we played with dinosaurs for an hour

lying, vagueness, and being boring: crucial job skills for every archaeologist

Archaeologists often have to be discreet. Which is to say, we are a bunch of professional liars. There’s a decent chance you’ve been lied to by an archaeologist at some point in your life.

“Hello, random person out by the road with an orange vest and a shovel,” you might have said. “What are you up to???”

“… soil survey,” said the shovel-wielder, looking shifty.

Here’s why:

  1. Archaeological sites are sensitive, and we don’t want people snooping around and looting them when we go home for the night.
  2. Some projects that archaeologist contract for are controversial to some extent, and the clients don’t want us blabbing about the specifics to curious and concerned citizens.
  3. Archaeology is extremely interesting to a lot of people. When they hear the word “archaeologist”, their eyes light up and we can almost hear the Indiana Jones theme start to play in their heads. They simply can’t help asking us a million questions: “Where did you study?” “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever found?” “Find any dinosaurs/gold/bones today haha?” etc., all of which are the start of much longer conversations and explanations, involving many more questions. We can’t stand around gabbing to locals all day when we’re being paid by the hour, and we don’t want to seem rude: “I’m an archaeologist, now will you kindly fuck off and let me get some work done?”

So we lie. Frequently. We describe what we are doing in the vaguest, most boring way imaginable, that no one could possibly be interested in hearing more about. And then you go away, and forget about us, instead of telling everyone you know that you met an archaeologist today, and they’re working in X location because of Y project that’s happening soon.

Creepypasta #1243: Auggie The Clock Watcher

Length: Super long

There was very little to enjoy about working in the fast food industry, but nothing quite so bad as the customers. They were demanding, impatient, and firmly believed they were right even when it was obvious to everyone else that they were not. The worst were the parents who left their kids in the restaurant and expected us to babysit while they went shopping in the plaza next door, even after they’d been asked and then told not to.

Many of us were fairly young ourselves with no idea how to handle a rambunctious, messy child, so if anything ever happened to them, we’d be totally lost. That ever present concern just made us dislike them even more.

The only exception was Auggie. Although he was pushing middle aged, a head injury when he was young had left him with cognitive issues so that he behaved like a child, albeit a very polite, well mannered one. His mom did her best to make sure he had a caretaker during the day, but when they were unavailable, she’d drop him off with us. She worked at an upscale department store across the way and would check in every half hour, but our answer was always the same.

“Auggie’s fine.”

Unlike the others left in our (mostly unwilling) care, he never made any fuss or raised his voice and he kept himself occupied with books and toys that he carried in his dinosaur backpack when we were busy. During our downtimes, which were frequent in the later hours, he’d show us what he’d brought in that day and ask us about ourselves, all the while smiling shyly and keeping his eyes diverted to the floor.

When he wasn’t playing quietly or reading, I noticed that Auggie liked to watch the clock. Whenever it got close to an hour mark, he’d stop what he was doing and run his index finger excitedly across his bottom lip, after which he’d go back to his previous activity with a pleased little bob of his head.

It was an unusual, but endearing habit and I found myself watching him every time he watched the clock. The happiness that it brought him was kind of infectious and it always helped brighten my mood, even if I didn’t understand why he did it.

When he came to the counter one quiet afternoon to order his usual hamburger and fries, I asked him about it.

“You really like that clock, huh, Auggie?” I asked as I slid his tray over to him.

“Yes, Miss Ivy.” He said quietly.

“Do you have one like it at home?”

He gave a small shake of his head. “We got the ones with numbers.”

I figured he meant digital. “You like them too?”

He looked up enough to catch a brief glimpse of my face and, when he saw that I was smiling, his excitement started to take hold. “Yeah, they’re easier to read, but this one’s good.”

“What do you like about them?”

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THAT’S RIGHT, A new ADAD public stream is coming TUESDAY!

Ok, ok I know you’re excited but simmer down, you can keep thrashing that Stegosaurus in joy after I give you the stream details!

  • The stream will start at 5pm Central Time and go on for a couple hours or more.
  • It will be hosted on the ADAD twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/adinosauraday
  • Everyone’s invited, so spread the word around Palaeoblr!

