is Lauren. She came out last year (2016) remember.


II. Scene 2: Lele, Grandma.. words of advice. Live your life. Camila going solo, pursuing her dreams, insisting that Havana be released.. she did all that.

III. Scene 3: Havana starts playing. — in the beginning we see Camila dancing with 2 men. I think they’re the beards she’s been paired with, whom she ‘rejected’ see how she pushed them away?

Camila dancing and then singing on stage.— Public figure/Singer/Performer/Celebrity Camila.

IV. Scene 4: ENTER TALL MALE (Noah).— at first we only see his silhouette against THE SUNLIGHT. AGAIN. Sun reference: LMJ. Their attraction became a distraction. Backstage they loved, fought, made up—aka CAMREN off-cam. Note: “NO WAY”. They wanna be together, everyone else doesn’t. The pressure became too much. You know how the story goes…

Scene 5: CAMILA CHOOSES HERSELF OVER LOVER. “I do love you, but I love me more.” Lover drives away, Camila cries.

—- back to reality —

Scene 5: Camila doesn’t like the ending: “So that’s it?? You end up alone??” To which the movie character Camila replies: “if you don’t like my story, GO WRITE YOUR OWN.” And so real life Camila heads out of the theater.

Scene 6: Camila meets TALL MALE IRL (LMJ). Instantly they’re pulled close together, and they dance.— Clearly, they’re MEANT TO BE. They can’t escape their fate. The reason their LIFE PATHS CROSSED IS CUZ CAMREN IS ENDGAME.

(Like what Lauren said about why her favorite song off of 7/27 is “No Way”) ❤️🌹❤️

Thank you for sharing the Havana mv (and your story) with us, Camila Cabello.

Camren is real. Camren is endgame.🦋

The boy’s head snaps upward. His eyes, those are different colors, too, Izuku notices, widen like a deer in headlights. He scrambles to get up, holding his arm out in front of himself protectively, but then something clicks and Izuku sees the shoji door behind the boy inch open just slightly. Gray and blue eyes flicker and spark desperately in the dim lighting of that room before, wrenching his stare away from Izuku, the boy turns, favoring one arm, angling the other one into a fist ready to sail.

The door opens. Izuku sees a man, engulfed in fury and hellfire, and the image fades away until all he sees is his own petrified stare gawking back at him in the mirror.

from legit the best written fic ive read ever by @todorokishouts (read it read it read it fiC RE C REA D IT BEST DECISION YOU’LL EVER MAKE)

I think I have a lot to catch up on but I just read dans article and I feel like it was actually not that bad and was pretty good for a dan wootton article… dan did what he does best and puts words in their mouths etc. But looking at the positives:

- Harry basically says his sexuality is none of your business
- cleverly avoids answering the sexuality question as well but also throwing more question on the topic by not just answering ‘im straight’
- refuses to talk about his past/current relationships
- skirts over questions about how he feels about said relationships being public by saying it’s part of growing up (which of course it is in that industry)
- but then goes on to basically say he doesn’t date……
- doesn’t deny 1d won’t get back together
- stands up for Louis
- talks about being there for Louis at his xfactor performance
- confirms he wanted to be honest in his lyrics in the album saying he didn’t want to edit the lyrics. Which I took as the album isn’t all about Harry styles being honest as himself but writing honest lyrics, lyrics which aren’t edited for the sake of a younger demographic
- confirms dan is a big pile of shit
- confirms the boys will never be able to say a bad word about Simon cowell by rebutting his 'anxiety’ remark by saying it was a joke (yeah right it was)
- confirms dans agenda and who sent him there/how he got access aka Sony by talking about their biggest signed artist, Adele
- and because of our resident larrie catching dan with Harry’s pr person we can pretty much take away that this is the narrative harry is selling.. which I think is fairly positive. It’s basically him not confirming or denying anything and letting people make up their own minds which seems to be his entire theme throughout this whole album promo. And who’s to say that’s bad? Because trying to navigate the current fandom and break into a new market with new fans he’s successfully been able to let everyone think he’s a certain type of person without shutting down those opinions which has given him so many more fans and kept the current ones pretty happy… it’s clever imo. Harry seems to be okay with letting people make up their own minds about him because he’s so private about who he really is.

whats next?

