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Am I the only one who finds the “Only Nice People Get Miraculouses” thing that, Thomas Astruc the creator of Ladybug said as somewhat…close minded? Like, it was in response to the concept of Chloë getting the Bee Kwami, and Thomas shot that down, saying “only nice people get kwamis”, and seemingly leaving her no room for any sort of character development.

Am I the only one who feels that Bitch!Chloë is played out, and we should at least *try* to explore other facets of her personality, if only to better expand her character beyond “Stereotypical Blonde Rich Bitch™”?

Am I the only one who wants a new, nicer Chloë?

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[Imagine being a witch/warlock and saving Enchantress]

[Luna = Alias]

Her heart was already damaged. The puncture wounds visible through the layer of charcoal. She couldn’t even move from her spot, only sputtering insults and challenges. She was going to die. Rick held the heart, his eyes swollen from crying as he glared at her. You couldn’t hear what they said over the sound of your heart beating loudly in your chest. He squeezed the heart, her screams echoing off the walls like needles piercing your skin.

“Stop!” You screamed the word. With a flick of the wrist, Rick went flying across the room.

Deadshot brought up his arm gun without a second thought. “Now, I’m not sure what kind of game you’re playing, Luna, but I can promise you that you’re not getting out of here until we kill the bitch.”

“You think I would be stupid enough to allow you to kill her?” You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “You all are so stupid.” One moment, the team was standing before you and the next they were scattered across the floor. “That woman is playing all of you. She will pretend to be the good cop, give you things, make you happy, make you think that once you’ve reduced your sentence enough you can go home.” You snorted. You grabbed Enchantress by the arm, taking a long look at the injured team. “Pathetic.”

You let go of her arm and helped her against the cool, cave wall. She didn’t seem to mind it. She embraced the cool exterior with a soft sigh. The cave had a small slit running through the top of it that allowed moonlight to pour in. You stretched out your shoulders and basked it in. The feeling of power that it gave you was unexplainable.

The cave was your only safe house. The one place you could transport to without being caught. It was also your home. All your things were gathered here; a bed, food, even a TV. It was a large area and with the moonlight that poured in each night, there was plenty of fuel for your magic.

You held her heart, softly running a finger over the cracked pieces as they slowly wove together. She watched you quietly, eyebrows knitting as she took in your concentration. You weren’t the first Carrier of the Moon. There were many before you, many with the powers that you possessed, many who used the moon’s source of magic for themselves. Enchantress wasn’t friends with anyone of them. Not exactly enemies, but defiantly not friends. You were different.

“When did you choose?” Her voice came out soft, almost melody like. The way her words rolled off her lips caused you to freeze.

You looked at her from the corner of your eye and thought carefully of how you would answer. “Since the beginning. We’ve been at this since Waller managed to take a hold of us. I would be stupid to choose her suicide team over you.”

She nodded.

It was quiet after that. The only side was the wind that echoed outside the cave’s walls. You looked over the woman’s heart. This was her one weakness, you chewed on the inside of your cheek, the only thing that can kill her. You wouldn’t let that happen.

You turned to face her. You were on your knees, holding the heart delicately as you met her eyes. You were too scared to speak the question that danced on your tongue. Enchantress straightened herself out and gave a slow nod. Her eyes narrowed as you moved closer, placing one hand on her waist as the other held the heart. You broke eye-contact as you pushed the heart against her breast chest. Her breathe hitched at the contact.

You leaned back and placed your hands into your lap. The thought of what you just did caused a blush to cover your cheeks. You opened your mouth to apologize, but stopped as her hand snaked around your neck. You looked up on instinct. This time, it was your breath that hitched in your throat. Her face was closer than before. She kept a steady gaze with your eyes.

Then she kissed you.

DATE: AUG. 18 2016
NOTES: I changed just one small thing from the request: the reader and Enchantress being friends for centuries. Sorry ’bout that!

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Beauty Academy student. We're open to the public on a limited basis. If we're closed for class, it's posted on the web and our answering machines message. A 94 year old woman and her caretaker came out to get her a perm. We're closed for the day for class. She bitches us out about how hard it is for her to get up and out and how we should stop classes to do her perm. Like. Bitch, if it's so fucking hard, why wouldn't you call ahead and make sure everything is open so you definitely get in???

You know what? Yes, I hate what they are doing with the show right now (it may well be called “The Rusty Beck show”)  and how Mary and the rest of the cast are underappreciated BUT I don’t have it in me to boicot the series, because I want to support Mary no matter what and by not watching we are not doing her a favor either. This is her job right now, she puts everything she is allowed to put (which at the moment is not much) and I think that we should give her the chance to stay as long as she wants, not to make her see the show cancelled because it lost support. Also, the rest of the actors deserve a chance too. Let’s bitch all we want, let’s vent out frustrations, but let’s keep supporting them as long as we can, please. That is only your choice, of course. I just wanted to give my five cents about it. Thanks.

Thank the heavens, for the 'Rob & Chyna' trailer is here

E! blessed this Monday with a trailer for the most anticipated reality TV show of 2016: Rob & Chyna.

And as one might expect, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have a lot to share with their fans.

SEE ALSO: Kim Kardashian says Taylor Swift loves ‘playing the victim’ with Kanye West

The trailer features proclamations of love (“I fell in love with you because I know how good you are and how loyal you are,”) and lovers’ quarrels (“Are you still texting bitches, yes or no?!”). 