“What’s the stream gonna feature,” you ask? Aside from Meig, Jack and Ryuu’s shenanigans we have a very, very special main topic, a Let’s Play… I’ll just say there’s a reason I used old school dinosaur gifs here… and give you a tiiiny liiiittle hint:


Why?| Bucky Barnes x Reader. (Part 6)

Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected.

Pairing: Reader x Steve, Reader x Wesley, Steve x The Avengers

Warnings: Feeellllssss?

Word Count: 1000+

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Auggie the Clock Watcher

There was very little to enjoy about working in the fast food industry, but nothing quite so bad as the customers. They were demanding, impatient, and firmly believed they were right even when it was obvious to everyone else that they were not. The worst were the parents who left their kids in the restaurant and expected us to babysit while they went shopping in the plaza next door, even after they’d been asked and then told not to.

Many of us were fairly young ourselves with no idea how to handle a rambunctious, messy child, so if anything ever happened to them, we’d be totally lost. That ever present concern just made us dislike them even more.

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Tickle fights (K.L imagine)

Requested by @bitchincap

i know this is probably super vague but i’d love a cute imagine with kian as a dad bc i was rewatching the video they did with the ace family and the snaps of knj trying to get elle to play with the fidget spinner and i have so many feels rn

Kian POV

“Are you sure you don’t want me to just cancel Ki?” Y\N yelled from the bathroom as she was getting ready to spend the day shopping with her friends baby free for the first time in a long time.

“Yes baby I’m sure you need to go and relax for a while, you spend far to much time worrying about me and the boys, we will be fine!” I say speaking to her reflection in the mirror.

“Okay but only if you’re sure"she says turning to face me, I nod placing a kiss on her forehead before we walk down stairs and into the boys play room to see them siting playing with toy dinosaurs, she walks off into the kitchen and I follow her

"Now remember Maddison will only eat his dinner from a green plate an…” “and Jackson will only drink from his own special dinosaur cup I know baby I got this go have some fun” I say cutting her off and pulling her away from the sink she was washing up in.

Standing at the door with Jackson in my arms and Maddison hold my hand we say goodbye as she drives away

“Okay boys so what do you want to do today then”

4 hours later the house is a mess, the boys are running circles around me and I’m exhausted.

“I don’t know how your mommy makes this look so easy, she must have super powers” I say to the boys as I tidy up from dinner.

As hard work as today has been I truly couldn’t be happier, no one can ever describe what an amazing feeling it is to be a dad. I love these two little monsters more than life it’s self and to have such an amazing wife to stand by my side through it all is all I could ever want.

I spend the next few hours chasing them around playing dinosaurs and playing tickle fights. As we are in the play room racing toy cars I look over my shoulder to see Y/N standing in the door way.

“MOMMY” the boys scream when they see her both rushing into her arms

“Did you have a good day with daddy boys?” She asked as she crouched down to their level.

“Yeah and and daddy says you’re a super hero! Do you have special powers mommy” Maddison asked

“Yeah I have special….TICKLING POWERS” she yells and the both run off in different directions as she chases after them. I watch as she grabs one in each arm and slams down onto her back on the couch making them both scream with laughter as she tickles them.

Y/N sees me watching them with a huge smile on my face

“What are you smiling about my powers work on you too” she gets up from the couch and runs at me I turn to run away from her as she jumps on my back. I swing her round and drop to my knees so she is laying in the floor and tickle her till there are tear streaming down her face.

The boys run over and jump on us both I look down at her and at my two beautiful children.

“How did I get this lucky, I feel like ever moment I have with you three is the best moment of my life” I say just staring into her eyes as she leans up and kisses me softy.

“Eww” Maddison exclaimed making a disgusted face.

She pulls away from me and turns to the boys

“Right monsters it’s bath time” she says chasing them up the stairs to the bathroom .

I follow behind them about 15 minutes later after tidying the mess we had made today. I stand on the top step just watching for a while, I take a picture of them all just laughing together, I just know these are the moments I’ll treasure forever.

I know it’s a bit short sorry! But I hope you still like it!


The complete 3 hour recording of the Dinosaur Hunter ADAD Stream!

