we no longer can take someone at their word


Jehanparnasse/Enjoltaire Aesthetic: Beauxbatons x Durmstrang AU

“Grantaire.” It was the light haired brother who spoke, English words carrying the lilt of the Swedish accent.“We’ve been fluent in French for years…we can understand you…”

Tri-Wizard Tournament Era, Misunderstandings Galore: In which Jehan and Grantaire take to pining over their crushes in their native language, Montparnasse is having way too much fun with eavesdropping and Enjolras refuses to stay silent any longer - ALSO FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN SOMEONE GET THAT HUFFLEPUFF AWAY FROM THEIR SISTER.
5/2/17 edit: FIC HERE
Fandom Discourse

I’m going to say one thing about all of this, and then I’m never speaking of it again unless directly asked. And maybe this will damage opinions of me or lose me followers, but at this point it doesn’t matter. How many followers I have—how many followers any of us has—does not matter in the slightest. It won’t gain you anything at the end of your life. What matters is how you treat other people.

This goes for every single person in this fandom and in others. The general viciousness with which Tumblrians tend to treat each other in general is frankly horrific. We have such a capacity for love and acceptance and we parade it around as much as we can. We claim to be better than the unenlightened people we work with or go to school with. But for whatever reason, be it because we are safe behind our screens and keyboards or otherwise, we have an incredible capacity for cruelness, carelessness, and thoughtlessness. More than most people I’ve ever come into contact with.

I have tragically seen this escalate this year in particular. And what’s even worse is that not only are the fandoms at each other’s throats, the authors are setting poor examples for their fans. You know this more so if you are on Twitter but there have already been too many episodes of social media fights between figures that hold a lot of influence over a lot of people. And these influential people aren’t setting the best examples.

But here’s the deal. It’s good to make jokes and have fun and make memes. That’s what fandom is for. It’s to find solidarity and enjoyment in a subject with like-minded people. What is not okay is making those jokes and making those memes at the expense of other people—especially when those people are part of demographics heavily struggling and being discriminated against. What is especially not okay is people seriously hurt by such posts calling the posts out and asking for a redaction or apology in the very least, and the fandom hardly gives them the time of day. We turn around and hurt even more to try and defend ourselves, and while that’s understandable, while that’s a natural human reaction, it’s also wrong.

Hate breeds hate. Anger breeds anger. Impulsive reactions hurt people, and the longer we ignore this fact, the more people get hurt. The more we hurt ourselves and allow ourselves to become embittered and cynical and jaded.

If you hurt someone, apologize. Own up to your actions. But most importantly, change your behavior. That’s where true regret and humility comes in. When your behavior is changed. Always think before you speak. Think about how someone is always watching, and what you say affects others whether you know it or not. You can never un hurt someone. Once it’s off your lips, you cannot take those words back no matter how hard you try.

If you see a post that very clearly hurts other people, my goodness, at the very least, do not reblog it. Do not give it more attention than it has already received. And if you did—just apologize! Apologize, delete it, and don’t reblog anything like that again.

Be respectful. Honestly, that’s what it comes down to. Treat each other like the beautiful human beings each of you are. And we shouldn’t have any problems.

Avengers X Reader- Weird Misfits

Warning: Angst?? I think that’s the only thing worth warning you about.

Clutching the edge of your hoodie, you walked through the streets with your guard up, ready to strike at any moment.  You didn’t know if your disguise or your slight change in age would throw them off from your trail, but you knew that you had to be prepared no matter how safe you expect your surroundings to be.  Your knife was in your pocket, which your left hand was clutching onto for dear life.  A stolen Magnum was tucked into your jeans, the cold metal providing a sense of security as you trudge to the building you were taking refuge in.  The pouring rain had soaked through your clothing when you were about halfway to the building, but the only thing you cared about was the food you were carrying in the plastic bags the store provided.  Water from the rain had obviously doused the groceries you bought, but you had bought only fruits, vegetables and canned foods.  

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anthem (1/3)

There’s a crack in everything. Olivia’s never asked Zaeed what he means by that, but she wants there to be a hopeful second half to the phrase. Eight months is a long time without Garrus.

or, the one where Liara calls Olivia at the Crucible, Garrus and Hannah get involved with it because I like pain, everything is terrible, and I decided to take 13,000 words to get to the happy ending. Complete, with links to the next sections at the end.

PG, with a story-wide warning for massive angst. Olivia/Garrus, Hannah/Zaeed, Olivia+Liara friendship, Liara+Garrus friendship.

Liara stares out the cockpit window, as if the view is going to change. As if she could blink, and suddenly Earth would turn green and blue again, lush with vibrant cities and beautiful oceans. As if she could blink and all the fires would go out, and the reapers would fall, as if the Citadel’s arms would open.

