we never went to the moon

I want Sally Jackson and Frederick Chase to become friends, them bonding over having powerful demigods as their kids and finally talking to someone who gets it, gets what is to wake up one day, so young, and have your world changed by gods. I want Frederick and Paul talking about teaching and helping Sally with the research for her book; Paul, Sally and Frederick having dinner nights and talking about their kids (because Paul considers Percy his) and drinking wine. 

And then we have Annabeth, who is absolutely over the moon that her dad is flying to NYC to spend time with her, no stepfamily (because they never managed to get close) and she loves seeing her dad interact with Sally and Paul, because they are also her family. She went from being a little girl feeling like she had no one to Sally, Percy and Frederick in the kitchen cooking while she and Paul talks about history and architecture while playing with Baby Blofis. Sally, Paul, Percy, Frederick and Baby Blofis are her family and it’s just makes her so happy to see them together and happy.

End of Day 2-15-17

We usually go to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday but the boyfriend had a work thing, so we’re going to trade today and Friday. However, I had a TON of energy today so I went and took it out on the park trail. Yes. It’s cold, and I’m crazy. As long as there’s enough clothing it’s never too cold for me. Anyway, got to listen to a lot of music. This song will always be incredibly special to me. In fact, I love this whole album. Modest Mouse’s “Gravity Rides Everything.” Seriously, check out The Moon and Antartica, if you haven’t.

Anyway, time for my beloved lavender tea and Detroit’s Fox 2. Notice a theme? I really do love my local affiliate. Pfft, this half marathon in October’s gonna have nothin’ on me.

you remember that fight we had in highschool? we were seventeen and stubborn and swore never to talk about it again but…

there’s something i never told you.

that night, after we fought, i went out to the railroad tracks in the woods behind my house. it was about three in the morning, and i hadn’t slept a wink. my eyes hurt from stubbornly not letting myself cry over you, and all i wanted was to be alone.

so i went out there, sat on the tracks, and looked up at the night sky. everything was dark, and the cold made my knees hurt.

i was half expecting a stray doe to be there, like in stand by me? but there was no one. just me. even the moon was quiet.

and i kept my eyes on the stars as i shivered and thought about you, the fight. i finally let myself cry, and the tears were hot and stinging but didn’t warm me up any.

i remember hugging myself so tight, so desperate and sad, that i prayed. really, i did. i asked the moon and god beyond it to keep you in my life forever.

i said, “dear god, please keep link in my life. i don’t care how, and even if i never have him the way i want, i don’t care. i need him. please make sure we stay together. please don’t let this be the end.”

and i guess he heard me, small and young and stupid, wishing on a thousand north carolina stars, because here you are.

here you are.



The first issue of the new Pirates of the Caribbean comic comes out a week from today (on September 28), so I thought I’d post this reference stuff I made for my pal and collaborator and all-around incredible artist and storyteller Joe Flood (I’m writing, Joe’s doing the art, and Marissa Louise is doing colors).  Though he’s one of the cleverest artists I know and could have figured this stuff out on his own, we had a tight turnaround, and ships can seem random and daunting with the lines and ropes and whatnot, so I thought this might help.

I’ve been a huge pirate buff since I was a toddler, and that enthusiasm has never abated (heck, my first full-length graphic novel was a pirate book).  When I was asked to do Pirates of the Caribbean, I was over the moon, and jumped on an opportunity to crew on one of the ships used in the movies, and went to Disney World and rode the ride multiple times, with me taking notes on elements that might be easter-egged into stories (keep your eyes peeled).

Anyway, I’m a big POTC fan, and I hope you are, too.  I hope you’ll swing out to your local comic shop and pick up a copy next Wednesday.


Last weekend went on a date with my best friend! We watched Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose in theaters (holy shit I’d never seen it before, didnt know it was going to be that gay lol), then we had some hot noods at our new favorite ramen shop, then stopped at Kuma next door and got some Beijing style waffle ice cream *___*

It was a good night

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Omg, that's such a cute word! What do you think of Zero, by the way?

“Well… since you all seem to be his friends, I’m sure ‘Taffy’ has told you all about what happened out there near Snowdome. And I’m sure you can imagine we went through, when our child went out, and didn’t come back.”