Content warnings:

  • A bit of foul language and dick-jokes
  • Headphone warning: Ryuu’s mic was a tad high, we advise you view/listen to this at 50% volume.
  • The actual game footage starts at 10:18
  • In the end we didn’t divide the recordings, so ignore the “youtube bye” and “youtube hello” moments

I should’ve known it was too good to be true when my suspiciously chill four-year old said he’d help me unpack without anything in return. Yeah, you could say that my son is a genius, because it took me only more than several hours to figure out that one of my thirty-seven Jurassic Park t-shirts went missing. They’re authentic and homemade by real dinosaurs and I know he hid it somewhere I can’t find it. Whatever, I’m not mad, I’m just not goin’ easy on him anymore when we play Wii Bowling. Hey, world. Just your friendly neighbourhood Star-Lord, here. Sometimes people call me Chris because they’re super boring and know nothing about me. Star-Lord works just fine, thanks. How’s it goin’ everyone? You all saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two, right? Answer ‘yes’ aaand we’re instant buddies.

anonymous asked:

could i please. please god. get RFA/V/Unknown reacting to MC putting up Channukah decor?? i've seen endless christmas HCs and i just want to be included ;_; ty so much!!!!

A/N: *cracks knuckles* It’s time to pull out my Judaism heritage, I GOTCHU ANON

Although, I personally don’t follow the religion, so I REALLY hope this is all right information, and haven’t offended you if it’s wrong!! ;A;

Don’t worry!! You’ll always be included here <3 Hanukkah Sameach! (well early anyway!)   ~Admin 404


           -You don’t want to put up a Christmas tree with me MC??

           -That’s fine!!! He’s so excited to learn about your religions holidays!!

           -Loves the colour combination of your decorations!!! The cobalt blue and white look so good together!

           -You decided to hand-make your own menorah with him, to bond! (though you still have an official one to use)

           -Just to personalize it, the two of you find 9 different animal figurines you like!!

           -The giraffe is the tallest, so it’ll go in the middle and hold the shammash!


           -He also loves to make personalized Hanukkah crackers with you!

           -You two make each others, and include cute little notes for each other in them!

           -“MC!!! You can’t look at what I put in yours!!!! AH! NO! Don’t look!!!! It’s a surprise!!!”



           -He learned about a few different religions when he was still in school but?

           -He had no idea how to go about celebrating Chanukkah?

           -Would rather not eat the fried foods, but will have some out of respect for you, since you cooked it!!

           -Really enjoys more of the gold and white decorations than the blue ones

           - hello, it’s shiny and golden just like he is???

           -He loves to watch how the flames light dances around your face when you light the menorah each night!!! YOU’RE SO CUTE MC

           -Secretly learns “I Have a Little Dreidel” just for you


           -Zen, this is a holy holiday, please do not put “favours” into the betting pot jfc


           -She’s heard of it all, but as a Catholic, she’s never celebrated it

           -The both of you decide to split the celebrations in your house!

           -You decorate a small tree with her, she’ll decorate the house with handmade Star of David luminaries!

           -REALLY likes the latkes (that is after she’s tasted one, at first she was wary of it)

           -She was okay with your traditional menorah, but you insisted you were okay with getting a more modern looking one!

           -So you go with a modern looking one made from wood blocks, and decorated the tray around them with blue and white rock salt!

           - omg the modern wood one is so pretty?? not that the traditional one wasn’t! but this one really fits into the house decor

           -Is extremely quiet and bows her head respectfully when you say your blessings every night

           -She would participate with you, but isn’t familiar enough with it to feel comfortable reciting it

           -Surprises you with a cobalt blue vase and white roses!


           -He knew a little about the Judaism beliefs, but really studied them once he found out that was your religion

           -Still wants a Christmas tree in the penthouse, but is willing to decorate the rest however you’d like

           -Buys you the most Hanukkah crackers you’ve ever seen in your LIFE

           - Jumin, I don’t need all these, please

           -Also buys you hundreds of gifts for each day

           - no i’m not even kidding, Jumin, MC doesn’t need all of this

           -You take empty bottles of wine of his, paint them gold, and make your own (wine scented) menorah!

           -Doesn’t understand why he couldn’t just buy you one maybe because it’ll be UNNECESSARY HUGE

           -He has wine glasses etched with the Star of David, that’s all he’ll use during Hanukkah

           -Adores the blue decorations, even has the finest silk mantle scarves


           -WAY AHEAD OF YOU

           -He makes blue and white paper chains!

