we only have one body fellas

Dear Big Guys...

You’re awesome.  Seriously, you’re like these ultra comfy cuddly bears that girls should just go ga-ga for. I know that when people talk about weight and personal image that most of the time it’s in reference to women and you get ignored.  

“Big women should feel proud of who they are.”

“Big women are beautiful and should love themselves.”

Well, that’s true.  Everyone should love themselves no matter what; but just like it’s true for the ladies, its true for the fellas too. You husky fellows tend to be a little more down to earth and understanding [not all of you.  some of you are total dick-heads.] Not to mention you give the best hugs.  I mean what girl doesn’t want to be wrapped up in a pair of big, warm, arms?   Let’s just look at the plus sides to being you for a sec:

  • You can grow out your hair and a beard and it will [usually] always look fantastic and manly on you.
  • You probably look like you could murder six men with one swing of your arm.  No body fucks with a big guy.
  • You do not have hard muscles or bony bodies, making you the perfect snuggle buddy.
  • You can look like a viking or lumber-jack without appearing like a hipster.
  • You are a perfect blend of manly and adorable at the same time. [most guys are either only manly, or look like they’re 13]
  • Science says you’re better in bed than a Captain America look-a-like. [Fellas, we ladies love sex just as much, if not MORE than you do.]

So you see, being a big guy is a pretty rad deal.  For any guys out there who are struggling with confidence or your appearance, remember that you’re gorgeous just the way you are.  

anonymous asked:

For your 1k celebration, can I ask a Steve/Reader on that's not on your choice of prompts? I was thinking of giving one myself: 'It was only when he lost her that he realized that he loved her' and 'It's when the heart waits, when it refuses to let go, that it knows it has found something real.' Angsty then fluffy? I hope it's okay. But I understand if it isn't. Congratulations on your 1k! 😊

Word Count: 1, 743 (IT’S SO LONG SORRY)

Pairing: Skinny!Steve x Reader

Genre: Angst/Romance

A/N: This got real angsty real quick. I hope you enjoy, I know you wanted fluff (hopefully there was enough) but I really wanted to take it in this direction. P.S. HOPE YOU DON’T MIND SKINNY STEVE BECAUSE I’M ADDICTED.

December 1941,

Paint covered the lemon material of your dress as you elegantly moved the brushes bristles against the canvas. Steve and Bucky were either side of you and all three of you were quietly painting the vase of flowers placed for the whole art class to see. The old radio crackled in the background as if trying to drown out the dull voice of your teacher. Though, Steve completely adored the ageing man that ran the class, you and Bucky, however, found him irritating.


“What was that?” Steve snapped his head up, his brush dropping in his murky brown water pot. “Can you please turn that up, sir?”

The teacher whose name you never bothered to learn smiled graciously at his favourite student and increased the volume. You knew Steve heard this time. His jaw was hanging open and he was staring at Bucky. Steve started wiping his hands on his slacks and Bucky was slamming shut the watercolour palette in front of him. You followed suit, cleaning your brush and drying your paint covered hands.

“Where are you going?” You called to the two men who were already at the door and bidding their goodbyes to the class.

Steve’s scrawny body hurried over to you, his knees knocking together and his face a grinning mess, “I’ll meet you back at our place doll, I can finally do what I was made for.”

You sighed at the blonde man that was now inching himself up to kiss your cheek. He always spoke about how he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps- fight for his country and all that business. You loved Steve, but you weren’t sure if being on the front lines was the right place for him. After all, he was tiny, underweight and had more medical problems than anyone you knew.

But nobody could stop Steve. That’s why when Bucky had gone to bed, Steve finally went to your shared room, peeled the covers back and sobbed quietly into your chest. They had rejected him. You knew he was hiding it, and he fooled Bucky, but he knew he didn’t have to hide it with you.

“At least I’ve got you, Y/N,” Steve whispered once the sobbing had ceased.

February 1942,

You stood next to the train that was overflowing with the 107th. Steve’s bony hand was clinging to yours as Bucky stood checking through his case for the sixth time. Your eyes were brimming with tears as you stared at the brunette that was ready to be shipped off in uniform- he had always looked out for you, and he was, surprisingly, the first person you went to for advice.