As if the comms would light up, and she would hear her friend’s voice, her smile clear even through the channel - all done; someone want to come pick me up?

Her view doesn’t change, though their comms do light up. But it isn’t Olivia.

“Nothing’s happening,” Hackett says. “I can’t raise her. See if you can get her, Dr. T’Soni.”

“I will,” she says, her voice far clearer and more confident than she feels. She knows what Hackett is asking of her - to confirm Olivia’s death, or convince her to take just a few more steps when she’s already run so far.

Liara swallows. She silently turns away from the view of fires and the wreckage, walks away from Joker calling after her, walks out of the cockpit and toward the elevator. She doesn’t need her terminal or equipment for this, but she wants more privacy than half the squad’s eyes and ears can allow in the cockpit and CIC.

And if she is going to make this call, and if she is going to convince her best friend to keep going when they all know that the end of this particular road is death, there’s one more person who needs to hear it.

The elevator door closes, and Liara takes a deep breath. She switches to their private comm channel. “Olivia,” she says.

No response.

“Olivia,” she says a little louder, a little more forceful.

The door opens, revealing an empty mess. “Olivia,” she says again, not quite a yell.

A groan. And then, “Liara?

Liara exhales. She’s alive. Which means that she can still find a way off this road. Liara knows the score, they all do, but right now - right now she wants to hope. “Hey, Liv.”

A sniff and a hiss. “Did the Normandy make it out?”

“Yeah,” she says. “We’re all okay.” Knowing what she’s really asking, Liara manages a small smile. “Garrus is okay.”

James steps out of the medbay, and tilts his head at her. Shepard, she mouths, and leans on one of the tables.

“Did it work?”

“Nothing happened, Liv.” She pulls up the Crucible schematics. She’s been over them with so much detail and so much precision that she could practically draw them blindfolded, and yet she can’t see what else Olivia needs to do.

“Anderson’s dead.” Another hiss. “I’m hurt pretty bad,” she says.

Olivia once went half a mission with a broken arm and didn’t say anything until they were back on the ship. For her to admit that she’s hurt pretty bad…Liara closes her eyes.  

“I don’t -” she takes a deep breath. “What do you need me to do?”

Tears spring to Liara’s eyes and she bites her lip. “I need you to get up, Liv.” Her breath shakes. She presses the heels of her palms to her eyes in attempt to stop her tears. It fails.

“I can’t, Liara,” she says, voice thick with pain and her own tears. “It hurts.”

Liara frantically wipes at her cheeks, though new tears immediately replace the ones she brushed away. “I know,” she breathes. “There has to be another panel. I need you to get up off that floor one more time, Olivia. Please.”

A grunt and a wince, and then the sounds of a body slipping against something slick. She huffs sharply, and then just the grunt and the wince again. “Can I talk to Garrus?” she whispers.

“Are you standing up?” Liara asks. Through her tears, a small smile tugs at her lips. “You can’t talk to Garrus if you aren’t standing up.”

“You’re the worst,” Olivia growls, though with an audible smile.

Liara laughs, though her hot tears fall even harder. “I love you, too.”

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Better Than a Dream

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader.

Warnings: Language, smut.


You close the front door and sigh in relief, you’re home after a long day and an even longer dinner with your work colleagues, they all met your boyfriend for the first time tonight, Chris.

They were poking and prodding him with questions about his work and your relationship all night, “What can you tell us about Civil War?” “Is Spider-Man actually in the movie? Will we see him?” “Are you taking (Y/N) to the Oscars this year?” “Have you guys used the L word yet?”. You could tell he was getting uncomfortable so you faked a stomach bug and got out of there quicker than someone robbing a bank.

“Thank you, I know you’re not actually sick” Chris told you in the car on the way back home. You pecked him on the lips and sent him a little wink.

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Hard to Trust ch. 14

Here’s another chapter from the fabulous @pathybo! I tried to go for a longer chapter this time. :) Enjoy!!

You woke up around 5 am, Eric never showed up, and you were feeling empty. Since you could no longer sleep, you decided to go to the training room to release the stress on a punching bag.

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Dude yes. So if this is the same Anon - can I respectfully ask patience? We got the bottom message yesterday - and the top message this morning. Give us some time, dude. All three of us have real lives too - and sometimes big lists of fic requests take longer than a lost fic. If these came from two separate Anons - well, I hope you’re both content that you have someone out there with similar interests. <3 Jandy

Arranged Marriage isn’t a super common trope in the fandom - but I managed to find a few - I hope this will satisfy your arrangey marriage cravings.