           -Makes a paper crown for you too


           -“MC! I found this badass dinosaur menorah!!! Can we use it???”

           - Well at least it’s not made out of PhD. Pepper cans….right????

           -Ugly Christmas sweaters??? NOPE


           -Is honestly really respectful about your prayers though, completely quiet when it comes time to light a candle

           - steals all of your sufganiyots



           -Different culture?? Different religion??


           -Spends weeks trying to learn the blessings by heart

           -He gives you small but SUPER meaningful gift each day!

           -Wants to stick to your tradition as much as possible!!

           -He’ll play the dreidel game for hours!

           -Loves listening to you sing along to the songs!!!!!!! Please continue!!!

           -Makes homemade dreidels and homemade dreidel snowglobes

           -Takes pictures every step of the way! (Minus during the blessings of course)


           -You celebrate what?

           -Why is everything blue?

           -Why does that top have odd writing on it???

           -You have to sit him down and explain every detail about it

           -Once he understands it though, he accepts and tries his best to help celebrate

           -You want to play the dreidel game with him

           -Like Zen, tries to through in “special favours” into the pot what is wrong with the two of you

           -Didn’t get you any gifts, but he’ll cuddle you really close instead

           -You made him a homemade Hanukkah cracker, and I swear he almost cried

           - Saeyoung leave us alone, we aren’t wearing your ugly hanukkah sweaters

anonymous asked:

Could you write a quick cute dialogue of Tomoe and Sasuke when Tomoe was around the age of 4? :3


Sasuke looked around the kitchen. It was already half past 11 in the morning. They needed to hurry but Tomoe was nowhere to be seen. 

“Come on, we need to get going.”,

Sasuke said, while adjusting his collar. He was met with silence. Frowning, Sasuke activated his sensor and detected a source of chakra from underneath the kitchen table. He bent over to look under it.

“There you are.”

Under the table sat a little dark haired girl in only her underwear. Behind her pacifier, she wore a scowl and her crossed arms indicated that she was very, very upset. Sasuke had feared as much.

“Are you still angry with me?”,

he asked. Tomoe looked demonstratively away, while furiously sucking on her pacifier. 

“Because I called you a spotted dinosaur?”

The sucking noise increased. Always a sign, that she was very angry.
Sasuke sighed. The mishap had happened only hours ago. Lately, Tomoe was all about dinosaurs and this morning, while wearing her spotted pajamas, she had loudly proclaimed herself to belong to the extinct species. Sasuke had played along and called her a ‘spotted dinosaur’, which had upset her greatly, as she felt that he didn’t take her seriously. 
Sasuke crawled under the table and sat next to his daughter. 

“Look, I’m sorry. I should have realized you were a regular dinosaur. Next time, I’ll get it right but today is very important day. Your father is finally becoming Hokage, so we need to hurry and get you dressed for the ceremony. You don’t want to miss his big day, right?”

Tomoe still didn’t look at him but the sucking noises slowly became gentler. 

“I’ll let you choose what to wear.”,

Sasuke said and scooted closer. Slowly, Tomoe glanced back at him.

“I chwoose…”,

she said with a slight lisp. Sasuke smiled.

“Yes, you choose. Let’s go.” 

if Dino was your best friend....
  • he’d call you up at random times and be like “so i got us tickets to the fair…”
  • your friendship would mainly consist of spontaneous adventures and unplanned trips
  • like one time both of you wanted to go to the beach and you practically had to beg seungcheol to let the two of you take the train alone
  • you’d unintentionally match sometimes like one day you both turn up at the same place wearing similar plaid shirts and the two of you are like ‘heeeeeey’
  • but you buy each other matching stuff anyway so you’re used to it
  • you’d watch choreography videos on youtube and you’d try to recreate them and it’d result in varying levels of success
  •  “if we complete this dance in an hour, i’ll buy the both of us lunch”
  • he’d be a pro at making you laugh like he has a way with words that just lifts your spirit instantly 
  • “chan i’m tired give me a piggyback ride”
  • you’d save his number on your phone as “baby dinosaur”
  • you’d play lots of video games omg and he’d always try to act tough whenever he watches you play horror games but he flinches literally every second
  • but when the two of you are apart and are playing co-op games you’re always screaming at each other
  • spending a day with him is literally so exhausting because he’s so full of energy but it doesn’t matter at least you had lots of fun
  • you’re really supportive of each other and are always trying to cheer on the other when the need arises
  • so basically chan’s your number one fan and you’re his number one fan aw 
Halloween Baking - MONSTER POPS hilights

