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best alex hair era:

did you know that i made this mix because of my internal conflict of my favorite alex hair era

i rly like where life is going right now with humbug 2.0 he is like dad mode let the hair go u feel? like if you rolled over and alex was still asleep that’s the kind of hair he’d have u feel??? but i also really enjoy dracula hair anD am quiff hair and tbh sias quiff like going on a date with that alex would be like get out my way bitches this is my slut and we rule the world holler but then like? sias mop is the bomb.com like can u imagine riding adt and gripping that hair and he’s looking up at you with wide, black eyes and his mouth is hanging open and he’s making these little sounds somewhere between a sigh and a grunt and a whine and his hair is sticking to his face cuz of sweat bUT humbug hair like rly long humbug hair vs the shorter humbug mop is like???????????????????? yes????? come cuddle with me u ultimate little spoon???? i’ll put my nose in ur hair??????????????????????? but then like baby tlsp curly hair is like i wanna ruffle u???? then like the short fwn/wpsiatwin hair is like!!! date me u high school sophmore u feel me??? and idk i always see myself beaming at al with that hair and he’s kinda smirking and blushing and i just like?? pat it down and kiss his forehead and he blushes more idk

do u see my problem here

You need to stop saying that People who listen to classic rock/metal are “lame”, “boring” and “not up to date”.

Actually we are the coolest son bitches out there, because we listen to REAL music, that actually has meaning to people, I’m not saying all of it is good, but please respect us, because I respect the choice of music you choose to listen to.

Because it really does hurt when you say that “Rock is dead”, and when you say “all those old ass rockstars are dead”. We are people too, and so are they, and we care a whole fucking bunch about those ‘old ass rockstars’.

Yeah, you get what I am fucking saying, so yeah, respect me, and I’ll respect you. Because music isn’t just a hobby to me, it’s my whole fucking life, and hurts my heart when you say shit like that.

Bless n bye, that is all

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Whats your opinion on waist training? (Wearing a corset to get a smaller waist)

Stupid. Pointless. Ridiculous. Pathetic. Superficial. Materialistic. Conceit. Disrespectful to God and the body he created for you. Disrespectful to your parents and the DNA & genetics they passed down to you through generations. Disrespectful to all women. 

What’s wrong with a women’s natural shape? What’s wrong with being who your supposed to be, in the body your suppose to have? Most people don’t like it and think it looks horrible anyway. I think it’s gotten out of hand, there is nothing wrong with using a little help to help you lose weight so you can become healthier….but people are using waist trainers now in a egotistical way, not to become healthier but to look “better” then a natural everyday women, they have to be different from us so they stand out and we’re “basic bitches” because where natural and they’re unrealistic, which to them is attractive. I think if you wear waist trainer when working out that’s your choice, and all respect to you but to wear them for promotional purposes, convincing young girls & insecure women that they need them to have a beautiful body is so disgusting. 

If you wear one in your own home or privately that’s different, if you like the way it makes you look then okay that’s not anyone’s place to judge, but when you use it to the point your body is no longer your natural shape & then you go on social media to make people feel like they need it to have a nice body is so saddening, like it literally makes me sad that grown women make young girls feel this way. I know it’s their choice but when someone is young, vulnerable & insecure we as women have to step up & take responsibility & help make them feel beautiful for who they are, the way God made them, not what the media portrays as beautiful and I don’t think enough women do that because it doesn’t make them money. If you have a naturally small waist your beautiful, If you don’t your just as beautiful, don’t let society or media trick you into thinking what God made for you isn’t perfect. You’re perfect regardless the way you look as long as you are your authentic self.


Before and after. Seeing them side by side makes the toil worth it. Digging out river rocks covered in years of dirt, mulch, and weeds is definitely one of my least favorite things to do. What a bitch. 

See that black gold? We dug it out of our compost piles in the woods. No need to buy any topsoil here! I love compost. This week I’ll start to plant flower bulbs to draw in more pollinators and to add some color to that side of the house. We’ll keep adding to it as the summer progresses and see what we end up with. I’ve never really focused on flowers so I’m excited to learn some this year.

Huge shout out to the husband and mother in law on this one! Team effort to make that gorgeous flower bed you see there. 

And a shot of the freshly tilled garden. The husband knocked that out Friday night and it is gorgeous. I just want to lay in it and make dirt angels. I’ll start planting sometime this week. I hope.

#PrettyGirls breaks Hold It Against Me Records!!

#PrettyGirls breaks Hold It Against Me Records!!

There is only one Queen and that is BRITNEY BITCH!

We can not get Pretty Girls out of our head and let’s be honest the song has been on repeat all day long! Our girl Brit Brit surpassed her own record of day radio spins with her new song Pretty Girls, with 804 so far, meaning Britney beat her Hold it against me record that had only 619 spins. That is such awesome news. We are very proud of you…

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For barcelona fans : yes you won but against whom???
Against one of the best teams in Europe, against team with injuries/Suspensions and you took advantage of this so stop bragging about it,You played well deserved to win.. Enough with that.

For Chelsea fans : karma is a bitch??!! it is.. we took you out of CL as you did to us and it’s not over yet.
and David is the best defender, our geezer and he worth every penny, we love him, we want him and will support him..so drop it.

For us.. Yesterday is history, from the past and we have to fight for the #ligue1 title, #CL second leg and as psg players won’t give up that easily, psg fans won’t give up on them that easily too, despite any mistake..they did their best.