All in all, a promising first look.

Is Rob still texting bitches? We’ll find out this September. 

Angry Anon

Part 1. They are asking fans to help promote Dr Strange?! After all the baiting, lying, manipulating we had to go through they are still expecting us to play the game? Seriously? Get her resting bitch face out of the picture and we might pay to see the movie, make her DM articles disappear, she doesn’t attend any more red carpet or any pap op and we might consider encouraging our relatives to go watch the movie. Make the last 2 years disappear and maybe you will see the BC fandom back in action.

Part 2. Stop with the whitewashing poor excuses you are serving us, just say you wanted to work with Tilda as an interesting twist for the ancient one, not realizing that you were spiting in the face of all the americans asians actors in the process, make a proper apologise and stop doing this kind of shit twist. In conclusion grow a pair, you got yourself a problematic lead, he will not solve your problems just by showing up. Angry anon.


Angry Anon, please don’t be angry.  It’s bad for your complexion.

Actually, the only thing that could drive me personally to the cinema for Doctor Strange, along with a car full of friends I’ll force to come with me (because none of them know or care who Ben is) and talking the movie up to friends and relatives will be Scott Derrickson doing an in-depth interview explaining his reasons for casting Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One  (and please keep FootInMouthBatch out of it cause he had nothing to do with the casting process, so stop trying to use him to sell tickets to a movie you fucked up Scott)

Perhaps then I’ll show up multiple times at the cinema and buy my Doctor Strange merchandise on the way out.

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Damn are people really taking that shit Seriously? I thought we all knew it was a joke. Like come on. This is Tumblr. Ain't a damn thing on here that serious

Thank yooouuu. I wouldnt walk up to this nigga in person at say yeahhh can i sit on your face… its tumblr. We make jokes like this all the time. Nobody is really sitting on mfs faces. I know im not. We were all laughing about it. Now bitches out here calling me ugly threatening me and shit. It was never ever that deep.

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-Last movie you saw: Star Trek Beyond
-Last song you listened to: The National-Sorrow
-Last show you watched: Star Trek (Deep Space 9- I’m a nerd ok)
-Last book you read:Pluto Files (Neil DeGrasse Tyson)
-Last thing you ate: Toast
-Where would you time travel to: THE FUTURE! SPACESHIPS

-If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Rome

-Fictional character you would hang out for a day: Leonard McCoy so we can bitch about our friends together!                                                                          -First thing you would do with lottery money: Buy clothes and send my parents to a nice vacation and spend the rest on watching Roma games!

-Time right now: 14:37

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Amber Heard is Donating the Entire $7 Million from Depp Settlement

When she produced pictures, like the one above, we should have believed her. Instead we took Depp’s side, one more time putting a woman to shame for coming forward. We relied on his friends, his past relationships, his daughter and everyone else to be his character witnesses. They said there was no way. He’s loving, he’s gentle. He can’t do this. We vilified Amber, called her names. Gold digger. Bitch. Out to get Depp. Making it all up. We questioned her intentions. Why was she smiling and taking pictures with friends? Why wasn’t she more serious? Ridiculous questions that struck at the heart of humanity, at the core of anyone abused. She was trying to find temporary respite, away from a volatile, abusive and unstable, partner and all we could was question why she wasn’t more serious.

Pathetic. Unfortunate. Sad.

Last week she rejected the settlement from Depp. Why? Because he refused to make a joint statement claiming he abused her. For that reason alone. Think about that for a moment. If she was a gold digger would she have withdrawn for such a “simple” reason?

I don’t think he made a statement; he was never going to but Amber has to move on with her life. So she chose to accept the money and make a ridiculously powerful statement of her own, donating it to ACLU to fight domestic violence. Seven million dollars.

I can think of seven million things to do with that kind of money. She could think of only one. She donated it and walked away from Depp. An abuser who struck her, harmed her and vilified her.

Maybe this episode has taught us nothing. Maybe it has. If nothing, I hope at the end of the day the next time a woman stands up and claims abuse, the least we can do is believe her. Don’t vilify her, don’t question her. Just let her talk and listen to her. Your silence is your assent. You won’t need anything else to show her you are there and you support her. You maybe the first one to do so. And that way you may encourage a whole new generation escape the claws of domestic violence.

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I have this terrible habit of talking too much when I'm drinking and saying things I probably shouldn't. I get super honest which I like about myself but all my friends are super sensitive so usually after we go out I feel like a bitch cause o said what I actually meant instead of tiptoeing around their feelings. do you ever have that problem?

OMG HAHAHA. YES. Yes I fucking do. When I’m drunk it’s like an alternate universe me who appears n starts talking v casually about every thought I’ve had for the past 3 months n never spoke about. I’m a bottled up lil b*tch I don’t ever get rowdy like mean or anything I just share my personal brain matter to the point of extremism Hello eerybodyv I’m not straight ahahah xxoo shots shots shots! THAT’S THW WORST THING I EVER SAID WHEN I WAS DRUNK I never get mean when I drink ‘cause I’m a lil ass when I’m sober so when I drink I’m super sweet and calm and affectionate n it’s very embarrassing to me in the morning👻 Apologize for hurting their feelings n make sure to see it from their point of view even if to you it seems crazy N illogical that they’re upset! I always have these out of body experiences when I hurt people and don’t understand it
Love you I believe in you