Deals with The Serpent by  Gadhead Jones (23/23)

Word Count: 41,546 / Rating: M

Summary: In an alternate universe where Hal Cooper and FP Jones came to an agreement- to marry off Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones as part of a drug payment. What happens when two polar opposites were forced to live the rest of their lives together in order to save their families? Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. AU.

Ordinary Days by @juggiehasmyheart17 (3/?)

WIP / Rating: M

Summary: Betty imagined she be sent away, the baby given away, then they’d bring her back home. Instead, they were sending her 2,000 miles to be married to a man she never met. Her mother didn’t tell her anything about the place she was going or what the man she would marry was like. All Betty knew was she was never welcomed back here again.The town already thought Jughead was strange, endearing, but strange, he wouldn’t add this story to the mix. They could pretend they were in love in public, and when at home, well he supposed they would live their separate lives.

lose ones head over by kellzyen (10/?)

WIP / Rating: Not Rated

Summary: In Riverdale arranged marriages are a must. Jughead and Betty get paired together and this story follows their new kindled relationship.

Then we have some fantasy/royalty fics too… and some of them include arranged marriages so I’ll link the fantasy list here as well - in case your proclivity for arranged marriages stem to the royal side of things.

Fantasy Fics

when they asked me about you, I could not say anything / my lips were only sealed shut / sewn from its edges / my knees were turning into dust / they say I am good with / weaving words on somebody else’s skin / but I could never create purple skies / out of your autumn eyes / or songbird’s feathers out of your calloused hands / so I purse my lips instead / my mouth runs dry / there are falling jigsaw pieces at the back of my head / and I try to catch them / arching my naked back so I don’t lose any of the pieces / yet there are parts of us we can no longer keep / after giving them away to someone / I think you’ve taken all of my words / and I hope / you’re taking care of them / wherever you go //

                                                           — Losing words for love, Valerie T.


Based on this request :  is request open?if yes,can i request a jimin arranged marriage that is angsty and fluffy?thank you❤️ 

This is more of an arranged/contract marriage mashup that no one asked for. Enjoy!

Genre: Angst.

Word count : 4K.

A/N : Although this is very far from being worthy of it, I want to gift it to @evangelene. Your title your fic <3.

Originally posted by suga-com

You took a deep breath and faced the mirror. You never imagined you would look this beautiful. Hair pulled back into a fancy bun, a veil seeping from it to cover your face, along with make-up done to perfection, turning you into your most beautiful self; along with a long white dress that made it almost impossible to walk in a straight line without falling to your death.

Your friends, who looked just as stunning in the peach bridesmaid dresses that you chose for them, blurred out compliment after compliment in a never ending flow. Some even shedding a few happy tears. It was ridiculous to you, and even more now that you were the actual bride, how much work and money went into things like this. But, then again, yours wasn’t like other weddings.

“Can you please tell Jimin to come see me?” You removed the lace veil from your face and smiled to her. Saerah, the only one who knew about the whole deal, motioned for everyone to get out of the room as she stepped closer.

“Everything okay?” She squeezed your arm with a frown. It was supposed to be your special day, at least, that’s how she imagined weddings to be, not something that put a forced smile on your face and made you act unnaturally joyful.

“Yeah, absolutely, I just want to talk to him.” You nodded and she walked out as well. After struggling with lining her dress correctly so she wouldn’t trip on it, she walked out and closed the door. Your laughter died down and your smile broke. You were thankful for them, being there for you on such a day, but more than anything you were thankful to him. Jimin soon knocked on the door and came in.

He looked handsome with his neatly pressed suit and perfect fluffy hair. Any woman would want him standing at the end of the aisle. Even you. You felt sorry for dragging him into this when he could have been peering at the person he loved right now, instead of being here with you. When he could’ve been getting married to the one he loved.

“Isn’t it bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding?” Jimin smiled, closing the door behind him and stepping closer to you. His eyes scanned over you with an unreadable expression. He took his hands out of his pockets straightening his tie and clearing his throat, he looked away again.

“Let’s leave that for the real ones to worry about. Let me do it.” You stepped down from the small stand they had for you and closed the distance replacing his hands on the black tie.

“You look beautiful.” He whispered avoiding meeting your eyes. You laughed shyly letting your hands rest on his chest “I’m a lucky man.”

“Are you sure about this?” You met his gaze straight on, determined not to hesitate. Jimin just nodded with a wide smile. “You can still back down now if you want.”