Bucky dropped the pack in his hand and marched over to Steve who was staring at your shoes. “Come here, Rogers.” Bucky mumbled as he grabbed Steve in an embrace. You walked over to the other side of the platform and stared at the intricate map, to distract yourself from the thought that your best friend was leaving. After a few minutes a large hand grabbed your shoulder and pressed you into their chest.

“Don’t let that punk do anything stupid while I’m gone,” He laughed into your hair. You inhaled his scent and replied,

“Nobody is going to stop Steve, not even me.”

April 1942,

Tears poured down your face as you found yourself back at the same train station you were at two months prior. But this time, you were saying goodbye to the man who had stolen your heart all those years ago at your Art School. Back then everything felt so simple. The tiny boy would bring you flowers every afternoon after you had finished class and you’d spend hours on end sitting in your car with Glenn Miller playing in the background. Of course, you knew things weren’t always going to stay the same, but you didn’t expect him to ship himself off as soon as he could.

His case was in your right hand and his body engulfed yours as you stood next to the train- again. You knew Steve was crying because his chest was rising and falling quicker than it usually did, and his tiny hands were sweating extreme amounts. You lifted your tear stained face to meet his bloodshot eyes, he offered you a small smile before you leaned your face towards his and joined your lips for what would be the last time in a long while. The kiss was shorter than either of you wanted and full of tears and short sobs- meaningful nonetheless.

A brown haired woman walked over to where you were standing and pressed a hand to your arm, “Hi ma’am, I’m Agent Margaret Carter. I’m just letting you know that all recruits must start boarding now.” And she entered the train, leaving you and a few other couples standing on the platform.

“Steven Grant Rogers, I swear to you, if you do not come back here alive I’m going to kill you myself,” You sniffled, wiping away the few stray tears that clung to your face.

“So you’ll wait for me?” He asked, his tiny body rocking back and forth on his tiptoes.

“As long as you want me, I’m yours.”

February 1943,

Your heels clacked against the brown tiled floor of a bar in the centre of France. The dark skinned man named Gabe led you through, rather quietly, to the back room, purposely missing out the main floor where all the soldiers were.

A letter had come in the post a few weeks prior. Of course it was a shock to see Bucky’s messy handwriting sprawled across the cream parchment addressed to you. It’s contents was a plane ticket for the 4th and exact instructions- you even had your own little ‘servant’ that would follow you around because Bucky had ordered them to. And under no circumstances was Steve allowed to know. Speaking of Steve, Bucky had written that you were in for the thrill of your life- something along the lines of ‘huge and pure muscle’ which you struggled to believe.

Gabe led you into a narrow room that had clippings covering the faded orange paint. Though you weren’t interested in the clippings or the bottles of liquor stacked in perfect rows. The only thing you could see was Bucky. He was there and he was real. With the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and a crooked military hat was placed over his messy hair.

He ran over to you, pushing a large bearded man out of the way in the process, and grabbed your dainty hand so that he could twirl you around. “My, my, Y/N, Steve is one lucky fella,”

“Oh please, you flatter me!” You giggled into his chest as he wrapped his broad arms around your body. “But, I must say, you look very handsome in your uniform, I really have missed you.”

He grabbed your hand as soon as you left his embrace only to wrap his arm around your shoulder, “Well, you’ve got all week to see me, I suppose I better take you to your prince charmin’. I haven’t seen him tonight though, doll, so we might wait around a bit.”

You lifted your head slightly and smiled in return as Bucky began escorting you out of the room and into the brightly lit bar. He ushered you into a booth straight away and was shortly followed by a huge clan of men. You recognised one of them as Dum Dum from a picture Bucky had mailed you- Steve had stopped sending letters after he started travelling more with the Howling Commandos.

“Gentlemen, this is Y/N Y/L/N, one day will be Mrs. Rogers,” Bucky said coolly, his arm still wrapped around your shoulder, “And the best friend a guy could ask for.”