“But we turned up at the hospital, and the doctors told us how he’d been saved. How a complete stranger had scooped him up out of Open Space. Rubbed crushed-up space food and water onto his tongue. Carried him for miles, all the way back to Snowdome, until he could be transported to safety.”

“There wasn’t enough room in the Ambulance Shuttle for him to get all the way to New Moon, so they’d left that stranger in Snowdome. We thought we’d never find the monster who saved our son - until he turned up a day later, having hitch-hiked half the way, and walked all the rest.”

“He stayed at the hospital until he was forced to leave, and we put him up in the bed and breakfast rooms we’ve got above the pub. He came every day to talk to Taffy, before and after he woke up, and talk to us. And then he left because… he felt like he’d done what he needed to do.”

“But needless to say, even if my child had never gone back out there and tracked him down, box of sugar cookies in tow, to say thankyou in person… aye, he’d still be like a son to me.”

  • Game Freak: *makes three Fire/Fighting starters in a row* This typing is genius! We can make more furry Pokemon this way! Let's never lose it!
  • Pokemon Fans: Bitch we gonna kill you if Fennekin becomes part Fighting.
  • Game Freak: *sweats nervously*
  • Game Freak: *makes Chesnaught part Fighting* Ha, now you can't complain!
  • Pokemon Fans: *discover leaks for Gen VII starters* D o n t y o u f u c k i n g d a r e.
  • Game Freak: *nervous sweating intensifies*
  • Game Freak: *slowly erases Inceneroar's Fighting type and writes in Dark type* ...I-It's a heel...

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Guys I know the moon tattoo was matching but I think they both let it fade so much that she went to another artist to go over it and change it to a sailor moon kinda tat? I think she's calling the tattoo artist who went over bad, I doubt she'd diss Andy's best friend. He never went over the outline, we would have known.

Time Machine

Took out my pocketwatch to try and tell the time, I did, yeah I did
It said it was two minutes after nine o'clock it did, yeah it did
So I guess now it’s night and we can get our party on
But there’s nothing much to do when the world keeps burning on
The sun went out a couple decades ago, it did, yeah it did
So the moon hangs in the sky all alone, it does, yeah it does
And the rest of, living in the dust, thrive off death and fear
There’s no relief, no hope, no salvation down here

Somebody build a time machine and take us back
Take us back to when we all had a chance
To not mess up the world we all built from the bottom
Oh, somebody get on that
But not me, oh, no, never me, no, no, I can’t see
I can’t move, don’t expect anything from me
Somebody else build that time machine

Picked up my one foot before I set it back down, yeah I did
Took another step and the wind tried to knock me down, yeah it did
There’s so much blowing against us it’s a miracle we’re still alive
It’s commonplace that the human will come through and survive
The stars all fell from their places up above, yeah they did
The sky is as empty as sentences from our kids, yeah it is
Everybody’s old here and we’re only getting older
And the earth is dying and everything is getting colder

Somebody build a time machine and take us back
Take us back to when we all had a chance
To not mess up the world we all built from the bottom up
Oh, somebody get on that
But not me, oh, no, never me, no, no, I can’t see
I can’t move, don’t expect anything from me
Somebody else just build that time machine

What else can we do with our time?
Except waste and embrace the fact that we’re all dying
There’s nothing for it, stop adoring the blankness on your faces
We can breathe and we can see, so let’s build a time machine

Somebody, come help me build a time machine
To take us back to when we had more useless things
Maybe we won’t mess up all that we built from the bottom up
Oh, somebody help me
Somebody help me build that time machine

I loved you.
After everything I’d been through
you gave me the courage
to put my heart on the line.

Looking into your eyes,
I found the strength 
to keep going.

Piece by piece
you picked my up.
And I thought 
you hung the moon.
How wrong I was.

As time went on,
you grew tired.
Of what,
I’m still not sure.

All I know is 
one day you were here
and the next you were gone.
My heart was broken,
but you were fine.

How could you just go?
How could you just get up
and leave after everything?
Looking around 
I realized I was alone.

Did you ever
really love me?
Was what we had
even real?

You threw it away
as if we never mattered,
as if we never happened.