“Y/N, if I didn’t want to do this for you, I wouldn’t have agreed to it in the first place.” He took your hands in his, rubbing them together, “Also, Ahjussi has been nothing but good to me. I want to do this for him as well,” for him. You didn’t let your expectations rise when it came to this. You could see that Jimin felt more or less forced to do this, that he wasn’t happy with it, that-

“But we don’t love each other.” you don’t love me You sighed, your eyes starting to tear up. Before this, you didn’t think you would give marriage much thought. It wasn’t a big deal for you until now, so you couldn’t understand why it meant so much.

“Hey hey hey, you’ll ruin your make up, stop it.” He fanned over your face and you laughed, mainly because you didn’t know where he learned that from, looking back at him. “It’s just for a year too, Y/N, you won’t have to put up with me for a second longer.” Jimin laughed but those words pierced through his heart harder than it did yours.

“A year, right, a year is short.”

“And I get to be married to my bestfriend. I personally feel like I’m winning at life.” Jimin had added to further comfort you. He wouldn’t deny that there was truth in that even if you asked. You never did.


“You look just like your mother” Your dad weakly spoke hooking your arm with his as the large doors swung open. You smiled at him and looked forward at Jimin who was doing just the same. The music started and the guests all turned to peer at you. Your heart started beating faster and you had to focus on not stepping on your dress.

“Me and Jimin’s father had agreed to marry you two when you got older, that was his last wish before passing away.”  You knew where this was going and by the shocked look on Jimin’s face, he did as well. It had been just three months since you found out that your father was terminally ill with only a few months to spare - nine at the max. Three months of continuous ups and downs, three months of seeing your once healthy and active dad becoming frail, and three months away from a wedding you didn’t expect. “ Now it’s my last wish ”

“Dad you know we can’t … each of us have our own-”

“We’ll do it, ahjussi!”


“Be quiet,” Jimin stood up making his way to you with a smile “I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while, but I guess there is no better time than now.”  

“Jimin …” You couldn’t help the fluttering sensation that came when he got down on one knee in front of you, you had imagined it a million times.

Jimin was your childhood friend, when his parents passed away in a car accident your dad took him in and raised him as his own. You grew more and more fond of the smiley ball of sunshine that was Jimin and before, you knew it, your feelings had developed into more than that of friendship.

The same could not be said for Jimin, you had to sit by and watch him go through girlfriend after girlfriend. You had to sit by and hear him talk about his first love, first kiss, and first time with someone that wasn’t you. Naturally you started dating as well, trying to get away from the empty feeling of not being loved back, but it was never the same.

“Have you lost your mind?!” You yelled, as quietly as you could, once you were outside the hospital room “Do you know what you just volunteered yourself for?”

“Y/N, I know this is not what you want, but I think we have to do this for him, for my dad, we owe them that much.”  You couldn’t understand how he would agree to this so easily.

“What about your girlfriend?” You arched your eyebrows, crossing your arms over your chest and waited for him. In anticipation … but for what.

“I broke up with her a month ago.” maybe this was the answer you waited for because you could feel your heart swell up with relief. A relief that always came from him telling you he was single again. Not that you could have him. Not that he would fall for you.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” It was nice to hear it but it was still a month later. You knew you fell behind on meeting him ever since your dad got diagnosed and you had to take care of him.

“Well, your hands were quite full these last few months” Jimin laughed bitterly. He didn’t like this situation any more than you did. He didn’t like how strongly your refusal was.

“Take care of my daughter, Jimin.” Your hand was passed to Jimin and your father stood back, a few tears rolling down his aged skin, you stopped yourself from breaking down into tears. You were fooling your father. You were tricking him. You were ruining his last wish.

“I can’t make you marry me.”

“You’re not making me, I chose this.” Jimin was calm, as he always was, he smiled at you and handed you a ring. You stared down at the beautifully designed piece of  gold that meant so much and nothing at the same time.

“I am not  …. how about,” You looked up at him again and his eyebrows furrowed “we don’t register the marriage and…”

“and pretend?”

“for a year… at most.” You hid your face in your hands trying to hold back tears “I know my dad won’t last longer than that, then you can repay his debt” A debt, that’s what you were to him. A debt to your father that he needed to take off his shoulders. Nothing more.


“I can’t get married to someone that doesn’t love me.”

“But, I …” Jimin started but went silent again. Choosing to swallow whatever words he was about to say.

“I do.” You whispered looking at Jimin through the veil. He looked perfect. Everything looked perfect but it hurt.

“I do.” He repeated after you. The priest told him to remove the veil. Your vision was now clearer and you can see the dampness in his eyelashes was he crying? You thought to yourself.

“You may kiss the bride.” That was the moment that frightened you the most. The moment you spent sleepless nights thinking about.