•"Terrible Halloween!“

•"Welcome back to Dan and Phil    


•"half a teaspoon of vanilla extract"


•Phil going to the other side of the house just to say “And the coating!”

•"Phil Lester"

•"Stand in the hallway of shame. 5 minutes.“

•"Let’s get cookin”

•"Do you think anyone’s sexually attracted to spiders?“

•Dan standing on Phil’s foot

•Phil X Barry fanfiction 

•"sniff that. No don’t lick that!”

•"Make a spooky noise.”


•"I ate some dodgy tacos last night.”

•"Get that in my mouth. Just a little bit.“

•"Teach me, Dad”

•"That is a clean release.“

•”What is a vampire’s favorite fruit?”

•Phil’s cute tongue bite when he laughs 


•Baking video doesn’t actually include baking

•"10/10 spook"

•"We’re putting a stick into the monster’s unbaked muscles" -Phil Lester surprisingly 

•Phil wouldn’t recommend playing golf with the dough balls

•"Yes, we are adults"

•Phil says rolling sweaty sand is a good thing 

•"That one is a bit dented. Oh, it’s Glenn!“ I took this as a personal attack.

•"it’s thicc”

•Phil’s fast forwarding noise 

•"Take that, bread, you fucking dick.“


•"Dr. Ulker, more like ‘marry me now’“

•Phil ate 40 of the 340 grams of chocolate needed

•Threaten to sue the coconut oil if it doesn’t go in nicely with the white chocolate

•"Dinosaurs are scary, man”

•"Look at those hard balls”

•"Half an hour has passed. Half an hour has passed. What do I want in here? I want your ass. So we can open the fridge.“


•Demogorgon cake pop now with realistic face opening action 

•"Oh my god. I’m ACTUALLY having an orgasm"

•DAPGO comes out in a couple days 

•"Have a terrible Halloween!“


Can I request a scenario where the avengers are all standing around the tv watching the reader and tony play a kids video game but they’re all getting really into it, an its neck and neck, but the reader wins and in the midst of all the cheering and hollering, steve picks up the reader and smooches them, revealing his crush??? Kinda specific i know

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i took a three hour nap.

I had a dream where dinosaurs were like on this island and me and a bunch of other people were there tying to make it to a prison. Because we were prisoners. Anyway then suddenly there were asura and I was like ‘oh yeah ok I’m having a guild wars dream that’s fine’

(there were some bad asura who were like using mordrem mounts and stuff to wipe out us and the good asura who didn’t want us to like die)


Dear Marlon  

I’m praying that you’ll buy ON THE ROAD and make a movie of it. Don’t worry about the structure, I know to compress and re-arrange the plot a bit to give a perfectly acceptable movie-type structure: making it into one all-inclusive trip instead of the several voyages coast-to-coast in the book, one vast round trip from New York to Denver to Frisco to Mexico to New Orleans to New York again. I visualize the beautiful shots could be made with the camera on the front seat of the car showing the road (day and night) unwinding into the windshield, as Sal and Dean yak. I wanted you to play the part because Dean (as you know) is no dopey hotrodder but a real intelligent (in fact Jesuit) Irishman. You play Dean and I’ll play Sal (Warner Bros. mentioned I play Sal) and I’ll show you how Dean acts in real life, you couldn’t possibly imagine it without seeing a good imitation. Fact, we can go visit him in Frisco, or have him come down to L.A. still a real frantic cat but nowadays settled down with his final wife saying the Lord’s Prayer with his kiddies at night… as you’ll see when you read the play BEAT GENERATION. All I want out of this is to be able to establish myself and by mother a trust fund for life, so I can really go roaming around the world writing about Japan, India, France etc… I Want to be free to write what comes out of my head & free to feed my buddies when they’re hungry & not worry about my mother.