And now,
I’m sitting here wondering
what I did wrong,
wondering why
I wasn’t good enough.

Could I have done 
something differently?
Could I have changed
your mind?

I suppose I’ll never know,
but one thing is for sure,
you’ll always be
the one who broke my heart.

—  (eah)

when i was in 1st grade my class went on a field trip to a farm and there was this baby cow and they told us to write what we wanted it to be named down and put it in a hat and then they picked a name before we left. mine was Moon and they picked my name and i never told anybody that that was the name i picked

6. Moonless Nights

They would look at us and admire our flames
Those lights tore us apart, now look at what we became
What is there to gain other than fame
In this game that we play, we could never be the same
As we went down our own tracks like a train
Running down our own tracks like our name was Usain
Making the music that they all dance to like our name was 2 Chainz
When two hearts separate, who is there to blame
As we were each other’s drug to ease the pain
Living each moment like we’ll never see it again
Had each other’s backs when we would meet in the rain
All of these new drugs, I don’t want you to see me go insane
You used to sing me that song I used to love hearing you sing
You used to tell me you’d move on when I wanted you to stay
No matter what we did, we could never evade our lanes
A heart’s passion is as fierce as that of a Rockstar’s flames…

What if we never get to see each other because we’re both on a stage
How can we be with each other when we’re two souls meant to cause this whole world to change
We’ve come to a point where we may never get to see those happy days
Under these moonless nights, we sing our souls out ‘til it all goes away…

And as they all paid attention to us
Very few threw aggression to us
What a blessing that we knew love
Even if we both knew that we were new to new love
Lay the truth in the booth but never reveal what we drew to us
As we lay blue, there’s not many there who actually knew us
So many things I want to say to you because you were who I trust
Nobody else, nobody helps
So all we had was ourselves
To create more wealth, and with a little stealth
We’d make it out the middle without any doubts
So they came at us as we went to war
None could sink our ship as we swept them to shore
Were we par for our course
As we’d charge on our horse
Until they were forced to bow on all fours
I even wrote my vows without even knowing I was sure
I knew you were the one so my search was done
I couldn’t admit you were the one until the hurt was done
As your heart you had sung, I did you so wrong
We could never see the sun when the moonless nights were around for so long…

What if we never get to see each other because we’re both on a stage
How can we be with each other when we’re two souls meant to cause this whole world to change
We’ve come to a point where we may never get to see those happy days
Under the moonless nights, we sing our souls out ‘til it all goes away…

How I Met Your Mother - Narutoverse version

NaruHina’s: The cutest story

Naruto: Your mother has had crush on me for who knows how long

Naruto: I never noticed at all.

Naruto: After I kick shit and defeat some kind of god in the 4th war, 2 years later, said god’s descendant kidnapped her.

Naruto: And I went off to save her. Just like how my father saved my mother.

Naruto: And we kissed in front of the moon.

Boruto+Himawari: Aw that’s so cute.

ShikaTema’s: The most interesting story

Shikamaru: Son, I met your mother in chuunin exam, when we faced each other. 

Shikamaru: She was so eager to literally chop me with her Kamaitachi

Shikamaru: Which she nearly did. If I didn’t outsmart her like 10 times ahead.

Shikamaru: Sometime later, she saved me from a sound ninja by chopping the entire forest.

Shikamaru: And then she smiled to me. She was that scary.

Shikadai: The fact that I’m most likely to follow your footsteps is even scarier.

ChoujiKarui: The most ‘Eh’ story

Chouji: ……..So…. I guess we met in the 4th war…. 

Chouji: I can’t really remember.. 

Chouji: It’s war, after all

Chouchou: Nah.

SaiIno: The most hilarious story

Sai: I thought that if I told her the opposite to how they actually look, women wouldn’t get mad.

Sai: Learnt from Sakura and her smack down.

Sai: So when I met your mother, I said she’s beautiful.

Sai: It worked.

Sai: And I saved her from an Akatsuki member and it worked even better.

Inojin: Has she ever found out that that time, you meant the opposite?

Sai: Nope. And I hope she never will. One punch from Sakura was enough.

SasuSaku: The most roller coaster-ish story

Sasuke: How should I start.

Sarada: Take your time I did hear that it’s tragic