Sure, it wasn’t the first time you had kissed. You’ve been friends for over a decade, things tend to happen, like alcohol.

However, the moment Jimin’s lips were a breath away from yours whispering “it will be okay”, you lost every feeling of restraint. The moment you breathed in each other’s air, filled with the scent of heavy liquor and smoke, every pent up emotion you’ve had for him in the last twelve years came out as strings of tears.

Jimin pressed his lips tightly against yours, his fingers digging nervously at your waist and trying to hush your sobs. He knew it was hard to hold this whole facade. A lie. Just for your father. It was hard for him as well because he didn’t want to let you go.

“I know she can act strong sometimes but she has a good heart.” Your father had sat him down a few days before the wedding “She can be stubborn and god can she be mean sometimes. But, when she loves, she’s the kindest little thing I have ever seen.”

“Ahjussi.” Jimin tried to cut in but your dad held up his hand to stop him.

“I know you love her. I’ve known for a while now. The way you look at her and the way you easily accepted my ridiculous offer. Don’t you?” Jimin hesitated with wide eyes. He was so obvious that your father found him out, a long time ago, but not obvious enough for you to realize it.

“I do” Jimin sighed “I really do. However, I don’t think she feels the same.”

“No heart is made out of stone, child” your father smiled taking the man’s hands in his “ This might be arranged by your father and me but I’m sure it was destined. I know you can take care of her and that I can die in peace knowing she’s in good hands.” Jimin felt guilty about deceiving him.

You turned to look at your father, to see the happiness of his wish coming true, smiling through your own sadness. You didn’t see happiness. You didn’t find what you were looking for. Instead you saw pain, a scrunched face, and a hand gripping tightly onto his heart.

“Dad!” Clutching your dress up, you ran to him. He fell to the floor with a loud echo and your world shattered. Soon the sound of sirens muffled the ringing in your head. Everything was moving too fast for you to grasp.

“Y/N…Y/N” You heard the comfortingly familiar voice rising above everything else. Jimin took your hand in his and pulled you up into the ambulance. He had a tight grip on you the whole time, afraid you would slip away. “It’s going to be okay, he’s going to be okay.”

He held your hand while you waited outside the surgery room in a wedding dress. A dirtied and worn out wedding dress that mirrored your general state.

Everyone looked at you with pity. A bride spending her special day in the hospital crying away all the makeup she spent hours on. A bride with a broken voice standing up abruptly then flopping back down with a cry. A bride that wasn’t even a real bride. Not even a great daughter.

The doors opened and the doctors walked out with their heads down and disappointed faces. Your heart dropped. You knew what was coming.

“We’re sorry.” They all bowed to you like it was the end of a performance, like you were supposed to clap.

“No…no no no no, he can’t…” You didn’t know what to do with yourself whether to sink down to your knees and cry your eyes out or to walk in there and make him comeback “please …. please… I can’t … without him I can’t … Jimin …. Jimin do something please … you-” Your ‘husband’ didn’t know what to do either. He knew it would happen eventually, you both did, but not this soon. He didn’t know what to do.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m sorry.” He pulled you into his arms, the only thing he knew to do, and chanted words into your ear. You held back tightly letting loud sobs and piercing screams tear your throat on that hospital floor.


“Hey, get up and drink this. ” Jimin spoke softly letting you lean against him as he handed you a glass of water. It’s been two weeks, two weeks without seeing your dad or hearing his voice. You couldn’t do anything but spend your days rolling around in empty memories and unstoppable tears.

Jimin refused to let you go back to your house alone, so it was either his house or him moving in with you. Since you wanted to be close to your father’s scent, to feel his presence, he quickly grabbed his stuff and took you there. Ever since then, he had been taking care of you.

“I don’t deserve you.” You gave him back the cup and he set it aside. Ever since that day, you couldn’t meet his eyes, and as more days passed you felt more sorry towards him. For burdening him.

“Where did that come from?”

“You should be out with your friends having fun and partying not here taking care of me.”

“You’re my bestfriend, and temporary-wife,” He shrugged slightly at that “if I don’t take care of you, who will?”

“Speaking of that, now that my dad is gone we don’t have to fake this any longer. You can go out and find yourself the real one.” you smiled bitterly. You were too much of a mess to ask him to stay, to drag him into the what you became after your father’s death.

“Why can’t it be you?” Jimin clenched his fist on the sheets and looked away “More like, why can’t it be me?”

“What do you mean, Jiminie?” You searched for his eyes but he refused to meet your gaze.

“What if I never want to find anyone else? What if I was using this whole thing as an excuse to get closer to you, even if just for a couple of months?”

“You don’t really- is this a joke?”

“A joke?” He laughed bitterly “Am I that unworthy of you?”

