we owe it all to you

Hold still, you stupid girl
  • Hold still, you stupid girl
  • Farley Havelock & Emily Kaldwin
  • The Light at the End

“Hold still, you stupid girl.”

“Let me go! I am the Empress!”

“Didn’t you learn anything in your short life? Empresses are pieces on the board. And an Empress can sometimes die. Everything has come to nothing. The plague will take us all. You could have sat on the throne, with me behind it, but now Corvo is racing towards us, ready to dash it all to bits.”

“Corvo’s going to kill you!”

“Hah! Possibly. Corvo’s killed a lot of people, but he’s terrible at saving Empresses. He’s the worst of us all, you know.”

“No, he loves me and he’s my friend! And I am the Empress! (bites Havelock)”

“Ow! A little dignity, please. I think we’ll go now. You and me, into the history books together. Say goodbye, Emily the First. This world is no place for little girls!”


I don’t like doing this too often, but I need some help! My landlady is kinda pushing for the money we owe her and so is the electric company. To top it all off, my little siblings need school supplies and new clothes for school on August 19th. Any help will be greatly appreciated, even if it’s spreading the word.

Thank you, everyone, who offers to lend a hand. ;w;

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Jonghyun/Taemin; i had a title but i cant remember it; PG

anonymous asked: i’m really into the merperson jong au you talked a little bit about on twitter can you move it up to the top of your queue when you finish it please omg
hey lucky u anon i finished this last night lmao

“Sea?” the human asks. Jonghyun rolls sear eyes.

“Yeah. Sea. Me. I am the sea. We all are. We hear the sea, we breathe the sea, we live the sea…?” This is like, straight out of the egg knowledge. Sea can’t believe that this Taemin doesn’t know this.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I just broke up with my emotionally abusive girlfriend who just moved across the country.. I wanted to keep her in my life cuz I'm a nice person so we are still friends but she keeps trying to manipulate me back into the relationship. Now that I'm out of that relationship I'm the happiest I've been in a while.. But now I have anxiety cuz there's this cute guy I met last week and he's been ignoring my texts... Can I get a hug and some advice on how to stay calm?

First off: If your ex-girlfriend is abusive and she lives all the way across the country, cut her out of your life.  You do not owe her a friendship or anything if she emotionally abused you. 

I am like the worst texter so quite often if I get a text I may ignore it, not because I have anything against that or person or I’m mad at them just because of my anxiety or other things. He may be nervous to talk to you, he may have a lot going on right now and doesn’t have the brain space to text you back, there are lots of reasons he may not be texting you back. Also remember that if he doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world and there will be other humans to pursue romanticness with. 

Hugs and good vibes to you. I know how fucking hard anxiety is and I don’t know if saying this will make you feel better but it’ll be okay. <3 

So yesterday we announced us joining the Areté Booking family, and tomorrow we have some more really cool news. Check back at 12 pm est. And seriously, thank you all so much for helping us get this far. We owe it all to you

materassassino said: Membership to the fandom?! 

ardatli said: Ulthar and Kukki tell me we all owe past dues. O:)

kukkicake said: YOU FORGOT TO PAAAAY how dare u (no there’s been this weird anon ask going around)

*snorts* I usually try to be really zen. You can tell I am still tired and cranky from a week of working a conference when my initial response was more along the lines of:

Why am I still in the fandom? Because you didn’t kick me out yet. COME AT ME, MOFO. I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR BILLY/TEDDY.

…except I’m really tired still. So maybe after a nap.

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*smacks the mun* What I told you about listening to him? DONT YOU FUCKING DARE LISTEN TO HIM! It's your life, do whatever you please and dont let him get you all upset, maybe you can be the greates rper but we all start without knowledge in that even I was in the same boat you just need to rp more and maybe try to ask some tips from the other people you rp with but dont let some hate make you feel bad.