Incidentally, my next novel is THE SUBTERRANEANS coming out in N.Y. next March and is about a love affair between a white guy and a colored girl and is a very hep story. Some of the characters in it you know in the Village (Stanley Gould etc.) It easily could be turned into a play, easier than ON THE ROAD.

What I wanta do is re-do the theater and the cinema in America, give it a spontaneous dash, remove pre-conceptions of “situation” and let people rave on as they do in real life. That’s what the play is: no plot in particular, no “meaning” in particular, just the way people are. Everything I write I do in the spirit where I imagine myself an Angel returned to the earth seeing it with sad eyes as it is. I know you approve of these ideas, & incidentally the new Frank Sinatra show is based on “spontaneous” too, which is the only way to come on anyway, whether in business or life. The French movies of the 30’s are still far superior to ours because the French really let their actors come on and the writers didn’t quibble with some preconceived notion of how intelligent the movie audience is, they talked soul from soul and everybody understood at once. I want to make great French Movies in America, finally, when I’m rich… American theater & Cinema at present is an outmoded dinosaur that ain’t mutated along with the best in American Literature. 

If you really want to go ahead, make arrangements to see me in New York when next you come, or if you’re going to FLorida here I am, but what we should do is talk about this because I prophesy that it’s going to be the beginning of something real great. I’m bored nowadays and I’m looking around for something to do in the world, anyway — writing novels is getting too easy, same with plays, I wrote the play in 24 hours. 

Come on now, Marlon, put up your dukes and write! 

Sincerely, later, Jack Kerouac 

 [via Huffington Post]

The signs as shit I said when I was a little kid
  • Aries: I'm examining the bite marks [when asked why I had been hunched over in our shed with a chewed up plastic dinosaur for an hour]
  • Taurus: He's fine, he's dead [when I pretended to call the old family cat on the landline and my parents asked how he was doing]
  • Gemini: Because we need to have the meeting about mothman [when asked why I wouldn't let my brother go out to play with friends]
  • Cancer: I WANT A WORM [when asked about my dream birthday cake]
  • Leo: Let me go in the backyard [while we were in the middle of a deserted highway in Kansas]
  • Virgo: Do you think my preschool teacher misses me? [while almost dying of influenza]
  • Libra: We can kiss when we're in college [after getting fake-married to my friend]
  • Scorpio: Moses died on the grass [when asked how Sunday School was going]
  • Sagittarius: His head doesn't come off [after being asked how my brother was doing after leaving me alone with him for literally 80 seconds]
  • Capricorn: The liberty bell went deeper than the squids [there's context for this but it's a bit much]
  • Aquarius: Look at the moon [every five seconds every day and my parents had to tell me to stop]
  • Pisces: Dad wouldn't treat me like this [when my mother told me I could not have 17 packets of fruit snacks]

Agh, well, see…All my childhood stories seem to get like, super humiliating, so uh…lemme think for a second.

Oh, geez, heh…Alright, this one’s kinda embarrassing?  But, I mean, it’s better than the story with the finger puppets and the tuba…agh. 

We don’t talk about that one.

So yeah…Apparently you guys all know about my birthmark now, but when I was a little kid I didn’t really hide it as much. For a while my hair was just too short, and our elementary school had some weird dress code policy on hats for a couple of years, so like, that wasn’t really an option either.

Anyway, I’d been teased pretty much all my life about my birthmark and stuff.  At one point Mabel got me this sweatband thing? (Okay, it was fuzzy and lime green, but hey, it did the job) So I started wearing that after the bullying got really bad.  Still, didn’t help completely, so I just kinda had to roll with the punches, I guess.

So, uh, geez…there was this one incident that went down in fourth grade at recess.  Basically this group of guys stole my sweatband, called me all these names, and smeared mud all over my forehead…It, um, it was pretty bad, we had to file an incident report and everything—partially because they shoved me into the dirt, and partially because Mabel retaliated by beating them with a stick.

Of course, that was bad all around, I was—well, I was kinda a wreck, Mabel was trying to comfort me, and both of us were stuck on the bleachers, waiting for all this to be sorted out.