“W-what?-no … Jimin- Jimin wait ” Before you could stop him, Jimin rushed out slamming the door behind him and leaving you.

How could he think that he was ever unworthy of your love ? Did he …? No, that was out of question and simply impossible. You were the one who deemed yourself unworthy of someone so perfect. Someone that had every aspect of his life in check. Someone who had thousands of other girls, much better girls, less broken girls, waiting for him to just throw a glance at them.

You stepped out of your room for the first time in days, the sunlight finally hitting your paled skin after being deprived of it for so long. He wasn’t there anymore.

You looked around the old house. The house you both grew up in and fell back into the same cycle if memories. Running around bare feet trying to get water on each other. Fighting over the remote control and who gets to watch their show first. Dancing around mindlessly to trending songs. Getting the occasional punishments from your dad after you both picked a fight at school, and won of course.

Memories of the day that Jimin moved out. Right after college. You remember crying alone in your room because you weren’t going to see him as much anymore. Your dad walking in and making fun of you, grown ass woman, crying like a child over a guy. You should have known then that your father wasn’t a stupid man. But you, Jimin and you, were both obliviously stupid.

“I want you to be happy, don’t just cry and cry alone in your room after I’m gone. Go out and meet your friends. Do everything you want to while you can, don’t be like your old man.”

You picked your phone up, turning it on for the first time since the wedding day, it buzzed with notifications one after another. All asking if you were okay, where you were, if you needed anything, that they would all be there for you. However, you just needed Jimin. You wanted him back.

But, the only thing you got was the call back ring and a robotic voice saying he wasn’t available at the moment.

You curled into a ball on the couch and waited. You hoped he would comeback. You needed him to comeback. Somewhere along checking your phone and looking at the time, sleep found its way into mesmerizing you to sleep.

“What are you doing out here in the cold?” Jimin’s soft voice tore you away from the not-so-pleasant dream you were having. You opened your puffy eyes to look at him, your vision still clouded by sleep.

“I … waiting f-for you.” You sat up immediately biting your lip at his confused expression. He knelt down putting the bags he had with him on the coffee table then focusing back on you.

“I’m sorry for earlier, I shouldn’t have burst out on you like that when you did nothing wrong. I guess I was just stressed out and you… you were only getting worse and I don’t know what to do for you or if I’m the right person to be comforting you.” You listened to his words with a gentle smile slowly growing on your face at his nervous tone. Jimin was always bad at talking, you made fun of him for that a lot. But he always found a way to make you smile.

“Jimin… I plan on getting better from now on. I will do as my father told me to, that would make him happy even if he’s not here to see it.”

“That’s good. I’m so happy to hear that, I can’t stand seeing you hurting like this while being so helpless. And-”

“And I think we should talk about what happened earlier and what you said…” Jimin cut you off by standing up abruptly.

“No, you don’t have to. I don’t want to burden you with unwanted feelings.”

“Who said they’re unwanted- god Jimin- how could you be so dense.” You sighed loudly letting your gaze fall to your hands. All these years, I did nothing but love you more and more but-“

’'Y/N, are you-” serious? You nodded before he could speak. Jimin suddenly started laughing startling you. He didn’t say a word, just hid his face in his hand and leaned back laughing. You could only see the spasm of his adam’s apple and couldn’t tell whether they were laughs or cries.

“Are you okay?”

“I spent all these years trying to distance myself from you because I thought it was all just pity. Your father taking me in, you accepting me like it was nothing. I didn’t think I should put it all in danger just because I had a crush-okay more than a crush- on you.” Jimin sighed “I didn’t believe I deserved to be happy when my parents were rotting away.”

This was the first time you heard Jimin speaking of this. You felt betrayed since you always told him everything that was wrong, other than the fact that you had feelings for him, but you also felt sorry that he was going through all this conflict on his own when the answer was so simple. This was the first time you saw Jimin crying.

You dropped to your knees next to him pulling him into a hug, as tightly as you could, something similar to what he did to you.

“I’m sorry, Jimin-ah” You buried your face in his neck whispering “I’m the one who has been dense all this time. I really don’t deserve you.”. He shook his head earnestly pulling you away from him, enough to look at you, he wiped his eyes and cleared his throat.

“No, I made sure you wouldn’t know but, somehow, ahjussi caught up on it. That’s when I moved out because I didn’t want him to cut me off completely.”

“He would never-”

“Yeah, I know now, I know it very well now” Jimin tangled his fingers in your hair pulling you back to him. You loved his firm arms around you. You loved how secure they were. You loved how warm and comforting he was.

“So? How do you …. what do we do now?”