*holds head* Ow! But he made fun of my family all I have are my followers….my family is falling apart….I dunno what to do. Just rping and talking with you guys makes me smile a bit and forget everything….*tears up.* I was weak I couldn’t protect you guys…

Look, I’m about to tell y’all some real shit.

nobody owes you ANYTHING, and YOU don’t owe ANYBODY ANYTHING

time waits for no man or woman. the earth will not stop rotating on its axis because you are upset

the world is not fair

that is something we MUST understand

take it how you want too and apply it how you want to, shit you can be an asshole if you want too, my humility won’t be the one in question

things become a whole lot easier to deal with once you accept this

the world is a shitty place, filled with shitty people, who do shitty things

people are going to lie to you and people are going to envy you just like there will be people who will admire, and commit to your plans

the world isn’t all bad though but when its time for you to grind that just means it time to leave people behind.

what is done is done and its you who control your future (for the  most part anyway)

i just everybody to do well 

i want everybody to be able to bounce back

i want everybody to be able to deflect bullshit too

but if anything man, just remember sometimes you are just going to have to take that L to reach something far greater

this could apply to so many things

y’all just be easy… on yourselves 

anonymous asked:

Do you enjoy just looking at the stars or you have an actual interest in astronomy? Do you have a favorite planet, constellation, star or element of the space in general?

More than anything, I like the idea of stars. The metaphor. During the day the sky is a ceiling, a solid blue. The night is permeable. The night and the stars let us see what has been there all along, the vastness of the Universe stretching wide beyond us. How insignificant we are, and at the same time how unfathomably lucky: The Universe is indifferent, arbitrary. It owes us nothing. But the arbitrary can be a miracle, and dark of the void is full of stars.

Signs as quotes from RvB S10 Outtakes
  • Aries:That's a lot of bitch. I should probably come up with something else.
  • Taurus:'Did you just make the cocking sound with your mouth?' You made a cock sound with your mouth.
  • Gemini:And that's my sister over there, South. We're twins. Heh, we are twins!
  • Cancer:You know, I was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. You feeling me, cocksucker?
  • Leo:Oh yeah, Kerry? What's another word for deja vu, mister thesaurus?
  • Virgo:I believe I owe you an ass-kicking, mothah fuckah!
  • Libra:Hey baby did you fall from heaven, because I've always wanted to be an angel.
  • Scorpio:You do not know how long I've been waiting to slice a guy in half from his crotch up to his neck with a repeating laser rifle. Can we get this mission going?
  • Sagittarius:Hey, lookin' merowrarrarrawrmeow~
  • Capricorn:The only hamburger meat here is going to be your face when I'm done with my shotgun court marshal! And don't even ask me about the type of buns...
  • Aquarius:Well, how would you like putting in something different? A hooker.
  • Pisces:Theta. Can't sleep, and if Theta can't sleep, old Northy can't sleep.

A year ago I was sitting in the passenger seat of your car, listening to a band I forgot the name of. And you asked me if I loved you when you pulled over. My answer was no. 

Or maybe I did at the time but the words were too hard to pull out of my throat. I walked away from your car despite your 1 a.m. voice that tried to wrap itself around my ankles. 

I used to write down all the stories we shared so that I wouldn’t forget and I listened to all the songs you used to play for me in your car. But know that when I write, i’m only doing what i owe myself. 

Don’t call me asking why I still write about you,

Just think of me as am archaeologist trying to preserve the past.

I know my prose speaks of you pleasantly. Like if I had the chance do it all again, I would. 

Just because I write love poems about you, 

Does not mean I love you anymore.

—  Just because I write love poems about you does not mean I love you
anymore, claudia delfina

maintainingthebold asked:

Hi, do you have that gif of Delphine saying "give your sisters all my love"? It's like my favorite of her. If you do can you add a link for me? Thank you :)

Hello maintaingthebold,

We do have that heart-wrenching gif! We keep it in a special folder.

If you’re up for it, here is a link to the sadder and longer original post.

If you need anything else, please come find us. In the corner. Crying.



how does that feel knowing you’re about to be a role model for all these little girls out there? It’s a daunting feeling in the best way obviously it feels like a responsibility but, I love that I can do it in this way that she’s quirky and kinda weird and flawed and funny you know in a way… Kara is discovering herself right now when we meet her in the pilot and I’m glad, I get to show girls that you can do anything, you want to do.

pedrowodash asked:

The dev of the game said the problem is solved? How did exactly you both solved it? Did he at least apologized and payed what he owed you?