Football is not just cheering for your favorite team.. Football is respecting the opponent.

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More like: Finnick started yelling at me and then started crying for no reason so I have to cheer him up and he suddenly kisses me.

OOC: More like: Still called him a lil bitch though and now we’re furiously making out

We wrote a song for all the basic bitches out there.

I met this girl,
In the tinder world.
We met at Starbucks
Like I give any fucks.

But I like my coffee, black
To fill the personality she lack
She wants paper to stack
This girl is entirely whack

She likes to talk about her dog fluffy,
This girl might be a little roughy
Her bra looks a little stuffied
Eyes red and a little puffy.

Probably from crying over some dude
Who just wanted her to be nude
But he couldn’t hide the rude
And so came off really crude

But that happens like ever week,
All she cares is if her eyebrows are on fleek
Or her Instagram likes are at peak
Attention is all that you seek.

This is a story of a basic bitch,
Who liked to pretend she was rich
You’re just a plain old Jane
Who is becoming a big fucking pain
You’re driving me insane
You’re so wildly fucking vain

I can’t even get myself to care
I don’t give a fuck about her hair
I really wish she just wasn’t there
But she’s trying to make us a pair

Please don’t ask me if you look fat
I want to hit you with a baseball bat
I’d rather spend time with my cat
You remind me of a door mat.

I’d have more fun talking to a wall
I won’t follow that ass to the mall
I don’t want to take you to a ball
I swear you’ll never get a call

This isn’t your dreamt up fairy tale
We know your bodies up for sale
The highest bidder will prevail
Go ahead and snort another rail

Don’t give a fuck about your horoscope
Or that you use special scented soap
Get strangled by a rope
And get buttfucked by a goat

I just wanted you to be dtf
Now I wish I was on crystal meth
It would be less of a mess
Then your basic ass boring me to death

You have the intelligence of a rock
Just wanted you to suck my cock
I guess I’m stuck with hand and sock
While your basic ass I will mock

No your matching furniture isn’t cool
Nor your matching ikea stools
Who knew I’d end up with such a tool
I knew my ass should’ve went to school

This is a story of why
You should never try
To meet a girl who chooses Starbucks
Because her basic ass sucks

This is a story of a basic bitch,
Who liked to pretend she was rich
You’re just a plain old Jane
Who is becoming a big fucking pain
You’re driving me insane
You’re so wildly fucking vain

You basic ass bitch

- another–mystery

The Royals 1x06 !!

Okay… so WTF just happened! We saw a new side of Princess Eleanor, the sweet, the vulnerable, the kind… the real her, the one she hides behind the walls she puts up, all the time. Liam and Ophelia finally worked out, #Opheliam people… they are so cute together, its almost ridiculous! Gemma, we saw her today in a new light, turns out our cold bitch is actually a very broken girl, who drinks away her pain but lately couldn’t find her center. OMFG, don’t get me started on Jasper… so much for wanting the Princess, the son of a bitch slept with the Queen and what was that shit about his past, him not being who he is? Who are his parents? He worked for another Royal family before? Got kicked out of the country? #FML… At least we met Beck in all this craziness, but with that we also found out that the bastard is married and is getting a “second chance” with his wife…. I guess its true what they say, there are no saints when it comes to Power! Anarchy in the Monarchy, bitches! xoxo - killedbyakiss

Anon Submit:  The Case of the Double-Edged Sword

So, let’s see what we got out of the “Adobe chat”…Fame is a bitch then, is it? At least at those inopportune times that you don’t want to be famous anymore. Even when your elevated status gives you the roles you really want and fuels your desire as an actor seeking to explore and challenge his craft.  Even if it allows you to bring your works to a larger audience and expose people to works they would not otherwise see, but…it’s not all wine and roses. It has its flip-side and that has brought out a lot of resentment and frustration and well makes you generally miserable at times.  You have these pesky fans that want photos and autographs and tweet about you, (even write blogs about you;)) most of whom think you’re awesome. And then there are the publications that you feed PR to, they sometimes go AWOL and publish crap that people might believe– and it isn’t even real.  It’s beyond-annoying-out-of-your-control-basically-sucks-and-it’s-very-hard-to-come-to-terms-with… Okay, we get it. You just want to do your “craft” and go home to your imminent family and be normal. Sounds reasonable…

Well, unfortunately that’s not “the game “as you are playing it. It’s a bitch, yes. People will ask questions when you show up to events with your TWIL in separate cars and then show off for the cameras on RCs and events that you feel you need to “show off” for.  When you show up to every high-profile event that comes your way. People will want to get a sneaky snap of someone who is famous, because, well they’re famous. It sucks.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people didn’t spend all of their hard-earned money to fly across the world to see your amazing work?  Or to even meet you and have a three-second picture with you at an event you were paid to be at?

I think BC, you need to look at your glass half-full a little more. Your brain farts continue… you just sound like the pompous arse you fear you are being portrayed as in the Daily Fail.  It would be nice if we all got everything we want the way we want it, but that’s just not how it works. Most celebs that have lasted eventually figure this out. Your time has come.

Okay, I know a lot of sarcasm here, but If you want to complain, which you are entitled to do, don’t do it in a public forum. Tell your friends or your TWIL.  You have reached a level where you can’t have it both ways anymore.

“Talent is God-given; be humble.

Fame is man-given; be thankful.

Conceit is self-given; be careful.”

–John Wooden


GNA: Nice one! Thanks for this. I agree, you can’t have both ways…sad…he will have to come to terms with this.