we owe him so much

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*Finds a golden baton on the ground, picks it up, sees that there’s something engraved on it and reads it out loud to herself*

“Whom ever picks up this baton is the caretaker of Trending 27th.

*After reading this I address all whom reads this*

“Please I need your help! Please reblog this or we’ll not make Trending 27th trend in March.”

Okay the subject for this month’s Trending 27th is: Send love to @crackmccraigen

This idea has been suggested by @cerise-the-traveling-artist:

AN idea for the 27th

Make some really nice pictures for Craig. We don’t know when his meeting for his new show was this month, but still, let’s give him some love regardless if it was greenlit or not.

He’s a hard working man after all and we owe him so much!

Okay if you, like I, can’t draw then write something to him it can be a poem or just a note telling @crackmccraigen about your well wishes for him.

Remember to send it: @crackmccraigen and tag it #wander over yonder and #savewoy.

You decide if you also will send it to: @disneyxd

Please schedule all posts for the 27th of March at 8pm EST.



Froger! I don’t ship-ship them but their friendship gives me life. I bet they had so much fun together, the ‘naughty boys’ of Queen.

‘I was staggered because it doesn’t seem possible that all that time has passed and I still miss him. He was my best friend, my best man. We shared so much and I owe so much to him.’

it makes me mad tbh that people are mad at lucien for what happened in acomaf like…. do you not understand… his past… his relationship with tamlin,,,, i jsuytssjnh fhnjdf 


“Without him, I wouldn’t be who I am. And I owe him so much. But we’ve been at odds from the start. Because my world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That’s why you’ll never really understand me. It’s about good people being forced into bad situations. That’s my territory. In between right and wrong. Which is a place you can never go. And we both know it.”