“That marriage registration sounds very very tempting” You rubbed your cheek against him like you always do, he would have mocked you for imitating a puppy, but now it made his heart flutter even more than then. Although the mocking he did was always a way to hide the blush on his face.

“So soon? We can take it -”

“I think twelve years was slow enough.”

“We weren’t even legal for half of that.”

Twelve years is long enough.” You repeated pulling back to glare at him. Jimin stared at you for a long moment, his fingers still playing in your hair, and smiled. Your eyebrows twitched asking an unspoken question.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?” He asked his hand moving to your cheeks.

“I’m pretty sure I do” You laughed nodding your head, he chuckled as well feeling the blush coming up to his cheeks again so he did what he always does; conceal it from you.

Jimin leaned closer gently pressing his plump and full lips against yours, testing your reaction. When you pressed back with the same determination, he smiled into the kiss. That was your unspoken “I love you” for now.

You had the rest of your lifetime to catch up on all the ones you never said.


Starting today, I will be commissioning for fics/short stories! Obviously, I will still be taking suggestions and everything, but this is just a way for 1) me to make some much-needed money off of what I love to do, and 2) you guys to get a piece of writing just for you!

The deets:

  • The fandoms I can write for are: The Foxhole Court, Voltron, Harry Potter, The Raven Cycle, Carry On, and OMG! Check Please. I do read a lot of books/watch a lot of TV, so if you would like me to write something but are not sure if I know the media, just ask! I’m super friendly!
  • I will write about almost any couple, I’m pretty darn flexible. However, I reserve the right to not want to write about them; it’s no offense to you!
  • I will not write: rape, incest, suicide, self-harm (unless it’s just mentioned in the past)
  • I’m 100% okay with writing sexy scenes (as long as you’re of legal age), but I’m not okay with explicit sex scenes under most circumstances
  • I am also totally okay with writing pieces about your OCs! We will have to talk a lot more so I can have an idea of the world/characters, though, so prices will be a little bit higher
  • I’m very good at historical AU’s and world building! 

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Cos’è il dolore, quest’abisso profondo in cui cadiamo quando su qualcuno che amiamo scende una notte senza fine facendoci precipitare in un abisso da cui è difficile risalire se non impossibile? Cosa è questo senso di impotenza e di invincibile violenza con cui la vita ci travolge quando qualcuno a noi vicino soffre o scompare, divorato dal silenzio, lasciando la nostra anima ferita e angosciata per chi è sempre stato, e forse sempre sarà una nostra parte anche se per il mondo non esisterà più. Ma questo lo scopriamo sempre dopo, quando pensiamo di averlo a fianco e vediamo solo un ombra, quando le parole degli altri ce ne riportano il volto sorridente e il nostro cuore appassisce, quando in un momento del giorno ne hai una nostalgia fortissima e invincibile, ma a cui non puoi più prendere la mano o viverne un sorriso; allora la sua assenza ti travolge e soffoca, e diventi cosciente della fragilità che ci compete, delle priorità che hai sempre messo da parte ma che ora esigono il loro prezzo. Cos’è il dolore per una mancanza, per una voce che non udiamo più per un sorriso che vorremmo qui di fronte a noi e che è invece perso in un inverno senza fine, gelato nei ricordi, scolorito dal tempo, consumato dal nostro stringercelo al cuore per trattenerlo inutilmente con noi. Come una delle Addolorate delle nostre chiese, pensando a chi non è più, restiamo eternamente sofferenti, e ci inventiamo momenti ed affetti, per simulare un colore con cui nascondere il vestito oscuro da addolorata che riveste il nostro cuore e soffoca la nostra anima; ma quel vestito resterà eternamente oscuro e niente potrà più colorarlo o cambiarlo; dentro di noi, per quanto abbiamo amato e siamo stati amati, quella veste non rifletterà più nessuna luce e nessuna luce oserà penetrare nella sua profonda oscurità.

Dedicato a Caesar che a metà del suo mattino, ha scelto la notte.

What is the pain, this deep abyss where we fall when someone who loves falls on an endless night and makes us fall into a gulf where it is difficult to come back if not impossible? What is this sense of impotence and of invincible violence with which life overwhelms us when someone near us suffers or disappears, devoured by silence, leaving our soul wounded and angry for who has always been, and perhaps always will be our part also when the world will no longer exist. But we find this always afterwards when we think we have it alongside and we see only a shadow when the words of the others bring to us his or her smiling face and our heart suffers win by a strong and invincible nostalgia; but you can no longer take his hand or make a smile; Then his absence will overwhelm you and become unbearable and you become aware of the fragility that compels us, of the priorities you have always set aside but that now demand their price. What is the pain of a lack, for a voice we no longer hear, about a smile we would like see in front of us, and which is lost in a never-ending winter, for ever frozen in the memories, vanished by time, consumed by our squeeze into the heart to hold it unnecessarily with us. As one of the Sorrows Lady of our churches, thinking of who is no longer, we remain eternally suffering, and we invent moments and affections, to simulate a color by which to hide the dark sorrowful dress that draws our hearts and suffocates our soul; But that dress will remain eternally obscure and nothing will color or change it; Within us, as much as we have loved and have been loved, that dress will no longer reflect any light and no light will penetrate into its deep darkness.

