we posted a picture in london a while back


Eleanor has never put locations on her pictures before this. Trust me, I checked. The only way you knew where she was used to be by just seeing a well known landmark that she posts a picture of or by her caption

Why start putting locations on now then?

She knows that everyone expects her to go see Louis since he’s back in London on a break from tour. Any girlfriend would want to see their boyfriend after beingin completely different parts of the world, right?

She knows that we notice these kinds of things. She is making sure that we know that she was in London staying at the Ace Hotel but left a couple days before Louis came back to go to LA with friends instead. 

She wants us to know that she’s in LA while Louis and Harry are both in London. She is supposedly Louis’ girlfriend, yet she’d rather be in LA with friends instead of in London with her boyfriend who she hardly ever sees.