Here’s what might be happening in the next few months:

  • The collab is titled ‘Do Me Wrong’
  • Lauren is a feature, meaning her guest vocals will be on his track. He will receive accreditation for the sales and streams of the single
  • It will be on his album. We all know Ty can’t release a track without a feature, for some reason his solo music flops? Can’t imagine why that would be *cough misogynistic idiot cough*. However, it will be released as a single off the album
  • High Key think the video for ‘Do Me Wrong’ was already shot back in June in Jamaica during L’s birthday. Hence his photographer and a few others from his promotions team were also present
  • Lauren’s collab with Steve Aoki ‘Paralysed’ will be released around the same time whilst she’s fronting the media/charts. I’m thinking this is gonna drop pretty soon though, so watch out for that
  • 5H and Camila will both be attending a number of the Jingle Balls at the end of the year
  • This PR Ty/Lauren nonsense will hardcore continue up until the new year, but after the holiday break it will be over. We haven’t had a Ty/L kiss yet, so expect that “leak”
  • 2018 Camila’s album will drop however from November to the album release, I think we might get a PR for promotion. Hopefully they’ll use Shawn again, he has a platform, is a great artist and a genuinely nice person. Maybe a Jonas Brother or a backing dancer, definitely a boy though lol
  • 2018, the group will split. 4 solo contracts have already been offered to the remaining members so these will be undertaken late 2018 after touring and pre scheduled performances have been played
  • The girls and Camila will switch labels to Republic Records, where I think then they’ll be allowed to publicly interact and show they’re on good terms
  • I think theres gonna be a huge dispute/lawsuit amongst them and their team/label next year aswell
  • No one is buying the drama/shade anymore, it’s boring as fuck, we as a fandom would talk more if the girls were allowed to be on good terms. They know we aren’t falling for it, hence everything has been pretty quiet at the minute. The only one who people suspect is being shady is L, but she’s only playing PR bingo, we can’t blame her really
  • A major camren hint is gonna come out (literally lol) I think as a fandom we’re gonna be shook

Just a thought.

How we tip PR and help erase J2

If you haven’t seen @glass-closet’s post Have we become too loud?, please click the link because this post is inspired by her very appropriate questioning.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve been gloating that J2 did it better when they were together than when they were with their beards. We’ve pointed out how fake J2 are with the beards and thought we weren’t making any waves, it was all too little to be caught under the PR radar. Well, think again.

J2 Live Streams/Videos  

Remember when we used to have this?

Now, we have this

J2 @ ACL

Even if the beards were there the previous years, we’d still get tons of pics of J2 by themselves and with fans. We even got these precious things:

And now we have this

J2 Date Night

Date night was totally and completely a J2 thing. We even made hashtags for that: #J2DateNight, #J2DateWeek, #J2DateDay

J2 even adopted our #DateNight and we all died

And then we had this


We thought Kaleo was J2's sacred thing. They had been to a few concerts either just the two of them or that one time they took Megan with them.

And then this happened


Though the beards go to Vancouver from time to time, we were not ready for this.

Remember how we said G didn’t get along with Jared’s parents?

These are some tips we send to PR on what needs to be done to erase J2.

If after all that you still think we’re not even a blip on the radar, then keep on pointing out how Jared looks constipated near his Beard. Keep posting close up pictures of how unhappy Jensen looks near his Beard.The Js will be forced to up their bearding game more and more.

Here’s an example from the past:

Years ago Hats brought the “I get to sleep with one” video to TedC, a then famous gossip columnist. He took the bait and poked the Js’s glass closet on a mainstream level. TPTB learned about it and were not happy. Because of that, J2 had to up their bearding game. 

With the Js being publicly hinted at being a couple, DH took the opportunity to challenge TedC and all hell broke loose. That was how she started locking Jensen into a marriage that was never planned by J2.

p.s.: I know I’ve done my share of pointing those things out as well, but lately I’ve been restraining myself; if not for anything, at least as an experiment.

An article dropping denouncing Joshlie breakup rumors the same day my serpentine mother slithers out her snake hole and back into daylight?

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I wasn’t aware that you now celebrate the day of your contract signing? Is she starting a trend now?


And that’s what you missed on Tsubasa!