[ Please note that while this long post was being written, more things have happened. All updates to the matter will be written at the very end.]

You must be talking about this

I just want to state that thIs Is the last post I am going to make about this (unless the creator does something so extreme that I will have to defend myself again like just now.)

Unfortunately this is a lie. He did talk to me most of yesterday but the case is far from being closed….

Please do not believe the creator’s post about this being settled unless i post it on my tumblr.

Because this is getting ridiculous……

I have a video recordings of yesterday’s log in question as proof that all of this is real and the creator is fully aware that i did record the logs. But I did not want to post the log because some of the things he said would make matters significantly worse for him….And honestly I really would like everyone calm down about this. But  he keeps making matters worse by deleting posts and blocking people (which he is still doing but more selectively now apparently), including posts that were originally posted to calm down people who were yelling at the project out of context. [ Edit/update: i was notified by my friend and this specific comment was removed by my friend him self. But i will keep it here as proof that we were trying to calm things down in good faith]

Like i said i never wanted this to blow up as much as it did. I just wanted him to please respect his artists by not using my art that I did for him in ways that I did not intend him to use and by at least paying his artists properly instead of paying half then running away

But it seems like i have to defend myself on other matters:

The reason i do not speak in portuguese with him: Since day one of our conversations, I have made it clear to him that even though I do in fact have a portuguese name and parents, I was born and raised in Canada and cannot write in portuguese and can only read enough to somewhat understand the gist of things. He apparently spoke english and we continued conversation.

Why did i accept this job without contract in the first place: I would like to point out something beforehand. I accepted this job in 2012. This entire story has spanned up until now. Before accepting I made sure this was not some unorganised person who just wanted my art. I asked detailed questions about the story and gameplay elements and he did tell me that he had all of the copyrights settled  for his game name and bought licenses for the market. I was young at that point and did not think about a contract at the time but as time passed and I did learn about the contract that I should have signed , I wondered why he hadn’t made me sign anything. I only assumed that since it was in writing on skype, that worked as proof of agreement. So i continued untill I started having doubt about the game. How come i’m doing character texture map now with no education when we have a 3d modeler? Why is he being more rude and about certain involving timing? Even with night courses and a other art job everything was going as scheduled. He seemed pleased at how fast i got work done. Things got more stressful and with me starting college seriously to be a professional artist, I had to leave the work. Like I have stated, before leaving I did give him a list of potential replacements for me, including a good friend of mine who spoke portuguese significantly better than I. She left as well.

Am I the girl at the convention? if yes how come I was ok with him using my art then and no longer now: That is because that woman is not me and I am sorry some people who are looking for conspiracies have involved her in this. As I stated, I am not from Portugal. I live in Canada. And at the time of the convention I was still in school. Also even better proof that I never left the country is my passport. The only reason I seem to have to bring this up is because my initial post about the matter was deleted from the page quickly after I was posted. When i asked the creator about this, he would laugh and then change the subject when I would ask him to please clear up the misunderstanding


Why did i ask half of the money upfront and half after: Because this is common practice in artists and commissions. Half up front for me to be sure that he intends to pay me and it also gives me a reason to place effort into my work. Its a double edge sword but it is the only way i at least get some of the money and insure the person who commissioned me that i will not simply take the money and run. This also Insures the commissioner that i will not also take the money and run.

Why are you declining his money: Because at this point he is bribing me…… All i asked was to please stop using my art in a promotional manner ( since I only gave him all of the art for free as conceptual only and not intended to be the final product.. because hey…. he has  way better artist anyways who deserves to have his art in the game.) and to at least pay the 40$ he still owes me from before August 2014 for the work he did commission me for. At the moment in question he just keeps trying to force his money on me. Apparently sending Paypal invoices to the wrong Paypal and getting very aggressive about  the entire thing even though I asked him to please agree to the first part of the request because that one is the most important one for me. (because if this was only about 40$ i would not make this public whatsoever)

[update: Apparently he was sending money to a paypal i did not even know was linked to my account. Because I did not accept to take his money and told him countless times that I would not unless he at least removes my art i declined the payment.]