“I didn’t know Rogers had a lady waiting for him,” A man with a strong French accent uttered, looking you up and down.

“Well he definitely does and you’re looking at her. I wasn’t going’t let go of that gem,” You replied as you took the cup from Bucky’s hand and took a swig.

“Speaking of ol’ Stevey boy, here he comes now!” The man who you thought was named Jim said.

You craned your neck around, the blood rushing through your veins in excitement. Bucky hoisted both of you up from the cracked leather chair so that you could get a better look at him. If they hadn’t told you it was Steve, you never would have guessed- he was no longer the short and scrawny boy, he was tall and muscular with perfectly chiselled features, and you were transfixed. He was what your Steve wanted to be but never could.  

“Uh, Y/N, why don’t we go someplace else to get a drink, huh? Steve looks tired, let’s do this tomorrow,” Bucky rushed, grabbing onto your wrist and yanking your body in the opposite direction.

“Why would we d-” You began, your words falling short as you witnessed what Bucky was trying so hard to protect you from.

The woman that had escorted Steve onto the train that day long ago was now strolling into the bar, wearing a beautiful red dress that you could never pull off,  Steve’s brown leather jacket hanging loosely on her shoulders and Steve’s hand encased in her palm. She looked beautiful. Every part of her was polished to perfection and Steve was looking at her with the same eyes he once had only for you.

Steve turned towards the rest of the bar with the proudest look on his face and began moving him and Margaret- if you remembered correctly- through the bodies. Although, his body seemed to stop moving completely as his dancing blue eyes locked with yours. You could see the complete shock on his face as he stared at you- the girl he had left at home.

Years spent together all for the sight you were seeing. You didn’t know if you were more upset or angry but all you knew was that you didn’t want to be anywhere near Steve or his new found love.

“Bucky would you please just get me outta here.”


OK. So this took a while. And I’m still not happy with it. Welcome to Generic McGeneral Walk! Click the pics for comments.

Tech Stuff: Done at 12 FPS (or 24fps on 2s)

So, why walk cycles?
Because they’re hard. They teach everything you need to know about moving a person about. And because they’re hard. This is a generic walk. You can put a lot of character into a walk and say a lot about who they are. Everyone walks differently. You can have a funny walk, a macho walk, a playful walk, a cautious walk, a sneaky walk, a timid walk, an angry walk, a drunk walk, a sexy walk, the variations are endless. How much can you tell us about your character by the way it moves? And they all use the same… uhh.. steps. … no pun intended.

More on the keys:

Contact: Well the foot has to land sometime. Good set up frame.
Compression: This is what gives your character weight. Grounds it in the world. On heavy characters I like to start on this frame.
Pass/Up: Walking is repeatedly falling and catching yourself. Also note the feet. They aren’t passive and flat. They push off. Be careful to maintain a good silhouette on the pass too. I like starting on the pass of some attitude walks. Not as in attitude-attitude, but characterized walks.
Presentation: Really just setting up for the contact. I put bent my ankle to point the toes up more to try to get some more push off from the foot.

Flynn Ryder has beautiful presentation as he’s walking with Rapunzel in the cave. Honestly I’m sure he has wonderful body action in that scene, but I always get stuck watching his feet ‘cause damn that was nicely done. Point is you can get some nice characterization from the pres if you have those kind of mad skillz. I do not.

A few mistakes from me you shouldn’t copy:

-My knee pops. Consulted friends. Poor in-between. You can actually see it in my in-between screen cap there. I failed to move the knee. I should have left it a little straighter.
-Arm hits a wall at the back. Friend says I should have let it hang back longer.
-Volume issues on hands: they shrink and grow.
As already stated, I don’t think the arms are offset enough. Offset makes for more natural movement. We are not robots, we don’t move perfectly in sync with ourselves, and we’d probably be off balance if we did.

Other notes for more complex walks:

-Make sure the back rotates. Ditto on the hips.
-This buddy fella is flat as paper. Try to add some dimensionality to it. This will come from rotating the back and from the arms swinging around the body and other places that are up to your own creativity.

Ok. Have fun!