W-wow, geez, this sounds like a real sob story, doesn’t it?  Uh, trust me, it—it gets better. Way better, actually.

Cause like, right then, Mabel decided without warning to just like, get up and start chasing this squirrel or something?  So of course I ran after her, not really sure where we were going…And pretty soon, we keep running, and running, and then—

Well, then we found something amazing!

Way off school grounds, through the woods and hills and everything, we stumbled upon these massive underground caves. 

Now, around Piedmont we’ve got caverns and things, sure, but this place? This was a goldmine (Haha, probably literally, at some point!). No, but seriously, the cave we found would’ve put those underground dinosaur caverns to shame!

Well, I mean, if they didn’t have dinosaurs and all that.

But I mean, that place?  It was our first real discovery!  Sure, it didn’t have like, skeletons and sap monsters and all that (who wants all that lurking in the shadows anyway, though?), but it had enough tunnels and stalactites to satisfy fourth graders… I guess it just meant a lot to find somewhere so neat after such a crummy day, y’know?

I mean, gosh, Mabel and I must’ve stayed there for hours—doing kid stuff of course, playing hide and seek and digging for treasure and all that…Mabel even decided to keep like, seven stones as “pet rocks.”  But silly as it was, it really helped me get my mind off of all the junk that had gone down that day.  It was just me, my sister, and everything we were gonna conquer down there.

Mabel and I went back tons of times before a rockslide eventually sealed the entrance.  In the end, though, it…I dunno, it just made me and Mabel more eager to explore and more pumped to hang out together than ever before.  We always had this place we could go to, and even when we lost access to that, we at least both had each other’s backs after the fact.

Heh…Kind of a weird story, yeah, but I guess I picked it cause’f how everything’s been recently.

I mean, considering all there is to uncover in Gravity Falls?

I guess, like…

…In a way?

…It’s like discovering those caverns all over again.



Hi, I feel like my little pussy cat deserves a mention. She’s an amazing crazy cat! Her name is Littlefoot, named after a dinosaur from the land before time. I “bought” littlefoot as a birthday treat to myself. I’ve had cats before, but there’s something about the bond we have. When the lady came to the door, holding this tiny bundle of multicoloured fluff, my heart was stolen! Once home, I realised the fluff wasn’t as healthy as she should be. The vets confirmed that she was only 6 weeks old, riddled with fleas and had a severe case of worms. My poor baby had had a tough start. I hand fed her, spent hours playing, cuddling with her while listening to classical music. And cementing our bond. My baby has helped me through dark nights, been the love and company I needed and craved. She gives me so much love. I could never imagine life with her.  Not a day goes by, that she doesn’t do something that makes me laugh and smile. She’s got quirky little habits, such as having to sit on my lap while I’m on the loo🙈 or climbing on my back while brushing my teeth, or even stealing whole pork chops on people’s plates!! She’s my amazing, beautiful life long best friend! My juju bug! My pussmas. My littlefoot!

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When I see the dark green juniper that grows in my backyard, I think of your eyes. They’re the same color. 

When I hear “Stairway To Heaven”, I think about how this is your favorite song. I hadn’t ever listened to Zepplin until you said you liked them. 

When I see the empty tables by the pond at our old school, I think about how you sat there by yourself. I should have gone to sit with you. 

When I read Stephen King, I think about how he’s your favorite author. He’s my favorite too. 

When I see a red guitar, I think about the one that you own. I bet you can play it better than you think. 

When I see Professor Madden, I think about how she was your favorite professor. You were her favorite student. 

When I see dinosaurs, I think about the t-rex you drew for me and stuck in my binder. I still have it. I love it. 

When it’s nighttime, I think about how you love astronomy. I wish I could go stargazing with you. 

When I see our desk we used to share at school, I think about how you and I sat there for hours, always reading, hardly speaking, and only trading comments. 

But most of all, I think about the last day I spent with you and how you listened to every word I said. Your eyes lit up when I talked about myself. I saw you smile more that day than I have ever seen you smile in the three years we’ve known each other.  

I love your hands, I love your voice; I love your intelligence, I love your thoughts. I love your eyes, I love your music. 

They say if a crush lasts more than four months, it’s love. 

I think I love you. I shouldn’t have let you go without telling you. 

~ A