Why did you chose to wait for the greenlight to go through before starting this: Because of two reasons: one, I was terrified about how this could affect my career as an artist.. A lot of the work i did for him was done because I was afraid that he would sully my name in the industry and it is presently anyway. The only reason I looked for tumblr’s help was because I really did not know what to do. I did not want to start a legal warfare. Two: Because i did not know about the greenlight until I saw it on my tumblr dash the day of. Admittedly I did block him when he was trying to tell me about it. I will not deny that. But I had no prior knowledge of the convention ether. People who had known about my situation was about to request a take down and post comments in the greenlight and I did not know about the legal repercussions. ( I have contacted steam asking if i do have a case but i still haven’t received any response) [edit: i have gotten in touch with a greenlight moderator and issued a takedown with their help] So I asked tumblr for help. Honestly at first the entire thing was very peaceful ( all of the comments were respectful and simple well explained as well) but exploded the moment the creator began deleting posts and blocking people. The only time i started defending myself in the greelight comments was when he spread lies about the work i have done.

Why did you post up your work on tumblr: As proof that he did lie about the share amount of work i did do. Remember, he stated “BTW. Monica Cabral did only the main characters (5), 3 monsters and 4 NPC and the respective texture maps. Nothing else. and bolded the “nothing else “ part.

Are you aware that you are both in the wrong?: Of course. I never denied the fact that i was stupid. I should have demanded a contract. I should have been more direct about this sooner. I shouldn’t have been afraid to speak up against this instead of hating myself for even being a part of this project. Looking at all of this now, i shouldn’t have asked tumblr for help. I am not denying i have made mistakes.

Have you contacted the other artists of the game: This morning was the first time in my life that I have spoken to the true leading artist of the game who replaced me after I left. He politely just wanted an explanation as to what was going on so that he could see both views of the conflict. He was very polite and has nothing to do with this. Please do not include him or the 3d modeler into this fight. instead , please support them. Because by removing my art from promotion and the finished game, he could actually shine as the true leading artist of the game. there is a reason I only my art to be conceptual when I left. It was supposed to serve as ground work and inspiration for my replacement.

I really do hope that all of this clears things out.

Once again i never wanted things to blow up as they did. I do hope that This clarification will shed more light in the matter for those who do comment about it. (Because i feel like people are blowing this up into something it’s not, including the creator himself.)

as stated on top, This will be my last post on the matter. The only time after this i will mention it anymore will be  if the matter is solved or not.

Once again please be kind to the other members of the crew. They had nothing to do with this.

And thank you all again for your support. Even though it blew up exponentially, i hope this can be a lesson to any game Dev and Artists. Please Respect yourselves and for the love of god have contracts.


As stated before, apparently while me and the other artist were typing up our posts  i have been blocked from the page entirely and he posted up more lies.

So im going to debunk these.

“I sent her the money for the art. My business with Monica Cabral is finished. I asked to do some artwork, she did it, I paid. End of the story.”

I found out he apparently sent payment to an email i did not even know was linked to my account. I have denied the invoice because i had never agreed to the payment in question. Sending payment and having the artist accept it of their own free will are two different matters.

“She upset, declined my offer and continues to pursue in the journey of rage and revenge. “

I’m actually not angry and trying really hard to stop the rage entirely and calm people down. The most i am is sad and worried. and trying to work with the other artist to stop this.

[update 2: He has agreed to remove my art but refuses to agree to remove all lies that he has posted up on the site. I don’t know what i should do. I filed the DMCA but now i’m afraid of the legal issue and Payment for damages if my case is not good.

[Update 3: I’m negotiating with him to end this in a civilized manner.

[Update 4: We have reached an Agreement and are currently writing up contracts for everyone and an announcement post. It could take up to 2 days. I ask of you to please not let this get more out of hand

Baby boomers be like “You young kids are all so lazy and selfish and into taking selfies.” And we’re all like: “You Wheel-of-Fortune-watching nimrods fucked up the economy, voted for Bush twice and handed everything over to the corrupt bankers and ruined the world forever so we owe you fuck all, you pathetic loser wrinkly fools. Keep shitting in that colostomy bag and ignoring it until a nurse comes along to clean it up. It’s a nice metaphor for what you’ve done to planet Earth, you arrogant pricks.”