we played with dinosaurs for an hour


THAT’S RIGHT, A new ADAD public stream is coming TUESDAY!

Ok, ok I know you’re excited but simmer down, you can keep thrashing that Stegosaurus in joy after I give you the stream details!

  • The stream will start at 5pm Central Time and go on for a couple hours or more.
  • It will be hosted on the ADAD twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/adinosauraday
  • Everyone’s invited, so spread the word around Palaeoblr!

“What’s the stream gonna feature,” you ask? Aside from Meig, Jack and Ryuu’s shenanigans we have a very, very special main topic, a Let’s Play… I’ll just say there’s a reason I used old school dinosaur gifs here… and give you a tiiiny liiiittle hint:


if Dino was your best friend....
  • he’d call you up at random times and be like “so i got us tickets to the fair…”
  • your friendship would mainly consist of spontaneous adventures and unplanned trips
  • like one time both of you wanted to go to the beach and you practically had to beg seungcheol to let the two of you take the train alone
  • you’d unintentionally match sometimes like one day you both turn up at the same place wearing similar plaid shirts and the two of you are like ‘heeeeeey’
  • but you buy each other matching stuff anyway so you’re used to it
  • you’d watch choreography videos on youtube and you’d try to recreate them and it’d result in varying levels of success
  •  “if we complete this dance in an hour, i’ll buy the both of us lunch”
  • he’d be a pro at making you laugh like he has a way with words that just lifts your spirit instantly 
  • “chan i’m tired give me a piggyback ride”
  • you’d save his number on your phone as “baby dinosaur”
  • you’d play lots of video games omg and he’d always try to act tough whenever he watches you play horror games but he flinches literally every second
  • but when the two of you are apart and are playing co-op games you’re always screaming at each other
  • spending a day with him is literally so exhausting because he’s so full of energy but it doesn’t matter at least you had lots of fun
  • you’re really supportive of each other and are always trying to cheer on the other when the need arises
  • so basically chan’s your number one fan and you’re his number one fan aw 

The complete 3 hour recording of the Dinosaur Hunter ADAD Stream!

Content warnings:

  • A bit of foul language and dick-jokes
  • Headphone warning: Ryuu’s mic was a tad high, we advise you view/listen to this at 50% volume.
  • The actual game footage starts at 10:18
  • In the end we didn’t divide the recordings, so ignore the “youtube bye” and “youtube hello” moments

Hi, I feel like my little pussy cat deserves a mention. She’s an amazing crazy cat! Her name is Littlefoot, named after a dinosaur from the land before time. I “bought” littlefoot as a birthday treat to myself. I’ve had cats before, but there’s something about the bond we have. When the lady came to the door, holding this tiny bundle of multicoloured fluff, my heart was stolen! Once home, I realised the fluff wasn’t as healthy as she should be. The vets confirmed that she was only 6 weeks old, riddled with fleas and had a severe case of worms. My poor baby had had a tough start. I hand fed her, spent hours playing, cuddling with her while listening to classical music. And cementing our bond. My baby has helped me through dark nights, been the love and company I needed and craved. She gives me so much love. I could never imagine life with her.  Not a day goes by, that she doesn’t do something that makes me laugh and smile. She’s got quirky little habits, such as having to sit on my lap while I’m on the loo🙈 or climbing on my back while brushing my teeth, or even stealing whole pork chops on people’s plates!! She’s my amazing, beautiful life long best friend! My juju bug! My pussmas. My littlefoot!

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