Dedicated to Caesar, that in the middle of his morning, he chose the night.

Hello everyone!! Inspired by other communities and the Romione shippers’ (thankfully) continuing thirst for content, I’ve decided to add a new feature to this blog. Since our goal is to be a directory of shippers and fanwork creators on Tumblr, why not also offer a directory of recommended fanart and fanfiction, chosen by you?


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- Number of recs per month: Reccers need to post a minimum of 4 recs over the month, up to a maximum of 8 recs per month. If you cannot promise to submit at least 4 recs over the month, please don’t sign up. If anything comes up and you cannot complete this requirement after signing up, please let us know as soon as possible.

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A New Start

Summary: After your break up with Yoongi, you decide you need a change of pace. But Jimin and Taehyung seem to worry a bit about your changes.
Members: Jimin x Taehyung x Reader
Type: Angst
Length: 2,317 Words

So this story reminded me a little of my own drastic shift when my boyfriend and I broke up. It was a pretty hard time for me and I decided to do something new to try and change myself. I shaved half my head and got a tattoo on my wrist. I don’t regret it, but I also realized that sometimes, change can really help you see yourself clearly. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by forjimin

You stared at yourself in the mirror. Your long hair hung in front of your eyes, slightly obscuring your line of sight. Your eyes were puffy and red from crying all night, and your cheeks lost all color. Your hands shook against the cold of the sink. This was the first time you had gotten out of bed in nearly a week, and you were already regretting it. You felt as though your legs would give way beneath you at any moment; leaving you limp on the floor like a rag doll. But that wouldn’t have bothered you. Without him, there was really no point.

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“Seriously, darling, you have to let me go. The longer you stay in this coven, the more dangerous it becomes for you.”

“Then I’ll bring you back and we’ll take them on together. We can do anything can’t we? Please.”

Words of wisdom from my Grandmother

So my grandmother and I were going through her attic and came across her diary full of life lessons that she wrote in the 1950s. She steadfastly says that they are still applicable to this day and I agree! Here are some of my favourite lessons:

•If someone is mean to you at work or school, just tilt your head and ask, “Who are you?” It’ll catch them off guard and show just how little their opinion means to you.

•Do something nice for yourself every week. Buy a nice new skirt or take a bath.

•High heels are the most elegant piece of female clothing and should be kept nicely and delicately. But if a man is following you home, it’s quite alright to throw your shoe at his head.

•All people have the potential to be good.

•One person’s mistake does not give you the right to judge them. Life is full of mistakes and all of us have done something wrong that we personally would never want to be judged for. So be kind.

•Just because you are a woman does not mean that you are a lesser individual. Our lack of privilege that the average man has, merely gives us a chance to develop a thicker skin and a sharper mind.

•A success for one woman is a success for all women.

•Never say, “I can’t”. If you are doing that, you are setting yourself up for failure and underestimating yourself.

•Death is inevitable in life but that does not mean that we have to be gloomy! A positive heart leads to a longer lifespan.

•Dark nights always have bright mornings.

•There is nothing shameful about your mental health or happiness. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

•Your fate and future is never determined. Shape it for yourself. Do not let yourself be forced into a mould made by someone else.

•There is always, always, always hope.


Can we just take a moment and notice this ship that is being made before our very eyes! and now by the male lead’s for that matter.

The way Eun Dae Goo remembers the words she said the night she first came over “Guys, I think I finally found something that makes my heart pound.”

The way Eun Dae Goo admitted that he liked her longer hair better.

The way he got defensive when Kim Shin Myung called her a b****. 

The expression he gives when Soo Sun shows affection or even touches someone from the opposite sex .

Can’t forget the way that he didn’t even care that Kim Shin Myung was his target. He pushed him aside and ran to Soo Sun side when he pushed her off of him and guarding her before Shin Myung’s body guards could lay a finger on her.

and of course lets not forget as much as he hates to go by Eo Soo Sun ways of doing things and he fights her  at every turn he eventually gives into her request and follows her.

This ship grows and grows by the episode!