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The Avengers have a vine account called the aVINEgers and Peter's the only person who knows how to use the app properly and Thor does EVERY vine challenge bc he thinks midgard is adorable and Vision completely misunderstands the giggling voice behind the camera but tries his best and nobody even realises who's filming until there's a ceiling-based vine and then the internet goes apeshit

tony accidentally upload six seconds of staring into the camera w a confused look on his face

nat almost murdered clint when he tried to pull a prank on her (she uploaded the video he was taking, with the ending being clint pouting on the floor, surrounded by feathers)

sam has like ten videos of him making old man jokes feat. steve and bucky

wanda, vision, and thor upload all the time, usually with just fun silly little videos that make everyone smile

and there are fifteen or so hilarious vines that feature typical (ie ridiculous) avenger shenanigans that are all perfectly timed and no one knows who uploaded them until one video catches tony yelling “GET DOWN FROM THERE, SPIDER-BRAT” and the internet erupts in screaming

Supernatural Stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles on Men of Letters Battle – Plus: EP Debunks Arrest Theory
December 26, 2016
By Vlada Gelman

When Supernatural returns with new episodes on Jan. 26 (The CW, 8/7c), Dean and Sam will have been behind bars for six weeks – but don’t blame the British Men of Letters for their imprisonment.

Shutting down fan speculation that the group was secretly responsible for the Winchesters’ arrest, executive producer Andrew Dabb reveals that “it was really the government that grabbed them. It was really the Secret Service.”

However, “the Men of Letters, like Mary [and] Castiel, are going to have a very specific reaction” to the hunters’ predicament as they take a more active interest in them – for better or worse.

“We’re going to see that storyline get fleshed out in the second half of the season,” star Jensen Ackles previewed during TVLine’s visit to the show’s Vancouver set. “There are going to be some recruitment attempts, some disagreements about methods of hunting, and that will certainly boil to a point.”

Although the Brits’ way of doing things, not to mention their handy weapons, have proven to be successful recently, “I think we’ll find out in the future that maybe their methods aren’t the best way,” Ackles adds.

For co-star Jared Padalecki, the storyline is “reminiscent of Season 6 when Sam was soulless and kind of behaved much the same way the British Men of Letters are behaving now, at least in their hunting tactics,” the actor says. “It’s fun to revisit that: Would you kill two people to save three? Would you kill 10 to save 12? You’re still killing 10 people. Would you try to find the middle ground?”

That dilemma will play “a big part” in the upcoming episodes as the brothers “see both the good and the bad” side of the British Men of Letters, Dabb previews. “Because the truth is, even if you disagree with their methods – and Sam and Dean certainly will in some cases – they get results. So that becomes the bigger punch [in the second half of the season]: Do the ends justify the means? And if so, what means are our guys willing to tolerate?”

The Business Trip that Changed Everything

So I had my first affair 5 years into marriage with my boss. I wrote about that a few months ago and if you scroll down far enough you’ll see what happened there.  Well that night I knew I wasn’t on birth control (long story how come, I just can’t), but he came in me anyways and it was one of the hottest, biggest orgasms I’ve ever had.  We continued our affair for months however, because I didn’t want to get pregnant he always wore a condom.

We worked for a PR firm and travelled frequently but since we started our affair we hadn’t travelled together. Fast forward about 2 months and we were in New York doing a media tour.  The first day we arrived, there weren’t any events scheduled and Bryan asked if I wanted to catch a movie, dinner, then head back to the hotel for some “prep work.”   So when we got to the hotel, I changed into a sexy, flower sundress.  The dress was loose fitting and fell just above my mid thigh with a lowish neckline held up by a pair of spaghetti straps.

I met Bryan down in the lobby and whispered in his ear “you’re seeing everything I’m wearing, I left my panties upstairs.”  Pretty sure he got hard right there.

We walked a few blocks to the theater and caught the 4pm show of Lincoln (this was a few years ago obviously).  The movie had been out for a few weeks so there were only a ½ dozen people in there. We sat down and Bryan’s hand immediately found my inner thigh and his fingers started working his way towards my already dripping wet pussy. Before the previews ended, he already had 2 fingers buried inside my cunt, fucking me with his hands.  I looked around, saw nobody watching us, removed his fingers and licked them clean. Then I told him if he made me cum in the theater we could skip dinner and go right back to the hotel.  Well, that was sufficient encouragement because he made me cum 2 times before we left.

Once we got back to the hotel, he didn’t even let me take off my dress. We got to his room, he turned me around, bent me over the bed exposing my ass to him and he started teasing me with his cock.  He made me beg for his cock, beg to be impaled. He threatened he’d make me call my husband while he was fucking me.   Then, as always he put on a condom and started fucking my brains out.  

As his cock started to swell, we rolled over so I was on top and before I lowered my pussy on his dick for some reason I reached down and removed the condom and whispered to him “I want a REAL affair. Cum in me.”
He looked at me and asked if it was safe.  
“No,” I replied, “Actually I think there’s a chance I’m ovulating.”

And with that, I lowered myself on his throbbing dick and rode him until he shot loads of his cum deep in my belly.   We were in New York for 4 days, and Bryan and I fucked at least 20 times (not exaggerating), and never without any protection.  I didn’t end up pregnant that trip, but Bryan never wore a condom again.  

So I’m talking to this girl I met online, really pretty and nice, and now it turns out she’s from PR too and now I’m like?????are we getting married or????

The next next stage

I just had a vision of Jack and Bitty’s friends gathered around them at some point in the future, helping them figure out how they want to do the official statement to the media about their relationship.

Ransom would have his Excel spreadsheet out, and Shitty would be reviewing different journalists’ backgrounds to see which one they want to give the exclusive interview to, and Holster would keep adding ‘bi’ jokes to the statement and Lardo would keep crossing them out…

Bitty doesn’t actually start crying until Dex asks for his Twitter password so he and Chowder can ‘run interference’ with any trolls that turn up.

These people in their corner is going to be pretty great, when the time comes.

(then Jack takes the final chart to Georgia and she’s all… “You remember we have a PR department, right?” And he’s “I’m sorry, they kind of needed to do this.”)